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    On further probing the question of cell provenance, the Gotway boss said that they were exploring options, including repurposed model 3 cells, but ultimately decided to go for new cells.
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    Love the videos shared here. Warning to those experiencing cold and snow (like in the crazy Chooch video, EUC snowplow), you may want to avert your eyes. @Marty Backe isn't the only one with some nice weather in SoCal. I took this video riding around Mission Bay last week and today it was 92 degrees F (33 C) in my town. I'm still pretty new at this, but hopefully some better videos to come.
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    Hey everyone, thought you might enjoy our mixed PEV group ride in the bay this past weekend.
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    Had my first cutout on a wheel this weekend! Definitely my fault. I got caught up in the fun of a group ride, music was going, the visor went down and I gunned it. Overleaned and it just tilted forward and dumped me. Absolutely destroyed the boblbee backpack on my back: https://imgur.com/a/p42fZZJ Another rider got the tail end of it on his helmet cam: https://drive.google.com/file/d/187yWz0zBxCs-3yanf07KX7RuE9kbI3p4/view?fbclid=IwAR1Nto2gvM1pH09_9QBMh7w219eHx0uRTm-Ym51HNfYqlNUzwYjithjV7gY Armored hoodie and the rest of the safety gear soaked up the rest of the damaged. Walked away with a bruised heel and shin, and a bit of abrasion on my hip. Pretty lucky. Definitely gotta respect the wheel!
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    This is money idea right here.
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    @Marty Backe Vader, CicLaVia Music / idea courtesy of @Freewheeler.
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    My KS16X has had issues since the week I got it. When I was first learning, I got a cutout going under 20MPH while going down a hill Later on, more issues persisted, and then the entire wheel became unrideable. It was unreliable in the sense that I could ride it across Boston to a friend's house, then 3 hours later when I wanted to go home, it would not turn on, or would sporadically move and then stop. Jason from EWheels graciously sent me a replacement control board, so we will see where that brings us, but right now these are what I am experiencing: 40 Day Old KS 16X was never brought in the rain, only wet roads, and this is the current status
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    USB-C is only rated to 20V@5A peak though.
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    I'm the hand plant guy, My face is fine haha. I've put another 1000 miles on my 16X since that accident with no issues. I use WheelLog for amperage alarming. I used this more as a method for testing to see the maximum power I could get the wheel to draw without overpowering it. Here is the most I've logged to date. I dont really see a point in doing this as honestly the wheel doesn't accelerate much faster leaning so aggressively.
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    Well, considering I take it up and down actual San Francisco slopes, daily, with no issues, I would say the 16X is indeed capable. Silliness aside, I have also really been appreciating the beep alarms when I'm ripping up the hills, but I agree, they should be documented! v1.07 has been great for me! I find this wheel so much more fun and comfortable than my Nikola.
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    Built in motion and tamper alarm. EUCs already have the gyroscopes to detect movement, so seems like a no brainer to me. Also, I need some sort of key to render my EUC useless.
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    Is it worth getting back on topic? I was finding the future ideas quite interesting.
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    This is the general idea that watch applications should have the same functionality. Of course, this is dependent on the capabilities of a particular watch; some offer more possibilities, some less. For example, not every watch has a touch screen and so on. But I will do best to provide the same functionality and user interface regardless of watch type. Wear OS is one of most feature-packed watch OSes, but this comes at cost. With display always on it will drain battery very soon; 2 or 3 hours of continuous display and you have to recharge your watch. With screen turned off battery life will be significantly better, but to check your speed etc. you'll have to wait a while as application will resume. Wear OS is not a king of performance. For sure I can recommend TicWatch Pro. First because it was used during develompent, so Wear OS app is proven to work with this model. Second because of dual-display that helps to get much better runtime compared to standard, always-on OLED displays. It's also equipped with additional button that can be defined to start/resume EUC World app. Very, very useful feature when you're riding. It's quite simple. First, you have to install Wear OS Google app on your phone and pair your new watch. This is very simple process and I never had any problems with it. After you pair your watch with phone you can enter Google Play store on your watch and select "Apps on your phone", then select "EUC World" and install it. You'll find more details here - https://support.google.com/wearos/answer/7314014?hl=en Rest will happen automagical - when you start EUC World and activate watch mode (using watch button in top right corner) Wear OS app will start automatically. When you close EUC World on your phone, watch app will close also. Pebble is nice, but outdated. First, it's no longer supported. Second, it's quite simple. But there are also some pros - due to its simplicity it just works and doesn't eat battery as more advanced watches do. So if you just want to read your speed, battery level, temperature, get some basic stats and vibration alarms, it's enough. Now you can even define custom action for Pebble button. This is useful extension over legacy WheelLog as you can not only activate horn, but also control light etc. With each new EUC World version list of custom actions will grow.
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    Sadly, this comes as a perfect illustration to this post explaining how quickly thrust margin disappears with speed: followed by some illustrative calculations here: Basically, if from the dead start EUCs are capable of quite a ludicrous accelerations (perhaps, 0.5-0.7G) as the BLDC motor's torque is maximum at 0 RPM, at speeds like 50-60kph the torque dwindles down to laughable single-digit percent of that max torque, thus available safe acceleration (for very short duration) is something like less than 0.05G, or less than 0.1 mile per hour per second. Turtles can accelerate faster than a 2000W EUC! So, when riding at high speeds, we should respect the turtles and accelerate as gently as if we're trying not to spill a glass of water filled to the rim.
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    I'd start by checking to see if the mainboard is bolted down. If the gyro is loose it might cause something like this, I think. Take off the right side panel and then the cover to the mainboard. Check for cracks or loose bolts.
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    GW contact is being somewhat coy on this question: from what I'm told, they are 'repurposed', but before using, the cells are individually checked for IR & random sampling for capacity. The guys at GW know their batteries, from a Distributors point of few, GW packs have the lowest failure rate of any vendor, the normal 18650 Panasonic GAs have earned the AAA+ grade—we haven't had a single bad cell in any of the GW packs sold to date. There's a chap who did an incredible cell comparison over on the eBoard forum. His conclusions for the high draw application of Electric Skateboards, is that the 18650s still reigns supreme. The Panasonic NCR21700A were not evaluated; also with the 5-10x the cell count, multiple-parallels, in high end GW, the individual cells do not draw anything like the same amount of amperage as on an eBoard. In a 24s4p configuration, even 5A/cell load x 4p x 100.8v = >2000W sustained, which is more than ample for just about any scenario, therefore I don't think we should be too concerned about the lack of high current lifespan on the 21700. A more analogous use case is in a Model 3, where these vehicles are expected to have a >500k miles battery. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/my-findings-on-18650s-and-21700s-and-a-little-awards-show-at-the-end/87095
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    Had some fun on the lake today! Also wiped out twice, but as long as you turn very carefully it's ok.
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    Day 6 of Marty's LA Tour
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    @PodqueenIt's also worth considering just buying a used wheel first. You're going to drop your wheel a lot in the first few months and it's far better to beat up on old wheel than a brand new expensive wheel. When you're feeling confident on the wheel you could then sell it on and not loose much money. By then the wheel you initially wanted will be much cheaper and you'll be less likely to damage it. A sort of win win.
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    Just practice and you'll be fine, I have a helmet mounted mirror too. You can also stick a small 3'' mirror or similar onto an arm band and use that, but I find it's faster to tilt my head and use the mirror. Luckily where I live there's plenty of bike routes, and I generally only stay on bike routes or pedestrian paths because I don't trust any cars. Many bike routes here are designated side streets with less car traffic, so there's still cars there but a lot less than normal, so I still use the mirror.
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    I know what you mean. I get on the wheel with my left foot, so that one is in the right spot. The step on with the right. But it's always a little out of position. But I found I can scoot my right foot around while balancing on the left, until I get it into a good spot.
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    Impressive. I was fortunate enough to have a neighbor who coached me on my Segway i2 years ago. I wish I had someone like you locally.
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    https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/06/05/liion_battery_scan_charging/ Sure, the batteries are getting bigger, but the miles per watt-hour is still roughly the same so an hour on a slow charger might be enough to make sure you can make it home. This is better than not having a charger don't you think? You already explained that you don't need a built-in slow charger, that is fine. Others may have a different view. We don't all have to agree on what we would like to see on our wishlist.
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    About half of my chargers don't work as they are supposed to. As it is, I don't care, but if it were the onboard charger I would. An onboard charger would not only need to be much more reliable than any typical charger is, but it would also have to withstand much much more mechanical distress with the high reliability. I am not sure the benefits of an onboard charger would be worth the additional costs.
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    Getting your feet properly positioned after mounting is something I still find difficult and proper foot placement is critical to comfort and control as you need your legs to be relaxed and not under any kind of stress. I am still working on this myself.
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    By the way, for people hoping to get EUC World support for specific smartwatch brands/OS's you can vote with your dollars and contribute to the development of the specific EUC World companion of your choice by making a donation here and choosing WearOS, Tizen, Garmin, Fitbit, etc. Or you can just make a general donation for EUC World as a whole, since @Seba is a bit shy in terms of asking for donations, and with all the work he's putting into this app, as a non-paid passion project that benefits the entire community, I think this really is a project worth supporting. You know how the saying goes: "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day; give a developer a fish, and he'll provide you with an app that will make fishing so easy you'll eat fresh fish everyday"
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    That's not quite me, I am one of the (few?) all-the-time dis- and remounters. I consider one foot on the ground as part of riding and part of the fun. I'd estimate I usually mount a few dozen of times per hour. I even practice crazy things like mounting right in front of a speed bump. So it's not the lack of mounting practice itself. It must be the lack of practicing quick and on the spot mounting (instead of rolling in) and then getting the position on the spot directly right. It's part of the great fun that there are so many things still to learn.
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    @Nic For example, Gotway 84V 1600Wh is using configuration 20s6p. 6p at 10A = 1.6A per 18650. According to AliExpress they are using 3.5Ah NCR18650GA. According to the datasheet if you charge NCR18650GA with 1.6A from 0% to 100% (nobody rides from 0 to 100%... damn tiltback), you'll still have (page 4 of the datasheet): - 82% capacity after 100 cycles (6000km) - 74% capacity after 200 cycles (11000km) ... - 62% capacity after 500 cycles (25000km) And there are no fast chargers for MSX faster than 5A. So the fastest fast charger (within spec) will have negligible impact on your wheel overall. By "destroying" I meant "destroying the capacity". A damaged battery is a fire hazard regardless of how slow your charger is. Fast charging is not normal because: 1) Most people don't need fast charging 2) Fast chargers cost more
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    Shieeeeet. Glad to hear you didn't suffer much damage. How was the feeling of overleaning? Did the pedals get weak or did they just go entirely limp? How was your body posture when you started to gun it? Did you go in full Gotway lean mode with a straight body or were you bent at the knees in a lower stance? Just asking for educational purposes. I've been playing around with pushing my 16X lately and also "gunned it". In a matter of seconds I hit an overspeed alarm + an overpower alarm and a soft tiltback which didn't turn into a hard tiltback. If I would have done that on my MSX I am sure I would have gotten 5 beeps and then been dumped as you did. I am playing with the 5 beeps a little on the MSX to see what my margin is but it's scary stuff. Any idea how fast you were going?
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    Yep I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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    Absolutely! I find it to be one of the crucial skills, already from a safety perspective. Fe. if (= when) you hit a surprise bump, your feet often move a bit. If you can’t correct the position, your stability and control goes out the window and the probability of a crash increases verymuchfold. The EUCO video @meepmeepmayer linked to on the previous page is marvellous for learning! The steps cover all the important aspects of learning to mount, many of which will be used again in the later steps of learning. Regarding the turns suddenly feeling uncontrolled. If I understood correctly, the unfamiliar riding mode, unfamiliar tire pressure, and the most probably ill-positioned foot may all play into this. I would go for a medium tire pressure and riding mode and not touch them until you actually feel that they are a hindrance to your riding or learning. Foot position is crucial, and just half of an inch will make the wheel behave differently. The correct position is indeed the one you can stay relaxed at, but at that stage of learning no position may feel that way. A good starting point is to set the back of your shoe no more than 1/4” behind the pedal rear end. Make note where this sets the front of the shoe, since you can’t see the rear while mounting or riding. Edit: There is a tire pressure calculator in the Downloads section that might be useful for you.
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    It was great to see a large group participating in this ride! liked the challenging route planned by @Marty Backe! Everyone was riding very well on the rough sections of the trail. Very nice camera work too!
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    Gonna have to add another one to this list. As discussed here, it's a big problem that we don't know how much thrust margin we have until we faceplant. We're given speed beepers, but they are programmed to activate when we have some arbitrary and unknown amount of thrust margin left, which is truly only appropriate for a single, and unknown, riding condition. Many people have fallen well before hitting the beeper, because they made large a demand for thrust that exceeded what the EUC could provide at that speed and state of charge. My boss at work fell off his OneWheel for the same reason: on a low state of charge, he tried to accelerate and instead of tiltback, he got nose dive. Where D is the motor drive duty cycle ranging from 0% to 100%, the thrust margin is proportional to (100%−D). Having an audible chirp that repeats with a period C(100%−D)/T (where C is a proportionality constant and T is the EUC's absolute temperature in Kelvin) would allow us to develop an intuitive feel for how close we are to the edge so that when we get near it with repetition and experience, we can better judge where it is and avoid it.
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    To clarify, I intentionally converted newtons to "kilograms of force" in some calculations to make it understandable even for those who don't know physics and for whom the word "newton" is only associated with some ancient guy with a curly wig. 1kg of force is the weight of 1kg mass on Earth, or 9.81 Newtons.
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    I am just getting excited for my new MsuperX 100volt that will be at my house Tuesday. I am coming up from a KingSong 14C, so this will be a huge improvement and I am very excited about the bigger pedals. By the way, shout out to Jason, he was kind enough to talk to me on the phone to help me decide between a Kingsong 18 xl, 16x and msuperx.
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    Try it with a bowling ball and a 33 degree slope. Maybe on the moon. Or try it with your GT16 it has superior geometry for slopes considering the diameter. I would never get up 33 degrees with zero initial speed as I would fall of the front of the wheel. Here is a longer sustained climb at around 17-20 degrees (MSX, 18XL and Tesla did not make it up). I was already falling off the front of the wheel at this incline.
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    Mounting and dismounting will teach you wheel control and foot placement. It is definitely a good drill. The problem is finding a way to do enough reps without dropping the wheel. Here is my friend Mohamed learning how to ride. I filmed the process and I put time stamps in the description. 40 PSI would be very high for me on a V10. It would feel like riding a razor. But my riding weight when I tried 40 PSI on a V10 was 65kg.
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    I'd like to a see a new version of the MTen3 with 4x modular battery packs, so in theory it could be taken aboard a plane. At least one manufacturer is working on a suspension, with the added weight & complexity, is it worth it? It could be argued a large 19x3" tire can absorb the brunt road irregularities, I guess we'll see if this ever makes the light of day. Another idea that I think would be cool would be to add an XT90S (anti-spark) output connector, for using this massive energy reservoir with an inverter for use a backup power supply for laptops, or other purpose.
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    I just want an EUC that's damn 110% waterproof lol
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    Finished my Stand yesterday, came out pretty good. Cost for the material was about 13€.
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    EUCO did a disassembly of the V8f. Basically the same as the V8, but with improved weather sealing (silicone sealed control board and wheel well). The silicone sealant around the control board may make replacing the control board a little more difficult, but should keep debris out. The shell has higher ground clearance. They did not mention anything about the more powerful motor, batteries, control board or firmware.
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    Todays events well short version
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    My friends Edu and Misha come to the montain and lake trails whit their new ks 16x
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    Havent posted a video in a hot minute, so heres a short one from last night of me riding in the snow for the first time this season. Btw, i passed 5200km on my 18XL. Did over 700km on my old 16s before selling it which is pretty cool considering when i started XD. Hope you've all been well.
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    The wheelers of Alsace welcome the Belgiums wheelers! But not only that! Dutch, Germans, Parisians, Orleans, our Lorraine friends and even a wheeler from Avignon made the trip! Beautiful walks, a wonderful atmosphere, good meals and frank laughs brightened up these few days spent together. Hoplà Geiss & Roule ma Poule ! → FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/weelersdalsace/ Subtitle in English!
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    I had a beautiful 25-mile Sunset ride today on my MSX. Here's some "Dashcam" footage while I traveled around a local lake.
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    Cogswell Ride from @Marty Backe's LA Tour
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