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    Glorious weather today, possibly the last warm day of the year. Nicely framed view while going through a patch of forest. I've been told you can see that it's autumn from the deep blue sky color. And of course from the tree leaves and the fact that supposedly we will get negative °C the coming nights. Wonderful mossy greens. Wish my phone took better pictures. Route goes between cornfields... Views
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    I was trying to spot @Marty Backe riding around in that promo video, but oh well no such luck. Maybe it’s finally time for a drone, Marty!! I saw this video on Youtube, and thought geez this is exactly what EUC Youtubers need! Hopefully it lives up to it’s claims. Too bad the arms can't be swivelled in for compact storage. I wonder whether it can spot overhead power lines...
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    So I'm running with 1.05. What exactly does "smoother" mean? Multiple people have said this. Nothing about the wheel feels rough to me. I'm not noticing vibrations, etc. Maybe I'll have to wait until I change the firmware, but I'm still not inclined to do so.
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    $999 Made in U.S.A 360 omnidirectional AI driven obstacle avoidance system 4K 60fps HDR / 1080p 120fps 12MP HDR photo 36mph top speed 2.2 miles range with $150 controllers 1 miles range with $150 beacon Pre-order (ships around November) https://www.skydio.com/
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    How much ampere does it have? Why just up to 82.4V? Just to stay in the constant current phase or did nothing more "happen" Within 158 minutes (2.6h) with ?2A? there was an average voltage of (74.38+82.4)/2=78.39V. That would be 2.6*2*78.39=408Wh. That's the energy delivered by the charger to the battery. The battery was charged (very roughly) for 50%. So 100% would be 2*407=814, but the 16x has 1554Wh - about twice of this. So one pack seems to be offline (if your charging was just while the constant current phase and the charging current was about 2A)
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    In the wheel settings in the King Song app, there is the "Voice Control" section, where you can turn on/off bluetooth audio, as well as turn off the vocal warnings in exchange for beeps. 👍 EDIT: I just realized that when I updated to V1.07, I turned bluetooth music back on in case that was the reason why I couldn't get the app to download the update (it wasn't). I turned it back off, and on the way home I'll try flicking the pedals again, though I'm kinda skeptical. EDIT 2: Yeah, I can still get the pedals to tilt. Doesn't work every time, but I can do it. The battery didn't get down below 70V, but I didn't get throttled down to 19mph. I was able to ride the whole way at 25mph no problem!
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    Nostaa siihen isompaan vedettävään kauppakoriin tai kärryyn. Ei ainaka pöllitä ku käyt kaupassa. Vitsi ku sillä sais tehä viä ostokset. Kävis mielellään isommissa marketeissa kruisailee . Isi haki kaupasta maitoo meni 2h. Mten 3 on senverran hauska laite et ois kiva omistaa.
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    That does not look like the only thing that needs replacing I have just ordered a new Wheel/Motor for mine
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    Omg, thank you for this. I’m still on 1.05 and it’s been doing the slow, steep forward tilt and recently after struggling to plow through some strangely-thick grass it suddenly lost half the torque. I checked to voltage (76) and temp (46c) so everything seemed to be fine. Walked into this cafe to check the app (I only have WiFi enabled iPad) and saw your post. I will test now... UPDATE (5 minutes later): Lightening!! I think it’s faster than before, lol. Thanks again - serendipitous!
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    I rode a bit tonight and as soon as I turned it on I checked the cell voltages. Battery1 was f-d up again. I power-cycle the Z10, check again, and all appears normal. What??? So I rode it with no problems until I got inside (~2 miles) and started trolley-ing. The Z10 starts beeping; check the App; cell1 voltage differential warning; cell voltages all over the place... Reboot, beeping goes away. On my way out I check again before I start riding - all appears normal. I ride for another 4 or 5 miles then check the app before I put the wheel in my car - same warning, off kilter cell voltages, etc. Am I crazy? Is this a software issue?
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    Price went from to "just like the DJIs" in one generation... nice!
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    Probably just psychosomatic. I think while the Bluetooth was on it was constantly interfering with the performance as it hunted for my iPad pairing. Once I turned it off it was suddenly consistently zippy & responsive . It has inspired a riding style like Chooch Tech, a sort of roller rink dancing style, darting left & right, carving.
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    @HarpMuddUSA Hostels in Hollywood; wanted the extra cash for vacation entertainment instead of the hotel stay
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    I was wearing boots and knee pads, but no shin guards. I was riding at night ran off into the grass because the sidewalk abruptly ended. I bogged down and had to bail ... and one of the pedals hit me in the shin. Um, ya, I deserved that... Basically you had no protection, no alarms, and crashed and didn't get hurt = SUPER LUCKY
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    Anyone heard of of tried the Avitar v2 from New Olders. It is a TSG Pass look alike and completely customizable. If you wear a balaclava, do you try to order a helmet size up? I wear a neck only balaclava and it makes zipping up my jacket around my neck next to impossible and gets in the way of my chin strap.
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    Hi, Small question : It was purchased last June 2019, but the serial number shows a batch as '1832' (Year 2018 Week 32). Do you know if 1832 batch have fixed the 2 following issues : - components melting-down issue - battery vampire drain Kristo.
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    Yep, something's wrong. A few days ago I rode 45 km at 9C temperature and had 59% left on my 18XL (at rest). And BTW, balancing charge can take up to 10 hours. It's good to do it in every 10-20 cycles anyway and in any wheel. But your problem is most likely not that.
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    Impossible to say without knowing how the firmware handles the BMS data, or what is the role of the component in question. So, kind of pointless to even guess, but could be that some BMS values are reset or re-read at reboot.
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    Is it normal with KS that the 1st and 2nd speed alarm only works when voice prompts are deactivated? If Voice Prompts is activated, only the 3rd Speed Alarm works. Of course it would be stupid if "Please decelerate" sounds at every alarm level, but at least it could give out the beeps for the 1st and 2nd alarm and then "please decelerate" for the 3rd alarm. The vibrating alarm on my smartphone doesn't work for me either, no matter if voice prompts are enabled or disabled. Yesterday I couldn't hear the warning "Please decelerate" anymore in strong headwinds above 40km/h, so the vibration alarm would be important for me. WheelLog can do that, but it is not comparable, because only fixed values work.
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    Tbh I've never really noticed the z10 losing range when it's cold ,i don't ride it as much as my msx 16x though I'll try take notice next time it's cold and take it out 😬🥶 Ofc you can carry on practicing. Only precautions i would take is wear saftey gear lol ,as regarding the z10 just charge it up if your going out long time because batteries don't like cold and they run down quicker and can limit your range I wouldn't worry too much about riding in the cold it will probly bother you more than the wheel,, go practice 👍👍😁
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    I have done a lot of riding in the cold on my MSX. Even on snow and on ice. There are quite a few other riders who have done the same. I don't know too many Z10 riders though but maybe @stephen can chime in if he has been riding his Z10 in the cold.
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    Just wanted to point out that you are referring to my post and Gytis as from the same person. With my numbers I was trying to give an example of what i consider smoother (same amount of acceration in the same time but with smaller incremental steps) which isn't slower.
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    Are you talking about the word smoother or actual experience? Smoother acceleration to me would be (given that it's PWM controlled): x time at step y in which both x and y are reduced ... So if going from 20% to 40% (power) it might be 20-25-30-35-40 before while its now 20-22.5-25-27.5 etc in the same timespan.
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    Not sure about all the new tires like the new 3” ones, but the 9bz10 is the only tire rated to carry a 200 pound man, idk maybe the monster tire is. If the tire is rated at say 175 pounds at 50 psi, that’s what it means. My s2 is max pressure 50 and I’ve got 55 in it right now, and if I was trying to whoa Bob on a leash, thereby adding weight by my braking action on the wheel, the sidewalls crumple and the wheel will wobble out from under me. ask me how I know that. I’m no expert rider or tire expert, but I do know if u overload a tire, u will get sidewall deflection, that can create a very dangerous situation, I know, I used to put in vault doors for living, they could really squash my big trailers tires.
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    Finally a cold rider! 20km took my battery down to 50% today with the MSX still at 75%. I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! I am still on fw 1.05 and get some forward tilt below 50% battery if I have the bluetooth speakers on and play music. You should check out the 1.07 thread and post there.
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    Attachments on this forum This forum has an attachment functionality that allows you to upload pictures and other stuff. Your space for attachments is very limited and you'll run out quickly. This forum is not meant to store lots of your data. For serious posting of pictures and videos (and other big stuff), use an external image host or video site (or cloud file storage). The attachments on this site are just a small extra to get started and attach small things or very few pictures quickly and easily. You cannot delete attachments. If you want an attachment deleted, contact the site staff. The attachment functionality may not be available for very new users to prevent abuse. Uploading Pictures If you want to post more than a couple of pictures, we recommend using an image host. An image host is a website specialized to store your images so the general public can see them online. There are tons of free ones, so choose the one you like best. They are usually frictionless and quick to use. Examples are https://imgbb.com/ or https://imgur.com/ Many image hosts even allow quick and anonymous uploading without an account. Beware, that means you cannot delete images after the fact (but you can edit them out of your posts on this forum). Simply paste a picture's address (URL) in the text entry box and it will display - see below. Uploading Videos Videos are best hosted on YouTube or another video site. YouTube videos can be embedded in your post instead of just showing the link. Simply paste the address (URL) and the video should embed automatically - see below. Pictures and videos from your cloud storage You can also post pictures (and other things) from your personal cloud storage like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc. Cloud storage is usually meant for your private data. If you post a picture or other thing from your cloud storage, make sure the permissions are set to public so everyone can see it. Careful! It may display correctly for you because you are logged in to your cloud storage, but other people cannot see what you posted. Best to check in another browser or from another device (where you are not logged in to your cloud storage) that the general public can see what you posted. How to display pictures in a post - "Help, my pictures won't show!" To display a picture in your post, simply copy and paste its address (URL) into your text entry box. It will automatically display instead of showing the link. Do not use the "link" button in the tool bar, because it will produce a clickable link instead of directly displaying the picture. But if you want to produce a clickable link and not display the picture, this is how you do it. Many websites and image hosts will not give you an easy way to get the full image URL and will provide only a shortened embed link of some kind. This often happens if you use a provided "Share" button. Sometimes these short embed links work when pasted into the forum, sometimes these won't work and the picture will not be displayed, instead you only get a text link. HTML code and similar also won't work. If the picture doesn't embed into your post on this forum, you have to manually copy and paste it's full URL (hotlinking). You can get the full URL by right-clicking the image (or long-tapping on mobile) and choosing "copy image address" or "copy link" (or similar) in your browser. Here's an example: This picture has been uploaded to https://imgbb.com/, and they provide this shortened embed link to copy and paste for you. But it displays only as text link, not as a photo! Right-clicking the image and choosing "copy image address" gives the full URL: If you paste the full URL into a post, it will display as image, like this: How to display videos in a post - "Help, my YouTube video won't embed!" To embed a YouTube video, copy and paste its URL into your post. Here's an example of a full YouTube URL: Note how it is "youtube.com". Pasting the link will automatically embed the video, like this: Do not use the "link" button in the tool bar, because it will produce a clickable link instead of embedding the video. But if you want to produce a clickable link and not embed the video, this is how you do it. Previously, pasting a shortened YouTube link would not embed the video, but that seems fixed now. You get such a shortened link by using YouTube's "Share" functionality. Here's the shortened link for the same video: Note how it is "youtu.be". Pasting this link will also automatically embed the video (that used to be different, nice!). If you ever have problems with a YouTube video not embedding, just paste its full address (youtube.com/...) and it will work. Embedding videos only works with YouTube, not other video sites.
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    According to my understanding yes, because the BT patch directly updates the BT module. So independent of the firmware for mainboard.
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    If these were the only three scenarios, then I would have to go with #2 that happened to me. I was accelerating , not any harder than i've done before, but I probably got to a slightly higher speed. The incline was very slightly downhill, it was VERY little grade, but worth mentioning, but even a very little amount with my 210lbs that day helped me to accelerate a tiny bit faster. It all happened in a split second, but it pretty much tossed me off in the forward direction or cut out, i dunno, it was so fast. There was no chance to brake. I did not hear any beeps until I was tossed. I react very well to beeps. it was not noisy and I was not wearing a helmet, so I would have heard them. I don't know that the V10F would do this as it doesn't accelerate that fast. I mean it's fast, but the MCM5 accelerates like no other wheel I've tried. Not that I'm a super hard accelerator, but I do do a LOT of hills, and at times I feel like i'm on my tippy toes getting V10F to go faster. I would never do that with the MCM5 as it would actually go!
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    Still too early for me, gonna stay on 1.05. But for those stuck on 1.06, this is good news offcourse.
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    Went for a ride with Monika and Petra and bumped into some swans today. And also got my first taste of terrible battery performance. Half the range of what I normally get on the MSX in single digit cold. Guess i'm going to make a fur coat for my 16X. I posted a topic in the Kingsong part of the forum. I know it's a cool running wheel but give me break! 43km....
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    When I read the post you replied to That clip was first thing I though off. This is a pretty good tutorial video. I just didn't recall the title.
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    Sorry no. The tiltback had nothing to do with your accident(1). It will happen the same with tiltback disabled - please be careful! Exactly - the solution is to accelerate slowly and carfully at higher speeds! If you accelerate hard to the limit with the V10 you'd most probably won't get/notice any tiltback before overleaning. Like with the last reported KS18Xl overlean... Edit: (1) In reality there are three different scenarious: -1- One accelerates so hard, that one hits the motor limit below tilt back speed - then there is not tiltback starting and hence nothing happening by/beeing influenced by the tiltback. One just overleans.... -2- For less accelerations but still high burdens there is a "small" area, where tiltback speed is very close to the motor limit. If one "accelerates" into this "area" the tiltback tries to accelerate the wheel (so the pedals tilt up) and by this the motor limit is hit a fraction of a second earlier. But one would have hit it anyway just this fraction of a second later by accelerating. So no real difference... If one is very "sensitive/experienced" and feels this extra acceleration by the tiltback starting to do this extra acceleration one could see this as last warning and try to break immedeately. Could give one a last chance - maybe everything is happening too fast and imperceptible in such a situation that it just doesn't matter -3- One is in the region with enough safety (torque) margin once tilt back kicks in. Then one just gets a tiltback. Nothing more, nothing less. The reason many GW drivers disable the tiltback (beside wanting to reach new speed records) is because the faster one accelerates into the tiltback the stronger it tilts the pedals. This can be very discomforting, especially at higher speeds. On the other side on should consider that without such a discomforting tiltback with such accelerations an overlean is just some seconds (if even a full second) away...
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    That is a serious issue and you would be better getting a new controller board or a replacement clone type of board you don't have the equipment to disconnect the chip off the board and most likely can reconnect it back.
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    From Facebook it looks like @Afeez Kay just got a 100V Nikola with 21700s! https://www.facebook.com/Afeez.trymyev/posts/1015789525419128 @Afeez Kay Battery size? Can you make pictures of the internals and battery packs?
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    There are 2 81 years old persons in France riding it (and making the local news because of it, with interview): https://www.lejdc.fr/dornes-58390/actualites/le-nivernais-de-81-ans-qui-pratique-la-gyroroue-invite-par-un-iserois-du-meme-age-et-adepte-du-meme-mode-de-deplacement_13524008/ https://www.lejdc.fr/dornes-58390/loisirs/le-dornois-raymond-tabesse-81-ans-a-troque-ses-cannes-pour-une-gyroroue_13514565/ So retirement and EUC are definitely compatible!
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    The price of these Oakley Mod 5 snowboarding helmet went down and it comes in different colors too.
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    Um.......ah........ Didn’t your Nikola Plus like blow up causing your group to run away like a hand grenade had just landed? :-) Just saying. Enjoy your 16X while your Nikola is in recovery.
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    == Day ? - Sat, 9/28/2019 == = Prologue = I've been doing a lot of seated riding, so I ordered the 16X seat from e-wheels, paying $85 for the express airdrop option. An hour later, I get an e-mail from Jason, refunding me $85 and apologizing for all the issues I've been encountering (Nikola 💥 and 16X pedal dip). I'm confused why the order was canceled - I guess they're out of stock? Also pleasantly surprised by Kingsong picking up on my forum post and/or youtube video. Nice 🐌. I re-read the e-mail and wow: My reaction: Wow. That's next level customer service and yet another reason to get your wheels from @Jason McNeil - it's like he's running a non-profit. I arrived home last night at 993 miles + the seat waiting for me. So naturally, I set aside today to make a special ride: 16X seat + 1000 mile /Prologue Not much to say but I present to you a most special treat: join me as I hit 1000 miles: == Edit == Forgot to mention a scary moment on my ride back. Going downhill ~25mph (what I consider the safe threshold cruising speed), and suddenly transition into uphill. I didn't back off fast enough, and the combination of a sudden uphill + my momentum forward caused a big pedal dip. It felt like 30-35°. Luckily I was in a more neutral foot position and not leaning forward, so I was able stick my butt back and recover. That would've been a bad place to spill as well (faceplanting on uphill? oof).
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    Here is the non slip material I used for the outer layer of the pad which by itself has adequate grip. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/99?loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fp%2F1948423053%3Fiid%3D251452617990
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    Great riding with all to K-Food in Jersey today with the Toronto folk! @Jack Frost @Diana @Ben Kim @chulander
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    He is too heavy (220 lbs). Driving this wheel can be dangerous, especially at his age. The battery in this wheel has only 40 cells.
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    If money is not a concern like you said, the V8 should never be on your list.
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    Tesla uses different chemistry and design itself of the batteries.
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    If that is true, that totally disqualifies the 21700s for EUC usage. They can get that hot just from the wheel standing in the sun or something, let alone any real usage! I sincerely hope that's false and Gotway isn't developing right towards a firestorm with their 21700 initiative.
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    Love this. Unfortunately, I suspect that "it's fairly straight forward once you have everything in place" means that this will not be possible for 98% of the owners out there.
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    Wow wow wow!!! You get cookies 🍪🍪🍪 Please post a detailed guide, exact tools and pics
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    My 16X shipment is now about 9000 km from me... What does that count for?
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    And the trolling potential is just oh so much more - IIRC @Ben Kimwanted the intro to My Little Pony playing at 100% volume I’ve gotten really busy lately, so I won’t have much time to look into this, but looks like @redfoxdudeis taking the lead On another note, I asked @Jason McNeil for a sample for us to reverse engineer - he mentioned that disabling the tone is on Gotway’s todo list, and he’s going to bug them about it.
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    Stats Joke: Three statisticians go out hunting together. After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and overshoots. The second aims and undershoots. The third shouts out "We got him!" ...It's funny if you majored in math! (Okay, maybe not.)
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