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    After taking an extended break from riding, I wiped off the extensive dust on my Tesla and decided to go for a ride. I can’t believe it’s been about a year now since I’ve been on an EUC! I charged it up to 100% about six months ago, and it was still fully charged so off I went. It felt strange donning on all my old riding gear, but I made sure to cinch up my sleeves on my moto jacket to avoid elbow pad slippage. My tire was at 20.5 psi so I pumped it up to 55. I have to say it’s like riding a bike - you just don’t forget the technique even after a year! The Tesla still performed flawlessly after not being on for a year. I wish I could say the same for my Ninebot E+. It doesn’t turn off using the power switch so I have to pick it up and let it spin to shut down eventually. The ride was uneventful, and it was fun getting back to riding. Hope you all keep having safe and fun rides!
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    Official Kingsong 16X Review
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    Third episode in a series of four episodes. Fifteen Southern California electric unicycle riders toured through Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California. This fun group ride was organized by @Freewheeler.
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    I really think you should give higher pressure some more time, just stick with it longer.. at first it will feel twitchy, however after adjustment you will feel the real beauty of a firm tire. I ride my Nikola at 43psi. Its the same thing with raising a bike seat, once adjusted to a higher seat the bike flies, and you will never go back
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    Ordered my 16x on thursday, arrived today, unfortunately had no time to go for a ride. But the child in me couldn't go to bed without even trying it What a difference with my ks16b. The gyro-effect is the first thing that blows you away, it's like it has a mind of its own, I tried to carve and it asks a lot of effort, my 16b carves like it was made for it. 2nd thing coming from my 16b, the noise... it's completely silent, no high pitch whine I live in a street that ends in an offroad trail, compared to my 16b, this rides like a tank, no jumping left or right when driving over stones. Really looking forward to my first real ride in daylight and fully geared up.
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    Yay! Hunka hunka back on the road , glad to see you riding again mate and you've still been some what active in the forum 👍 glad the tesla working good and battery still full it was just waiting for you 😊 don't be going crazy now and eyes on the road even if there's half dressed ladies about 😁 keep safe mate and hope your enjoying the one wheel experience again 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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    Two local news stories about an event where our main drag was closed to cars for a few hours yesterday. We ran a demo / test ride setup that appear, albeit briefly, in both stories. https://globalnews.ca/news/5812573/open-streets-jasper-avenue-edmonton-pedestrians At 13s they show me doing a cone drill; at 1:17 they show one of our crew giving a demo ride to a kid. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/how-do-we-share-the-space-downtown-street-festival-exemplifies-potential-of-jasper-avenue-1.4564209 At 26s you can see a kid getting a demo ride from behind, although they don't show the wheel; at 35s you can see a close up of the wheel as I navigate through cones; we are in the background of several of the interviews/street shots including 1:27 where they have a speed shot of me again, navigating cones, again. We did much more than those two things, but both TV stations seemed cones and kids learning were the most TV friendly shots. There were other stations there as well; if they put anything further out I'll update this message.
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    Had a fun afternoon with @Rama Douglas exploring some new to us trails at one of my favorite riding spots.
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    Look at @Kuji Rolls videos and see how impossibly well he can accelerate, twist and jump his wheels. That is what gripping your wheel can help you do (as long as you have the padding for it). There is no question that gripping the wheel for certain tasks is better then not gripping (climbing hills, jumping). However, for flat ground riding id argue that not gripping is superior. I don’t grip the wheel off roading either.
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    Gotway announced the new Monster trolley handle is ready, but no details on price yet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirWheelClub/permalink/2417915808439883/
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    The world is whole again! How did the crotcheting go? How's the bunny? I wonder if/how that affected the battery.
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    so, which one is for sale?, lol.
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    I do not own a plus but do own a 84v 1600wh Nikola and also have a Ks16x. I love them both. The 16x is like driving a refined elegant Luxury Car with lots of speed, very smooth. And the Nikola is like driving a muscle car, very fast and aggressive. Ive probably only have a little over 100 miles on each of them so far. Im sure as I continue to ride them my descriptions may very a little, but that is my initial impression at this point. I really do love both of them. If I'm going out at night I tend to lean towards the Nikola because of the Light show that it produces, but for that reason only.
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    Good news! I successfully disabled the startup sound by writing a modified configuration file to the Bluetooth module! The sound was indeed on the module itself - two audio tones: "4 Note Rising Scale" and "V Long High" (the worst part.) There are actually a lot of preset tones to choose from, and you can define your own (in terms of notes and durations.) I haven't looked into whether or not there is enough room on the Bluetooth chip or the EEPROM chip to fit a short audio file. I also renamed the module to "redfoxdude's Nikola," though I almost called it "Rolling Boombox!" Hah. On a more technical note, using an FTDI breakout board along with a level shifter was more work than I was thinking, haha. I ended up stealing the 1.8V voltage regulator off of another board I had laying around - the 1.8V logic reference has to come from somewhere! I would definitely recommend buying one of the dedicated USB SPI programmers for this. A 2mm pitch connector I put together from scraps at my work was also really helpful, so I didn't need to solder wires directly to the module. Also, I only found older versions of the development tools from 3rd parties, rather than from Qualcomm. And the graphical tool that helps a lot with changing the audio tone settings was in yet another place. lol. Anyway, it's fairly straight forward once you have everything in place. I'll probably whip up a step-by-step guide later, but it's late, so I'm gonna sleep!
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    Nice! I had not taken a side-by-side shot of my V8 & 16X so here it is. I am very happy the 16x is not as big as I imagined it was going to be after riding/ trying out others 18XL and Nikola.
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    Indeed, and at least Kuji admits that in his video but that doesn't negate the fact they prove firsthand in their videos how this wheel can be ridden under capable feet.
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    Jalka ylempänä ja kylmää turvotukseen, auttoi ihan ok, pallo hävisi yön aikana. Seuraavana päivänä ei lisäkipuja niin eiköhän se tästä. Mutta ehkä päivityksenä, että suojiinkin kannattaa sijoittaa vaikka kalliita ovatkin.
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    Experienced riders may have bad habits that they've acquired from other experienced riders. Their greater skill may make up for their bad technique. I'm sure this thread will go back and forth between techniques, before eventually and consensually settling on the "grip wheel is better" school of thought, because the pros of gripping a wheel are overwhelmingly more than "don't grip your wheel."
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    Jaaha. Toinen kerta mies tontissa. Laskin mäkeä alas ja perään heti ylämäkeen. Koitin pitää vauhtia yllä, kun tuntu et kivi ois nykässy kuoren välis ja sit heti perään lähti pyörä alta. Vauhtia wheel login mukaan 18km/h. Mettässä kun ajelin oli taas kaikki suojat päällä ja hiki sen mukanen. Kömmin ylös ja tarkistin pyörän ni sammunuhan se oli. Tietojen mukaan sillä hetkellä 1700W imas poweria ja 32A virtaa. Akkutaso dippas ~55% -->22%. Katotaan huomenna mitä paikat sanoo. Polvisuojat rupee oleen aika huonossa kunnossa, mut se ei haittaa kun paikat pysyy ehjänä. Alan kallistuun tehokkaamman pyörän kannalle maastoon jos jatkuu tällänen.
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    I've still got the Peddle Tilt on mine post 1.05 and post BT fix. Mostly it's minor 1-2 degrees, but I have had one occasion where it did the 15 degree tilt for about 5 seconds as well.
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    Just reached the 3000km mark. Riding at the seaside is such a blast : small roads with little or no traffic, and cruising at the sea pier in the morning is so relaxing. Shame I'm reaching the autonomy limits of my wheel (25 - 30km) on more and more rides...
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    two weeks ago I was riding in the city center, quite a lot of pedestrians tram rails, bus's etc.. it was a lovely summersday not too overcrowded and I was riding already for an hour or so enjoying the obstacles and nice pavements that a city can offer.. When I rode towards the market square on cobble stones at around 20km/h I saw a young guy running like hell towards me, closely chased by his girlfriend,.. he was looking in the distance behind me, I changed course but he did too, still going very fast straight towards me ( I wear full face helmet, wrist guards , motorcycle pants and jacket) I didn't understand and wanted to avoid a collision, me going left or right didn't help just seconds before since he also changed his course so I decided to brake as hard as possible , less then a second before the collision I came to a stand still , my foot wasn't on the ground yet and he ran into me on my left shoulder, I didn't fall, but then he's girlfriend who was 15 m behind him didn't try to avoid me and she ran hard into me, just before impact I muscled up to embrace the impact, but she was smaller and I got her elbows that she raised in the last instance into my belly ,umphhh damn I didn't see that one coming ( full of protection but not on my belly, I thought my sixpack would have been enough, or the small appearing beer belly, you choose) . She stood up without saying anything and started running again, and now I understood , they were late for their tram and they still wanted to catch it,.. no apology no nothing, I was gasping for air ... luckily I managed to brake before impact.. he was able to see me and dodge me, she simply was in a rage or fury to get that tram.. afterwords I thought how could I have prevented that collision, funny enough I know going to the right or left would have helped me (however it was very crowdy ) and I tried that , I went to the left and he did the same.. it's like the situation you get with a motorcycle if your fixed on to a subject then you will hit it too... so I am quite happy that slowing down did help , I think braking in a situation that you don't understand is most often the right decision, sometimes pedestrians , even motorcycles and cars do funny alogical things, which doesn't seem logical for you at that time.. they were like a horse with eye caps on Normally I am in favour of clear turns that makes the other understand what I am about to do, but I do learnt that people in a rush do strange stuff.. and maybe I was a bit tired of analysing 100 pedestrians and their actions the hours before that.. not to mention all the pedestrians looking at their phone and that suddenly starts crossing the streets, since their brain didn't pick up any motorcycle noise.. welcome to the 21 century of vehicles with batteries.. CL
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    I've done it - ordered just now a Nikola 1600 Wh on Ali - special action started 1 hour ago. Hopefully it will arrive within the specified 11 to 20 days - UPS Express. I'm looking forward having more than 60 km mileage
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    If you are thinking that you are missing out by not having MSX or a Monster, you are not. 18L is an excellent wheel and very comfortable. 18XL would have more range, but other than that the differences are not huge. Gotways allow for more top speed but then there might be other trade offs. It’s totally up to user preference and usage. Those Gotways are great options, one of the best there are. But they are not automatically better for YOU. I don’t think you should be thinking about buying another similar wheel right now. There isn’t something markedly better out there, unless you are running out of range or top speed already. Range is the first thing that you might want more. Maybe look at different options when the next round of new models comes around or get a very different style of wheel as your second purchase. Tire size matters most.
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    I've read uncountable numbers of your posts, and this is the most exciting yet! inspiration. Yes! Thank you.
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    Haha, none yet. Both my msx 100v and nikola + are in perfect condition. I'm trying to decide which to keep, I mean I don't have many miles on the nikola but the msx just feels tighter. I need to get used to the nikola more to decide which one I like more. They both have their quirks that my inmotion v8 never had, but they also have performance/range that my v8 never had either.
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    If i were you, just for the sake of going fast. Id get hardshell stuff. And maybe even body armor or an MC jacket. Sliding is gonna be your best friend if you fall going fast. You wont slide as far as a motorcycle, but its still a hell of a lot better than your soft gear impacting, taking part of the damage, gripping the ground, being pulled right off and then you taking the rest of the wipe out with your bodyparts exposed, haha.
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    Honestly for long rides the Monster is amazing, very smooth and very controllable at high speeds. The down side of the Monster for me is that it doesn’t have a lot of the features that my other wheels have. I immediately miss the trolly handle and the speakers as soon as I’m out and about on it. Plus, it is really heavy. I don’t think I would ever get rid of it because of the very unique ride experience it gives you but It will never be the wheel I grab to run around the corner or go to the gym on.
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    Haha, yes definitely considering a faster wheel, even though I am content with the Tesla at the moment Yes! Was actually supposed to receive the wheel before WestWheel 2 but it did not make it And yes, won't be doing that again, intentionally...
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    For something a little different, we had a presence at a downtown street event where they closed the main drag of our city to vehicles and gave it to pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, and anything else except car, motorcycles etc..You can see our booth (white canopy, a red wagon, cones and such at various points, and they got a nice wheel closeup of me slaloming through some cones as a bit of b-roll (37 secs in). At about the 27 second point where they say people 'scooted' they are actually showing one of our members giving a test ride to a kid. We gave out nearly 100 demo rides today, and turned many people away because the line up was too long or we ran out of time at the end of the day. We used KS14D wheels for the demo rides. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1764216
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    @n2eus Oh man, talk about putting a smile on my face seeing the little guy riding along with you @Jean (nhut)Dude, I have watched so many videos on YouTube of guys on skateboards, BMX's, doing parkour, that I thought I was difficult to impress these days. But man I'm impressed....I think what you are doing is amazing, and as I'm still learning, would have thought in my head was impossible!
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    @redfoxdude, amazing work! For people who feel intimidated by the programming procedure, another alternative is this $2.50 module that mutes the speakers while the startup tone plays: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-5V-12V-NE555-0-25s-Timer-Delay-Relay-Switch-Module-Adjustable-On-Off-for-Car-/252456160636 Non-confirmed install instructions: - Peel the shield from the audio module’s 5V wires for an inch, fold each of them in the middle, and screw into the module’s inputs. - Cut the black speaker cables in the middle, strip the shield for 1/4”, twist the ones coming from the audio board together, and screw into the module’s center output connector. - Twist the ones going to the speakers together as well, and screw into the left output connector. Done! The muting time can be adjusted from the module with a small screwdriver.
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    Unless you have a specific personal reason that you want to let your battery charge more slowly, you can leave the Amps on 5. All modern wheels can be charged at 5 amps perfectly safely. As to advantages, charging at 5 amps will obviously significantly shorten the charging time as compared to charging at 1 amp. As to the charging percentage, you can significantly extend the lifetime of your battery by charging to a lower maximum percentage. 80% gives more long-term benefit than 90%, which is better than 100%. However, you can safely charge to 100% without fear that you are "damaging" your battery in any way. Long story short, even if you fully charge your battery back up to 100% after every ride, it would still take well over 500 charging cycles for you to start to see any meaningful degradation in your battery's overall capacity, so I wouldn't worry about it at all. If you want to be "nice" to your battery, then you can just leave it uncharged (preferably between 50%-70%) for as long as you want between rides, and then charge it up to 100% the night before you know you're going to go on a long ride.
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    Congrats Hunka! I’m extremely happy for you! I know it took a lot of mental preparation on your part but you pulled through!
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    So glad to hear you're riding again!
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    I will post this image here as well so the discussion is kept more relevant. Rider weight. In my case 66kg/145lbs. For an 18XL I would ride at 25PSI according to this recommendation. If 18XL = 18*2.5 = 45 = 45/45*25 = 25PSI 16X = 16*3 = 48 = 45/48*25 = 23.4PSI MSX = 18*3 = 54 = 45/54*25 = 20.8PSI The numbers are conservative as the MSX and 16X/Nikola have higher profile tires than the 18XL so there is room to go even lower.
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    We will be back! Are we closing the competition for now before I destroy my Mten3 !!!! ? I keep my last tally for myself... Until the next contest!
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    If you buy an iPhone it already provides middle-class jobs for American families. How many American employees does Apple have ATM? Yes but there is also a point of no return. I think it has simply gone so far that it's near to impossible to turn back the clock, if we talk about factories. As I said: slap tariffs on the stuff that still is made in the US but can be gotten cheaper from China to avoid dumping on your local market (steel being one example, I think?). But don't hope on turning back the clock. That's simply not going to happen. If there currently is no alternative it's too late. I really have a hard time imaging that someone will start producing smartphones in the US, using only US sourced components.
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    So, finally took the 16X out. Wow...this thing is MUCH different than the 16S or 14D. Other than basic riding skills, I felt like I was learning all over again. Difficult to describe, but it's like going from a Ford Focus to a Ford Expedition. It is nimble to a degree, but I'm sure that will increase with use. One real difference (issue) is riding the 16X on any road seam (asphalt or concrete) that is parallel with the wheel. Holy sh*t, the wheel gets really squirrelly as the wider tire does not like road seams. Also, speed sneaks up on you very fast...Much faster than on the 16S. I was riding at 30 PSI and I weigh about 185 fully geared. I think I'm going to up the pressure to 35 PSI and play around from there. Need several more hours on the wheel to feel as comfortable as on the 16S.
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    Practicing EUC Sumo for the upcoming LA EUC Games
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    The Tesla beeps at 50kph (31mph) even at 100% battery, and you went 59kph (36.5 mph)... haha wow. Well, now you really know you can only test a EUC's top speed by seeing when you crash. Everyone else, when you hear the final warning beeps, that means you shouldn't go faster Good you're effectively uninjured. This way that was just a cool experiment (with predictable end state). Glad you seem to be enjoying your new wheel Maybe you need a 100V Nikola or MSX for your speed urges though.
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    Good luck with that. Even a lot of "built in the USA" stuff contains Chinese components. The world no longer works like this. Everything is linked to everything. Getting all production back to the US will cost a lot of time and especially heaps of money. It's just an impossible task. You should throw up an economic block/tariffs for all stuff that you still produce locally but gets imported cheaper from China. Stuff that's not even produced in the US anymore? Sorry that ship has sailed and will only punish consumers.
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    This is how we do it! .. ummh I mean this is how they do it! I rode with these guys and ran for coffee and polished their wheels when they were here in Philly. I should have gotten autographs. Thanks to "VEE" for an excellent video of the epic ride!
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