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    Glad you got it fixed . You'll enjoy your ride that little bit better 👍 1.07 is a good firmware kingsong did ok👍 Same as below comment 😁👇 1.07 rides the best in my opinion with the tests I've done, but you have to compensate for a couple of saftey throttling which i think are a good input If you do fast acceleration if you lean to far it says power overload , don't get me wrong you can still accelerate fast ,,, really fast,,,, faster than 1.05 🤔 splitting hairs here,,, but it's good safety Going top speed it gives slight little tilt at 28mph ,then 3 beeps maybe at 29mph then at 30mph it tilts you back ,it's actually quite good and reassuring at the top end , this is throughout all tiltback speeds 👍 1.07 also keeps the pedals straighter and a softer feel no dipping like 1.05 Wether your on 1.05 or 1.07 both firmwares are good you've just got to watch your limitations on 1.05 as on 1.07 kingsong have done it for you for saftey , you can probably push more on 1.05 if you know the limits👍👍
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    35 people are registered. We have room for 5 more. What are you waiting for https://www.laeucgames.com https://www.electricunicycleworld.com/p/group-rides-for-2019-los-angeles-euc.html @Rama Douglas
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    I also wonder with the 16X and with the MCM5, that the responsiveness of the wheel makes people more brave when riding it. They sense more power from the wheel and so they do more aggressive accelerations. The problem being is that they more easily hit the power limit of the wheel.
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    So out today on my 16x when a police 👮 officer walking down the road and waved me down 😬 , he said you do know they are illegal ? I said well when i bought it it was one of them grey areas but I've had it a year now and cost me £2000, but yes officer i won't lie to you i do know that now, i said it's ridiculous for both me and you not knowing proper classification and i can't even get insurance and that's what you get done for , he said, yes i know and i have seen you loads and it looks fun but becarefull cause other officers might pull you but for me your doing no harm and i agree law is stupid and needs sorting .. Are they hard to ride ect ,, then just chatting over it ,,, i appreciate how you look at it and thx officer i got to go😁😊 👍👍
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    This is a subject that many of us could write a book on, and the behaviour differs a lot based on user height and weight as well, so it’s difficult to summarize in a single post. But I’ll try: Tire size Large wheels are stable and safer at speed, but require more effort to accelerate and steer. Small wheels feel zippy at slow speeds, but are unstable, especially at higher speed. Large or tall riders rarely like 14” wheels, but many small riders like 18” wheels. 16” and 18” wheels are the most suitable ones for various use cases. Wider tire adds further stability, yet it is easier to turn at slower speeds. Shell size Taller wheel shell (V10F, 18XL) is easier to mount and ride with one leg since the leg contact point is higher. Lower shell (MSX, 16S, all 14”) is more nimble since it can tilt more between your legs, but causes more pain when mounting and may not feel as stable due to lower leg support. Brands All Gotway riding modes feel different from all others, they are all initially rock hard. They suit fast, aggressive or offroad riding especially well, as they react instantly to acceleration, roots etc. Even Gotway’s soft mode isn’t spongy like a KingSong. All models have their specific quirks, and one needs to choose a model whose quirks one can best live with. Battery size Manufacturers’ claims about range require optimal circumstances. Divide by two to get in the real-life ballpark. Always buy a bigger battery size than you think you need, since you will likely ride a lot more than you ever imagined! Safety The top speed tilt-back can only be removed from Gotway wheels. Once removed, the wheel lets you exceed the top speed, causing you to crash. Disregarding 1st batch units, all current wheels are technically equally safe. Still, all wheels can be overleaned, and require attention to the battery level and a change in the riding style as the battery gets lower. I will update the post if I can think of something that I missed.
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    That is indeed easily big enough to cause wobbles while riding. Did you ensure that the rim itself is running straight? If it is, you can surely make the tire better yourself! Lay the wheel on it’s side and deflate the tire. Rotate the tire with your hand, and whenever you see the line or other markings on the tire get further away from the rim, push the tire towards the rim. And vice versa. Look at the tire from a few different angles to see any sideways movement, and take your time to bend, twist, push and pull so that the tire would run straight. Once you can’t get it any better, pump just two pumpfuls of air to the tire, and repeat the process. Repeat until you can’t shape the tire by hand anymore, and pump it all the way to riding pressure. Done! It will not be perfect, but it should be a lot better than how it currently is.
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    I'm 200 1lbs without gear I'll have to get weighed when I've got my shoes, under garment protection, jeans, hoody shirt, jacket with all protection in it, helmet, a bag on my back with stuff in cameras etc,, the 16x is still so torquey i love it, just don't lean that far into it and you'll be fine ( you don't have to lean it tbh),i think it's your best option for woods and hills and trails , my 16x handles better over pot holes than my msx only cause I'm always upright on the 16x and i don't have lean forward to accelerate , the msx i have to lean and when i do hit a pot hole it bumps me forward cause I'm pushing into the pedals and leaning, it all depends how your going to ride it and with a 2200watt motor and all that torque you'll be fine. I think all these comments about the 16x saftey is a bit over the top you make the wheel as safe as you want it to be, it becomes unsafe when you try to push the limits👍 I've done many tests on the 16x at my weight and its responded excellent so now i know I'm ok at my normal riding style Different wheels for different riding conditions 👍
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    I really need to practice more for the sumo!
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    I put a note in as I recognise your point. To those that have not tested a KS16X yet, here is the short version of why a heavy rider should not go on a KS16X. It reacts fast. Meaning if you ask for acceleration you get it. But that comes at a cost, and the heavier a rider I expect the more you stand at risk to feel that. If you lean out far, some refer to this as a GW lean you might find the KS16X will not keep up with you, and you get into an overlean situation. Since the KS16X reacts so fast or with so little input, it actually turns into a risk factor. That is what I think (I don't know for sure) made KS to make the fw 1.06 firmware changes. Right now I can't test how fw 1.07 works, as I shipped my wheel to be serviced. I can say that me riding in limited gear (85kg) vs full geag (90kg) vs full gear and shopping/backpack full (100kg), I can feel a behaviour change in the wheel. I hope this makes sense. Going at lower speeds might mitigate some of the risk... But very low speed catching balance in rough train, might create big spikes in amps needed. Like I said EUC can be ridden as a heavy rider, but the higher weight the higher the risk factor goes up too. For that same reason I am trying to loose weight myself (not succeeding yet, but I stopped gaining more weight at least).
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    Hi, I got the same issue with mine (one week old) FW 1.0.7 severe pedal dip... Bluetooth patch did solve the problem on my wheel Patch -> restart: problem still exist -> calibrate -> restart and now it's fine
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    I know we've talked privately, but what you've written here has different criteria vs what you talked to me about. I would lean towards the 16X. I have a feeling it's going to me my primary trail wheel. It's built tough and I think it'll survive trail riding better unscathed than the Nikola. And the 16X certainly has much better hill climbing torque than the MSX. And I'm getting the bodycover for it from @The Fat Unicyclist so that'll really help with trail riding crashes. All the reported 16X problems, even if true, won't be an issue for off-road riding. By it's very nature, off-road riding is at speeds between 2-mph and 15-mph, and usually less than 15.
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    Excellent wheel in my opinion. I bought it and received it Friday of this past week. I unboxed it, connected the batteries, added the fender and trolley and took to the yard soon after. I wanted to give it some time in the grass because of all I've seen about the difference in ride feel just in case I went down. Within 15 mins I "graduated" to the sidewalk and driveway and finally to the street. Went up to the middle school where I go for lots of "skills" practice. Within one hour I felt very comfortable on this wheel. Slow turns, faster turns. Straights, start/stop, etc. I can see me spending lots of time on it. A little background. I'm a relative newbie with a total of 1 month and approx. 150 miles total. I ride every day for at least 15 minutes and a couple hours on the weekends. I made a move over from Onewheels which I still own. I feel that maybe I can add a newbie perspective and someone with a tiny bit of experience. I currently also own an mten3 and KS14S. Overall impressions: Stability: Biggest trait I found. Total stability across the board whether riding straight or turning. Slow, fast, didn't matter. It just wants to stay upright as many people have already stated which is a plus to a relative beginner like me. Reminds me of the Hayabusa I used to own. Function: Everything appears to function as it should with no problems. No hiccups during the last two days. Initial setup: Easy. I had to get the app, register and take the tutorial before the wheel would move. I set a couple app functions that I was concerned about and off I went. Weight: OMG, now I like to lift weights but holy crap this thing is heavy. I found myself grunting more than once while heaving it around. Specs say 24 kg/53 lbs. I say it's more lol. Speed: I did get it up to straightline speeds that I'm comfortable with. Once again, very stable. Accelerates and decelerates slower than my KS14S but duh it's bigger and heavier. Fit and finish: Very well built with no obvious factory flaws that I could find. The little bit of work I did on it to assemble and initial connection of the batteries was very easy. And yeah if you pull a new one out of the box and it won't power up it may very well be because from the factory the batteries are disconnected. Trolley handle isn't robust at all but is plenty functional. Adding air to the tire is a pretty easy process with the rubber "window" to access the air valve. I love the battery and bluetooth gauge on top which can be seen while riding. I added the footpad grip tape which is included. Price: A little pricey but I knew that going into it. Going to sell a couple things to make up the difference. 14S will be going soon. : p Beginner wheel: Yes and no. YES because of the across the board stability whether going straight or turning, slow or fast. As a beginner there are so many things you're doing at the same time one of them being learning how to be stable on the EUC. IMO the added built in stability of the Z10 will definitely help. NO because your first wheel is going to get beat up. This one is too pretty and expensive to beat up. If you get this for your learning wheel pad it up, alot x 2. lol. I haven't fallen on it yet, notice I said yet. I've been into EUC's just over a month and falling is still fresh in my brain and I expect it all the time. Range: Don't know yet but I will post on here when I gather some averages. I weigh 210 lbs so I'm sure it'll be less than advertised. Brake assist: Um yeah, made me pucker the first time it came on. I'd forgotten about the brake assist feature and the first time I tried a hard stop it surprised me. If I remember correctly that feature can be turned off. I don't think I've forgotten anything, if so I'll come back and add it. Thanks for your time. Addition:. I wanted to talk about tire pressure. I've been running 32psi in the tire. Most bumps haven't been that bad. The tramline effect has been minimal. I tried 26psi and thought I was going to dump it continuously because it was so loose. Tramlining was much more noticeable. It's been put back to 32psi.
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    So, I was out riding my electric unicycle again today. I got stopped for the THIRD time by the Oklahoma City police and was told very clearly that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the new bike trails. It is very disheartening to me. I was told I can ride on any city street. The policeman was very nice but very emphatic. They had run my concerns by the city attorney (after my two previous stops and discussions with them) and the police are allowed to ticket us for being on the bike trails. He did not give me a ticket or a warning. This all but makes my electric unicycle useless to me as I will not ride on city streets. He told me this pertains to all bike paths in the city. This new bike trail is 14 miles long, paved with curbing, and is about fifteen feet wide. I am 71 years old and have ridden 1,200 miles on the paths since August of this year. What a shame. I am much more likely to hurt myself than to hurt someone else.
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    I'm used to remarkably baffling stuff coming out of Gotway, but what is happening with Kingsong now? Are you sure it's a 5A limit? Not maybe because of two different chargers (fast + normal) or something else? Maybe 5A per port as a max? (grasping for straws here...) Well, thanks for your continuing updates! Looking forward to the next infuriating-hilarious head-scratcher coming from our beloved manufacturers
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    Chooch says 120-pounds. I think @RoberAce is 200+ pounds.
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    Just came back from riding v1.07. It allowed me to go 32 km/h GPS speed (= 20 mph GPS speed = 34 KS km/h = 21.25 KS mph) down to 65 V under load (= 70 V no load). Didn't even test at lower battery charge, I don't wanna go lower. I like this very much, highly recommend to upgrade from v1.06 to v1.07.
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    My deviation between KS App and GPS is 1 - 3 km/h. I just wanted to insert it here, but I don't give a shit if it's 45 or 47 or 48,953786457 or 50 km/h. My BMW also shows 274 km/h, but according to GPS it's only 270 km/h. WTF? BMW is really a piece of shit and I wouldn't recommend it. Buy a Mercedes, it shows 271km/h instead of 274km/h. Now calm down, it's getting really silly. ( @stephen I don't mean you)
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    You’re such a naughty boy Marty, Rama was all the time in the circle and you’re like what the heck i just want to kick his butt.
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    Funny thing is I've not seen this issue reported anywhere. I've not had this issue with either my 18L or 16X. Maybe you just have a defective wheel. Why don't you borrow someone else's 16X and try it. Also never understood why anyone would like soft mode. But there are those that do. The only thing superior on the 100V Nikola is the higher top speed. Nothing else. I own both just like you and I still prefer the 16X most of the time. But given the 100V, the Nikola it is supposed to be faster, but it doesn't feel quicker. I guess your 100V Nikola is also superior at self-destructing.
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    1.05 as well, at least for me it does.
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    What you describe is a typical symptom of a (slightly) loose board. The board moves in the wheel, which leads to unwanted input (the tilt sensor is on the board), which makes the wheel react eratically and vibrate. Before you touch the axle nuts (tricky and most likely unnecessary), make sure the board is firm in the shell and the shell itself is firm on the metal pedal hangers. Even a very slightly loose board (one that moves in relation to the motor/pedals/pedal hanger assembly) can cause your symptoms. The board is behind the right side pad. Just look if it's moving slightly and, if necessary, tighten the screws holding it to the heatsink and the heatsink to the shell and the big screws holding the shell on the pedal hangers. Don't overtighten. All you need is a philips screw driver and an allen key to remove the right pedal (not sure if that is even needed to remove the side panel on the MSX). Also check if you see any plastic damage anywhere that would allow the board to move, be it the board holders/braces or on the shell around the pedal hangers.
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    Not too bad. I am very happy with this performance. I don’t think it’s throttling back to much at all.
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    I'm using two e-wheels fast chargers (each adjustable from 1-5A). I played around with the dials. Let (α, β) be the current from chargers α and β | α ∈ [1, 5], β ∈ [1, 5]. Total current Σ = α + β (5, 5): alarm (5, 1): alarm (1, 5): alarm (2, 2): no alarm (3, 2): no alarm
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    Yeah losing weight isn't easy especially when are bodies find balance at a certain weight. Then we need to break the habits. I smoke just as you do, and I love food and I an eat a whole jar of nutella with a spoon. I'm the kind of person who has a mouthful of food and is thinking of the next mouthful. In 2010 I started doing a lowcarb diet and kept my carbs at 20-30 grams per day. The rest was fat and protein. It was a very satisfying diet and I went down from 72kg to 62kg. I also started working out and doing unnecessary cardio. I no longer do cardio and I rarely do the ketogenic diet unless I need to reset my metabolism. I stick to intermittent fasting and I keep in mind that intermittent fasting is a trigger for overeating when the time to eat comes. My vanity keeps me in check though. My highest weight was 72kg and I was at a little over 20% body fat. It was not a flattering look with everything going to my face and belly. My lowest was 8% in 2013 but my testosterone got a little too low after 6 months. Haha stando.... ZA SALAMINO!!! For my height of 163cm my waist should be height * 0.46 = 75cm and it is 78. But as long as it is less than 50% of my height it is fine. I ate a bag of cheeze doodles while writing this though.
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    I never can understand this every time i try to jump i just leave the pedals and the euc stays on the floor 😂😂
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    I'm the one that posted it. I'm also the one who fell at the beginning of the hill on the Tesla. The tyre was a bit too slick. I might have been able to push the MSX up as I have over 5000km on it and I am quite familiar with it by now. The other riders don't do much hill climbing so I have an advantage in that regard and an advantage again as I had the 16X. The clip was posted at the end of the below post made by me. Thus the context. So yes, the skill of the rider definitely is an issue. The geometry of the wheel, height of the pedals and grip of the tyre are also issues. I have done comparisons with me on the 16X and the Tesla. Me on the MSX and the 18XL. As well as other riders. Skill on different wheels then becomes an issue as well. None of this is relevant though as I merely informed the OP that coming from a Monster the 16X would be a much more different wheel with more possibilities than what he would get from adding an MSX to his collection. That was my invitation to the OP. 5000km+ on the MSX and 1900km on the 16X. I have never been on a Monster but would sure love to try one some day. The 16X takes me up hills that I have failed many times on the MSX. The 16X has failed me entirely though in that I have sent it back for repairs while the MSX is alive and kicking with zero problems.
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    I miss it and that wonderful otherworldly heavenly sound it makes as it goes into overdrive. At least the 16X won't explode on ya. Be sure to make a callback to that clip in your review
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    The knobby rocks on the trails!
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    Chooch is like 60kg (130lbs) or something (he gave his weight once and it was surprisingly less than I expected, not sure about the exact number). You're talking to riders with literally double the weight. @RoberAce doesn't seem too heavy, too. @erk1024 I'm not sure because I have no noteworthy experience with any of these wheels. But if the Monster is your only Gotway, you may not have felt the "Gotway Glide" yet (because the Monster after all is a bit lethargic in acceleration behavior), which according to Marty and others is what makes the Nikola overall better (the relentlessly solid riding behavior). So maybe the Nikola might be an unexpected surprise compared to the 16X. Or not, I wouldn't know. Just wanted to add my thoughts to the confusion
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    I really like the feel of the CST but I’m nearly halfway through the tread on my second tire. I think that I might get the CX if I can get double the mileage and not lose the road feel. Maybe one day I can meet up with somebody that owns a 16X to try out the 3” CX. If only I was retired and had lots of time to ride...
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    The Beltline Trail - Toronto - Ontario Should have ride in the morning, since GoPro is so terrible in this lightning
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    For my old msuper v3, i sprayed the capasitor legs with sealant for electrical contacts. it would be smart for anyone who rider where its a lot of moisture.
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    Also, always drain the capacitors by holding the power button for a few seconds. There's still enough power left in there to mess up your wheel real bad if you slip.
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    Maybe his shoe sole is to soft and this cause the delay?
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    I do want to know 😊 but i do understand that everyone will jump all over it lol that's what happens , i can see that all the post been made about the 16x from the first post about the tyre and the wobbles had not been an issue if you get it right, I'm still trying to find out any proper issue with the 16x apart from top speed falls which maybe or maybe not caused by user error so kingsong took into there own hands to keep it more safe so people won't over do it 🤔
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    I can see this too if you lean to far and the wheel speeds up to 30mph (in seconds)and your body isn't back over the wheel then the 16x hasn't got anymore power to get it back to vertical , you really don't need to do a Jacko lean with this wheel and if you do,, make it a short one and then gradually come back to vertical , this is a fun wheel of you don't over do it Its torque is it's downfall if your not careful of what you ask from it, otherwise its a beast at what it does😊
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    I can say for now, as I let my dealer and KS figure it out. Once I know more I might share info. In short it might just be my unit that faulty, so instead of causing a mass hysteria I am waiting for more details.
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    For god sake 😅 don't EVER measure voltage via the charge port you ,WILL eventually short it! Go ahead and open up the side panels and measure the XT60 (output port) connectors or XT30 (charge port). You can also get the same connector used for the charge port and then solder 2 wires onto it that you can measure from or make a voltage meter. The stock one on the Nikola seems to be quite inaccurate in my experience (+-2V)
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    It’s really awesome. I highly recommend this wheel. I think owning both the 16x and Nikola Plus is the best of both brands. At least it is this year. :-)
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    I created a Telegram Group for this ride. For you guys that haven't used Telegram, you should. It's fantastic for this and will make it a lot easier for us to meetup. On Telegram, search for the group "CicLAvia for 06Oct2019". Maybe we'll connect up tomorrow. https://t.me/ciclavia06oct2019
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    I think you can ride these wheels very well at their limits if you know what you’re doing. Just look at the latest videos from Chooch or Rober Ace, they didn’t faceplant...... yet
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    Well since I have changed the tire to a CX this Nikola Plus is beyond outstanding. This thing is a dream to ride. I can get up to 35 mph without even batting an eyelash and its smooth as can be. I haven’t had the gonads to go 40 mph yet. LOL. I’ve settled in at 20 PSI on the tire and I could not be happier with this wheel. I appreciate everyone’s help getting me here. Especially @Marty Backe
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    1.07 rides perfectly. This is the best firmware update yet.
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    Yes mostly at relative slow speed, when accelerating there is no dipping issue on my wheel, slowing down or when making an u-turn on a small place (with reverse) then I couldn't stay on the wheel but it's fixed with the famous BT patch Can't believe why KS don't issue an official patch so everyone can use it. I discovered it here on the forum... Thank you again
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    C'mon @Unventor, I expected better from you You guys are missing the point - he's looking for an off-road wheel, not a street cruiser. He already has his Monster for that.
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    It might be better down the road, but that is a big might... If I were your size I would not look at the KS16X. That is the sad point of being bigger and riding an EUC. I am 80-81kg and that works fine. But I think you will fine the most wheels will struggle unless it is perfect smooth roads. My tip would be a bigger rim as that should lower the strain if you hit a pothole. I know smaller rim gives more torque. But I think the bigger rim helps to climb up better or even over a pothole.
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    IMO the carving definitely helps across the board. I usually use the local middle school for skills practice. There's a quarter mile track, sidewalks with turns and big parking lot. I use the Sprint straight away for start/stop and straight line speed. The rest of the track for fast longer turns. Sidewalks for corner carving and parking lot parking spots for back and forth right/left turns. I too sometimes get the wobbles but have all but eliminated them with the whole one foot "driving". Fact is, the wheel will go straight almost better without us on it. We create the imbalance. : / I've only been at this a month and I love it. I ride for at least 15 minutes every day.
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    That's a nice conversation 😋 I've never been stopped by police yet, but I can imagine it's not comfy feeling at all, even though it was friendly chat. Brave man, you did well 🙂
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