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    Last night on my electric unicycle jaunt, I got to live up to the super hero look I sport when I ride. 😎 A lady was standing outside her car waving a gas can around. So I turned around and offered to go fill it for her, as she had just run outta gas. I was back to her about 7 minutes later. There were a couple of cops there with her as I returned. Also, Dee, the woman whose gas tank was getting a helping out from me, told me I was her saviour! The female cop just looked at me smiling as I rode up on a robotic electric device, looking like I just came from the next Tron movie auditions. The younger male cop told me "It's people like you who make this city great!" That really warmed my heart 💓 I pumped a ✊ in the air, said thank you brother, and sped off into the night. Maybe with more of us doing acts such as this, the fuzz will stay off our backs with upcoming regulations ... This has inspired me to do a good deed on my rides. Gonna start packing some food, extra herb, and maybe $5 bills when I can and go out to distribute happiness and goods to homeless people. One wheel, one love, one people...or something like that. Who's with me? Gonna organize some group rides this spring in LA to get out and spread the joy of our sport along with the joy of kindness towards others...Now I gotta come up with a super-hero moniker for my wheeled persona~😜
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    Im not sure if anyone here follow, but anyway.. here is a video from the project im working on.
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    It's been raining a ton out here in the Bay Area so I decided to make my first rain video. Some additional waterproofing is recommended, but many people don't realize that EUCs can ride in the rain. Do you ride in the rain?
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    Interesting. I made the same kind of observations more than a month ago. These had shown a voltage loss of about 0.0038V per hour. It's not enough but it's enough to empty a fully charged battery in about 4 months. So for low charged batteries as they are when shipping from China, it is normal that they are delivered in deep sleep state. All my readings were done with the BMS FW v1.1.2 ; Z10 FW v1.0.5 The value of 0.0038V / h is an average value obtained on the two Z10 batteries by several readings on stand-by times each time greater than 4 days, on two different Z10 wheels of the 1832 series. Over 42 hours, we can expect a loss of 0.0038 x 42 = 0.16V. 0.14V is better than 0.16V, but the difference does not seem to me significant enough to really show an improvement in the power loss management with regard the various inaccuracies made during the readings. (as well as the short time taken into consideration) When I go to version 1.1.7 I may see it more clearly. I created a topic on the French forum to highlight the current of stand-by wheels https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/7758-courant-de-stand-by-de-nos-roues/ I showed that : The Z10 absorbs standby current 1500 times higher than an MS3 through its XT60 connectors. The total stand-by current flowing through the XT60 connectors is 150 micro-amperes. This current of 150 uA is not enough to discharge the battery as fast. I have not done any measurement on the other outgoing connections of the battery pack, but it is very likely that the loss is internal to the battery itself (BMS structure)
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    NonStopNeal in Zagreb, Croatia!
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    Went for a ride to the skate park again today. Played around with the Ninebot and also tested the limits of the angles when hitting sideways inclines.
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    Interesting, the new 1.1.7 BMS FW claims better/lesser vampire drain, but after leaving my Z10 unridden indoors for 1+ day (42 hours), I'm seeing what translates into .14V drop per day, roughly 1% per day.
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    Thanks to @Rywokast! I recalibrated this morning and the wheel felt good on the patio so I took her for a short spin. Turned out to be a 26 mile ride because I had so much fun I just didn't want it to end! Needless to say that the weird tiltback stuff was gone and the wheel felt rock solid. Now, I also played around with setting my alarms and other settings from Wheellog last night to get my setup ready for a potential ride this morning and I didn't try the wheel again until after the recalibration. So one of the two things fixed whatever was off with it. I'd bet my money on the recal, if I had to I know this is off topic but, man, did I enjoy the ride this morning. I think this KS18XL is by far my most favorite wheel for now. Oh, and after that ride it showed 78% of battery left. How freaking cool is that? LOVE IT!
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    Yep @Rama Douglas I'm with you there. Here's my recent good citizen story: A few weeks ago I was riding a bike path and some kid was standing beside his upside down bike. Other bikes were whizzing by, but I stopped to see if he needed help. He had de-railed his chain and it was well and truly wedged between the cog and the bearing housing (I don't know the technical name). I had nothing that would dislodge it. After a few minutes of trying, I flagged down an elderly lady cyclist with big saddle bags (on her bike not her hips). She looked but could not find something suitable in the bags to free the chain. She then suggested he walk his bike over to the marina (about 200 yards) and see if they had a tool (an excellent idea). So I didn't find the solution, but I found the person who found the solution. That counts surely. I also feed the swans regularly at my nearby river riding destinations, bird lovers must like that (not white bread, peanuts, and now vegetable scraps, as detailed on tinternet). And I've been thinking of carrying a trash bag, to pick up trash like plastic bottles.
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    Why would you think that? Of course nothing is with zero danger, but why would you think the danger does not depend on rider skills? I am pretty sure that the risk of falling and of severe injuries hugely depends on the skill level of the rider and, of course, on their willingness and ability to adjust their speed to their skills (which could be considered a skill as well). So the danger will to a large degree "go away" for those who are able to improve their skills without increasing their speed or getting complacent. That skills prevent accidents, if not accompanied with increased risk taking, is probably true for any physical activity, almost by definition.
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    That was a very tasty chocolate coin, emmm! What low rez? Thats's exactly how I look.
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    I know where @Marty Backe lives.
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    I hate to see a grown man cry. @Darrell Wesh would be proud of you. Sorry @Smoother but your low rez photo is hard to PS.
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    His sister Marlena has one too. Competed in London 2012. A very athletic, driven family. Makes me wonder what I have done with my life.
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    I can't keep off it 😁 it's an amazing machine😁
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    That report doesn't sound too bad because most crashes are injuries. While the injuries are gruesome, there's very few fatalities. In my opinion, if lots of people are getting hurt but there's no fatalities, then training and looking closely at that activity is called for. With eScooters we know just slapping on a big front wheel is probably the extent of needed alterations. To the surprise of absolutely no one on this forum, the first of the "big front wheel" eScooters is introduced in Berlin. However, if lots people are killing others doing a particular activity, that probably a good indication of limiting said people's access to that activity.
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    Ninebot will never be able to fix the battery drain completely because both batteries status are always going to be constantly monitored, as evidenced by the "Blue/Red" flashing led on each battery! The very best we can all hope for is that the real world standby consumption is actually reduced, as stated in the BMS 1.1.7 release notes. Unfortunately, by design, power is always being drawn from both batteries for the smart/safety reasons deemed necessary by Segway-Ninebot's engineers so software changes can only go so far! Best solution is to charge to 100% then go ride/enjoy the wheel as often as is humanly possible, that's what I fully intend to do with my Z10!
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    The next week is going to be tough as winter winds up. The photo in the middle the is wheel is exactly as I left it, having ridden into a snow drift. The bike trails get very drifty in snow storms so from this point on I rode on the road down the tracks made by very helpful passing vehicles. The left photo is from the morning commute, the larger photo and wheel-log shot are from the ride home.
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    I've been learning to use DaVinci Resolve-free version to color correct some of my videos. I took an old Eken H9 video and used daVinci Resolve to color grade and white balance the video. This color grade result was obtained by using a Youtube tutorial and following the steps (from 3:13 to 6:31) in this video and uses about 4 steps total. https://youtu.be/BBvEOIozAJk LUTs (look up tables) were not used in this daVince Resolve color grade attempt, just the 4 steps from the tutorial. The sky color with the inexpensive Eken H9 now looks more blue and less turquoise (3:16, 3:50) and the shadows (1:43 - Monster shin pads) have more detail following the color grade.
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    My riding days are not looking favorable these days. I have never ridden my wheels so cautiously. I can't risk it anymore. Oh well. I was able to get some footage with no crashes.
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    As for the @Lutalo vs. @Mike Paolini: knock it off, people are reporting your fighting, and I hate coming home to see X new reports to go through... Agree to disagree, I don't care who started it. If you truly hate each others guts, there's an ignore list, at the top of the page, click on the top-left corner where your avatar and username is shown with an arrow pointing down next to the name. Under Settings, you'll find the option for "Ignored users", through which you can add users to ignore. Never tried it, but I guess it won't show any posts made by users you've ignored. Probably looks different if you use a phone instead of a computer, but the option should be somewhere there too.
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    yeah, I was googling around for ACM2's last month to find out the new cost compared to yours and of the few I could find, it was hard to determine whether it was an acm2 or an acmv2 and I wasn't too keen on the idea of trusting some random aliexpress storefront to either A. understand the question if I asked them if it was an ACM2 they were selling or an older ACMv2. or B. Understand the question and not lie with the logic of once they have my money I can't do much about it since they are in HK or china or somewhere. I guess maybe if I paid with AMEX I could do a charge back but I've never used Aliexpress before so maybe it's safe...I don't know. Additionally when ewheels sold them they were going for $1600 new (https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-acm-acms-16-800wh1300wh/) the few I found on Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/GOTWAY-14MCM2S-260WH-340WH-520WH-680WH-blance-car-Electric-unicycle-Speed-30/32368523979.html ( this is the ACMv2 since it's motor power is listed as 1500w) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2018-New-model-GotWay-ACM2-Electric-unicycle-Electric-scooter-single-wheel-2000W-motor-speed-50km-h/32853749916.html (this should be the ACM2 with the tesla motor since it's motor power is listed as 2000w both are going for $2K, but one is labeled as "Outdoor body-building equipment" in the title, so do I really trust them not to fuck up the order... I don't know this site has what looks to be the ACM2 for $1694 but I've never heard of them so have no idea how reliable they are or not: http://etscooter.com/product/2018-new-model-gotway-acm2-electric-unicycle-electric-scooter-single-wheel-2000w-motor-speed50km-h-life-100km-freeshipping/ Quite the scarcity premium
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    Given the price tag of a 18xl (I am still trying to swallow that one), I felt the $130ish for a nice looking neoprene cover to keep it protected was a no-brainer to me. Knowing this is a handmade item makes it even more so. Can't wait to get it. Hopefully, before I drop the wheel
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    You're too kind. Thank you. I'm out of "ups" today. Apparently I am too kind as well Eh, I'm having writer's block with this one. Darre-mite Best Wesh Darrel the Dash (referencing his 100m history) Nah! I'm not proud of any of those. Sorry Darrel. And @Darrell Wesh didn't your mother ever tell you not play in the middle of the street?
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    All this sounds strikingly familiar to incorrect calibration. My 16S doesn't exhibit any of these conditions when correctly calibrated. I personally discovered the problem almost 2 years ago, and people here explained what was wrong way back then. This is a known condition, but it is not normal. If you ever get on a wheel doing crazy pedal movements of its own...re-calibrate properly.
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    Has anyone had their Li-ion battery packs rebuilt with NiMH? Stupid idea, or no?
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    I thought that was one of rules we have to abide by in the forum
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    I think that it maybe could work to some extent, but you will certainly get far worse performance with NiMH. First off, because NiMH has much lower nominal voltage (about 1.2-1.4V or thereabouts?) than Li-Ions, you're going to need a lot more of them in series than with Li-Ions. 16S Li-Ion has around 57.6V (16 * 3.6V) to 59.2V (16 * 3.7V) nominal voltage. To get same voltage with NiMHs, you'd need to stack up something like around 45-50 cells in series, even more if you're planning to replace a higher voltage pack, like 20S Li-Ion. This will lead to a very large internal resistance, which might become too high to give enough current for the motor to give enough torque / the pack voltage drops too much under load. The pack would also weigh more and require a lot more space than a Li-Ion pack. Secondly, even if you manage to build such a pack, it won't take you as far as a Li-Ion pack. I haven't checked the numbers, but the energy density of NiMHs is something like less than 1/3rd of Li-Ion, meaning that your battery capacity would be far less than with Li-Ions for the same weight or size. You could try it, but even if it somewhat works, I doubt you'd be happy with the end result.
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    Does this mean the title of this topic needs to be changed to "bad news from Germany" as it is apparent that all EUCs are functionally illegal?
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    Captain Ramerica Rama lama ding dong Ramtastic Captain Ramtastic Ram Bam Thank You M'am Rama to the Rescue Rama Rescue
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    Welcome @Filalapat to the English speaking forum. Keep up the good work.
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    If anyone is concerned about police confiscating their wheel, do what I do. 1. be on the alert for police vehicles around you, but especially ahead of you, either moving, or stationary 2. Be in tune with the uniforms police wear in your area and watch for these pedestrians too 3. Wear headphones. You don't have to have anything playing through them, if that is your preference. I said headphones, not ear buds; they must be clearly visible. (if you ride with a helmet, skip this part. The headphones are to give you a reasonable reason why you "didn't hear" the officer when he yelled for you to stop, or come here, or what ever else he said that your music (real or fake) drowned out. If an officer calls out to you, do not make eye contact (i didn't see you, excuse) and don't react directly to the call (I didn't hear you, excuse) 4. Change your path to avoid the officer/vehicle, or 5. Pull up to a stop behind something that obscures your wheel from view, like a parked car, a bush, or a wheelie bin. Then dismount (to reduce your height). If you are wearing a helmet you might want to take it off as a pedestrian wearing a helmet is a potential bank robber (even more police scrutiny) If you change your path, don't make it look like you are fleeing, ride casually, pretend to sight see, check your phone, etc , but fast enough and in a direction which will make it too difficult for the officer to follow. I haven't had to flee yet, but I have changed direction, and pulled over, shielded from view, and stepped down, a few times. Most cops in the UK don't care but I assume they all do, when I have some chance to avoid finding out for real. If I get my wheel confiscated I don't think I would buy another wheel; Everywhere I want to ride is illegal, and I'm not made of money. I'm also thinking about carrying a large bag (think Ikea) to cover the wheel if I need to hide it when nothing else is around)
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    The Tesla was Gotway's next 16 incher after the ACM, so it's the ACM successor. Then they quietly put a Tesla board and motor into the ACM a few months after that . It's more like an experiment or upgrade (or they simply ran out of old ACM components), it doesn't even have an official name, "ACM2" is what Speedyfeet called it where it was seen first. There also was a Tesla-ized version of the msuper V3 (which shared board and motor with the ACM), but like one month later the msuper X was announced (much better board) so it had a short career.
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    Interesting! This would definately be very fitting: But a fresh one would refer to a recent debatino on another thread: @mrelwood It couldn’t have been because of the tilt-back! Or @mrelwood Were you geared up properly? Or @mrelwood After just 5000miles? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of other newbies as well.
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    Nice job, mate. I'd crunch the blacks a bit more and maybe bring in some more vibrancy or add a bit of a hue to give a good mood of that ride . Also, for color editing, you're going to want to start off with the flattest profile you can get. Basically, everything needs to get as grey and low contrast as you can. Turn down the sharpness, turn down the contrast, And of that image enhancement stuff, turn it all down. You want it to look washed out. Then you take it into Davinci and bring back in that contrast. Push the lights and darks, add some color in and bring in saturation where you want it. It basically gives you a much better canvas to work with because you have enough information of both the light and dark that you might miss out on on a darker image like your source. Essentially, giving you more dynamic range in post. Some cameras with dope sensors can grab an insane dynamic range and give you so much to work with, but most action cameras arent like that, haha.
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    When I'm sharing the road with cars on these miserable days I go as fast as possible so as not to hold them up; they are grumpy enough without some nut on an electric unicycle getting in their way.
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    Californian here. I ordered the chip from them on eBay for $35. Took off the old chip, plopped on the new chip and away the minipro goes!
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    You will have much better luck when the KS 18XXL is released
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    You should check the topic of the Dutch EUC riders on this forum then I looked at a few videos and from what I gather it's as if helmets are illegal over there
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    After my third child I started wearing.........
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    Magnolia, Massachusetts
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    I see your point, but to be fair, a very large portion of that "$900" is used on the motor and batteries (quoted the price because we should actually compare manufacturing costs, but...). Comparing the price to a couple of hundred battery charger doesn't really work. Another problem is that it's relatively easy to measure the current / calculate watthours when charging a battery with steady constant current, or at least it's changing very slowly. In the wheel, the current is changing very rapidly all the time as the motor turns (coils turning on and off very fast, transient current spikes etc), so for accurate measurements, they'd need to add a lot there (high speed ADC's/current measurement ICs, even a separate MCU?). I don't think many people would be willing to pay much more just so that the wheel could better measure the current, if it only just gives you better estimation of energy consumption, but nothing else.
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    Would probapbly be the easiest way. The problems are: The wheels measure something around 100 values a second and just report 10 (KS) or 4-7 for your wheel. One needs the battery current for power calculations. But most wheels report motor current. And/or report some "preprocessed/modified/from time to time extremely seldomly" reported battery voltages like ninebots. For more on battery vs motor current take a look at Additionaly the reported current has just some proportional value to the motor current, as one can not directly get acceleration values from it... (The "problem" i discoverted and did not solve in ) For electric motors as the used BLDCs one has the relation U (?emk?-?induced?)=kv x rpm and M (torque) = km x I Motor. With kv x km = 60/pi. Which was not true for reported values from my KS16B and S. So the currents are somehow not the effective motor current...
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    Or just needs to sell it for whatever reason; hard for me to see not liking it being one of those reasons, but I suppose it's at least remotely possible. If you do see one act fast. I saw a thread where @Rywokast just sold one.
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    There is no ignoring the Pink Elephant in the room, which is EUCs require the wearing of protective clothing. The public has never and probably will never embrace a mode of land transport where you have to wear more than a helmet .. if that. The rental scooters are popular because you can jump on and ride wearing anything you happen to be wearing. They are seen as e-bikes without pedals, where even today many bike riders don't wear helmets and almost no one wears protective gear unless riding off-road. Most know that wearing a helmet is a good idea, but there is no inherent danger seen with the vehicle itself. Bike or e-kick scooter riders see the danger coming mainly from cars, pedestrians and other bike/scooter riders, not the terrain or the potential failure of the vehicle itself. We EUC riders have to deal with the above concerns plus be forever vigilant of the terrain where the slightest misconception, underestimation, or lapse in perception can lead to a serious injury. This danger does not go away no matter how many miles one has ridden or ones skill level. Most people are refusing to even wear a helmet riding the rental scooters, least alone gear up with armor just so they can go 3 miles to - from their park cars/trains/offices/homes/etc. If they "discover" the EUC, it will become immediately apparent in the learning process that it is not something you can jump on and ride to the store wearing flip-flops and regular street clothes "without the possibility of serious ramifications". EUC riders are odd-ducks. The public may say EUCs are cool, ask questions about learning to ride, how much they cost, how fast do they, etc., but the bottom line is there will never be but a small number of odd-ducks who will embrace them. If by some miracle EUCs do become a fad/popular their time in the sun will be brief. The injuries and horror stories will end their fame quicker than an exploding hoverboard.
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    Bought them here. It's a German adress but a Dutch shop, I believe. Very fast delivery and they asked to confirm my selected size was the right one for my hands, which is a nice extra. https://wintersport-online-shop.de/snowboard-wristguard-flexmeter-d3o
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    It's likely from doing so many start stops (which you won't be doing nearly as often as you are when you're learning) and also over correcting while the wheel is moving (as you're getting the fine muscle movements down to balance). As you get more comfortable on the wheel it will occur with enough less frequency that the little bit that remains your body easily acclimates to (and doesn't even notice).
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    Can't even like this because I have used my one like. Lol.
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    I've done a lot of range testing with the Z10. If you ride mostly below (but not all) ~32-km/h, it's a solid 55-km wheel. That's with a rider (clothes and gear) weight of ~80kg. My tire pressure is ~30-psi. 20-psi is certainly going to reduce your range. Last week I published my extended range test video where I did 67-km
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