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    People prefer to be anonymous so they don't get stalked, robbed, beaten, fired from their job because of what they say on the internet.
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    So excited. Look what's on the way to me from Roll.nz
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    Imagine that one of the people here is Bill Gates. Anonymous, he can just speak his mind freely. Open, he'd be swarmed, PM'ed and trolled to oblivion. And ridiculed for being a "fake" Bill Gates. Some of my beliefs [ex. free speech, personal freedom, atheism] are under fire by various religions [ex. far left/right, China, Islam]. The less is known about me by googling my real name, the better. And it's just as important to keep my family safe. Some people are hiding from REAL STALKERS. You'd also purge your name from the web if you had a crazy girlfriend or boyfriend who doesn't take no for an answer. I don't really see any value in disclosing identity/face/real name unless necessary. Ps. Yes, I don't have Facebook. It makes it harder to go to group rides.
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    You tried to carry on a conversation with yourself by creating two other new users to praise yourself and didn’t know enough to cover your tracks and got caught. You are disrespectful to others and resort to calling people names and personal attacks. Yet, you haven’t been banned yet. You are still welcome to participate in this community, but you need to just state the facts and not do all the other things stated above which makes you look really immature. A word of advice, if you are so concerned with others knowing where you work, don’t post from your work place computer. Goodluck.
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    Some people simply consider a 3000 pound moving living room with an internal combustion engine that kills over a million people per year to be more responsible than a man on a clean-running electric unicycle taking a tiny portion of the street. There's no changing their minds. I mean, have you ever ever seen a bicycle or EUC traffic jam? Or are they usually cars? The reporter says this is a traffic jam waiting to happen but how so?
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    I would respectfully disagree with this. I personally believe the issue here has to do with the marked difference between someone volunteering their own information, and someone having their own information disseminated without their consent. It doesn't really matter that the information is technically already out there and simple to acquire for third parties with the know-how and motivation. What matters is that the information wasn't volunteered in the first place. That is all well and good because you volunteered that information. But there is plenty of information about yourself that you didn't/don't volunteer, and you certainly have your own valid reasons not to reveal it, just like everyone else. What that information is doesn't even matter. The only thing that does matter is the fact that you deemed it to be information that you didn't want to make public. What we want you to realize is the fact that @chrisjunlee did not volunteer any of the information that you posted. You disseminated that information without his consent. Not only have you dissuaded him from continuing his presence here on the forums, but you could also lose much of the trust and faith that many members have in you. Not to mention, as a Moderator on this forum, your actions have reflected poorly on the other people that use that title. This is not a joke. We don't consider it to be a small matter. We want you to take this seriously and at the very least reflect carefully on your actions and their ramifications.
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    Frankly I thought not disclosing people's IP addresses was a "needless to say" thing. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I have made it clear and official now.
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    Here's the scoop. I'm doing a proper test on this over the weekend. I'm still so busy with ewheels, way too many emails to go through. But today in between the emails I grabbed the KS16x and took it out for 5 mins. Low speed: no issues with pedal dipping. Above 20 mph: I didn't try that hard... I could do the the flick a lot harder. But I did one medium-ish effort ankle flick and I felt a dip! Was kind of scary actually. Here is the video of it. Now I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but all I can say is it happens.
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    It certainly is a very good reason to leave, if a moderator exposes private information and doesn't see anything wrong with it in the aftermath. I am considering leaving too
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    Well, I would say viewpoints and beliefs do matter because they can reveal a lack of understanding, which is necessary to fill certain roles appropriately. You know, sometimes people like moderators are faced with unexpected problems and they may not have any rules available because not every situation can be foreseen in advance and then they need to act according to their understanding of the situation and the world. If you guys feel that a basic understanding of privacy (like understanding the difference between exposing my own private information and someone else's) is not a necessary prerequisite to have a moderator role in this forum (which exposes private information to the moderators), I guess it becomes indeed time for me to leave.
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    I was going no more than 20mph up a 17% grade hill (I climb everyday to leave my apartment complex). Hill has a lot of cracks. My 14d and 14s pedal dipped maybe 2 or 3 times going up this hill. Hoping to do a comparison video of the 18xl and the 100v MSX. But for now here is my 2 cents. Kingsong: perfect in every way (form, trolley, comfort, etc) except that it dips and I feel like I'm playing with the devil. MSX: pedals stay flat no matter what I put it through. Today I road a motocross track that was in poor condition. It was very aggressive and I would not have been able to do it on the XL. However, the pedal angle, trolley and lifting handle are very uncomfortable, and like @eddiemoy's video from forever ago, my MSX is missing brass screw insert thingys and the trolley handle is breaking/cracking due to poor design/manufacturing. That being said, I feel more stable on the MSX. Now I try to stay around 25mph on the 18xl. My first fall on a wheel at speed was when I was offroading (bumpy dirt path) at 25mph and the wheel just stopped balancing. I now know that it was because of this pedal dip. The MSX could do the same path and go faster and still be solid. Still can't say which one I stand by more but 4 months ago I did not like Gotway. Now I understand their place in the world and appreciate how well their pedals stay flat. I have no clue what goes on under the hood so to say. I'm one of those people who buy a car expecting it to work. That's why I initially went with Kingsong. I trusted their focus on safety. Maybe their reliability is going down because people ride harder now. It would be interesting to for someone to try pedal dipping the 16s or 14in wheels. I know I've pedal dipped on the 14 inchers but I though it was just due to small battery. Wow, long post. Sorry. I will note also that a new controller board is on its way.
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    With this sport growing and new riders popping up on the daily, I feel it is imperative for us to keep riding responsibly, and to not worry about legality. As Flyboy mentioned, just ride respectfully and if you get a bored cop looking to ticket you, simply show up in court. Odds are probable, the ticketing officer would not even show up in court. That said, the more popular our niche gets, the more power we hold to influence lawmakers to allow us passage on roadways anywhere bikes are allowed. We cannot be slaves to the state by cowering behind the questionable legality (or not) of our very smart and efficient means of transportation. Organizations like PEVRA are hard at work behind the scenes to keep PEVs 100% legal while adhering to bicycle laws and the more adamant we are about equality to bicyclists, the less we'll have to worry about legality...Our voice is only weak when an individual decides not to hold ground and gives into a (usually misinformed) cop. A few here have been harassed by SD cops. One had his wheel taken away (and he's disabled!). He went to court and all charges were dropped. Ride your wheel and no worries about the fuzz. We got this and we have each other's backs...
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    That was totally unacceptable by @eddiemoy. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that this has happened in this Forum. @Administrators , maybe you should say something about your policy of doxing people why this is happening repeatedly in this forum? most importantly, what are you going to do to prevent this happening again in future? @chrisjunlee, you were seemingly creating multiple accounts and talking under different names to yourself in this thread, see also here. This is a practice very much frowned upon and it was not done in good faith. Of course, under no circumstances it justifies doxing.
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    Well? Even on a bad day we have some great moderators and I am sure that I am not the only one that greatly appreciates them. Your VPN isn't working. I just tracked you to a bunker in Canada. ........ and the door code is..... ... #696969. P.S. you have a flat tire on your backhoe.
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    I think we need some violence to solve this issue. And guns. We need some guns. All I got to say is VPN baby. All day, every day. Vee Pee Enn. You never know who's watching you. Like a bunch of weirdos riding on a single wheel.
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    So the wheel is in for repairs and a check up. Here is a quick recap. I ordered the wheel and received it a few days later on August 22nd. I felt that for a wheel like the 16X I would not order it from Ali and needed someone to cover my back. The wheel started getting very short range compared to what I was used to. After some troubleshooting with @US69 we came to the conclusion that 800WH of the battery wasn't being detected. I sent the wheel to 1Radwerkstatt. Big props to 1Radwerkstatt. Their service is amazing and Ulf has been incredibly helpful. They opened up the wheel and there are no signs of dust, dirt or humidity. I have been doing quite a bit of off-roading and I have also been caught in the rain a few times. I did not do excessive long rides in the rain. Rain means time to go home. Heavy rain means search for cover. I have babied the wheel more than I do my MSX. I have been up crazy hills that other EUCs have not been able to climb. I have done off-roading similar to what I do with the MSX. I have also done jumps at skate parks. It's a blast. Here is the culprit: A blasted plug. So should the fuse go first? Did it short circuit because of a metal shaving or loose connection? Hard to say. It's a "life happens" thing in my opinion. I doubt it would have mattered if I would have done anything differently or if I would have been 10 times less or more careful with it. In the 5 weeks I was riding my 16X I put almost 2000km on it. As some of you guys know I don't work. I just ride my EUC and hang out with friends and work out. I love the 16X. It is the most fun wheel I have ever been on. Now I am on my MSX again and the MSX feels great. Which is proof... that the wheel you love is the wheel you ride and there are different wheels for different feels. The MSX is a beast but the 16X unlocks new hills and areas that I couldn't reach before. The 16X is solid as a rock when I ride it and hits 50 kmh with such quickness and stability that it is an incredibly ironic experience. The Nikola+ takes way much more intent to get over 50kmh and it become less stable at those speed. Also ironic lol. As some of you guys know I am a very anxious person when it comes to headaches about stuff that I own. It was such a relief to be able to send it to 1Radwerkstatt and get such excellent service from them. They are going to do some more investigating while they have the wheel. I have no hurry to get it back as I will be going on vacation (from what though lol) to Barcelona next week. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.
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    That's one valid opinion. There are many other valid opinions regarding privacy. There are cultural and generation differences. This is an international forum were no consens is to be found. That's quite offtopic here and could fill an own forum... But it was unnecessary leaking of "private" information without the members consent. He did not know, it was not on purpose and it won't happen again. Point. Sorry if this sounds harsh - but chewing on this the whole day in different topics is exhausting. Private information leaking discussed in
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    I'm most impressed that it only took you 3-weeks to recover from a broken knee and ankle. You must be 20-years old
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    For me trust/respect/etc is like in "real" life - it has to build up and be "prooven". Names and all other personel info don't really help. In forums i couldn't care less about any private information - every member builds up his "name" by his posting/content history.
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    I understand your point and I respect it. I can see how someone wanting to stay anonymous should have the ability to do so. I didn’t know the IP address was not public. If it is the rule not to disclose the IP, I’m fine with that. For me, I wouldn’t trust a person who I know nothing about.
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    @eddiemoy Yes, they are not exact. However, now we know where he works. He is the only person who unicycles to home every day at 5pm. And thus everyone determined enough can easily find his real address. I know you meant well, you thought you were just providing a piece of evidence. But yes, by every objective standard you disclosed a quite sensitive piece of information to the public. The correct response is: I am sorry, I've learned my lesson, I'll never disclose IP's again. You had good intentions and you did a great job catching the accounts. Just please prove to us that you're able to learn from mistakes.
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    @eddiemoy I don't usually speak up in this kind of discussion, so please take what I'm about to say seriously. Eddie... If I asked you what you home address is, would you be willing to post it in this thread? (Please don't actually post it, I don't care and don't want to know...) What about the home address of your parents? Or your Siblings? What about the address of the school your child goes to? What if someone found a post that you or your loved ones made online somewhere, scraped the IP address from it, used one of your apparently beloved public look-up tools, then posted the physical address and other attached information online? I SERIOUSLY doubt that you would be singing the same tune right now. I don't know or care whether it was illegal or not, but what you did yesterday was wrong. Period. And you know it. And so does everyone else who has been made aware of it.
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    Repeatedly? Seems i missed/overlooked some incidents? If you have some links at the hand or hints to topics/incidents could you pm me? We have an internal discussion. Maybe setting up rules of conduct/precdure for us moderators? But as judging/regulating/limiting oneselves is prone to subjectivity this question/possible measures will be finally decided by @John Eucist. Maybe, maybe not. I'm personally for the "benefit of doubt" as long as something is not prooven/confirmed.
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    I'm neither an admin nor a lawyer, but I don't think a TO has a right to his thread. I read here several times such things as: this is my thread I don't want this. I don't want that open your own thread no self-promotion in my thread stay out of my thread and so on..... Well, I don't know, but I think it's pretty fucked up. If this goes on like this, I will sell my 16X again and go back to the stupid ones in the RC-Helicopter Forum!
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    here is me being professional, personal attacks are not tolerated. this is a warning. I'll keep this here just to show how immature you really are.
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    I use... a pretty good one. But here's a list of a few if you're considering it. You have to be careful as some say they don't keep logs, but they still do. PIA I think is one of the better ones. https://www.techradar.com/vpn/best-no-logs-vpns-to-stay-private-and-anonymous And whoa I thought riding a singular wheel was pretty dramatic, this thread just is steeped with smoldering intrigue. Who's on first, what's his name, and where does he live is on third base? I sense some PIPEDA/HIPAA/EUGDPR issues at hand! Maybe some threadlock might be in order?
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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love was not kidding Interesting, are you preparing for legal action?
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    Just caught up with everything. I'll like to emphasize there was malicious intent with Eddie, and please do not be led astray by his attempts to dismiss his actions ("I didn't know that only mods could see IPs! Who cares if you know your IP!"). He's not contrite at all. This is 100% reality to me: I have been compromised in a way that I can no longer safely post here without jeopardizing something very dear to me. With that said, there is one thing I need that warranted me logging back in and posting: Please provide the following: Full legal name: First, middle and last. Your home address, or at least the city and zipcode which you live in
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    mine is 190815, no issues. @MickeyMicklos has the same batch number and no issues either. we cannot recreate the pedal dip. rock solid.
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    Tried it today as well but i couldn’t get it to dip either. 🤷‍♂️ Pedals where as hard as a rock.
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    brockj is chrijunlee's college, they work in the same office. he started posting when chrisjunlee started posting with his fake accounts. he provide some proof he is real, but not sure if he messaged any of the staff/moderators from his public accounts as he offered to do. no word from the two other fake accounts.
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    I'm just saying it's sad. I mean, isn't is sad that we have to have keys, passwords, doors that lock, etc. For me, it's an easier life when lived as an open book. Must be awful to live otherwise. But me saying this does not mean that I disagree with the option that people should be able to live closed lives. I fully support absolute 100-percent live-in-a-cocoon privacy for those that want it. Has no bearing on my life.
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    An IP is something people could use to gain access to your stuff. There is much more to it than hiding identity.
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    A shame. Whether it was all truthful or not, theres nowhere else to go other than leave with your reputation in tatters when you pull stunts like creating false accounts. Were it me, I would be mortified at having been caught out, which is partly why I dont do stuff like that.
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    I saw that post and immediately thought it was weird that it was a new user and their 1st post was regarding all this. This need for attention and dishonest approach makes me question the motives and truthfulness in all the OP's post.
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    What ever we say about quality in brand vs. brand discussions, all of them are still Chinese quality. One may be better than the other but that doesn't mean the better one is even close to western standards. What all of these manufacturers are doing is putting together Chinese components. These components are pretty much out of their control and it is not rare to have a bad batch of components in the Chinese domestic market. It might not be even a problem with KingSong workers and finding out this kind of problem is not easy as it takes some aggressive riding to see it. One possibility that comes to my mind is that they could have received a box of bad/fake capacitors that were used to manufacture the control boards. Could be also gyro censors or some other component. Of course it is also possible that there was a problem with assembly or just bad design or a bug in the software. I think they don't even know yet. Looks like the dipping is not an isolated issue but also not in every 16X. I hope they find out the culprit soon and issue a statement with plans to fix it.
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    We'll that's a shame tbh , even though everyone has differences in opinions whether they are right or wrong or we see it a different way it's still ok , we can learn from everything posted here , you chris,, have voiced your concerns several times and people including me has reacted , your a tuff guy you've always liked the reactions and also took in grace and voiced back with no harm done , can't you just block the people who's posts you'd rather not see 🤔 Plus we miss your crashes😁 think about it please and if you do go your always welcome back in your own thread 😊 👍👍
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    I guess this topic will be my last contribution on this forum. @photorph will carry on the torch from here. == Farewell == I love this community, and as open as I am, there are certain pieces of personally identifying information I guard closely. Tonight, a certain staff member abused his power and published a piece of private information I care about on this public forum. Everything else about him I could tolerate, but that - that crossed the line. Not only did he doxx me, but several other people that wished to remain completely anonymous. I have also explicitly asked this individual to leave me alone, yet he continues to gloat and harass me. I do not feel safe in this forum run by such a staff member, and I will take his advice and go private.
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    Hey AtlasP: I was choosing between the Nikola + 2100WH, The Nicola + 100v 1845WH and the Kingsong 16X. I spoke to the three people I trust the most, and they came down in favor of Nikola 2 to 1, and of the Nikola's one was for 84V/2100 and one was for 100v/1845. The two were the same price on ewheels, so money wasn't a factor in choosing between the Nik's. Ultimately I came down in favor of WH vs. speed. Coming from the V10F 25 MPH for longer than a few minutes will suit me just fine. Some things from my first day: With the fit and finish of the Nikola you'll want to manage your expectations. The stickers and letters were in various stages of curling up like potato chips. When I removed the big, round "GW" stickers on the sides, which were half off anyway, I took the paint off with them. There were areas the size of a dime that were beige plastic colored where the paint was missing. So I did what any self-respecting techno-phobe would do - glued the damn things back on! There is silver lettering along the top of the wheel. Mine was peeling off - but was also sharp as razors. It's a kind of metallic cellophane sticker substance that really cut my hands up. It was so sharp I didn't realize I was bleeding until I saw the blood on the handle. Can you imagine? I was bleeding before I every mounted up... SAD!! The wheel shipped with around a 4 or 5 degree backward calibration. I re-calibrated and made it level like the V10F, but after a quick test ride I'm wondering if I should fiddle it back a few degrees... The wheel gave me a similar experience to moving from a V5F to the V10F. It felt heavy, wide, low torque and slow. I'm convinced this is my learning curve and not any drawback to the wheel. Wondering if the backward calibration helps acceleration; and this period of learning and experimentation is a lot of fun for me. No doubt it's a great wheel - I just need to learn how to wrangle it, just as I had to learn the V10F. Last up for a quick first impression vis a vis a V10F... There is a dihedral pedal angle on the Nikola that is not there on the V10F. Think \ / as opposed to __ __ (it's not nearly that extreme - it's just those are my keys.) Of course it felt weird, but my V5F had a similar angle and I was used to it and had to adjust to the V10F. It's all a learning process, and given the positive reviews of the EUC community I'm excited to get started. Hope you are too.
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    That is so hard a statement to make, and one that will start the GW vs KS flames again...many of these are made around top speed on the edge riders. For those riders, yes the KS16x is not for you. First of: pretty much everyone....No exact numbers nor something you can see as a new read where you go that data from. Second: Nikola rides better...so how do you define better ? Because there are many ways to agree or disagree with "better". So coming to a KS thread posting these simplified statements will like not go down well with people that like there wheel, just saying this. What I will agree on any day that some like the Nikola others will like the KS16X, I will not say either is better. I will say that if you want to put one infront of the other, one place where you cannot dispute this is top speed. Then you have one wheel being out in market sooner than the other and a different design philosophy. Which way you like this is a personal matter. I prefer the way KS do it, where they can fine tune the wheel as they get more feedback. Now i don't mean to point finger to you @meepmeepmayer by quoting you. But I see these posts again and again and people not like the bad talk and harsh tone these discussions have taken over the past 6 months. I am leaning toward the KS16X since I bought this, I am not hidding this. But you don't see me posting in GW/Nikola threads, why? Because it holds no interest to me what so ever. And I don't want to get dragged into simplified arguments on complex comparisons.
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    There is nothing on the Nik/Nik+ that is better than the 16X except the top speed. If you are into top speed without tiltback safety, then go for the Nik/Nik+. The trolley handle, pedals, ergonomics, front light, mud flap, side pads, ride, acceleration, lift cutoff, build quality, thoughtful design, ALL BETTER on the 16X. The first time you open the two wheels side by side, you will know what I'm talking about when it comes to quality. The Nik/Nik+ is held together by duct tape(SMH), the Nik+ they just rough cut the slot that was meant for the controller to fit another battery. Loose wire everywhere, after a while of riding and shaking, I would need to open the unit up to inspect the wiring. Tire change, on the Nik/Nik+, was so much harder to do, need to remove silicone glue and reapply when you put it back together vs the 16X, just remove screws and slide it out.
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    I just got the TSG Pass Carbon fiber helmet. It's impressively light and compact for a full face helmet. The fit, size, and feel is better than the Steelbird. It is 3-4 times the cost of the Steelbird. The paddings are well formed like motorcycle helmet pads. There is a quick release tab for the cheek pads. Comes with both tinted and clear shield. Only negative is the chin strap which use a loop buckle. I prefer magnetic quick release system. I think this is going to be my new regular use helmet for winter riding (until the Klim TK1200 come in). I need the full face shield as the temperature is starting drop in the morning.
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    I'm with you. In the amount of money I've spent on PEVs, I could have just added more car parts lol. I've been here for a couple months now as a newbie trying to gather as much information as possible. I quickly learned that KS and GW were the 2 biggest names out there and depending on what you were looking for, these are the specific wheels you're looking for. In my quest for information and knowledge, I get a sense of bias towards GW over KS, and they seem to do everything possible to paint KS in a negative light. There are at least 3 that are very easy to spot just in the way they always present GW vs KS in the threads they either create or comment on. I'm here for information and to know what the pros and cons are of each wheel. I don't need sensationalized topics and statements to create fear in a product just to steer a person into another. Just remember, that competition is good. You need strong competition to create innovation. If you have 1 dominate manufacturer, all you end up with is stale products. There is no incentive for the manufacturer to create something envelope pushing if there is no competition to take away their sales.
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    I’m cool with being wrong, if anything I have no stakes in either Gotway or Kingsong. It’s been several times lately though that we get flamebait from Gotway people, and seing how every other hobby forum are riddled with pre-teen level flame wars, it makes me sad to see it appear here. I have no problem with people having different opinions, I dislike arrogant and taunting attitudes. I haven’t tried either (budget went to 18XL) but am curious and follow the feedback. I’m not giving much credit to people calling the 16x a « toy » though.
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    Human flag tutorial included.
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    If you really don't like KS16X that much, why not just sell it and be done with it. Why you keep on riding it when you know it is defective and just constantly whining about it saying it is a wide spread problem? You are clearly not out to fix the issue with the manufacturer, just putting FUD out there to scare people into not buying a wheel. Someone who is trying to do good for the community would contact the manufacturer and try to work out what the issue is, not keep on posting all the BS before confirming what issue it could be. Stick with the GW wheels and make sure you keep riding like you do. With your inflated ego and the need for attention, your last crash won't be the last. It is just how this hobby works.
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    So, here's my bill for perfect offroad with 1.4 - 1.6 bar. ( @Gaz Bon I join the club ) I know that it was too little air pressure and the risk for such a damage is high. But it's funny that I saw the damage today only by chance and that I didn't notice a hard breakthrough during the trip, because otherwise I would have checked immediately. But after the repair I am also aware why it is not always noticeable. The aluminium is so inferior and has only a little more strength than an old marshmallow. Well, now I have tested it and increase the air pressure generously to 1.8 bar. And this is how it looks after the repair. A few quirks, but I can live with them. Rim after repair
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    @DaffyDuck I've been riding everyday on the streets for a year. Passed cops and some even talked to me at lights asking how I turn and stuff. They could care less and are just as bewildered as most people. That being said, don't be like most jerk bicyclists that blow through stop signs and red lights. I do what I can to be seen and follow all cycling rules. I stay off sidewalks at all costs. Some sidewalks even have posted signs that sidewalks are for walking only. I've ridden on all kinds of streets, even 50 mph streets (I stay in the bike lane on those ones). If you are in the area, feel free to contact me. I don't think you can PM me yet so I'll PM you but you can also contact me on Instagram (FlyboyEUC) or Facebook (San Diego Electric Unicycle). Here are videos of me riding in downtown and on Friars road (50 MPH speed limit). Feel free to watch my other videos on Youtube.
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    There are only about a half dozen options, not customizable. You can toggle between them by short pressing the on/off button. Push once, light on, push again to cycle light pattern, push again, light on, push again to next pattern, repeat. One of the options are the LEDs off.
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