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    Check it out @Marty Backe and @winterwheel 17km ride today. -4C. Battery was fully charged and at 70% when I got home. Mostly trails and offroad today. And no.. I did not film in black & white.
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    Although I already have three 18-inch wheels I decided to buy a KS18XL, I'm not going to compare it to any other wheel. The XL stands alone as a great wheel. It has all the power that I need, rides and handles beautifully, and has an amazing range. Enough said.
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    I live near Orlando... I see people coming here to Vacation and spending upwards of 10 Grand for their family vacation for a week That blows my mind!!! If you enjoy and get good use out of your wheel or any hobby you spend money on, than it is GREAT! If you keep the wheel in good shape, it has value and after a while, you can sell it if you decide to and your actual cost will not be that big. I just spent 10 grand on a dirt bike and gear, I don't try to justify the costs anymore, just try to use my purchases and have fun... since I currently own 6 wheels and have over 12 grand in this hobby, I am speaking from experience.... Enjoy and have fun, there will be plenty of time to worry about money for the rest of your life....
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    Hi. That's a nice picture I don't think so (stance was certainly discussed... somewhere). But for a reason. There's only one rule regarding stance: be comfortable. Then you ride well, with minimum foot fatigue, and good control. There's kind of two components to this. Stand on the pedals so when you are standing still and upright (and relaxed just like you'd be on the ground, looking forward, not down), the wheel is neutral and doesn't drift forwards or backwards due to an imbalance in overall weight distribution. This is mostly relevant for learning (so you're not starting on the wrong foot, so to speak, which just makes it harder). Other than that, whatever feels good, makes you stand relaxed (as opposed to grabbing the wheel with your legs e.g.), and gives you the best control over the wheel is the right thing to do. You don't even have to look at your feet, just step on and adjust until it feels right. That's the correct stance. People will often have an asymmetric stance, that's completely normal. Often one foot is further outward (and often turned more) than the other. In fact, such an asymmetric stance gives you better control. So as long as your feet don't slip off the pedals, don't worry about perceived "strange" or different stances. Half of the sole hanging off the pedal? No problem! What works, works. That's the only thing that matters. Stand relaxed and comfortable.
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    Shamelessly promoting my latest video here even though i posted it in "Reviews" already. Thought you guys might enjoy it here too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXrtH9lqomY&list=PLDOfnfEk0BeUs6uzkMvikDyhf0691SbR6&index=2
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    Video of DC Glydiators Capitol Wheel and Crab Cake Run yesterday shot by @Yanex87. This run took us through 30 miles of terrain around, and through the Great Acropolis where the current president is slowly placing the hangman's rope around his neck As the Glydiators traveled down the National Mall, we marveled at how empty it was. I have never in my life seen it this empty. People missing a month of pay right after Christmas can change a whole bunch. But, it was a welcome relief from the hazardous madhouse it is normally when we ride there; we had the whole place to ourselves Triple C was no touristy ride. This was a real DC ride. We covered NW, Arlington, Alexandria, Oxon Hill, SW, SE, and NE. We traveled through three of my old neighborhoods: Congress Heights, Anacostia, and Capitol Hill. We passed by the carryout where I used to buy Mambo Chicken Wings with fries after school most days. We also passed by at least two schools that I attended, and the residence where I lived as child; places I haven't seen in many years. I took note of what was the same, and what was different; like, the corner store in SE that used to be Cassandra & Felicia is now something generic and corny; the original owners named the store after their two children. I also noted that the house I lived in as a child had been painted and wondered if the cherry tree in the backyard was still producing fruit as we passed by. Triple C was fun, but for me it was also a meaningful trip down memory lane. This was no touristy trip. Can you dig it?
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    Charge/discharge the battery to something between 40 % and 60 %. This advice is for lead acid battery only. Don't try this with lithium ion batteries, as in conjuction with elevated storage temperature it may degrade battery life.
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    I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...
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    It becomes easier with time. I didn’t like my Z10 at first. It was frustrating to ride because the wide tire seemed to always want to stay upright. Turning it meant throwing my weight into a turn in a way that felt unnatural (to me). After riding it for a while and learning its idiosyncrasies, it has become my favorite wheel. It’s fun now to get it up to speed, bend my knees and lean hard into a turn. Then, at slower speeds maneuver it as easily as my Glide 3. I find the Z10 to be my most confidence inspiring wheel because of how easily it will turn at low speed and how it wants to stay upright at high speed. It reminds me of riding a motorcycle. I also have a KS18L, which is a no brainer for distance riding with the new pedals and easily outperforms the Z10 in range, braking and acceleration, but I still choose the Z10 for most rides because the wide tubeless tire handles bumps, dips, grass, dirt, sand and corners so well. It really inspires a lot of confidence because I know it’s going to soak up any terrain or situation I encounter. I feel myself concentrating less on the terrain on the Z10 and just enjoying the ride. Unfortunately, based on some of the reliability issues other Z10 owners have reported I don’t think I would have it as my only wheel. I don’t anticipate that it will hold up as welI as the 18L over time, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.
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    @Barrett Roberts I just got my Z10, it took me longer to ride to get coffee this morning that it did on my E+. I hope I can get use to it turning like a tank, bouncing all over and turning down any slight grade. I have less that ten miles on it, So I hope I figure it out and enjoy it as much as some of you say you do.......
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    Hi. Im Kevin. I saw an electric unicycle at a Tesla owner’s club event and immediately wanted one. I’m interested in easing into it though, meaning, I want to buy a used one to crash on and learn about before I buy a different wheel for the longer term. This obviously also has the advantage that I’ll have a spare to teach others. Ive more or less narrowed the list to a v8 or a ks14d. There’s one for sale in the secondhand forum, and I’ve posted a reply. Since it’s not private, I left no contact info. I’ve watched him lower his price, but not acknowledge my reply. So it’s possible I’m not the buyer he wants, but I don’t really know. My earlier posts were equally frustrating. I was told I should rent not buy for my holiday (I wanted one permanently but was buying it on a holiday) and then I was told I couldn’t fly it back with me (I drove). I know the person was trying to be helpful, but it wasn’t, and I missed my opportunity to buy now that I’m back in Canada and the holiday is done. Ultimately, I see people trying to be helpful here, and I know that’s their goal, but I’m increasingly frustrated while the whole thing because these wheels seem impossible to “try”, either by buying used or renting. Being unable to PM here is just another continuation of that theme. So I’m writing this useless post to vent because as much as I want to participate here, I feel like I can’t because everywhere I turn, I’m blocked. Hopefully this gets me the votes or whatever I need to allow me to actually participate as a welcome member rather than just an unwelcome newbie (though I am a newbie, for sure). Kev ps. If a mod could correct the spelling of my name here to DigitalAdrenaline, that’d be great. I’m scared to restart it for fear of starting this whole process over again. I wasn’t really paying good enough attention when I registered. Stupid, I know.
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    Rober take this video of the v10f crashing
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    Little pig & wheel !
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    I don't like to be right in such situations But I'm happy that King Song FW developers, working on 1.11 version, followed the way I described in the following post: At least you don't have to disassemble your wheel on every lock up.
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    100V Monster Incline Test! Video Credit: Yannick Tam
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    Flyboy you definitely made a good choice and probably the best choice. I bought an MSX from Aliexpress for $1500. An 18XL from a european supplier would have cost me $2300. That's too much of a difference. Now I see the 18XL on Ali for $1800. Back then when I was making my purchase they were both "equal" to me. Now after seeing several reviews and reading here I realise that they are not. The KS18XL seems to get better mileage despite same battery capacity. Probably due to better programming. This is also what seems to make the MSX more powerful. The Kingsong also has a ton of other features. So I guess it's like a Mac and a PC. In their most basic form they are the same but one is a luxury/lifestyle product with a lot of thought behind it and the other is not. It's usually good to be a careful spender and part of being that is second guessing purchases. When it comes to electric unicycles it's definitely worth it though. When we ride we are free and that is priceless. Buying the 18XL means that you have done your best and that is a good thing.
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    What a fun ride! I had a great time talking and riding with everyone, and talk about a good turnout! @csmyers, hopefully your fall damage doesn’t feel too bad tomorrow..
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    Opinion post Aside from the obvious importance of protection, when shopping for helmets I think that it is important to consider helmet weight, and field of vision. 1. Lighter helmets will be more comfortable and help you to perform better. You will also avoid neck fatigue on long rides. For EUC-riding, my subjective, working definition of lightweight is a helmet that weighs 3lbs or less. I usually shoot for less than 3lbs. 2. A wider field of vision places more within your sight range. You can turn your head less severely because more of the activities/potential hazards occurring around you naturally fall within your line of sight. Lets face it; we EUC riders rely heavily on our vision because our headgear often diminishes outside sound. If we can identify potential hazards earlier we can better avoid them becoming real hazards. The ability to identify real hazards as quickly as possible helps to keep us out harms way. My personal helmet selection strategy is to look for the best combination of light weight and high levels of protection for the most reasonable price. My subjective working definition of reasonable price is capped at $600. I find that it is easily possible to find the best that helmet technology currently has to offer for under $650. Sometimes, this will mean getting a previous year model. Similar to cars, helmets sometimes don't change very much from one year to the next. So, a previous year model can represent an incredible bargain. In general, finding the best balance when shopping for helmets requires three major sacrifices/compromises: Lower weight = less protection Better protection = higher weight Better protection and lower weight = more money. Best protection and lowest weight possible = price threshold ($650) If not proportionally, technology is thankfully changing the amount of sacrifice necessary in the first place to achieve a good balance for EUC riding. Couple technological advances with a wide variety of personal preferences, and the range of choice increases almost to the point of paralysis. My subjective working definition of lightweight together with my headsize automatically restricts my range of choice compared with many others. For me, a more limited range of choices effectively decreases any possibility of choice paralysis for me. That means that unless get lost fantasizing; persistently lusting for helmets that are clearly out of reach due to size or price, shopping is easier for me My choices will remain somewhat inherently limited until a future time when the helmet market reality has become an increase of average head sizes, combined with today's "advanced" technology having become commonplace and ubiquitous. The Future of Headgear To be honest, I predict the obsolescence of helmets in the relatively near future. Here is my official forecast: Helmets will eventually be replaced by balaclavas or skull caps that contain air bladders. The inserted, sensor activated cap bladders will fill up with air when a person dislodges from any transportation devices traditionally requiring helmets. We already see this technology in use. There are inflatable vests and jackets being sold on the market for a small fortune. It is just a matter of time before it creeps to helmets. However, like inflatable vests and jackets, air bag helmets will be available to the public for a small fortune long before they are commonplace 👍
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    Hello everyone! Here are some elements to understand the origins of the group, how and why it was created: I started the wheel in June 2014, my big brother being a fan of technology and gadgets, he had bought an Airwheel X5. Thanks to him I knew this beautiful invention and 1 week later here I am with my first wheel (a small X3). I then searched the internet for information and I came across the forum scooter electric (and soft mobility), the only existing at that time, but no member of my city, most came from Paris, no bowl ! In my city (Nancy), we were only 3 or 4 wheelers and we did not know each other unfortunately. I then challenged myself to bring together a maximum of Lorraine and Alsatians knowing that in every city there were very few Wheelers since it was the beginning of the wheel. I then went through the map of the existing wheelers on the forum then sellers Ebay, leboncoin, Facebook, Google, YouTube ... in search of wheelers. I finally came across a wheeler (Smalexis), from the corner in Nancy, who was selling accessories that no longer served him. We then talked and I offered to come to my first exit and register on the forum, he then replied: "I do not like the forums usually we come across the kind of guys who tell us" I have the biggest "". We talked a lot by email, over time I realized that he was a fan of bricowheel, so I sent a forum link about odds and ends that I found interesting, that's when he started to take an interest in the forum and then my tenacity paid off he agreed to come on the first outing. I then sent about 50 invitations if not more, to individuals and professionals. I even went to a fair-show to meet a wheel professional who was introducing people to the Ninebot E +, this professional (Richard) accepted my invitation. Then I contacted Denis de Solowheel Luxembourg and movedifferent who was delighted with my initiative and I also invited Pépino de Marchand de rêve (a Nancy professional). In the end, my first outing was a success! More than twenty participants from different cities, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Metz, Vittel, Remiremont, Nancy and Paris. The journalist was a little mistaken about the trips to Strasbourg, it was not in Strasbourg but in Paris. Outings to Strasbourg there were a few but the gatherings had at most only 8 members and the last outings only 2 people. The organizer then gave up. The following soon https://www.vosgesmatin.fr/edition-de-remiremont/2015/07/19/remiremont-les-gyroroues-engins-roulants-non-identifies-sur-la-voie-verte?fbclid=IwAR1xAKsM3gukK5-3D0F7qpX9EJ1t0z4PEyPWiZKrhU-zvvo49irmQrd1rxI😉
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    I'm allways killing the inmotion app after riding. That is the only sure way, my smartphone battery isn't empty the next day! This app is written by people, who don't know how apps are written - really annoying.
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    The Inmotion app is absolutely horrible. Its asks for camera and mic access and then sits in the background using cpu and eating up my battery - it behaves like spyware. We need a proper app that is written for North America [English] and doesn't constantly crash and/or behave suspciously. PS: and bigger pedals.. the ones on the V8 are stupidly small.
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    Very interesting read. It's interesting, one person is killed by an PEV and there's a push to ban all PEV's. Yet people are killed in large numbers by cars and there's no rush to ban cars.
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    on my ks18-l they breaking off ... made a 3d print to go round the brass nuts link below https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3213894
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    I’m hoping to buy it to take back with me. Obviously, I’ll need to wait for warmer weather. But there are zero used ones for sale in Calgary, and lots are for sale here. Some are clearly noname junk, but there’s another post here for a ks14d asking 300, so I’m hoping. i know im at the edge of it size wise, but it seems doable, at least to learn on. Newbies seem to crash them frequently in the beginning, and I’m not young or especially agile, so I expect to continue that trend. Thanks Kev
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    Week 1 of riding the Z10; speculation on the wheel wobble racing the eboarders here in NYC. Let me know what you think!