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    Went out for a night ride the day before yesterday. I've become very fond of riding at night, when the city is completely deserted. It's nice to be able to focus on my riding and on progressively taming the 18XL. I still struggle a bit with things like accelerating on wide curves (large roundabouts, for example), and get speed wobbles, wobbles when accelerating hard, and when braking (except power braking). I was out for a couple of hours, mostly practising hard acceleration, braking, carving and slaloming: I'm really starting to enjoy having to put my weight into it, it's very different from the V8, which I can just effortlessly "flick" from side to side. Also did some off-roading, which was great fun, as the paths I took are usually plagued with people walking their dogs, forcing me to limit my speed drastically. T'was fun to push the envelop and get high on the adrenaline Sidenote: @Marty Backe, I'm following your advice and using a flashlight for night-riding: the 18XL has a great headlight, but when accelerating, braking or on pitch black trails, it isn't enough. The flashlight works like a charm, and is a much simpler solution than the DIY inventions I tried to attach a bicycle light to the wheel or my helmet. I initially thought it would be tedious to be holding the flashlight all the time, but have grown used to it, and can easily turn it on or off depending on visibility, resting my arm. It also comes in handy when approaching an intersection: I put it on strobe mode to give drivers plenty of notice of my impending arrival before we cross paths, and so far, I'd say it's prevented several mishaps with cars ( @Smoother can attest to the fact those don't tend to end well...) Anyway, before I go off on another tangent, mid-ride I took a break, and realised I could have unlocked the max. speed to 50 km/h several weeks ago. So, I unlocked it (had to try 3 different versions of the KS app...but that's a different story) and started leaving my "speed comfort zone" so I can gradually overcome the wobbles (they tend to start at about 35 km/h). I noticed that I instinctively grip the wheel when accelerating hard and when I reach a certain speed, so I worked on relaxing my stance. Had a few close calls (the kind of nasty wobbles that make you consider bailing), but managed to control them. Then, on the last stretch before getting home, I pushed myself one last time, and....I was managing! Faster and faster, no wobbles, complete control of the wheel, feeling confident and....suddenly I'm airborne and sliding along the pavement. I was so focused on my riding and maintaining control of the wheel that I didn't even see the speed bump 100m (330 ft) from my house, which I ride past at least twice a day...I checked WheelLog, and since most the ride home was either off-road or accelerate-wobble-slow down, the trip's top speed (43,8 km/h) was, beyond a doubt, the speed I was going when I saluted the pavement. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to think. I landed on my right side, and based on the scrape marks on my elbow guards (and lack thereof on my wrist guard), it appears my right wrist didn't even touch the ground and all my weight landed on my elbow (perfect recipe for a nasty shoulder injury). I'm glad I was wearing sturdy skateboard-style protections and not something like G-Form Pro-X's under my clothes, 'cause even with the skid plate and thick padding, the ol' elbow was sore for a while. Aside from that, I had some tingling in my left fingers, which scraped against the pavement (might consider getting some leather gloves...don't fancy road-rash...) and a nasty hit on my lateral malleolus (bottom of the fibula). An odd place to take a hit...but a good argument for wearing high mountain boots when riding; loosely laced, to not hinder ankle movement, they do provide protection for a part of the body I'd never even considered might be affected in an EUC crash. I rode away from the crash a bit shaken and with tingling fingers, but that's about it. It was the next day when I found myself limping and with a fairly sore shoulder (not a nice feeling when you've already dislocated that shoulder twice in the past). Gearing up saved the day. Inspecting my gear later, my helmet doesn't have a single scratch, but if my head had hit the ground, it would have been from the ear downward, so anything but a full-face helmet would have been as good as nothing at all. Looks like my backpack absorbed part of the hit too, as there's a tear on the side (if it hadn't been for the backpack, that would have been my side scraping against the asphalt). Am no longer limping and my shoulder is only slightly sore, so I consider myself pretty lucky (I fell in a straight line; I could have landed on the curb, slid into a parked car, etc.). The 18XL got a couple of ugly scars, and I ripped the side pad in three different places (almost pulled it off entirely). The factory adhesive is strong stuff, just pressed on the pad for a few seconds and it stayed in place, so I reckon I'll order a replacement but leave it as is until it's beyond recovery. I can't help but remember some advice given by @Mono, I think it was, on inattention being one of the no. 1 causes of EUC crashes. I was almost home (which is when we tend to pay less attention), the streets were deserted, there were no pedestrians, cars, dogs or other "mobile hazards", and due to excess focus on keeping the wheel stable at speed, I wasn't paying enough attention to the road in front of me. In retrospect, I'm glad this happened late at night and the obstacle was a speed bump and not a person (although I wouldn't have pushed my limits like that in any other circumstance; then again...you never really know when/where someone might jump out in front of you...) On the other hand, since I moved recently, it took me a a while to locate and unbox my protective gear, so for a over a week, I'd been running errands on the wheel, on a daily basis, with no protections at all. Granted, I was extra cautious and didn't take any risks, but accidents can happen when you least expect it so...no more of that nonsense. If it hadn't been for protective gear, this would have been a nasty fall (although another small lesson I've learned is that no matter how much protection one wears, there's always going to be some part of the body that's unprotected, so I guess the risk of accidents and injuries is something one just has to accept the moment he hops on a one-wheeled fracture machine) Over and out
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    I sold my daily driver just to get a hatch back to haul my wheels. The weather finally broke today so time to go ride.
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    I heard my name. On a positive note my hardware boosts my WiFi signal while riding.
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    I've been in frequent contact with Tina about shuddering while trolley issue. Here are the essential facts that I have so far: The shuddering only happens while trolley, not riding King Song produced a version of the PCB with 4 layers of fiber-glass to try to make it more immune from static. Two Customers who have had their boards changed to this other type, have had repeated episodes (2 out of 2), implying the culprit is not with the controller. It seems completely random, may be fine for days-weeks, then go into this this haywire mode when trolleying. Among the small sample set, about 5 reported cases in 150x Wheels; there is some evidence to suggest there might be a connection with the firmware version—it's quite possible the behaviour was inadvertently introduced in a later release. Obviously the issue remains a top priority, but there is some assurance in the low statistical likelihood & that there does not seem to be any significant ride safety consideration.
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    It's thicc. It's height is the same as my mcm4, its only a couple inches thicker and a few inches longer. It's short, and squat, and fat and heavy and feels grounded and is fast. I love it.
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    I happen to know from first hand experience that a Tesla motor will work in the ACM2. I converted one of my ACMv2 ACMs to a ACM2 by installing a Tesla motor and ACM2 control board :-)
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    Scary stuff! Great that your ‘semi’ ok!! The KS Gods were watching over you. Put some ice on the bruised areas and ‘monitor’ the tingling in your fingers. A nerve from your shoulder to your hand could be inflamed or was possibly stretched from your accident. If your stomach allows take some anti- inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Glad you were wearing protective gear and a back pack. Potholes and speed bumps are a huge nemesis to riders but a speed adrenaline rush is hard to contain once released.
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    Last night on my electric unicycle jaunt, I got to live up to the super hero look I sport when I ride. 😎 A lady was standing outside her car waving a gas can around. So I turned around and offered to go fill it for her, as she had just run outta gas. I was back to her about 7 minutes later. There were a couple of cops there with her as I returned. Also, Dee, the woman whose gas tank was getting a helping out from me, told me I was her saviour! The female cop just looked at me smiling as I rode up on a robotic electric device, looking like I just came from the next Tron movie auditions. The younger male cop told me "It's people like you who make this city great!" That really warmed my heart 💓 I pumped a ✊ in the air, said thank you brother, and sped off into the night. Maybe with more of us doing acts such as this, the fuzz will stay off our backs with upcoming regulations ... This has inspired me to do a good deed on my rides. Gonna start packing some food, extra herb, and maybe $5 bills when I can and go out to distribute happiness and goods to homeless people. One wheel, one love, one people...or something like that. Who's with me? Gonna organize some group rides this spring in LA to get out and spread the joy of our sport along with the joy of kindness towards others...Now I gotta come up with a super-hero moniker for my wheeled persona~😜
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    An epic story about the war between the Drones and the Ninebot Z10. In a distant planet Alpha-YRX2 after the conquest of the empire, the last Jedi resisted until the last breath, the Drones of the rebel alliance will face the dominance of the empire Ninebot Z10 fighters
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    Yeah, one is ~22 and the other is 58 with a recently broken shoulder. Lets see if the 22-year old is wearing anything different in 30-years.
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    Yeah, speed bumps. And 44km/h. I don't know man, rather don't ask for being that lucky too often. This type of event makes you much more alert for a while, that's the good part, but when complacency kicks in again, I don't know, what's the plan to not make this happen again?
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    Uh wow. Looks like this could have been much worse, but was mostly a good learning experience. Here's something for your translation skills: "Glück im Unglück" describes it pretty well Did you wear a motorcycle jacket or likewise abrasion protection? A good conclusion. Thinking about where you'd most likely hit,a full face helmet really is the only helmet that makes sense. Haha, that's definitely true. I was wondering if it was just bad luck that stuff always happens in the one second you're not looking, but arrived at a really good explanation: When riding, we constantly and automatically ride around all kinds of potential problems, and take precautionary choices like giving a wide berth to some unclear situation like a car door that might suddenly open, or relaxing the legs for some bump, etc. - just the automatic stuff. And when not paying attention, one simply hits the obstacles that one wouldn't even consciously notice otherwise, but that are always there. But of course there's always bad luck involved...
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    I had one fast take-down from a speed bump. One I knew about, just like you. But I also forgot about it. Fortunately for me it was on a steepish uphill section of road which helped to minimize the impact from my fall. I suspect every EUC rider will eventually get plastered from a speed bump Glad you had no lasting injuries. Protection is a big plus, but as you say, it's no panacea since there's always a bit of luck as to how we hit the ground.
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    ...leave your money in one basket...ehh wheel (or battery pack) I mean. As for kids, I don't have any. I told my employer that I ride wheels to work as they cancled my parkung lot...and that I don't need a pension plan anymore. Hehe my boss couldn't tell if I am joking or serious. Maybe be I am bit of both.
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    In my book even having 20+ wheels in your stable is not addictive. It’s smart. Why leave all your money to your kids.
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    At 6km/s, you'll need a heat shield (it can work double duty as faceplant protector).
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    The question would be whether you prefer a "refined elegance" or "just unfiltered, okay!" ?
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    Thanks for sharing that, man. I totally get you on the bad doctor thing... an ex of mine was prescribed bad drugs that made a small tumor she had, grow, because this shit doctor had a deal with pharma and was making bank on the drugs she was buying. I forced her to a 2nd doctor and they freaked out. Couldnt believe what was happening. Got her off the shit drugs and undid all the damage in no time at all. Im so skeptical. Even the dr near me, i have to tell her shit and she barely listens to me, then repeats shit i just said...i ugh...... I love great doctors. And im sure there are many. But there are a lot that honestly do it because they were "supposed to" and their passion isnt in the craft itself. Glad you're getting better, but i can totally understand that worry and anxiety. Stay strong, mate Fo sho. I'm https://www.instagram.com/seageart/
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    Haha. Alrighty! I had to dig back a bit. Time for me to get back in the Zumba game.
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    I try to carry a re-used flimsy plastic grocery bag, or two, especially if on personally important routes/trails. Once the first piece of offending trash goes in the bag, the focus becomes trying to fill the bag quickly and to efficiently beautify a section, then dispose of the collected clean-up and get on with the adventure without too much delay.
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    I was not here for advertising. You didn't read my post clearly, and assumed that I was here for advertising. I said, I am already working on developing an EUC controller. @Chriull I am attaching screen shot of my designed PCB, in case you need a proof. I also said, I'd be happy to collaborate with others, who are already attempting to make a controller. Along with that, I said, I also run an Electronics Manufacturing Company in India, since the last 30 years. And I said so to clarify that, I being a member of this forum, can support manufacturing of the PCB, i.e. assembly of the PCBs here in India, with no quality issues. That's not advertising. And, I didn't even speak a word about what services I offer. I just posted the link to my website. It's up to the users of the forum, whether to visit that link, or not.
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    actually im always in communication with chenyanming from aliexpress (green fashion), the last link you posted is them as well.. they are legit official gotway distributors and have the best prices around, ive bought like six wheels from them lol.. she informed me that in fact the ACM2 tesla motor is no longer available from them at all or anywhere that she knows of (for some reason she decided to just jack up the price instead of taking it off aliexpress, idk why). so yea, anything you would get would be the "V2" old 12 mos version with 1500 W motor, and you would be paying a premium for both cost, shipping and import because ive only ever seen them on european or russian websites lol
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    Ahahahaha. Told her today :"there is a surprise for our daughter. She doesn't know it but there is a new euc in the garage for her. I'll get it out when the weather is better so we can go ride it immediately". She was pretty cool with that, and then .... "ok, but now seriously, one of those wheels has to go now. No way you are using them all!" .... she doesn't know Speedyfeet has sent me an MCM5 .... yet ...
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    Its called a "diet" but its not a diet in the tradition sense. Its not a short term, lose weight fast thing. Ive adjusted to it to help me heal from some ailments. And its been working beautifully. Up until i then got stressed and binged on toxic shite. Yeah, im trying to get outside daily and move around without the wheel, now that i can walk again properly. Its boring, but its okay. And yeah, i did cut out the dirty pop and processed stuff, but yeah. Also, lol. I laughed at you putting "cookies" and "chips" in brackets, hahaha. Im british, I know what they are. But im HOPING even regular canadians and americans know, XDD (although i cant speak to the rest of the world). I dont even have a scale that belongs to me. Probably should invest in one. And loll. Yeah, a full cake might be a bit of a setback! Hahaha. Ive set my goal to 90kg. I do hope I can get it down. Imma beat my own ass if needbe to make this happen. If i ever post a video on here and in it im eating candy or icecream, or swimming in caramel, call me out, please. You're really loving that wheel! Ill go check it out soon. And man, nice. I dont even know how you rode home after that. Id jjust fall off the wheel and die. Call an ambulance and ask them if they can drive me home.
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    It's been raining a ton out here in the Bay Area so I decided to make my first rain video. Some additional waterproofing is recommended, but many people don't realize that EUCs can ride in the rain. Do you ride in the rain?
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    For planes this has already been regulated and rightfully so, for the reasons you state. All lithium batteries must go in the overhead compartments and not in the cargo (I suppose so the crew can react when something happens), you are limited to a max mAh and your batteries need to be discharged to a certain %. I'm pretty sure that nearly any EUC is above this mAh limit. A train can be stopped, so can a bus, subway and tram. With a plane it's a lot more complicated I think the chance of people getting fatally injured by your flaming wheel is extremely small on train etc. Now the question is who will pay for all the damages and delays .... I'm afraid this will not change until we go from LiPo or Li-ion to another technology.
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    says the US American? Traffic related death rates (source: Wikipedia): #/inh #/veh #/km Germany 4.3 6.8 4.2 USA 10.9 12.9 7.3 inh = per 100,000 inhabitants per year veh = per 100,000 vehicles per year km = per 1 billion km driven Germans produce roughly 60% of the traffic deaths compared to US Americans. To me the danger sensor of Germans doesn't look that badly adjusted after all when considering the outcome of their behavior and policy. Just in case you were wondering: the homicide rate is 1.18 vs 5.35, (!) so something must go very right in the danger sensor system of Germans, at least in comparison.
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    Woooowww! Thank you everyone!!! (i can't quote or tag all of you...) I didn't come on the forum for a while and i feel very very moved and proud to read all these comments, after all this time. Thanks a lot! I know that my freestyle videos' are from 2016, but i didn't have a lot of time to train for a long time because of my baby boys.... So these last months (and years) i just do tutorials and masterclass to train other peoples. All the best to everyone here, and to Brian Thompson, Alexander Segmuller, Jonathan Tolhurst, Chris West, sidestreet Reny and all the others EUC freestyles men!
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    Yes, I am in favour of some kind of training requirement before being allowed to ride a PLEV, but I am not in favour of requiring insurance or registration of these vehicles. If people are made aware of how to ride safely and considerately, then when the don't behave in such a manner (ignoring minor transgressions where no one is actually at risk) they should have their PLEV confiscated. Just now people are simply left to use their own judgement and that doesn't work. You can't just have people jumping on a Bird eScooter and riding at 15mph on sidewalk expecting pedestrians to get out of their way ... this is what is happening and its a problem. If everyone knows the rules, then they can have no excuses for getting it wrong.
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    Yeah, it's great when two people can hang out together and share life. I haven't seen my girlfriend in over a year, but we're together in spirit (and WhatsApp). When we are together we are like John and Yoko, always hanging out in bed (not like that, get your minds out of the gutter) Sounds like something to put on my list. NO! NO! NO! Must resist.
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    Finally a price I can live with. Buy it Now on EBay before someone steals this deal! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F25411607
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    If you look at the V8 weight in pounds and the Nikola weight in kg, the Nikola number will be the smaller one... is that good enough?
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    Uh wow, I missed that update. That fall wasn't that bad, one would think. Well, looks like at least you need no crazy surgery like certain other people here
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    I don't know where you get the data from for your predictions, but in other parts of the world EUCs have already vastly outnumbered Boosted Boards and other e-boards. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/11772-traffic-count-of-light-vehicles/?tab=comments#comment-196583 Walking or cycling or driving pose a "significant" danger as well. Nobody of us can know how much more, or less, dangerous EUCing is compared to walking or cycling. And the danger of the last two differs to a great amount depending on which part of the world it is done. IIRC, cycling is about 10 times more dangerous in the US than in The Netherlands. The same might be true for EUCing and we can't possibly know (but it's not so unlikely after all). Don't bother, I will neither read nor respond to your posts from here on.
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    I don't know whether it is "smart" to see it that way, but there is no question that EUCs are a threat to pedestrians. To deny that means surrendering to a confirmation bias even on an utterly simple question. Sure, cars are probably a greater threat and quantification of the threat to pedestrians is difficult and in the end only possible based on data. I would very much like to be allowed on sidewalks, but knowing the range of attitudes and behaviors of EUCers I find it hard to argue against pedestrians that have a very different opinion on that. It suffices if just 1 out of 50 behaves like a total a****** and I don't feel I have much of an argument left.
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    I would go with the MacBook Pro. Two of my colleagues chose a Dell XPS13 and while the price was nice and the spec were good it was definitely not the same quality as a Mac. I see the 18XL and the MSX as similar with the Kingsong being the Mac. From what i've been reading most people tend to prefer the 18XL. @Henrik Olsen where will you being ordering from and what is the price difference between the MSX and the 18XL? As a 65kg rider the MSX requires that I lean forward a lot to maintain a high cruising speed. You have to make a very conscious effort to get over 35km/h. The 18XL seems to be a jack of all trades compared to the MSX. The MSX will be a bit faster and more powerful but if you use that power the battery will deplete faster. The MSX side pads really cut into my legs in the beginning. The angled pedals I like very much though. This combination however sort of encourages my body to come in contact with the side pads more than I would like so I have to try to stand further out on the pedals and angle my knees out a bit. It's top heavy but that helps with steering. I have no problem carving on it and the pedal height is forgiving. I also like the fact that I can ride seated as an option! Since you are coming from an 18L it might be a pity to get an 18XL because you are basically getting the same thing but a bit heavier. Getting an MSX would be a new experience and you would get used to it sooner a later. From what I hear the 18XL is more of an intuitive mind-reading ride. My biggest problem with the MSX though is the small crack I got on the side of the shell near a screw. A french youtuber also has several cracks on his with the side panel wanting to loosen away from the shell. Also no mudguard so you will have to get that sorted. If I could do it again and they cost the same I would get the XL. I got the MSX because of availability and a much lower price. I bought it on singles day for 14800 SEK and got a 50 dollar coupon as well so total was 14350 SEK from Aliexpress (Intelligent Walking Store). But the prices since then have jumped up a couple of hundred dollars. Also sorry for your loss! Saw your clip on youtube where you forgot the wheel!
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    So, after 10 weeks from ordering a 2.5-14 ”Motorcycle” tire, what do I receive? A 14x2.5 tire! (Bicycle standard, so the diameter is 4” too small). I have bought a lot of tires and other stuff from Ali, but I still have no clue how to make sure I’d receive what I bought. It’s all a disastrous mess. Funny thing though, in a Murphy fashion: In late 2017 I hunted high and low for a 16x2.5 Chaoyang H-5167 as the treading seemed perfect, and the 14” version got stellar reviews here. No luck, always received something else, even when I said I would only buy the H-5167. So, which 14x2.5 tire did I receive yesterday? The darn H-5167! And yes, the treading truly seems perfect. But there is just no way of getting it in any of my wheels’ sizes. 6 months since I started looking for a rougher tire for the MSX, and I’ve gotten nowhere. People have (arguably) gone to the moon, sent machines to Mars, and split atoms. Yet it seems impossible for me to buy a 2.5-14 tire, although several models are made, and large systems are in place designed to do exactly that. I think mankind is doomed.
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    There is no ACM2 motor. Its the same motor and control board as the tesla I think. As written before I think maybe they used the last parts they had of the ACM and msuper, so that they could make more money than selling them as spare parts. I would love to see a new ACM in the future.
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    I just tried the Asian squat and my legs hate you. I could only hold the pose for 20 seconds but since I love a challenge this may become a daily routine.
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    You crack me up as usual
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    I found doing the so-called Asian squat to be exceptionally difficult. It took about a month to aquire the flexibility, and I cannot hold it for more than two minutes. However, the flexibility required to do the Asian squat translates very well into just about any other squat.
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    What a contrast. I bet the 22 yr old adopts safety gear within a year. Your his mentor.
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    Not when you're smaller, but when I was losing weight I was so used to eating less that I "under ate" (is that even a word? ) I was basically in a constant calorie deficit but didn't lose any extra weight. This did give some pretty weird side effects, to the point that I went to see some doctors, of which one even claimed I had neurological issues after testing my nerves (literally, using needles and electricity). Needless to say that affected my mental health, and since that day I've never been the "worry free" person I was before. You walk around with the idea something is neurologically wrong and nobody knows what, until some other doctor (a real neurosurgeon) tested me, said there was nothing wrong, told me the report of the other guy was complete nonsense and told me to start eating more. 2 weeks later the problems were gone. But the mental damage took a lot longer to recover from (basically spent an entire summer not knowing what was wrong with me, and having sleepless nights about it.) and still isn't 100% healed. When I have something physically wrong I worry a lot more about what it could be than before that episode with that incompetent doctor .... and that sucks. Well, that answer escalated quickly ...
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    Another funny thing about muscle memory that i experienced yesterday. Iam riding a cruiser bike for about 4 years now and yesterday i had to repair some things on it. So i took the bike from my sister to get some parts. And i tell you i had problems to ride a normal bike, because mine is a streched bike so my legs are infront of me. With the bike of my sister it felt like my legs are behind me, very unnatural, really strange, cant ride a normal bike anymore dont feel really safe on it. Heres a picture of my bike so you see what i mean by streched, it’s really comfortable. And when i had a look at the tire i realized that its the same wide 3“ tire like on the MSX, made by Chao Yang.
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    I usually pick up boxes or large pieces of trash that have fallen in the middle of the road and that have cars swerving to avoid.
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    As for the @Lutalo vs. @Mike Paolini: knock it off, people are reporting your fighting, and I hate coming home to see X new reports to go through... Agree to disagree, I don't care who started it. If you truly hate each others guts, there's an ignore list, at the top of the page, click on the top-left corner where your avatar and username is shown with an arrow pointing down next to the name. Under Settings, you'll find the option for "Ignored users", through which you can add users to ignore. Never tried it, but I guess it won't show any posts made by users you've ignored. Probably looks different if you use a phone instead of a computer, but the option should be somewhere there too.
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    I don't know what he knows and I don't think it really matters in the end. If he considers the luggage a risk (say, because it could have a large battery which could start burning) it is a sufficient reason that he can keep it out. From a probabilistic viewpoint, the chance that this kind of device has a larger battery is much larger than the chance that a large battery catches fire, so from this viewpoint the uncertainty about battery size shouldn't be relevant in the decision making unless he can be sure that the device doesn't have a battery.
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    There are rules about what you can and can't bring on the Thalys. https://www.thalys.com/sites/thalys.com/files/2018-06/restrict_items_en.pdf No words about batteries, so he can't kick you out.
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