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    When @Jericho Das visited us from the San Francisco area we (myself, @YoshiSkySun, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", and @Tanabe) gave him a 50-mile tour of some of our riding trails.
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    No, no, no. Far left. Don't you recognize the 'tache?
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    Well, it would be immodest of me to comment on that. By the way, here is a photo of a recent group ride I participated in:
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    Although there's now a ton of different Wheel models available to fulfill nearly every possible niche, the one area where there remains a void is a plane compatible Travel Wheel. The MTen3 has a lot going for it, but without easily removable battery packs, it really isn't designed to be frequently taken apart, battery removed & reassembled once you reach your destination. I'd like to see King Song take up this gauntlet & produce their own variant of the 10" format, but with modular batteries that can be easily slotted in above the motor similar to the MTen3, installing 20 cells on the side will make the Wheel too fat. Another advantage of a competing 10" design would be higher pedal brackets to fit the larger XL pedals. Beyond the application of a travel/portable Wheel, another advantage to the design is that the modularity allows it to be upgraded to fit the needs of a learner's budget, with a base model of just 20 cells (1 module), then slot in another module at a later date. The batteries can be provided in either a travel size of 158Wh (per side), or 256Wh (high capacity) flavours. What do you think? If such a Wheel were available at under $500, would you consider adding one to your Wheel collection? Here's the request I've put in with Tina.
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    According to their site, they allow Segways to brought onto the ship but only used offboard. So the same should apply with EUCs or any other personal electric vehicles. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4090/~/carnival-prohibited-items
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    I believe it wouldn't matter. Just as they won't allow a wheel on a plane even if the batteries are removed, you'll never convince the rubes out there that not all batteries are lithium ion. We're screwed
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    Is that you are the far right?
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    Nice video. Hey, weren't you in a James Bond Film once? Yeah, "For Your Eyes Only". I knew you looked familiar
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    I think this guy has a death wish! 🤔
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    Well I have put 50 miles on my mini with the ShallowBot firmware. I love it. It does everything it did before just no tilt back and no beeps. I love the extra speed. It does do what I call a stand up when you reach the maximum power of the battery. It's not aggressive like the forceful tilt back. If you're leaning forward and reach the maximum power of the battery it slightly stands up, no tilt back though. The only downside is the battery drains much faster when you go over the 10.9 mph factory speed limit. I am sending in my other control boards to have them done. Thanks @Ninebot.run
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    Just today, I taught my 13 year old daughter and 2 of her friends how to ride on a ninebot one E (beater wheel). Her athletic friend picked it up in about 20 mins and was riding by herself. My daughter and the other girl took a little longer, maybe about 40 mins. All three girls learned and got the "click" and was riding by themselves amazingly in one learning session. These kids picked this up so fast it is really unbelievable. It took me 3 days to learn to ride and it was exhausting for me, sore feet and shin, sweating like a dog as I was exerting too much energy and effort. These girls were laughing and giggling the whole time while learning and they seemed so relaxed as opposed to when I was learning, I think that made a big difference as well.
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    Back in September me and some fellow intrepid explorers (@csmyers, @Nick McCutcheon, @Klin, @Chairman S, and @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer") climbed 4600 feet to the top of Mount Wilson. This was my formal test to see how the Z10 performed during a long continuous climb. I made this trip a handful of times with different wheels. It's a great test for a wheel. I finally got around to editing the footage from the ride. Hope you enjoy it.
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    What do you mean "one day"? I'm doing it right now.
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    I was wondering where you were going with that comment, until I scrolled down. Excellent work. I'd use that as my icon except it would be too small to see.
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    Since Airlines have a hard on for Lithium Ion Batteries, is there a case for an alternate power source for this type of wheel, a battery chemistry that is not known for thermal runaway?
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    @Marty Backe, if you want to make range test - just ride until the wheel turns off You don't need percents )))
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    I am now in the hospital after falling from the wheel and I can’t make a code. When I am discharged, I will contact you.
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    Sorry, still getting the hang of the forum, and still haven't quite worked out how the quotes system works, but I'll try my best. @esaj Yeah, re the picture. that's the one. Sorry for the confusion with the name. It is an Elite+, but also has E+ on side of the box in one place, so I was copying Ninebot's shorthand. Ninebot seem to have a habit of giving their products multiple names, which doesn't really help. Apparently it's ALSO know as a Ninebot Mini Flight, just to add to the confusion. Also, regarding Charge Doctor. I'm not sure exactly what that is or where to buy one, but it sounds like what I need. I really need to find out what the capacity of the battery is when fully charged. I haven't managed to get the Ninebot app working, but I suspect even if I did, it wouldn't give me the raw details of the capacity of the battery, as it could well lead to too many returns with some batteries not being up to stated specification. So I suspect I need some additional hardware, like a more sophisticated charger, if I decide to down the path of investigating further. Thanks for the replies. Replying to a few questions: I paid £995 for it, direct from Segway/Ninebot's website, which I think is about $1,200-$1,300 USD. The regular price on their website is £2,695. It looks like a great bargain in comparison, but why's the price normally so high compared to say, the MiniPro (£699)? - obviously it's quite a bit bigger, physically, but most of the technology in the Elite+ is in the MiniPro for much less money, at least normally. So I'm wondering if it's possible that they regularly discount the Elite+, and don't shift many at the full price. I also spotted a UK reseller selling them new for quite a bit less than the full price, at £1,400 (out of stock). Also, I was wondering if they were possibly selling off the last stock because it's no longer being made? Hence why I was asking about that. Or maybe they found some old stock that had been sitting in some warehouse, forgotten about since 2016, and decided to only sell that stock off relatively cheap when they saw it was pretty old and were worried about the batteries. I don't know, I've pondered a few things. But hopefully I haven't been too suckered into thinking I was getting a great bargain when maybe it was not so great...Thoughts? Be honest. As it's straight from Segway/Ninebot, hopefully it's been stored at sensible temperatures though. With regards to the hill. It's a bit tricky avoiding it, as it's the way out of my property, so if I don't go up with the E+, I'd have to take the E+ out via car, which kills a lot of the purpose. Yes, it is a bit steep at about 20% and it's about 50 metres long. But the E+ apparently does have 2700w of power and it seems to cope ok with it. But I'm a bit worried now that I'm eventually going to burn the E+ out (it was the main reason I went for the E+ over the MiniPro, as I figured the MiniPro definitely wouldn't be able to cope with it). Thanks.
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    That's because old people have a lot of gas, and they're trying to find a better use for it, other than farting it into their recliner cushion.
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    The funny thing though is that arm floundering does something beyond exercise. That becomes more clear when we understand why extending the arms with a balancing pole helps (a lot). Or why this works (the upper wheel functions as floundering arms):
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    Thanks, Mono. We're sure the next EUC will come out, EUC is INMOTION’ Key Product, We won't give up and will continue to research and develop it, continue to contributing to this industry.
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    Hey guys. This is Liam from Inmotion HQ. Sorry for being late. For the past few months, we have been through a lot. Thank you for your constant support to Inmotion. And I also really appreciate that Jeffrey and Bob spending lots of time and effort here to help you guys. I'm here to help with our crew. Question about Inmotion is various from a different kind. Are we done? Nope. Actually, we are still growing and keep providing service all the time but maybe in a different way. One more thing, we are not brought by any company Are we listening? Yes! No direct service in this forum. I have to admit that. But we are not leaving you guys alone in this forum. As you can see, the update of the Inmotion App is still on the go. That's because we are listening. Hundreds of emails from the customers every day have been solved by our service team. How to get help from Inmotion Global? If you have any after-sale problem, you can send it to service@imscv.com. (The best way to get help is to offer SN of your Inmotion Vehicle and illustrate your problem in the email. Then you will get help within 24 to 48 hours. ) If you have any complaints about the distributors or the deal, you can send it to marketing@imscv.com. You can also send it to my email: liam@imscv.com Sorry again for not being about to show up earlier.
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    Here it is folded up. There is no interference with the shell, or the pedal hanger: I wanted to grind off the diamond pattern to make it look more professional, but this ali is hard as hell. I ground on it with a bench grinder for a good while but the biggest thing to change was my hearing; damn this shiznit is loud on a grinder. Here is a more normal sized 10 1/2 shoe (44) (before the grip tape went on) I must say, I really love my new luxurious Big Foot pedals. The increased sense of control is amazing. I haven't tried rocketing up a steep hill yet, but I know my feet won't be rolling off the leading edge anymore. It's still early days, but I'm going to go out on a limb by saying this is EXACTLY what the KS16 needed for my average western feet. It's like a new wheel. Just rocking forwards onto the balls of my feet creates instant acceleration without the threat of rolling off the front. I LOVE IT. Me thinks the 16s might be too slow for me now @Ch.Eng.62 they are not easier to touch the ground in turns as they are higher than the stock pedals so they touch the ground at the same time ( i checked it out). And my calibration is good, so there is no dipping forwards when cornering. Now, they might cause problems jumping up curbs, but I don't jump up curbs. I was going to bend the fronts up, to match the natural curve of a shoe, but, as I said, this stuff is really hard, so I gave that one a miss for now. Besides, my test rides did not indicate that a curve would be necessary. Also, I was afraid the curve would end up in the wrong place, or in the right place for boots but the wrong place for shoes. The edge of the ali is quite rough. The bench grinder session was supposed to sort that, and to bevel the bottom edge for a more refined look, but this stuff just flat refuses to be manipulated.