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    Here is the second part of my video discussing the Gotway Nikola control board inspection and rebuild. This includes one more lab test and a detailed reassembly using thermal paste coupled with electrical insulation techniques. @Nils nailed it; I ended up publishing the director's cut. Most importantly, now that I have finished documenting this thermal issue and its solutions... I HAVE MY NIKOLA BACK.
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    New Board On The Way Jason (EWheels) has just received the new control board(s). It's heading my way today and I'll be installing it on Tuesday. Really looking forward to it. Look at those beautiful new MOSFETs
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    Thanks! Using separate self adhesive pads would end up being a bit more work since they would have to be individually placed (think one big strip would move around) but I agree with you that it is not that much harder than what they are doing. The thermal paste with mica is amazing but unfortunately it is very labor intensive. I did it just to prove feasibility. I think that the big takeaway is that the package size of the MOSFET is not the full story. It is not just TO-220=BAD and TO-247=GOOD.
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    That's ok, apparently so has Gotway/their assemblers. ;->
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    Great video! Good point with most presumably one will not get much different to higher temperatures reported! But with the important difference, that the high temperature "get away" from the mosfet substrate to the heatsink keeping him alive! Really great video! Just in case one wants to do the same mod as you have shown - afair you did not show the insulating shoulder washers in the vid? (Or did i miss that?) So just that no mishap happens to one - "normal" insulating plastic/rubber washers are not applicaple, they need the "shoulder": https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/aavid,-thermal-division-of-boyd-corporation/4880MG/4880MG-ND/1625265
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    Great video! It also shows that a tiny modification from Gotway (using a self-adhesive type pad) would make it easy to assemble and eliminate any motivation to use a contaminating adhesive to keep the strip in place during assembly. Obviously somebody at some level should have noticed glue was going on the boards, put a stop to it, and recall every affected unit. Gotway should hire you Phil.
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    Keep in mind, Ian is a bit biased since he's in the business of selling wheels, including the Nikola. Generally he's fair, but he doesn't go out of his way to identify some problems. Anyone who watches his video should do so with open eyes and realize that he can't possibly be fully objective.
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    Update! In short I didn't made it on the top... But I made around 770m in 34min with my V8. Sucked out my battery from 100% to 5% in just 34min .. It was a very steep gravel/sand road. Was really fun, special the downhill part . I think most mountain biker never saw a monowheel driver ever befor special on a mountain On my way back down I got around 45% battery back, think it wasn't bad at all for a midrange wheel like the V8. Here in Austria electric Monowheels are illegal on every road or public places so they are rare anyway here.. But our police kinda accept them on street as long you behave. I hope they going do legal in the future..
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    Yes, well put! There was some mention of the insulating shoulder washer inserts in the first video and also some cautions about checking for them in the second. I did not discuss sources for these because all of the factory setups would already have them installed since the through-bolts that pass through the MOSFET tab are bolted to the shared electrically conductive heat sink and thereby cannot contact the metal mounting tab of the MOSFET. I just reused the original hardware. Sorry about the length of these videos but I wanted to do a thorough coverage of the subject with close to real-life tests to see if practice actually matched theory and myth.
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    Please do. I’m very interested in what they actually did and how it’s done. It feels like there’s some sensory magic happening. I would describe it as a feeling that when I lean just a bit the wheel senses it and starts accelerating like with a bigger lean. Like it’s amplifying the lean angle a bit and that gives it a feeling of responsiveness. You don’t need to lean as much to gain same acceleration. I’m trying to persuade my friend not to update his 18XL yet so we can have a direct comparison soon.
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    One silver lining to the disappointing InMotion press conference today* is that both the official "inmotionglobal" and "inmotion_jason" Instagram accounts did confirm they are working on an 18" EUC and another reference to a "V12" (in addition to the one earlier this week containing the hashtag "inmotionv12"). Between all this I think it's safe to say to expect an InMotion V12, 18" wheel sometime in this next year. inmotionglobal we are still developing the new wheel. Please be patient. Thanks inmotionglobal yeah. The new wheel will surprise you. Before that, you need to wait. Indeed, it’s 18inch wheel. inmotion_jason let's wait for V12, be patient, my friends~ (*For those who missed it, InMotion today held a press conference where they announced what is basically a clone of the Segway MiniPro. Which is fair enough, I still think that form factor is a good one for more mainstream adoption, just obviously not what we as EUC enthusiasts want.)
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    Wow! Just walked off a plane to see this. Looks Great! Aside from larger MOSFET packages, we are seeing a different thermal coupling solution. The long strip of thermal silicone that was shared by all six MOSFETs in a given row has been replaced by some type of thermal air gap solution that is individual to each MOSFET. I think that I see an edge of double sided Scotch Tape peeking out from under one of the MOSFET edges... it’s a joke... IT’S JUST A JOKE! Actually, I am guessing that they have used individual self adhesive thermal silicone pads and it looks like from this picture that the gap between the MOSFETs and the heat sink seem to be smaller. If thermal grease was being used I think that we would be able to see the mica insulators since they are always oversized to account for imperfect alignment. As shown in the tests in my videos the self-adhesive thermal pads can work quite well. Larger surface area packages coupled with a better thermal air gap solution coupled with the absence of adhesive should make a substantial improvement in temperature control. However, what goes between the MOSFET and the heatsink is at least as important as the size of the MOSFET package so I will hold off on cracking open the first celebratory beer until I see the board; there is more to this than just TO-247=GOOD. That being said this is so far looking VERY promising. can’t wait to get a closer look! I am so happy to see Gotway stepping up and taking a sledgehammer to this thermal problem. They make unique products and I really want them to be successful. Marty I am thinking that this new board may have your Nikola laughing at you all the way up Overheat Hill.
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    Group ride with @LonewolfSWE, @Nils and Monika. And me of course! We started off at the speedway to chat and try each others toys. Then we went for a cruise. I got to try the Nikola and it is indeed a very nicely balanced wheel. They got a lot right with that one. Rendering for now but should be available in all it's 1080p glory soon.
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    What kind of companies announce new products without updating their own websites. There's no post in the 'news' section of either InMotion Global or InMotion USA, nor has it been added to the product pages. (Edit: looks like it's now up in the product pages for InMotion Global in the section together with the hovershoes[?], but which is separate from the hoverboards?) I swear these companies are /the worst/ at the most rudimentary of requirements to be a functioning company in the year 2019.
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    Went for a quick 5 mile ride to get the feel of the 18L before I did the update. After the update I went for a 12 mile ride and yes there is an improvement! It basically feels like I purchased a K&N Performance air filter and premium brake pads for a Toyota Camry. It’s still a Camry, but now it’s has more snap when you accelerate the wheel, and the braking has more bite. The wheel was at version 1.11 before I updated to 1.13. Not sure if everyone experienced what I went thru but as I was updating the wheel, it would cycle thru 75% back down to 0% then maybe 58% drop down to 0%, 35% - 0%, 64% - 0%. It done this maybe 15 times. Towards the end it went to 97% then dropped down to 0%, I was getting frustrated and then it finally went to 100% “update complete”. Took around 15-20 minutes to update. Because I knew I needed to calibrate the wheel after the update, I placed the wheel true level (front and back, side to side) to get the wheel ready for calibration. FYI when you reboot the wheel, it automatically calibrated the wheel. So if you haven’t done the update 1.12 yet like me, it would be best if you level the wheel while it’s updating, and save some time, because it going to auto calibrate after reboot. 
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    What a joke. Apparently due to two cyclists hitting each other: https://kdvr.com/2019/06/27/after-cyclist-critically-injured-denver-increases-bike-speed-enforcement/ People get so used to the carnage that cars cause that it doesn't even make the news. But the second that a cyclist is involved it's all bans/fines/calls for licensing.
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    Wow the thermal paste made a huge difference! I'm tempted to do that to any wheel by default now. Guess that makes sense (in hindsight) with how thick the standard thermal pad is, but I wouldn't have expected such a massive improvement. How exactly are those insulating plastic pads called? Thank you for a very good video!
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    An accidental speed test. I went for a ride to the oval track with Monika today. I set Darknessbot to 20km/h. The alarm never sounded. That's why I get for using my crappy extra iPhone for that. Although I did test it a few minutes earlier. I guess it disconnected. I just told her to ride until the alarm sounded. Then we did some practice on a mini BMX track. She chose a bad angle and scraped the pedal. Then we had a long talk about bending knees.
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    During a night ride with @Rama Douglas, I was enjoying the San Diego Scenery when all of a sudden I couldn't feel the wheel under my feet. Then the wheel came back shooting my feet upwards. Most of the time I just let my knees absorb the bounce but not this time for some reason. I felt my body lowering to the ground and next thing I know I was lying on my back sliding across the pavement with a smile on my face (and possibly laughing?). I had just experienced my first fall on pavement. It all happened so fast and I probably was not going more then 15 MPH but I ended up riding over a small recessed manhole cover. My left arm was the first to hit followed by my shoulder and left hip. I rolled onto my back immediately and started to slide on my back with feet in the air (for what seemed like a foot or two but probably only a couple inches). Helmet shows no sign of contact with the ground. Luckily I ride with a cheap armored jacket that saved me from any road rash and bruises. So I just wanted to put it out there that forearm, elbow, shoulder, and back protection is nice to have. I would have had road rash all over my back and arm had I not been wearing it. Here is a link to a jacket similar to what I have. I also was wearing a LED blinker on my back that I landed on. Still works great but now has some character. I use it to be seen and let cars know which way I'm turning. Was also wearing just a regular jacket over everything and that got pretty torn up. Though this was not a "high" speed crash, I was disconnected from my wheel and hit the ground. I just want this to be a testimony that cheap hard plastic protection is better than soft fleshy skin. In any fall on pavement, I agree with others that sliding is the best option. Other than a sore left hip (no abrasion), I am completely unharmed. Happy to also report that my KS 18XL is unscathed thanks to the hard work of @The Fat Unicyclist. Still looks good as new (after many many falls) See photos of my gear damage here. Again, had I not spent $45 bucks I would not have had a smile on my face when I hit the ground.
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    RTV to prevent the screws from getting loose.
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    Good luck with the new board! Hope they got it "right" this time... What has always caught my eye very first seeing the boards, the KS boards are packed with components, and in comparison, the Gotway boards seem relatively "empty". I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing (either way), simple can be beautiful and completely working, and conservative approach makes less trouble over the product lifetime (there's a lot of outside factors the designers cannot affect, so "playing it safe" is not necessarily a bad idea). Gotway seems to be pushing the components much closer to their limits, whereas KS is more conservative (probably a lot of those "extra" components have to do with ensuring staying in normal operating ranges and monitoring the "health" of the entire system, they don't have that many extra features or such, of course there's the BT-audio and whatnot requiring more low voltage power supplies and whatnot). Maybe it's like KS trips over their own cleverness (like the strain gauge -issues with the KS18L lift sensor), whereas GW tries to push the limits too far (at times) and ends up with actually boards frying (well, at least in the past, not so much nowadays, this may very well be just an assembly issue and the TO-220 -board would work just fine if it weren't for those)... GW has a lot of boards with dual mosfets (12 x TO-220's), whereas KS went with 6 x TO-247 even for the KS16S (which is "only" 1200W nominal), but is nowadays considered a "lower powered" wheel. Haven't seen any more recent numbers, but at least the S used to hold the highest reliability record ("only" around 1% and change warranty issues, whereas some models from other manufacturers could have >10%). No idea on the newer models though, KS stepped into the high-power region a lot later vs. Gotway, who have pushed the envelope pretty much from the get-go. Also, the mention of not having an "EU Jason" reminded me... Jason started out in the UK, before moving to Florida. I'm pretty sure the company name was different back then, don't remember what it was though. Not a bad move, there's a much larger customer base in the US, and with the brexit looming, things are about to get hairy for UK dealers. There are big differences between the western and eastern (Chinese) culture, it's much more common for the people in China to expect some product to last much shorter time than what we've accustomed to here. They just buy a new one when the old one breaks. Taking short cuts in design and production to save relatively small amounts of money has been somewhat common practice... I've "advertised" it before, but I suggest people should read "Poorly Made in China" by Paul Midler, it does give an insightful view into how things work there (or used to, it was published 10 years ago) in an entertaining way.
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    Of course. That's what I just wrote, and can't you see them in the pictures? It's a beautiful looking board
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    "beautiful new MOSFETs" Beautiful by spec, maybe, but that assembly still looks like a mess. It's shocking to me how slapped together these things always look in EUCs.
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    Check your premises. More hoverboards were sold in the past several years than EUCs in the past decade or for that matter than EUCs will sell in the next decade. The same is almost certainly true of the Segway MiniLite/MiniPro and its various versions. If anything the "who is it for?" question would be much more appropriate if they had only announced an EUC--no need for a press event as they're only for enthusiasts and the press/public doesn't care and the enthusiasts have their own channels for such information. This was a launch event for press/public announcing a product for the general public. I get/share the disappointment of us EUC enthusiasts, but that kind of criticism is completely unwarranted and totally ignores the broader context. It is totally normal that a company that makes a range of scooters/hoverboards/etc would hold a press conference to announce a product targeting the general public in this way.
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    The they don’t need a “launch event” to introduce these slow-motion hover-boards! Who is it for? It’s embarrassing IMHO!
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    They just replied to me so its confirmed for VX
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    I heard there's a new euc to be announced today 😎
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    My only 2 cents in this discussion. There is calibration, and there is correctly executed calibration. To correctly calibrate a wheel it must be 100% vertical in the left and right plane. Front and back is your choice, but side to side is critical. When I read people saying calibration didn't work I suspect an incorrect procedure. Eye-balling it is not good enough. leaning it against something is not good enough. Get a quality level-reading device (physical or App) and get the left/right spot on. A warning; not all apps or actual spirit levels are accurate. I used to be in the building trade and the work site was littered with levels that weren't. We knew which ones they were, and used them for marking straight lines etc, but not to ascertain a level on anything; for that we used one of the good levels. My point don't assume all levels are level. Verify first. I've had all sorts of pedal dipping in the past; some stuff that would actually force me to step off in the middle of a turn, and a good calibration fixed all of them every time, but a bad calibration didn't. My current wheel (KS16S) hasn't been calibrated for over a year and I ride several times a week The board's even been out of the wheel, shipped to Poland, had some work done on it, shipped back, re-installed, with no calibration needed. Absolutely no unwanted pedal dipping or other unusual behavior in any ride mode. PS After making that last statement about ride modes I thought I better confirm that with a ride, so I did. All three modes, no unusual dipping in corners. I even switched between all modes mid-corner, several times, and there was ZERO unusual behavior. Do not settle for dipping pedals, there is a solution (unless your gyro has a problem, but I have no way of knowing how one checks that.)
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    Fantastic video again Phil! I think it's safe to say you now have the best assembled Nikola motherboard of any one Very interesting with comparison of heat pads vs the mica wafer. It's fiddly enough that I don't see any manufacturer going for it (or myself for that matter), but nice to see that it works out so well. I can only hope for more similar videos in the future, even though I of course hope you won't have any similar need to do them
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    https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/53-77-4ACG/53-77-4ACG-ND/1625215/?itemSeq=295984971 The question with the paste/mica job is whether it is really necessary... It did amaze me with its ability to transfer heat though.
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    Some wheels (including most newer King Song wheels) have a diode somewhere along the charging circuit for safety, so you won't be able to probe the voltage of the battery pack through the charging port unless the charger is connected. The benefit from this is that you can no longer blow out the charging port from dropping a metal object into it. TL;DR: Yes, your theory stands true.
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    I could free mount most of the time when we met but still had the odd mishap or my feet would end up not evenly positioned - the idea today was just to perfect my technique so that I can manage it properly at every go :-) My next lesson is backwards riding - I think may take a while to master though
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    I’m gonna have to disagree on that. Based on what I’ve read, this is a process issue and as a result, the issue will be systemic across most Nikolas.
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    Good Point! Speedyfeet is doing great for the community.....but for sure he is biased and still a salesman selling EUC, there is no question about it!!! BUT: This goes for all brands he is selling....he also NEVER mentioned the 18L/Xl freeze issue at the time it was actual....and i can only say that is more than fair! We all have to think about that ONE or two failures of a certain wheel dont represent this EUC at all! What is the best sign of a „bad wheel“ with real quality issues? i guess that is when the store is not selling it anymore!!!
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    I don’t like speedyfeets position on the whole MOSFET issue. He didn’t even mention the issue in his video and based on his comments he will only worry about it if it effects him personally. I think it’s an irresponsible stance to have if you are going to make a review people are relying on for purchasing decisions.
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    Long way to work today, cloudy in the hills.
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    Short answer: Before any ordered padding will arrive ….you will allready have got used to it :-) Later, when you are more experienced even changing onto new wheels with other corners wont hurt anymore.
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    No need to buy padding. I have one now for 21 days. First two days my legs were blue. 3rd day I noticed I didn't put so much pressure anymore. Now it doesn't hurt at all. I go with shorts bare skin against the machine and no problems. It is a matter of learning. By the time you actually buy and wear the shin protection you are already out of the pain . I wanted to buy it also but my girlfriend told me not to be a sissy haha and she said if you go pole dancing it hurts much more. I'm glad I listened to her as it would have been a waste of money to me. Better spend your money on good protection for on the road such as a helmet, wrist and knee pads.
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    That's so funny. You literally have his whole ride. I think what I would have done is ride the 16S and trolley the Nikola - probably less bending over. Or better yet, why not practice your KingSong Guy skills and ride both wheels at the same time
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    Got a new top speed on my 84v nikola. Have over 200 miles on my replaced board and it’s gliding perfectly. I finally heard the 80% beeps and slowed down. When I stopped and looked I found out I was going 35.1 when the beeping started and I slowed down .. glue or no glue. The nikola is a hellluva machine. I love mine... also a helmet holder for when parked or trollying.
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    Went for a quick 5 mile ride to get the feel of the 18L before I did the update. After the update I went for a 12 mile ride and yes there is an improvement! It basically feels like I purchased a K&N Performance air filter and premium brake pads for a Toyota Camry. It’s still a Camry, but now it’s has more snap when you accelerate the wheel, and the braking has more bite. The wheel was at version 1.11 before I updated to 1.13. Not sure if everyone experienced what I went thru but as I was updating the wheel, it would cycle thru 75% back down to 0% then maybe 58% drop down to 0%, 35% - 0%, 64% - 0%. It done this maybe 15 times. Towards the end it went to 97% then dropped down to 0%, I was getting frustrated and then it finally went to 100% “update complete”. Took around 15-20 minutes to update. Because I knew I needed to calibrate the wheel after the update, I placed the wheel true level (front and back, side to side) to get the wheel ready for calibration. FYI when you reboot the wheel, it automatically calibrated the wheel. So if you haven’t done the update 1.12 yet like me, it would be best if you level the wheel while it’s updating, and save some time, because it going to auto calibrate after reboot.
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    Kingsong Technical Support.
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    Well that's all folks, I returned my Pint to Future Motion. I haven't receive my pre-order yet and I'm already outgrew it. This wheel is theoretically so much fun! I cannot stop riding it in my dreams At first I though 6 miles range is enough but when I bring it to the hypothetical beach trails, I cannot go far enough without a range anxiety. At 23lbs it's not much heavier than the XR with double the range. Maybe I'll wait for next year XRS or something..
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    My heart goes out to that poor kid who needs a walker
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    And a thick layer of cork between the MOSFETs and the heatsink? 😉 Seriously though, could that mean they are simply replacing your board with the one from the 100V Nikola Plus? If yes, that doesn't mean they are fixing the root cause of the issue for all 84V Nikolas. Hopefully they are, but explicit confirmation is needed.
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    Dear euc.world users, I've just made small and simple tag photo that you can use in forum signature or elsewhere. It just shows your last public tour or - if your're on tour now - shows that you're live and shows your distance. This is how to use it with this forum as a signature add-on: Enter you Account Settings and open Signature settings. Use Insert other media button, then click Insert Image From URL. Type https://euc.world/membersig/<your euc.world username> and click Insert into post. Click on the inserted image and click link button to add a link. Type https://euc.world/latest/<your euc.world username> then click Insert into post. When finished, click Save. You're done! Again - it will only show your last public tour. If you don't have any tour that was set to be visible to anyone, it will not work (it will return "404 Not Found" error instead).
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    How about the cheapest and smallest smartphone you can find, in an armband? Run a speedometer app in it, and you should be done well below $100. Edit: And keep you actual cell phone in your pocket I mean.
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