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    I think you forgot about seventh "impact point" that is naturally equipped with impact protection. It's size, location and inherent shock adsorbing ability makes this one of the best protection you can have, for free and always with you!
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    The tracking for the title isn't very good.
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    Few of us Bay riders are coming down in February! We're cooking up some riding plans with @Marty Backe and looking forward to seeing how much the group has grown.
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    The video quality on this is amazing ... some of the best I've seen ... very sharp and clear.
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    Oh, I've rolled from skateboards and even bikes quite a few times. But as noted by @travsformation, it is by no means a risk free strategy. First of all, rolling the "wrong" way is a sure way to get REALLY hurt. And if you're going to do it, you better train with full gear to make sure you can go through with it without problems - and to create the muscle memory needed. I've even rolled out of an involuntary exit from my EUC. But in that case the fall was already asymmetrical, so gliding was no longer a valid option. But more than that, apart from being asymmetrical, that fall was not very typical. I hit a curb I didn't see (it was under a puddle) diagonally, and the EUC turned left along with the curb, while my body only followed half and half. So the momentum of my body was sideways, and less down than horizontal. This gave me just enough room to start a roll over my shoulder before hitting the ground. And so I rose with no more injury than a small bruise from where my foot hit the EUC on exit. I've had three forward falls, all of which ended up as per my sketch. I all three the upper body was below the lower body as I hit the ground, but pushing my knees down made me fall on arms and knees together. In all three the momentum downwards was at least that of the momentum forwards - basically imitating a jack-knife in geometry. In all three the hands hit milliseconds before the elbows, which is why I am very grateful I have the gliding pucks on the wrist guards. In all three the impact has been kind of elastic, with the gliding pucks hitting first then the elbows and knees, then kind of a body spring feel as my muscles held against the downward force. Then stop, as the glide ended, followed by me lying down and making sure every bone in my body was still in one piece. I hit my helmet in the last one, the only time I've done so, but no worse that I didn't even reflect on it before removing the helmet and inspecting the damage. Had I tried to roll in the last crash, I would probably have ended up in hospital. I was already below the level where I could initiate a roll before even realizing I was falling. Only muscle memory saved me from going nose first into the ground.
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    Not enough of a beer belly yet for that to happen And if this pesky infection I'm carrying around can just stop, I'll go to the gym and try preventing one from developing.
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    Well, one is a specialized EUC dealer, the other is a swimming pool supply seller that also sells some EUCs. You do the math. In principle, there's nothing wrong with buying from poolmarket. It's actually kind of cool to see EUCs sold by a random unrelated store, maybe should even be rewarded that they try this! The real issue here, I have to agree with the others, that an old ass, slow, weak Ninebot E+ is a really bad investment. 625£ (SF price) is just a lot of money already. And you will outgrow it in a week. You seem to be looking for a less pricy wheel, it's just that the EUC market is unfortunately really bad in what you get for your money at the lower end. - If I were you, I'd maybe look for a cheap Inmotion V5F on AliExpress or GearBest (China import). They seem to be quite expensive now (around $500), but they could be had for 300-350€ around Christmas (deals), maybe such a deal is coming up again? @jojo33 Do you know if something might be coming up? That would be a "nice but not crazy expensive" choice so you don't throw money out of the window. The other option, if you can, would be to invest some more money and get a better wheel. The more you spend, the more you get per £, it's pretty much as simple as that. A KingSong KS14D, Inmotion V8, something like this can be had for a reasonable price. These are the kind of wheels that are just good enough so you can live with them and won't immediately outgrow them. And of course, the higher you go, the better it gets. For example, a KingSong KS14D is 900€ (prices taken from https://eunicycles.eu) and has 20+ km range for the average rider, whereas a KS14S (same wheel, just twice the battery size) has twice the range at 40-45km, and costs 250€ more at 1150€. You see how much better it gets for a price increase that is rather small in comparison? Going in the opposite direction towards lower prices, this is why the E+ is such a bad investment. You still pay a significant amount of money and get very little in comparison to other wheels. Third, maybe you're lucky and can find a good used wheel (there, even an E+ would be fine). They are rare in Europe, but are by far the best bang for your buck. And the good thing about EUCs is: they are very simple machines. So if a used wheel wasn't abused (and looks the part), if it works there's little to nothing that might be wrong with it, so you essentially just get a wheel that someone has extensively tested for you and confirmed good. To summarize: Any wheel is better than no wheel, even the E+. Wheels are fantastic. Try not to buy an E+ if it can be helped It's almost heartbreaking to see someone spend this much money on an E+ (a wheel from the stone age of EUCs). It's great that you've been bitten by the EUC bug, so don't give up, but don't do something drastic What's your weight (it matters)? People here can help you find the right wheel for you. (This means: upselling you as far as you want to go, because that really is where you very much get the most out of a your investment.) (Also consider some money for wrist guards, knee guards, a helmet in the overall price.)
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    That's a badass route!!! I keep seeing the Bay area ride videos with so many attending the group rides. Today also I saw a picture from the Louvre in Paris with maybe 100 riders. I know that LA has some riders, but I long for the "commeridery" that the Bay and NYC seem to have. It's a wonderful feeling to ride alongside multiple riders (only got to do that once so far), so I always look forward to more group rides. (Especially now that I've got a long range wheel.) I think part of LA's problem is nobody likes to sit in traffic on a day "off"...Either that or we're all trying to work as much as possible to be able to afford to live here (like me-freelance 🙃). SF seems easy because it's so condensed and riders can just wheel over to their meeting spots...
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    Either you're a customer who only want a cheap price and hope you won't get any issues with the wheel that would require a warranty repair. Or you want to make sure to have the best possible help and support and pay a bit extra for it. Like the other said I would also go for a wheel like the V8 or KS16S. My own decision were between these wheels. I love my V8 but after riding it for 2000km I feel like I wouldn't have outgrown the KS16S just a fast since it has a bigger battery and higher top speed. But it's a lot of money and I fully understand you're looking at cheaper models. The Ninebot E+ gen 2 seems to be a great wheel for learning how to ride. But you're gonna grow out of in in a matter of days I'm afraid. But any EUC is a great beginning stepping into a wonderful new world and a great community.
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    Hello everyone! Here are some elements to understand the origins of the group, how and why it was created: I started the wheel in June 2014, my big brother being a fan of technology and gadgets, he had bought an Airwheel X5. Thanks to him I knew this beautiful invention and 1 week later here I am with my first wheel (a small X3). I then searched the internet for information and I came across the forum scooter electric (and soft mobility), the only existing at that time, but no member of my city, most came from Paris, no bowl ! In my city (Nancy), we were only 3 or 4 wheelers and we did not know each other unfortunately. I then challenged myself to bring together a maximum of Lorraine and Alsatians knowing that in every city there were very few Wheelers since it was the beginning of the wheel. I then went through the map of the existing wheelers on the forum then sellers Ebay, leboncoin, Facebook, Google, YouTube ... in search of wheelers. I finally came across a wheeler (Smalexis), from the corner in Nancy, who was selling accessories that no longer served him. We then talked and I offered to come to my first exit and register on the forum, he then replied: "I do not like the forums usually we come across the kind of guys who tell us" I have the biggest "". We talked a lot by email, over time I realized that he was a fan of bricowheel, so I sent a forum link about odds and ends that I found interesting, that's when he started to take an interest in the forum and then my tenacity paid off he agreed to come on the first outing. I then sent about 50 invitations if not more, to individuals and professionals. I even went to a fair-show to meet a wheel professional who was introducing people to the Ninebot E +, this professional (Richard) accepted my invitation. Then I contacted Denis de Solowheel Luxembourg and movedifferent who was delighted with my initiative and I also invited Pépino de Marchand de rêve (a Nancy professional). In the end, my first outing was a success! More than twenty participants from different cities, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Metz, Vittel, Remiremont, Nancy and Paris. The journalist was a little mistaken about the trips to Strasbourg, it was not in Strasbourg but in Paris. Outings to Strasbourg there were a few but the gatherings had at most only 8 members and the last outings only 2 people. The organizer then gave up. The following soon https://www.vosgesmatin.fr/edition-de-remiremont/2015/07/19/remiremont-les-gyroroues-engins-roulants-non-identifies-sur-la-voie-verte?fbclid=IwAR1xAKsM3gukK5-3D0F7qpX9EJ1t0z4PEyPWiZKrhU-zvvo49irmQrd1rxI😉
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    From a quick look at your pictures (just the connectors) it would seem that the polarities are what they're supposed to be. What is the make and model of your wheel? There's no standard per se for the pinout of the charge ports, but at least so far I've never heard of the Charge Doctor pinout being wrong for some wheel? If you really suspect this is the case, better ask from @hobby16 about the pinout of Charge Doctor and measure the polarity of your wheel and the Charge Doctor with a multimeter. Although, I'd suspect if the Charge Doctor turns on with your charger being connected to it (without connection to the actual wheel), it should be correct.
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    If you want cheap yet effective here in EU asap not mess around with long shipping times, well.. May I suggest the 84V/5A C600 I am using from 1radwerkstatt, same as Speedyfeet also sell so you have that choice as well, I cannot tell you where to go and when to pay etc that is all up to you of course and I have bought from both these guys and very happy with them both, I bought buy my charger from 1Radwerkstatt cause I asked him first and he offered a amazing price for right off the bat so nothing to argue about, was a good price and very happy.
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    Might try and make it up tomorrow, bring the XL.
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    Tiltback is actually very nice if you're accelerating slowly. In fact, it's often not noticeable at all! The nasty stuff happens when you're speeding up quick, and the wheel has to suddenly shoot out ahead of you. That's scary. I'd really like to see two tiltback settings- one for the "stiffer pedals", one for the scary tiltback. Set the latter to 50km/h, the former to 40 or so, voice warnings between the two. Then it's hard to accelerate past the lower limit unintentionally, and the wheel will never have to use the "real" tiltback- since you have plenty of actual safety margin.
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    The first guy is Haris. He has tried once before and that was on New Year's Eve. He did a 30 minute session in the long hallway in the basement. This time was his second time riding so very impressive. The fastest learner i've met so far. The other guy is Henrik. He has tried out EUCs before a couple of times with some friends. Also very impressive! A few others at work tried as well but they used the walls for support or I walked behind them holding them by the waist. Fun stuff! The Ninebot One E+ feels like a wobbly toy now after riding the MSX. It was hard for me to adjust!
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    Yes, I know what you mean ... here's your report.
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    I agree. Falls happen so fast (and faceplants anyway) that you can't really do anything. And sliding to a stop certainly seems healthier than rolling to a stop Ideally, you don't land too hard on your wrist guards (shoulder injury!) because they should easily slide away forwards after the impact, so you just hit the ground with your entire front side at the same time like a dead fish thrown onto the pavement. The knee tip is great. I was told that too when I bought my (skateboarding) knee pads. Unfortunately, that doesn't work in the usual superman scenario from an obstacle at higher speeds.
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    Hi. That's a nice picture I don't think so (stance was certainly discussed... somewhere). But for a reason. There's only one rule regarding stance: be comfortable. Then you ride well, with minimum foot fatigue, and good control. There's kind of two components to this. Stand on the pedals so when you are standing still and upright (and relaxed just like you'd be on the ground, looking forward, not down), the wheel is neutral and doesn't drift forwards or backwards due to an imbalance in overall weight distribution. This is mostly relevant for learning (so you're not starting on the wrong foot, so to speak, which just makes it harder). Other than that, whatever feels good, makes you stand relaxed (as opposed to grabbing the wheel with your legs e.g.), and gives you the best control over the wheel is the right thing to do. You don't even have to look at your feet, just step on and adjust until it feels right. That's the correct stance. People will often have an asymmetric stance, that's completely normal. Often one foot is further outward (and often turned more) than the other. In fact, such an asymmetric stance gives you better control. So as long as your feet don't slip off the pedals, don't worry about perceived "strange" or different stances. Half of the sole hanging off the pedal? No problem! What works, works. That's the only thing that matters. Stand relaxed and comfortable.
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    That's because the manufacturers do zero marketing except for Ninebot back then (and Inmotion now). So all you find is 4 year old articles and recommendations telling you the E+ is the shit (which was true then, but certainly isn't true now). So your research (outside of this forum) is completely biased towards this old junk. Same reason so many people think the nearly 3 year old V8 is the latest and greatest (it certainly is still a decent wheel, but not competitive with modern wheels other than its lower price). People just googling etc. (including people reviewing wheels!) wouldn't know that Gotway or King Song and all their current, modern, powerful models even exist. At the speeds we are talking about (below 25kph), this isn't an issue. And certainly not at the E+ snail's pace. You need bigger diameters to get more stability at speed. 30+kph is where a 14 incher starts getting sketchy whereas a 16 incher is perfectly fine, and maybe at 40+kph is where you will prefer an 18 incher. You have to enter a coupon code to get the final, lower price (enter it... somewhere, that certainly is well hidden). The code is in the thread I linked (always go for the last one posted). - The path for you seems clear to me. Don't even think about getting an E+, the V5F is better and much cheaper. An E+ would be a waste of money. So get the V5F. And then, let's see how long you can hold on NOT ordering that V10 (or some other, bigger wheel). I wonder if you can keep up until your V5F has arrived or can't hold back before that point (the deal for the V10 might end some time, one never knows). One nice light wheel as learner, for the kids and as a secondary wheel; and a nice fat ride for daddy. You're hooked, you just don't know it yet (For the record, I'm not saying the E+ is crap, I'm saying for anything above 250€ it's officially overpriced nowadays.)
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    I bought the Ninebot E+ and i must agree that you will grow out of it very quickly once you get the hang of it ,the Range and speed are very limiting , Your 1st wheel maybe best buying 2nd hand learn to ride forwards then Backwards 180s etc really learn everything on it as it will take a beating like my E+ has , But still use mine to try new stuff as it is a really nimble wheel and very hard to break
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    That rocks! You have the dates yet? I have a bunch of work booked in February, so hoping the dates are open. I'll keep em open if I know ahead of time...😎
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    I have to agree with everyone else in this thread - the Ninebot won't be a good medium term investment. I have owned an Inmotion V8 for around 6 months / 1600km and have just recently purchased my first upgrade (MSuper X). I'd heartily recommend the V8 for new users - not too fast, but very nimble and robust. Anything less and you'll grow out of it far too quickly.
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    Wheelers wobble and they do fall down occasionally.
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    IMHO, KS & IM are not great with diversifying their ride modes, they all feel like variations of a medium-to-medium/hard mode. For KS, I ride either Hard or Medium, and avoid Soft Mode altogether because they make the braking soft (unlike Gotway soft mode), which I don't agree with.
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    @Ande This hobby is like a damn drug. It gives you so much self satisfaction that you want more, but it will also remind you at times to not go too far.
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    Plenty of warning... to not get into trouble in the first place; it's the only dark spot in a sea of grey asphalt. As I have said before on face plan threads, watch out for changes in color in your riding surface, especially dark spots. I'm glad @phatmike didn't re-injure himself, or he might have called it quits. @Ande I'm sure you are aware the wheel did not do this, not paying attention (as phatmike admits due to filming) is the cause here. Have I done the same thing? Hell yeah! No finger pointing here without three pointing right back at me. Also please be aware that at least 80% of the time a pop like that is save-able. I've hit a full blown speed bump I didn't see and wobbled and flappeed my way out of it. But I was riding fairly slowly. EDIT I wonder if the fat tyre of a Z6/8/10 would have reacted so violently to that narrow hole; probably not.
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    I had a faceplant in April and I broke my arms. I consider my self an experienced rider (1500 km on a V5F+, 3000 Km on a V8 and 2800 Km on a Ks18L). After the crash I learned the lesson and I was very cautious driving the wheel. But two weeks ago (Italian meet up in Naples) I crashed again. In a totally flat and smooth pavement I took the only hole in the area (as you can see on the video). I was sure about the good condition of the pavement and I stop watching it and, like a stupid, I concentrated on shooting a video! Fortunately I was wearing protections under my jacket. So: It does not metter how good you are in driving, if you are not super concentrate on watching the street you will fall soon or later. Any single small hole or bump can be dangerous if you are not aware of it. This is from another point of view. You can see the only small hole in 5 km of street:
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    “Always respect the beep”. I like that. I’m gonna make that my riding mantra
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    The KS18XL has no problem with our weight at all. I've had no trouble with the V8 regarding weight either. But it has to work alot harder to get me up and down steep hills than the XL. But it feels like you have a saftey buffer as a heavier rider with a 2000W motor. To solve the beeping I just removed the cable for the system speaker. I heard that Kingsong is working on a new app. Hopefully they will have that problem solved when it release. Another thing that is a bit irritating is the light settings go back to default every time I turn the wheel back on. So if I turn the light off and ride a bit, turn the wheel off and then back on, the light is back on. Not a deal breaker, and seems like an easy problem for Kingsong to fix in a firmware update. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with your XL. But I'm glad I learned to ride on a lighter wheel. A wheel like the XL is not as intuative as the V8 for example. The V8 is so light, when you do the slightest weight shift of your body the wheel responds immediatly. With the XL you have to put more force to get it to do as you wish. But for a heavier rider it will be easier. I let a friend try my XL who had only ridden a 14" wheel before and he almost stumbled and fell as he wasn't prepared for the weight of it.
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    The XL does have unique firmware running, but I don't recall where you can see that. Maybe in the Firmware update section of the KingSong app? The large pedals were created by the collaboration of EWheels with KingSong. So if you buy from EWheels you get the large pedals. If you buy elsewhere you get the small pedals. Of course you can purchase the larger pedals and install them yourself. Here's a screenshot that shows the XL Also, it'll take >12 hours to charge the XL
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    Here's an interview with WraithRider about some of the protective gear that he's rocking. There's already been some upgrades to his gear though, so we'll have to shoot another one soon 😅
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    If this is intended as a learning wheel, it might have the opposite effect. People think it's useless or just a novelty toy because it's slow, has very low range, can only do wide turns, and might not be very fun to ride due to all its limitations (like "pedal" scraping and general impracticality of the form factor). People might think it's unsafe if that tiny battery is going to make the wheel give up on high stresses and slip away from under the rider's feet like all those cheapo hoverboards. Hopefully people don't try this wheel and conclude EUCs are useless toys and dangerous I don't see the point of this wheel (barely a wheel), but I haven't tried it either, so who knows. But they would have been better off to develop this into a Onewheel clone imho.
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    Yes, the Z10 will out-run (for a short distance) the MSX. This is a function of the smaller tire. The Z10 tire diameter is closer to 17-inches and the MSX tire diameter is well over 20-inches. The smaller wheel will always win in an acceleration test. I empirically measured this when I did an acceleration test between the Z10, MSuper V3s+, and MSX. The MSX is slower than the MSuper which is slower than the Z10.
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    Yeah. I bought an 18L instead (a z10 and v10f as well, sold those). If a OW cost 5-700ish, I'd probably get one. What people forget in this forum is that an EUC is not a OW competitor. Yes they are the "same", but not competitors. In the US, EUC's are for... um... well... nerds or older people. I ride one so don't get offended . If you look at the average age on this forum, its probably 35+... maybe even 40+ years old. The avg age of OW owners is probably <35 yrs old (no idea, just a complete guess, its had to say because its still very expensive). A OW is competing with electric skateboards, not EUC's. Most people have not even heard of EUC's in the US. I was in the e-skateboard world for years before I actually took EUC's seriously. Hoverboards hurt the perception of them I think. If someone, as a consumer, has a starting point of boosted board, then the OW range is pretty good, the price would seem fair, and you can take it (off road) places that boosted board can only dream about. Also, the OW is built like a tank, it seems far tougher than any of the 4 EUC's I've owned and it has a very large following in the US. I think the price to performance ratio is off for a OW, but that's only because I know about EUC's. Its still a very fun device
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    Many different people out there in the world. Not all are about speed. This might be a stepping or spring board towards pulling in customer to "real" EUCs. Now hold on to you hat here @Marty Backe, I like when a manufacturer bring new odd product forward. Good job to Gotway. Now I don't see myself buy this but that does not mean others won't. It looks simple enough to control and at speed that makes this safe to use for eg. airport staff going for one terminal to another, or in a large factory/storage compound. @Rywokast I guess it is just my old job in sales that makes me see possibilities rather than limitations.
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    I looked at the OW and the only positive I could find was it "Might be fun to ride". On the negative side was the fact that you ride at kickback almost all the time given its low kickback speed ~15 mph. It looks like DIY with its plywood deck and general appearance. The top model the XR has the battery the size of a Ninebot E+, and finally it cost $1800. I invested my $1800 on a KS18L and I am having fun while going 30 miles at speeds higher than the OW's maximum speed with no fear of kickback. However, its always different strokes for different folks. Those who dig the OW, enjoy!
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    The right turn on red makes crosswalks inherently dangerous regardless of when you cross. With right on red there is no safe time to cross, and even worse is the appearance of the right to cross when no such safety is afforded. Drivers commonly either stop inside the crosswalk zone or blow through it, but either way a crosswalk zone is very dangerous because it's the one place on the road where you're guaranteed to be in conflict with a driver (that is making ROR) who is, half the time, looking in the exact opposite direction of where the pedestrian is (looking left for autos but the pedestrian is to the driver's right). It's much safer to cross in the middle of the block although that's usually illegal.
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    If used right, and taking the appropriate precautions, I don't think that's necessarily true I'm not sure I agree with that. I use the leash (especially as a learner) to prevent damage to the wheel, but above all, for the safety of others. I live at the top of the hill that initially slopes down at a close-to 40º angle, then goes down to 30º-ish and progressively flattens out. There's no sidewalk, so cars park on the side of the road and pedestrians walk along the road too. A runaway wheel on that kind of incline could cause serious damage to a person, toddler, parked car, or cause an accident (I have a nasty gash on my shin from my wheel and that was going about 5 km/h. The V8 has a few sharp edges on it...if it were to hit someone at 30 km/h at the right angle, it could cause some serious damage, especially if it's a small child or a senior citizen). I understand and respect others' reasons not to use a leash--it's a personal choice--, but for me, the safety of others comes before my own. After all, I'm the one who's accepted the risk of riding a one-wheeled electric vehicle, not them, so any potential risk should be my responsibility, not theirs. Or to word it differently, if I have to choose between increasing MY risk of falling or increasing THEIR risk of being hit by my wheel, I choose increasing my risk. I feel the same way about driving a car: It's my responsibility not to do anything that might endanger others. Yeah, I know...and you should see how people drive here in Spain... Off-topic: They recently passed legislation in Barcelona for EUCs: we're only aloud to ride in bike lanes and parks. Not on the road, not on the sidewalk (I guess they consider EUCs to be merely recreational vehicles...). This came after a massive boom of "See Barcelona by Segway" tours (dozens of groups of 20 people who'd never been on a Segway before touring the city, running over pedestrians and causing car accidents). But for the City Council, there's no distinction between a Segway and an EUC... Nor do I see them applying further pressure on car & motorcycle drivers, and there's an average of 26 accidents a day... Luckily, where I live, in the countryside, the local P.D. had never seen an EUC, and since they don't know what I'm allowed to do and what I'm not (and don't care anyway), they let me be
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    Common Ulf, loosen up a bit and have fun with the variety of wheels I'd need to see a bit more, but this wheel looks fun. Who needs any EUC? Variety is the spice of life.
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    Yip, seen that on FB, too! Looks like they have seen a „One wheel“ ...but didnt look exactly enough how the wheel was there :-) No really, who needs something like that?
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    Since you say "replacement batteries" I you still have the old, right? Fun project maybe, if can get your hands on a very good deal you could reuse the BMS and just swap out the cells? Just an idea but worth checking up before 1Rad work his magic, just speculating and admit so is the case cause I have 0 clue how much it would be from him atm buying refurb batteries, new batteries whatever he sell? Convenient though I get that, but not as fun as going to NKON and getting a cheap reliable cell and DIY for very cheap? Panasonic's PF atm go for €2.75 is getting 30 of them, ignore the "must have MJ1 or die" crowd if value/$ is priority, the PF still is a 2900 cell, if 3500 or thereabout is important you must go up slightly in price but maybe the wheels have got few cells to begin with, no 0 about the specific model so?
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    My last fall from euc. The sandy trail didn´t allow enougth traction on the wheel and they can´t catch me up. Result in a emergency jump at 30kmh witout consecuences. I grab my v10f and keep routing in less than 3 seconds
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    Third day of riding and I get to join the club. I spent fifteen minutes the first day imitating a weathervane (spinning in circles around one planted foot) wondering how long it would take to learn how to ride. Twenty minutes the second day in a parking lot where I could actually go in big loops after starting off a wall. I was pretty impressed with how quickly it was coming together. I used a tether to keep the wheel from getting scratched when dismounting. Third day I'm about 15 minutes into it doing even tighter turns (one lane dead end road) and turning on a 10 degree incline when I wobble a bit and jerk the tether--which hits the cutoff switch and down I go on my back. Slight sprain to one wrist and some road rash on the elbow. Plus the joy of having the back of my head bounce off the pavement. Hard. Twice. I was slightly stunned and lay there for more than a few seconds to gather my wits before getting up. I have wrist guards, knee protection and a spiffy bike helmet. Too bad I thought none of it was necessary since I was "just" learning and never going faster than a brisk walk. Now I have elbow pads on order and plan to wear all that kit henceforth. Oh, the one bit of protective gear I did wear was motorcycle boots to protect my shins/ankles during step-offs. I have no idea if they prevented any injuries because if they did, they're sturdy enough that I wouldn't have felt it. (Plus I was a little distracted by the experience of head meets pavement.) I'm glad it wasn't worse even though it could easily have been. I have a grade 2 concussion (headache for more than 15 minutes) but that's the only symptom so I'm not too worried.
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    Yeah, I have the KS16B but I bought an MSuperX so I'm riding that now. I did ride it at 30km/h, mostly between 80% and 40% battery (only charging to 80% is much better for the packs, as long as you occasionally charge to 100% so they can properly balance the cells). Basically, in my opinion the only real safety system for EUC's at this point is to buy one with way more than enough power and ride it well below the limit. That was one of my reasons for buying the MSuperX, it has a top speed of 55km/h but I have the tiltback set to 36km/h. Well that, and the big cushy tire, which is glorious on imperfect pavement.
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