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    Good guess! But no. The champion of the 2019 Electric Unicycle Grand Prix held in Oakland, Calif. on Saturday is Freeman Murray, riding with unmatched skill and speed on a Kingsong 18L. Freeman was able to consistently carry the most speed through the slalom and was the fastest rider all day. We ran heats of five laps around the course, expertly and generously organized by @Kai Sosceles, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. Freeman ran a 2:57.76 in the five-racer final to take home the title and a $250 cash prize. Little old me had to push my MSuperX as far as I could to finish less than three seconds behind Freeman in second place with a time of 3:00.65. It was a pleasure to buy a post-race round for some of my fellow racers with the $150 I took home for second. Third place (a Kingsong 18XL) got $100 and was just two seconds behind me, so I needed every bit of everything I had. The winning and prizes was very cool, but the most important part of Saturday was 1) it was 100-percent safe, with zero injuries or serious crashes and 2) amazing fun for all. All riders rode within the capabilities of themselves and their equipment, and everybody shared a special moment highlighting all the best things about our weird little hobby. I'll put up a few videos here, I'm sure there will be more to come as everyone processes their work. But I'll share my favorite quick story from the whole event: About 90 minutes in, during a break in the racing, an East Bay Municipal Park District police officer pulls into the parking lot. Walks up to us, friendly but serious. Kai explains what we were up to, and then the officer tells us that electric vehicles are not allowed on part of our course (the back stretch, a shared bike path). He told us he was going to check some regulations in his car, so we waited. As we wait, another officer pulls up, and we're thinking we're shut down for sure. After a few minutes of discussion, the officer walks back over. He tells us: "So, we had some busybody, umm, citizen, call in and report you guys, because they weren't having as much fun as you were. And, we're going to leave now." And they did! He smiled, went back to his car, and they drove off. We finished the final heats after the tacit approval of some very cool cops! Final heat, raw 360-degree video:
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    Just having some fun
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    EUC Test videos of any sort are incredibly valuable and I appreciate the effort of Marty, Matias, Chooch, Alien Rides, Miami Ron and everyone else who post Test/Fail vids. I'd really like to see Marty do this same exact test with a different KS18XL. Perhaps a local friend's wheel. These temps seem too high to be believable for such a short ride. I have a KS18L that I ride on and off-road (steep stuff in SF Bay Area and Santa Cruz Mountain base) and never saw the temperature above 70C. Is my wheel a fluke or his?
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    I do these rides to test the limits of the wheels. They are not meant to represent what most people do (but I do ride my wheels on this trail for pleasure too). So it can be useful to know how the wheels react when they overheat and what kind of power (and low-speed torque) they have relative to other wheels.
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    Currently in the Netherlands, didnt have enough room to bring my Z6 but got the V5 for Ashleigh. Her riding is coming along nicely. This is the first time she has been on a 'road', out in the public away from a big grassy field. Poor video taken from my mobile whilst I was on my bike, I do keep on at her to bend her legs more but we know what kids are like eh! Also this was about as fast as I was comfortable with 9mph) with her not wearing a full face helmet but she enjoyed it immensely. So sad I couldnt ride with her on my wheel. Still, at least it has cemented our feelings that in the future we will forfeit some other luggage to make room for wheels!
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    just sharing what seems to be the new tesla with bluetooth speaker and the illuminating logo. These perforated holes on the cover will not be a good thing in water proofing comparing to the older generations. abrasion is prominent on the speaker ring and light ring due to the anti-slip pedals. A closer look at the speaker.
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    I love this thread. Seeing different areas around the world is amazing, and no better way to experience then on an EUC!
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    I went for a ride in Downtown Toledo. To windy for the drone and to tight for a 10 footer.
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    There was an interesting thread about the state of the industry (still on the front page) I have been curious about this as well and did some digging around. I hope I am close to the mark but am curious if something I had missed. I couldn't find much about Kingsong nor Gotway but perhaps some more digging would pull up some interesting bits as well. Oh and sorry for calling the monster "a cheap knockoff" yes I am just jealous since I think that's the next wheel I want to get! =)
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    I had a feeling there had to be another person in Ohio that rode. Actually I live in Michigan just 10 minutes north of Toledo. That would be awesome to get together. There also is another rider in Toledo that was spotted by a friend of mine. I have no idea who he is. It does get lonely riding by myself.
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    Another Fantastic Anibal production. DC Bike Party. Super Badass fun DC style. I had a blast bearing the pirate flag 😀👍. Super tired when I got home.
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    First off, thank you for your input. Luckily we don't have overheat weather that frequently here in Scandinavia compared to California. If you check video review, both jacket and trousers have air vents you can open up, and not being black should make heat build up less. Being able to remove rain/weather layer should give a little more air flow too. But I guess I only get to know for sure by buying this. Question is if the air vents work at walking speeds and cruising speed. I don't ride that much on mountain trails yet. It is more urban commuting and pleasure cruising. Occasionally a backpack shopping trip.
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    These are long steep hills that I'm riding. The kind of hills where it's marginal that you have enough power to climb. Is that the kind of riding that you're doing? I'll have to see if @Rama Douglas would be interested in riding with me on these same trails. Him on his production XL and me on the pre-production XL. Would be very interesting. We are both in the general ballpark, in terms of weight.
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    I specifically bought my wheel (ACM) so I could go up mountains and was quite disappointed when it fried on one. Now I understand the limitations of 2016/2017 technology better, and am pacing around in the flat at the foot of the mountains like a caged tiger So any new wheel (a significant investment for me) must be mountain-proof, I don't want to buy nother one that doesn't really do what I want it to do. The kind of fast overheating like shown in the video is exactly what I worry about (well, at least much better than the wheel frying without warning). The MSX however is absolutely fantastic, strong and cool under such high loads, as @EUC GUY's videos show (it died after over 6+ mins of pushing a car!!! in the same way my ACM died on 5+ minutes on a steep hill, and did a steep mountain for 10 minutes without problems before overheating). So I have special requirements Again, I'm not sure it's only airflow being a problem here. It overheats so fast compared to the MSX (which has no real air flow either) that I'm thinking this is simply due to the design in some way. And I don't think anyone specifically designs wheels for high loads, it's just what the design ends up to be. MSX got lucky, 18XL apparently not so much in this specific regard. This isn't to shit on the 18XL or 16X, just some thoughts/worries that this overheat test caused for me. We'll see how the future wheels turn out.
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    Dark Knight pizza delivery service ?
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    With the same engine load you'll get more torque with smaller wheel diameter and load is what causes MOSFETs to heat. We still don't know the internals of KS-16X. Even with the same mainboard there may be much better heat dissipation with different wheel case design. Personally I think that KS just reused both engine and control board from 18L/XL in 16X. In KS-18L/XL there is a really small air volume inside control board casing. This air is recirculated by a small fan in this casing and there is no significant heat exchange with the outside. So I'm not surprised that the wheel failed to pass Marty's "overheat hill test". I think KS-18XL was designed more to be a long range, universal wheel rather than sport & offroad wheel. I've been riding over 5000 km on my KS-18L and 1000 km on my KS-18XL. None of these wheels ever overheated and I've been riding my L on a steep mountain roads during really hot 2018 summer. Of course, I got readings significantly over 60 °C, but this is quite normal.
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    Halloween comes early this year I was thinking about strapping some kites to my backback *3....2...1...liftoff*
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    Cannot wait to do this again! Was so great to meet all of you and ride together! Congratulations on the 2nd place prize, Jesse and thanks for the welcoming vibes & commeridery! Best part of it all for me is that my daughter is now fired up to learn! Thanks to Ron and CJ for helping her and my wife out! And another big thanks to Kai for including my daughter in the squirt gun mayhem. 😊
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    18XL: has more torque than the Gotway MSX, overheats faster 16X: reportedly has more torque than the Gotway Nikola, ... (Fill in the dots while expecting to see the same board used in both wheels.) So far it's only a thought process of "What could still go wrong?" regarding me getting the 16X (I was warming up to the idea every further day), and that's the doubt I now have So you're right, only speculation for now. I was thinking of getting a 16X right away, now I'll wait and see. My ACM must be enough for another full summer+autumn. Tesla electronics... not worth the upgrade for me. They're too far on the flimsy side for my liking (smaller mosfets). If I spend 2k, it must be bulletproof (or rather crazy-mountain proof) this time (what I initially hoped my ACM would be). If there was a version of the ACM with the MSX electronics, I'd shrug my shoulder at the lack of features and ergonomics and just get one and never look back
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    Maybe the control board is latin. When I worked the Texas oilfields, the Hispanic guys would always claim Latin women ran 10 degrees hotter.
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    Finally, I take the KS18XL to my mountain proving grounds, primarily comparing it to the same MSX test. The KS18XL has better low-end power (torque) than the MSX but utterly fails the heat stress test. The MSX remains the best 18-inch wheel for strenuous riding conditions. This is not to say the the KS18XL is a bad wheel. As I state in the video, for climbing or descending super steep hills, I'd rather be on the KS wheel. But for hot days or long up hill slogs, I'll take the MSX any day.
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    I've bought cheapest nameless (though, sometimes referred as Hoverbot S2 or some Airwheel) EUC for training and decided to try to add a Bluetooth feature. I'll describe my path here. Our two main goals are software and hardware. For software I decided to stick to Wheel Log, as it is open source and I can get all UUIDs and data formats I need from the code. The hardware is a bit tricky. It consists of two parts - sensors and microcontroller. Implementing sensing circuitry is hard - high voltages and currents, small and noisy signals from shunts. I'd better avoid it. So let take a look at the controller board and see what it has. I've marked most important components and connectors. Board name is swk02 and it is build on GD32F130C8T6 MCU and (probably) MPU6881 gyro. There are two empty connector places - F_WRITE and DEBUG. F_WRITE is definitely an SWD interface and is of no use since MCU is locked (I have not tested, though) and can only be erased. DEBUG connector could probably help us a lot. If it will provide required data, there will be no need in building sensing circuitry. Lets connect USB-UART converter and check. Here is the dump I got at baud rate 115200. It has some patterns in it: I'm not sure if baud rate is correct, but at least the dump is not complete garbage like I got at 57600 or 9600. My next step is to make Bluetooth UART to dump data directly to PC for processing. Maybe I'll be able to figure out what bytes stand for what. Two more photos attached.
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    Or, maybe you will... Sorry not sorry for the clickbait subject line. HINT: It wasn't a Gotway. Lots more on this SUPER fun and 100-percent safe event to come, including a flood of video.
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    As the title says, what would your perfect EUC look like? I saw this thread: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12061-whats-next-for-inmotion-euc-you-tell-me/ where Inmotion asked for ideas for a new wheel and most of it was just more speed/range which I think is pretty obvious. What features would you like your EUC to have? Also can the mods tag the representatives of different companies? I was going to post in the Inmotion thread but I think is better to have just one to gather all the ideas in one place. I know there are similar threads already but they all got derailed and some suggestions were jokes so I thought a more serious thread could be useful. My features: (from most to least important) Suspension - Self-explanatory, very common suggestion in the forums. Increases cost but there is clearly enough demand. Security - There should be a way to lock the wheel in the app so that you put in a password and the wheel will not work until it is unlocked with that password. If the wheel was stolen it would be useless. To make guessing the password harder it could make you wait X amount of time for every third wrong password the way smartphones do. Also if someone moves it (checks using the gyro) it sounds an alarm. I think this could be easily added via firmware to current wheels, so the cost should be zero. Battery temperature management - There should be temperature sensors in the batteries (one would be enough) to check battery temperature. For people outside Asia, freezing temperatures are quite common and it should prevent you from riding with cold batteries. It could lower top speed to be safe or just heat up the batteries. Heating the batteries would be simple, just charge them with regenerative braking. If it's cold, you just put the wheel on its side and it speeds up and then brakes to heat up the batteries. The sensors would have some cost but would make riding wheels in the cold a lot safer. The heating process by speeding up and down can be easily added to existing wheels via firmware, so even without battery sensors you could select something in the app to heat up your batteries. Higher current batteries - Current EUCs are using batteries rated at 10 Amps, but there are cells rated for 15, 20 and 30 Amps. For example going to something like the Samsung 30Q which are reasonably priced but are still rated at 15A and can easily put out 20A. This means an EUC could start to limit top speed at 20-25% instead of 40, 50 or 60%. These batteries have a lower capacity (~10%), so you trade total range for increased full speed range. These batteries also do better in the cold and, because of the lower internal resistance, for a fixed load they generate less heat, making them better for warmer climates as well. Cost should be low to none as the Samsung 30Q are close in price to the very commonly used EUC battery LG-MH1. Noise isolation - Adding to the inside of the EUC shell some material that blocks the high frequencies emitted by the motor could make it nearly silent which I would really like. Also it might be interesting to add some ultrasound blocking material, as that might mean less problems with dogs as they can hear those frequencies. Cost should be low as it would require a small amount of material. Weight setting - You should be able to configure your weight in the firmware using the app, as different riders don't need the speed limits to kick in at the same battery levels. Some heavier riders have gotten cut outs at reasonable speeds because of low battery and cold weather. The speed limiting at low battery assumes the rider has a certain weight, but that may not be safe for heavier riders and is unnecessary for lighter riders. Could be added with firmware so cost should be zero. USB ports - (I know some wheels have this already) 2 USB ports to charge your phone or other devices. Some people may not use it, but it's ridiculous to carry a power bank with you while you ride your EUC that has a giant battery. Power banks are really cheap, and most of the cost comes from the batteries, so adding a couple USB ports should be cheap. Adjustable pedal angle - There is no reason not to have this, it would just need different sized blocks that you can screw into the place that supports the pedal. Again, pretty simple and cheap. Lights - When going up or down hills EUCs remain flat unlike other vehicles which means the lights are not really useful, as they no longer point where you need light. Some people have suggested moving lights, but I think it would be easier to have 2 or 3 lights at different angles and combine them them as needed. For example half power on a 0 degree light and half power on a 30 degree light would simulate a 15 degree light. The EUC could also use speed, rider weight and power usage to get a rough estimate of climbing angle (or just ask the app to ask Google Maps). This way it would "aim" the light where you need it. This would increase cost and I wonder if you guys think it's worth it. Storage - Having a compartment where you can keep small things would be useful, for example a spare tube in case of a flat and a small pump. Better speakers - Also a common suggestion but EUCs really should have speakers pointed at the rider. I usually carry a small bluetooth speaker and being that my EUC already has speakers, it would be nice if they had better sound quality. Also with speakers pointed at the rider it would be nice if the EUC could tell me my speed. For example every 5 Km/h change in speed it tells you, so as you accelerate you would hear 5,10,15,... So you know how fast you're going. Wider tires - With the popularity of the Z10, it would be nice to have some more EUCs with 4" wide tires. Ninebot seems to be leaving the EUC market and as EWheels even stopped selling the Z10, Ninebot leaves behind a space that needs to be filled.
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    Short clip of the KS 16X, courtesy of Flora Yuan and Vicky Huang. Flora Yuan.MP4
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    Yep shoulder is being more cooperative now. But lifting arm above shoulder is a bit restricted still especially if I stretch put arm to the side and any moment behind me. Also my lifting capabilities is limited above shoulder height. But getting better every day, except I try to push my moment sphere which I tend to push just a bit too far and then pain reside some time after. So the hole point is to be reasonable protected and make it easier to put on and have by me when I commute to cinema or shopping or like going to Denmark by EUC 10km then ferry (3h15m boat ride) then by EUC about 5 km to family party. Then change clothing to formal party. Then return in evening to ferry and late night ride.
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    Some sophisticated thoughts, nice! Much easier to ignore speed and weight limits and just go by power draw itself. Because that's what limits the wheel in the end, and it automatically includes all possible variations in rider weight, riding conditions, and everything else. Unfortunately wheels go with speed limits and estimated safe speeds instead of looking at power draw, voltage drop, etc. - the real indicators how far away the hardware is from being overwhelmed. The only good example I know of is the Gotway battery alarms. They start if the voltage drops below a certain level, no matter rider weight or anything else. Which is how everything should be. Similar power draw limits for limiting the top speeds at every charge state, etc. should be how wheels keep themselves safe. That's going to be very expensive, and there's always the question of how exactly it is supposed to work if one board shorts and locks the motor, it might not be so easy to implement board redundancy. Just using good components is a much better, simpler and cheaper idea: Exactly like this. I always say: planes don't have 2 pairs of wings in case one breaks off. Plane wings are just built strong enough so they don't fall off. EUCs don't need two boards, just one definitely good one.
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    She did but quit before my accident. There is no way I can convince her now.
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    And here's the sound track to this epic moment
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    I have just two suggestions, one is realistic while the other might not be. --Make the wheel extremely reliable, as not with redundancy but simply with the most reliable components. --Three layers of security. 1. Hardware lock the wheel with a chain, 2. software lock the wheel with a loud alarm if moved, 3. GPS track the wheel.
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    I don't know, the side view of this guy almost looks like he's wearing pajamas This past hot weekend I was wearing my textile MC jacket. It was certainly OK while I was moving, but it's not looking like a good solution for trail riding where you don't have a lot of air flowing over you. Same with my Leatt 5.5. upper body armor. With all the plastic, it gets warm. For my hot weather riding I'm probably going with the Leatt soft body armor because there's a lot more mesh. It's tough finding good hot weather gear, I'm discovering.
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    I am almost ready with my research and setling on this jacket and matching trousers. My local price in Sweden with back plate is about 650€ or 735$ or 560£ https://www.xlmoto.co.uk/alpinestars-valparaiso-2-drystar-jacket-grey-black-sand#?p https://www.xlmoto.co.uk/alpinestars-valparaiso-2-drystar-trousers-grey-black-sand#?p So what do your guys think of this in summer weather? I think the white black version might be in practical compared to grey sand version. It has outer layer, weather layer and then warm layer. The weather and warm layer can act as a wind jacket seperate. @Scatcat and @Marty Backe and @Rehab1 what do you think? Plan is to have 3DO on hip, knees, albow, shoulder, back and chest area. This should maker me ready for KS16X 😎 My currect MC jacket and trousers is not possible to open up for airflow and neither weather sealed. So in rain I get wet within 10min of riding.
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    These wheels are so sealed up from the outside world that the lay man in me thinks the larger mosfets in the MSX just have less resistance so they make less heat. It will be interesting to see how the nicola does with the smaller mosfets. So far all the wheels with smaller mosfets get pretty heated on that climb.
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    It does sound exactly like my upgrade , lol
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    Not a bad idea. I was in DTLA have a brew and bite with friends when I witnessed a courier picking up food for delivery. He rolled in on a V10 with a big box for a backpack. Slick way to get around downtown on a Saturday night!
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    How many of you are climbing this kind of hills on a daily (or even weekly) basis ? It's a test, just to put the wheel to its limits, and see how much it can gives. It's not something user will do every days I guess. I probably never pushed my KS18L to that temperature in all 4000km I did on it...
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    You should have that looked at. LCHL (leg calve hair loss) has been known to affect the top of men”s heads as well.
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    Wev’ve had few warm sunny days just not @Marty Backe weather.
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    Sad story indeed... Once happen, no chance to reverse the time... Thanks for info @RockyTop.
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    The battery level can fluctuate, and hitting 0-percent doesn't necessarily mean that the motor will stop. However, it behooves you to stay closer to 20-mph or less when you're in the 25% or less battery range, if you want to stay safe. And best pay attention to the third alarm and reduce your speed whenever you hear it. If you want to cruise fast, best do that while you have 50+ percent battery level. Otherwise you're rolling the dice.
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    Anyone else starting to permanently lose their calf leg hairs? I don't death grip the wheel either...
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    Its still cold in Toledo. 🌨❄
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    ill usually just ride up somewhat close to them (not dangerously or enough to scare them) and 99 out of 100 times they will hear or know im there and kindly shuffle aside a bit.. bonus for having a kingsong, unless youre totally deaf youre gonna hear that motor lol.. if theres enough room (1.5x the size of the euc) i will pass them going slightly faster than they are walking.. if for whatever reason they dont hear me at all ill cough or clear my throat or something lol, if not ill just ride behind them until the chance to pass comes up.. i dont have a problem going walking speed or slower if i have to
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    Ah...you must have missed the news that only EUCs are permitted in downtown Toledo on a Sunday’s. I did pass a few strangers that were not familiar with the statute. When it starts turning warmer the crowds will return.
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    It's like you have the whole city to yourself Either people don't like to walk outside in your city or .....?
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    They sometimes get punched in the face too Now that's funny
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    Here are the results of my long awaited mountain stress test of the KS18XL. It has better low-end torque than the MSX but runs much hotter than the MSX. It succumbs to Overheat Hill.
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    Untrue. I bought my Z10 from freemotion since ewheels doesn’t carry the Z series. The first Z10 I received from them was dead on arrival. The free motion customer service literally texted my phone the whole time and walked me through trying to revive it but it didn’t work. So they sent me out a second Z and took back the old one free of charge (as a good company should). Also has a warranty.
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