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    I just got back from my range test. This time I wanted to go at high speed for almost the whole way before throttling begins. My psi is at 42 and my weight is 215 pounds. 99% of the ride was on the sidewalk, so I felt every cracks and bumps which make for a very painful trip. My average speed was 26-28 mph. I was able to ride for 2hr 15min before throttling began, I managed to clock 55 miles (41 GPS miles). I couldn’t go above 24 mph without tilt-back. I slowed my pace down to around 20-22 mph for an additional 10 miles. My feet had tremendous amount of pain and could not continue to deplete the battery down, but I did get it down to show 2 LED’s left. My final miles 65.3 (47.9 gps) and the time was 2hr 48min. I think I could have squeezed 70mi (50 gps), but the pain was too intense and I didn’t want to walk home. First screenshot was at the first throttled tilt-back. Second and third screenshot was the completely done point.
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    Quick impression after a short ride. Best riding wheel out of the 4 I’ve ridden! (Inmotion v8, v10, MSX). Smoother than MSX but less aggressive, the hard setting on the MSX is way harder than the hard setting on the Nikola plus. I’d still pick the MSX for trails, more clearance and better pedal angle. MSX has a more locked in feel, but Nikola is buttery smooth and just feels more comfortable. For the Nikola the shell is beautiful and shiny but I’m so paranoid about a drop, one drop and it’s gonna be scratched up like crazy, which is hard for me to accept for something that’s so expensive. Fan turns on quickly...before riding even. Some of the stickers are done sloppily, the GW in the middle is peeling off already and they forgot to put a “y” so my wheel says “Gotwa Nikola”. The on/off beep annoying, WHY do they have this. Everyone just looks at you, on my MSX I could turn it off without someone batting an eye. Also the valve on the tire is like impossible to access, you need an L attachment and even with that it isn’t as easy as just filling up air normally in the MSX. I need to fill air but haven’t done so because the end of my pump can’t get to the valve stem. The light show and speakers are nice, but I’m glad I can turn the lights off if I want to. Trolley is better than MSX but not as good as king song or my inmotion v8. Overall this is my favorite wheel to date for normal riding, but for trail riding MSX all day. Photo below on my instagram, I’ll post more stories about it later. If you want to hear more about this wheel and see videos, I’ll likely be posting them there.
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    @Jean Dublin That math doesn't work The voltage is already part of the Wh number. Also: Wh numbers can be misleading. Cell count and type are hard facts. In doubt, compare these. 16X with 1600Wh: 120 cells with 3500mAh each (with the usual math that's 120 * 3.7V * 3.5Ah = 1554Wh) [120 is 6*20 and 20*3.7V=84V, here's the voltage, with a Ah capacity of 6*3.5=21Ah] Nikola 100V 1845Wh: 144 cells with 3450mAh each (1838.2Wh) [144 is 6*24, 24*3.7V=100.8V with 6*3.45=20.7Ah] That still doesn't take into account that the 16X depletes the batteries further than the Nikola, which gives it a higher range compared to 1600Wh Gotways. And possible efficiency differences, whether they exist or not. I still don't believe the 16X will be able to beat the 100V 1845Wh Nikola range. The Nikola has an 18% battery size advantage (144*3.45/120*3.5 = 1.1829), neither the battery depletion thing nor possible efficiency advantages will amount to 18%. Your stated range results seem to confirm that. But it comes close.
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    GF's Ali Express details states the following configuration as to how they achieved 2460wh: "2460WH is the upgrade version of the seller, the original 1845WH is modified. The battery used is NCR18650GA, adding 615WH battery" so, it looks like they are still using 18650!!!
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    Could we get a backwards range test? I heard it gets better efficiency :3
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    Have a nice time in front of my video
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    All alarms but the last one can be turned off. KingSong doesn't want you to die so it will politely remind you to slow down with beeps. At 31mph the beeps are faint but audible. The voice warnings can be turned off. As a guy who likes speed, I rarely hear the beeps because 30 mph is really fast.
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    Hey guys! I've been working on introducing support for Garmin ConnectIQ devices on WheelLog for Android for the last couple days and I'm looking for people who would like to test / try it out. The fork with the changes is available here: https://github.com/marccardinal/WheelLogAndroid/tree/garmin-connect-iq I have a watch app available at: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/07a231a9-3f2f-4762-b0bb-b8a0b5594f40 with the code here: https://github.com/marccardinal/WheelLog-Garmin-ConnectIQ. I submitted PRs to both @JumpMaster and @palachzzz but it seems like I'm late to the party as both have low recent activity and from the forum I'm not sure who is maintaining the Play Store entry right now. The watch application has been tested on the Fenix 3 HR but I also have support for Fenix 5 series and I can adapt the layout to other watches upon request... they have so many models and variants that I didn't see the point in making it work for all of them without demand. Let me know what you think!
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    Issue: BT module might cause interference as reported by others, I don't have the wheel yet so I have not tested it. Fix: talk to your dealer there should be an update done by use stick. Note: My dealer will update my wheel before it is shipped. Video show how: (shown at 6:15ish)
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    What did you do with the broken battery? I would like to know how the battery pack is put together and to see if the cells can be replaced. Would you like to donate your broken battery to be taken apart and studied?
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    Aaand the package has gone missing since the 25h of July ... They are still investigating, but somehow I doubt it will resurface. Then again, wouldn't all be bad news. Look what dropped in my mailbox today: 4kg lighter and more powerful motors . Same range though.
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    Bare minimum is wrist guards and full face helmet. I highly recommend elbow pads and knee pads. If you go above 40 kmh then I suggest a motorcycle jacket.
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    Yes, it should tiltback on an overcharge. They have videos describing it. But there are a lot of problems with people not understanding or recognizing tiltback, or their CG is such that it can't tiltback, they are braking so the board is tilted back already, etc. etc. If you stand on the front of the board with your weight shifted forward, then you're getting awesome acceleration and everything seems great! That's the problem with their tiltback, it feels too much like normal operation. Some frantic beeping from the board would be a good way to tell the rider that something is wrong, and it's a mistake not to have it. Another big mistake is that they advertise the OW as going 19mph, but tiltback starts at 15mph. So in order to get to the advertised speed, you have to ride the tiltback. Obviously this eats into the safety margin of torque. And it encourages people to ignore tiltback. And again, there are no beeps to warn you.
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    this is 100 percent correct. I have all disabled too except the 31mph beep and its faint and i dont really even hear it. Its more about the slight tilt back for me.. Disable that BT crap too. No one wants to hear my loud music while im cruising down the street,. Its all about being silent and stealthy.. Not loud and obnoxious..
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    I guess I can paraphrase what @houseofjobsaid a while back: soft mode allows you to dip your pedals farther and harder + allows you to maintain that position before the motor engages. Sport/hard mode corrects too fast. And it's the path to the most advanced acceleration technique: kitten kneading . It's the converse of heel pump braking, allowing you to input significantly stronger forward input without leg clamping. Basically, allowing you to achieve Kuji™ performance at ⅒ the effort 🤯. I have yet to unlock this skill, but you bet it's on my mind, especially on long hill climbs. As a lightweight relatively new rider running low PSI, I have no issues carving on the 16X. BUT you will probably hate this wheel for the first 100 miles (I hated it first 200 miles). Keep that in mind and hang in there - you'll love it. This wheel feels so nimble-steady at 22+mph. Just to be clear, that screenshot is during a hard uphill acceleration @17 mph I forgot to take a screenshot at rest (60 miles of riding = zombie brain) but IIRC it was around 13-19%. I'll see if I can look through the log for an exact number, since right before that hill is a busy blind intersection I stop at. Wheelog. It has an option to backup logs to google drive. It's a gem of an app, and it even displays the battery % correctly unlike the official KS app
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    Don't know about gyro feel and all that, but it seems I'd better stick to the stock tire for off-roading. The profile seems a lot more suited for it. This one is a "slick" in the middle.
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    Cars are correctly parked because we devote 1/5 of the land space of cities to car parking. In the US there's 7 unused parking spots for each car on the road, which of course makes sense because we drive from destination to destination. LA is a beautiful example of what happens when we try to give everyone an automobile; there's too many cars for the amount of road, and there's more road per person than anywhere else. It's a simple geometry problem whose solution is easy...pave over every square meter of LA with pavement. Could we use parking for other uses? I mean, devote that much parking to scooters and I guarantee you're not going to have them fight for space on th tiny slivers of pavement left for bicyclists and pedestrians. For instance, yesterday I went to UPS on my bike, and there was no place to lock up my bike despite there being 50 parking spots just for cars. I finally chained it on a fence...but UPS is entirely devoted to car parking service. The problem with cars is that they poop all over the place, emptying their waste all over our cities and in our lungs, killing millions of us per year and making all of us sick with pollution, and killing a million of us per year directly through collisions. Raise your hand if the Grim Reaper has killed a close friend of family. Scooters, done right, can mitigate such damage, but while it pains me to admit it,@ir_fuel is probably right about them increasing pollution rather than reducing it. It doesn't have to be that way, but it is because the eScooter recharge infrastructure is almost completely dependent on big pickups picking them up while also taking away from pedestrians and bicyclists trips. That is, eScooters pollute more than if they didn't exist in the first place! Because the private automobile is so deadly and so expensive, it behoves us to look at alternatives. It logically follows that any alternative mustn't use the private automobile infrastructure to support itself; Lime and Bird just pollute more while sending droves of people to the emergency room, mostly because of their tiny front wheel.
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    Its been a month now since i keep on searching and doing my research... reading some discussion from forums what wheel to buy as for range and stability good thing our friend@Rywokast give me some insight about nikola. I did my reaserch about nikola and boom there is a 2100wh OMG it fits my need as I will travel 44km going to work i think its more like a personal tesla car. 😉 so today is the day that i order my chosen wheel for me whic is the nikola 84v 2100wh. It is expensive though but it will give the range i need. Now I am waiting and crossing my finger. 😁
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    Thanks, I'll share on the main post of the KS16X main topic. You charged at 10A with the original cabling? I know for the 18L and 18XL cables needed to be changed as they would not stand 10A. Are cables on the 16X thicker and able to stand 10A then? It seems so. Anyone knows? Is it risky?
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    I actually bought it off eBay ,, used,, it's 350watt motor , this is the nearest I've seen , this one has 500watt motor and a 15ah battery , gets some good reviews, seems to be allot on ali if you shop about, £1,020.44 6%OFF | Europe Warehouse 2 Wheel Fat Tire 500W Electric Bike With 48V 15ah Removable Battery for Adult Electric Bicycle Cycle https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/kv6OtYk
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    Thanks Marty I have two rolls of this stuff on the way: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1x-2M-Bumper-Strip-Airwheel-Electric-Unicycle-Wheelbarrow-Protective-Corner-Home/292778031046?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Df94d5914b70443e98d9e8a4f6d202722%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D113845801143%26itm%3D292778031046%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A810bd0aa-ba3c-11e9-82bd-74dbd1802fce|parentrq%3A73c62ec416c0a86015c2931effd6d96e|iid%3A1 I haven't been able to come up with any better means to protect the MSX from the dropping phase, unless you have come across a better alternative? Searching here and across the web I haven't seen any real solid alternatives. Thought about using wetsuit material to make my own cover for a while but I'm probably not that talented at stitching. I almost bought a V10F because of the cover they sell with it to protect the thing, but once again your video's saved me there (Tesla/VF10 hill climb video). Very excited to start learning though, I think it will be a lot of fun
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    Hello ole friend I don't trust CE stickers on China goods. There's a good reason: https://f2labs.com/technotes/2016/07/18/ce-marking-and-the-china-export-mark/ CE trolling 😂
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    The riding mode probably explains it for you too. Set it to the hardest and it goes away. What did worry me was that the wobble does get harder the faster I go. Once you know it's there you already notice it at 10mph, and the faster you go the harder it goes front-to-back. I didn't want to push it to see what would happen at 25mph But as I said, riding mode hardest, problem solved. I don't use any other mode. For me it works best on off-road because you have to lean in less to get going. The micro-vibrations from the motor, I also had them, but I only have them when riding slowly for a long time (10mph, is cruising speed when riding with my daughter on her V5F). Nothing that bothers me and when I am riding faster they go away. Never noticed them when I am riding by myself.
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    I wonder how many of those @Marty Backe has already!
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    For the most part I think the v3 basically rides just like the v2 so no changes and that why people are too excited about it? Btw I had a chance to ride a monster around the block today, and it was certainly an interesting experience. The weight and size of this wheel make it feel like you"re driving an old school Cadillac. Super stable and wanting to just go in a straight line, I'll be very curious to know how it feels pressed in a high speed corner .
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    Update. Such a strange feeling after not riding the 18L or 16 for few days. My brain has been reprogrammed to ride gyro wheels. When jumping on the 18L, it felt like I was about to fall side ways and each movement was exaggerated. Kind of the feeling of riding on knife blade as the wheel. So weird. Need some adjustment moving from gyro wheel to non gyro wheel and vice versa. This is the exact reason I don't want a wheel that rides differently. At this point, I'm trying to reprogram myself to ride the old wheels. Then I'll jump back on the 16X with the CST tire. Initial impression is that it still has gryo, but less since I had an issue adjusting to the 18L. Sucks! At this point I have to look at getting the original CYT tire on the preproduction. I didn't have any adjustment issue with that wheel.
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    Sorry to hear it. Hopefully it will get resolved soon. I'll let you know if my status changes. Alien Rides seemed kind of lukewarm on the Monster V3. But I definitely have my reasons for wanting that model which I'll describe at some point. Jason did send me a picture of it. Black pedals!
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    I take it the updated FW for the 16X has not been pushed out yet? I thought KS said by this past Tuesday?
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    Blev stoppad av polis i morse på vägen till jobbet. Åkte i lugnt tempo på Drottninggatan (långsammare än cyklister och scootrar). En polisman smyger ut; sätter ögonen i mig och ställer sig mitt i vägen. "Det där klassas väl som cykel" (Jag håller med och undviker påpeka att det är ett ospecifikt fordon möjligen i samma kategori som hoverboards och att det klassas som 'fotgängare') Jag: "Jaha detta är endast för gående, ska jag ta en annan väg ?" Polisen: "Du får åka men i gångtrafik, men den där kanske inte kan åka i den farten" Jag: "Jodå , det kan jag fixa, tack konstapeln!" Fortsätter åka och blir direkt omkörd av diverse scootrar och cyklister.🙄 ______________ Så, varför stoppar han mig? Det är intressant det där. Min teori är att han/dom ser något som sticker ut, något annorlunda. Det sticker i deras ögon lite och polisen blir tvungen att hävda sig själv. Han vill checka att jag lyder , att jag inte sätter mig över honom och smiter - att jag är 'laglydig'. "Här är det jag som bestämmer" Men polisen ska inte sätta sig över civila på det sättet. I usa säger dom "To protect and serve". Har vi en motsvarande slogan här eller är svenska polisers slogan o-uttallad. En slogan skulle ju kunna vara "Bli stenade i förorten och störa lokalbefolkningen"? Prioritera rätt konstapeln!
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    In terms of riding - you're propably right. In terms of mileage (battery) you're wrong!
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    Hello all New user here (current esk8 rider who has decided EUCs are awesome). I have just gone through all the first wheel conundrums. Have watched what feels like every YouTube video Marty has ever made (thanks very much for your videos by the way it has been very enjoyable). Marty's video's of course made me want the Nikola as well, but I decided on the MSX purely because it is considered to be so robust, and being a new rider I will be giving it a beating. If I was a high standard rider I would have gone the Nikola. Hopefully I havent made a mistake getting a high powered first wheel but I didn't want to buy a throw away that still is going to cost $1,000+
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    It takes about a little over an hour and proper tools to take off these bigger thicker tires. Ecodrift teardown pictures helped. https://ecodrift.ru/2019/06/24/kingsong-ks-16x-disassembling/?fbclid=IwAR3HABqnm4HhJNQDKxrvC0Ljc8HHZ5wqe0aRd7OdpfaQxSuQ3BfiHAHTOyY I was impatient and ripped the side pads while trying to reveal the screws. I also stripped on of the deep screws by over tightening. You need long 15.5" tire irons. Don't think you can change the tire using the crappy 4" plastic tire irons. The build isn't as good as I hoped. The wiring isn't as neat as I hoped. But a world better than Gotway. Gotway just seems like some kid put it together. Side covers are held together with 10 screws each side. There are only two wires you need to disconnect. Motor wire and hall sensor. It is covered with some water proof goo. The motor wire is held together with zip tie. You have to remove the LED strip from both sides to slide the unit down.
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    Well in that case, case closed since we agree, but judging from the reactions of others here it wasn't very clear for them either what you were saying
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    Servus! Ein EUC bewegt sich immer in die Richtung, in die man es neigt. Und das kommt von einer ungleichmäßigen Gewichtsverteilung (wenn dein Schwerpunkt nicht über dem EUC ist, sondern etwas weiter vorne oder hinten). Das beim Aufsteigen oder Ein-Fuß-Schubsen beachten: wenn dein Schwerpunkt zu weit vorne oder hinten ist, bewegt es sich sofort wenn du Gewicht aufs Pedal gibst (und rotiert normalerweise seitlich weg). Also drauf achten dass, wenn du "neutral" aufsteigst, Schwerpunkt in der Mitte. Der zweite Fuß (der erstmal am Boden bleibt) steht beim Aufsteigen neben dem wheel, nicht dahinter oder davor, usw. Das Knie von dem Fuß, mit dem du zuerst aufsteigst, richtig nach innen drehen. Nicht nur mit dem Schienbein gegen das wheel drücken, sondern richtig den Fuß um 90° nach innen drehen und Druck ausüben. Das macht es viel leichter das Gleichgewicht auf dem Bein zu halten. Das wheel natürlich auf die Seite lehnen, wo der Boden-Fuß ist, bevor du aufsteigst. Im Prinzip ist Aufsteigen (und genauso Ein-Fuß-Schubsen) schwerer als einfach fahren. Die ersten 100-200km mit Hilfe von ner Wand aufsteigen ist nichts Ungewöhnliches. Also stress dich nicht zu viel und übe ganz locker weiter. Der Rest kommt von alleine.
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    After reading hours of bitching and moaning over and over again, this is the absolute best post in this thread. No contest,
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    They said they are changing the distance their app is showing to closer to gps because users want that. But it reports from wheel rotations and should be more accurate than gps, if the calculation is done right. I’ve not seen the speed being massively wrong but haven’t done exact testing yet. Distance will always be shorter on gps since it measures straight line when you are slaloming. Anyway, no reason to leave safety margins on Kingsongs, they already have it. They could go much faster, the limit is not based on the wheel power but on their idea of safety. I agree with @Rywokast on diminishing returns. At some point more speed doesn’t bring any more enjoyment if one is not using those extra mph. Not that more top speed is a negative thing as long as there are no costs to it. But usually there are costs, price or feature. For those who don’t utilize the extra mph the cost is waisted. So if there are no other benefits than top speed from 126v system, it’s not interesting to most riders.
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    That's why you should get mten3 instead! It got 3X the range! 1.5X the speed! No fender required! Way more compact! Got trolley handle! 1lbs lighter than the pint! So you can either trolley it, put it into the cart, or just pick it up like the pint without a long board sticking out to your front and back! Oh should I tell you it's also cheaper? (This is why I cancel my Pint.. It's just so hard to justify pint vs mten3 )
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    @Alien Rides I just watched this video before posting my ride through downtown San Diego. I need to convince some more people here to buy these.... #lonely
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    What I meant by power was probably "speed". As soon as I get a charger for the Plus I plan on doing some steep hill side-be-side comparisons between the two wheels to see to what I see. The 2100wh wheel carries a steep premium in price
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    How much do you weigh and how tall are you? I went on a 62km cruise with some friends yesterday. Temperature was 18-20C. Nikola 100v 1845Wh. 90kg rider. 32% battery left.Nikola 84v 1600Wh. 90 kg rider. 16% battery left. MSX 84v 1600Wh. 67kg riding weight (I weigh 64kg). I had 38% battery left. 18XL. 90kg rider. Did some extra km for a total of 70km. Battery at 16%. So the battery usage was as expected. 1554Wh to 1845Wh is ~20% more. The 100v Nik+ did seem to report on the high side as after 7km it went from 100% to 98%. However I am quite sure that I would have been at almost 50% if it was me riding. Fastest speed was attained by the 100v Nikola rider and he hit 55kmh. My fastest was 51.8kmh and i'm not comfortable at that speed. Currently practicing at 45kmh. I tried the Nikolas and the tyre is GREAT. Even on their "high" PSI it behaved very well and did not have the bouncy rebounding characteristics of the MSX tyre. The Nikola tyre is not as much as an elliptical balloon as the MSX and has a more square profile but without any side to side flop. The wheel is very centered and I can transition from forward to backwards riding no problem. The pedals are less angled than the MSX but angled enough. They are not flat feeling like V10 or 18XL. The riding posture and leverage point was a bit high and wide for me but I am 163cm tall. If it were my Nikola I would lower the pads. However that would not change the fact that the MSX is a bit top heavy and at the same time the weight and leverage is lower than on the Nikola. This makes it easier for me to correct the MSX at low speeds but I do have to motorcycle lean at 35kmh and above. The Nikola does require some leaning as well but is a better high speed carver. The Nikola is a great wheel and can take quite a beating. The only alternative to the 84v MSX is the 100v MSX with custom added 615Wh pack for 1845Wh or the Nikola 100v 1845Wh. After this you are looking at the Monster 100v. As you already have an 84v MSX getting a 100v MSX could be redundant. Nikola really ticks all the boxes and with a 5 beep alarm at 65kmh it would take you quite a while to max it out. If I were to replace my 84 MSX I would replace it with a 100v MSX and not a Nikola though. I agree. It feels high. Maybe you are short and light like I am. I imagine it would require some relearning. I like the way the 18XL rides except for the flat pedals. Although the wheel in general feels a bit floppy to me off road. I would need to ride the Nik 100v a few hundred km to make a fair assessment. Tesla on the other hand clicked instantly for me, as well as ACM.
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    126v is kind of exiting news but I’m seeing a lot of uncertainty here. How come there are still no good explanations about this? It’s all just guesses and theories. Seems like there are no serious downsides on higher voltages and one confirmed upside (higher top speed). And then there’s the Z10 doing fine with very low voltage. I’m still not seeing anything that exites me on these 100 and 126 wheels as I’m already going as fast as I want. But I'm glad to see this development. We’ll soon learn more and Gotway is moving the industry forward. 👍
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    Ouch. Sounds like a nice lil tumble. Seems like you’ve gotten great suggestions. Me personally. I wear the bilt blaze 2 mesh jacket. It’s great for warm weather and protects my shoulders elbows and back while being cool and comfort.. I also wear scyoco motorcycle knee/shin guards. They are hard plastic with flexible joints and take care of my knees. And I wear wrist guards and gloves. Also a full face bell super Dj mips helmet. And I feel as safe as I can feel riding hard like I do.. I am consistently amruding the beeps on my nikola So around 30-33 is my sweet spot. It’s the most fun ever I love it I’m trying to pick out a 100v wheel so I can increase my top speed. Just remember not to flail about when you wreck. Tuck all your extremities in and roll. Lol
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    It's not fantasy, my friend. We have made it in our prototype model. The VX will surprise you guys for sure. Stay tuned for more info coming in.
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