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    Yeah, i got a a short communication wit KS this morning. The Pedal angel an all models out there in the wild, Pre-Production models or Prototypes, however you would like to call them have flat angle pedals. Will be changed to 15%, according to KS. @eddiemoy @houseofjob
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    @eddiemoy @Scatcat@mrelwood and others When i am in communication with KS me and the KS part both do not use our mother language, also we are both no "engineers"….so sometimes it Comes to hick-ups in the conversation, especially on such fine Details like percent/Degree. What i understood as 15degree, i am Pretty sure is like @UniVehje has said 15% and in reality 8.5degrre. That all would make sense and would be like KS pedals have been before, perhaps at Little Tiny bit more angle. How i know KS they are not doing "extreme" Things....so i am Pretty sure that the pedal angle will not be something "unconventional" like being much to steep!
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    Despite I have not yet tested the KS16X yet, I put in a 2 cent here anyway. As this is first purchase and I assume is your first EUC, my advise is wait a little before buying a second EUC. This is my advice on anything you buy. I explain why.. What you know now is what you put into the cjoise of item you buy. But once gaining personal experiences your need, what, likes of a next product will change. I moved from a V8 (used for about 4months, 400ish km) to KS18L (have had this for almost a year, 2500km) now getting KS16X. From you question you have not stated anything how you anticipate to use your wheels, not what you want from it. I do think that wheels are different enough in use so you don't really have one wheel to rule them all.....yet. I am pretty sure most here can relate that EUCs takes us new places all the time in more ways than you could ever imagine. That is why it fast becomes addictive and a lifestyle. @Marty Backe I see you wrote as I was typing. Do you agree with my 2cent?
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    As a relatively new member, I haven't had a tremendous amount of time on this forum, but what strikes me as rather unique about this community is the level of politeness that seems to be the norm here. I have been a member of forums for other hobbies of mine and I'm sad to say that I have observed rude comments, ego driven arguments, and all sorts of bad manners on those forums. It is a very refreshing change to be a member of a community that seems to communicate respectfully and avoid the nonsense. My hats off to the founders and moderators of this forum for setting the tone and to all the members of this forum who make this a great place to learn about EUC's and exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals. Clearly there are lots of interesting, extremely knowledgeable people on this forum. It's a real pleasure to be a part of this community!
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    That is a great misconception…. Actually the Ninebot Quality inside the Wheel is Pretty poor. Starting by a over 10%failure rate of the boards….going over battery beeing able to run on different voltages….ending by a BMS that draws the battery empty without stopping. And the best might be the Service 9bot is offering :-) When the biggest US EUC seller stopped selling the Z10....because of all the above and more, that means something.
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    It's a bit of a sad story, that Gotway for once got it all right with the MSX in terms of durability and dependability. Then they go and screw up again. The whole outfit seems more than a bit happy-go-lucky. I would like to say to all manufacturers: Don't design for the specs, design with a 50% headroom above the specs. You have no idea what kind of wringer these wheels will be put through. And the customers actually don't care that much if they have to spend a few tenths of dollars more, or even a hundred or two, if in return they know they will not face-plant because some electronic part just hit its limit. So this time Gotway "promised" that the new design and firmware would make sure the 220s would be plenty good enough - but in reality they weren't. It took just a bit of glue/silicone in the wrong spot, and three MOSFETs went barbecue, while the rest of the board reported no critical temperatures. The price difference as far as I can see is about ~$5 per MOSFET in retail, which begs the question why they chose to go with the smaller one. Sure there is a difference in footprint, but not that bad. Also, for those who mount their boards on top of the wheel: Why not take a leaf from Rockwheel, and make the heatsink part of the wheel well? After all, if the heat has nowhere to go, it will stay where it shouldn't.
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    """"latest update on the angle pedal""" Short update on pedal angle of the KS16X: The actual pre production models have flat angle.... The final angle will be 15degree 😎 Why didn't they just do that in the first place lol 😊
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    Just bought a back bar for some filming it looks strange but when it's at the front looks like I've got a big penis ,,, i know some of you guys are going to say that's normal 😂😂😂 I'm ready for the jokes 🤣🤣 anyway I'll upload a video soon , it's kind of Good actually and doesn't unbalance me .i just need to make sure it's tight so it doesn't bounce as much but it was only a test video 👍 i just hope i don't fall lol ,but it will do for some videos as it won't unbalance me due to the weight been central overall I'm happy it was only £25 it will probably look better under my top so its hidden , Anyway here's the quick video test i did , I'll do more later and make sure it's tight and position it right , you can position it to any angle as well so i can do many different Veiws
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    Thanks @houseofjob for this video and it was nice format getting all the different first impressions, but also look forward for your own review after you have spent more time evaluating the wheel. What is interesting is the variety of opinions you get, from definitely liking and getting one to absolute hate and everything in between. I think the issue with all EUC manufacturers is they don't build enough adjustability in the wheels. Every new EUC we get same complaints about pedal size and pedal angle. It would be nice if each company had standard pedals of different sizes that works on all their models. Also support some user adjustability to the pedal angle would be welcome feature by all users.
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    @houseofjob Chris! Great video!!! i especially like the format...having people running it....and asking what they think about it! Couldnt be more fair than this! What i hate is....that KS(or i) wasn’t intelligent enough to tell you that the pedals will get another angle....i guess that was the main concern of all people! Thanks for this video, will share it over all platforms i am in, and sure, also did subscribe to your channel...should have done that before :-)
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    In my experience bikers are assholes everywhere and think they are the only ones that get to have fun or ride anything. The ones in Seattle are some of the worst I have encountered in all the place I have lived in the US. Video was great, thanks for poster on that! I can't wait to see more coming out about the KS 16x. Does anyone know when the first batch is going to the factory?
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    The "asshole" comment was towards Chris. The biker was just jealous. Bikers in NYC are assholes. Still think when i lower the tire pressure, should ride more normally. Will see...
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    If we have to race up the overheat hill while carrying our wheels, I'll win for sure with the i5! =D Yes, unfortunately the Z10 is down for the count, still working with Jason to figure out what is the root cause is and will provide a more complete write up once we had better ideas of what went wrong. And btw, we had a nice demo ride despite the rain and had just about every single wheel represented. Dimitri of euc.nyc also brought the Nikola out so we had a good amount of footage of them side by side.
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    Id be intrested to know the cost of the new upgraded board for us early adopters of the Nikola. I live in Vegas and one of my favorites trails is the 35 mile River Mountains loop trail. Theres some seriously steep hills out there, especially if your going off road. Now im worried about burning a board at 25mph, faceplanting then dragging it back maybe 15 miles to the car depending on where in the loop it failed. Temps here in summer gets to 115 out side.
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    Actually on FB you got one of the very seldom reactions from Jane Mo, where she stated that "Lukas" - a kind of suppprt guy, would contact you…..
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    Marty’s wheel was reporting low temperatures. If heat is poorly distributed in an electronic system, then it's local hotspots that determine the failure (or shutdown) point. If there's a poor thermal architecture, part of the system (potentially where the thermistor measuring the temperature is) can be close to ambient temperature, while another, critical component is very hot.
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    Sheesh, we're not EUC forum posting robots (plus many are still riding) I literally just got back from the demo, you know, where we do real human interaction and EUC communal eating stuff? (yes, yes, I get the anticipation from afar thing).... plus, the NYC ridership is not heavy on these particular forums. I've got a long night ahead of me cutting up these demo impression videos,... *ugh* *sigh* ..... anyhoo..... Thanks for everyone who showed up to the NYC demo today! (both pictured, and who came later)
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    Only because he doesn't seem to be lacking play money do I say, buy another wheel now. Assuming that he gets addicted he's not going to want to be without a wheel if something happens to his first wheel. If anything, I would make the 16X his secondary wheel. It could be mid-August before the 16X is available. Why not buy a wheel now (Z10, Nicola, MSX, etc.).
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    Thanks, formerly-known-as-KS69! Yes, I wanted just a video of people's unadulterated, first impressions. And yes, it would have been great to have known about the pedal angle correction prior, but oh well..... Well, on this "almost-ready-for-production-but-not" KS16X here, the pedals were the same super-aggressive, rip-apart-your-sneaker-outsole griptape they've been using for the KS18XL large pedals.
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    ewheels batch is supposed to be completed end of month. should get shipment in 4 weeks after that, 1 week if by air, extra ~$200
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    Thanks Marty! They are a hair under 6.5" measured (I lost track of what the highest pedaled wheel models were) Yes, that seemed to come up a lot, as our ridership is heavy on Gotway & King Song riders, which we all know are not flat pedaled wheels. But along with @US69, @Jason McNeil is confirming that KS HQ said the pedals will be ~10º No, no, you Californians don't understand! By New Yorker speak, this means "Hello, lovely weather we're having here, isn't it?" But isn't all this very Eddie Moy? What can I say? I'm a sucker for dog/cat gifs and will always try to sneak one or two in if I can
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    Just plop something like this in there Might be a bit tight fit... No idea of the thermal resistance, apparently PC-coolers are "rated" by the TPD of the CPU, this one supposedly can handle up to 90W passively, on a quick glance didn't see any "real" numbers. On a more serious note, Fischer Elektronik for example has a largish catalog of heatsinks: https://www.fischerelektronik.de/web_fischer/public/$configId/fischer/$language/en/$branch/cool/index.xhtml
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    Chris from 1radwerkstatt told me he will be getting these stickers in about 3-4 weeks. Maybe other designs as well.
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    The report by @US69 was 15%. That’s 8.5 degrees. Sounds pretty good. I personally happen to like flatter pedals anyway. More comfortable.
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    That all of us can hear, but only some of us find annoying 😉👍🏿
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    Not with my (lack of) painting skills it wouldn’t...
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    My friend and I went for a ride the other day. Both on our MSX:es. He was riding to the left and behind me. The bike lane / walking path was clear. A man steps out from a small pathway between two bushes and starts to cut diagonally through the bike lane / walking path. I didn't have time to use my bell and didn't have my music on. He was totally oblivious so I had to swerve left. I bumped into my friend, pedal to pedal. He lost balance and grabbed my arm... and for a moment there we became a hoverboard and regained balance. Lessons were learned.
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    Please tell them to maintain the same regular KS pedal angle. This was perfect. Don’t do MSX extreme angle.
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    Me, too. I was sitting on the fence for a long time. I putted the trigger last night and pre-ordered KS16X. I am totally new to EUC. Only eSkateboard experiences (Backfire 2, Ranger X1 and Raptor 2.1
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    Too bad about his Z10. I know he really liked that wheel. @Hsiang needs to have a more serious backup wheel. I think I'd shoot myself if all I could ride was the i5
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    Everyone is very excited and appreciative for all your efforts! Just don’t over extend yourself. We can wait a few more minutes.
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    @GMOne Tested the Beta for around 80km... All new features are working flawless... The Horn with tapping on the screen is very useful. My only concerns are regarding layout. Tomorrow I will post a screenshot from my watch. Tested it with Z10 and Kospet Optimus. With a full android watch it is so much more handy than the old pebble thing... edit: For future releases i would be very pleased to see some of these points: 1. Drop the outer "ring" which displays the speed, for me the digits are enough. The ring only needs display space and there is no added Information. 2. Move both digits up to be more centered. 3. Display the speed in the middle the current below.
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    Great video and concept allowing the attendees to voice their opinions. Videos of this caliber (as @Marty Backe is aware) take a great deal time. Much appreciated! None of the negative comments have changed my mind about the purchase. My biggest concern was the neutral pedal angle on the demo but that appears to have been remedied in the production model. Get some well deserved sleep!
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    Just bought a back bar for some filming it looks strange but when it's at the front looks like I've got a big penis ,,, i know some of you guys are going to say that's normal 😂😂😂 I'm ready for the jokes 🤣🤣 anyway I'll upload a video soon , it's kind of Good actually and doesn't unbalance me .i just need to make sure it's tight so it doesn't bounce as much but it was only a test video 👍 i just hope i don't fall lol ,but it will do for some videos as it won't unbalance me due to the weight been central overall I'm happy ,it was only £25 it will probably look better under my top so its hidden , Anyway here's the quick video test i did , I'll do more later and make sure it's tight and position it right , you can position it to any angle as well so i can do many different Veiws
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    I think performance in EUCs is primarily related to speed. The V10F has a top speed of ~25-mph and only for a short period of time when the battery is at 100-percent. And that top speed includes tilt-back. When the V10F was released, every Gotway wheel made could easily go 25-mph, for a long time. Most could go much faster. Fast forward a year and the performance wheels are even faster. The Nikola can go 25-mph without any effort, all day long. When I tested the V10F I had to work hard (lots of aggressive leaning) to get it to go 25-mph and it was tilting back on me. It did not feel comfortable or safe to ride much above 22-mph.
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    Yet in many ways the Z10 is an inferior wheel in terms of "working quality" So many people have had problems. I have to do a wheel calibration almost every time I ride the wheel. It may look beautiful inside, but I think the Z10 is one of the most unreliable wheels built in the last year.
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    I measured the centre of gravity an it is at 12.25” above the ground with the original pedals that I will be changing to the msx ones. The centre is slightly below the middle of the INMOTION logo. So it is roughly in the middle of the wheel. Measured my tire on the V10f an it is 17 & 1/16”. One thing I don’t like about the Nikola is the handle. I think it is too wide to pick up and carry. The V10f can be easily gripped even with gloves on. You looked like you struggled lifting it over the railing on the road to get to your hill test. Im curious now on what the centre of gravity is of the Nikola. Use a pipe/tube on a table near the edge and open the pedals and place the wheel on the side on the pipe. Align the pipe so it would be parallel to the ground if the wheel was vertical or perpendicular to the vertical axis of the wheel. Then find the balance position of the wheel and then measure that distance of the pipe contact to the ground with the wheel vertical. Obviously you can’t do that now because the wheel is dismantled. The V10f likely is getting a bad rap with all the problems with the production but the design might still be comparable to the Nikola except Fort the battery capacity. Maybe give the V10f another spin to compare the ride. But make sure the pedals still have their original v shape.
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    If it's as good as I think it is, you may have to pry it from my cold dead hands... Naaah, of course you'll get it back... in a year or two...
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    That was the idea, me getting it back again. On the more serious note, since we don't have a local dealer, this is the best way to follow development and what check what one like and what to look for in the next product. I am happy that I got to test a Z10, so I could thick off that I don't want that wheel, and waited out for the KS16X instead.
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    Disappearing into the horizon: "Oh, you wanted it back afterwards?"
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    Have you even done an i5 overheat hill test at least you wouldn't have far too walk back before it blew😊 or run out of battery 😊😂😂
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    I presume they made them flat because they made the sides flat and your legs would be straight against the wheel ,most wheels bulge out a bit ,,,BUT ,, alot of riders don't touch the sides anyway so bad design maybe, i got used to riding the z10 ,i also got used to riding on msx pedals , I'm sure I'd get used to them also or maybe an easy fix to feel a bit safer
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    I think you dodged a bullet... I don't for the life of me understand how any adult can take the PINT seriously (especially a big guy like Duf). The XR and + models already are easily overpowered because of the amount of leverage you have on the one small balancing motor. It's already under powered and the battery is already small enough to make me queezy just watching people ride them. I like the design but at the specs they use it it very poorly implemented and seriously unsound. Now they are making an even smaller 148 Wh or whatever it is model in the PINT....that sounds extremely dangerous and stupid. Either there is some magic going on to prevent even more nosedives or we are going to see even more cover ups of OW'ers in denial. 148Wh is just laughable for a battery size on a PEV carrying an adult...I think there are delays because this thing is proving unsafe. Not enough power or potential energy spread across an already dangerous PEV design. An average male with some light safety gear can demand more current and power than the 148 Wh battery pack can supply at 60% or lower = faceplants and nosedives galore (forget about going up inclines). I just don't get it. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't see how I could be.
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    I've definitely seen a couple of threads de-railed by some seemingly unnecessary aggression, but in general I would agree with you! I imagine people realise this hobby is pretty small, so it's probably a relief to find other people as passionate as you are!
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    Just use a heat pipe connected to the heat sink and connect it to larger heat sinks outside that area.
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