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    Great video! Good point with most presumably one will not get much different to higher temperatures reported! But with the important difference, that the high temperature "get away" from the mosfet substrate to the heatsink keeping him alive! Really great video! Just in case one wants to do the same mod as you have shown - afair you did not show the insulating shoulder washers in the vid? (Or did i miss that?) So just that no mishap happens to one - "normal" insulating plastic/rubber washers are not applicaple, they need the "shoulder": https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/aavid,-thermal-division-of-boyd-corporation/4880MG/4880MG-ND/1625265
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    Yes, well put! There was some mention of the insulating shoulder washer inserts in the first video and also some cautions about checking for them in the second. I did not discuss sources for these because all of the factory setups would already have them installed since the through-bolts that pass through the MOSFET tab are bolted to the shared electrically conductive heat sink and thereby cannot contact the metal mounting tab of the MOSFET. I just reused the original hardware. Sorry about the length of these videos but I wanted to do a thorough coverage of the subject with close to real-life tests to see if practice actually matched theory and myth.
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    Please do. I’m very interested in what they actually did and how it’s done. It feels like there’s some sensory magic happening. I would describe it as a feeling that when I lean just a bit the wheel senses it and starts accelerating like with a bigger lean. Like it’s amplifying the lean angle a bit and that gives it a feeling of responsiveness. You don’t need to lean as much to gain same acceleration. I’m trying to persuade my friend not to update his 18XL yet so we can have a direct comparison soon.
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    One silver lining to the disappointing InMotion press conference today* is that both the official "inmotionglobal" and "inmotion_jason" Instagram accounts did confirm they are working on an 18" EUC and another reference to a "V12" (in addition to the one earlier this week containing the hashtag "inmotionv12"). Between all this I think it's safe to say to expect an InMotion V12, 18" wheel sometime in this next year. inmotionglobal we are still developing the new wheel. Please be patient. Thanks inmotionglobal yeah. The new wheel will surprise you. Before that, you need to wait. Indeed, it’s 18inch wheel. inmotion_jason let's wait for V12, be patient, my friends~ (*For those who missed it, InMotion today held a press conference where they announced what is basically a clone of the Segway MiniPro. Which is fair enough, I still think that form factor is a good one for more mainstream adoption, just obviously not what we as EUC enthusiasts want.)
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    Wow! Just walked off a plane to see this. Looks Great! Aside from larger MOSFET packages, we are seeing a different thermal coupling solution. The long strip of thermal silicone that was shared by all six MOSFETs in a given row has been replaced by some type of thermal air gap solution that is individual to each MOSFET. I think that I see an edge of double sided Scotch Tape peeking out from under one of the MOSFET edges... it’s a joke... IT’S JUST A JOKE! Actually, I am guessing that they have used individual self adhesive thermal silicone pads and it looks like from this picture that the gap between the MOSFETs and the heat sink seem to be smaller. If thermal grease was being used I think that we would be able to see the mica insulators since they are always oversized to account for imperfect alignment. As shown in the tests in my videos the self-adhesive thermal pads can work quite well. Larger surface area packages coupled with a better thermal air gap solution coupled with the absence of adhesive should make a substantial improvement in temperature control. However, what goes between the MOSFET and the heatsink is at least as important as the size of the MOSFET package so I will hold off on cracking open the first celebratory beer until I see the board; there is more to this than just TO-247=GOOD. That being said this is so far looking VERY promising. can’t wait to get a closer look! I am so happy to see Gotway stepping up and taking a sledgehammer to this thermal problem. They make unique products and I really want them to be successful. Marty I am thinking that this new board may have your Nikola laughing at you all the way up Overheat Hill.
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    Group ride with @LonewolfSWE, @Nils and Monika. And me of course! We started off at the speedway to chat and try each others toys. Then we went for a cruise. I got to try the Nikola and it is indeed a very nicely balanced wheel. They got a lot right with that one. Rendering for now but should be available in all it's 1080p glory soon.
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    What kind of companies announce new products without updating their own websites. There's no post in the 'news' section of either InMotion Global or InMotion USA, nor has it been added to the product pages. (Edit: looks like it's now up in the product pages for InMotion Global in the section together with the hovershoes[?], but which is separate from the hoverboards?) I swear these companies are /the worst/ at the most rudimentary of requirements to be a functioning company in the year 2019.
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    RTV to prevent the screws from getting loose.
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    The they don’t need a “launch event” to introduce these slow-motion hover-boards! Who is it for? It’s embarrassing IMHO!
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    Fantastic video again Phil! I think it's safe to say you now have the best assembled Nikola motherboard of any one Very interesting with comparison of heat pads vs the mica wafer. It's fiddly enough that I don't see any manufacturer going for it (or myself for that matter), but nice to see that it works out so well. I can only hope for more similar videos in the future, even though I of course hope you won't have any similar need to do them
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    https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/53-77-4ACG/53-77-4ACG-ND/1625215/?itemSeq=295984971 The question with the paste/mica job is whether it is really necessary... It did amaze me with its ability to transfer heat though.
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    Good Point! Speedyfeet is doing great for the community.....but for sure he is biased and still a salesman selling EUC, there is no question about it!!! BUT: This goes for all brands he is selling....he also NEVER mentioned the 18L/Xl freeze issue at the time it was actual....and i can only say that is more than fair! We all have to think about that ONE or two failures of a certain wheel dont represent this EUC at all! What is the best sign of a „bad wheel“ with real quality issues? i guess that is when the store is not selling it anymore!!!
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    So nice, we did it twice! Really happy to be able to announce Westwheel 2, PEVRA's now-annual riding event held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA this August. Join us for three days of group rides and meetups with enthusiasts of personal electric vehicles of all kinds. This year we're adding a mod contest with 'Best in Show' prizes, plus an (optional) buffet dinner to help reduce your range for the rest of your stay. Westwheel 2 Las Vegas, Nev., USA Aug 9 - 11, 2019 Westwheel 2 is open to all types of PEV, but I am of course an EUC guy and have been for years. We provide route and charging "options" for our friends with less range, but I can tell you the destinations, routes and potential routes offer an optimized experience for EUC riders: Traffic-protected, newly-laid asphalt, winding through a desert canyon for miles? Got it at Red Rock. Off-road, nice and technical? That too. If you like urban riding, Downtown Las Vegas is a great place to cruise at night. Up for real adventure? The Las Vegas Strip -- in traffic lanes, where we are legal -- is the ultimate street-riding experience. And the route to Hoover Dam is entirely bike trails, until a short stretch of speed-controlled traffic when we descend and ride across the Dam — as a group on our EUC! http://pevra.org/westwheel We're doing Westwheel this year as a PEVRA membership event. Since 2018, PEVRA has advocated for safety, legality, and inclusion for personal electric vehicles everywhere. In order to expand our offerings and services, as PEVRA executive director I invite you to join us as members to show support and unity. We're starting our first-ever 1-year membership at just $9.99, which includes free registration to Westwheel 2 and other PEVRA benefits, like a safety kit including reflective stickers, and '100% Legal' wallet cards showing laws in your state or country supporting the use of PEV. A PEVRA membership also includes PEVRA Lettersmith, where members can request a letter be sent to local agencies, districts, or other entities encouraging legal status for PEV. If the cost of a PEVRA membership is too much of an economic burden, we have a limited number of scholarship memberships we can offer upon request. Feel free to reach me by PM. Hope to see you in Vegas for Westwheel 2!
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    So I have been around plenty of EVs, Eskates, Unicycles, and EScooters (I don't own an EScooter). I currently own the ACM with the tesla motor and control board and the 100v MSX. And as you know the smaller the wheel the more the torque. And my question is this, is there a way we can get more torque out of our wheels? I find the MSX very lacking in torque in comparison to all my other EVs. My Eskate so far has the most torque of them all and can hit 40mph+ easily. My ACM has decent torque but its slow as shit. And I have seen the Dualtron scooters and they have massive torque. And in all of these EVs, the top speed is around the same(cept for the ACM). So is there a way we can push more power into the gotway motors? The open source ESC seems really good but man that project is taking a long time. I'm looking for a way to increase the power of my wheel while having the top speed remaining the same. There's gotta be a way to push more watts into these motors. Ebikes are an example, those shits got power for days but to put it on a unicycle it's difficult due to the way unicycles are "self balancing"
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    I won't be disassembling mine, but I'll get some close-up pictures of what they're doing with the MOSFETs. I am optimistic that my wheel is now going to be a tank that I won't have to worry about. I'm not working next week so I'll be able to repeat Overheat Hill early next week.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed Part 2. You now probably own the best thermally controlled EUC on the planet This is great evergreen content that will make great viewing years from now. Thanks for the science experiment, and now enjoy your wheel in peace
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    In german glimmerscheibe/plättchen. With google "glimmerscheibe für kühlkörper" or "glimmerscheibe to220" you'll find all of them....
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    Yes. A correctly executed calibration, will sort that. I experienced this "motorboating" (get your minds out of the gutter,) a few years back. Wheel feeling like a boat settling back into the water after a turn. Sometimes weird, sometimes kinda nice, but ultimately too inconsistent and unpredictable to be useful.
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    Hey kuji, i had an idea for a video that i think you should make..."a tutorial for euc competitions" like a how to or what to practice to be able to compete or even win.. since you've competed in the biggest euc games known to date and you make awesome videos i think you'd be the perfect person to help us train for the LA games in october (which you should totally come to by the way)... just an idea... one id really like to see you do thanks bro you're awesome !!!!!
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    @Mimolette Nice😎! Thanks to you it just became pretty easy to choose. I had an offer 2 weeks ago of a used v10F Inmotion for 600euro 2 years old, don’t know exactly the miles.... It was tempting but I am 99% leaning towards the ks16 anyway. Another question regarding the membership for this forum. Why am one limited and restricted to a certain amount of replies and reactions(likes)? I can’t leave more than 1 like/day...🙄😞 I guess maybe you would have to pay for a vip account for more privileges? I am not use to forums and don’t really know where and when to start a new topic and how to find answers , even searching is restricted for me. Sorry for babbling on off topic, You have really been a big help! 🙏🏻
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    The first scratch always feel bad, whichever equipment The next ones less..(almost bound to happen even without letting it fall; ie you transport the wheel in a car, bam it rubbed against something. Or when being careful, suddenly a pedestrian run backwards into the street, wheel falls.. oh and pedal scratch) Anyhow, it sucks but difficult to avoid, you’ll get over it put a little black marker on it, or maybe even nail polish to fill the gaps)
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    Some how I suspect working for a Chinese company is the last thing on Phil's wish list
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    Every crosswalk is a risk, because at no time can you cross without a driver legally being able to occupy the space you're on, as drivers can legally do right on red and left to completion even if you have the light. You can also use the hook turn to cross diagonally in one go, as EUC and bicycles uniquely can be both walked and ridden. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_turn That is, you can walk your vehicle to the left turn lane, then stop there, mounting it when the arrow goes green . Conversely, you can also walk your vehicle into the far straight lane, mounting it when the light turns green.
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    Feels good. Very good, actually. Used the iOS version to upgrade without a hitch and recalibrated just for good measure.
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    I concur on the MCM5. It is my errand-runner of choice for the utility reasons @Kens mentioned, even if I prefer my larger wheel for overall ride-feel.
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    Well that's all folks, I returned my Pint to Future Motion. I haven't receive my pre-order yet and I'm already outgrew it. This wheel is theoretically so much fun! I cannot stop riding it in my dreams At first I though 6 miles range is enough but when I bring it to the hypothetical beach trails, I cannot go far enough without a range anxiety. At 23lbs it's not much heavier than the XR with double the range. Maybe I'll wait for next year XRS or something..
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    upto 80C on most EUC's before they tilt back and force you off. Dont stress it too much.
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    absolutly! We dont have a EU Jason...but we have quit some very good Dealers and even better repairshops…..for european i can Always recommend 1Radwerkstatt.de "not easy" is a real Understatement
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    Wow, 60km offroad dressed like that? And not one gram of dust on you?
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    Above the Horse Thief Canyon on the Dinosaur Trail in Drumheller, Alberta. First serious (60km) ride on my new KS-18XL. Some very nice hill climbing on this ride, the wheel held up like a champ. This route is a paved road all the way that runs up and back along the river valley, with the occasional side trip to look at the sights.
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    Thanks for sharing the process, can be useful for others. I’d be curious to know at which mileage it would be recommended to do. AFAIK bearings can run for very long, but in EUCs there is quite a bit of pressure and shocks on them Did the ones you removed feel any older from the new ones? I find my 16s to not be so smooth, but it is probably mostly the motor.
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    Good points, but there are a lots of variables and factors here I'd say. To begin with I can only concur with your wishes that we had a EU Jason - but as far as I'm aware we don't. If you're in the US, then either buy from this very good proven dealer or choose the price cut and deal with any fall-out, perhaps pretty much on yourself. For us others, it seems to be a choice of buying from some hopefully-not-to-bad dealer or choosing the price cut and dealing with any fall-out, perhaps pretty much yourself. Paying the eWheels premium for eWheel service is one thing, and I encourage anyone applicable to do that as you'd get your money's worth back in case of troubles and Jason is really clued in and knows what's what, but paying the same premium to some random dealer in the EU without getting the same level of service is just too little to tip the scales for me. My point here really is there aren't any good options really as far as I'm aware. Apart from that, how big is the market really? How many sellers can choose to front money in the hope of claiming it back from the manufacturer later through reimbursement or better deals in the future? eWheels, having built up a business over many years and covering a larger area, probably can but your local dealer in the EU? Probably not. I don't disparage your legal arguments regarding consumer rights, but unless the seller is in the same country it seems this would end up being very cumbersome. Successfully arguing your case at a court of some some kind seems a hard-won victory with a seller outside of your country, and even more so for a Chinese seller. With regards to PR, we're now living in a globally connected world for better or worse, and I have to assume Gotway (in this case) knows this. They know the amount of wheels shipped out with this potential defect and unless they've lived in a cave for the last 10 or 20 years or so they should be aware of the damage done to their brand. They're likely measuring lost revenue vs brand damage and basing their decisions on that. Their estimation and opinion is of course a subjective one and may not be same as ours (I'd just say "damage control!" and offer replacement boards, but I don't have the exact numbers or know what kind of they backlash they seen in other regions). Just to end with anything I'd suggest that the market for EUCs in western countries just isn't large enough that one should expect the same mechanisms to apply with regards to retail.
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    My heart goes out to that poor kid who needs a walker
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    I obviously can't speak for EWheels, but based on previous episodes like this, Jason will send out an e-mail to affected customers when ready. If I were to guess, I would say this will be happening the week of July 8th.
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    @Nils yes you are partly right however.... For a dealer it is much easier if the manufacturer have accepted a fault as a quality issue and supply new parts or conduct service. However the legal responsibility is not from manufactory to buyer. It is between the dealer and the buyer. The dealer is liable for any manufacturing fault that the buyer can prove. This is how confumer laws work in most Western countries. In China I am not so sure. But as a buyer your right is from a legal point of view in the country from where you bought the product. So it is the dealer that decide how huge an impact they can take and then they will try to get costs covered from their supply er whether it is distribution or manufactory. I am pretty sure that is also why in the @Jason McNeil pulled the plug on the Z10. 9B didn't accept their product had such high fault issues that the profit margin made it bad business and bad PR for the dealers. It is all too easy as a dealer to push aware responsibility if you are not a serious dealer. I work for a very big and very know it related company. And is it is a serious dealer they will cover some issues and at a later point clam this back once they have enough cases to prove a quality issue. It is in their risk and profit calculation. From what I have seen in the past year, I don't think people realise how much @Jason McNeil acturly do to keep his business going and in good reputation and how this push manufactors to make better products. I have said this before, I wish we had an EU Jason, but unfortunately we don't. It is not that current EU dealers are necessarily bad, but they don't deal with as many brands in one shop and are not visual to same extent to this community. So end of the day any Nikola concerns should go to the dealer, their task is to make the case to GW on the glue gate as this is right now a case of PR and trust in my book. If a dealer contact GW with 50 units at risk it makes a much hard case to dismiss that, than on customer to customer basis. And that is why it is sooo important to support a local dealer, than saving maybe 10-15% buying from China. Getting local dealer in a region with attract more customers too in the long run. @US69 I know what we discuss here is about GW but the mechanic behind it would be similar for KS. Like we saw for 1st batch KS18L, would you agree to that? That is also why I can only lift the hat on the decision from KS to postpone KS16X until it is right, despite it means I will not have it for my holidays.
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    Don’t be modest, it might require for you to go 30mph! No news as of yet, but based on past experience I would think that for example Ewheels will sort out their customers, but Gotway or Aliexpress distributors would not actively seek out or notify customers. They might have to be active and a bit persistent to get the new board.
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    Awesome experience, @Gasmantle. My wife and I purchased our V5F and V8 3 months ago and we are in our 50s. This hobby is so addicting, and the feeling of freedom on the rides is intoxicating. While we are not "one with the wheel" just yet it still feels like magic floating on the trails and people watching with their mouths open.
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    And a thick layer of cork between the MOSFETs and the heatsink? 😉 Seriously though, could that mean they are simply replacing your board with the one from the 100V Nikola Plus? If yes, that doesn't mean they are fixing the root cause of the issue for all 84V Nikolas. Hopefully they are, but explicit confirmation is needed.
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    News Directly From Gotway Gotway has reached out to me, acknowledging that they have seen my video and that they want to replace my control board. But here's the real kicker, and should be of interest to many. After telling me that a new board will be sent to me, on a separate line is this, "With big MOSFETs" So it appears that Gotway does have a new 84-volt control board design with what I assume is the TO-247 MOSFETs. Very exciting. They've heard us
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    Can't hurt, but the tilt-back is a tell-tale KingSong symptom of a failed board. That, plus the fact he's been using the wheel.
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    Charge it up to 100% then leave it on charge several hours more. Ignore the green light on the charger, keep charging. If the Z charger process is similar to all others, the batteries will trickle charge to 100%, even the low ones. Don't leave it at 100% long as this is harmful to the batteries. Ride it withing a few hours of charging. Do this every now and then, twice a month at most (personal opinion)
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    Charger could come with multiple connectors, most of us have multiple wheels. And connectors arent that expensive.
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    Ok, some words to the rumours of "massive Motor" Problems. There are None! Because of a partly different Motor of the 16X the 5 Pre-Production to the 2 prototypes the wheels had that "oscillation" when going over 40kmh. This is allready fixed by a Firmware update last Weekend! The production of the 16X will, nonetheless, be a Little bit delayed ….and unfortunatly be produced only in Mid July. The reason for this delay is in the massive Feedback, received from the test of the pre-production models and asking for some changes! That are small parts done better for better waterproofing, another pedal angle and other small and very minor details, but also a Hardware-Change on the Motherboard. KingSong wants to deliver a flawless 16X to it's customers, so the extra time added might be annoying...but in the end this is all for our own best!
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    I have replaced the ball bearings of my ks16s. It is not an easy job. Fist of all, you need to dissasembly the wheel and take the motor apart. Because I am changing the tire, I haved dismounted it, but I think this is not needed. Next thing you need is to release the pedals from the hub. Be warned: the screws are very, very tight. You will need a good strong tools. With the pedals removed, a thick washers in both sides are now free. Be carefull: do not loose them. Now you can take the motor apart. First of all, remove all the twelve screws. Again: do not loose them. You can now open the motor. The cover is now free so you can raise it (be carefull with the cables and connectors). Note that there is a thin washer in the hub (if it is not glued to the bearing) The first bearing is in the cover. You can replace it now. In order to do that, you will need a way to push the ball bearing out of the cover. I use a big screw with a head that can go through the cover hole, but no so thin to go through the ball bearing hole, so it can push the bearing out to the inside part of the cover. On the other side of the screw, you need something to get the screw support against the cover, with a hole big enough to allow the ball bearing to get out. I have used a big circular saw drill tool. All you need to do is to tighten the screw. With each turn, you will push the ball bearing, and it will be out soon. Now you must clean the ball bearing housing of the motor cover. And put some grease once clean. And grease the new ball bearing too. To put the new bearing you can use the screw pushing it now in the other way. I have tried this method four of five times, but the bearing always tended to bend someway, so finally I have used a hammer with a very flat, thick metal platform, to fit it evenly. Now, in order to access the other ball bearing, you will need to remove the inner part of the motor (hub and coils). Because there are magnets all around, there is a bit tricky job. I have put a piece of wood over the floor, and then I have hit it with the bottom part of the hub, so the inner part of the motor can go up and get out of the motor housing. Be carefull with your fingers. Remember that there are a lot of magnets and the inside part of the motor can go up and down very quickly and can catch your fingers in between. To help the process, I have used three cable wires (as ropes) holding three of the motor spokes, and another person grabbing the ropes and pulling up. Probably you will needs several hits. The inside part of the motor will be released eventually and you will gain access to the other bearing. Be realized that there are another thin washer. To replace this ball bearing you can use the same method used with the motor cover. Now, to put the inner part of the motor again in its housing (do not forget the thin washer), a person can hold it from above (with the ropes) near the housing, and you can align the bottom part of the hub with the hole of the recently installed ball bearing. Not so easy, since the magnets are there trying to unbalance the thing, and trying to catch your fingers at the same time. A few tries and you will get it. Time to put the cover again (remember this side thin washer) and their screws. I have greased the cover edge all around before (where the edge contacts the motor housing), to prevent the water getting inside. Finally, put the thick washers and the pedals and thats all. I have took some picture and you have them here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JDQGSzRwmBUXJpet7 If your DIY skills are not very good, try to not replace the ball bearings unless it is absolutely essential.
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    Ok ok now I have to see this... 🙄 So I took a look at it. I think this guy sadly one of those I refer to as me-culture. I doubt anyone would be able to talk some sense into him. Yes fair enough he is unhappy with the wheel, but like others already what do you expect and how did you get those expectations? That he bought a heavy wheel should not come as a surprise really. This is specified. That he is directed back to point of safe should not come as a surprise either. To my knowledge this is how law say the legal obligation is in most countries. Complains about headlight, well like most other wheels it eacy to have an extra light with you. A building light will only be able to do so much. Anyone riding evening or night time knows this. Especially if you do it in poor street light that interfer with your eyes adjusting to night vision. As for language goes, I would not post a review where only thing that makes sense are swear words. I would make it in native language and the write translation instead. It didn't take long before I had to mute him. Like others pointed out, he calling himself a professional is nothing short of hilarious. Ahh well let's move on.
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    To be more clear: DO NOT BUY A NIKOLA FOR NOW! IF YOU HAVE ONE, YOUR BOARD MAY BE A TICKING TIME BOMB! IT MAY NEED REPLACEMENT OR A REPAIR THAT REMOVES THE GLUE BETWEEN THE MOSFETS AND HEATSINK. You can buy Nikolas again when they come with good boards. I assume they will do that from now on. But beware of older stock, e.g. on Ali. Maybe go for a trusted seller like ewheels as long as it is questionable which stock (good board or bad board) you'll get. The sticker on the board contains a date (e.g. 190601... means 1st June 2019). If it is before now, your board may be affected by the bad assembly method. If it is after now (maybe give it a grace period), Gotway will have fixed the wrong assembly method and the board should be good. (*should* I hope the sticker date is the board+heatsink assembly date, not the production date from some supplier.) We don't know if every Nikola board is affected because all Nikola boards were assembled by the bad worker(s), or if some are good and some are not depending on the worker. Everyone who checked so far has reported a bad board!
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    I just saw this thread by coincidence now and.. WOW - I hadn't realized things could be so dire with the new KS wheels. When I read about newer KS wheels limiting the max speed of the wheels according to miles ridden a while ago that seemed like a real nuisance to me, but I could at least understand their thinking even if it was flawed and not well considered (hello experienced riders with previous wheels!). That was made unlockable however in the end (I don't think it was at the start though if I recall correctly, just when the KS18L came out?). However, having some kind of geo-restriction limiting the speed that you can't unlock without some personal communication with someone from the manufacturer's side though? That's just downright atrocious, and I'm surprised I hadn't heard about this before now The whole binding/unbinding stuff doesn't sound like anything I would want to touch with a ten-feet pole either. The high-end wheels nowadays cost a lot, at least in my opinion. In line with @Jason McNeil's comment, when I buy a wheel I am (or was) under the impression that I'm buying a physical machine with certain properties, not signing up for some weird region-locked DVD rental like operation where some remote entity controls and allow for the functionality of my wheel. I don't consider myself a fanboy of any particular manufacturer (my three wheels so far has been KS, Inmotion and Gotway), but these kind of shenanigans will steer me away from buying a KS wheel in the future. Our wheels are not online software subscription packages for heaven's sake! For what it's worth I was similarly incensed to learn that Inmotion thought it fine to potentially disable their app for out-of-region wheels according to serial numbers, but apparently that was a known thing, so it's not just KS either, even though that in that case it wouldn't actually limit the capacity of the wheel. Well, to each their own I guess, but count this particular grumpy man out..
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    Good Afternoon, I just saw your add and was wondering if the price is negotiable. I have been saving up since my KS14s died last summer and am looking for another wheel to invest in. I was wondering if $1200 cash would work. I live in the Gaithersburg area so I am relatively close to you so you would not need to spend any additional money to ship as i could pick up in person. Please feel free to call my cell at 240-281-2711 if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you soon, Jason
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