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    Glad you got it fixed . You'll enjoy your ride that little bit better 👍 1.07 is a good firmware kingsong did ok👍 Same as below comment 😁👇 1.07 rides the best in my opinion with the tests I've done, but you have to compensate for a couple of saftey throttling which i think are a good input If you do fast acceleration if you lean to far it says power overload , don't get me wrong you can still accelerate fast ,,, really fast,,,, faster than 1.05 🤔 splitting hairs here,,, but it's good safety Going top speed it gives slight little tilt at 28mph ,then 3 beeps maybe at 29mph then at 30mph it tilts you back ,it's actually quite good and reassuring at the top end , this is throughout all tiltback speeds 👍 1.07 also keeps the pedals straighter and a softer feel no dipping like 1.05 Wether your on 1.05 or 1.07 both firmwares are good you've just got to watch your limitations on 1.05 as on 1.07 kingsong have done it for you for saftey , you can probably push more on 1.05 if you know the limits👍👍
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    I also wonder with the 16X and with the MCM5, that the responsiveness of the wheel makes people more brave when riding it. They sense more power from the wheel and so they do more aggressive accelerations. The problem being is that they more easily hit the power limit of the wheel.
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    This is a subject that many of us could write a book on, and the behaviour differs a lot based on user height and weight as well, so it’s difficult to summarize in a single post. But I’ll try: Tire size Large wheels are stable and safer at speed, but require more effort to accelerate and steer. Small wheels feel zippy at slow speeds, but are unstable, especially at higher speed. Large or tall riders rarely like 14” wheels, but many small riders like 18” wheels. 16” and 18” wheels are the most suitable ones for various use cases. Wider tire adds further stability, yet it is easier to turn at slower speeds. Shell size Taller wheel shell (V10F, 18XL) is easier to mount and ride with one leg since the leg contact point is higher. Lower shell (MSX, 16S, all 14”) is more nimble since it can tilt more between your legs, but causes more pain when mounting and may not feel as stable due to lower leg support. Brands All Gotway riding modes feel different from all others, they are all initially rock hard. They suit fast, aggressive or offroad riding especially well, as they react instantly to acceleration, roots etc. Even Gotway’s soft mode isn’t spongy like a KingSong. All models have their specific quirks, and one needs to choose a model whose quirks one can best live with. Battery size Manufacturers’ claims about range require optimal circumstances. Divide by two to get in the real-life ballpark. Always buy a bigger battery size than you think you need, since you will likely ride a lot more than you ever imagined! Safety The top speed tilt-back can only be removed from Gotway wheels. Once removed, the wheel lets you exceed the top speed, causing you to crash. Disregarding 1st batch units, all current wheels are technically equally safe. Still, all wheels can be overleaned, and require attention to the battery level and a change in the riding style as the battery gets lower. I will update the post if I can think of something that I missed.
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    I'm 200 1lbs without gear I'll have to get weighed when I've got my shoes, under garment protection, jeans, hoody shirt, jacket with all protection in it, helmet, a bag on my back with stuff in cameras etc,, the 16x is still so torquey i love it, just don't lean that far into it and you'll be fine ( you don't have to lean it tbh),i think it's your best option for woods and hills and trails , my 16x handles better over pot holes than my msx only cause I'm always upright on the 16x and i don't have lean forward to accelerate , the msx i have to lean and when i do hit a pot hole it bumps me forward cause I'm pushing into the pedals and leaning, it all depends how your going to ride it and with a 2200watt motor and all that torque you'll be fine. I think all these comments about the 16x saftey is a bit over the top you make the wheel as safe as you want it to be, it becomes unsafe when you try to push the limits👍 I've done many tests on the 16x at my weight and its responded excellent so now i know I'm ok at my normal riding style Different wheels for different riding conditions 👍
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    So, I was out riding my electric unicycle again today. I got stopped for the THIRD time by the Oklahoma City police and was told very clearly that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the new bike trails. It is very disheartening to me. I was told I can ride on any city street. The policeman was very nice but very emphatic. They had run my concerns by the city attorney (after my two previous stops and discussions with them) and the police are allowed to ticket us for being on the bike trails. He did not give me a ticket or a warning. This all but makes my electric unicycle useless to me as I will not ride on city streets. He told me this pertains to all bike paths in the city. This new bike trail is 14 miles long, paved with curbing, and is about fifteen feet wide. I am 71 years old and have ridden 1,200 miles on the paths since August of this year. What a shame. I am much more likely to hurt myself than to hurt someone else.
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    You’re such a naughty boy Marty, Rama was all the time in the circle and you’re like what the heck i just want to kick his butt.
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    Not too bad. I am very happy with this performance. I don’t think it’s throttling back to much at all.
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    The knobby rocks on the trails!
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    Chooch is like 60kg (130lbs) or something (he gave his weight once and it was surprisingly less than I expected, not sure about the exact number). You're talking to riders with literally double the weight. @RoberAce doesn't seem too heavy, too. @erk1024 I'm not sure because I have no noteworthy experience with any of these wheels. But if the Monster is your only Gotway, you may not have felt the "Gotway Glide" yet (because the Monster after all is a bit lethargic in acceleration behavior), which according to Marty and others is what makes the Nikola overall better (the relentlessly solid riding behavior). So maybe the Nikola might be an unexpected surprise compared to the 16X. Or not, I wouldn't know. Just wanted to add my thoughts to the confusion
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    The Beltline Trail - Toronto - Ontario Should have ride in the morning, since GoPro is so terrible in this lightning
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    Also, always drain the capacitors by holding the power button for a few seconds. There's still enough power left in there to mess up your wheel real bad if you slip.
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    Maybe his shoe sole is to soft and this cause the delay?
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    I can see this too if you lean to far and the wheel speeds up to 30mph (in seconds)and your body isn't back over the wheel then the 16x hasn't got anymore power to get it back to vertical , you really don't need to do a Jacko lean with this wheel and if you do,, make it a short one and then gradually come back to vertical , this is a fun wheel of you don't over do it Its torque is it's downfall if your not careful of what you ask from it, otherwise its a beast at what it does😊
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    I can say for now, as I let my dealer and KS figure it out. Once I know more I might share info. In short it might just be my unit that faulty, so instead of causing a mass hysteria I am waiting for more details.
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    I created a Telegram Group for this ride. For you guys that haven't used Telegram, you should. It's fantastic for this and will make it a lot easier for us to meetup. On Telegram, search for the group "CicLAvia for 06Oct2019". Maybe we'll connect up tomorrow. https://t.me/ciclavia06oct2019
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    I think you can ride these wheels very well at their limits if you know what you’re doing. Just look at the latest videos from Chooch or Rober Ace, they didn’t faceplant...... yet
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    Yes mostly at relative slow speed, when accelerating there is no dipping issue on my wheel, slowing down or when making an u-turn on a small place (with reverse) then I couldn't stay on the wheel but it's fixed with the famous BT patch Can't believe why KS don't issue an official patch so everyone can use it. I discovered it here on the forum... Thank you again
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    C'mon @Unventor, I expected better from you You guys are missing the point - he's looking for an off-road wheel, not a street cruiser. He already has his Monster for that.
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    It might be better down the road, but that is a big might... If I were your size I would not look at the KS16X. That is the sad point of being bigger and riding an EUC. I am 80-81kg and that works fine. But I think you will fine the most wheels will struggle unless it is perfect smooth roads. My tip would be a bigger rim as that should lower the strain if you hit a pothole. I know smaller rim gives more torque. But I think the bigger rim helps to climb up better or even over a pothole.
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    I trust the 16X at my 136 but I sure wouldn't trust it at almost twice that. You can scratch the 16X right off your list. Nikola+ it is.
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    That's a nice conversation 😋 I've never been stopped by police yet, but I can imagine it's not comfy feeling at all, even though it was friendly chat. Brave man, you did well 🙂
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    Hey everyone! Starting this thread to gather all tips that might be handy when DIY'ing in a single thread (if someone made a thread like this before, I'm sorry...). Everything is welcome, even the things that you might think is really obvious. I'll start off with one of those lol. Whenever you are moving connectors or something completely different on the control board, MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT POWER! It seems really obvious or you might think "I just have to move this wire", but things can and probably will go wrong. Just disconnect power, it takes 3 seconds instead of days waiting for replacement parts... Everything on the control board is exposed so you might do like me and short the phase wire with something and make a whole lot of sparks and a bang. Thanks for reading till the end and have a great day
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    Have ridden MANY EUCs so far. I'm not a fan of kingsong, specially due to their software and firmware limitation...speed throttling, and under powered wheels. I've stuck to Gotway and have been very happy. My current favorite two I own being the msx 100v and nikola+ that I have no issues with. I've had kingsongs before and they were not as good as gotways for some of the reasons I mentioned. I have a KS16x incoming next week. Why??? I don't know, somewhere deep down I want to like it but I know I won't. I know it has many issues and problems, so WHY do you all continue to buy it when competition (i.e. Gotway nikola) is the much better wheel? In a way I bought it to find out WHY is this wheel still selling so much. I know the trolley is way better, the build quality and looks are way better, but the ride is what I'm wanting to find out more about. Historically I have not liked the way the 18L or the 16s or the 14s rode vs the gotway equivalents (msx, tesla, mcm5, mten3). Anything else I need to know about this wheel, fill me in. Do I need to calibrate this upon arrival? etc etc. @Mike Sacristan I'll be making tutorial videos for other future buyers as well. But yea, incoming next week... I'll be doing a Nik+ vs KS16x comparison soon also.
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    Finally got around to filming this. Here's the 16X going ~25 mph. I'm carefully lean-whiplashing it with just my ankles. Before filming this, I estimated the dip was ~30°. And it does indeed look like that.
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    file:///Users/Cami/Desktop/IMG_1776 (1).m4v I've had my MSX for about 8 months now and about 2 months ago, the wheel started to shake and unpredictable times. Whether I was accelerating or coming to a stop, it would start to shake out of control. Has anyone else had this happen to them, and does anyone have any ideas and how to fix this or whats happening or where its coming from? Thanks
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    Looking at the video (works now), it does indeed look like it's the axle nuts being loose (with a bit of luck it's still just a loose board). Oh dear, these are a bitch to fix. Look up some Youtube videos for more on how that works.
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    This is what i find, i can lose 10lbs easy then my body sort of tells me you need to put it back on so i eat,, (biscuits is my nutella😁) , i have been in and out of the gym throughout my years and have had a good physique throughout , ,,i don't know what went wrong 😂😂 I think as from tommow i might start a health kick than more of a deit which it basically is , not only will i feel better but I'll get more miles on my wheel . Thanks mike i think you gave me a kick up the arse😁, I'll let you know how i get on ,, bring in the scales 😬
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    When my euc body guard comes from @The Fat Unicyclist I'll try again lol .i may try backwards again 🙁 i have no pateints so i just zoom off and start smiling 😁😁 and carving 😁
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    Lol Squeeze the 16x is so slippy😁 1cm at least you get air 😂
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    I see you are understanding my point. I have seen how your smile became wider on your videos too, and how it at time can catch you by surprise at times. I have added a new post on the review....All I can say rain at 2-3mm pr hour and no ridding though water pools. I have ridden in 3 times more heavy rain on other wheels without any issues.
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    I'm enjoying the knobby tire on my MSX... what a great time with family today!
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    After a lot of q&a with many (youtube content creators , Jason, euc guy(Josh) on the street) and after many many distractions from plethora of boosted, onewheel ads, and few bike rider friends, I finally decided Euc is the right fit for me. I have to admit it was hard to see through those campaigns and make a choice that is personally right. There was a long tug of war between mten3 and mcm5 until I gave up and decided to just choose first and then realize later. I chose mten3 as it was portable & still powerful. I 'was' not sold on the idea of lugging along a wheel and feel comfortable. As soon as I held the mten3, I changed my mind on that. I got mten3 from ewheels with tyres inflated and batteries charged. Thanks Jason. It enabled me to try mten3 immediately . There is a fundamental joy in trying after opening the box. Few things I noticed which I need answers 1. When I first started I kept the tilt back at a very low speed for safety. After an hour of playing with it in the park and gaining some confidence, I came back home and changed the tilt back setting at 20 miles/hour. Result: I lost all the wheel logs and it reset back to 0. Gotway app still reads the total distance right. Any idea ? Does it mean that if I go back to Gotway app in the future I will lose all the logs again ? 2. I disabled the first and second alarm but curious on how to set the alarm value for the first and second ? what is the current value for the third alarm - is it the tilt back settings ? My Experience : On the first day I felt that I made a mistake as I could not for the mother of god figure out how to climb on it without using support from both sides I started using my small walkway to my bedroom which has both sides support to climb. I started moving few inches with balance and at that very instant I started loving it for the torque. When i moved 2 meters without any support, I started feeling like a kid and smiled. For 2 days I would be looking forward to come home after work to try that few yards inside my house. I realized what other people said about this wheel * "puts a smile on my face every time I ride it" * "It is so torquey" * "It is squirrely" * "It is as if it knows your mind and moves before you physically command it" * "It is the only euc which is so much fun as one-wheel" (Yes I have been stalking some of the experts here to borrow the knowledge) On the first weekend I went to a football park with mten3 in my laptop bag. Wow! that was amazing I could carry my wheel in a bag. It is not heavy(22lb) but at the same time , it is not light to be ignored. I don't think one would like to carry this in a backpack or in hand for more than 0.5 miles. It is not impossible, it is just not easy after sometime. I used the posts to climb on. I felt so miserable as I had to run back to the post every time to climb on. Thats when I felt the need for a trolley. After few iterations I lost patience and I started trying to mount wherever I dropped the wheel. Surprisingly I was able to do it after just few iterations. I am still not comfortable to climb and go in the desired direction. I go in some direction and then I correct. I think difficulty-to-climb-on/steep-learning-curve is the deterrent for any beginners or anybody to step into this euc world. Safety gear - ignorance When I went to the park, I dint put on any protection as I was going to a turf. So the fall would not be very hard. I wore 2 thick jeans to ensure I have some padding on my shins if mten3 hit me. I dint think I needed gloves as it is only turf Within 15 minutes, I regretted not having got a shin guard and not having a gloves. With not much control in the direction I drifted in to the running track which is hard surface and crashed the wheel. I dint fall which is good but I was dumb enough to catch the spinning mten3 to avoid scratches on the wheel. My fingers got caught between the spinning tyres and the edge and it shaved a small piece of my skin in my thumb and ring finger. I decide to do only turf from then on. It goes fine until I crashed few times. Everytime mten3 would spin and hit my shins. It was same the pain when getting hit during soccer games without shin guards. All these from 2 hours of riding. I enjoyed it and I want to keep trying again with that little powerhouse. I am not sure if it would give me 15 to 18 miles range. It dropped to 22% battery after 9 miles. I will try it few more times. May it is because I was constantly accelerating it and decelerating it throughout to keep my balance. Few more questions: What is the realistic range of mten3 ? Also what is the temperature reading I should be watching out for ? Is there a way to change the wheellog to SI system instead of metric system? So long I have not calibrated the wheel. Is it necessary ? Mten3 in a laptop bag
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    I’ve ridden all the different firmware’s. The current one is the best IMO. 1.05 had a couple of minor problems for me that 1.06 fixed. 1.07 has reduced throttling 10% or so. It also increased acceleration.
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    Huh? The entire video was a wheel comparison video. They were all the doing the same hill. Any uninformed viewer would see it as whichever wheel can make it up is better at hill climbing. It paints a false light on the capabilities of the wheels in the video. Great way to make it look like the 16x is miles better than all those wheels at hill climbing, when it’s clearly the skill of the user that’s more at play than the capability of the wheel. I can make a video with no description in it and show a Monster vs a 16x and have the experienced rider on the Monster kick the 16x newbies ass in a drag race. And post it with no reason in a thread about comparing wheels and have people think “man the monster can accelerate better than the 16x!” There was no reason to post that video if you thought it was merely for “fun” in a thread that’s about comparing different wheels. You obviously had an agenda to push the capabilities of the 16x which is where my comment comes in to play that they should have had the same rider on different wheels.
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    Thanks! I'll give that a try! I have about 450 miles of experience now, and I can mostly ride the 18XL without wobbles. I do think higher rider weight is a factor. The wobbles only come when I hit weird, undulating pavement and there are other issues like riding into a headwind or accelerating and I'm having to put more pressure on the pedals. But I'll try the carving / one-foot driving. On the Monster, I basically don't have any speed wobble problems.
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    Yeah I have been considering it. I will see what happens when I get it back. I lowered from 30 to 25 and then I lowered to around 21-22. 21-22 was very comfy and really smoothed out the roughest parts. I did some test riding on that PSI and filmed it... it was a bit too comfy though. And I was going to jump a curb and sort of smacked into it so I pumped it up to 28 just to have laugh. Very stimulating at high PSI the the CX tyre haha. Here it is at around 21-22 PSI.
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    Way to go! keep it up for two more months and you will be a real pro.
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    Since you have tried none of these wheels, you can’t go wrong with any of your options. Ignorance is bliss in that regard. The new found speed of these wheels will be extremely satisfying, you don’t need a 100v if you’re coming from a Solowheel. The MSX has arguably the most stable/cushiony tire of any wheel. The wheel has no issues with electronics. No BS firmware issues like with the 16x. The difference between the Nikola tire and MSX tire is dramatic. The MSX absorbs anything in its path and cushions it, both from the tall diameter and the width. I hit potholes dead on at 35MPH without a care in the world on that wheel it was that stable at speed. The Nikola gets a little squirrely at high speeds when it hits a bump/pothole and is no where near as stable/reassuring as the MSX is at 30+mph. I will tell you I sold my MSX for a Nikola 100v. But I needed the extra range the nikola 100v has over the 100v MSX and the much better acceleration it has over the MSX. However, for your situation, your stated needs (stability, off road capability, safety) and lack of experience with faster bigger wheels, I strongly believe the 84v MSX is your best option. Edit: someone said extremely few reasons to get the MSX over Nikola? That’s only the case to experienced riders. A beginner, or someone coming from a small wheel that’s new to fast large wheels would be much better off with an MSX over Nikola.
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    Tbh 1.05 or 1.07 the last 25% goes down so quick and both have good speeds 👍 I did do a range test the day before on 1.05, I just put it in description on YouTube sry 😁 I'm back on 1.05 doing more tests and tbh they are both good firmwares it was 1.06 what was ridiculous regarding throttling, 1.05 is good as long as you know it's limits , I'm testing 1.05 still and had no issues , i think I'm finished with testing now so i can just ride and enjoy without trying to go speeds just to test , I'll obviously keep doing videos with commentary though 😁 i love my mic lol, Cheers marty👍
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    After several emails with inmotion they are unwilling to warranty or replace the original pedals or my second set that cracked 2 months after purchasing them.
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    Variety is the spice of life. That's why I bought the 16X. Although I still think the Nikola is a much better ride, we're really splitting hairs here. Circa late 2019, we are enjoying an embarrassment of EUC riches. I really like my 16X.
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    I have been on a few wheels now. 18XL, Nikola, Nikola+, MSX, 16X, V10 and Tesla. Sadly no Monster but maybe one day. Some wheels feel more natural to us than others and then experience will take a small back seat. Tyre pressure is a big factor when it comes to ride stability. The 18XL is a very nice generic wheel. Even though the noise does get on my nerves it is a very nice feeling wheel with good acceleration, breaking, top speed, turning ability and battery life. My friend Simon can keep up with just about any local rider in most scenarios on his 18XL and he has been riding for 3 months. He is young and fearless though. MSX requires more intent to get up to speed and resists in turns. Requiring more intent means more forward lean and then we have shifted weight to the balls of our feet compromising balance. 16X requires less intent to go forward and when riding it I rarely have to shift weight to the balls of my feet unless I am playing with a heavy head wind. I can get to high speed very easily where the 16X with CX tyre becomes more and more stable and thus ride faster more often than what I can on the other wheels. There have been a few times at around 40 kmh where I have been close to failing a turn though because I turned with my calves instead of turning with my feet and this is a no no with the CX. The CX also behaves like a nice springy bushing on a longboard and bounces back to center after you throw it to the side. Nikola+ feels more massive and will cost me more to move side to side. Even more than the MSX. The MSX is lower and top heavy and can be flopped side to side. Nikola+ though is a bit zippier but a bit wobblier. Of all the wheels the 16X has the best feel to it and is also the best hill climber. There are more to wheels than just speed. We would be better off with motorcycles in that case. The only thing the Nikola+ does better than the 16X is ride faster on straights and brake better (technique be damned). The 16X turns better, carves better, is easier to get up to speed, better off road, better balanced, more nimble, better at climbing, more comfortable and more fun with an unconventional feel. It can be more exciting or less exciting with just the help of a tyre pump. 16X is the most ironic wheel out there! The faster you go the more stable it gets. It reaches top speed in the blink of an eye and then it tells you to slow down. At least we get to do motorcycle turns on it! And with high PSI the CX tyre goes totally nuts and carves on it's own and you either flow with it or die. It's a blast. Got my 16X on August 22nd. 1950km on it so far. Have to send it in for repairs though as it is behaving like a 800Wh wheel. Life happens. Showing 16X stability at speed: Cruising with my friend on his MSX. Check out his speed wobble lol. Hill climbing on 18 inchers. Not a single hill was climbed that day. Hill climbing on 16 inchers.
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    That might seem to be cut out of context, but still... What you or any other rider define as better is down to the rider. I will any time at any point argue there is no such thing as" best wheel" at this point in time nor any time soon. Same there is no such thing as best car....it depends.... I will also argue at any time that speed of fastest is anything as best wheel for 95% of the riders using an EUC. Our brain adapts very fast to speed. So once you go 25kmh you start to look for faster ride if you focus is set on speed, then 30..35..60...90...200kmh (if it is a car) the same thing will happen with an EUC. there is just one major catch with an EUC compared to a car or mc. The risk you take increases so much faster with increased speed. Going fast in a straight line become boring very fast no matter the speed. But a twisted mountain road going up and down left and right with limited view range around bends will give you more thrills. I can let you into secret that most fail to identify, when people enjoy any ride it is not the speed that triggers the pleasure, but the forces the body feel. Like acceleration, turning, braking, or change in forces. So the KS16X is not a speed wheel. But what it does do really well is how it reacts to demand of the rider, combined with the being very agile at low speed, yet easy to balance, and characteristic change (some call it gyro effect) at higher speed, that mean a change in ride style, hanging over the side, and giving the rider as taste of having to fight to make the wheel do what the rider wants in a "high" speed turn in a controlled manner. You can see @Mike Sacristan doing that in several of his YouTube clips. Yes you might be able to do that on a GW wheel too....but that does not make either one better. I love my KS16X, best purchase I ever done, despite 1st batch issues, and it just been shipped of for service/investigation (properly just pure unlucky incident, until I know result or more details, this is as much I share here for now). But the 350km I had on it has been the best 350 km I have ever done so far in my short life on EUC experience yet. My most fun on the wheel is actually sub 20kmh even at slower that walking speed. I do not do tricks , but slow rides with "extreme" carving/navigation pedestrian area can be very fun and to people not seen an EUC before, right out jaw dropping, and that reaction give me huge pleasure. I hope you find you KS16X fun to ride too. Since you have different wheels, you will likely find too some wheels you ride more than others, but that is still not the same as all can bring you joy under the right circumstance. So back to you statement I cut out to quote, I look forward to see why you decide pro vs cons and yet hope you like the wheel too since you bought it. Right now I just wish for my baby to return asap.
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    I'm now at 900km after 1 month, so far: not one single issue, apart from the 50km with 1.06 it has been an amazing wheel But I'm looking forward to your comparison video.
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    its so strange. i got to try a ks16x a few days ago. even at the hardest mode. its like you can make the pedals dip the first 100ms of acceleration. if you do it hard it honestly makes me feel like i cant trust it. like if it is just going to fall. also i tried braking on it. wow it was like trying to brake a car with the wheel. it just wouldn't stop its a good wheel. definetly improvements since the earlier ks wheels. but gotways just have an edge here. the nikola aswell which i tried 1 day prior to trying the 16x
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    The one thing you want a self-balancing vehicle to do is... always balance! WTF is going on there? Extremely low response frequency of the balancing algorithm? Firmware doing this at high (lol) speed to slow you down? You can produce something like this on the 18XL too? At 20mph, no less?! Aka "walking speed" for modern wheels? Massive balls award goes to you for riding these wheels at speeds where this can happen. Thanks for posting!
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    The Tesla beeps at 50kph (31mph) even at 100% battery, and you went 59kph (36.5 mph)... haha wow. Well, now you really know you can only test a EUC's top speed by seeing when you crash. Everyone else, when you hear the final warning beeps, that means you shouldn't go faster Good you're effectively uninjured. This way that was just a cool experiment (with predictable end state). Glad you seem to be enjoying your new wheel Maybe you need a 100V Nikola or MSX for your speed urges though.
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