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    When @Jericho Das visited us from the San Francisco area we (myself, @YoshiSkySun, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", and @Tanabe) gave him a 50-mile tour of some of our riding trails.
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    No, no, no. Far left. Don't you recognize the 'tache?
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    Well, it would be immodest of me to comment on that. By the way, here is a photo of a recent group ride I participated in:
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    Although there's now a ton of different Wheel models available to fulfill nearly every possible niche, the one area where there remains a void is a plane compatible Travel Wheel. The MTen3 has a lot going for it, but without easily removable battery packs, it really isn't designed to be frequently taken apart, battery removed & reassembled once you reach your destination. I'd like to see King Song take up this gauntlet & produce their own variant of the 10" format, but with modular batteries that can be easily slotted in above the motor similar to the MTen3, installing 20 cells on the side will make the Wheel too fat. Another advantage of a competing 10" design would be higher pedal brackets to fit the larger XL pedals. Beyond the application of a travel/portable Wheel, another advantage to the design is that the modularity allows it to be upgraded to fit the needs of a learner's budget, with a base model of just 20 cells (1 module), then slot in another module at a later date. The batteries can be provided in either a travel size of 158Wh (per side), or 256Wh (high capacity) flavours. What do you think? If such a Wheel were available at under $500, would you consider adding one to your Wheel collection? Here's the request I've put in with Tina.
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    According to their site, they allow Segways to brought onto the ship but only used offboard. So the same should apply with EUCs or any other personal electric vehicles. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4090/~/carnival-prohibited-items
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    I believe it wouldn't matter. Just as they won't allow a wheel on a plane even if the batteries are removed, you'll never convince the rubes out there that not all batteries are lithium ion. We're screwed
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    Is that you are the far right?
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    Nice video. Hey, weren't you in a James Bond Film once? Yeah, "For Your Eyes Only". I knew you looked familiar
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    I think this guy has a death wish! 🤔
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    Well I have put 50 miles on my mini with the ShallowBot firmware. I love it. It does everything it did before just no tilt back and no beeps. I love the extra speed. It does do what I call a stand up when you reach the maximum power of the battery. It's not aggressive like the forceful tilt back. If you're leaning forward and reach the maximum power of the battery it slightly stands up, no tilt back though. The only downside is the battery drains much faster when you go over the 10.9 mph factory speed limit. I am sending in my other control boards to have them done. Thanks @Ninebot.run
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    Just today, I taught my 13 year old daughter and 2 of her friends how to ride on a ninebot one E (beater wheel). Her athletic friend picked it up in about 20 mins and was riding by herself. My daughter and the other girl took a little longer, maybe about 40 mins. All three girls learned and got the "click" and was riding by themselves amazingly in one learning session. These kids picked this up so fast it is really unbelievable. It took me 3 days to learn to ride and it was exhausting for me, sore feet and shin, sweating like a dog as I was exerting too much energy and effort. These girls were laughing and giggling the whole time while learning and they seemed so relaxed as opposed to when I was learning, I think that made a big difference as well.
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    Back in September me and some fellow intrepid explorers (@csmyers, @Nick McCutcheon, @Klin, @Chairman S, and @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer") climbed 4600 feet to the top of Mount Wilson. This was my formal test to see how the Z10 performed during a long continuous climb. I made this trip a handful of times with different wheels. It's a great test for a wheel. I finally got around to editing the footage from the ride. Hope you enjoy it.
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    What do you mean "one day"? I'm doing it right now.
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    Thank goodness for that, otherwise he would be a massive pr*ck for riding like that!
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    Since Airlines have a hard on for Lithium Ion Batteries, is there a case for an alternate power source for this type of wheel, a battery chemistry that is not known for thermal runaway?
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    Shot! You haven't seen me ride. Like a drunken sailor on the deck of a heaving ship. They'd never get their sights on me
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    As other told you, it is very normal to feel like that at the start. My story: I'd say I had good balance before I learned, but still it wasn't easy. The first day I did like 2h and my legs hurt for a whole week, I could not try again for a "long" week! After that I added a lot of soft sponge padding with double sided tape (which later was a bike seat gel cover on each side) to avoid that happening again. You may attach them to your leg too. I kept the gel cushion forever as it made it mich more comfortable and avoids pain. (KingSong 18L is the only wheel for which I didn't need extra padding). That 2nd week I took it easy and continued to go forward and backward on the handrail, 1h a day, for the whole week, trying to slowly get used to get a bit of speed and go on a straight line without the handrail. After 6 days/hours, I was able to try to start turning, it was a bit of a small space, but I managed to start turning with quite enlightenment control, maybe tool 1-2 days/hours. After that, communing to work daily on the path at 12km/h (top speed) using street furniture as help to step on the wheel, for like a month, until I learned to step on it without holding onto anything haha.
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    I suggest you find a Facebook group or other way to contact the Munich community, if there is any, and ask if anyone would be willing to lend or rent one to you, and maybe even go for a ride with you. Some people have more than one unicycle and will be happy to lend/rent one if they trust you enough (from your online profile/s)
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    Moin, gerade über die DPA verbreitet: https://www.greenpeace-magazin.de/ticker/scheuer-plant-sonderverordnung-fuer-hoverboards-e-skateboards-co-0 Nordlicht
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    Thanks! My point on the V5 is that there is a market for 14" EUCs, but no real choices. Many of us on this forum purchased the not so beautiful Gotway MCM5 because it is the only 14" with enough power for experienced riders. I would much rather prefer to buy a new and upgraded 2019 model 14" x 3" InMotion V5G I don't even care if you kept a similar design / shell, as it is still excellent! Either way, thanks for listening!
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    Hey guys. This is Liam from Inmotion HQ. Sorry for being late. For the past few months, we have been through a lot. Thank you for your constant support to Inmotion. And I also really appreciate that Jeffrey and Bob spending lots of time and effort here to help you guys. I'm here to help with our crew. Question about Inmotion is various from a different kind. Are we done? Nope. Actually, we are still growing and keep providing service all the time but maybe in a different way. One more thing, we are not brought by any company Are we listening? Yes! No direct service in this forum. I have to admit that. But we are not leaving you guys alone in this forum. As you can see, the update of the Inmotion App is still on the go. That's because we are listening. Hundreds of emails from the customers every day have been solved by our service team. How to get help from Inmotion Global? If you have any after-sale problem, you can send it to service@imscv.com. (The best way to get help is to offer SN of your Inmotion Vehicle and illustrate your problem in the email. Then you will get help within 24 to 48 hours. ) If you have any complaints about the distributors or the deal, you can send it to marketing@imscv.com. You can also send it to my email: liam@imscv.com Sorry again for not being about to show up earlier.
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    After the main event a few us use rode to the ocean and then up to Santa Monica. From left: @YoshiSkySun, @Jeffrey Scott Will, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", and me.