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    So i tested the 1.07 firmware right down to 2% i don't want to do a big write up so i did 5 videos😬 which i will upload tonight (just processing) I like 1.07. Had a real blast today I love this wheel 😁😁 Sorry but you have to watch all 5😂 or skip to the last if I'm that boring 😁😁 Thanks guys Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
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    I think I’ll stay on 1.05 forever. For me and my riding style it works absolutely fine. Maybe i will do an update when 1.20 is out.
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    Glorious weather today, possibly the last warm day of the year. Nicely framed view while going through a patch of forest. I've been told you can see that it's autumn from the deep blue sky color. And of course from the tree leaves and the fact that supposedly we will get negative °C the coming nights. Wonderful mossy greens. Wish my phone took better pictures. Route goes between cornfields... Views
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    I was trying to spot @Marty Backe riding around in that promo video, but oh well no such luck. Maybe it’s finally time for a drone, Marty!! I saw this video on Youtube, and thought geez this is exactly what EUC Youtubers need! Hopefully it lives up to it’s claims. Too bad the arms can't be swivelled in for compact storage. I wonder whether it can spot overhead power lines...
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    Tested out my foam cover on my GoPro. I'm impressed. Working on a review video next. In the meantime, enjoy this video of my recent trip to my hometown.
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    So I'm running with 1.05. What exactly does "smoother" mean? Multiple people have said this. Nothing about the wheel feels rough to me. I'm not noticing vibrations, etc. Maybe I'll have to wait until I change the firmware, but I'm still not inclined to do so.
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    $999 Made in U.S.A 360 omnidirectional AI driven obstacle avoidance system 4K 60fps HDR / 1080p 120fps 12MP HDR photo 36mph top speed 2.2 miles range with $150 controllers 1 miles range with $150 beacon Pre-order (ships around November) https://www.skydio.com/
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    How much ampere does it have? Why just up to 82.4V? Just to stay in the constant current phase or did nothing more "happen" Within 158 minutes (2.6h) with ?2A? there was an average voltage of (74.38+82.4)/2=78.39V. That would be 2.6*2*78.39=408Wh. That's the energy delivered by the charger to the battery. The battery was charged (very roughly) for 50%. So 100% would be 2*407=814, but the 16x has 1554Wh - about twice of this. So one pack seems to be offline (if your charging was just while the constant current phase and the charging current was about 2A)
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring for the 16X After suffering an inconvenient blowout on my Inmotion V8, I thought it might be valuable to have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on my new 16X. Perhaps, if I could detect a slow leak I could head off a more disastrous situation down the road. That, and it’s fun to have new toys. So I researched a few inexpensive options and settled on the CAREUD M3 Motorcycle TPMS. It includes two valve-cap pressure monitors and a small, pocket sized USB-rechargeable display unit. It rings up at about $50 US from the usual on-line sources. And you can get it cheaper if you’re willing to wait on slow-boat, international shipping. Truth be told, I wasn't 100% sure the bulbous valve-cap sending unit would actually fit the 16x without dragging against the wheel well, but I figured it was worth a shot. If worse came to worse, I could put it on my Ducati. The initial test fitting was promising, but not perfect. On my 16X, the valve stem naturally flared out from the plane of the rim by about 30 degrees. This was just enough to cause the TPMS valve cap to rub against the wheel’s inner shell in several spots. Not good, but after some experimentation with duct tape and a valve extension tube, I determined that there was reasonable clearance if I could just coax the valve stem to lay somewhat flatter. So I set out to find a reliable method to retain the stem against the rim. My first attempt was to try hot-melt glue judiciously applied in the wheel rim groove to anchor a twist-tie beneath the stem. This was a fast failure. Hot melt just wouldn't hold. I briefly considered an epoxy and zip-tie arrangement, but dismissed it as too permanent and messy. Ultimately, I decided to rig up a 3D-printed anchor that could be retained by an adjacent hub-motor mounting screw. This has the advantage of being easily removable for tube changes/maintenance and it's pretty robust. I got to work with Fusion 360 and my trusty 3D printer. Dozens of iterations later, I produced a part that nicely nestles within the contours of the rim-groove beneath the stem and provides a solid anchor point for a nylon zip-tie. By cinching down the tie, the sending-unit is held well out of harm's way, and the wheel rotates freely in both directions with clearance to spare. So far, this solution has performed flawlessly for me. As for the CAREUD TPMS itself, I have a bit of a mixed review. The user interface/setup process is cumbersome at best, but once configured it seems to work pretty well. The backlit display is clear and readable. The build quality is good for the price. The pressure reading seems to be reasonably accurate (maybe within a PSI or two), but the temperature reads consistently high by at least 5 degrees F. As far as I can tell, there's no way to re-calibrate the sensors. There's also no documented way to disable the second tire monitoring channel. If you don't have a choice of compatible wheels to monitor (not a problem for some of you, @Marty Backe), you'll have to put up with constant low-pressure alerting on the unused channel. The best workaround I discovered is to pair the second sending unit while attached to an inflated wheel, and then remove its battery once the display unit is powered-off. When later powered on, the display will continue to indicate the last-reported data. Then, after not receiving telemetry for several hours, the display unit will replace the last-reported values with blanks and continue to function properly on the active, primary channel. Yay! Now that I know this can work, I think it would be great to integrate a TPMS function into WheelLog @palachzzz @Seba. Although I doubt this particular unit can be integrated via Bluetooth, other vendors peddle Bluetooth, phone-based TPMSs. Imagine tire pressure and temperature data and alerts along with the usual wheel metrics right on your phone or wrist! Other caveats, tips, tricks, notes: You'll need a 4mm ball-end hex key to remove/replace the hub-motor screw without removing the shell. Ideally, you'll remove the shell to get proper purchase on the cap screw, but in a pinch the ball-end tool works Ok. Be sure to clean and reapply proper thread locking compound to the cap screw threads when you mount your anchor. The last thing you need is to have the screw work loose. If you 3D print your anchor with PLA, you'll want to inspect it during you're pre-ride checklist. PLA is not the most durable of materials for exterior use. It might be a good idea to replace it periodically to avoid potential failures. You may want to consider counterbalancing your rim to account for the additional weight of the anchor and sending unit. Although I haven't done so, and can't detect any vibration, I may end up adding a counterweight for peace of mind. Use common sense if you attempts this mod. If you frequently ride in gravely, off-road conditions, this may not be the best idea. Regardless of how well you anchor the valve stem, this does reduce the clearance between the rim and the shell. If debris gets lodged between the rim and the inner shell, the wheel may lurch unpredictably as it tries to overcome the friction. And you certainly don't want to sever the valve cap while riding at speed... While I have no data to back this, I assume you should avoid anti-puncture products like Tire Slime when using a TPMS valve cap. I would think the goop would tend to gum up the works. Let me know if you are interested in the CAD file for my stem-anchor. I'll try to figure out a way to send it to you. (You just have to promise not to be too critical of my amateurish CAD work.) Please note, I have no idea if my design will work as-is on other 16Xs. The dimension between the mounting screw and the valve-stem base is critical. If KingSong isn't using a manufacturing process that ensures dimensional consistency between the valve stem bore and the hub-motor mounting screws, the design will have to be tweaked accordingly. Roll Safe!
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    That is cool. I'll keep an eye for that post release. Maybe for next summers riding season
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    I put $100 down. i mean, what’s another drone I don’t use. maybe @Rehab1 will talk some sense into me. but, if it can follow me and Bob around the ranch without hitting all these trees, I gotta see that.
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    In the wheel settings in the King Song app, there is the "Voice Control" section, where you can turn on/off bluetooth audio, as well as turn off the vocal warnings in exchange for beeps. 👍 EDIT: I just realized that when I updated to V1.07, I turned bluetooth music back on in case that was the reason why I couldn't get the app to download the update (it wasn't). I turned it back off, and on the way home I'll try flicking the pedals again, though I'm kinda skeptical. EDIT 2: Yeah, I can still get the pedals to tilt. Doesn't work every time, but I can do it. The battery didn't get down below 70V, but I didn't get throttled down to 19mph. I was able to ride the whole way at 25mph no problem!
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    1.5A Because that was enough and everything after that would be a slow charge and skew the timing that I was trying to do. Thank you for the calculations. I came to the same conclusion that half was missing and that corresponds with the range and the sag. So now we know how a 16X with 20S3P ~800Wh performs! Ulf says they suspect a bad BMS board. They want me to send it in to 1Radwerkstatt to take a look at it. All good then! At least it wasn't the cold. Just... something else. Life... and that I can live with. Thanks everybody for your help. I will keep the thread updated.
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    Newburyport - Merrimack river
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    Nostaa siihen isompaan vedettävään kauppakoriin tai kärryyn. Ei ainaka pöllitä ku käyt kaupassa. Vitsi ku sillä sais tehä viä ostokset. Kävis mielellään isommissa marketeissa kruisailee . Isi haki kaupasta maitoo meni 2h. Mten 3 on senverran hauska laite et ois kiva omistaa.
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    But you forget that they are Gotways and they all have a built-in case heater. It's not called a heater, but a control board.
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    No, disabling the voice control will not disables any bluetooth. The switch below will disable just Bluetooth-Music, not Bluetooth-Data. You can use of course WheelLog. If this switch turns of Bluetooth completely, there where no chance to connect the Kingsong App again to change any settings.
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    I rarely use my 1st generation Mavic Pro because mostly of afraid crashing it to trees, wires, poles.. and regulations.. If I can get a drone that is simple to use and can follow me around without crashing into things then maybe I will using it more @Rehab1 I heard anyone who bought the R1 will be able to buy the Skydio 2 for a "significantly discounted price"
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    That does not look like the only thing that needs replacing I have just ordered a new Wheel/Motor for mine
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    Omg, thank you for this. I’m still on 1.05 and it’s been doing the slow, steep forward tilt and recently after struggling to plow through some strangely-thick grass it suddenly lost half the torque. I checked to voltage (76) and temp (46c) so everything seemed to be fine. Walked into this cafe to check the app (I only have WiFi enabled iPad) and saw your post. I will test now... UPDATE (5 minutes later): Lightening!! I think it’s faster than before, lol. Thanks again - serendipitous!
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    I rode a bit tonight and as soon as I turned it on I checked the cell voltages. Battery1 was f-d up again. I power-cycle the Z10, check again, and all appears normal. What??? So I rode it with no problems until I got inside (~2 miles) and started trolley-ing. The Z10 starts beeping; check the App; cell1 voltage differential warning; cell voltages all over the place... Reboot, beeping goes away. On my way out I check again before I start riding - all appears normal. I ride for another 4 or 5 miles then check the app before I put the wheel in my car - same warning, off kilter cell voltages, etc. Am I crazy? Is this a software issue?
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    I have an EUC bodyguard for my KS 18XL and god it was needed when I got the wheel.. i was new to EUC and def. took some falls and the bodyguard has my 18XL looking like brand new still. I take the bodyguard off occasionally to enjoy the wheels sleek look but put it back on for long rides. I cant say enough good things about them!
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    Thanks @Kens. Just what I need... another drone. Don’t buy it Novazeus!!!! Me too. My current Skydio loved power lines and tiny branches. Who are you kidding Marty? You never wait. Tell you what... let me crash mine after it arrives and I‘ll sell it to you really cheap! That’s what I like about my Skydio R1. The rotor enclosure protected my drone when it hit trees and also dropped 30 feet after hitting power lines. Just a few broken props. Skydio is great company! They sent me 2 sets of props, a carrying bag and sunglasses...all for free! I just called to request spare blades last week and they stated there wouldn’t be any charge. Amazing! The new R2 is suppose to go 35 mph in no wind where my R1 could barely hit 22 mph. This could be a game changer!
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    Always fun with a "murder mystery" and detective story. I hope you get this sorted out soon @Mike Sacristan.🤞 I am pretty sure my story will be much longer. My KS16X got shipped for service today.😔 I don't have half the luck(battery) you have....😉🤔😏
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    I would definitely wait for others to test this out to see how well it works before splurging that much coin as often the advertisement promises fall short in the real world. They must be quite confident in it though as they removed the rotor shields so if it does go haywire it could be a pretty crazy airborne blender. But hey, they got self-driving cars now so why not a self-flying drone? It would be interesting to see someone rig up some thin laundry rope and have it try to fly through some horizontal obstacles. One other concern are the downward facing rotors when landing. It would be even cooler if the rotors could tilt to allow it to fly diagonally or vertically. Or is that thinking too far ahead?
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    Yes, thank you for your post. I contacted Ulf and he suggested I charge the 16X so we can see how long it takes. Started at 48% 74.38V at 16:12 using the stock charger. Now we wait.
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    Anyone heard of of tried the Avitar v2 from New Olders. It is a TSG Pass look alike and completely customizable. If you wear a balaclava, do you try to order a helmet size up? I wear a neck only balaclava and it makes zipping up my jacket around my neck next to impossible and gets in the way of my chin strap.
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    Please try today. It's was not a problem with WheelLog but some problem that was present on the euc.world server side. This should be fixed as for now.
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    There was nothing wrong with the acceleration on 1.06 just the throttling was crap I'll go on 1.07 today and do some tests so then i can compare 👍
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    Is the tyre centered properly , turn off the lift sensor in app and lift your wheel so it spins does it wobble... You'll have to control the speed when you lift it though Otherwise let some pressure out and try again and just give you time to adjust 👍
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    Thanks for the awesome feedback @ElectricRemi!!! It's feedback like this that both humbles us and makes us so proud to be giving back to the EUC Community!
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    Not sure about all the new tires like the new 3” ones, but the 9bz10 is the only tire rated to carry a 200 pound man, idk maybe the monster tire is. If the tire is rated at say 175 pounds at 50 psi, that’s what it means. My s2 is max pressure 50 and I’ve got 55 in it right now, and if I was trying to whoa Bob on a leash, thereby adding weight by my braking action on the wheel, the sidewalls crumple and the wheel will wobble out from under me. ask me how I know that. I’m no expert rider or tire expert, but I do know if u overload a tire, u will get sidewall deflection, that can create a very dangerous situation, I know, I used to put in vault doors for living, they could really squash my big trailers tires.
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    Made it. Love this wheel. To celebrate, I got myself hit by a car. Woot! aaaaand my picture didn't upload.... this is the best I can do... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KFtM72ryzEbKXrYcWBeyp0JqufenUwv_
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    @Mike SacristanI ride every day on my 16x to work very early with temp (2-5-7c) I ride about 20km at average speed (34-40km/h) and it use (20% bat <3-4v>) and in summer was using (12-15%),the coldest the temp, the fastest the bat drain... 👉👉 (fw 1.07)... On a side note is anybody else getting forward tilt on(fw 1.07), it doesn't do it as often as before but still is happening other than that 👍👍👍👍to the new fw
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    Sounds good! Sounds... smelly.
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    According to my understanding yes, because the BT patch directly updates the BT module. So independent of the firmware for mainboard.
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    Went for a ride with Monika and Petra and bumped into some swans today. And also got my first taste of terrible battery performance. Half the range of what I normally get on the MSX in single digit cold. Guess i'm going to make a fur coat for my 16X. I posted a topic in the Kingsong part of the forum. I know it's a cool running wheel but give me break! 43km....
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    That looks like the brake wobbles I encountered from the beginning with this wheel. Not firmware related. Just speed related. For me there were 2 solutions: run very low pressure on your tire and it will be gone, or swap the tire. I swapped tires and for me the problem is solved. Then again this is a big ME post. It's a personal thing.
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    Just confirmed: 5V logic power died on my KS16X. Waiting on King Song for parts.
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    Wow, Green and Fashion really has fallen from grace. Blatant lies. Buyer feedback (on this forum) also isn't exactly good recently.
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    That is a serious issue and you would be better getting a new controller board or a replacement clone type of board you don't have the equipment to disconnect the chip off the board and most likely can reconnect it back.
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    There are 2 81 years old persons in France riding it (and making the local news because of it, with interview): https://www.lejdc.fr/dornes-58390/actualites/le-nivernais-de-81-ans-qui-pratique-la-gyroroue-invite-par-un-iserois-du-meme-age-et-adepte-du-meme-mode-de-deplacement_13524008/ https://www.lejdc.fr/dornes-58390/loisirs/le-dornois-raymond-tabesse-81-ans-a-troque-ses-cannes-pour-une-gyroroue_13514565/ So retirement and EUC are definitely compatible!
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    My great grandmother lived in a retirement community back in the 1960’s. She was labeled a witch for riding a two wheeled bike in her late 80’s. .......Come to think of it? ..... She was a mean lady. They might have been calling her something else. She died on her 100th birthday ............. house fire - too many candles. Just Kidding. She died in her sleep on the morning of her 100th birthday. She was mean though. She gave all her money to a zoo to spite her kids. ( Iguana habitats ) not kidding.
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    My guess is that almost all present wheels would overheat and stop if you tried running them up Baldwin at 15 mph, but that they would be ok at slower speeds. Baldwin street is over 1km long; on a similar length street with the grade being a mere 6 percent (3 degrees), all my wheels heat up significantly, as somewhere between 140-160 degrees the KS wheels start tilting back, then kick you off above that. Now I've been on public/private access roads that were much steeper than Baldwin. Absolutely no problem so long as there's traction, but overheating is a real problem if you try cranking it. You can zig zag downhill. I recommend everyone do this, because once you get above a certain speed on a runaway wheel then you're essentially going to do a bail at high speed, with every second you delay making the crash worse.
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    == Day ? - Sat, 9/28/2019 == = Prologue = I've been doing a lot of seated riding, so I ordered the 16X seat from e-wheels, paying $85 for the express airdrop option. An hour later, I get an e-mail from Jason, refunding me $85 and apologizing for all the issues I've been encountering (Nikola 💥 and 16X pedal dip). I'm confused why the order was canceled - I guess they're out of stock? Also pleasantly surprised by Kingsong picking up on my forum post and/or youtube video. Nice 🐌. I re-read the e-mail and wow: My reaction: Wow. That's next level customer service and yet another reason to get your wheels from @Jason McNeil - it's like he's running a non-profit. I arrived home last night at 993 miles + the seat waiting for me. So naturally, I set aside today to make a special ride: 16X seat + 1000 mile /Prologue Not much to say but I present to you a most special treat: join me as I hit 1000 miles: == Edit == Forgot to mention a scary moment on my ride back. Going downhill ~25mph (what I consider the safe threshold cruising speed), and suddenly transition into uphill. I didn't back off fast enough, and the combination of a sudden uphill + my momentum forward caused a big pedal dip. It felt like 30-35°. Luckily I was in a more neutral foot position and not leaning forward, so I was able stick my butt back and recover. That would've been a bad place to spill as well (faceplanting on uphill? oof).
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    I've added an incentive for @Marcglider. A brand new 16X for him to ride on this adventure. Ordered one from Jason after @Marty Backe posted initial impressions video. Hopfully will have chance to break it in coming week. Asked Jason about a adaptor from Gotway fast charger to 16X. There is a solution Jason is hooking me up again thanks Jason.
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    Stats Joke: Three statisticians go out hunting together. After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and overshoots. The second aims and undershoots. The third shouts out "We got him!" ...It's funny if you majored in math! (Okay, maybe not.)
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