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    I finally got to ride on my CYT H-5167. I swapped out the controller board for my original one (found a burn mark on the defective board) and rode 5 miles home from work (taking the long route). It's going to take longer to make a full assessment of the new tire, but I think I'm going to like it a lot. It didn't take long to adjust to it, maybe that was coming from riding my V8 for a couple of days. The wheel felt responsive, but stable. I did uncover some wobbles, but these seemed significantly milder than on the CX tire. I didn't really try to stop them by locking my knees, I just left myself experience them. Cornering was easy, as was carving.
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    Dust and dirt inside housing. Here are a few places where a lot of dust and dirt gets inside the housing. Here are my attempts to minimize this. no dirt problem, but while you're at it, it's better to secure the magnet with tape from falling out (this has happened several times before) foam rubber (top thinner / bottom thicker) Protect speaker with thin cloth. Unfortunately I didn't have a special black water-repellent fabric at hand, like @Marty Backe used for the Nikola loudspeaker mod. Metal sheet below the pedal hanger (the biggest place where dirt gets in) But I am not satisfied with the seal at all.
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    Cracked 1000 miles this morning. Still riding daily and don't intend to change from this as my primary form of transportation any time soon. I'm wondering how many miles I'll get out of this tire before its dangerous in the wet. I'd hope at least another 1000 miles but we shall see.
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    I already mounted the tire and found out that the old tire and the new tire are not sitting properly on the rim and have a 2-3 mm radial and lateral runout exactly at the valve position. The reason for this is that the valve hole is drilled too far outside and the tyre cannot slide into the rim bed. Pressing, squeezing and pulling everything did not help, not even with lubricant. The old tire already has a strong pressure point through the valve. I had to mill the valve hole 3mm to the inside (hole is now oval), so that the tire had enough space to slide on the rim bed. Now the tyre sits properly without any lateral or radial runout. Here are some pictures of the original condition. If this looks the same, you should check the roundness.
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    That could be. @Rama Douglas make sure Marty doesn’t cheat.
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    Saw people asking Vicky about it for quite some time, and she finally said "Okay!" then they started working on them. Seems like its a month out and they're doing preorder but theres no price listed. A friend told me it'll be the same as the 16X seat. Which I also don't know the price of, lmao. But heres the render of it. What do you guys think? I recently had to fit my XL with a new inner frame as my last one broke, but I now have the white frame, which is holding up beautifully. I havent heard any reports on that frame breaking before, but people werent sitting on it. Ive seen people warn against it and so on, so what are we thinking about this official one? The way its positioned, will it help distribute weight? Are other big wheels with seats made differently to allow them to hold the users weight safely/more efficiently? I did a search to see if this thread was already made and didnt see it so i made it. If im wrong, mods, please feel free to delete my thread! Thanks!
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    KS announced a 16" wheel and with 45kmh speed capability. Some people got very loud yelling deal breaker. KS listen and changed to 50 kmh limit. At that point none knew the purpose of the wheel, only numbers on paper. Once a product then reach a customer some will test its limits. It is hard to blow/whistle and have your mouth full of flour at the same time. So what we ended up with is a wheel that do some really amazing things in regards of climbing. Acceleration and braking... But if speed is your game...this comes at a cost. Engineers can test many things, but end users somehow just find a way to go that but further. Now I have been traveling to Stockholm the past few days for the purpose of riding EUC (my KS16X) with other EUC riders and other pev. I love this wheel even more every mile I put into it. Now in 2 days I did 80km which is a lot for me (most km in 2 days in a row). I ride with my voice warning at 35kmh and tiltback at 40kmh. This wheel is not a speedster, despite it can go fast. Point: you either whistle or you hold the flour. You ride at speed but the safe zone, to do that with demard created, no matter of motors Watts or battery capacity, comes at a cost. But to me the KS16X really shines in maneuverability, acceleration, deceleration, off road grip. The range I can get is beyond my skills, I any throttling with my speeds is a non-issue. Do/did others expect something else, apparently. But I am very happy with my wheel and fw 1.06.
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    Bluetooth Music Volume is too low? I've often read that some people criticize the volume as too low, so I wanted to give a hint in case it wasn't noticed. In the Kingsong App under Settings > Voice control > The volume keys control not only the voice prompts, but unfortunately also the Bluetooth music volume. Irrespective of whether the volume is set to 100% on the smartphone. For example, if this is set to 50% in the KS app, only 50% comes out of the speaker even if the full volume is set on the smartphone. Therefore it is not possible to hear the full music volume and at the same time keep the stupid voice announcements very quiet. Actually untypical for Bluetooth version 5.0. Next tip: When using the Android Equalizer I get a clearer sound at high volume with these settings. It gets louder as well. If I don't hear so loud, the bass can also be put back in the middle.
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    Paint and pads Thx for the kind words guys
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    @Unventor is in Stockholm visiting. So of course we went for a little cruise.
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    Tire sit not properly on the rim. Changed the tire from Dalishen CX321 to CST C-1488 and found out that the old tire and the new tire are not sitting properly on the rim and have a 2-3 mm radial and lateral runout exactly at the valve position. The reason for this is that the valve hole is drilled too far outside and the tyre cannot slide into the rim bed. Pressing, squeezing and pulling everything did not help, not even with lubricant. The old tire already has also a pressure point at the valve position. I had to mill the valve hole 3mm to the inside (hole is now oval), so that the tire had enough space to slide on the rim bed. Now the tyre sits properly without any lateral or radial runout. Here are some pictures of the original condition. If this looks the same, you should check the roundness.
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    So an event showed up in my Facebook feed, and I responded to the city that's hosting it if e-Bikes and EUC's are permitted, and they replied that we are welcome. Now I have several times over the years either surpassed road bikers wearing full spandex gear with them saying something snarky like I'm cheating or whatever they say with their pretentious hobby that's likely even more expensive than mine. I reserved my ticket for the longest range circuit the city has created, 60km, which my EUC has absolutely no trouble doing on one charge. Have any one of you done something similar, give me some advice if you ever faced these pretentious twats, and have any one-liners I can respond to them when I breeze past them, especially uphills? Thanks! https://www.markham.ca/wps/portal/home/about/events/signature-city-event/markham-cycling-day/?fbclid=IwAR2DQ4hkc5q42mbTcYzVW6bmrJJrpwHB42A9DxWnG2FzzoTn-0vT_A6iBl4
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    "I'm here for a good time, not for a long time!" is my reply. Or, "If I'm doing work then I damned well better be getting paid for it". Sounds very similar to my one negative cyclist encounter: Him and his buddy were cruising along at about 22mph, looking as though they were trying very hard to go fast. I blew by both of them at around 25mph, (they were of course, riding two abreast) and I hear one of them say something like "that's not right" and saw one of them go full sprint to try to keep up, standing up in the pedals and jerking the bike side-to-side. I stayed ahead easily until we reached the next pedestrian crossing where I had to stop and wait for traffic. He pulls up next to me and says "keep that thing on the road". Then takes off as fast as he is capable. I stay behind him, but keeping a safe distance, while he proceeds to go flat out with a complete disregard for the pedestrians, dog walkers, and parents with small kids. I slow down for all of them, but catch back up to him once clear. Eventually he blows though a pedestrian crossing that I'm not about to risk getting hit by a car to make, and that's the last I see of him. The vast majority of my encounters have been positive, though.
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    Most cyclists are great but I did meet one like this. I was on the 18XL and he was cycling his a** off to try and lose me, which of course wasn't possible as the run was all either pretty much level ground or slightly uphill. He was working so hard to stay ahead, and given that he was maintaining a pretty decent speed, I thought I'd be polite and not pass him. After about 2.5km we had to stop for a light and he made a snarky remark about how much exercise I wasn't getting. *** My general approach is try and turn the conversation to the notion that bikes and wheels are allies in the fight to reduce the number of cars on the road, and get better bike path infrastructure. Often you don't you don't really get the chance though. The two times I have met snarky cyclists (that time and one other) they said their piece and then took off like they were terrified bunnies afraid I was going to run them down and give them some what for in return. *** Also, I did attend one city-held cycling event after asking if alternative transport were okay. They were very welcoming. I invited another wheeler along and he was of the mindset that for sure there would be fisticuffs with cyclist participants before the day was done. He could not have been more wrong. They were all very friendly and of the same mindset as most other people we meet -- what is that thing, boy that sure is cool etc. It might have helped that I try to be a bit outgoing in such events, but not too much.
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    The wheel must lay on the side while updating the firmware. 1. Switch 16X on 2. Lay on the side 3. Start the update 4. After update switch off 5. Switch on 6. Make a calibration
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    Based in NYC. Looking to upgrade from a V8.
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    Fair enough... I suppose it would have been nearly impossible to work that out.
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    Old people often put a zimmer frame in their boot when driving somewhere, then take them out of their boot when reaching their destination and use it to help them walk. (There, another word having a different meaning in other countries to confuse you more ;-) ) Ps, change Zimmer frame to walker, and boot to trunk, and it will all make sense
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    Hi there, I had the idea last weekend. We were on a tour with 5 people and went into a beer garden for lunch. We all wanted to charge up our wheels of cause and we were allowed, but we only found one outlet in the near of our table. Luckily one friend brought an adapter(1-3) but we were 5. The two others took another outlet somewhere else. I just finished my tour-friendly charger cable. European(german) plug of cause. If I find a power outlet, anyone else can put another charger in. Or I can plug it between anything that's plugged anyhow. Switchable, because that's what this adaptor was meant for and why not. I made the cable very short, so it packs decent small in my lumbar pack.
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    That might need translating for the US. Here they call them walking frames.
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    I noticed the very same when I split mine too But tended to be at the rear
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    And it will recharge your wheel at the same time!!!
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    yes there was.. you should ask them and if they say they dont know i would go with any euc reseller, or even ali or ebay.. because if you know nothing at all about eucs then youre right maybe they never heard of anything and its just been sitting there who knows, i doubt it but i wouldnt risk it if they say they have no idea lol
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    Cool, thanks! But was there actually an official recall of the product from Inmotion? Cheapest option for me in Belgium seems to order online from Fnac, which is specialized mostly in books and multimedia. Since I don't think they sell a lot of EUC's, I have no idea if I'm ordering something that's been sitting in a warehouse for over a year or something that came in recently.
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    nope.. i have ridden thousands of km in heavy rain.. and like i said took apart many eucs including both the v5f and v8.. they have an ip rating and are as waterproof as an euc can get.. yes, the v10 did have first batch issues which have all been resolved under warranty and fixed in batches from then on.. the v5 and v8 had no such issues ever.. take it apart yourself if you think for some reason im making it up lol.. the location of the batteries and the fact they they have a plastic casing of their own as well as being wrapped makes them impervious to water ingress and the boards like i said have their own separate compartment which is sealed with a gasket.. nothing less than throwing it in a lake is going to cause water damage if you ask me.. as for every other euc ive opened, they have no such waterproofing and depending on how tight the shell is and the location of the board, they could be susceptible to water damage, even though i have never personally seen it and know that tons of people on here ride all sorts of wheels in heavy rain it could happen especially if you were to have the euc tilted or laid on its side
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    Thanks Chriull, I have seen a very thin red wire, next to a bundle of three, where two of them are very thick (red&blue) The battery pack is labelled "KS-16S", 7Ah, 403Wh (where have my other 17Wh gone?) I will not try the fireworks think, of course. I am waiting for the replacement of my shop (they say they will try to fix the battery pack first) In the mean time I have decided to just go with the "safe" one, riding only when needed and slowly. thx,
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    The S series from KS has some third wire connection between the battery pack? Could be, that by this the packs are somehow syncronized? But, if not (or the battery voltage wires get contact while connecting the plugs before the sync wire) one could get fireworks as @mrelwood wrote. I would not never try to connect two packs with such a voltage difference. I would also never use a pack with a bad cell - you should replace it! In such a - very rare - case one battery should shut down and the other one works on. Never was really into the function of this third wire between the batteries. And can't really remember a detailed report. I am also not 100% sure if all the S models have this sync wire?
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    Berlin, no problems. The gloves arrived on Wednesday. They fit perfectly !! Thanks
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    Peddle height well it is one thing, but since the KS16X can turn different to what I can do on my KS18L it feels and behave different. Very controlled. As compared to a MSX I can't say anything about that, except height is one thing, practical use is different. I like to Jason (XL) peddles but the come at a cost. If you ( @Marty Backe) get to test a KS16X (production angle peddles) I suggest don't look to much at numbers, it how important how it can be put into practical use. BTW looking at the video from yesterday (post above) I kid you not, my smile gets wider and wider every time I step up on the KS16X.
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    No! If you connect battery packs with a large voltage difference, there will be a huge spark as the higher voltage battery will try to ”charge” the lower voltage battery instantly. That means overvoltage for the cells in the faulty pack. Melted connectors and burnt fingers is a sure outcome, permanent battery damage is probable, and a fire from a battery meltdown is possible.
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    The whole pretentious thing is probably in your head - assume the best in people. I wouldn't really hear them since I would be snacking on a bag of flaming hot cheetos and a diet mountain dew Best way to destroy an enemy, is to make them your friend - I offer cheetos as I stroll next to them
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    Yeah, Sketchers are a bit of a fashion faux paux. Sorry, but I’m trying to help those of us along in years. I had bad foot pain and got VANS and put in plantar fasciitis inserts from CVS and now I literally can ride all day without issue. I started feeling some discomfort recently, after 4K+ miles riding on these shoes, replaced the inserts and I’m golden again. Conditioning and relaxing helps immensely but inserts may be the key?
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    Dust and dirt inside housing after just 25 km from new (20km clean pavement / 5 km forrest) Maybe this helps a little bit >>> Newest mods First mod
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    More like 21(?)/18 for the real world outer tire diameters. Also, isn't the Nikola beeping at your speeds? There's hard motor RPM constraints so the beeps are there for a reason. Just saying Before you die because you don't want to believe that you can't test a EUC's top speed without crashing
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    Chooch was going down a steep hill when he hit 49mph. There’s no way you’d even come close to 51mph. But that’s a bet I wouldn’t make with you for your safety 😄
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    Ooh yeah you reminded me how good it is ..i need to keep riding it now and again ,i do love it when I'm on,. Forget i ever s said anything 😁😂
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    I've asked kingsong if they would consider limiting speed to 26mph at 70v down to 67v so it would still be in the safe zone
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    War ich beim ersten Mal noch etwas nervös, ist es mittlerweile Routine geworden mit dem Einrad zum Supermarkt zu fahren. Ursprünglich wollte ich das 16x kaufen, aber wegen des hohen Gewichts (24 kg) habe ich mich fürs Gotway Tesla (19 kg) entschieden. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Performance und der Stabiliät beim Fahren. Es ist kein Problem damit einen schweren Rucksack mit Getränken zu transportieren. Das ich nicht mehr mit dem Auto zum Einkaufen fahre hat (ausser dem Umweltaspekt) den Vorteil, dass ich abends den Parkplatz nicht mehr aufgeben muss. Einen Parkplatz abends zu finden ist in Berlin Mitte ein großes Problem. Zum Beweis, dass auch das Tesla in die Einradhalterung bei Edeka passt .. folgendes Foto ..
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    Yes, we have two training options; Free - and we try not to kell you. NZ$5000 - and you get a free EUC of your choice from our available stock (whether or not we kill you). Oh, and either way, we throw in an EUC Bodyguard at 1/3 off. Because we're good like that! I do try to capture a video of most riders within the first half hour or so (when they are at that comical "flappy" stage), but I would need to check with a few of them first before I can share the content. Going forward, perhaps I should get consent beforehand in future? If I can work out how they do that blurry thing for "suspected" criminals, I will see what I can post...
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    Επειδή το Σάββατο έφτασε.., να κλείσουμε για πολυτεχνειούπολη και μετά με την βοήθεια του Πέτρου που ξέρει τα μέρη να κατευθυνθουμε πανεπιστημιουπολη και να καταλήξουμε με λίγη ανάβαση Υμηττό για καφέ και συζήτηση στην καλοπούλα ? 15:30 είναι καλά ?
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    It's a tour, not a race. And you're allowed to join (and have fun enjoying the scenery), so just smile and wave, smile and wave.
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    MCM5 is not a good learning wheel. I've taught friends on all my wheels and the mten3 was the easiest for beginners. The MCM5 was the hardest for them.
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    Pretty specific data on what happened. To be thorough, you need to test with other types of music . . . rap, country, classical, etc.
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    Gloves have arrived Nice fit, and a nice little thank you message inside Looking forward to road testing them (whenever it decides to stop raining here!) Cheers @GyroRideRz
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    slime didn't work.. If I'm gonna tear apart the unicycle, would definitely prefer replacing tube than patching.. thanks
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