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    This wheel is amazing. Just logged 62 miles today which included a climb to the top of Griffith Park in Los Angeles and I had between 20%-30% battery left afterwards. Not sure how accurate the app is with distance, but my legs are jello! Oh and I weigh about 185...
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    That's interesting that the news about this outlier Wheel came from Korea. Would you believe the 18L/XL is still not available there. In a call with Tina earlier in the week, she tells me Korea has a Wheel certification process that's far more stringent than the UL2272 & takes 4 months! Because of this certification, there's now a 4-6 month lag for general global product release for the rest of the world & Korea. @houseofjob has not had a good experience with the last RW, it's amazing these guys are still coming out with new designs, keeping GW on their toes.
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    You sound like a wheel newbie with all your excitement Welcome to the long-range club. As @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" suggests, is that 62-miles as reported by the app, or GPS? Most of the KingSong and Gotway wheels are about 10% off. That would put you closer to 56-miles. That range seems consistent with what I did last week and I also had ~20-percent remaining. And I also had about a 500-foot elevation gain. The KS18XL does have a marvelous range
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    It's absolutely batty to get this much range! I wonder if the route was actually that long. I'll have to get a tracking app to verify these distances. I didn't go to the sign. I went up the back side past the helipad and came out by the Greek, then over to the river trail, then to Burbank, Noho, Van Nuys, then back to Noho...πŸ™ƒ And yes, thank you again for bending my arm enough! Soooo happy to have all this range!
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    OMG ....it looks like an expensive toaster! What happened to the beautiful aesthetic lines that were feathered on the GT16? Too boxy for my taste.
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    It will have up to 2064Wh as one of the other videos states but it's quite ugly. I think either the wheel diameter is too small or the shell is too big. Driving down a stair will be possible on high speed, only...
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    To my Knowledge: There is a Firmware difference between 18L and 18XL, giving the L a slightly more safety Buffer when it Comes to Speed reducing. The Advantage the XL has is that because of the more parallel packs 6 instead of 4 the voltagedrop is less (mathematic 50% less, in real life not that high) However, boards on the 18L/XL (latest versions!) are the exact same and ALL KS wheels use the same Firmware. The Firmware adjusts the Wheel Settings by registering the Wheel over it's Serial number. So NO, a board swap is not needed, when someone would do a battery upgrade, however, what you would Need is a Serial number Change! That also goes to 14d to 14s upgrade, boards, wheels are exactly the same.... Other than that a 18L to XL battery upgrade is not that easy! Because of the Special cell configuration, you can not just throw in a additional 518wh pack, as this 40 cell pack would not fit into the Wheel. Special Solutions are needed….
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    *Snooty look* Non-Gotway riders learning the joys of big batteries
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    Next time on your ride invites, please include the fact that we will be stopping at HOOTERS. Don't worry about the fact that my wheel will probably run out of power there, I'll find my own ride home.
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    The left cover shell on my new King Song KS18XL came loose after a couple weeks at around 500km. When it happened, I took off the cover shell and found that it is screwed to the body through nuts that are semi-embedded into the body and glued. My first attempt at repairing was to super-glue all of the nuts back on. It held for another 100km, but pulled apart again, and then the right side shell cover also started having the same issue. Knowing that re-gluing was only a temporary fix, I was determined to come up with a permanent solution. I decided that backing screws would be the strongest, but the original screws were too long to allow a second screw through the other side. I recognized that the screws are the same as used in computers for securing a motherboard to the chassis, so I started searching through the screws I had accumulated over the years. I found that I had the correct length screws and enough of them for the entire project. The replacement screw lengths are 6mm for the cover shell side (down from the original 7.67mm), and 4.75mm for the inside backing screw. I used a rounded head for the inside backing screws, but ideally the screw head would be flat and thin. The third of the five screws has a possibility of rubbing the tire. However, I've found that with the improved rigidity after the upgrade, there is no rubbing. Before the upgrade with the cover shells separating, the body flexed enough for the tire to rub against the inner side of the plastic body. I found many videos on YouTube with KS-18L disassembly instructions. I liked KingSong KS-18L tyre and inner tube change - disassembly - Justina's Garage (ep. 6). I figured that removing the wheel from the body would give me enough room to install the backing screws and I was right, but it was difficult and I needed a special tool. I used this PITTSBURGH Right Angle Screwdriver Set from Harbor Freight. Taping the screws to the bit helped a lot for the hard to reach holes. I hope that King Song incorporates this improvement into their design. I also highly recommend that anyone with a KS-18L or KS-18XL do this upgrade. Especially since I and rode with with the cover loose and lost one of the nuts to vibration.
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    I love this song, and whenever I hear it I feel privileged to actually be living and riding here. I know I'm biased, but I think Southern California has the best year-round riding (weather and trails) of anywhere in the world.
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    The KS wheels ALL use only 6 Mosfets...as more are not needed for running an Euc. 3motor phases, each 2 Mosfets, one for power in, one for power out. To be honest: Doubling Mosfets to 12 in an effort to make the wheel more secure, is electronical nonsense! It doesnt make the wheel more safer, in contrary, it doubles the chance of a failing part. And if one Mosfet blows in 99,99% you still have a blocking wheel... The right way to go is always to use the correct type, thicker, fater mosfet instead of doubling small ones. So GW could have taken also only 6 on their newest boards...but i guess they were still so used to it, that they keep on with it (afaik the MCM5 has only 6) On point.... @Marty Backe Curious to see the overheat hill test...These overheat uphill test for sure are pure fun, but in my opinion this should not be done to a battery and Euc more often than needed. In my view it is just incredible stress and this is for sure nothing a EUC is designed for. Dont get me wrong: your tests are great...just saying that shouldnt be the everyday torture of a EUC :-)
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    Was this already posted here? New Inmotion promo. Fun watch.
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    KS-18L/XL controller is designed in a quite clever way. First, it uses six TO-247 MOSFETs. Current paths on PCB are routed short with thick tracks. Both combined creates very sturdy and reliable motor driver circuit. Second, there is some kind of air duct formed between metal radiator plate from one side and PCB from another side. Airflow is forced by radial fan that pushes air into this duct effectively cooling the transistors. Additionally, metal radiator plate is exposed to the wheel cavity, so airflow created by rotating wheel also cools this radiator. All this should provide effective cooling. So I'm very curious about results of your hill test
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    My GT16v1 literally went up in smoke (no flame) In the end, my GT16v1 had a broken axle, burnt charge port wire, and burnt control board wires that fused together and shorted. The smoke came from after the wheel went dead when I was detaching the battery XT60 connector. I've seen sprinklings of other similar GT16 issues across social medias, but other guys like @Scatcat on GT16v2's have stated their wheels were issue-free, so dunno (although @Scatcat's signature now seems to indicate otherwise(?)). This was my only such (abysmal) experience in my now extensive (*smh) EUC ownership history, which includes at least one wheel by every current name brand. I personally would never touch another Rockwheel or non-major EUC mfr new model, let alone purchase, until they've built up a solid history of launching relatively quality wheels. FYI, these Rockwheel Korea guys had pre-release videos prior to the launch of the original GT16 ("Iron" in Korea) as well. It caused some confusion at the time on this forum, making people think that Rockwheel was a Korean company, when it is indeed another Chinese EUC co.
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    Hello - as we have a lot of fresh snow... watch till the end for fun part with snow falls..
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    Optimus Prime called; said he wanted his head back .
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    When @Jericho Das visited us from the San Francisco area we (myself, @YoshiSkySun, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", and @Tanabe) gave him a 50-mile tour of some of our riding trails.
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    I received this video from Yi Chen's wife. She told me it's releasing in March and the difference is that it's 1600wh (up to 2064wh) Update April 2019: They should be releasing details end of this month. For the GT18, I heard a rumour: the stakeholders didn't put the money for its development yet. So it may happen or not, but not anytime soon. Update 28 May 2019: Working on model design improvements (after Korean Market tested the first batch). 1547036166657.mp4
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    Hmmm.... I actually have a brand new KS-18AY+ motor and some AY+ boards, all courtesy of one generous @Jason McNeil in my failed KS-18A to KS-18AY+ upgrade attempt. I'd be willing to ship them to you for just the cost of shipping (or a simple hand-off, if you're ever in the NYC area), if you wanted to take another stab at fixing it . Yes, I remember his v1-to-v2 conversion, but his current signature says he's waiting for an MSX, and that his GT16v2 is "now f*cked up royally", whatever that means.
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    I ride me wheels up these hills lots of times. I don't do it just for the Stress Test videos. I like to ride my wheels around these hills which includes lot of going up Overheat Hill. So I must disagree with your suggestion of not doing this very often. Maybe I have a better opinion of our wheels than you do
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    Welcome to the forum. I hope I can be of help. I owned a Dualtron scooter for a while and it does just as you want. I am a 200 lb man and my old scooter had no issues causing tire spin in dirt. It was a blast to ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would recommend them 100% as a recreational device. As a daily commuter, I can say it wouldn't be worth it. The version of Dualtron you get will affect the speed, torque, and range you have. The one I had used two 800w motors and has a control board that can let you select how touchy the motor is (acceleration). Specifically pick one with enough clearance on both wheels to allow for heat dissipation. Other than it being a fun machine. Maintenance can be a minor problem and might require some Q&A with other owners. Such as, how to change the tire or fix a flat.
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    Trust me - no shield will protect the wheel from thermal runaway of 5 kWh battery
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    Yeah, they're trying to compete for the worlds ugliest wheel...Gotway Nikola or Rockwheel Iron!
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    So it seems like this man in Korea received a unit back in November! (same YouTube channel as @s.m. shared, it seems to be Rockwheel Korea's channel) 17 September they announced the new model was coming, with 2072Wh
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    As far as a know they will still be doing an 18 inch, it just seems like this one was a model they could release faster, in the meanwhile. In December I was told they were working on the shell design, to make sure it was easy to disassemble. They expected to announce the design concept in March 2019. I've been told production for the Rockwheel GT16 S/Iron already started, releasing in three months, so I'd be surprised if it didn't go ahead. Maybe the work on this one delayed the advancement on the GT18.
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    Mildly put But hey, compact 16'' wheel with 2000Wh and TO-247 mosfets, what am I complaining about?! -- I hope this Rockwheel announcement is more reliable than their other announcements. Good to see RW doing something. Ideally it ends up being a real product (still wondering why that beautiful GT18 concept never went anywhere).
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    KS's new App is in the offing, tried it out on Monday, but couldn't get past the registration. Some brilliant mind programmed a 10 second timer from sending the email/SMS, takes a minute to get the notification, in the meantime.... please try this version of the App & ignore the prompts to update. https://images.ewheels.com/KSv1.7.apk
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    To keep a 16s? The 18XL is the only wheel that could inspire me to consider unloading an 18L for another wheel. Any possible reason for a choice like this is way over my head . But it is also why the EUC community is so vibrant, and why so many choices are, and need to continue to be available. There is figuratively no way in heaven or hell that I can imagine choosing a 16 anything over an 18L. 16" wheels in general get zero consideration from me as a wheel choice. Maybe, I would consider a smaller wheel if I lived on the upper floors of an apartment building where the elevator was frequently out of service. There, see? I managed to imagine a somewhat realistic life situation that could make me consider a smaller wheel. As an early adopter of wheels, maybe decades from now I will develop a burning urge to curate the history of these very simple, but magnificent devices by building a museum filled with every EUC that has ever existed in their honor. But for now I am no wheel collector; I buy only what I know I will ride. My current collection is small and consists only of 18" wheels. Perhaps that could change if I ever decided that I needed a wheel for piddling around my neighborhood in a four block radius. The range of the rumored 16x whatever is inconsequential to me as a customer because I have found 16" wheels to be uncomfortable and too vulnerable to the many ripples, undulations, and craters that plague DC's unpredictable terrain. Any handling/torque, portability, etc., benefits of a 16 or 14 over an 18 to me are academic. I tool around on both my 18L and 18XL running errands and quite frankly, I can't remember a encountering situation where I have had to lift my wheel during errands for any reason. The handle comes in handy because I trolley a lot when I piddle around running errands; but, lifting? No. If it was actually necessary for me to lift a wheel as much as others claim to need to lift theirs, then I would also buy a smaller wheel. Furthermore, any time I have ever had to lift my 18s has been brief; like, loading and unloading the wheel when I transport it by car. In some buildings the stairs might be quicker. Oh, how I suffer waiting a bit longer for the elevator to avoid climbing three or more flights of stairs with a 50lb wheel. What an annoying modern inconvenience; this, waiting for elevators stuff. As long as there are 18" wheels like the 18L/XL to ride I seriously cannot forsee ever being in the market for a 16" anything. Having said that, I do enjoy piddling around on them. Coming off an 18", the 16" wheels feel light, quick and very nimble. I have had so much fun playing around with them. But then I hit the road with it and long to have back my 18; the fling is over. Honey, can I come back home please? So, while there is little chance that I will be plunking down any hard earned cash on a 16x whatever wheel, I will be sure to borrow one to toss around on at the next group ride πŸ‘
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    Pure agony, being limited to 65km (even less in winter!) But you can help alleviate the pain by showing up on the livestream. Any distraction in a cold winter and with shockingly small batteries
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    @martybacke I don't know if there is different firmware, but if it isn't then there need to be at least different code paths to differentiate between when the KS18L and the KS18XL start to limit speed. The limit on the higher cell count wheel is set to a lower percentage of battery left. The 18l starts throttling at 50% and the 18xl starts at 25%. They allow this because there are more cells in parallel on the 18xl and and can collectively give enough current at lower cell voltages safely. The throttling has to happen at a higher voltage on the 18l and a lower one on the 18xl. So it's either different firmware or the controller need a way to determine what type of battery packs are installed. We'll hopefully know more if ewheels comes out with a 18l to 18xl upgrade kit and what it entails (either control board swap, firmware upgrade, or nothing) The same thing happens in the KS14d and KS14S. Think there is different firmware for the 14" wheels since upgrading a 14d to a 14S requires a control board swap.
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    Before EUCs, I'd never spend "that much money" on a frivolous novelty like a VR headset. After EUCs, these seem laughably cheap. Cheaper than a V5F, lol. "Pricerton window" shifted successfully. Only reason I don't have one is because I might invest that money into a wheel, who knows what the future holds
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    That's pretty good range,especially on a hill laden ride.I'll bet you're happy you waited for the XL over the L.The range telemetry from the wheels is usually off a little to the minus by up to 10%,at least on my KS and GW wheels, I always wear a GPS watch for comparison.Did you ride up to the Hollyweird sign?
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    HOOTERS!? <pokes head out of VR headset permanently attached> That should be posted up as a VR video! Seriously, everyone should just go get a VR setup (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pro, PSVR, Samsung Odyssey+, what have you). It's the greatest thing since... since... EUCs!!!
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    Soon you will feel like Tinkerbell on a leaf.
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    Yeah I've been reading and trying to learn as I progress. Switching from a starter Ninebot One S1 to this KingSong today is night and day. I feel like I've never ridden an EUC today. The S1 is nimble and weak while the 18xl has power but doesn't turn as easily. I'm liking the challenge but I feel like a bull in a china shop.
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    We, the rider make a nomenclature distinction between the L and XL; the manufacturer does not. The app will report the XL as an L. This also initially confused me, because I also have an L. When connecting the wheel the app kept showing me 18L when searching for the device so I thought it was finding my other wheel and failing to locate my XL; Not! πŸ˜…. Finally, it dawned on me to tap the 18L icon, and Lo-N-Behold my XL lit up like a Christmas tree. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚. Long story short. To Kingsong, the 18XL is just an 18L.
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    I remember when i rode the first day, not so long ago, when i had the first click. I took a deep breath told myself to relax and most important i found was to put my arms down, i had to force them to stay down, but with that i could ride nearly without a problem.
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    You must have bionic vision. I checked your reference points and still saw nothing
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    Twisting at the waist (counter steering) is an action both beginner and experienced riders need in order to have quick and complete control of their wheels. Even those using body action to turn their wheels are mostly using counter steering. First, let's look at what counter steering is. https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/how-to-ride-motorcycle-body-steering-vs-counter-steering-riding-tips-how-to-steer-bike-keith-code Peg weighting can account for, generously, perhaps 1 or 2 percent of steering. Do it if you wish, but understand that without the countersteering inputs at the handlebars, a bike will not weave through cones at 15 mph, carve precise lines at speed, avoid a pothole, or enter your driveway. It isn’t steering. Here is a wonderful example of people trying to learn to ride an EUC. Note the reliance on tilting the wheel to keep the contact patch underneath them. That doesn't work so don't do that. You need to twist at the hip in order to keep the contact patch directly under you. An EUC fundamentally behaves like a bicycle with an invisible rear wheel, and therefore you can imagine your legs as the front forks. Here's an example of very slow bicycle riding. Note how strongly they twist the front wheel to keep the center of the contact patches underneath them. Now imagine if the front wheel was locked in place and they had to solely use their bodies. There would be a huge amount of body leaning. Interestingly I'd wager all EUC riders (especially those of us who are ride mechanical unicycles...hehe that includes me) would win that contest and it wouldn't even be close. For new riders, learn to twist at the hips sooner than later. For experienced riders, make a concious decision to be very aware of how your wheel works via counter steering; it will allow you to quickly place your wheel within half an inch of wherever you want. Even though our heaviest wheels are 1/10 the weight of motorcycles, there's still a lot of mass there, so much that I'd wager about 80% is counter steering with 20% or less is actual body leaning. You can confirm this by simply sitting on your wheel and trying to turn it using only your body weight. It can be done but you really have to yank on it. Again, learn to twist at the hips as soon as possible.
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    @meepmeepmayer, I really don't think more speed is the answer right now. As he said he's afraid of the speed. He's a new rider, and he comes off regularly. So what? Let him run off at these low speeds and walk away every time. Adding speed this early would be problematic and potentially dangerous. Tomorrow, he will come off less, and less still the day after. He's riding fast enough in my opinion. Right now, new neural pathways are being formed in his brain. They form through this repeated practice; just like guitar or piano or anything else. By this time next week (assuming it doesn't rain for a week) he'll be doing just fine.
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    Short - buy KS-18XL. In many aspects it behaves like a smaller wheel in the positive way, still keeping all the pros of 18" wheel. Of course there are some cons associated with 18" wheel, but if we're talking about one, all-round wheel, King Song KS-18XL is the best choice IMO. Now, as an evolution of KS-18L, it may be considered matured & reliable design. I'm sure you won't regret.
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    Hello from Germany ! I also ordered from MRN76 a STM F103 with Swallobot firmeware on ebay and a frind soldered it on. It works ! and that's really good, at least no slowing down anymore. The maximum speed is 23km / h Loveit ! Markus from Cologne
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    I'm hoping the next breakthrough wheel from Gotway is a 12-inch powerhouse. That's a niche that needs to get filled.
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    In my experience having a powerful 14 incher and an 18 incher is about the perfect riding solution, go big and go small. I do believe the 14 inchers have several advantages over 18 inchers such as cost, crash worthiness, weight, and a more appealing form factor. If you were to only have one wheel, and depended on it to do "as much as possible", which of your two wheels would you choose?
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    Did you say that you would bet an entire paycheck? Too bad you are pretty certain to win that bet, or I would have taken it
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    I'm confused. Isn't this the identical video that we've already seen
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    I can be wrong, but I seem to recall a 840 or 680ish version sold on China home market. At least in the early stages. But this never made it to EU or US market. I guess that would be less weight. Imho I do think the KS18L is just right. The added weight makes it more stable. I had a near crash but if I ride my V8 I would have crashed for sure. The centrifugal force and inertial force stablized the wheel enough for me to handle the secondary bump when crossing a small bridge. I posted a video recording. But sadly you don't see what went on as the wheel hits the 2 bumps 2-3 meters apart.
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    Here's something from my lost archives from my Sep 2018 trip to NYC riding my MTen3. I seriously feel its the best commuter EUC available for getting around an urban city like Manhattan. It's so easy to transition from streets to sidewalks and pick up and slide into a backpack when needed.
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