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    Specs: Max Speed: 45-50kph Range: 100km-ish @ max speed Recharge time: 7hrs @ 3A Weight: 24kg?? (not sure) Motor: 2000W Battery: 84V 1554wh/1288wh Tire: 16x3" tire Pedal Height: 180mm Dimensions: 590x495x180mm Spin Kill Sensor: Yes BT Speakers: Yes I wouldnt want the XL pedals on this guy since its going to scrap more easily on turns. It'll depend whether you prefer comfort or turning performance. You cant have both. Compared to the 18XL, its got much more responsive pedals. Not so much of that squishiness. I think i prefer the 16X to the 18XL, but my only concern would be the slightly slower top speed. If it went 50kph, it would be a no brainer. I am too much of a speed freak and do not encourage people to ride so fast. Its dangerous! 45kmh is still very respectable and fun! Compared to the Nikola, the 16X has much better riding performance. I think the main reason people would prefer the Nikola would be for the LED design and very loud speakers. Very similar to the way i feel about the Z10... but the Nikola still outperforms the Z10.
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    @US69 @Jason McNeil My Wish List for all future EUC's My number #1 safety ask for all EUC's 1) Bluetooth output for warnings and messages. This would allow them to be connected and directed to smart phones and then redirected to another Bluetooth output device such an external speaker (usually hangs on my backpack) or the bone conducting earphones I use or an intercom/music system in a motorcycle helmet (which typically offer more safety but restrict hearing) or even the wheels very own Bluetooth speakers or whatever. 2) Proper outputs from the iOS app to Apple Watch (current Speed -for legal reasons -, current battery, current AMP drawl, warnings - just fine if this is swipe to switch between). Make Wheelog obsolete please. 3) User Adjustable Headlight - these are vehicles time to make them safer. 4) Proper Break Light visible to cars - same side comment. 5) Turn signals, triggered by lean, would be splended - same side comment. 6) Spin cut off (ideally a button as I've never trusted automatic sensors) 7) Better side lighting (the automatic red on the sides for stopping on the Tesla was amazing). 8) Enough of a hole space on the wheel rim for a bike lock to fit through 9) Easy tire inflation process - be nice not to require value extender, because proper tire pressure should be done every ride given we only have one tire and it is everything on these vehicles. 10) Voltage battery indicator (way more useful and informative than bars). Would also be good if it was activated and showing information during charging. 11) The power button should be a real power interrupt so that the EUC does not deplete when off. It should also be out of the way so as not to be inadvertently used during normal activities. 12) Better uses configuration options on the feedback and petal feel 13) Optional protective padded cover (as the InMotion people offer) 14) Better circuit and wheel self-protection (melted parts should not happen, at a minimum fuses could be used). 15) Targeted at Anglo sized users carrying extra payload of things like protective gear, water, and backpacks full of groceries (120KG doesn't leave lot of safety padding for a 200 pound rider - especially for curb drops and such). 16) As small and light as is feasible given the tire, motor, and batteries - might be time to look at some new materials 17) Upgraded Chargers. I don't mind paying a separate & fee extra for this.
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    Hi all. First post. I signed up more than a month ago, but just been reading until now, it’s time to share my learning experience. I’d never bought a EUC if I hadn’t been looking for a compact last mile solution for my EV, to overcome the last kms between charging station and destination. A folding bike or E-step being to massif, it just seemed the most compact solution to keep in the trunk. So I purchased an Inmotion V3 end of januari because its 2 wheels seemed safer for my middle-aged body and promised easier learning, which came true: 20 minutes after unboxing I was able to drive the full length of our underground parking (45m) and to make large turns. I practiced indoor every day for 2 weeks, and thanks to the tutorials in this thread, learned myself to brake, turn short and hop on/off without support (and without falling one single time), before taking my first ride on the street. Big disappointment: the lateral sloping street made driving uneasy, any crack in the asphalt unbalanced the two wheels, and finally, after crossing a cobblestone area at low speed, wobbling like a drunken sailor, the V3 overpowered and I hit the street pretty hard. Following attempts (avoiding cobblestones) didn’t improve the situation. For uneven, sloping roads, which almost all Belgian roads are, the V3 just sucks. But in between time, my mindset towards driving a EUC had entirely changed: I adore to ride it! So I started looking around, bought a used Ninebot One E+ with only 48kms last week and started practicing again. At first, I had the impression I had to start all over, balancing on 1 wheel was totally different, but after only 10 minutes I managed to stay upright, wobbling and constantly correcting left/right with my hips, but feeling happy like a kid in a candy store! As the weather conditions are bad for the moment, I continue practicing indoor, finally able to mount using the “triangle” (impossible on the V3) and enjoying the so much easier turning on 1 wheel. Day after day my “muscle memory” improves, it’s pure fun! My conclusion this far: I don’t regret having started on the V3, balancing is so much easier. It allowed me to become familiar with driving a EUC in a safe, easy, relaxed way. But the learning process levels pretty soon, due to its limited capacities. I would recommend it for starters, nothing more. I’m enjoying the E+ immensely, and will keep it in my car as a LMS as I thought to do initially, but most of all drive it daily. And once I judge my riding skills high enough, in a few months/100 kms, it will be joined by a powerful fun-machine. Can’t wait!
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    The best thing that ever happened to my riding was choosing to not be embarrassed any more.
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    Took my new 18XL for a little ride on the way home from work.
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    I feel for you UK folks. It would suck not being able to openly wheel around. I was commuting home 2 days ago and stopped briefly to rest on a cement wall in Griffith Park. I entered the park and had just sat down when I saw a police car cruising the other side of the park. One of the officers pointed my direction and 30 seconds later the cop car pulled on the grass right behind me. They got out, heads cocked to the side, and asked what is that thing? They thought I had a motorcycle and was riding it in the park. When they found out it was an EUC, they both challenged each other to ride it but neither did. I was instantly off the hook and building goodwill for us LA riders. Not even a hint that riding a motorized vehicle in the park was wrong, which they could have easily hassled me.
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    Glad that you are okay man. You are pushing yourself, and that's good, but it also introduces more risk; especially at night. I don't have any data on how inattention rates as a cause of mishaps, but I would imagine it's right up there. My inattention was certainly responsible for the faceplant I took yesterday. I am strolling along on my XL on an unusually nice day picking up a trail that cuts through a school yard. Well, the mini jocks were outside for ⚽ practice. I decide to use the KS app to check my ride stats. I decided that it wasn't necessary to stop first to check the app so I kept strolling along the trail past the kiddies while checking the app. Well, a ⚽ rolls into my path. I see it at the instant my tire is about to make contact. There was no time to react. The Kenda contacts the ball. The ball stops. The XL stops. I keep going . I was very fortunate that the wheel and I landed on the grass. I sustained no injuries and the wheel didn't even get a scratch. After all the kiddies ran over to check on me; understandable, but only heightened the embarrassment of the entire situation, I assured them that I was okay jumped back on the XL and continued on my ride. Of course, after the collision with the ⚽ I was on high alert. My fall must have looked a lot nastier than it actually was because one of the mini jocks took charge of the situation screaming out as she made her way toward me; "someone call 911!"
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    My Monster has officially been sold and is on the way to @Gene Martin in Indiana.
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    Well there's a strong opinion
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    Problem with this might be if the turn signals activate when you're just making a slight adjustment on your trajectory... also they might be illegal in some countries (at least here, the colors for lights/reflectors pointing at different directions are set in law, never checked what the law says if a bike had turning signals). I'd like this, seeing that for the first time I'll have to carry the damn thing upstairs at work when the riding season starts, and then roll it down the hall for a bit. At my last workplace, I could just trolley it in and out of the elevator Again legal issues: red lights pointing sideways are illegal here, don't know about other countries. Light or reflector pointing backwards MUST be red. Don't know how uptight police is with the rules though, never been stopped (EUCs are legal in Finland, they're classified same as bicycles in traffic laws). Not a bad idea, but I'd never leave my wheel out of sight in public spaces, even if it's locked. Someone's going to go poke around it or maybe damage it, locked or not. I'd personally like this, but for an Average Joe, the voltages are meaningless. Most people don't know anything about batteries, and for them the bars / percentage-display are much better. Maybe both / selectable (7-segments or similar showing percentage 0-100 or voltage, adjustable from app or somewhere) Not going to happen, you can't put that much current through any normal button, it would have to be pretty huge. The contacts on the button would either weld shut or melt... All the KS's already have fuses, AFAIK. Of course they should always be the "last line of defense", and in a perfect world, the electronics would never break down.
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    LOCATION: Kitchen DATE: 14.03.2019 TIME: 15:00 WEATHER: Storm and rain outside since 2 weeks DISTANCE TRAVELED: 0,05 km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KS16C WHO WAS WITH ME: JBL flip4 TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 1430km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: looking out the window without getting wet WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: little space RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: don’t do it when the wife is @ home
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    Maybe you need two accounts; one where you can voice your personal opinion about things and and one for your representative position. Love to see both your accounts arguing with each other.
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    You are quick to draw conclusions, I didn't say that, who knows what they are upto. If they are getting rid of old stock, we might get a new revision that's improved on feedback. ✌️
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    Just in case you did not see that till now - here was already something in this direction: There should be quite some information available in this 52 pages topic...
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    I want to ride with you, but im also scared of you. You want nimbleness....at 40kmph....i want an immovable tank. Like a bigger z10. I want to need to throw another mans body to get the force to turn the wheel, lmao.
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    I did, before I sold my L, was sent the replacement, etc. Sorry, the poor history of this design across all KS models in general, and just pure eyeballing how it's put together, doesn't inspire much confidence for the longer haul. But that's just me, most guys don't seem to care until their handles actually break. Er, I said nothing about the sensor / sensor implementation. I actually like it, got it tuned to work really well before I sold my L I like that you're KS's stubborn, grumpy social media rep.... totally unorthodox haha! Any typical company social media rep would respond with generic, politically correct, banal retorts, nodding in agreement that they'll take comments to heart, no matter how hard they disagree with them. @US69 please don't change
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    I totally understand any concerns about the actual handle designs and the doubts about it being able to carry the wheel over long time. I also admit that Ks16 wheels and trolleys have been very far from perfect and also even the very first 18L versions are not beeing strong enough. BUT: it would be nice if you could at least try it in the latest version. While i would say that the handle sensor for shutting off the wheel spinning „only“ has worked 99,5% of the time... in my 900km daily commuting usage of the wheel, with daily carrying it multiple times, i did NOT have even ONE Failure of the locks of the trolley not closing perfect on each side and there was not even a bit of feeling at all of the wheel not beeing able to carry or feeling unsecure to do so. Yeah...and i will dream of the day when on social media experience and facts gets over pure opinion and imagination *sigh*
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    Hey man, do you really design Pogs?
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    Well, I'm not partaking in this 16X due to my dislike of the shell aesthetics, but for this model & future models (KS-24 pleeeeeaaase *fingers crossed*)...... Please tell KS to at least make an attempt to design into the shell a way for the wheel to stand upright. Every other manufacturer has this on at least one of their models, some more effective than others: Ninebot > Z10, all InMotion, Gotways with egg-shapes all rest upright. Please have them copy the Gotway idea to build a bright, over-sized volt-meter that is visible when looking down on the wheel top shell while riding. It would be super if you could tilt the headlight to your taste. I've always wished for this with all EUCs. Since this is in fact the KS16X design, which looks almost identical to the Rockwheel GT18 mockups to me, please copy the GT18 prototype built-in front handles, so you don't have to always rely only on and stress the locked trolley. Not sure if it's too late for that / if they've already pressed up the mold.
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    Which is about $500 more than they were 1-1/2 years ago. Just a bit more than inflation
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    Alright guys, here's a first look at the new Kingsong 16X. I think this is the first time anyone outside of Kingsong has seen it. Also, im doing a giveaway for one of these $2000 wheels.
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    I'm certainly not trying to convince you to keep the wheel, but want to say that 36-miles is barely enough time to acclimate to a new wheel, particularly if you haven't experienced a wide variety of wheels. It probably took me 150-miles of riding the KS18S before I become one with that "acquired taste" wheel. Then it was great.
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    Great writeup / teardown by @EcoDrift, per their usual. Interesting to see the secret of the MCM5 being wider magnets, wider than those of the MSX & Nikola's motor. https://ecodrift.ru/2019/02/04/gotway-mcm5-part-two/ Gotway MCM5 (motor/controller), MSX (motor), Tesla (controller) Today we will study the main components of the Gotway MCM5 monowheel, and at the same time we will look at the MSuperX engine and Tesla controller. First MCM5 engine. This is an engine for a 14 ″ tire (bicycle size), although the native rim diameter is 10 ″ (automobile size). This is important in the selection of motorcycle tires, the dimensions of which are considered to be automotive standards, not cycling. The engine turned out weighty: 7kg with nuts and washers: Washers, by the way, are not needed, but the engine is separately supplied with them. Instead of washers, a large platform is now used, which protects the engine from turning. View of the engine from the end: It is really very wide. Wires are short: Marking (manufacturer: HB, production date: April 2018): Remove the engine cover: Open: The winding is tight, but not too neat: All engines are wound in manual. But the winding is quite dense, nothing dangles. Bearings in caps with a size of 6203 (this is important, since 6202 is usually put on 14 ″): Interesting surprise: The width of the magnetic 3.5cm. This is the widest engine that we met in monowheels. This means that the power available here is much more than in any other 14 ″ models. For comparison, the core Gotway MSuperX (MSX): The magnets on the rim are also 3.5cm: Magnets, unfortunately, not the best quality. Covered not with pure nickel, but with a cheaper nickel-copper alloy (yellow tint). Some magnets have traces of dirt, scuffs and even chipped. Do not forget that such a rim must be varnished before active use in wet weather to avoid corrosion of the magnets. Compare the wheel rim of the year 2016 with the MCM5, launched in 2018: Top rim from Inmotion V8. Magnets are covered with nickel, no chips were detected. But even visually it is clear how much such an engine is weaker than a modern monowheel. And now MSX (MSuperX) and its rim: 3cm magnets: The engine is very similar to the Nikola engine, which we disassembled at the end of last year. This is understandable. After all, 18 ″ differs only in an increased rim. The magnetic circuit is exactly the same as the number of magnets: 56. The winding is dense, nothing dangles: On the other hand, there are visible hand-wound flaws: The width of the core is the same as that of the magnets, as it should be: And now the controllers. The MCM5 controller was the first among the Gotway monowheels to be produced with field-effect transistors in large packages (TO247): Such a housing improves heat transfer and increases controller reliability. And the MCM5 and MSX really had no problems with the power unit. The reverse side of the radiator, on which the field-effect transistors are cooled: 4 capacitors: Marking close-up: The controller with a maximum voltage of 84V, so there are capacitors with a small margin of 100V. Bluetooth module for communication with the application: View from the end (you can see how the power transistors are located): MSX controllers are still equipped with the same field-effect transistors. And it is not yet clear whether Gotway will not switch to others, those that stand in Nikola. In the meantime, look at the controller from Gotway Tesla: Back side: Immediately installed fan: Two capacitors: Marking large: The board has 12 field effect transistors in a small package (TO220): Bluetooth card hid under the fan: In the next part, we will look at the MCM5 hull elements.
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    I'm just so HAPPY to share great news It's 9:40pm in UK right now, and this is the first contact I've ever made with EUC. It was delivered this morning,but I had to leave to work... The wheel is scary! I mean it! On youtube reviews it's kind of good looking, not a big deal - if you know I mean In reality ... Well ... I THINK IT IS BIG DEAL !!! So heavy, so large, so impressive... Sooooo .... scary ! Hahahaaa Honesty it is so good looking piece of amazing wheel! Guys... Where about to place the protection pads that came in the box please? Anybody call ambulance ! Hahahaaa
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    Sorry, I thought your post might contain some "hidden thought", so I were thinking it's something else - not only the Italic matter, lol... Yes. Nobody is posting this way, I'm always fancy do something... differently I was wonder, if this bothering you in unpleasant way. I hope it's not
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    Thurs 14th a hair under 80kg. Or is that just wishful thinking?
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    Easy: 1 (Safety) 2 (Safety) 3 ) Legal compliance and Safety
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    Great list, which of course will never happen Now pick 3 as the most important.
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    That 4-5 week estimate is wildly overoptimistic, production won't start till June, at least another month for deliveries.
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    Here's a PDF of the manual: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3e8q0v2z3od7lxg/Ninebot Z10 Manual.pdf?dl=0
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    I still think some thing is going on with the hall sensor. Mine did the same spinning while idle. Bouncing the unit around would sometimes stop it. I believe the bouncing would make the cold solder joint re connect for a short time until the next bump or jarring. Reflowing the solder on the hall sensor board fixed it. There are solder connections on both sides of the board.
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    Be careful with your walls. Mine has a nice dent where the surprisingly hard wheel hit it. Go outside sooner rather than later.
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    Which one of you is Paula Abdul?
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    I love to disagree, and so do you! We were meant for each other Ulf!
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    They could feasibly keep the same handle/trolley design and have a shell handle so no weight is put on the trolley handle when lifting while maintaining the same look of the current design.. Mold the shell so that the plastic shell handle part that is weight bearing is wider than the trolley handle and thick to be strong yet has a recess in it that the trolley handle slightly sits in. when trolley handle is down, it sits part ways in the recess of the plastic handle part, when you lift the unicycle all weight is on the plastic part and not the telescoping trollery parts. To use the trolley handle, simply depress the button on the trolley handle and lift it up.
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    Hmmh, so a year usage is the quality messurement point for a wearing down part? Then i put it in the cellar now....and pull it out failure free next year... FWIW At least i own one for over 900km....5—6 months....use it each! day for commuting to work, carry it over the the subway stairs and my appartment stairs each day, produce stress on the Grip/trolley like what not...instead of just having an opinion about long time usage of the wheel and actual trolley. But yeah.....me having only owning 11 wheels instead of 16 makes my experience probably much worse....but wait, isnt having less wheels over time meaning the average longer usage time per wheel? :-) It‘s not that they cant add it..its just not needed. See above...... I even would point that out as a unique selling argument, having a middle retractable trolley, that also serves for carrying the wheel! Yeah, as said before: The trolley locks werent perfect in the beginning...but now the are working flawless :-) FWIW and Just to make it clear...thats a „personal“ answer from my very own, quasi my very own IMHO :-) Perhaps as „KS rep“ ..i shouldnt give such personal answers...so thats probably one of the reasons, why, as @Unventor stated...i was „out of buisiness“ and partly stayed out of discussions.... So, help needed? Contact me by PM!!!
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    I don't see why that wouldn't work. The only disadvantage is that you have to disconnect the motor and hall sensor cables. Threadlocker can't hurt, but don't expect that to be a savior. It's not always literally loosened nuts. What often happens is the shims get distorted which allows for the axle to move. So you tighten the nuts which applies more pressure against the shims. Sometimes they get so bad that you have to install new shims. Just an FYI. Hopefully in your case tightening will be all that's necessary.
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    Any handheld torch should be more than capable for your needs. My advice would be to not worry about the peripherals for a while! You still haven't taken your new wheel for a spin yet, let alone had a high-speed crash at nighttime!
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    I am of the opinion that performance-wise they have reached the apex of any major upgrades that can be done for now with 18" without actually making them dynamically worse and more inconvenient to use daily. So, I am predicting that despite smashing their own power hierarchy between wheel sizes with the new 16X, there probably will be no higher-range, more powerful versions than the XL to reestablish the wheel size power hierarchy for a Minute. However, if they are listening to their customers I doubt seriously that the XL is their last iteration of an 18" wheel. There are just too many possibilities that people will actually buy: tall form factor, upgraded shell design (aka 16x), dedicated off road version, etc, etc, etc. Blah, blah, blah.
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    Then that's 9, not the 2 you originally stated, and they all faithfully watch your YouTube
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    As promised @The Fat Unicyclist a pic over looking Sunset Cliffs.
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    Congrats! Check out the way Duf padded his. This is also where mine is scratched. And below that I will include a link showing some of my learning process on a soccer field with artificial grass so you can see how the wheel falls.
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    That is a fantastic idea!!! No complicated or electrical mechanism, just manually adjust the angle how you see fit.
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