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    It's thicc. It's height is the same as my mcm4, its only a couple inches thicker and a few inches longer. It's short, and squat, and fat and heavy and feels grounded and is fast. I love it.
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    I happen to know from first hand experience that a Tesla motor will work in the ACM2. I converted one of my ACMv2 ACMs to a ACM2 by installing a Tesla motor and ACM2 control board :-)
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    Last night on my electric unicycle jaunt, I got to live up to the super hero look I sport when I ride. 😎 A lady was standing outside her car waving a gas can around. So I turned around and offered to go fill it for her, as she had just run outta gas. I was back to her about 7 minutes later. There were a couple of cops there with her as I returned. Also, Dee, the woman whose gas tank was getting a helping out from me, told me I was her saviour! The female cop just looked at me smiling as I rode up on a robotic electric device, looking like I just came from the next Tron movie auditions. The younger male cop told me "It's people like you who make this city great!" That really warmed my heart 💓 I pumped a ✊ in the air, said thank you brother, and sped off into the night. Maybe with more of us doing acts such as this, the fuzz will stay off our backs with upcoming regulations ... This has inspired me to do a good deed on my rides. Gonna start packing some food, extra herb, and maybe $5 bills when I can and go out to distribute happiness and goods to homeless people. One wheel, one love, one people...or something like that. Who's with me? Gonna organize some group rides this spring in LA to get out and spread the joy of our sport along with the joy of kindness towards others...Now I gotta come up with a super-hero moniker for my wheeled persona~😜
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    An epic story about the war between the Drones and the Ninebot Z10. In a distant planet Alpha-YRX2 after the conquest of the empire, the last Jedi resisted until the last breath, the Drones of the rebel alliance will face the dominance of the empire Ninebot Z10 fighters
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    Yeah, one is ~22 and the other is 58 with a recently broken shoulder. Lets see if the 22-year old is wearing anything different in 30-years.
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    I try to carry a re-used flimsy plastic grocery bag, or two, especially if on personally important routes/trails. Once the first piece of offending trash goes in the bag, the focus becomes trying to fill the bag quickly and to efficiently beautify a section, then dispose of the collected clean-up and get on with the adventure without too much delay.
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    I was not here for advertising. You didn't read my post clearly, and assumed that I was here for advertising. I said, I am already working on developing an EUC controller. @Chriull I am attaching screen shot of my designed PCB, in case you need a proof. I also said, I'd be happy to collaborate with others, who are already attempting to make a controller. Along with that, I said, I also run an Electronics Manufacturing Company in India, since the last 30 years. And I said so to clarify that, I being a member of this forum, can support manufacturing of the PCB, i.e. assembly of the PCBs here in India, with no quality issues. That's not advertising. And, I didn't even speak a word about what services I offer. I just posted the link to my website. It's up to the users of the forum, whether to visit that link, or not.
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    actually im always in communication with chenyanming from aliexpress (green fashion), the last link you posted is them as well.. they are legit official gotway distributors and have the best prices around, ive bought like six wheels from them lol.. she informed me that in fact the ACM2 tesla motor is no longer available from them at all or anywhere that she knows of (for some reason she decided to just jack up the price instead of taking it off aliexpress, idk why). so yea, anything you would get would be the "V2" old 12 mos version with 1500 W motor, and you would be paying a premium for both cost, shipping and import because ive only ever seen them on european or russian websites lol
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    Ahahahaha. Told her today :"there is a surprise for our daughter. She doesn't know it but there is a new euc in the garage for her. I'll get it out when the weather is better so we can go ride it immediately". She was pretty cool with that, and then .... "ok, but now seriously, one of those wheels has to go now. No way you are using them all!" .... she doesn't know Speedyfeet has sent me an MCM5 .... yet ...
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    Its called a "diet" but its not a diet in the tradition sense. Its not a short term, lose weight fast thing. Ive adjusted to it to help me heal from some ailments. And its been working beautifully. Up until i then got stressed and binged on toxic shite. Yeah, im trying to get outside daily and move around without the wheel, now that i can walk again properly. Its boring, but its okay. And yeah, i did cut out the dirty pop and processed stuff, but yeah. Also, lol. I laughed at you putting "cookies" and "chips" in brackets, hahaha. Im british, I know what they are. But im HOPING even regular canadians and americans know, XDD (although i cant speak to the rest of the world). I dont even have a scale that belongs to me. Probably should invest in one. And loll. Yeah, a full cake might be a bit of a setback! Hahaha. Ive set my goal to 90kg. I do hope I can get it down. Imma beat my own ass if needbe to make this happen. If i ever post a video on here and in it im eating candy or icecream, or swimming in caramel, call me out, please. You're really loving that wheel! Ill go check it out soon. And man, nice. I dont even know how you rode home after that. Id jjust fall off the wheel and die. Call an ambulance and ask them if they can drive me home.
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    It's been raining a ton out here in the Bay Area so I decided to make my first rain video. Some additional waterproofing is recommended, but many people don't realize that EUCs can ride in the rain. Do you ride in the rain?
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    So, after 10 weeks from ordering a 2.5-14 ”Motorcycle” tire, what do I receive? A 14x2.5 tire! (Bicycle standard, so the diameter is 4” too small). I have bought a lot of tires and other stuff from Ali, but I still have no clue how to make sure I’d receive what I bought. It’s all a disastrous mess. Funny thing though, in a Murphy fashion: In late 2017 I hunted high and low for a 16x2.5 Chaoyang H-5167 as the treading seemed perfect, and the 14” version got stellar reviews here. No luck, always received something else, even when I said I would only buy the H-5167. So, which 14x2.5 tire did I receive yesterday? The darn H-5167! And yes, the treading truly seems perfect. But there is just no way of getting it in any of my wheels’ sizes. 6 months since I started looking for a rougher tire for the MSX, and I’ve gotten nowhere. People have (arguably) gone to the moon, sent machines to Mars, and split atoms. Yet it seems impossible for me to buy a 2.5-14 tire, although several models are made, and large systems are in place designed to do exactly that. I think mankind is doomed.
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    There is no ACM2 motor. Its the same motor and control board as the tesla I think. As written before I think maybe they used the last parts they had of the ACM and msuper, so that they could make more money than selling them as spare parts. I would love to see a new ACM in the future.
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    I just tried the Asian squat and my legs hate you. I could only hold the pose for 20 seconds but since I love a challenge this may become a daily routine.
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    You crack me up as usual
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    I found doing the so-called Asian squat to be exceptionally difficult. It took about a month to aquire the flexibility, and I cannot hold it for more than two minutes. However, the flexibility required to do the Asian squat translates very well into just about any other squat.
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    What a contrast. I bet the 22 yr old adopts safety gear within a year. Your his mentor.
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    Not when you're smaller, but when I was losing weight I was so used to eating less that I "under ate" (is that even a word? ) I was basically in a constant calorie deficit but didn't lose any extra weight. This did give some pretty weird side effects, to the point that I went to see some doctors, of which one even claimed I had neurological issues after testing my nerves (literally, using needles and electricity). Needless to say that affected my mental health, and since that day I've never been the "worry free" person I was before. You walk around with the idea something is neurologically wrong and nobody knows what, until some other doctor (a real neurosurgeon) tested me, said there was nothing wrong, told me the report of the other guy was complete nonsense and told me to start eating more. 2 weeks later the problems were gone. But the mental damage took a lot longer to recover from (basically spent an entire summer not knowing what was wrong with me, and having sleepless nights about it.) and still isn't 100% healed. When I have something physically wrong I worry a lot more about what it could be than before that episode with that incompetent doctor .... and that sucks. Well, that answer escalated quickly ...
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    Another funny thing about muscle memory that i experienced yesterday. Iam riding a cruiser bike for about 4 years now and yesterday i had to repair some things on it. So i took the bike from my sister to get some parts. And i tell you i had problems to ride a normal bike, because mine is a streched bike so my legs are infront of me. With the bike of my sister it felt like my legs are behind me, very unnatural, really strange, cant ride a normal bike anymore dont feel really safe on it. Heres a picture of my bike so you see what i mean by streched, it’s really comfortable. And when i had a look at the tire i realized that its the same wide 3“ tire like on the MSX, made by Chao Yang.
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    I usually pick up boxes or large pieces of trash that have fallen in the middle of the road and that have cars swerving to avoid.
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    As for the @Lutalo vs. @Mike Paolini: knock it off, people are reporting your fighting, and I hate coming home to see X new reports to go through... Agree to disagree, I don't care who started it. If you truly hate each others guts, there's an ignore list, at the top of the page, click on the top-left corner where your avatar and username is shown with an arrow pointing down next to the name. Under Settings, you'll find the option for "Ignored users", through which you can add users to ignore. Never tried it, but I guess it won't show any posts made by users you've ignored. Probably looks different if you use a phone instead of a computer, but the option should be somewhere there too.
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    I don't know what he knows and I don't think it really matters in the end. If he considers the luggage a risk (say, because it could have a large battery which could start burning) it is a sufficient reason that he can keep it out. From a probabilistic viewpoint, the chance that this kind of device has a larger battery is much larger than the chance that a large battery catches fire, so from this viewpoint the uncertainty about battery size shouldn't be relevant in the decision making unless he can be sure that the device doesn't have a battery.
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    There are rules about what you can and can't bring on the Thalys. https://www.thalys.com/sites/thalys.com/files/2018-06/restrict_items_en.pdf No words about batteries, so he can't kick you out.