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    == Mon, 10/7/2019 == Bad news - I killed my 16X. Took a mid-day wok break to run an errand, and since I've already dropped this wheel, rode it with the mentality of a beater. At one point, decided to zip through grass, cause why not. Well, that grass patch was lump city and apparently more Canadian Geese Poop™ than grass. Let's just say I rode back to work with an impressively protective coating of Geese. I drop by the shower, make sure ports are closed, and rinse it off - you see where this is going. Towel dry it off and ride it back to my desk. 10 minutes later, the front panel goes out - the light turns off and the power button is out. 10 more minutes later, the wheel makes a single beep, and it's no longer balancing. Keep in mind I've done this dozens of times before - so I'm baffled. I look all around and do not see any points of ingress. The ports are plugged in and dry. I spend the next 2 hours trying to open the wheel to blow dry it out, and find out a bit too late I don't have deep enough drivers. Note: The Kingsong 16X disassembly video makes it seem a non-destructive process. That is a lie: you will absolutely destroy the side paddings. As I sit defeated, slumped over in my office chair, I finally see it - a sliver of light. You can't tell from the pic, but it's pretty dark under my desk - on my good camera I had to bump up the ISO to 256,000, and I've spread the panels and angled it just right to make the crack very obvious for this pic. I completely missed that hairline gap before and after my rinse, even as I was towel drying it off with it smack in front of my face 😩. Even during my disassembly attempt, I was convinced the point of ingress was the handle bar slots. I've opened up the Nikola as well, and this is the point I want to make: Kingsong 16X panels are jigsaw fit, with no gaskets, no overlaps. It just takes one strong impact to ruin that close tolerance jigsaw puzzle, and you can kiss your water resistance goodbye Gotway Nikola 100V uses overlapping fit, with a rubber gasket - think of lid overlapping a jar Learn from my costly mistake. In 2 months I've managed to destroy 2 flagship wheels 😩.
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    Someone’s been spying on my latest project!
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    Yes the average warranty wouldn't. But we're not dealing with the average warranty anymore. That's right, we're talking about a level of customer service that transcends anything we've seen in the history of support. Yes, I'm talking about... The Legendary Super Saiyan E-wheels warranty. I contacted Jason, and without hesitation: replacement motherboard and padding with express shipping. #ewheelsisawesome Wow, thank you for doing the analysis. It takes me up to an hour to pinpoint where things happened, so the effort is much appreciated. Here's a cookie 🍪. Very nice excel trick - what is that called?
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    == Juicy update 🍓 == So a day after I posted the pedal dipping video, Kingsong got wind of it. My dealer (Jason from e-wheels) contacted me to let me know Kingsong sheepishly acknowledged that it is indeed a controller issue. I didn't think much of it after that. Today: Jason let me know the new controllers are in, and it's specifically meant to address this very issue! Not sure when I'll receive it, but I'm excited Already received shipping # from Jason: 776631914099 . I'm very excited .
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    Wow. This plus other reports tell me that the 16X really sucks for keeping the outside elements outside. I only use running water when rinsing off the tire. Otherwise I use a dampened sponge. And this isn't just a 16X problem. I've seen Gotway wheels broken for the same reason (cleaning with running water). Just don't do it folks. Hey Chris. It's time for you to just enjoy your wheels for awhile . They deserve some love
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    I don't think warranties cover putting your wheel in the shower.
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    I don’t own one, and the iPhone videos I’ve taken during the years are not able to provide anything useful to anyone. I’m pretty sure no-one doubted that from you. I know you feel attacked in this thread, and in my mind rightfully so. But I haven’t made any claims about my riding technique, how it is correct, righteous, textbook, or whatever. I’m in a high risk group, so when not off-roading I actually usually ride quite a bit like you, to minimize the risks.
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    That's a video of braking tests with different wheels that I made with friends ( MCM5, RW GT16, GW MSX). Need to lower center of mass to be effective enough.
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    Hey... That's me! Mentioned, not filmed... We are so looking forward to these games - and we have a few interesting things we will be bringing with us too!
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    That's exactly what I doing with my PVC pipes. Pro Tip: use foam insulation to keep the pipes from burning your case... like how I did it.
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    I do ride EUC’s! I am usually recording my friends on their different e-vehicles. They are not yet adept enough to keep up with me AND record me at the same time so I have no one to record me
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    Point 8: Oh the irony. "My goal is to perpetuate EUCs to the masses! Wild riders have no value in this!" Looks like the herd thinners are doing more towards that goal by a long shot. I guess keep it up? 👍 Point 9: Everyone has different risk models and different ways to mitigate those risks. Whether it's training, gear, protocol, etc. You are conceding to the fact that your style is not suitable for the higher speeds which our modern wheels are capable of. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is rather arrogant for you to insist your way is 'correct' when you don't have any experience actually nearing these limits. At least acknowledge that for humility points. Point 10: I've been driving 15x longer than some NASCAR drivers, but have never had any crashes - does that make me a better driver than a professional NASCAR driver? Your argument is irrelevant towards proving your Kung Fu is stronger. I'll ask again: show us your wheelog numbers. Have the courage to look at the cold hard data. Point 11: You're misunderstanding my intent, and understandably so. I'm not 'faulting' things - I am here to provide and document data. The pedal dipping clip is specifically meant to show what can happen at 25mph vs the advertised 31mph cruising speed. Point 12: There is nothing wrong with my wheels. I actually make it a point that my wheels aren't defective in order for my data to be representative of the wheel model. Point 13: Yup, we're not at the same level at all. Nor do you have the technical inclination to appreciate that. Nothing wrong with that, but do understand you're talking to a Physicist turned software engineer for a data firm, so I am a quantitative data person. @Sebalooks like we have another person thinks your app is the devil¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Request 1: Sure! But you first, show us your wheelogs. I will give you an e-cookie.
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    Update: Jason mentioned this isn't a universal problem for the 16X - it's just with mine. I would interpret that as there were a couple of bad batches? I guess it's similar to the bluetooth tilt interference issue - not everyone is seeing it. Regardless, we'll see if anything changed on the new board.
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    Sounds like it. @chrisjunlee Please make detailed photos of the new board before you put it in the wheel. Maybe we can see a difference to the old one.
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    Higher speed = higher back EMF = less voltage to balance you. That cannot be fixed by firmware. That is a fundamental hardware issue around power delivery. You can always dip if you go fast enough. The best we improve on, is raising the threshold for dipping. Currently, that's 25mph for my weight of 130lbs. If this new controller does indeed raise the pedal dipping threshold, then yes, the "cut-outs" people have been experiencing would not have happened at the speed they were going at. Please read that carefully to understand the nuanced answer In contrast, I have not been able to dip the Nikola 100V, even at 35mph. That is why I firmly believe the Nikola is a vastly safer wheel. There are going to be downsides though. I don't know enough about how these controllers work, but I'm guessing significant capacitor upgrade or some magic boost circuit. That can mean a reduction in range.
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    Relax. You can safety ride the 16X past 40 kmh if you realize you're skating on thin ice - just be conservative. I've only hit the pedal dips 'naturally' twice: I was going 40 kmh (25 mph) on a flat bike trail that turns into a hill. The moment I start ascending at that speed, bam, a huge ~25° pedal dip. Even though I was prepared the second time, I didn't slow down enough and again, huge pedal dip. Both times I thought I was going to faceplant, but recovered. Both: me in the sense I was pushing the limit. I did not mean to overlean - I was just trying to pedal dip. I miscalculated the force, but I would've recovered if I was ankle flicking standing up. Sitting down there's not a good way to 'flick' your COG back fast. Hence in the video I laugh: "I was asking for that one" the wheel in the sense that this is an issue with Kingsong. My wheel isn't defective - it's just Kingsong 16X and 18XL. Juicy update in the next post that supports that. Right after a tea break
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    I can't see how you can ride that fast between car at that speed and handle pot holes and people crossing road between stoped/parked cars. Or an animal (yes I know it is in NYC, but some animals adapt to ally life). If that is the case I think, he is the vey example why law makers will hit us hard with laws at some point. And what I view as a bad ambassador for EUC community. To me it is that simple.
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    I think it is interesting! At the time of the crash only 2666 W power and only 38 A current! I have had reached 4000 W on my 16x and it was fine, but it was at much lower speed than yours. This supports the theory that at high speed the wheel just lacks voltage due to high motor back EMF. If so, this wheel is quite unsafe above 40 km/h (=25 mph), which is what you've been saying. Thank you! Indeed you are providing the community a valuable service! I will personally try to never exceed 40 kmh = 25 mph on my 16x.
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    Not only that, but, let's be honest, your average "riding on the street or sidewalk" video is just plain boring to watch.
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    That’s just the thing. I, and I imagine most others as well call those ”medium brakings”.
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    When you first select auto-translate it'll show the native language. Then select the settings menu again for auto-translate and you'll get a long list of languages. I watched it with the English translation.
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    You do know that you can turn on CC and YouTube's auto-translate to English? Works pretty good
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    Either you just have bigger wheels in the US like most other things over there.... Or you are really small yet mass dense.... 🤔 Or you have a magic brew....😇 Maybe you can make an inside tour soon? 😉
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    Having spent time inside a lot of our wheels (including KingSong), I don't think it's wise to ride in the rain. I know a lot of people do, but these things really are barely weather resistant let alone water resistant. There are so many entry points for water to get into the wheel I don't think it's wise unless to water proof it yourself like @EUC GUY has done.
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    Your findings are interesting, if somewhat unusual. I found the Z far more twitchy at higher pressures by a large margin. Plus it was a much harder (overly harsh imo) ride. I am quite confident of my feelings on these two points. As for tramlining, I'm not so sure. I had always thought that it was worse at high pressure, but tbh I never spent long enough at high pressures for that thought to be conclusive. I really need to get mine to 32psi and test it out on a suitable piece of tramline inducing terrain. The below would be a perfect Z test bed, unfortunately its in another country, posted by another Z rider.
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    And that’s precisely why your textbook style makes you an average rider. You aren’t wild and edgy. You don’t take risks. So you never learn the potential of your wheels. You only mastered one pose. There are many other poses you can contort your body into to achieve ultimate control of your wheel for specific scenarios. But since you don’t want to dabble in risk, and break your one mastered pose, your control of your wheel is nothing impressive. Your comment about avoiding failure is exactly why you’re average. Think about any great athlete, inventor, entrepreneur, actor. What do they all have in common? They’ve failed. Over and over. While I’m not advocating that you should have fallen numerous times on an EUC!- I am saying that you should stray out of your comfort zone to become better. Slalom a little more crazy. Accelerate a little harder. Don’t be afraid to put your body in different positions to grant more leverage, stability, balance. Its amazing that you can truly think that one pose can do it all; handle high speeds, handle gravel, handle sharp turns, brake hard, slalom in traffic.
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    This is just a quick note to tell you all how DEEPLY IN LOVE I AM WITH MY V8 My girlfriend may be intensely jealous, but my true love (the V8) and I don't care. Coming up on a year of romance and close to 1000km traveled with no wipe outs or problems of any kind, she has never let me down. Rock-Solid. Non stop fun. My V8 and I still love spending time together: we both enjoy long rides through the park, quick shopping trips downtown, brunch dates with friends, I hold it's handle while we watch the sunset at the beach, etc etc.. It's all very sweet. The heart wants want the heart wants: and I'm here to tell you it wants a V8. Your heart probably wants one too, you just won't realize it until you own one. It's like having a dog, or a child - you just can't even imagine the intense life-long bond that will form, until it happens to you. Such a beautiful, elegant, brilliant little vehicle. Suddenly your world is brighter and you realize how incredibly slow and boring walking is. Why walk when you could fly!? How can I convey to all the non-V8 owners what they are missing? It's just perfect: the perfect weight, the perfect speed, the perfect range, the perfect price. With a V8 it becomes all about the journey rather then the destination; you'll find yourself taking the long way home. I wish I was poetic, I'd totally write my V8 a poem.... sigh... Babies should be assigned a V8 at birth - it is an absolute tragedy that most people will never discover joy that a V8 can bring. Walking is stupid - get a V8™
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    Hi all, started reading a couple of posts here and thought Id join in the fun. 34 yr old dude from Montreal, enjoy sports and music .So this summer I tried a OneWheel and a InMotion V8. Its clear at this point that EUCs won me over the OW. Looking at purchasing either a 16x, Nikola, or MSX. I’m really not a bells and whistle guy and could care less about the look of a wheel or its speakers. I want a fast, stable, practical, nimble, and reliable wheel. How is the ride on the MSX vs Nikola? Is the 18” MSX really less practical in the city than a 16” Nikola?
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    Fair point. Also understand before I posted the video, people dismissed my dips as being a feature as a consequence of Kingsong being softer. It wasn't till after the video that others understood how much I could dip it. I've also dipped a friend's 18XL, albeit at a slower speed since I didn't want to risk crashing it (10 degrees?). I think those two reasons are why I made the premature mental jump to "this is all of Kingsong". Thank you for pointing that out
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    Bro I ride my 16x at 25-31 MPH constantly when I’m riding it.
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    There's are 3 possibilities: optimistic: I have a defective wheel - aka, my case is an outlier for the 16X. Not likely since with over 900 miles, everything else works fine and there are other people that have been able to pedal dip (such as @redfoxdude @BleepBloopBlop). semi-optimistic: couple of bad batches and/or there are different control boards. cynical: this is universal, affecting all v1.0 16X control boards, but Kingsong is understating this to protect sales + dealing with the expensive warranty process. In my experience working in mega corporations, the textbook play is to admit as little as possible to limit liability and cost. In other words, even if case #3 is true, Kingsong will tell us #2. On the other hand, I do understand it from the corporate side as well: the average user will not take the time to read and understand the nuances of this issue - so why have them panic? Also, perhaps this won't affect the typical rider. People like @Patton250 that average 15 mph, with gentle acceleration - it makes no difference. I really wish we had more user data to draw from and analyse.
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    I received the SteelBird night version. It looks futuristic. Unfortunately, it's quite painful to get the Steelbird on over the ears. The paddings inside is pretty loose and basic. I made sure to size up. It's not worth the hassle to return to India. I should be receiving the TSG Pass Carbon from Germany next week for comparison. I'll keep the Steelbird as a backup helmet or for dress up as The Last Starfighter.
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    Usein näin on, muttei välttämättä: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/goods/building-blocks/notified-bodies_en Eli jotkut tuoteryhmät kuten lelut, radiolaitteet, vedenkeittimet, painelaitteet, jne vaatii ulkopuolisen tahon, mutta ykspyöräinen ei taida kuulua niihin. Suomessa mm. Inspecta SGS Fimko ovat tällaisia tarkastuslaitoksia.
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    What's this obsession about? I have shown you mine, now you show me yours? How old are you? It seems you were wrong. That happens. Not everybody is keen to show off what a supreme and flawless rider they think they are. I don't find that surprising. There are quite likely many extremely skillful riders in and outside of this forum without any video online. Or they may have videos on their Facebook/Instagram/whatever account and you may never get to know about them. I, for example, have shared only very few videos and have spent my time rather like this: How to lean: For showing off: 00~ 00~ 00~ 00~ 00~ \ | | _| _/ /\ /| /| / / \ \ / / / \ \ \ | / O O O O O For playing it safe: 00~ 00~ 00~ 00~ | | _| 00~ | /| /| | _| /| / / // __| /_ \\ \ \ \ O O O O O or this:
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    Wow a lot of energy spent on riding technique. From my perspective, know the limits of your wheel and be safe. Asides from that I say ride however you want I got love for all riding styles, techniques, and riders.
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    Its a jet powered euc ,,i like it 👍 Oooh you tease 😁 my bodygaurd is in the post 😁😁😁 just in time for winter to keep my baby warm 😊
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    Your 18L has a reversing camera??? AWESOME!!! Lately there has been a lot of talk about rain protection. While the EUC Bodyguard will prevent a lot of water getting to the wheel it can't be considered waterproof (as there are too many holes). But... There may be something else brewing in the Roll.nz R&D lab...
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    Another article on the same subject. Looks like Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps already has a proposal ready to go for us, could be in place by the end of the year: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-government-looks-to-carve-out-rules-for-e-scooters-1.5314198
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    Just gonna jump in and say that @3euc, merely being able to reach the top speed of the 18XL, doesn't mean you are utilizing its capabilities. With the firmware update 1.13, came massive increases to acceleration and braking. If you are not exerting able to utilize a majority of the power of the wheel (with a safe margin), then you just happen to putt putt your way up to top speed while staying locked upright. An upright posture is ideal for casual and upright riding. But tight turns and slaloms require changes to your stance more than you let on. Your center of gravity does not need to be perfectly over the middle of the wheel's axis, for the ride to be stable, enjoyable, and within the parameters of the wheel. I personally utilize custom sidepads to achieve greater acceleration by placing added force on the front of the wheel, which allows for a more upright posture, while accelerating. This is generally more preferred. However, in using full the acceleration of the wheel (without any beeps/tiltback) and while riding through long, sweeping turns, the C.O.G. isn't as rigid as you're making it out to be.
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    Wow 😲. That is a very well done video. Love how you also included the wheelog. I did not know you can crouch brake like that. That is something of value to me, now I can try and explore it. Thank you! Here is your cookie 🍪. I don't understand a word you're saying, but if you're giving professional lessons, I'm buying your entire stock.
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    If you need a few tips on whst not to do with TSG Pass to avoid scatches on the visor let me know.... Can get to be a long post....
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    My condolences Respect for all the experimenting you do, though. But try to find out what actually broke. Just the board (good) or a battery pack ($$$)? This isn't a total loss, is it?
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    I've been enjoying the CicLAvia events for a couple of years now. Only once (this last time) were we told (nicely) to exit the event. We did, road a mile or so, and rejoined the activities. From my experience, it's always a losing battle to argue (however nicely) with any authority figures regarding where I can legally ride. I just thank them and make motions to obey and then later continue on my way. Unless we become a police state, there will never be enough police to enforce these arbitrary rules. And the vast majority of police that I do encounter couldn't care less about me riding wherever I happen to be. I applaud your desire to get a sanctioned LEV event, but in my view this will never happen. We are too fringe. I choose to spend my time enjoying the ride instead of trying to move mountains. But I certainly won't get in the way of you or others in trying. I'll continue going to the CicLAvia events. Although not long, I combine them with other rides. Last Sunday we rode around Griffith Park and then rode downtown for a few hours and finally returned to Griffith. And by being highly visible we catch new riders, like we did last year with @Dzlchef
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    Yeah, either @Rehab1 is pulling our leg or he needs more coffee in the morning
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    I agree. I put one on the first wheel I learned on and not a scratch anywhere on the plastic that it's been covering. I call it my wheel condom. You never can be too safe. 😁
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    Just watched a couple of your videos. Congrats, your riding style is textbook. But that textbook form was created when EUC’s were only strong enough to travel south of 10mph. It’s outdated now. Wheels are strong enough today to handle more aggressive riding form. More playful riding form. Wheels have gotten to the point where modifications are necessary additions to be able to harness the gobs of power now present (kuji pads, XL pedals, eucguy powerpads etc). You will never realize the full potential of modern wheels with your Segway inspired technique (and please don’t misinterpret that as pushing the wheel to the limits and cutting out). And that’s okay; just don’t try to lecture everyone about your proper ancient 2015 riding form on wheels that are quadruple the power of the past.
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    IMHO, you're missing the point. There are several possibilities here: There's two camps that are misinterpreting the worst extremes in each other You're peak Dunning-Kruger You're trolling. In an effort to factor in all of that, my response: the technique you are describing is how everyone starts learning with, but grows out of. IMHO, it is only sustainable for gentle input. Note the emphasis on gentle input. So here is my challenge to you: show me you can draw more power than I can using your technique. Show me the numbers from your wheelog. Prove to me your kungfu is stronger. Here are mine, top 10 from yesterday: I'm 130 lbs drawing 3455 Watts - and I am a 3 month noob. Your move.
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