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    OK, here are some real quotes from you: “First correct observation I've read from you.” “EUCs aren't intended to be ridden while crouched--no self-balancing device is, in fact.” “you have developed your own habits and theories that aren't optimal or are plain wrong.” “thinking that pushing on the feet, crouching, or bending the knees to accelerate are correct riding techniques. They are not.” Vs. “anything goes, as long as you can stay safe and know the limits of your wheel.” “I achieve maximum speed, with maximum control, yet maximum safety.” Vs. “I did my envelope pushing years ago. You're still in the stage of going for the thrill of pushing its limits, which is understandable, since you're a relative newbie.” “I never proclaimed I was the best rider in the world.” “My goal here isn't to insult anyone's delicate ego” “If someone engages me, I will try to reply.” (this line is the giveaway) “Beautiful, inspirational words for real newbies to aspire, with appropriate caution.” “Not quite, Sherlock. You aren't reading my posts very carefully” “You might try being more hospitable to your guests--you're the host here, this is your topic, which would have dried up pages ago had I not jumped in.” “ I'm discussing this with a ghost, because I haven't seen a single second of you in motion, while I have 100 videos of me on YouTube. I have no idea what your skill level is or how you ride, or what the basis is for your apparent expertise.” “You may not even own an EUC!” “It's amazing how many talkers keep popping up, but without a single video of their own to show!” I refuse to believe that you are genuinely ignorant of the hostile way you are conducting yourself on the forum. The above quotes are evidence of you gate-keeping, name-calling, and being extremely condescending to other members of the community (people I consider friends), all while directly contradicting yourself. The riding footage that you posted is extremely underwhelming, and depicts you blowing through several stop signs and disobeying traffic laws (also leaning on a post on the sidewalk, showing a low level of confidence in stopping and dismounting), yet you claim to be a "professional" rider operating with "maximum speed, with maximum control, yet maximum safety." Also, your join date is less than a year ago and the majority of your posts are in this thread. On the off chance that you aren't actively trolling, you need to calm down because you are coming off as kind of a dick. That's all I am going to say on the matter. I have already wasted too much of my life formulating this response.
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    Yeah, I totally agree. EUCs have opened up a whole new world of possibilities when travelling in my RV: I can now park in much more remote/beautiful locations and easily go to visit the town / have lunch / buy groceries, as well as go on long tours and do much more exploring than I used to do. It was wonderful this summer to take long tours along the Northern Coast of Spain as I travelled, discovering amazing spots and trails that I wouldn't have ventured out to without my wheel--and have great fun carving and off-roading on the 18XL while I did so, of course! (Parked in a field atop a hill, next to a small hermitage, in the region of Cantabria, in Northern Spain. Took some great tours around the lake and between the fields, where the animals roam free. More pictures of the route in this Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/v36AdBnVKZO)
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    == Wed 10/9/19 == Good news: 16X is up and running again! Jason suggested I disable the lift sensor through the app. I wasn't able to try that at the time due to the latest Kingsong app just being completely hosed. Jason sent me an older apk, and voila, I can use the app now. I rode back home 15 miles, and realized even though it's only been a couple of days, I've lost a lot of connection/feel for the wheel. Felt maybe 70% in control - or maybe it was just an off night for me.
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    I’m cool with being wrong, if anything I have no stakes in either Gotway or Kingsong. It’s been several times lately though that we get flamebait from Gotway people, and seing how every other hobby forum are riddled with pre-teen level flame wars, it makes me sad to see it appear here. I have no problem with people having different opinions, I dislike arrogant and taunting attitudes. I haven’t tried either (budget went to 18XL) but am curious and follow the feedback. I’m not giving much credit to people calling the 16x a « toy » though.
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    I'm neither an admin nor a lawyer, but I don't think a TO has a right to his thread. I read here several times such things as: this is my thread I don't want this. I don't want that open your own thread no self-promotion in my thread stay out of my thread and so on..... Well, I don't know, but I think it's pretty fucked up. If this goes on like this, I will sell my 16X again and go back to the stupid ones in the RC-Helicopter Forum!
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    I don't flick my 18xl but it does this same thing when I go over bumps sometimes or go uphill. I had a really bad one yesterday. The wheel tilted all the way forwards then all the way back, then the motor kicked back in and was level. Super scary because it was just a short ride to the store. Less than .25 miles
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    You guys in the US are really lucky to have @Jason McNeil. In Europe the resellers are so roguish. I think he deserves much respect, because he is dealing with the same guys that our ressellers do, and it must not be a piece of cake. I am even tempted to get my next wheels to him, just because of all the stories i saw here, despite i'm living in France...
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    +10001 on this. Jason has always given me great customer service. Matter of fact, we've been communicating back and for this week. He's a great ambassador to the community and runs a solid shop.
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    Hey all. I'm going to put this flicking thing to rest. Will test this on my 16X this weekend and video it.
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    You might of mentioned the app not working but you didn't really need the app then, but you didn't mention that you wheel wouldn't balance till yesterday that's when you need the app and we maybe could of helped if we new👍 Just be careful until your new board comes, i know we all respond in different ways but mostly we are here to help and we also appreciate your feedback but don't go on the defensive to quick when we do and start saying the wheel is not worth the money etc and it wobbles the tires rubbish it's a 25mph wheel and get people scared including me even though I've done tests , and many others ride at top speed it doesn't then help when there is a problem , i keep away at top speed on any wheel i like to have that percentage spare, Sorry if it seems a bit harsh but not intended , but we are all here for the same thing and appreciate all discussions and maybe you've just saved someone from falling if they have the same problem as you, and thanks for the time you have put in
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    There is nothing on the Nik/Nik+ that is better than the 16X except the top speed. If you are into top speed without tiltback safety, then go for the Nik/Nik+. The trolley handle, pedals, ergonomics, front light, mud flap, side pads, ride, acceleration, lift cutoff, build quality, thoughtful design, ALL BETTER on the 16X. The first time you open the two wheels side by side, you will know what I'm talking about when it comes to quality. The Nik/Nik+ is held together by duct tape(SMH), the Nik+ they just rough cut the slot that was meant for the controller to fit another battery. Loose wire everywhere, after a while of riding and shaking, I would need to open the unit up to inspect the wiring. Tire change, on the Nik/Nik+, was so much harder to do, need to remove silicone glue and reapply when you put it back together vs the 16X, just remove screws and slide it out.
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    well. i wish you luck. i tried but failed to get my friend to get the nikola because the 16x was teeming with issues according to the forums and fb. but at last. he decided that nikola was too ugly. and went for the 16x. now 2 weeks after he got it. it is sitting in a corner. wont turn on because of a short trip in mild rain. before that he bought a z10 because it looked cool aswell. be wary of the coolest looking wheels, maybe they are a trap
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    I finally went to a shop, and they did a marvelous job (in less than 24h). Replaced the faulty cells, checked if the BMS was damaged (was not), and now I am super happy with my refurbished battery 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Thanks to all! I learned a lot during this process!! 49€
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    here is me being professional, personal attacks are not tolerated. this is a warning. I'll keep this here just to show how immature you really are.
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    So, here's my bill for perfect offroad with 1.4 - 1.6 bar. ( @Gaz Bon I join the club ) I know that it was too little air pressure and the risk for such a damage is high. But it's funny that I saw the damage today only by chance and that I didn't notice a hard breakthrough during the trip, because otherwise I would have checked immediately. But after the repair I am also aware why it is not always noticeable. The aluminium is so inferior and has only a little more strength than an old marshmallow. Well, now I have tested it and increase the air pressure generously to 1.8 bar. And this is how it looks after the repair. A few quirks, but I can live with them. Rim after repair
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    If money isn’t an issue, definitely go with the Nikola 100V, otherwise the 84V. I wouldn’t buy a MSX now as the Nikola is much more versatile, newer, and user friendly with a better trolley and lift/kill switch.
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    This will come quite handy if you do any riding during the darker hours of the day. The more visible you are at night, the better. Trust me. The consensus is that 100V Nikola accelerates faster then 84V. Think of acceleration as major safety feature. It also has higher top end speed, which maybe not in a beginning, but after a few months of riding you will want to have. Think of it as a buffer, you might not need it all the time, but there will be a time you wish you had it. Buffer speed is good. 100V wheels are more efficient then 84V. You can get longer mileage out of every charge. I don't do 50 mile rides, but I also don't have to think about charging my wheel quite as often, and I always have a bigger buffer to get me home. Another thing to consider is the quality of the shell. One day sooner or later, you will drop your wheel, and Nikola has a lot better built shell then MSX. This is such an addictive hobby that whether you realize it or not, you will end up getting more then one wheel.
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    I’m gonna have to go ahead and say that this is the quietest electric vehicle I’ve ever had! IMG_5832.MOV
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    Other downside would be price. I bought a V8 for 750 €. Of course it cannot compete with 1600-2000 € wheels. I think V8 is a fantastic second wheel and its best feature is weight. I always use the V8 to go for short errands or keep it in my car if I need to park far from destination or use public transportation to go to the city centre. It's more convenient than my 18XL for these usages and still very nice wheel. However, the updated version is badly needed already. But it's held up nicely in its price point considering it's a 2016 model.
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    I only have so much time to respond and go into detail. I leave a lot of things out because: too much context and we suck at retaining context - case in point, I mentioned at least twice in this topic that the android app is completely hosed for me generate too much noise, drowning out the important bits. Originally I wanted this topic to be a tightly written journal - the earlier posts I spent ~ an hour per post carefully re-writing things to be succinct. You'll see the posts edited days later to correct a typo or add more info/pics etc. Lately it's been more discussion like the main 16X thread - which is fine. sometimes I've answered the same question so many times on the facebook group, DM's, etc, and it exhausts me repeating myself and the full context for yet another person. I don't know how Marty does it - he gets 100x the volume, yet stays on top of everything. I can literally only type so much per day - I'm getting symptoms of RSI again, and my livelihood depends on it . Those that chat with me in DMs can vouch that I've started using voice messages to reduce the load. Perhaps - but I've put over 1300 miles (over 2,100 km!) and the wheel has been very consistent and reliable. Also, opening it up last night, I was very impressed with the build quality, a definite step up from Gotways. I just tend to lose skills really quickly - I'll probably get in the groove again by the weekend
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    I to would like to see the top speed on the first page it's very useful , not only in screenshots what i often take but when testing speeds i can look at my phone (with the keep screen on function) ,, which i love btw,, i think there's alot of people when riding think i wonder how fast i was going then and then look at top speed , as i don't like to go max speed it's nice to know if i go over and get a feel for the speed i was going at.i like top speed 👍 thanks seba Ps! Is there a fix on the battery% showing 10% less for 16x👍 it's very annoying
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    So...initial impressions, wow this wheel is quieter than all the previous kingsong I have used! No high pitched whine. Definitely the best looking wheel. Lift disengage implementation is superior to the Nikola +. Feels like a more nimble wheel. I hope I get time to ride tomorrow, more testing to go. I rode it for half a mile but per usual kingsong fashion it’s restricted to something ridiculously slow. Need to get a hold of an android phone because the speed settings just don’t work with iOS iPhone 8 with kingsongs.
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    I’m sure his wheel was defektiv from day 1 because The problems where already there on day 4, he mentioned that the wheel felt off and did a few calibrations to fix it. I calibrated my wheel twice, when i received it and after the 1.05 FW Update and had no problems whatsoever, no pedal dipping or strange behavior, my pedals are rock solid, this is what i love with this wheel. My production number is 190628. FW 1.05 and no issues till now. I also rode it in heavy rain and mud the last days and nothing happened, @eddiemoy rode it in real heavy rain when he tested the demo unit and its still running, i think chooch is playing with it now. I think there are a few rotten eggs out there but the rest is fine
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    Fair point. Also understand before I posted the video, people dismissed my dips as being a feature as a consequence of Kingsong being softer. It wasn't till after the video that others understood how much I could dip it. I've also dipped a friend's 18XL, albeit at a slower speed since I didn't want to risk crashing it (10 degrees?). I think those two reasons are why I made the premature mental jump to "this is all of Kingsong". Thank you for pointing that out
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    There's are 3 possibilities: optimistic: I have a defective wheel - aka, my case is an outlier for the 16X. Not likely since with over 900 miles, everything else works fine and there are other people that have been able to pedal dip (such as @redfoxdude @BleepBloopBlop). semi-optimistic: couple of bad batches and/or there are different control boards. cynical: this is universal, affecting all v1.0 16X control boards, but Kingsong is understating this to protect sales + dealing with the expensive warranty process. In my experience working in mega corporations, the textbook play is to admit as little as possible to limit liability and cost. In other words, even if case #3 is true, Kingsong will tell us #2. On the other hand, I do understand it from the corporate side as well: the average user will not take the time to read and understand the nuances of this issue - so why have them panic? Also, perhaps this won't affect the typical rider. People like @Patton250 that average 15 mph, with gentle acceleration - it makes no difference. I really wish we had more user data to draw from and analyse.
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    Everyone upgrade to gopro max. And I have a chance to play with the insta360 for cheap :))
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    This is just a quick note to tell you all how DEEPLY IN LOVE I AM WITH MY V8 My girlfriend may be intensely jealous, but my true love (the V8) and I don't care. Coming up on a year of romance and close to 1000km traveled with no wipe outs or problems of any kind, she has never let me down. Rock-Solid. Non stop fun. My V8 and I still love spending time together: we both enjoy long rides through the park, quick shopping trips downtown, brunch dates with friends, I hold it's handle while we watch the sunset at the beach, etc etc.. It's all very sweet. The heart wants want the heart wants: and I'm here to tell you it wants a V8. Your heart probably wants one too, you just won't realize it until you own one. It's like having a dog, or a child - you just can't even imagine the intense life-long bond that will form, until it happens to you. Such a beautiful, elegant, brilliant little vehicle. Suddenly your world is brighter and you realize how incredibly slow and boring walking is. Why walk when you could fly!? How can I convey to all the non-V8 owners what they are missing? It's just perfect: the perfect weight, the perfect speed, the perfect range, the perfect price. With a V8 it becomes all about the journey rather then the destination; you'll find yourself taking the long way home. I wish I was poetic, I'd totally write my V8 a poem.... sigh... Babies should be assigned a V8 at birth - it is an absolute tragedy that most people will never discover joy that a V8 can bring. Walking is stupid - get a V8™
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    @chrisjunlee is unfortunately right about this...I was hoping he wasn't. Just happened, more later...
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    UPDATE: Jason asked me to send the wheel back to him for this one. Took a week to get from NY to AZ, but he fixed it immediately and got it back into FedEx's hands within 48 hours. 6 days heading back across the country and she's back home. I've only had a chance to take it for a super quick spin to make sure everything was operational after the trip and repair and I'm happy to say everything seems up to spec. Once again, a huge thanks to Jason @Ewheels for getting it fixed so quickly for me. If you need a wheel, I can't recommend his company enough.
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    That's the irony - Eddie's the biggest cry baby. Which is probably why he reads my posts that way. In all his videos he's just frowning and miserable. In contrast, all of mine are lighthearted - yet, he persistently shows up on *all* of my social media threads to whine. That in itself should give you an idea of how miserable the guy is.
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    Human flag tutorial included.
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    If you are not mature enough to handle comments please go private. You will get comments that you don't like if you are posting this stuff publicly. You started it with the name calling, making up names for people. How childish.
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    Hmmm, seems your WheelLog turns from blue to green... Spring coming sooner? I wish that would be the case PS. More details soon...
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    Me and 2 other people = "no one" to Salty-moy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    No need to test, he had defective unit. No one else can reproduce the issue.
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    Yeah, back when it was @paz... The one developing wl I send him and email with that suggestion and others and he answered back that it was great but he had to restructure the code for that and he didn't have the time atm (something like @Seba say b4 that the code was a bit messy...) 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻
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    Thanks @buell47 we love your idea... In fact, we love all of the ideas out there! Well maybe not "all" of them, but where we can see something that adds value to the community, then we are keen to try anything. Over the last few months we have had a number of requests or questions regarding rain protection... And while the EUC Bodyguard does repel water, all of the holes in it do prevent it's true water-proofing ability. But we are still listening and have a few concepts in the R&D Lab that we hope will work through to fruition and add something further to our weird little community.
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    I totally agree to the sheer beauty of this wheel! I'm still relatively new to EUC (this summer) but I've gone quite crazy with it and I have bought a lot of wheels, small and big. And the Z10 is just something else, not small nor big. Just different. I do have three 14 inch wheels, a v8 and a Nikola+. I must say that I don't use 14 inch quite often. Nor the v8. I'm always between the Nikola and the Z10. I do think the Nik is the best all around wheel. It is clearly more agile than the Z. My God it is hard to turn on the Z10.. always have to practically stop before turning a street, otherwise on big speed I would make such a wide turn that I would almost go in the opposite side of the street and face a car! On the Nik I can turn a lot more quickly. Or maybe I don't know how to ride it correctly? Even when I lean heavily on a side that wheel doesn't turn faster ! The only way is to practically stop and then turn. So in my opinion the Nikola is still by far the best wheel. But then why do I still keep the Z10?! It's a weird answer. Because it is different. I just like the esthetics, and the sound of it. The sound of it's rubber wheel on the ground, feeling like your on top of a powerful motor. You do feel the wheel engine. On the nikola it's totally silent. It's like driving a magical wheel, almost ignoring it's a even powerful motor! So I will be keeping the Z10 because it is unique. As I said I'm quite crazy about wheels, changing a lot, so I might even change the nikola for a ks16x in the future, but I don't think the Z10 will be changed for anything else.. although a z10 second pro version??
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    It's already in development version. I will also add top speed to voice messages.
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    @D3m0nzz i agree 100%, i was about to start making a post like this. But thankfully you did
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    I am fond of the pictures you all took from everywhere. If combining EUC with the activities you often take in your life, some feelings are more different. Like travel with wheel, it feels fresh and special.
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    I wouldn't ride any of my wheels in the rain tbh, if you have a choice and don't need to i wouldn't, that's just my opinion ,, I'd rather be safe than sorry 😊
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    So rich... First EUC was designed somewhere around 10 years ago. I have no idea about it’s power or speed levels, but I think it’s safe to say that it was not at all fast or powerful. Is the riding posture and habits it was designed for the ones you are referring to? On a current wheel that has possibly ten times the power and five times the top speed? Where did you learn which posture and habits the EUC was designed to operate with? And how would an EUC designed for crouching differ from the current ones?
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    I think it's good idea to revert screen arrangement to initial one after wheel disconnection. I will also add some clear indication of current display state (EUC, GPS or DISCONNECTED).
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    Update: Jason mentioned this isn't a universal problem for the 16X - it's just with mine. I would interpret that as there were a couple of bad batches? I guess it's similar to the bluetooth tilt interference issue - not everyone is seeing it. Regardless, we'll see if anything changed on the new board.
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    If budget is not an option, get the 14S. Thats what I did and I love it! I had the 14D for about 4 months before I upgraded to the 14S. I still ride it to this day amidst my 18XL and MSX
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    == Juicy update 🍓 == So a day after I posted the pedal dipping video, Kingsong got wind of it. My dealer (Jason from e-wheels) contacted me to let me know Kingsong sheepishly acknowledged that it is indeed a controller issue. I didn't think much of it after that. Today: Jason let me know the new controllers are in, and it's specifically meant to address this very issue! Not sure when I'll receive it, but I'm excited Already received shipping # from Jason: 776631914099 . I'm very excited .
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    I'm learning to ride in the street's bike lane and ventured to Times Square...a goal. It was magic.I'm still on cloud 9 and it's a day later.
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