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    My coldest morning commute coming in at -33C; if you dress right and trust your wheel, travelling in these conditions can be a really beautiful thing. It's interesting to see just how much frost builds up on the face mask in the three minutes it takes to get across the bridge. This is much colder than normal, which would be about -12 for this time of day and day of the year.
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    This handsome photo explains why @The Fat Unicyclist ‘s business is thriving. How many EUC business owners will personally deliver a wheel to your front door. A gentleman in my book.
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    Also the tariff trade-war with China hasn't help the situation either. The hardware maturity has come leaps-and-bounds in the past two years, but all the vendor Apps still suck are not as great as they ought to be. The Customer experience needs to be nearly perfect; yes there's the learning curve, >95% of Buyers get over this, but it really doesn't help when a Customer gets a new Wheel &, as is the case with Inmotion now, there's no IOS App available. At $550 for the V5F & $900 with the V8, I don't think the price is a significant barrier to entry, when one considers comparable spec'd eBikes & scooters.
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    I have a feeling it takes a good wheel squeezer and probably some hint of 3M Dual lock modded socks and knee pad. So @Marty Backe when are you making this part of your wheel tests? And what could possibly go wrong with your new armour....
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    You are begining to get the idea. 😉That is why scandinavians are mostly big people...we are kind of friendly...Vikings 😄 A big heart can only fit in a big chest 😉
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    @seage , maybe this helps a little. He’s got a few more How to videos, helped me a lot.
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    Your making excellent progress seage. When it comes to turning try looking over your shoulder in the direction you want to turn. As your head turns it will automatically be followed by your shoulders. You should turn naturally if your not flailing with your arms for balance. Also a little more bend of the knee on the side your turning might help.
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    My last video for a while. Nursing this leg. It was feeling so good. PRetty much back to normal, then we got freezing rain and i woke up in pain. Just got an xray today so hopefully they can tell me whats up. But past that, more freezing rain today. I wonder when it'll clear up. It was a bit hard to practice my left turns here as i was also trying to get used to the wheel compensating from the strange an kinda extreme grading of the ground, lol. Or at least extreme to me. At this time, this was the safest place to practice as it was pretty well lit and off the main road. Pretty enclosed. But its made to keep water out. Water and me, apparently.
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    I'm hoping to find out that eScooters are a gateway drug for EUC's; I plan to do a lot more casual riding this summer once the scooters hit the streets so folks can see what the next level looks like when they are ready for something better.
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    Ninebot Z10 995 Wh battery is not the smallest one around, but... in the cold weather range of Z10 may be short for "power riders" Thanks to international cooperation I have obtained, customized and tested for around 1 month already very good and light fast charger - it solves the range anxiety issue really well: Switchable 2.9A / 6A current for normal/fast charging - in fast mode it offers around 330Wh/h of charging - which is 3 times faster than the original 120W charger, Low mass - with all cables and integrated charge doctor 630 grams only (which is less than original 2A charger which is 660 grams) Balancing function - at the end of the charge power supply still offers 0,6A current to allow BMS to balance cells - see pictures for balancing process Full specification: - max power 9,3A / 700W (not used for Z10 as it may over strain cables/connectors/bms) - efficiency - 93% - weight approx. 450 grams (550 gr with cables without charge doctor) - size 150x92x52 mm, - Two-speed fan solution for quiet operation : full speed of the fan is in high current mode / quiet mode in half power - at end of the charge (quiet Sunon fan used) - thermal protection, protection against short circuit output. - indication of modes (ON, charge, charge finished) - trimmer for fine tuning the output voltage. - high efficiency / resonant topology, board varnished for extra protection. - charge mode CC-CV - Input (mains) voltage range 190-260 V (EU), EU Power cord length - 1.5m. - Output cable (flexible, silicone) - 0.8m The charger is supplied, by default without an output connector. - Warranty - 1 year. - cost around 150 USD with shipment to anywhere in Europe (this price does not include charge doctor nor Ninebot connector) * the project is custom-made, this is not a certified/commercial product. on the picture below - there is even more powerful 1200W model (too strong for Z model, but good for electric bikes or 2400Wh Gotway)
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    happy birthday me,,Yay its here i hope it charges up ok ,i plugged it in and this was the charging state ,,nearly dead but least i didnt have to take the side off ,ill be happier when i get one bar on the charge light cause all its doing is flashing , I'll wait till full before i update it and see if it starts lol,fingers crossed,, i ordered it on the 21st December and thought it might come for my birthday , it's a day early 😊😊😀😀
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    Apparently there is a new Lego movie playing in the theaters, based on the advertising being pushed at me. But here's the thing, every advert that I see makes me think, "hey, there's @Hunka Hunka Burning Love"
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    NonStopNeal skate park session in Hamburg!
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    Cool, did you GPS test it? It looks fast, but maybe not quite 90+KPH fast. These scooters are using similar Dashboards, the P0 setting (same as the DTs) specifies Wheel diameter, if it's off from true, the relative speed could be off the mark.
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    Cool!..... I like his high visibility riding vest. It looks like he is arguing with his girl about riding again. She is saying “But what if you get hurt again?! I can’t sit by your bed and wait for you again. I have needs Hunka!! “
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    I suggest looking at the "documentary": 13 warriors We just need mushrooms juice to do crazy things....😳🤪😜 like riding at full speed on an EUC with 350km experience only, and crashing (for new readrrs, this is me🙄) Ok ok it is German but the video is pretty clear. 😁
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    I wonder if any of you EUC jumpers could do this set of stairs Here's the backstory behind this amazing feat
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    The Kingsong 18XLutalo. I like it. Has a very nice ring to it. Might have to cop that logo as a graphic when I vinyl wrap the XLutalo
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    Why didn't I spot this...just brilliant @Seba
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    XL soul, XL heart, XL helmet, XL wheel... XLutalo!
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    Rest assured, we're all beside ourselves with worry that you can't afford that drone.
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    Love the ride, love the music, love the scenery. But you sure need the right clothes!
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    Hey @Lutalo you are not big. 😀 it is not easy that much skkill and friendlyness into a small framework 😁 hench you need to be a certain size. Since I am not that friendly I can be smaller 👿😉
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    Well, I'm not sure, because I've only seen him front on, but Isn't that the @The Fat Unicyclist demonstrating the latest King Song scooter on an infamous New Zealand hill? I don't know, Something doesn't look right, I can't put my finger on it.
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    Dualtrons are very cool mega e-scooters, but they fall short of the versatility and convenience offered by EUCs. It reaches a point where they become more like stand-on motorcycles. No Dual-hickey will ever be able to be ported like a briefcase that you can ride really fast 😉👍
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    For the road maybe, don't see taking one of those into the forest, or even many of the bike paths around here; it'd toss you off in a heartbeat. Also wouldn't be very maneuverable around pedestrians, tight corners etc. And of course we can't forget winter conditions. And the biggest thing, how could I forget! on an EUC you have your hands free, a scooter you have to use them for steering.
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    Better hope you don’t come across a Dualtron that’ll show any EUC “something better” 😄😄
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    If you hold off a bit you might be able to soon get a KS16S on steroids; the KS 16XS. It has been said that it will have a 2000w/1600wh battery combo same as the 18XL. Also, while an 18" wheel cannot match a 16" for maneuverability, the inverse is true when it comes to bump&rut-absorbing comfort. If you are accustomed to the comfort of an 18"; like me, also about 90 kilos you might find a 16" a bit off-putting if your riding doesn't necessitate a lot of shorter distance tight maneuverings. Our group rides include some smaller guys who don't seem at all bothered by 14" or 16" wheels. But us big guys have to guard those knees on these contraptions
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    Start them off young. I bet this person will be riding an EUC soon. I watched the Amsterdam video by Non Stop Neal. He said that EUC’s are not legal on the bike paths yet you see mopeds on the bike paths. That does not make any sense. They must really hate EUCs
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    I forgot this category was in the forums!
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    That's what is limiting about any analogy when dealing with unprecedented situations. Without specific case history you can only compare to similar established behavior to make assessments of what might happen. My assessment is informed only by what can supply similar information - bicycles. So you are correct sir; limited, but not without merit It is True that dealing with a new device may invoke different responses. Some people are not very trusting of new things. However, I think that the behavior pattern is much stronger than the threat posed by the technology in this case because the reasons parents buy dangerousish devices remain constant. As a parent of three boys I understood my reasons for exposing them to danger; in the most controlled way possible of course. I encouraged them to fly. To destroy limitations. They needed to know that their sheer will was much stronger than any system or outside force, and that what they deserved from life was constrained by two things: limited imagination and unlimited fear. To thrive they needed to believe in themselves. I know of no way to accomplish this without exposing them to danger. Not everyone thinks or turns a thing the same way in their minds to weigh risk vs reward. So, some parents might feel like EUCs are too dangerous; the reliability of the devices will mitigate this for some, but not everyone. When I discovered EUCs I bought two. My son's jumped on them taught themselves to ride and then taught me. That's how I know that my parenting approach worked as intended. Even If they were only 5 years old I would have at least bought a gateway device 👍
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    I think @Marty Backe would be a better point of contact. I'm pretty sure Doug lives in SoCal. He has another chanel where he reviews houses, and other things. Maybe he could review some of not all of Marty's wheels. If Marty is down for a try, Doug's email is moredougdemuro@gmail.com
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    Great video and a perfect soundtrack to match
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    Wow that’s cold! What dedication! Your selfie stick and Insta360 look frozen.
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    Lets just say i took this advice to heart. :-) All good points, i was just trying to use the data to learn if my weight puts me right next to the cliff vs a few feet from it so to speak. I write code, so I totally understand the risk of bugs too :-)
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    @stephen please share the details on it if you ever get any info about it.
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    It's an ACM2 with about 3500km on it, stock tire. I ride twice a day every day, have had five unplanned dismounts this winter, four of them because I was trying to video while riding instead of concentrating on staying upright.
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    It's one of those reusable fabric bags, turns out to be the perfect size. I did a lot of experiments before realizing I couldn't improve on the simplest solution. It takes up almost no space in the backpack when travelling as well. Even though it can carry the 50lbs of wheel I still carry the wheel by the handle, I just wrap the bag handles around the wheel handle and carry the lot of them together. The bag is just there to catch the snow that melts off the wheel in the time it takes to get it upstairs and into the storage bucket under the desk.
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    If you're addressing this to me, I wasn't posting the video for @Matthieu Pretre, I was responding to @Major Bathos's question/comment.
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    Ok so I got my new gloves in the mail today and I decided to sew one up a bit to see how they'll hold up. I left one just normal for comparison. Also an update on the one week old gloves: I sewed the rip and they're holding up okay, but there is some serious wear that's showing up on the finger tips including fraying and the grip bits falling off. The "feel" of these gloves are still better than all the roller derby gloves I've used (Hillbilly + Triple 8), the other ones just feel clunky and have a loose fit since they don't stretch. The original gloves I got have been holding up well after getting a quick sewing job, no further rips. But I am surprised to see the quick wear on the finger tips! I've only put maybe a dozen miles on them too, I have not been riding much due to the rain here in LA. I have not fallen yet but I'll post that up if it ever happens while wearing these.
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    i like to do gradual turns/curves by just slightly lifting my foot on the opposite side.. if i want to turn on the spot i will lift the opposite leg and then twist my upper body the direction i want to turn.. for a sharper turn while moving yes lift up the foot opposite to the direction you want to turn and push down with the leg on the side of the way you want to turn.. like to turn left sharply bend the right knee and push down the left leg, to do a very sharp turn or a sharp turn from moving at a quick speed i will do what i just said but at the same time lean my whole body back, seems counter intuitive but it works,,, much easier to show than explain lol
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    You also have a faulty left rear LED strip. So it's a good idea to contact your seller for warranty repair and he will be able to manage boths problems.
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    Cool... und 'ne tolle Strecke!
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    Happy birthday. Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I hope you can find a friend to lend a charger. I have learned to keep a backup charger for each wheel. A friend and I got a pair of KS18xl’s a little over a month ago. His came with a bad charger. We had to share one charger for a week to keep the wheels charged up. ( thanks to @Jason McNeil for getting a replacement charger out quickly) After inspecting the KS 84v charger I realized that it is the same exact charger as the GotWay charger but with a different plug. I did not want to get caught without a charger again so I made an adaptor to convert the GW charger to KS18xl. (Levono). I was going to make an adapter to convert the KS to GW but did not really need to do so because I have several 84v GW chargers. I only have one 67v wheel so I just bought a second charger for it. While I was at it I made Y adaptors so I could double charge any wheel if I wanted to.
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    So 25 mile report on the CST C-803 with 34 Best grip studs in it. I'm experimenting with pressure. 30-32 PSI is clearly too hard. 20-22 is a bit on the soft side for me. Right now I drive with 1.9 BAR/27.5 PSI, and that seems to be the sweet spot AFAIC. At that pressure I can turn sharply when going 20 mph without feeling any give in the tire, and I still don't feel any squirrelyness or tire-made-of-stone curb climbs. The thing is HEAVY, probably twice or more the mass of the summer-tire. And it has some rolling resistance. You can kind of feel the hesitation from weight and rolling resistance when you start accelerating. It's not pronounced, but it's there all the same. At the same time, the tire is much more nimble at low speeds than I expected, and at least up to 20 mph there is no trouble turning whatsoever. The grip on flat ground is very good, as is the grip on gravel and snow. With the studs, the grip on ice and frozen snow it enough to keep you safe, unless you go stoopid in speed or maneuvers. The tire takes a lot of work to balance on the rim. I suspect that if you check the difference in bead between this tire and the summer tire, the summer tire is probably a tad tighter in the rim, but with a thinner more flexible bead. That means this tire has more play when not inflated. The method I finally used to adjust it was smearing the bead generously with soapy water (lots of soap), to make it a bit slippery. Then inflate to low pressure, turn the wheel and adjust the position, add a little more pressure and do the same again, and again, until you reach maybe 15 PSI. Start the EUC and do a balanced lift, then let the wheel spin at a reasonably low speed to see if there are still wobbles. If there are, deflate some and adjust again. Eventually you're left with an almost perfectly balanced tire, with just minuscule shifts in any direction. Inflate to 30-32 PSI or so and let it settle for a few hours (overnight or riding it if you can stand the high PSI). Then deflate to whatever pressure you prefer. Below 18-20 PSI you get some slight deformation when turning at speed, be aware of that. OTOH I suspect even at low pressure making this tire bottom out enough to damage the rim will be hard. The knobs are thick and flexible enough to save the day unless you go total flat. I still have a minuscule travel sideways with each rotation, probably less than 1/5 of an inch or so. That doesn't even register when going 20 mph, unless you look carefully on the tire while riding. I'm not going to bother getting rid of it. I DO get an urge to go off-road with this tire. I'd love to put it on in the summer if there was just a little less work to switch and balance it. Going into the woods should be fun as fun with something like this on.
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    I totaly agree with that extended family part, same here. Most reactions you get are, "how to do break", "how much did it cost" and after you get the "how long did you train to get that thing going", I would usually explain that it is like learning to ride a normal bicycle, you can do it in a few hours if you want. After that If you respond with, "wanna try I show you", you will get a "no way I don't wanna break my neck" :D.
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    One thing I like about the fox pro frame is that it has a lot of large symmetrical holes that make it easy to affix my esk8 lights. I’m sure others would work as well, but from photos online this seemed to be the surest bet. This isn’t the only arrangement I’ve come up with, but it’s kind of star-wars-y, so....
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    Targeting kids and making an EUC the next “rite of passage” similar to the bike is good and all but we need to do something about the safety of an EUC first. Kids notoriously push the limits and have no concept of consequences. One cutout on their precious child and mom’s everywhere will have these things banned.
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    Wait... The MSX doesn't have a glovebox??? That's it, I'm cancelling my order!!!
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