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    You are begining to get the idea. 😉That is why scandinavians are mostly big people...we are kind of friendly...Vikings 😄 A big heart can only fit in a big chest 😉
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    My last video for a while. Nursing this leg. It was feeling so good. PRetty much back to normal, then we got freezing rain and i woke up in pain. Just got an xray today so hopefully they can tell me whats up. But past that, more freezing rain today. I wonder when it'll clear up. It was a bit hard to practice my left turns here as i was also trying to get used to the wheel compensating from the strange an kinda extreme grading of the ground, lol. Or at least extreme to me. At this time, this was the safest place to practice as it was pretty well lit and off the main road. Pretty enclosed. But its made to keep water out. Water and me, apparently.
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    NonStopNeal skate park session in Hamburg!
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    Cool!..... I like his high visibility riding vest. It looks like he is arguing with his girl about riding again. She is saying “But what if you get hurt again?! I can’t sit by your bed and wait for you again. I have needs Hunka!! “
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    I suggest looking at the "documentary": 13 warriors We just need mushrooms juice to do crazy things....😳🤪😜 like riding at full speed on an EUC with 350km experience only, and crashing (for new readrrs, this is me🙄) Ok ok it is German but the video is pretty clear. 😁
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    The Kingsong 18XLutalo. I like it. Has a very nice ring to it. Might have to cop that logo as a graphic when I vinyl wrap the XLutalo
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    Why didn't I spot this...just brilliant @Seba
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    XL soul, XL heart, XL helmet, XL wheel... XLutalo!
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    Rest assured, we're all beside ourselves with worry that you can't afford that drone.
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    Well, I'm not sure, because I've only seen him front on, but Isn't that the @The Fat Unicyclist demonstrating the latest King Song scooter on an infamous New Zealand hill? I don't know, Something doesn't look right, I can't put my finger on it.
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    Dualtrons are very cool mega e-scooters, but they fall short of the versatility and convenience offered by EUCs. It reaches a point where they become more like stand-on motorcycles. No Dual-hickey will ever be able to be ported like a briefcase that you can ride really fast 😉👍
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    Better hope you don’t come across a Dualtron that’ll show any EUC “something better” 😄😄
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    I had to bail yesterday around 18 mph and ended up dislocating my left thumb. I’ve always worn wrist guards +++, leaving my fingers the only thing exposed. I haven’t heard of this injury before but felt that I should share. It is brutally painful so I suggest avoiding if possible. I’m looking for recommendations on thumb/wrist guards if anybody has a set they like? Can’t wait to get back on the wheel. I must be crazy!
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    That's what is limiting about any analogy when dealing with unprecedented situations. Without specific case history you can only compare to similar established behavior to make assessments of what might happen. My assessment is informed only by what can supply similar information - bicycles. So you are correct sir; limited, but not without merit It is True that dealing with a new device may invoke different responses. Some people are not very trusting of new things. However, I think that the behavior pattern is much stronger than the threat posed by the technology in this case because the reasons parents buy dangerousish devices remain constant. As a parent of three boys I understood my reasons for exposing them to danger; in the most controlled way possible of course. I encouraged them to fly. To destroy limitations. They needed to know that their sheer will was much stronger than any system or outside force, and that what they deserved from life was constrained by two things: limited imagination and unlimited fear. To thrive they needed to believe in themselves. I know of no way to accomplish this without exposing them to danger. Not everyone thinks or turns a thing the same way in their minds to weigh risk vs reward. So, some parents might feel like EUCs are too dangerous; the reliability of the devices will mitigate this for some, but not everyone. When I discovered EUCs I bought two. My son's jumped on them taught themselves to ride and then taught me. That's how I know that my parenting approach worked as intended. Even If they were only 5 years old I would have at least bought a gateway device 👍
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    I think @Marty Backe would be a better point of contact. I'm pretty sure Doug lives in SoCal. He has another chanel where he reviews houses, and other things. Maybe he could review some of not all of Marty's wheels. If Marty is down for a try, Doug's email is moredougdemuro@gmail.com
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    Great video and a perfect soundtrack to match
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    Droning along Salem Harbor....no snow...no leaves...no sunshine..yet... Salem State University was practicing baseball earlier this week on the baseball field...temp 45 F https://panoraven.com/slider/30BpWdgCs3 Red Monster to the right
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    The view from the bridge with the tracks on top is interesting It sure gets cold there https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmonton "The lowest overall temperature ever recorded in Edmonton was −49.4 °C (−56.9 °F), on January 19 and 21, 1886.[60]" The tar sands must get stiff in the winter
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    I guess you mean @Dan the Man Now I am only guessing, The KS18S wight and missing trolley handle. This makes less flexable as a last or first stint of a comuting need (bus, train, tram)
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    It was a c+ originally. happy to be of help.
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    Check this out for further consideration
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    It's an ACM2 with about 3500km on it, stock tire. I ride twice a day every day, have had five unplanned dismounts this winter, four of them because I was trying to video while riding instead of concentrating on staying upright.
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    I can't spend $60 on gloves that will be shit quality out of the package so I am out on these. I hope they get you all a pair that will hold up to the price they charge for these gloves.
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    I agree with @LanghamP. You don't have to worry about dropping the wheel too tough because you are doing small, slow movements. In the beginning you will surely come off the wheel while learning because It almost like trying to learn how to ride all over again. However, I found that I was able to grab the handle before the wheel hit the ground each time I bailed. Other than a few minor scrapes on the bottom of the plats. No worries. Plus, bear in mind that it is more difficult to learn these moves on your 18L than it would be on a smaller wheel.
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    OK. So, now I understand why my helmet size is so fluffy; i'm too friendly to fit a normal sized helmet
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    It's one of those reusable fabric bags, turns out to be the perfect size. I did a lot of experiments before realizing I couldn't improve on the simplest solution. It takes up almost no space in the backpack when travelling as well. Even though it can carry the 50lbs of wheel I still carry the wheel by the handle, I just wrap the bag handles around the wheel handle and carry the lot of them together. The bag is just there to catch the snow that melts off the wheel in the time it takes to get it upstairs and into the storage bucket under the desk.
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    The Aldi and Trader Joe weird cotton and plastic (?) bags can easily carry a KS16.
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    If you're addressing this to me, I wasn't posting the video for @Matthieu Pretre, I was responding to @Major Bathos's question/comment.
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    THE GOATEE!! That's what's different. Thanks, that was driving me crazy. Nice T shirt. I've seen that symbol somewhere before. Now where was it?
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    I really need to save up for a full face helmet Remember, implants are 5-10k a pop, veneers $700, crowns 3k. Wrist, elbow, shoulder injuries are expensive too. Also if a wheel fails and goes flying into some car or a person it makes the community look bad not trying to tell you what to do but "pennywise, pound foolish" is a saying for a reason, and in the process of one component frying some other component could be compromised but not fail fully till under heavy strain,good luck and be safe
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    You also have a faulty left rear LED strip. So it's a good idea to contact your seller for warranty repair and he will be able to manage boths problems.
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    So a little update. The input so far lead me to rething the project of learning new skills. Instead of doing this on a second wheel, I am going to do at least beginning by using my KS18L. But I order a wheelguard from roll.nz aka @The Fat Unicyclist Once I get this I will start training right leg starts. This way I can begin me training almost right away, and leaves the decision open to what to choose for a secondary wheel. So it could be KS16x, Nicola or Z10 EU version....or something else. Thanks for all the input so far.
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    So i did a shout out to anyone who lives nearby ,so after 40 minutes drive to his house i put it on charge and it suddenly starting charging ,so yes i do have a faulty charger , I'll email aliexpress but i cant wait that long , what are my alternatives ,try and buy an original z10 charger or can i get an alternative charger and put the z10 connector on it if so qhich one😊? Ive left my £1250 z10 with a guy ive never met before 😀 Happy birthday me😣
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    Happy birthday. Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I hope you can find a friend to lend a charger. I have learned to keep a backup charger for each wheel. A friend and I got a pair of KS18xl’s a little over a month ago. His came with a bad charger. We had to share one charger for a week to keep the wheels charged up. ( thanks to @Jason McNeil for getting a replacement charger out quickly) After inspecting the KS 84v charger I realized that it is the same exact charger as the GotWay charger but with a different plug. I did not want to get caught without a charger again so I made an adaptor to convert the GW charger to KS18xl. (Levono). I was going to make an adapter to convert the KS to GW but did not really need to do so because I have several 84v GW chargers. I only have one 67v wheel so I just bought a second charger for it. While I was at it I made Y adaptors so I could double charge any wheel if I wanted to.
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    It's my belief that EUC adoption would be highest in Germany over the other European countries, because German playgrounds are notoriously dangerous. Some of those rides, you will fall and you will die. However, in Berlin EUCs are forbidden despite the number of people injured and killed by regulated and insured vehicles and licensed drivers. Watching adult learners attempting to ride bicycles shows they learn under guidance in under an hour with little physical effort while children seem to take between few days to weeks. This forum showed great variability in EUC learning which leads me to believe that EUCs are quite a bit harder than bicycles to learn. Show me a rider who learned the EUC in 15 minutes and I'll show you a bullshiter who had lots of experience falling off other rides. That's why I think eScooter adoption is at such high levels. As far as I can tell, private eScooter adoption is the highest and quickest of any vehicle ever. Add in Lime and Byrd for the urban areas, and you have tremendous coverage everywhere. I estimate scooters are nearly 100% in my neighborhood, with electric scooters being at least half, along with mini pros. The eScooter has surmounted its goofiness (it's still goofy) with its tremendous utility and theft proof advantages over bicycles. Everyone who has ridden one loves them. eScooters are comparable with EUCs performance-wise, while being maybe 1/20 as hard. You might mount and go on an eScooter on the 1st or 2nd try but probably your 80th EUC mount is successful.
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    That should be mounted on my wheel!
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    Oh, you can't belieeeve the racket when you go on clean asphalt... Like a whole hive of angry wasps underground. But OTOH the grip is magnificent.
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    When I am riding alone people think that I am some kind of super balance freak. There is no way they could do it! When I ride with my wife and daughters. They think, Hey!? , If they can do it maybe I can too. So the trick might be to get woman to take up the EUC. The logic that men are quicker to learn IS flawed. Yet when people see woman riding EUC`s the idea of trying them is less intimidating. The nuber of females riding EUC`s in my area remains higher than males.
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    Segways aren't designed to make you crash. Hoverboards, however, are perfect for making riders fall backwards or sideways. Any differential puts usually puts the center of gravity forward and to the side of you. My only hoverboard crash was interesting. I had a slight differential and my instinct was to stop leaning forward which then accelerated the faster side. Almost instantly I was whipped around and falling backwards like almost all these people in the video.
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    When I ride my bicycle around I don't see anyone asking me about it or saying they want to buy one. People are more likely to get a bicycle if they have a need for making lots of short trips or they want to have fun and see more of their surrounding area. When people see value in PLEV's as a car replacement for short trips into town, or for trips around their area to meet people and take in the view and catch some fresh air, then they will consider buying one. This is where promoting and advertising these benefits will help. I agree that EUCs aren't seen as safe, but they have so many advantages that even those of us that have fallen from one still want to get back on and keep riding. At low speeds (jogging pace) they are pretty safe and you would need to be very unlucky/unfit to injure yourself on one. Its a market that needs some momentum to start the ball rolling, then it will pick up quickly. Maybe feature a EUC in a James Bond movie would do the trick. Anyone who makes a lot of bus trips or uses taxis a lot would be better off with their own PLEV.
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    Probably strange for me to say this, considering im riding a 1 wheel death trap, but id never ride a segway. Those things look like ACTUAL death traps. I can get myself to trust an EUC, but not that, noope
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    34 studs was plenty, and the grip in snow, slush and ice over expectations. Even packed snow is now a lot more relaxed and actually quite a lot of fun. I drove over ice patches, packed snow, slush, concrete, cobble stones and asphalt today without a single slip. Speeds were moderate, about 25kph or so, as I tested the limitations and balance of the tire. I have almost fixed the wobble, the method turns out to be inflating it to a v.e.r.y low pressure, less than 0.7bar/10psi, and then pull/push it to correct how it sits - then inflate it to target pressure. In my case that is about 1.9bar/27.5psi or so. I suspect the very fat knobs would allow for good comfort and traction all the way up to the nominal max for the tire: 2.2bar/32psi. And going too low on this tire will make for an awesome rolling resistance on a hard surface, especially with the studs in it. I could probably add another 17 studs to make it grip on wet ice without any slip, but that would make it more uncomfortable where there is no ice or snow. My improvised mudguard works better than I hoped too - no splatter on me whatsoever.
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    So I put it on. a CST C-803 2.5-14 tire. In reality it is just about as wide and high as the original ChaoYang. At least counting the full span of the knobs. I have a hard time balancing the tire though, as it (as usual) came from the seller slightly off-round. The beads were stiff as all h*ll, and required some manhandling to wring on, but still seem to sit a bit loose against the rim. The result is that the tire is a bit wobbly, when you let it spin. I use the correct tube, a 2.5x18 tube, so that isn't the problem. As a motocross tire the max PSI is just 32, and the typical PSI on a dirt-bike would be just 18-20 or so. I've been pulling on the tire to make it settle better and it's almost good. But I suspect I'll have to ride it with the remaining wobbliness for some miles before it will fully regain its supposed shape. I do wonder however what would make for the fastest way to make it settle, running it on a bit higher pressure 25-30, or lower 18-25? I'll have to try it out tomorrow, and see how much of a problem it is in reality. I've screwed in a total of 34 studs. The treads have 17 repetitions in pattern, so each got a stud per side. I rather start out with fewer studs and add more as needed, than the opposite. The racket if you go full bore and add 85+ studs would be unbelievable on hard ground with no ice. Last year I used 48 a lot less powerful Schwalbe studs on a 16" Mad Mike tire, and that made all the difference - so 34 best-grip studs should be a very good start. Given my experiences with the Mad Mike, I foresee this tire will have a lot better grip and handling on slush and packed snow. But it will affect range some, and be a bit more awkward at speeds above 35-38kph, especially if I ride with really low pressure. But the goal was not to set any speed records. I'm totally happy if I can ride 30-35kph in reasonable safety.
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    Targeting kids and making an EUC the next “rite of passage” similar to the bike is good and all but we need to do something about the safety of an EUC first. Kids notoriously push the limits and have no concept of consequences. One cutout on their precious child and mom’s everywhere will have these things banned.
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    Wait... The MSX doesn't have a glovebox??? That's it, I'm cancelling my order!!!
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    WOW can't wait, this will be awesome. Been wanting to do this ride with you guys for some time, glad to finally have the chance. Hope lots of riders can come out! Will be great to see how much the LAEUC community has grown. Not sure how it works on your guys' rides, but up here shorter-range riders usually either join at the beginning and Uber back, or meet up with us at some point along the way (preferably within range of lunch) and then join us for a portion of the ride. A few of us are coming down from the Bay Area for the weekend. Riding Friday night with Boosted/e-skaters, a 50-mile ride Saturday at the Tour de Palm Springs, and then Sunday on this ride! https://www.facebook.com/events/303859973664579/
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