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    Nice quick 55km ride today. I only stopped once so this is all you get
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    Not sure if this has been posted, @RoberAce I couldn't resist. EUC 1st ever Grand Prix! 😍 Video Credit: @RoberAce
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    Raw footage from my 2nd attempt at a BMX track...
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    I am now out of hospital again. Shoulder is a bit sure but should be fine. I went back to the incident site and took a few pictures. Ohh btw the nurse helping on with my gear asked how I planed to go home? By my EUC of course. It is only 800ish meters from hospital. So once again I rode in the hospital corridors, requested nlby the nurse as she wanted to see how you ride. 4 other nurses stoped working watching jawdroped. Admitted i am a little unstable due to I really can't lift my shoulder much so it influence my balance a little. Pictures incomming tomorrow. But today I loved my
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    I see a lot of comparisons and measuring are being done with the OneWheel against the EUC's advantages. What would happen if we turned it around? OneWheel can ride on sand. (some EUC can) OneWheel can idle entirely still. (some EUC riders can) OneWheel is crazy fun to carve with. (subjective but try and see) OneWheel is "water resistant". (most EUC are) Earlier models can be equipped with charge and ride. (external battery packs) It has reversing front and back lights. (some EUC do) You can move more dynamically on it. You can ride bowls up or sideways beyond 45 degree tilt. It's very controllable on downward inclines as long as they aren't too steep because then the tail will hit. It has adjustable riding modes with sliders for very different feel of riding. The tire comes slimed. It's built like a tank. (some EUC are) The company cares about their product, allow firmware updates, have a great app. (some EUC do) It's fun at low speed. (some EUC are) It feels like snowboarding/surfing. Maximum rider weight of 275lbs / 125kg. (some EUC can handle this) It weighs 27lbs / 12.25kg. (few EUC weigh this little) You can defeat pushback. There are quite a few products out allowing customisation and features. Imagine longboarding. Now imagine getting good at it and loosening your trucks. Now imagine almost infinitely loose trucks. Your wheels become a cloud that you float on. That is the feeling of riding a OneWheel. People who get on a stiff longboard the first time will be fine but they will wobble a bit at speed. People who get on a OneWheel will usually wobble terribly side to side. For a few seconds or a few minutes until they figure it out. I went through some of my old footage and made you guys a wobble compilation. Most are first time riders. I prefer my EUC though. And I prefer my Ninebot One E+ to my MSX. I guess if I ever wanted thrills I could armour up, learn to push through the pushback consistently and see how fast I can go. Once you push through the pushback you are on your own. It will barely self-balance.
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    The grim pictures collected from yesterday
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    Looks like i'll be riding an 18xl in about a week. Lol. Then no more EUC purchases for at least a year or more. My wallet may have been screaming if i didnt get a job that covered the whole thing. Yay! This guys bank account didnt even dip, lmao. Alright, time to relax now.
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    So this is my first time [posting a video, filming myself riding, using a 360 camera, using a selfie stick, etc] - you guys make it look a lot easier to get cool shots than it is.
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    Looking South at the north end of the alps in southeastern Bavaria. Behind the power line pole is where the Inn river exits the alps from a big valley. The stuff to the right (West) is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangfall_Mountains, the stuff to the left (East) is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiemgau_Alps. Here's the exact spot where the photos were taken, looking South: https://www.google.de/maps/@47.8676486,12.2714434,322m/data=!3m1!1e3
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    Well, something came up and we didnt make it to Maldon Park today. I felt real bad for Ashleigh, she was so stoked. So, we just went over the field up the road. I was a bit apprehensive because its bumpy, hilly and has quite long grass. I had visions of the little V5 spitting us off at every opportunity but thought ah what the heck it will give her a little go if nothing else. Put it this way, she didn't stop smiling from the moment she set foot on the euc until the battery ran out! A full charge gone. She literally could not get off it. I managed to get a couple of rides in (and she is better than me now) but she was loving it so much I didnt have the heart to tell her to give it over so Dad could have a go. Everyone was right, we need more wheels and more battery! Maldon has been scheduled for next week, wonder if I can get a kidney extracted and a new wheel for me delivered by then!
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    Another reason people gravitate towards the OW is because it looks familiar and different at the same time. A lot of the guys buying it used to be skateboarders as kids and they see it as a way of having that same skateboard feel but with a twist. EUCs are completely foreign, at least to me when I first heard and saw them and even the name "unicycle" implies something very different that belongs in a circus act with clowns and juggling bears. I have only known a few people that ride traditional unicycles. When I tell people I bought an electric "Unicycle" I get a lot of raised eyebrows. I know it seems trivial but I do think it is another reason for lack of adoption. I was just in Seattle last week and I saw 5 EUCs for every 1 Onewheel. The locals showing me around always called them "Solowheels" when they zipped past. I guess it had to do with marketing and some store that sold them in Seattle before InMotion bought them. The point is, when I said they are called "Electric Unicycles" everyone laughed at me. Maybe we should reconsider rebranding the name.
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    Im gonna keep using my 5 amp fast charger But it doesnt charge the wheel to 100% though. So for times where i need the 100% in gonna use the gotway just to get it that little extra to top it off
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    I always heard the Onewheel randomly dies when it's getting so much as sprinkled a little . Maybe that's just part of the usual random switching-off and not water related You might need a doctor, looks like something is... very unusual
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    I just got up from final x-ray check. Waiting for a debrief fr a doctor. All feels fine now. I doubt it will even show a bruise. It seems I will have to javr a support harness for a few days. I am glad I were fully geared up otherwise I word have completed with @Rehab1 and could fit most nails in a shoulder.
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    The axel seems to have dislocated but otherwise undamaged. Even 6 people pulling and drawing at it at these time didn't help. So now I am going into theatre for operation.
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    I edit all of my photographs, like any good photographer I use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as necessary. None of my photographs are faked though, just cropped, sharpened, color corrected, dodged, etc.
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    Thanks I did pretty much the same tour last autumn, here's the photo post, more to see there. The picture there below "Autumn colors + low afternoon sun = pretty" is the exact same spot, you can see the same wodden bench in today's photos, and the same farm buildings. @Smoother
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    If you say that to a European, that generally means you were born in Poland. In America it means, "I trace my heritage to...". This is often said by people who can't even point to the country they say they're from on a map.
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    Thank you! Nice place to live in! All I know regarding Bavaria is the Beer Fest (I'm Polish by the way) Thank you again for detailed answer, you've brought me your lovely place much more "closer" I could feel the atmosphere!
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    yeah, the kid should be featured on a Gotway commercial with the stats he's pulling. He can climb steeper hills faster and get about 1.5x the range of me on my MCM5 800w. We can leave out the fact he is only 49 lbs.
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    I do feel more comfortable with them back. They also naturally slide back. I am using the XL pedals, although I did do this course on my 14S. Not as much fun, the smaller wheel is too squirrelly.
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    Nicely seated. No signs of arthritis. Your good to go. Ice your shoulder for the next week. Your rotator cuff will appreciate it.
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    Okay, finally managed to get the pedal off, but I had to lupe up and beat (heh) the metal rod out of the pedal, that thing just wouldn't let go. ...And seeing how it looked when it came out, I guess I'm not surprised that the pedal looked bent backwards and had a hard time comming out the socket. Gonna have to get myself a new pedal and attachment I guess. Dont think the socket in the pedal is feeling so well anymore after giving birth to that thing. XD
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    I don't have "time" to do any exercise beside tiding my EUC. It was due to my medical diagnoses I started to ride. Yo have a fun way to rebuild my balamce and muscle strength in my knees and back. It has worked beyond expatation so far. It used to do tons of sports in my teens...that is like 40-30 years ago. As for the atmor it is 3DO paddings close to the body and I had a MC jacket ontop. I hit hard right on my shoulder pad. The on the elbow pad and the my wrist with demon flexmeter for finally my hip with 3DO pads in my mc pull over trousers. I am unsude if my helmet touch ground, but the visorush have. As for the accident my right pedel cought the curb, just. And it might even only a sctape underneath. I cant really see maybe @Yffisch or @Jens Ronnedal can fill in that gab. I am unsure of the speed but I think I hit the curb at 20-30kmh. When I hit or touch the cirb I only managed to this 3 things, do not faceplant anfd dont fall into the slaters path and yry to hit with my paded areas if possibly. So I twisted right as the way ee steer at it was enough to achive my 3 thoughts.
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    I had to wait a couple years for mine, you noobs are spoiled
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    You dislocated it good. Sounds like the closed reduction was a success. Did you have a nice sleep? Your gear seemed to have worked. No screws or plates. Congrats!
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    Most of those fans draw something like 1-5 watts (0.08-0.4A). 200W at 12V would mean about 16.666amps.
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    Uplifting comments/photos really helped me through my recovery process so here goes:
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    Thanks for all your opinions in this thread. I sold my EUC last year because of perceived risks and hip problems. I am 68. The more I read here, and the hip is much better, the more I tend to get me a EUC again. I just can`t forget it, and more and more I think the fun is worth the risk.
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    So life in Humpty Doo NT Went for a short ride this evening ,catching up with a few mates Termite the Easter bunny and Termite Tommy he likes a beer or 2 Tommy legless as usual
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    https://liftfoils.com/efoil/ Not sure why, but somehow it reminds me of the fun to be had with EUCs. The same kind of effortless movement, controlled by shifting your weight (ok and a power throttle in your hand), just the "terrain" is water this time. The internals look really nice (at 4:15), nice firm connectors (easy disconnection and reconnection), everything waterproof and nicely packaged. I wish a EUC manufacturer had this kind of beautiful quality, this really impressed me. One can dream. So sweet (I really like those internals). Anyone has 12k too much that they would like help getting rid of? I can help
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    I just had the funnest longest ride of my year so far. Just 21 miles but I’m worn out. The 18xl is a great wheel
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    Only few months ago I was trying my friend's Inmotion V10F and for the same reason couldn't have reached its maximum speed. Now, after riding Gotway MSX for few weeks, 40 km/h seems to me like a toy-wheel for children; every few second I get speed limit alarm and tilt-back... So do I, except when you understand an electric wheel's specifics and now how and when you can do certain things.
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    Άσε τις κάμερες και τα βιντεάκια, πάμε να κάνουμε βόλτα με τα ροδάκια, να γνωριστούμε και να δούμε το 16ς, οι κάμερες θα βοηθήσουν να κάνουμε βλακείες, άλλη φορά. Θα έχω αυτοκίνητο, αν θές να μου την αφήσεις και να την πάρεις σε κανέναν μήνα φέρε την μαζί.
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    If you face plant into a wall, maybe, but a conventional face plant is nothing of the sort, and you should get to dissipate the impact via sliding. PLUS you get to spread the force over the whole front of your body. I've face planted 3 or 4 times and walked away pretty much unharmed every time. I'll take my results over yours any day.and I don't even wear a helmet! Baseball players sometimes slide face first into base Professional and keen amateur paintball player do this too. I don't think they would do this stuff if they had to go to hospital every time. When I owned a paintball field, even some of the amateur kids (the regulars) would slide in when necessary. In three years of ownership I didn't have one injury related to sliding in. Had a few injuries from tripping over a tree root and sticking the landing, though. HOWEVER, sliding is the key to dissipating the energy. Notice how none of these guys "stuck the landing" your safety gear should be biased towards sliding on hard surfaces. Almost any inline skate gear is good enough as long as it has hard plastic outer surfaces that slide. You never want to stick the landing. Ask your shoulder about this last point.
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    The odd part here is the shoulder is not swollen at all nor does is have any signs of brusing. I can pike it in many places, no pain at all untill I try to lift the arm. 🙄 So right now I am using "training for Napoleon" tool...it is actually a smart design an I got to keep it for free...disregarding the pain.
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    The shoulder joint can do that? Looks like you were still lucky and in a few days you're good as new. All the best! Nothing better than having a resident medical professional on this forum!
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    The big difference is that the tire is wide and flat enough that you can "stably" stand still. That should make it much easier to begin with.
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    Damn it, @seage! Here I thought us two new guys could could both sit around enviously listening for a while to all these people talk about how awesome their 18xl is and instead I have to hear it from you too now LOL. Just kidding, congrats! Some day...
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    I’ll ship it anywhere in the us
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    @Marty Backe Do you mean Sunday March 31 at 4pm?
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    @Jason McNeil’s company has really expanded.
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    Actually i have seen your "controversy" Video...and my thoughts are you hit the nail on the head! No Need to excuse in my view….. 1000 bucks for the Pint is still a LOT of Money for something with THAT small of a battery and range. And i have the experience that when i have a new PMD ...whatever it is, after learning it well, i Always want more. So i agree, i see it as a expensive toy, with much to less range and power to get me even a bit excited. And as meepmeep said...seams like stoneold tech, and since they are on the market futuremotion they not improve in power and Speed that much. To the time the Onewheel arrived at the market we had EUC's that where maximum capable of About 25kmh....now all the Major EUC Brands have pushed the envelope to at least 40kmh...with the most being at 50kmh. And when our EUCs say they will drive 50kmh...they all have a HUGE safety margin build in, which would let them even go 60-65kmh before shutting off. (btw.: Your 35kmh KS16S margin is at About 48-50kmh :-) ) Dont get me wrong, the Concept of the OneWheel is great...and if there would be one which constantly could go 30-35kmh for at least 25miles, i would be in, no Question :-) For the range of the 16S 840wh: Range depends very, very heavy on Speed, weigth of rider, temperature and road. And especially also the Kind of riding! While you are learning and often doing stop and go driving your range will be a LOT less than when you are experienced and do a constant cruise Long range ride. Most Energy gets consumed on accelerations …..so my advise would be, to experience YOUR especially range yourself over time. And just a hint: Yes, On our EUC's -the most- people dont push the battery's to the very end. First thats not good for longevity, second, under 25-30% the KS16 will start to restrict your max Speed, with further going down, when the battery gets more depleted. (DOnt worry, there are still the big safety margins build in!) But i would also advise not to go under 20% or 15% battery. So: Welcome to the EUC community! As you have been doing great Onewheel videos….i hope we can look out for EUC vids, too? Whenever you have Questions especially regarding your KS16S...hit me up, best by P.M.
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    My chargers (not just Gotway) get extremely hot, and smell too. One big advantage to fast chargers (besides the fast charging part) is that they run really cool, because of the fan(s) that they use. I also have a cheapo 67-volt charger that came with a generic wheel, and surprisingly it had a fan. I can use it to charge my KS14S. That charger runs nice and cool. So maybe invest in a fast charger and keep the Gotway as a backup. Wow, you've had exceptionally bad luck. None of my supplied chargers have failed.
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    I think this is the correct solution, in the urban environment, because a slower top speed is often no slower timewise to get to a place. For example, during rush hour it took me the same time by car as by bicycle to traverse the ~4.5 miles from home to work (an EUC was significantly faster, 12 vs 20 minutes). Typically one would bicycle leisurely with drivers swooping pass you, then you'd slowly and carefully thread through the cars at the red lights. Rain sucks, though. I've timed my traveling on occasion; anywhere between 40-60% is just time spent at a red light, especially if you get a light twice. For a not particularly dense city like St Louis the average speed is just 22 mph, and that's just the moving average. My GPS clock stops at lights, so I'm guessing the average is maybe 18 mph because that's my bicycle average. Typically, about twice a week they'll be collision that just completely screws traffic flow. Because of the above, I think just having a blanket 20 mph speed limit everywhere in the city would work fine, because you're not really getting anywhere at above 20mph anyway. You could just leisurely drive to the next light without losing any time at all. I have noticed over the past couple of years by not going ten mph over, and just chilling out, my trip time is no better than it used to be, with the added bonus of hardly any close calls. European Union is going with mandatory smart speed limiters in all new cars and trucks, and I think this is a very good idea, because it takes just one driver going well above the speed limit to crash and block up the street. AndI think 20 mph is the magical number, because it's fast enough to get you places in the city while greatly reducing damage when drivers hit each other. Even hitting pedestrians and bicyclists at that speed is just likely to piss them off rather than kill them outright.
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    Finally I complete the multicam edit from one of the best offroad trails with ours EUC range. Hope you enjoy it
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    hello guys, i know many of you are using most recent wheels but i'm a newbie and so far i love this V5F !!! topics about v5f are less but i'm sure that still quite some users use and love v5f so today i'm gonna show you my little creation ! it's a scooter holder ! i found myself in the need to bring my wheel to downtown and it was not really a pleasure ( car till subway.. subway till downtown and then finally v5f !) so i thought that if i could bring my V5F over my scooter and thus reach downtown(easy..) by scooter and then jump on my V5F would be simply great.. V5f Inmotion over a scooter
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    City night ride. Strap on your headphones.
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