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    As a relatively new member, I haven't had a tremendous amount of time on this forum, but what strikes me as rather unique about this community is the level of politeness that seems to be the norm here. I have been a member of forums for other hobbies of mine and I'm sad to say that I have observed rude comments, ego driven arguments, and all sorts of bad manners on those forums. It is a very refreshing change to be a member of a community that seems to communicate respectfully and avoid the nonsense. My hats off to the founders and moderators of this forum for setting the tone and to all the members of this forum who make this a great place to learn about EUC's and exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals. Clearly there are lots of interesting, extremely knowledgeable people on this forum. It's a real pleasure to be a part of this community!
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    It's a bit of a sad story, that Gotway for once got it all right with the MSX in terms of durability and dependability. Then they go and screw up again. The whole outfit seems more than a bit happy-go-lucky. I would like to say to all manufacturers: Don't design for the specs, design with a 50% headroom above the specs. You have no idea what kind of wringer these wheels will be put through. And the customers actually don't care that much if they have to spend a few tenths of dollars more, or even a hundred or two, if in return they know they will not face-plant because some electronic part just hit its limit. So this time Gotway "promised" that the new design and firmware would make sure the 220s would be plenty good enough - but in reality they weren't. It took just a bit of glue/silicone in the wrong spot, and three MOSFETs went barbecue, while the rest of the board reported no critical temperatures. The price difference as far as I can see is about ~$5 per MOSFET in retail, which begs the question why they chose to go with the smaller one. Sure there is a difference in footprint, but not that bad. Also, for those who mount their boards on top of the wheel: Why not take a leaf from Rockwheel, and make the heatsink part of the wheel well? After all, if the heat has nowhere to go, it will stay where it shouldn't.
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    """"latest update on the angle pedal""" Short update on pedal angle of the KS16X: The actual pre production models have flat angle.... The final angle will be 15degree 😎 Why didn't they just do that in the first place lol 😊
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    Thanks @houseofjob for this video and it was nice format getting all the different first impressions, but also look forward for your own review after you have spent more time evaluating the wheel. What is interesting is the variety of opinions you get, from definitely liking and getting one to absolute hate and everything in between. I think the issue with all EUC manufacturers is they don't build enough adjustability in the wheels. Every new EUC we get same complaints about pedal size and pedal angle. It would be nice if each company had standard pedals of different sizes that works on all their models. Also support some user adjustability to the pedal angle would be welcome feature by all users.
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    Id be intrested to know the cost of the new upgraded board for us early adopters of the Nikola. I live in Vegas and one of my favorites trails is the 35 mile River Mountains loop trail. Theres some seriously steep hills out there, especially if your going off road. Now im worried about burning a board at 25mph, faceplanting then dragging it back maybe 15 miles to the car depending on where in the loop it failed. Temps here in summer gets to 115 out side.
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    Actually on FB you got one of the very seldom reactions from Jane Mo, where she stated that "Lukas" - a kind of suppprt guy, would contact you…..
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    Thanks, formerly-known-as-KS69! Yes, I wanted just a video of people's unadulterated, first impressions. And yes, it would have been great to have known about the pedal angle correction prior, but oh well..... Well, on this "almost-ready-for-production-but-not" KS16X here, the pedals were the same super-aggressive, rip-apart-your-sneaker-outsole griptape they've been using for the KS18XL large pedals.
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    Chris from 1radwerkstatt told me he will be getting these stickers in about 3-4 weeks. Maybe other designs as well.
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    My friend and I went for a ride the other day. Both on our MSX:es. He was riding to the left and behind me. The bike lane / walking path was clear. A man steps out from a small pathway between two bushes and starts to cut diagonally through the bike lane / walking path. I didn't have time to use my bell and didn't have my music on. He was totally oblivious so I had to swerve left. I bumped into my friend, pedal to pedal. He lost balance and grabbed my arm... and for a moment there we became a hoverboard and regained balance. Lessons were learned.
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    Sorry, too much work to swap pedals to answer a question. However, fortunately for you, @stephen has already done this and posted videos and associated commentary on how great the Nikola pedals are on the MSX.
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    Do you have a product link? https://store.insta360.com/product/The_Back_Bar Can you attach any stick to it? yes any stick with 1/4 inch thread with hole at bottom Will my (yours) 9-foot stick work? yes, mine is the telsin , I'll test it but it might have alot of bounce ,might be ok for flat open road though If you have a faceplant, will you be impaled by the stick or will it break-away? probably just break away from the clamp Have you lost weight? Looking good or the camera is doing you favors i might have lost weight i get more miles on the msx now 😊,,BUT the waist strap is like a slimming belt, I'll have to pull it tighter so it looks like I've lost more weight 😂 done some pics for you Plus you won't see it if wearing black
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    @houseofjob, would have been nice if you could have gotten Diana's impression on there. The only female rider at the meet up. Although she was only there to try the i5 which I lent her after, think she got a lot of good info and tried out some other wheels as well. That is the cool part about the demo's, you get to try out all the other wheels that show up.
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    Mighty fine words. Like you stated unfortunate that KS didn't understand what first impression word of Internet means. It is risky to bring out a product in public, however public feedback could be just those comments that put the dot over the i.
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    I am so over cautious when I read and even more if I am riding with my wife. Sometimes though... I just don't give a shit. The important is that we learn and try to improve. Even if it's not our fault. We can't change the world but we can change ourselves. Hope your knee gets better soon! Just a little tap on the knee is enough to cause trouble. Let us know how it turns out!
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    Theres nothing wrong with a 600cc Supersport as your first bike either. Mine was a Kawasaki GPZ1000RX, straight after I got off my learner 125cc. Fast bikes (and cars) are only as quick as your wrist or foot want them to be. Same applies to EUC's. Depends whether you are the sort of person who has self-control or not I guess. Further, I find the Z requires more effort to accelerate hard off the line than my V5F so it's not like the Z will feel decidedly quicker until you are already doing 10mph or so. With regards to being worried afterwards about riding a slim-tyred EUC (might as well say anything other than a Z as they are so unique in terms of riding style) it's not a major problem. I went on my V5 the other day for the first time in about 2 months and could ride it fine. Not as good as I could before I got the Z I grant you, but it wasn't a major issue at all. As regards to speed in general, I still don't go over 20mph after riding for some 5 months now. I don't commute with it so time isn't an issue and I enjoy leisurely rides where I don't have to work to hard at spotting surface issues before I am on them. I got a Z6 because I needed something with at least the same range as my daughter on the V5F, and it was the right price being secondhand. I am only really upgrading to the Z10 to get more range, not speed. So whilst I would be the first person to talk someone into a Z (I love them) you may be fine with anything else which has a reasonable range. There comes a point though when wheels like the V5 will generally be outgrown as 15mph is 'comfortable' and the V5 is at it's limit at that speed so I didn't like riding it at that with my 90kg, preferring to ride around 12mph to leave me a little headroom. All depends what you want to do with it. As posted above, Simone is very happy after 6 months with a V5, as would you (probably) if you just like gentle evening cruises for no more than 12 or so miles. It's a great wheel, as is the V8 and V10. But I still reckon you should get the Z10
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    That was the idea, me getting it back again. On the more serious note, since we don't have a local dealer, this is the best way to follow development and what check what one like and what to look for in the next product. I am happy that I got to test a Z10, so I could thick off that I don't want that wheel, and waited out for the KS16X instead.
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    I presume they made them flat because they made the sides flat and your legs would be straight against the wheel ,most wheels bulge out a bit ,,,BUT ,, alot of riders don't touch the sides anyway so bad design maybe, i got used to riding the z10 ,i also got used to riding on msx pedals , I'm sure I'd get used to them also or maybe an easy fix to feel a bit safer
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    Thanks for being an early adopter buying and testing the wheels so i can buy the BETTER one (MCM5 800W and now Nikola PLUS) I was just being nice because I thought you were feeling inadequate with a gazillion MINUS one wheel.
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    I finally got around to turning on my KS18XL. You are correct that if the wheel is "perfectly" still, it's silent. But any movement, including just holding only the trolley handle, makes the annoyingly loud whining sound that some of us can hear, including me
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    Just to make it clear... The Nikola in comparison to other wheels he Tested has been nearly on all hills, even the small ones, over his 90amp warnings. No other GW wheel did this on these hills. So my point is that the Nikola -for the nice torque it has- produces/needs more amps than for example the MSX....and because of that steady high amperage blow a Mosfet...my opinion at least! And yeah, thats what a lot of people report...great torque on the Nikola for such a „big“ tire size. So that’s exactly the point i make...Because of the higher amount of torque-amps the relative smaller type Mosfet is a design mistake.
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    Fabi likes every board though, hahaha. He's a pretty amazing regular skateboarder though, I give Fab props for sure. Ride comfort is much worse on the skateboard if I'm riding sidewalks, the sidewalk cracks are incredibly annoying when you're at your upper speeds. Bike lane riding is very comfortable but you have to be hyper vigilant scanning for potholes and debris. While it's much less useful and comfortable than my EUC, keep in mind I ride a regular skateboard a lot, so this is MUCH more comfortable than my regular skateboard, and is whole lot of fun to ride around. I'm glad I have it and I'm riding it a lot, just for fun. The 18XL is always there for me to get somewhere fast, but I really enjoy the Eskate if I'm not necessarily trying to get somewhere.
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    As said, you are right...i lately edited the last message and said what should be the best answer....but as i said lately, Thats life....failures happen :-)
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    It's normal for Gotway wheel. Unlike other makes, Gotway doesn't send battery current to the connected app, but sends motor phase current. In general it reflects motor load, but is more an arbitrary value and should not be confused with battery current. This is because current flow in three-phase BLDC motor is more complicated. With 84V MSX and Tesla spikes up to 120 A should be considered normal. They are not "real" amps and watts, use it only for reference. It's hard to tell from such short trip. Voltage drop at the first kilometer may be considered normal, as there is a change from "idle" voltage to "under load" voltage. From what I see from your charts you've been riding faster at the end (and probably going uphill), so it may be the cause of additional 15% drop. Just keep track on your future rides and examine charts
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    The Nikola and KS18(X)L are also 6.5". The MSX is 6-5/8", but with the steep dihedral, they feel more like 7+ inches. Agreed
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    Darn, The valve worked perfectly before I cleaned away the gunk that was near it. I think the gunk was keeping the valve air tight until I removed it. I don't want to have to take it apart again, but I'd rather replace the valve first rather than risk using all that slime only to have it fail and have to remove the tire with all the slime in there.
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    Much like actual selfie sticks, looks dumb riding with them, but such nice images in combination with the Insta 360!! Too bad it isn't on a track and you can rotate it freely on the belt thing. Offering the same variety like a stick, but without holding one. Can you put it on sideways so the camera is sideways? The best thing about these perspectives is when the camera floats over something on the side of the rider. Thanks for showing this!
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    Not yet mate , I'm waiting for the reviews first plus Ian at speedyfeet is waiting for stock and when he has then it's next day delivery 😊
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    I watch that whole video last night and hence asked questions about the comparisons. The both have similar shapes, weight, trolley handle and wheel size. I know it has an overheating problem and the fix is to improve the heat sink abilities. But I was mostly asking about the ride behaviour between the two wheels. I like the V10f ride but all I have to compare it is my old 9b1 C+ beginner wheel. I’m changing the pedals to msx pedals, weatherproofing it and going to try to improve the heat dissipation abilities when I have it apart to see what I can do. Giving up on it just because it tells you to get off when it gets too hot if that is fixable is not going to happen for me. Im not an extreme rider but I am 260 pounds an 6’3” so I need a stronger wheel than those that are much smaller.
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    I wouldn't... ... as I don't own a gun.
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    Ok, I’m not a speed demon and have it limited to 29kmh. I only ride on streets here in Sarnia Ontario Canada and the laws are not really defined on their legality so I don’t want to attract more attention than I already get. I’ve not seen anyone else in this town of 73k on a euc.
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    The failure of the mosfets was from the plastic film that wasn’t removed on those 3 transistors.
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    Thanks for the translation offer I'll let Jason communicate directly with Gotway - he obviously has a lot more influence.
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    for each acceleration away from zero there is a stationary lean angle away from zero (I am avoiding the word stable here, because it is a stationary but, AFAICS, unstable point of the model). The mechanisms which let the rider fall behind would be inertia (in an acceleration scenario) and wind forces, but I don't see that those are a torque. Gravity adds a down movement when the rider is not in the stationary lean angle (anymore).
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    Just saying: Only the 18A/S has the heatsink not exposed to the tire. All other wheels like 14c/d/s, 16b/s/x, 18l/Xl have the heatsink exposed to the tire or as you say "part of the Wheel" Only on the 18A/S (Shell design 4 years old) that is just not possible. as there is a big 840wh pack between tire and board. Therefore the 18S has the most massive heatsink i have ever seen, a fan and slots for getting air out on top of the board.
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    Well that is why I gear up... Just in case... I am not as immortal as when I were 22...
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    Oh my god... My MSX had 13 on one side, 15 on the other. And it was way too much. The 16X will probably receive the same love/hate comments on the angle as the MSX did. What was wrong with an AVERAGE angle?! Like 7-11 degrees. The kind that doesn’t require you to tighten your shoes enough to cut circulation in order for them not to roll on your feet.
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    btw: This is reverted on latest 14S models! There the fuse now also sits back on the board….
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    I can sign this list in this order, too! i own or owned all those wheels, beside the V3s. I would make no difference between Land XL as the only difference is battery size.
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    My 18XL (my first KS wheel) came with a spare fuse. I really like that, but I wish the 18XL had a little door to replace the fuse. Since I could not find one, am I correct to suppose one must disassemble the wheel if the fuse blows?
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    Unfortunately I'm not sure if this is something that can be inspected without disassembling the board - something I have no interest in doing. But I may take it up the hill again
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    100 volt is plus regardless of battery.. yes only 84v is poor mosfets
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    Welcome to the insanity forum @Fidgety Spinner! If you are planning to only have one wheel then yes, it is probable that after you "get your roll on" you will find that 30 km/h will seem frustratingly constrained. So aiming for a wheel that you won't outgrow as easily makes good sense... Having said that, everyone's "first wheel" tends to take a fair bit more abuse than their subsequent wheels - this is the natural result of the learning curve. Some riders opt for a lower spec'd wheel to learn on, before then swapping up to a more serious wheel - either flicking off the learner wheel, or keeping it as a back-up (and so that you can teach others). Where budget doesn't allow for that, then the alternative is to work out the wheel you want / need long term and then ensure it is as protected as possible while you learn. [start_sales_pitch] If you do go down the protection route, I sell the EUC Bodyguard, which provides excellent protection for both learning and beyond. Currently only for King Song wheels, but the range will be expanding soon. [end_sales_pitch] Getting back to the question of what your wheel might be... If you are thinking about the Z10 level of wheel, then your other considerations would be the KS-18L or Gotway MSX. Any of these wheels will be more than enough to start with and then grow into. Each has their own pros and cons, so it is a matter of working out what is important to you. And these are the things likie trolley handles, lift sensors, weight, speed, et cetera. All minor in the bg picture, but some aspects are potentially significant for your unique requirements - For example, if you have to carry it up 5 flights of stairs, then you should know that the Z10 is exceptionally heavy. On the Z10... If you have been investigating, you are probably aware that it handles quite differently to other wheels. This isn't necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, it is just different - and if you only have the one wheel, it won't make any difference at all. The other big consideration is the availability of local support. Having that can be an awesome advantage (particularly if you aren't inclined to get your hands dirty). If you are inclined to do a bit of your own maintenance though, I wouldn't weight that too highly. I hope that helps a bit (even though I don't think I said much). And do ask if you have any more questions... The more specific the better.
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    Vlogger did it so they can see an external monitor or notes behind the camera. I think Casey explain this in one of his video.. Around 7:20 mark
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    I use my MTen3 for commuting short distances (usually about 1km) through Downtown, between 1 and 3 round trips per day. I ride slowly on the sidewalk when people are around, then fast when there are no people and when the path is smooth. By "fast", I mean at least 15mph. On terrain that is memorized, I can go faster. I'm very happy with my Mten3, if it broke, I'd order another immediately. I also have a V10F that I use for longer rides.
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    Tire looks bigger, same trick as the MSX/Nikola vs. V3/Tesla. I guess this could be the "24-inch..."
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    Portrait of a seasoned Onewheel rider . . . . .
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