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    People prefer to be anonymous so they don't get stalked, robbed, beaten, fired from their job because of what they say on the internet.
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    With this sport growing and new riders popping up on the daily, I feel it is imperative for us to keep riding responsibly, and to not worry about legality. As Flyboy mentioned, just ride respectfully and if you get a bored cop looking to ticket you, simply show up in court. Odds are probable, the ticketing officer would not even show up in court. That said, the more popular our niche gets, the more power we hold to influence lawmakers to allow us passage on roadways anywhere bikes are allowed. We cannot be slaves to the state by cowering behind the questionable legality (or not) of our very smart and efficient means of transportation. Organizations like PEVRA are hard at work behind the scenes to keep PEVs 100% legal while adhering to bicycle laws and the more adamant we are about equality to bicyclists, the less we'll have to worry about legality...Our voice is only weak when an individual decides not to hold ground and gives into a (usually misinformed) cop. A few here have been harassed by SD cops. One had his wheel taken away (and he's disabled!). He went to court and all charges were dropped. Ride your wheel and no worries about the fuzz. We got this and we have each other's backs...
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    That was totally unacceptable by @eddiemoy. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that this has happened in this Forum. @Administrators , maybe you should say something about your policy of doxing people why this is happening repeatedly in this forum? most importantly, what are you going to do to prevent this happening again in future? @chrisjunlee, you were seemingly creating multiple accounts and talking under different names to yourself in this thread, see also here. This is a practice very much frowned upon and it was not done in good faith. Of course, under no circumstances it justifies doxing.
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    For me trust/respect/etc is like in "real" life - it has to build up and be "prooven". Names and all other personel info don't really help. In forums i couldn't care less about any private information - every member builds up his "name" by his posting/content history.
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    I understand your point and I respect it. I can see how someone wanting to stay anonymous should have the ability to do so. I didn’t know the IP address was not public. If it is the rule not to disclose the IP, I’m fine with that. For me, I wouldn’t trust a person who I know nothing about.
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    I'm neither an admin nor a lawyer, but I don't think a TO has a right to his thread. I read here several times such things as: this is my thread I don't want this. I don't want that open your own thread no self-promotion in my thread stay out of my thread and so on..... Well, I don't know, but I think it's pretty fucked up. If this goes on like this, I will sell my 16X again and go back to the stupid ones in the RC-Helicopter Forum!
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    I'm just saying it's sad. I mean, isn't is sad that we have to have keys, passwords, doors that lock, etc. For me, it's an easier life when lived as an open book. Must be awful to live otherwise. But me saying this does not mean that I disagree with the option that people should be able to live closed lives. I fully support absolute 100-percent live-in-a-cocoon privacy for those that want it. Has no bearing on my life.
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    I’m cool with being wrong, if anything I have no stakes in either Gotway or Kingsong. It’s been several times lately though that we get flamebait from Gotway people, and seing how every other hobby forum are riddled with pre-teen level flame wars, it makes me sad to see it appear here. I have no problem with people having different opinions, I dislike arrogant and taunting attitudes. I haven’t tried either (budget went to 18XL) but am curious and follow the feedback. I’m not giving much credit to people calling the 16x a « toy » though.
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    If you really don't like KS16X that much, why not just sell it and be done with it. Why you keep on riding it when you know it is defective and just constantly whining about it saying it is a wide spread problem? You are clearly not out to fix the issue with the manufacturer, just putting FUD out there to scare people into not buying a wheel. Someone who is trying to do good for the community would contact the manufacturer and try to work out what the issue is, not keep on posting all the BS before confirming what issue it could be. Stick with the GW wheels and make sure you keep riding like you do. With your inflated ego and the need for attention, your last crash won't be the last. It is just how this hobby works.
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    Lol bunch of weirdos riding on a single wheel with a Gun. Don t forget the Gun never leave home without it.
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    The heartbeat behind my channel is to give back to the EUC community that I love. I'm not doing this for fame my guy. Take a look in the mirror.
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    That's why we debate here, to find the truth, to helping the euc community.
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    I think they may mean a "level" app to measure the potential change in the wheel's angle. But I'm not sure the response is about the same issue I'm having. I think they might be referring to a drift in the pedals' level, not a sudden lack of balancing power. I emailed Jason to ask about this issue on my wheel too. It would be awesome if this is a defect only affecting a handful of folks.
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    I know it would be cruel but id probably break down in laughter ,, in his head he could do it though 😁😁 nice video , it's still amazes me how much fun in such a little space , i do it alone though ☹️
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    If you are not mature enough to handle comments please go private. You will get comments that you don't like if you are posting this stuff publicly. You started it with the name calling, making up names for people. How childish.
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    Please welcome @Irina to the forum. She is a very enthusiastic EUC rider from Vladivostok, Russia. Together with her husband Vladimir and a few other friends she rides the streets of her city and other neighboring places almost daily, practically in any weather. She also trains her skills in a gym when the weather is really prohibitive As it was discussed recently in the topic our forum really needs more female EUC fans! Welcome, @Irina!
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    Some people are recklessness and make us look bad. Some videos are misunderstood. The other day I was flying down a mountain bike trail. I turned a corner and almost hit a mother with a month old baby that was standing in the middle of the trail. I had to crash into the woods to keep from hitting her. That video would have made me look bad but the sign at the trail head clearly says "No pedestrians"
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    But doesn't carving mess up your balance and make the turkey cold while on the wheel?
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    @MickeyMicklos You might think traffic work different and you know how drivers think. So you are saying the a traffic cop and traffic laws says it is okay to weave back and forth in between lanes and cars, and at high speed too? And that someone stepping out of a car/opening a door will not happen unless you already foreseen it? To navigate safely in traffic/City people around you need to be able to see you and anticipate and react accordingly. It might just be I am too narrow sighted that I doubt that is possible with someone dressed all up in black, going 40kmh+ and weaving between car lanes (as you do in your videos, only I can see at what speed). To some it might look cool, but to me that is the kind of behaviour in traffic that pisses off all other around you. This is why I find this to be a bad ambassador for EUC community. You might not have laws against this yet, but when serious accidents happens and annoyed people speak up then laws change fast soon. I am not saying that it is impossible to ride at high speed, but there are time and places for that. Not between 2 car lanes. So if you lower the speed of riding a fraction, then I will argue that some find one wheel more appealing than the other. It is not as all have to pick the same option. The way I use my wheel, the KS16X suit that purpose fantastic. When I ride my wheel, I have to think of I just do what I decided to do just because I think it is fun or I have the "skill" to do that. We are back to my actions can have a huge impact to others around me. I don’t want to have same bad reputation as rental e-scooters do. I am sure you seen this in NYC too.
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    It seems it should have been suspiciously clear even in the first place that this was not meant to be public, but for the moderators only, namely for account verification? Looks like a tough task.
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    The answers are yes, yes, yes. You didn't expose the information in a single post, but you did expose it to some of us.
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    I'm looking at the super ride/uno bolt, and found an what I suspect is older model with a tire treaded like a car. (Also it is gloss black with a black seat.) The tire appears harder from pics; and at first sight it looks much flatter but I'm thinking it's rounded a little . If I had one of these I would be riding very high mileage in straight lines on level ground so it might help if the tire is not too flat treaded for high speed wobble which I don't think it will be because like I said the edges do appear to be slightly rounded . Also for other occasions i like the idea of possibly being able to ride even slower and stand still better. This makes it appear a self leveling machine which makes it close to legal by present statutes. Only difference being in states two non-tandem wheels for self balancing machines. Does anybody know the difference in ride quality and how much I could expect? If turning is truly tiresome or uneasy that could be very annoying im sure. Newer tire looks perfect on there. And frankly I'm only looking to save about $150 So far from a good deal I found on a newer one.
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    I'm thinking of it like a case for a smart phone. Sure, a new phone looks and feels great when you're using it without a case, but they're worth too much to risk that you won't drop it when getting out of the car or it slips and hits the asphalt and you crack that shiny new piece of hardware. The same thing with your EUC. IMO they're worth too much to ride without some kind of protection.
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    I've been riding my 16X rain or shine for the past 1350 miles with no issues. I wouldn't ride the wheel through deep puddles but besides that go for it. The controller has a conformal coating and all the wiring has nice connectors. I don't see an issue with winter riding on these. I live in Portland Oregon so I'll definitely be putting the wheel to the wet test this winter. -Justin
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    again, ip's are not private. they are in every email you send. every post you do. it isn't illegal to lookup someones ip which are public domain. those who don't want anyone to know their ip need to use proxies. but i don't want to teach too much on this.
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    Why do you think your post that included the IP addresses was removed? You really should not be a moderator. You neither seem to have the basic technical expertise nor any reasonable notion of privacy. FYI, what you did is probably even illegal. Please sit with the other @Administrators and @John Eucist and sort this out!!
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    Where you are posting from is public info. Any look up tool will show who the ip belongs to. This isn’t a secret. If you are concerned with anyone finding out where you work, don’t post from your work computer and certainly don’t create multiple accounts from the same computer you used a month ago to do all your postings. It is clear to me that he created the accounts to prop himself up. He has yet to deny it. The evidence is there. The two new accounts come from an IP address that he used to post from a month ago. Both the new accounts from the same IP. If it isn’t against forum policy, it should. It is just bizarre what just happened.
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    Don’t think so because mine is 190628.
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    Err, not sure exactly what happened but your contributions and opinions are valuable. So are those of everyone else. No need to leave the forum. It's all friendly discussion, nothing to take personally. Keep your logs updated with your findings.
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    @Mark Lee I'm wondering the same thing. If the production date is really Aug 15, 2019, how did the OP start this thread BEFORE it was produced? Mine is the same serial batch and mine is a 2nd gen unit with the new tire. I believe the OP got his from the first batch with the original tire that not many people liked. Very confusing indeed.
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    I haven't seen any, but others have said they've seen one.
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    Yep! Spotting Jeff riding around definitely changed my life... Hi, my name is Brian and I'm an addict. I can't go a day without riding my EUC. Glad that we have a place for group therapy!
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    I've emailed kingsong about the firmware batch that they might be a problem and see if they have had any other wheels with the same batch number and causes 🤔 hopefully they will get back with some info, at least it's worth investigating
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    And here I thought this forum was just for EUC talk. Interesting development. Whatever the case, one thing I can confirm is that @chrisjunlee and his pedal dip video is accurate for the KS16x. I've tried it once, and it was a medium-ish effort flick... scary when it happens. I am gonna try it with more effort this weekend, kind of concerned though...but for the sake of another data point.
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    For a staff member you're unprofessionally salty and just an overall miserably toxic person. If you don't like what you read, no need to feel threatened, move on. Stay out of my threads, whether it be youtube, facebook, etc. I don't want your attention - understand?
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    I think @The Fat Unicyclist bodygaurd is going to save me some scratches and above all some money from drops 😁😁 What batch number are you?
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    People will probably want to know the battery size. I wish you the best on your sale.
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    I can honestly say that it looks better in real-life! There's something about the "relief" that the stitching provides... It looks just awesome!
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    Hey all. I'm going to put this flicking thing to rest. Will test this on my 16X this weekend and video it.
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    Maybe we can fly you around the country to test all of our wheels, since you seem to be the only person that knows how to 'flick' the wheel.
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    You guys are really an interesting and surprising bunch: The new benchmark: W(T)F Watts per Flicks... courtesy of @chrisjunlee This IS the absolute, most relaxing and efficient posture to ride an EUC...
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    I understand precisely what is being shown and know exactly why it's happening. All I see is a reaction to an action. Eliminate the action and there is no reaction. Keeping a rider upright is obviously the most critical function of an EUC, but that is different than remaining level, which doesn't mean the pedals can never tilt. GotWay is very stiff, so of course it's less noticeable. GotWay staying stiff is not because of more power, but because of its design. King Song is designed to have more movement--it's not a defect. Try getting on a Segway i2 sometime and you will understand the movement better. Self-balancing devices are not necessarily supposed to never tilt--instead, there is a balance range. GotWay range is very narrow, which can be comforting to people who prefer less movement. King Song has more of a balance range, which I happen to like more. Keep in mind when you ride multiple EUC makes that they won't ride exactly the same, which is why people develop preferences. I've owned Ninebot, GotWay, and King Song EUCs and I much prefer the King Song design, so I ride a King Song. I don't insist on riding a Ninebot or GotWay, only to complain about their design. My advice to anyone is find the make and model you prefer and then ride that. Life is too short to spend much time on the wrong wheel.
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    Let me see if I can lay to rest this ankle flicking misunderstanding. An ankle flick is not the same as shifting your center of gravity forward or a lean. Completely different moves, actually. An ankle flick is the equivalent of abruptly pushing forward on a Segway i2 handle, which does absolutely nothing, except move the handle forward and then backward in reaction. It doesn't propel the Segway, nor does it disrupt its ability to remain balanced. Step on a Segway i2 and you might feel what I mean. If you're wondering what a Segway i2 has to do with EUCs, an EUC is basically a one wheel Segway without a handle. Just because you can do it does not necessarily mean anything is wrong. GotWay having a stiffer ride also doesn't mean anything is wrong with King Song. They aren't engineered identically. I've had both King Song and GotWay, so I am aware of their differences. You are simply pushing the pedals forward and an instant adjustment is made to accommodate the sudden downward pressure, which itself is inconsequential. An ankle flick is not a simulation of anything--it's just you flicking your ankles. Keep doing it, it'll keep dipping. Stop doing it, it'll stop dipping. Exactly the same on a Segway i2--keep pushing forward on the handle and it will keep moving forward and then backward in reaction. The moment you stop pushing on the handle, the handle will stop moving. Presto! Mystery solved. My suggestion would be to stop flicking your ankles, particularly at speed, because your action is creating a reaction by your EUC, when its resources should be available as much as possible for more critical functions.
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    I tried soft and medium right now, but soft is really horrible for me. Maybe it's nice on flat pavement but not on bumpy trails? Medium is OK, but hard fits my needs better.
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    This is fascinating. How slow can you ride and do the same thing? I don't want to do this at 25-mph, but I'll try it at a slower speed. It does seem to be a natural effect from riding in soft mode. Gotway has traditionally had some really squishy soft modes, but you say that you can't do this with the Nikola in Soft Mode? It's never occurred to me to try the flicking motion to get this behavior. But if you're riding fast, in soft mode, and you abruptly lean forward, it makes perfect sense that the pedals will dip.
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    I’m quite confident in (hoping) that your wheels won’t do that in the other riding modes. I never considered the soft mode on the 16S to be even rideable, it felt like a flashback to a puny ancestor of a wheel of 2014 or so. The soft mode on a GW is inherently a lot harder than even the hard mode on 18XL, and behave very differently. Maybe KS has ”forgotten” to work on the soft mode for a few years since no-one has seemed to use it anyway? 😜
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    Hi there, I had the idea last weekend. We were on a tour with 5 people and went into a beer garden for lunch. We all wanted to charge up our wheels of cause and we were allowed, but we only found one outlet in the near of our table. Luckily one friend brought an adapter(1-3) but we were 5. The two others took another outlet somewhere else. I just finished my tour-friendly charger cable. European(german) plug of cause. If I find a power outlet, anyone else can put another charger in. Or I can plug it between anything that's plugged anyhow. Switchable, because that's what this adaptor was meant for and why not. I made the cable very short, so it packs decent small in my lumbar pack.
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    It is M6x16. And when ordering don't forget stainless washers. The smaller screws are all M3x8. Unfortunately stainless steel screws are non magnetic Oh, it's my fault. Sorry, I missed it, of course it's the same thing
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