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    Just a little night ride
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    Listen to what he says at 53.43. I hope people stop doing crazy stuff and just enjoy safe riding.
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    Hello - as we have a lot of fresh snow... watch till the end for fun part with snow falls..
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    That means I have a battery problem, probably the BMS in combo with a bad cell. The bloody thing turned off when I was going close to 20mph/30kph. And it cracked the shell where the trolley was screwed in. I could probably fix it, but it would cost me a few hundred dollars. So it stands here two meters away and looks fine, but is unridable unless I have a death wish. Or to put it another way, I will not willingly invite another flight without wings at 20mph. I may not be so lucky as I was next time.
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    Gotta love the Penguins. They really know how to have a fantastic time in the snow. The "fun" part is the reason that I don't ride in the snow 😉👍
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    Hehe the magic word to pull a @Hunka Hunka Burning Love from VR to reality 😄
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    Optimus Prime called; said he wanted his head back .
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    I do prefer a long press to turn the wheel on or off. But be aware that all modern wheels ignore the on/off feature when the wheel is in motion. So you can't accidentally turn the wheel off while you are riding it.
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    https://www.denverpost.com/2019/01/07/denver-dockless-scooter-rule-changes/ These rules apparently don't just apply to scooters. "This doesn’t apply to toy scooters. It’s only for single-rider, stand-up electric vehicles with top speeds up to 20 mph." Now, what to do about models of unicycle that go literally twice that fast... It's only a matter of time.
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    @Marty Backe, @Rehab1& @Esper, I finally got the chance to ride the Mten3, I see what you mean, at 1st the tyre wants to go all over the place, I had it under control though, within seconds, I was doing 360s and going backwards. All I can say is, I am getting one for sure, I need it!
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    Thanks, it can happen even to the best riders. Do you know what wheel he was riding? I used to exceed 30mph quite often, been there, done that. These days, I ride slower with much more caution.
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    I don't recall seeing Ian's faceplant video, but he showed it here. As he says, he was probably only going 12-mph max and he wrecked his wrist for 5-months. You see these videos (and maybe experience it too, like me) and realize how scary it would be at 25-mph. I'm staying geared up. Here's his faceplant - I have the video queued up that spot where he shows it:
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    Yes, they do, 2 button round headlights and 2 button round taillights are embedded in the footbed, front and back respectively (taillight blinks constantly when in Turbo mode). They are pretty visible, but many diehard riders will mount a handlepost bar so they can add more powerful 3rd party headlights. Additionally, I believe the more recent Dualtron models (Thunder, III, Spyder, and soon X) have LED ambient lighting in the handlebar post and under the footbed.
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    I love this song, and whenever I hear it I feel privileged to actually be living and riding here. I know I'm biased, but I think Southern California has the best year-round riding (weather and trails) of anywhere in the world.
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    I'm not gonna disassemble my KS-18L controller board, but these photos should be enough Controller in XL is the same.
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    KS-18L/XL controller is designed in a quite clever way. First, it uses six TO-247 MOSFETs. Current paths on PCB are routed short with thick tracks. Both combined creates very sturdy and reliable motor driver circuit. Second, there is some kind of air duct formed between metal radiator plate from one side and PCB from another side. Airflow is forced by radial fan that pushes air into this duct effectively cooling the transistors. Additionally, metal radiator plate is exposed to the wheel cavity, so airflow created by rotating wheel also cools this radiator. All this should provide effective cooling. So I'm very curious about results of your hill test
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    @Scatcat's GT16 is issues free now, but do you remember the major headaches he had in having to rebuild it, including tearing the motor open (which I admire)? We all know how stellar Gotway's quality control is From what I've seen from Rockwheel in the past, I would place them a couple of steps under Gotway. I think I'll pass. And this design looks too old-school, particularly the trolley handle. I mean, this thing looks like a circa 2015 Gotway MSuper.
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    Yip, that would be my main critic, also. having the trolley attached at the back would kick the trolley on each step you drive down. Also it really seams to be „only“ a battery upgrade....Still having a thin 16 inch tire, just in a big box now... For the development of new wheels by Rockwheel: I always say that most people think wrong about the EUC producers from china, KS and GW especially. They are still very small businesses! But when i call KS and GW „small“ ...i dont know how to call RW :-) I guess if anyone would see their „production hall“, there would be a better understanding. Knowing that it is great that they allready come out with a new version! Wouldnt exspect that so soon....
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    My GT16v1 literally went up in smoke (no flame) In the end, my GT16v1 had a broken axle, burnt charge port wire, and burnt control board wires that fused together and shorted. The smoke came from after the wheel went dead when I was detaching the battery XT60 connector. I've seen sprinklings of other similar GT16 issues across social medias, but other guys like @Scatcat on GT16v2's have stated their wheels were issue-free, so dunno (although @Scatcat's signature now seems to indicate otherwise(?)). This was my only such (abysmal) experience in my now extensive (*smh) EUC ownership history, which includes at least one wheel by every current name brand. I personally would never touch another Rockwheel or non-major EUC mfr new model, let alone purchase, until they've built up a solid history of launching relatively quality wheels. FYI, these Rockwheel Korea guys had pre-release videos prior to the launch of the original GT16 ("Iron" in Korea) as well. It caused some confusion at the time on this forum, making people think that Rockwheel was a Korean company, when it is indeed another Chinese EUC co.
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    That's interesting that the news about this outlier Wheel came from Korea. Would you believe the 18L/XL is still not available there. In a call with Tina earlier in the week, she tells me Korea has a Wheel certification process that's far more stringent than the UL2272 & takes 4 months! Because of this certification, there's now a 4-6 month lag for general global product release for the rest of the world & Korea. @houseofjob has not had a good experience with the last RW, it's amazing these guys are still coming out with new designs, keeping GW on their toes.
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    My favorite hip-hop artist; the iconic legendary Rakim Allah stated in a song "it ain't where you're from; its where you're at." but the not-so-legendary, Lutalo says: "it ain't where you're from. It ain't where you're at. It's about how far you've traveled." I applaud your courageous efforts, and massively positive outcomes. It's inspiring. Keep it going. 👍
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    Sunny day so had a ride in the park gardens
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    Got my new Z10 headlight replacement few days ago. Hope it helps for those interested. Enjoy!
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    Fun is the sidekick effect to me. Or rather the motivation to keep pushing on. Gym training simply could not do it, it held zero motivation for me. EUC riding works out my body in just enough for my body to keep up but massively improvem compared to drop dead depressed on a sofa either in front tv, pc or consol games. Now I go for a 5-20km ride and have no pains afterwards but got a breath of fresh city air and since I am now up and out much better mood. That just roll over in bed feeling stiff like a frozen fish finger. And I see new parts of the city my car would never bring me. I had a fantastic guide in @Jens Ronnedal 😀 I so hope you get you new wheel soon.
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    That's good to know. People seem to make a big deal about the 84v, but both are spec'd at similar top speed and range. Do we have any insight into next year's models? The 18L/18XL has me worried they're abandoning this form factor.