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    I really think you should give higher pressure some more time, just stick with it longer.. at first it will feel twitchy, however after adjustment you will feel the real beauty of a firm tire. I ride my Nikola at 43psi. Its the same thing with raising a bike seat, once adjusted to a higher seat the bike flies, and you will never go back
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    Look at @Kuji Rolls videos and see how impossibly well he can accelerate, twist and jump his wheels. That is what gripping your wheel can help you do (as long as you have the padding for it). There is no question that gripping the wheel for certain tasks is better then not gripping (climbing hills, jumping). However, for flat ground riding id argue that not gripping is superior. I don’t grip the wheel off roading either.
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    Gotway announced the new Monster trolley handle is ready, but no details on price yet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirWheelClub/permalink/2417915808439883/
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    so, which one is for sale?, lol.
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    Hello, I was wondering if people stretch before or after rides? to protect hem from injuries or increase their potential for longer rides.. okay I understand some of you will relate stretching to : while I have more something like this in mind : and probably the reality is more something like this : But nevertheless and all jokes aside , it's a serious question and I am seriously interested in extending my riding mileage. Last year I asked a similar question without much input, maybe one year later some new insights or new people joining our sport with a medical background. It's a general question that interests me , but with a personal touch, I have a bad knee (or the nerves around it ) after a simple surgery gone bad, so I can't really walk more then 150 m a day . Riding an EUC has helped me drastically last year. But due to a back injury (too much swimming) I couldn't really ride that much, just short rides... But now I am better and I would like to increase my range of riding without straining or pulling too many muscles.. And since I am riding more on my right leg and hence asymmetrically to alleviate that left knee , I want to know what people do to help them to increase their range and to prevent from straining their muscles,.. Today I am at around 30km a day (merely right leg, if I had two ones I probably could double it) , but then I have to rest a day or so if I over do it , then my right leg feels strained starting from the pelvis , going over the hamstring towards my calve, a long painful line sometimes the pain remains for weeks, I don't necessarily stop riding but it's uncomfortable afterwords. But today I am fine... I have several questions : do people stretch before or after? if yes which exercises? I often foam roll when I feel that my muscles are really tired after a ride and use a massage ball for foot fatigue afterwords... train exercises to strengthen the muscles we need (and therefore we need to know which ones we use the most?) @houseofjob had a good tip on relaxing leggmuscles through dancing on our pedals raising ankle and toes.. , maybe other suggestions? I imagine slowly increasing range of riding over several weeks could help, for sportsmen the resting is as important as the exercise..? any regards on that? excercices on the days we don't ride? ... things I forget? anything that helps me extending my riding would help, btw I am in general good condition and I fitness and weigh 74kg 1m80 Things that I already do to improve the range : I often stop or about every 3 to 5 km I love to carve and that releases muscle tension since I am likely to move more that way then holding a fix posture, carving does give me more fatigue in the muscles but I reckon but helps for foot fatigue drinking and by that I don't mean alcohol , although a fine belgium beer helps with pain relief afterwords thx in advance CL
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    Nice! I had not taken a side-by-side shot of my V8 & 16X so here it is. I am very happy the 16x is not as big as I imagined it was going to be after riding/ trying out others 18XL and Nikola.
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    I've done it - ordered just now a Nikola 1600 Wh on Ali - special action started 1 hour ago. Hopefully it will arrive within the specified 11 to 20 days - UPS Express. I'm looking forward having more than 60 km mileage
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    Unless you have a specific personal reason that you want to let your battery charge more slowly, you can leave the Amps on 5. All modern wheels can be charged at 5 amps perfectly safely. As to advantages, charging at 5 amps will obviously significantly shorten the charging time as compared to charging at 1 amp. As to the charging percentage, you can significantly extend the lifetime of your battery by charging to a lower maximum percentage. 80% gives more long-term benefit than 90%, which is better than 100%. However, you can safely charge to 100% without fear that you are "damaging" your battery in any way. Long story short, even if you fully charge your battery back up to 100% after every ride, it would still take well over 500 charging cycles for you to start to see any meaningful degradation in your battery's overall capacity, so I wouldn't worry about it at all. If you want to be "nice" to your battery, then you can just leave it uncharged (preferably between 50%-70%) for as long as you want between rides, and then charge it up to 100% the night before you know you're going to go on a long ride.
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    The Tesla beeps at 50kph (31mph) even at 100% battery, and you went 59kph (36.5 mph)... haha wow. Well, now you really know you can only test a EUC's top speed by seeing when you crash. Everyone else, when you hear the final warning beeps, that means you shouldn't go faster Good you're effectively uninjured. This way that was just a cool experiment (with predictable end state). Glad you seem to be enjoying your new wheel Maybe you need a 100V Nikola or MSX for your speed urges though.
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    This is how we do it! .. ummh I mean this is how they do it! I rode with these guys and ran for coffee and polished their wheels when they were here in Philly. I should have gotten autographs. Thanks to "VEE" for an excellent video of the epic ride!
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    Make the wheel suit the rider, not the other way around. If the stance is wide, allow adjustment to the wheel allowing a narrower stance, and vice versa. Pedal scrapping? Make the footpads higher. Or adjustable. Even for those riders who prefer to float the wheel (and I usually float the wheel), allow the wheel to remove the pads entirely. The scientific method would tally up the pros and cons of float versus grip, and the suggest one way or the other. Pros of floating the wheel. --extremely comfortable --faster initial turn due to a quick tilt --allows two ways of turning, via tilt and twist --much better ground clearance --not dependant on pad comfort Pros of gripping --allows much longer leverage arm, thereby allowing harder acceleration and braking --can jump curbs by gripping then bouncing --easy to stay in place over bumps --pedal size becomes irrelevant for control, and perhaps even comfort While I prefer to float my wheel most of the time, I see that for control the grip method is simply superior in all cases. I can't even think of a specific situation that floating works better, even on smooth pavement slaloming.
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    I would like to get the the 16X because I love wheels and they all ride differently. My intention is to buy the 16X but I won't until it's a solid wheel. The last thing I want is another Z10 that I love and hate. I'd rather have a wheel that I only love.
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    But why would you get the KS16X as you like the Nikola so much. Unless you have get the all deal from Ewheels 😉 of course. As I recall you don't use trolley that much so that is not must buy point for you. Range wise it should be similar more or less... Sound... Nvm.. Similar I guess Pedals? Little higher than Nikola, maybe slightly bigger? But a must buy, maybe not... Okey, the KS16X looks much better imho. I am not fan if glossy finish, never have been. But it is an semi easy fix, matt clear spray paint the Nikola.
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    yes they are!! You are going to love it! When does it come in?
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    Kuji and Ian (Speedy Feet) are some damn-good riders. I love how they are both very impressed and excited about the 16X . Now I'm really getting antsy to receive mine...
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    What happened to citi? His YouTube channel has been AFK for a while now
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    Had my first bad fall yesterday. Going way too fast (25+ mph...I've been riding for a month) down a narrow corridor that was fenced on each side. Hit a divot in the road that I didn't see and caught air, and then landed. I think I would've recovered however I landed pointed toward one of the fences. I couldn't course correct in time and smashed into the fence, then the ground. Smashed up my hips pretty bad but my wrist guards, elbow and knee pads did their jobs.
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    Tähän asti kahteen kertaan tehny pienet lataukset jossain. Toinen oli lounaspaikka, kysyin vaan nätisti saanko laittaa pistokkeeseen. Toisen kerran oli sitten pakko vaan löytää eka paikka, joka sattui olemaan baari. Kysyin suoraan, että voinko ladata hetken ja juoda samalla kaljaa. Ei mitään ongelmaa, en usko, että kovinkaan moni kieltäytyy. Jos kieltäytyy, niin vaihtaisin vaan paikkaa. Jossain ABC huoltamolla en varmaan edes kysyis, etsisin vaan paikan läheltä pistoketta.
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    Nope, can’t blame the wheel for a flat but that doesn’t make it less of a PITA to access to change. I actually knicked the tube replacing the tire and had to patch the tube. It held air for 24 hours before I took it out yesterday. It wasn’t until I was a few miles away from home before it started losing air. I tried pumping it up but the leak is audible and too large for slime to fill. I won’t have a day off until Labor Day to fix but I have a new tube and nice tire wrenches on the way. Happy to have my 16S as back up!
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    nice story bro ...your should have a blog or something ...someone will sure laugh about this little funny story
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    Yeah, I have all the armor in my Amazon shopping cart now lol. Though, the soft stuff did prove effective. But agreed on the sliding. I used to ride motorcycles and it's def saved my skin in the past. Haha, definitely!
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    Just waiting on our shipment to arrive... Watch our Facebook / Instagram / Forum posts to see when it is available... But that is not what this thread is about! Here we are all abouthelping a legend get back into his groove!
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    Will deffo be getting some footage,, had a couple of bikes myself until i came off 😬 so then i thought these are a bit dangerous ,,, well other drivers are 👍,,, what will be less dangerous so i bought a one wheel with a motor 😂😂 never had so much fun though and explore more 👍
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    I get my Monster back tomorrow. It is in police property room now, not sure how much if any, they are going to charge me for the impound.
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    I'm up at 5 but i fought i could get kitted up and go riding 😁 even though the roads are quiet , the z10 isn't the best at braking on steep downhills so get a feel for it first, as long as there's no sections where you don't have to make a sudden stop but it's a bike path so should be fine ,, I'm taking my Z10 to Blackpool tommow there's a few of us meeting , we don't go mad it's just a chilled ride if your confident around a load of cyclist, ride the lights at Blackpool 👍
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    I see you own a monster v100 as well. How does that slot in in terms of feel in comparison to the two new wheels? Do you find that the nik or 16x replace it in any way for you?
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    After 60+ miles in two days getting familiar with my 16x, I think this is a great assessment of the it. Thinking about it, it reminds me of a BMW i3 I had driven a few times. I am already pretty comfortable on it, rolling with 30psi.
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    Thanks man. What should I put the amps on? Why does it mater? Is one level more advantageous than the other? Also in what scenario in which I’d want to change less than 100% or is that when the charger would shut off?
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    The fast charger's two knobs allow you to control two aspects of the charge: 1) The total approximate charge level that the wheel will reach before the charger turns off (the knob labeled with 80%, 90% and 100%) 2) The maximum charging current (amps) that the charger will supply during the charging sequence (the knob labeled with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). Using it is pretty simple: Make sure the little switch is in the off position, plug the charger into the wall and your wheel, set the two knobs to your preferred settings, then flip the switch on and the charger will begin doing its magic. I personally do not suggest using both the fast charger and the original charger at the same time. The fast charger should be fast enough for basically any circumstance you will run into. If you are going for maximum charge speed and want to use both at the same time for some reason, then set the fast charger to 100% and 5 amps and plug both of them in, but again, I don't suggest this. Personally, I would take the OEM charger to work and keep your fast charger at home. The OEM charger is smaller, more discreet, and doesn't have a fan on it that sounds like a jet turbine.
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    No probs! Glad you enjoyed and that it made sense to you. I prefer the 16X but that's because I have an MSX. I have done a 38km cruise on the Nik+ and I hit 59.5kmh. 40kmh on the 16X is just as exciting and I love the dancing feel vs the boxy feel of the Nik+. I have an easier time getting the 16X up to speed compared to the Nik+. But all in all... the Nik+ is the superior wheel for most people and for most cases.
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    https://www.usdebtclock.org/ There's 329 million us citizens, of which 157 million work, including 26 million part timers. More than half of US citizens don't work.
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    Sounds pretty crazy to me; i presume he has his wheel back by now, i hope he is not waiting for a court date. If he gets it back again, next time surely will be a solid case for harassment. Please keep us updated on how this turned/turns out.
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    I just came back from my first ride with 1.05 firmware (I was away on vacation with the family for a week and just got home). First thing, my pedal float got a lot worse. After the BT firmware update, I was very rarelt getting random pedal tilt, so long as I didn't play music. Now my petals seem to be changing posture pretty much all the time. I tried horizontal gyro calibration twice. On a positive notr, I tried a very steep hill. Previously, it was hard work to get up it. With 1.05 it was easy. Nice improvement.
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    @Rama Douglas "dancing" above Los Angeles
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    I think is was similar with first batch 18L. Kind sounds similar. So to the questions... Did it have a hard tumble recently? I suggest to check for cracks in structure and if control board is secured (not loose) and the motor is tight on the structure too. That pretty much sums up what have been posted on other KS wheel as I have seen. If you can't spot any of the above, I would suggest service. I wouldn't ride it before a cause is found.
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    Oh I don't know maybe just in case? But I know now we importing 0101.30.00 live asses from China so... Get your live asses now before October 1st
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    I place all my wheels and scooters against a blank wall without any combustible materials nearby. So if it does catch fire, the hope is that ill get smoke and a burnt wall at most. The danger is when we park our wheels near cupboards or easily combustible materials.
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    W T F Those are some crazy numbers. I can hardly imagine what it feels riding at those speeds. When I ride 25 mph I sometimes feel as if I really have to push through the wind to keep that speed, let alone going 10mph faster. 41mph, you should be using full motorcycle attire for that speed
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    Let's be real - these types of helmets are not designed for warmth. If the temperature outside is 6 oC / 42 oF or lower, I'm reaching for my motorcyclist's windproof balaclava to wear as an extra thermal liner during my work commute.
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    Not my video. Very nice follow-up thoughts on the Westwheel 2 event in Las Vegas by @TMoats (he didn't post this video here, so I do).
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    You mean the people discussed here or here? Or how Ninebot was prematurely pronounced dead in several posts like the one here in 2017, after the P Pro recall and the lackluster S2 retread of the 16" OG One tech? It still surprises me how people will just automatically believe whatever they're fed online, don't question things..... like why would $80 million be invested to acquire Segway only to give up exploiting a key segment of their IP?
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    Second episode in a series of four episodes. Fifteen Southern California EUC riders toured through Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California. This fun group ride was organized by @Freewheeler.
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    As a woman I could tell you is not fear that puts off women from riding EUC's-- Most of my girlfriends feel that it could be too heavy for them to control. Men must realize that women weigh less and are not as strong. That is not say that women cannot do what men do, they do, but like learning how to drive cars and motorcycles, the perception of them doing so needs to change. I own both, EUC and e-bike, I much prefer my kingsong over my e-bike as it is more compact and can take almost every where. E-bike you have to find a safe place to lock it and even then how many people truly feel confident that their 2000K bike will not be too much temptation for a thief. Most people do not know how to ride electric unicycles so re-selling a stolen one could be a bit harder to accomplish than an e-bike. I feel safer on my EUC and if I ever get a puncture, I could use public transport (bus) to get back home; as far as I know, at least in So. Ca e-bikes are not allowed on bus racks meant to carry regular bikes. Unless they fold 20 inch or smaller wheels can be taken on board.
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    Look closer Marty. It’s Gotway’s new Super Duper MSuper.
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    I will say unlocking the z10 is dangerous. Seen an unlocked wheel pedal dip on my friends unlocked z10.. could have been worse.. Not worth disabling yourself for.
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    I wish I could go to Denmark! Sadly no I’ve never been there. Although I’ve lost some of that lovin’ feeling for riding, I still have an itch to get back on. The slight twinging pain every now and then in my left shoulder reminds me not to though. Until I get some better elbow padding at least!
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    This is gonna be a buzzkill, but keep in mind it's in their best interest to be positive and hype things up. They're not neutral third parties. With that said, I love the 16X, but takes a while to get used to it Edit: ze downvotes demonstrate my point exactly xD
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