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    meet yet another great freestyler - Jérémie Champagne
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    Take a look here: https://www.electricwheels.co.za/compare/ , not 100% updated or complete, but a good start.
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    Even better there are videos. On YouTube and photos on www.roll.nz 😃 https://www.roll.nz/int/store/31-50-euc-bodyguard-for-ks-18l-and-ks-18xl.html#/55-colour_combination-black_red I have a Mr. H. Ford colour (aka black) incoming...when customs and postal service get back from lunch. They had "out for lunch" - sign up since 20/2, I am anything but impressed with local postal service in Sweden 🙄
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    Dear All EUCers, This is my first post on the forum but hope this helps as a warning to all EUC riders, especially to those who purchased E+ in or before 2015 through a reseller, because apparently Segway will not care or investigate further into the case if it's not bought directly through them. Also, simply because Ninebot product lines have obtained UL2272 certification, this does not guarantee that it will not explode. I have been writing the similar content over and over, this time I will copy and paste what I sent to Segway last Wednesday (minor edits due to Personally Identifiable Information) to save some time... Thank you, Andy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HZY4f_JJRP7TIymvoEtlwnwjcESeQbi_ ------- ------- Dear Segway, This is my second attempt to reach out to you. Hope you can respond as soon as possible. Below is the original text I submitted on Sunday through your technical support page. Please read and respond as soon as you can (screenshot of pictures below). Hope to hear from you soon, Andy -- Hi, I have been riding Ninebot One E+ to work everyday on it for the past 3.5 years in San Francisco Bay Area, and even take it to nearby beaches such as Half Moon Bay, Monterey or Big Sur when it's sunny here in Northern California. Today has been a very traumatizing and sad day for me as I lost my beloved 3 year old Ninebot One E+. Ninebot One was more than a leisurely device, but a major companion allowing me to live a smaller carbon footprint (don't have a car) lifestyle, my main mode of transportation and identity among my family, friends and neighbors. When it suddenly exploded and burnt in a vicious fire during non-energized state, I was luckily to be more than 5 feet away from it. I was extremely lucky and no one was hurt. This could have been much, much worse. I could have lost my right leg, I could have died or the entire apartment could have burnt down causing even more casualties. Please read on. It was a typical weekend--sleeping in and getting up pretty late. At around 11 AM, I took shower and had a breakfast. At around 11:45, I started hearing popping noise. Thinking it was coming from outside, I opened the door and saw but there was nothing. A few more minutes later, another pop. Then every minute or two, I started hearing the noise at a regular cadence. Then, my sensors became much more sensitive and started smelling something acrid. This is when I realized the sound--and potentially the smell too--was coming from my beloved 3 year long friend. My instinct now as sharp as blade, I knew I needed to do so something. 12:01PM (film available) 1) Before making any action, I felt strong need to document every single detail. I filmed 36-second long video to capture one more "pop" sound. 2) Being super safe, I first went to the power strip and turned it off, 3) then unplugged the cord from the power strip, 4) and then unplugged from the unit. ~12:03PM 5) I raised the handle bar and tried to grab it from the end of the handle bar as usual, but I didn't. 6) Instead, I grabbed the center of the handle and supported with my left hand under the foot pedal so I don't accidentally agitate the unit too much and trigger it to explode. (VERY RISKY) 7) (STILL FEELING VERY RISKY) I took it outside and leaned it against the immediate exterior wall I was able to get access to. ~12:05PM 8) then I started thinking about what to do (take it in? repair myself? don't ride and let it sit for a few days? disassemble and recycle properly? ~12:09PM 9) before I finished my thoughts--and my front door still wide open, I heard a bam and a small fire. Then one or two more KABOOMs with much larger fire, creating fizzing sound and burning everything the battery was wrapped in violently. This lasted for a minute. 12:10PM (photo available) 10) when the fire was weakening, the property manager luckily was outside and who saw this happening ran towards me to aid and grabbed the fire extinguisher. I knew I had to document this. I am thankful that there was no bodily injury to anyone involved in this incident; however, I'm still scared and extremely frustrated due to the life-threatening and traumatizing experience. Also, because of inhalation of toxic fluoride gases from burning Li-ion batteries, I am in distress and deeply concerned about my health. https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/MMG/MMG.asp?id=1142&tid=250 For that reason, I am having to evacuate the unit and arrange temporary stay which is costly and inconvenient. Please give me a call at 510 634 9390 ASAP. I would like to share more in detail and discuss further. Thank you, Andy one more image
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    One of those dog leg right turns? Those turns are also extremely dangerous to pedestrians, especially to children and older people who have a tendency to look down to see where they are going instead of to their left. When I drive my car into those dog legs I don't even bother following the lines, for the simple reason that you have to turn your head so you can see behind you; in other words you're no longer looking in the direction of travel. Don't do that, because a driver may be stopped ahead of you or there is a pedestrian. Instead, I crank the wheel hard left just before I merge so I can see incoming traffic and pedestrians at the same time. If you're pedestrian/EUC all the flashing lights and green vests won't work if the driver isn't even looking in your direction, so you have to preemptively claim your crosswalk area first, and that means shinning a powerful flashlight into their cabin. I don't blast my light most of the time, but if the driver is running the red, he's approaching fast, and I'm already on the crosswalk (I often walk my wheels), then I'll absolutely blind him so he cannot see the road, and hence stop. Trying to spread the risk of driver's charging into dog legs, nothing personal, I've just seen too many pedestrians get hit hard at the huge urban park I used to live near.
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    Thanks! Just don't choose black-on-black (like everyone else)... the blue or red highlight really pops - just like in the photo posted above. It looks awesome in real life!
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    Below is further correspondences with Segway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feb 27, 2019, 3:07 PM Dear Andy, We have received your email. Can you please send us the serial number? Do you recall who it was purchased through or do you have a copy of the proof of purchase? Technical Support Consumer Products Segway Inc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feb 28, 2019, 12:15 AM Thank you Segway for the response. The serial number is N2OEA1525A2071, as seen in the photo of the original manual that was inside the original box. It's been over three years and I do not have the proof of purchase. Hope to address this issue as soon as possible and not waste anyone's time including mine. I look forward to hearing from you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feb 28, 2019, 1:03 PM Dear Andy, Based on the serial number, your One E+ was not distributed or sold through Segway. This office can only support Ninebot product that was distributed or sold by Segway. We recommend that you contact the original seller for this matter. Technical Support Consumer Products Segway Inc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mar 1, 2019, 2:15 PM Hi, This is absurd. I'm still traumatized and it's disheartening to see the first question to ask is not about the rider's safety but the serial number and the proof of purchase. Please escalate to Roxanne Lamonde--the Director of Risk Management & HR--directly and her legal team. Ninebot One E+ on your website clearly shows that the product in the US is marketed under Segway branding and still is a product under Segway's ownership and control in terms of liability and warranty, after Ninebot's acquisition of Segway. As a reminder, the explosion from the battery that blasted through the hard plastic shell caused an extremely violent fire, and I experienced a near-death situation. Your product is UL2272 certified and SHOULD NOT explode during daily use or idling. For your information, I have already submitted a complaints to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) as this is threatening public's safety, especially everyone in the EUC community in the US. Consider the following scenarios and put yourself in my shoe: If it exploded while I was riding, it would have exploded my right leg—life as an amputee. If it exploded while I was carrying it outside, it would have exploded on my face and arteries—possibly dead. If it happened when I was asleep, I would have burnt to death if not intoxicated to death first from the fumes including hydrogen fluoride gas. If it blew up when I was outside without taking it with me, the whole apartment would have burnt down. Massive and irreplaceable life & property damage can be visualized. If it blew up at my workplace: my career, others lives, Apple's business would have been damaged. Andy
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    Nice story. I've had great falls like that too. I don't want to deflate your newfound judo enthusiasm, but ... From my experience every fall is different and I'm coming to the conclusion that it's a roll-of-the-dice as to whether you're going to have a judo-roll out of the crash or a faceplant Happy riding
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    Two days ago we had some pretty nice weather so i went out for a ride, on the lookout for some good riding spots. I went through the woods, only place where theres no coppers , took a few jumps off the paths, it was challenging and a lot of fun. In one section there was a pothole covered with leaves, I was going about 15kmh, threw me off like a bull. I flew off, stretched my arms, and as my arms touched the ground i made a good judo roll out of reflex, stood up, checked myself, all good. After that i was really happy that i had a fall because before i was always thinking about how i would react when i fall. Sounds silly but the fall was verry good for me. By the way, had knee, elbow, wrist guards and helmet on as usual.
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    Every married man eventually learns that women like little white lies; 29 years with the same chick and counting 👍
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    Testing the Monster while my GT16 is ill...
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    Hi guys Just wanted to tell a little story of my learning process of riding an EUC. It all started like 3 years ago when i have seen a guy on an EUC, probably was a solowheel or something like that. I was like, what the heck was he flying on. Searched the internet but these things where to expensive for me so i ditched it. Then last year in mid September i saw another guy with that strange thing, started researching and finally bought a used Ninebot One C for 230€. I was a like a little kid in the candy store when that thing arrived. I unboxed the wheel and thought, yes, welcome to the future. Then i started to stand on it in my apartment for half an hour, just to get a feel for it, and i thought its time to go out. I went on an empty parking lot just around the corner and started my thing, and man this was scary, i thought how can people do this. My whole body was shaking like crazy and my arms where going like i was practicing for the next breakdance championship. Like ten minutes later i could ride a few meters and i thought wow and then the shit went down the drain. My sister came around the corner and i was like hey look i can do it... boom, smack, poof, and i smashed on the ground. I wasn’t fast at all, under walking speed, but i smashed down very well right arm straight forward. And of course i had no safety gear on. Ups, that hurt. First i checked my wrist, it hurt but nothing broken, checked my arm and thought ahhh nothing broken, and i continued riding for like two more hours because it was so much fun. The first click i had when i started to force my arms down and kind of relaxed myself, the feeling was so great to just glide along and i was addicted. After two hours of riding i had some good pain on my feet, calves and of course my arm, so i called it a day. When i was in my apartment my arm started really hurting bad, so i thought i might go to to see a doctor tomorrow, which i did the next day. He did an X-ray and my elbow was slightly broken, wrist not broken but it was really painful for about 4 months. He put a casting on for 2 weeks and said dont do anything with that arm for at least 6 weeks, i thought whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I came back home and looked at the wheel like , then i started to watch YouTube videos from @Duf, @Marty Backe , @eddiemoy and everybody else who’s out there, i had a lot of time. After ten days i couldn’t resist anymore and took the wheel out, still with the casting on my arm. I slowly stared practicing every day, and got better everyday, i bet it looked funny riding around with that casting. After 3 weeks of riding with the Ninebot i thought better sell it and make an upgrade, and i bought the ks16, because i wanted a bit more speed, safety, front and headlight, trolley handle... I bought it from 1radwerkstatt with a 340wh battery for 750€ with the option to upgrade the battery, 1radwerkstatt makes his own batteries with different configured bms. On the Ninebot i was already comfortable but when i jumped on the ks16 it was like to start from scratch, the wobbles and all that good stuff where back , took me a good time to get used to it. This was like in the first week. The next weeks i rode every day and watched YouTube videos like crazy, and after about 400km it started to feel really natural. This is 7 weeks after the video above. Last week i made an upgrade, bought a additional battery and the 18XL pedals. So as you see i had a bit of a struggle but i stood up and whent through it and at the end i am a happy man who can finally ride and have lots of fun. A real big thank you to all the guys who are making videos and to this forum, helped me a lot. And by the way never fell again since.
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    Actually if I would do it I would replace the old pads with D3O and add a softer foam layer closest to your joint in it's place. That way you'll use the D3O to distribute the impact over a larger area and the foam to create a softer cushion, since even D3O gets mighty hard when you have an impact. Unless you go down at ridiculous speeds, the level-1 protection from D3O should be plenty, what is missing is something to dampen the energy transfer. The energy distribution properties of D3O is awesome, even at level-1. Just an alternative idea that I think have a greater chance of saving your elbows and shoulders from abuse, I might be wrong. My ideal protection, that I haven't found yet is an external gliding pad and internal D3O backed with a cushion. I've actually seriously thought about how to add a gliding strip to my jacket without making it look like some tacky DIY-job, and cut a bit of neoprene or somesuch to soften the inside of the padding. But I've refrained from it so far. The very strong leather backing on the outside is MC-style and probably holds up to a lot of abuse, and so far I ride with a thick sweater on, that acts like an extra cushion - if not as good as foam. And frozen ground is one damn unforgiving surface to land on. I smashed my right elbow into the ground when downhill skiing a couple of months ago, that hurt like h*ll. Took a full month before I could lean on the elbow without discomfort. Next year, I will wear pads under the jacket. We're not getting any younger, and can't shake off stuff like we could a few decades ago. Also, do some weight training for your shoulders, if you're not already doing it. Extra power in shoulders and pecs make a huge difference. Lastly, what is it about you and falls. Can you not end that ridiculous relationship you have with the demon Murphy?
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    I am curious to first know if the pad lock you see in the center of the app is always locked as it is shown in the image above. You can't do anything with it locked from my unboxing experience. I thought mine was defective until I unlocked it the first day I got mine. As for your question about board replacement, this will be most helpful (you may have to translate the website via your PC or phone): https://ecodrift.ru/2019/02/12/ninebot-z10-chastaya-polomka/ This video may help as well: I would not send my wheel back. Unlock it in the app first if possible though and if not then replace the board.
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    That is why you hit the ground with the hands close together and the elbows out. The risk of the slide forcing your arms apart enough for your face to kiss the ground is less that way.
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    As part of a workshop to discover polowheel, the Alsatian wheelers met their Belgian counterparts: the Belgium wheelers community. The opportunity to visit the other capital of Europe in the company of a joyful community of electric sliding enthusiasts. We thank all the Belgians and Luxembourgers for the quality of their welcome and a big BIG UP to Cosmo wheeler and Cosmo wheeleuse for the flawless organization of this event. We strongly recommend that you visit this community! #Belgiumwheelers #Bruxelles #polowheel If the translations are not good, let us know.....
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    Both wheels would serve your purpose well. Other models too, like Gotway Tesla. So you are back to the start regarding the + and - lists. I would try and find time to watch as many reviews on YouTube as you can. After watching enough of them, you get the feel of which issues or bonuses are due to the reviewer and which ones the wheel actually deserves. You might also see differences in how people ride the wheels, as different wheels provoke different riding styles. Whichever wheel you choose, welcome to the funnest hobby on earth!
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    Thanks Joker !! Awesome wheel had a great time riding with you. Some cool Trails up there. Definitely got to get together for some more riding. let me know when you guys have another group ride going! Thanks again
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    Sold to Ericnfla. Enjoy it Eric!
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    The start of this discussion was on the wrong thread. I have pasted the key inputs below Riding among pedestrians has different nuances at different times. If you are on a sidewalk, board walk, or other densely populated situation your EUC riding strategy might be different than when on an sparsely occupied bike path/trail. In all cases, however, it is the EUC/Bike/Scooter rider who should be inconvenienced, not the pedestrians. What rider's consider "erratic" behavior is "normal" pedestrian behavior. There is no line for them to maintain. They can and should be able to change their line at any time. Its fine when rider's bet their safety on their particular riding decisions, but passing people without warning when there is a possibility of a change in their "line" will lead to a collision, is arrogance at the very least. The rider has taken upon himself with no input from the party he may injure that he knows best and has calculated he can pass silently without a problem. The only time passing silently is justified is when you can pass at such a distance from the pedestrians that a sudden change in their line/actions will not lead to a collision. I don't scream/shout at pedestrians. I slow to about 6-8 mph and call out in a tone barely louder than conversational volume my intention, and I have also moved as far away from them as possible on the side I plan on passing them. If I get no indication they hear me after repeat notifications, it depends on the environment as to what I do next. There are too many permutations to cover every situation, but in general : I slow to 3-4 mph and pass them like I was another pedestrian, move off the path into the grass-dirt and make a wide gap when passing, get off the wheel and trolley pass, etc. I used the above etiquette for well over 30,000 miles of e-scooter riding (over a 5 year period), tens of thousands more on bikes and e-bikes and I shall continue with the EUC. I have never hit or hurt anyone but myself, which i hope will be true for those take another path. What? There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about passing pedestrians. First of all you call out to them far enough away that jumping into your path is not an issue. You should not just call out but tell them which side you are going to pass them. Most importantly you don't pass pedestrians at speeds much faster than a jogger, The pedestrian has the right away in all situations when on the sidewalk versus someone on a vehicle, powered by human or electrical/gas energy. Passing pedestrians without warning is the worse type of behavior. Many cyclist are the worse offenders, but they won't be banned if they hit someone. When the rental scooters were left all over the place people complained but city officials did nothing. When a couple of people died on rental scooters, city officials started posturing but did nothing. When "pedestrians complained about being hit by scooter rider's city officials went into action. There is a certain arrogance among some cyclist (I hope not EUC riders) that pedestrians should put their fate in the rider's hands who is highly skilled and will safely pass at speed as long as the pedestrians don't do something stupid. The burden of passing pedestrians is on us. You slow down when approaching. You call out in a conversational and pleasant tone that you are going to pass them on the ... If they don't acknowledge by turning to see who/what's coming or don't physically move further away from the side you pronounced or perhaps slow their pace, then you slow to their speed and announce your attentions again. As you make your pass you thank them for the courtesy. Sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with you and side with @LanghamP There are two kinds of people. Those that follow the rules and those that don’t because experience tells them it doesn’t work. Similar to people who cross intersections in the middle of the road and wait on the concrete barriers between traffic vs having to deal with getting hit going along the crosswalk on a 4 way intersection with turning vehicles. Just because it’s the rules doesn’t make it the safest option or best option. Experience tells me that most of the time calling out won’t even register in a distracted pedestrians mind and they’ll do something completely unpredictable trying to figure out what they just heard. Have you ever tried to tell someone something who wasn’t paying attention? How many times have they said “what?” and struggled to understand what you just said. Screaming at them from a distance that you’re coming on the left doesn’t work much of the time. You have those people that can’t even tell their left from right and actually go IN to the path you tell them you’re coming in. Of course you should slow while passing them, but experience once again tells me that most people will not act erratically right before you pass and dive into your path. Once again you should only call out if they are blocking the path by straddling the middle. Oren times people on one extreme side are already giving faster moving people space and don’t want to hear a biker screaming at them something they’re already doing Edited 4 hours ago by Darrell Wesh
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    Hey there, I'm very interested in buying an electric unicycle but I'd love to try one out first. Anyone interested in meeting up and letting me have a go on theirs? I ride a regular unicycle so I can let you have a go on one of those if that idea appeals. Cheers.
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    DT tires are tubeless, so it's a painful project to try and use Ultra off-road, tube, tires on a Thunder. Found this vendor on Aliexpress, make three different types of tubeless tires that fit the Thunder rims -- the stock "city" street tire, the Ultra off-road tire (but tubeless, same size as Thunder tire 90/65-6.5), and here's the win, an all-terrain tire!! Here's a picture, I ordered a set for my Thunder. I do regularly slip on the front wheel with both motors on -- this will eliminate that, I'm sure, without introducing a rough, vibrating ride on the road, and I have decent traction on those occasions when I spontaneously head off on a dirt trail.
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    Seit einigen Jahren entwickelt sich Technologie allgemein immer schneller, vor allem auch durch, aber nicht nur durch AI. Deshalb werden traditionelle Institutionen wie Behörden und andere Organisationen mit großen Hierarchien zunehmend von neuen Entwicklungen überholt. Dieser Konflikt wird sich immer mehr verschärfen, bis diese alten, überholten Strukturen aufgebrochen und durch moderne ersetzt werden. Scheuer, die Autolobby, der TÜV und viele anderen Einrichtungen gehören bereits zum Teil der Vergangenheit an. Sie wissen und verstehen es nur noch nicht. Es ist unsere Aufgabe, sie dazu zu bringen, zu verschwinden, sonst kommen wir nie voran in diesem Land.
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    I will ask Komoot developers for some improvements and new features. At least they would allow to define "custom" routing options. This is the only feature I really miss: to explicitly define what types of roads/surfaces should be used and in which order. So you can save it as named personal preference and use in future.