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    Calling it now, in 2019 we’ll see the Gotway Mach 1 E-Scooter. 76mph top speed with a 0-60 time rivaling supercars
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    I'd step the heck out of the path if I saw Robocop coming my way 👍
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    Or you could come to New Zealand while you are waiting... I have a stack of them in need of some good test rides!!!
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    As the Aussie NonStopNeal says "We need more psychopaths." I think he means cycle paths.
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    I think thats pretty cool. People infront of you can see you before you pass them. Just need one wit a unicycle. And for the back
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    One possible scenario: a heavy-ish rider (85kg+) on Z doing max speed at lower battery percentages, then hitting a bump. heavy riders are known to have decreased max speed in general (more power required), when compared to lighter riders on the same wheel. a wheel traveling at max speed / power load is more susceptible to sudden overpower cutting out due to hitting obstacles at said max speed. this is why the non-Gotway manufacturers will artificially set the max speeds even lower than the max power threshold (ala Gotway), and also why IMHO (especially after doing the math) messing with this restriction on the Z is dangerous. Case in point: the latter bullet point happened to me (in a way) plenty back in the sub-1kW nominal motor (weaker) EUC days. On my former 550W nominal InMotion V5 & 800W nominal IM V8, me being a mid-weight rider at ~80kg (with backpack weight) cruising on the edge of max speed / tiltback, I would every now and then hit an unexpected bump, where I would feel the weakening of the motor from the surge in power demand to keep the wheel + me balanced & upright. For that split second, the wheel would technically cutout, then immediately trigger back and re-grab / re-balance. Mind you, this happened from non-aggressive riding. Many of these cutout videos I've seen posted, IMHO the riders have been riding pretty aggressively, pushing and 'testing' the wheel. In short, for non-heavyweight riders, higher speeds on the Z is probably possible, but you better not hit a bump, especially when the battery has been significantly depleted. And you better not gain weight EUC is not like cars in terms of true max speed, the limit is not an absolute number, you must always factor for the rider, conditions.
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    Morning ride - and it's c-c-cold-d !
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    As a fluent Russian speaker, the best part was at the end: I can only associate this wheel with this song
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    It will be worth the wait. The trade-off will be that being in southern California you will be out riding while we are mostly hibernating with our wheels until May. The exception of course are the riders who live in arctic regions of the world; mainly Canada, Northern Europe. I call them Penguins. I have great respect for them though. They get far too much snow to let it stop the fun. In DC it doesn't snow frequently enough for us to take that attitude toward ice and snow. The weather here is so loopy that we can usually stay inside and lay low until the next 60F winter day that melts all 12" of snow in one day
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    Upper and lower Pencarrow lighthouses from Google photo spheres
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    LOL. I gave up on the MSX seat. It felt so dangerous compared to my KS18s seated riding. Very uncomfortable. The seat is somewhere in a closet collecting dust.
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    Ah, I see, thanks! Totally understand, this was my case for my premptive 84V 2400Wh Monster sale, which I think I sold too early... missing that wheel ever since , and still navigate to the 100V Monster page every so often Better get those hips limber for those squated seated rides! (BTW, @dieterGRAMS was on the same OG MSuperV3 seat hunt you are currently on, apparently some E. Europe country only has them left as new(?))
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    Well said I'm always espousing the benefits of the Pebble watch. One of the big benefits is the feedback you get from the watch as you hits bumps and divots in the road. My watch is set to 90-amps, at which point the watch buzzes on my wrist/hand (I have mine mounted on the Flexmeter wristguard). I can be cruising at 20-mph and hit a small bump and the watch will buzz. It wont buzz when the same bump is hit at 10-mph. So after awhile you get to understand the large instantaneous loads that can be placed on your wheel. If you are riding at the upper end of your wheel's capability and you hit one of these bumps - faceplant!
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    That's a nice thing about your choice to get a desktop rather than laptop -- upgrading is so much easier. I think laptops usually have the graphics chip permanently attached to the motherboard, but putting a new card into a desktop is a simple matter.
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    Good Video upload, towards the end of the video, just after 8 minutes, I noticed that the shell creaks alot when you press your leg against it, that would irritate me alot. The design is starting to grow on me though.
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    I'm not aware of any reliably upcoming wheels other than the Nikola. So I can come up with little here. Pure speculation: Gotway: other than the rumored Monster2 (but maybe that is only the usual Monster with the new TO-247 board as it apparently exists already), the MCM5 is new, the Nikola will be new, the MSX isn't old and a redesign would mean GW has another motor generation after their current 2000W motor, a motor that is quite new. So it might take a while before we see another Gotway. History says they will have more wheels out in 2019, but I have no idea what that would be. mten4 with 1500W motor would be rad! Maybe they'll experiment with new form factors like with the Nikola. KingSong: nothing announced, and until now their wheels were always announced long in advance. Maybe they'll update the 14S and 16S with a stronger motor and 84V... KS14E, KS16E? If the 16E gets a 1600Wh option... I'm hoping the 18XL 1600Wh lit a fire both under their asses in understanding that many people want bigger batteries, and under Gotway's who now have big battery competition. 18S update with 18L electronics would be nice, but I'm not seeing it. Inmotion: I see nothing. They seem content to milk their older wheels at lower prices, and they have the V10(F). A new wheel? End of 2019 at earliest, I'd say. Maybe an 18 incher - but that would have to be a new design, vs. the V10 which is very V8-derivative. An 18 incher with their usual battery pack only on top might or might not work. An update to the V10 would be cool: better electronics (no more overheating), 50kph, some other small improvements. They have the right tire and could make it more of a performance wheel. But no idea if they even entertain this idea. IPS: seems to be dead now, much much more dead than usual. Rockwheel: they won't release their 18 incher in 2019 just like they didn't this year Ninebot: I would be very surprised to see another wheel by them in 2019. They seemed surprised by the Z's success, so if they started another project, it'll take time. I think another manufacturer coming in would be good for the industry. Either broader competition, or expanding the market with specialty models (like an offroad-focused wheel or whatnot).
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    It will be interesting to hear how people respond to that super wide suitcase handle. It looks to me like picking it up is going to really tire out your fingers and wrist, unless there is a really deep well inside the handle that will let you fully curve your fingers?
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    @Marco Domingos So you bought on aliexpress…. What is the Name of the specified shop you bought it? Some are even here in the Forum, and for some sellers i can tell About our (Forum) experiences. As i said before….sending the Wheel back is ridiculous expensive and makes nearly no sense! Name and shame the seller! What i would advise if he absolutly dont give you a new Wheel without sending back: Try to find out a bit more About the Problem, what is for example the voltage of the battery pack? There are two Major Quality Problems with the Z10 at the time: First there is the "battery to low-Firmware does not allow to charge" Problem....but then the other one with over 10% Dead on Arrival is a specific resistor which is dead on the Mainboard! So your Wheel might even Need a new Motherboard... So what i personal would recommend (after dealing more with the seller, getting a partial refund at least!!!): Bite in the apple and instead of blowing over 400pounds in the air for sending back...send your Wheel to 1radwerkstatt.de!!! In Germany.... He can repair all wheels, he offered the Z10 himself and knows what todo ….and he has a fantastic Reputation. Sending your Wheel in Europe Costs just About 20-40Euro. So it is worth it.... So to make it short...squeeze as much Money out of the seller...then contact 1Rad and get it repaired. That would be my strategy And btw: Please Forget calling Ninebot in the UK....they would only lough at you and ask why you buy in China directly...no Chance there!
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    This study seems to show wearing something like your backpack reduces drivers ramming you between 47 to 60 %. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925753517313528 However, as the authors correctly pointed out (scroll about halfway down), the safety effectiveness is much less than what they state due to several factors they document, and indeed there's other studies out there that see no difference in accident rates. Mind you, this is with the Danes that are used to seeing bicycles; for us Americans who are not used to seeing bicycles, who are drunk or tired, we may drive into bicyclists when we see them due to the natural tendency of predators to align their bodies with the direction their stereo eyes fixate. We steer where we look. It'd help if cars were painted in neon green and yellow and distractions such as radios weren't allowed inside them.
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    Looks beautiful!! I am jealous! When I look out the window here it is wet, cold, rainy, foggy, gloomy........... did I say cold?
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    Of course this is all your opinion, but it always strikes me as funny that you say such things with utter confidence that they are the truth. 840wh is not more than enough for a smaller wheel. You're not a distance rider so that's your perspective, but you surely know that there are a lot of people that do ride far distances. I love to be able to cruise 45-miles on my ACM. Hell, I've ridden 40-miles on my KS14S (which is impressive - the 14S is a very efficient wheel). I know other local riders who ride far and wide on their 1600wh ACMs. Maybe it's a California thing? I see zero correlation between wheel size and distance traveled. If a wheel is fun to ride for 10-miles it can be fun to ride for 50-miles. And regarding Gotway and design, I disagree. I'll leave it at that. Otherwise I agree with your other commentary.
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    Hello, BAEUC is mostly active on Facebook, so consider joining if you have an account: https://m.facebook.com/groups/621491334621039 We don’t have any professional rental services, but there have been a few folks say that they would be willing to rent their personal wheels out. I’m sure we can find you something, and set up a group ride as well. Lots of great routes in and around San Francisco.
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    Could follow most of it using autotranslation of auto closed captioning.... but also loved the ending song, so appropriate!!
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    Haven't seen this posted yet so I'll throw it out there. Interesting but impractical — not sure what anyone would actually carry in the dual man-purses, plus too many sharp edges and protrusions to be safe or durable in case of an inevitable crash — but good to see EUC's getting some attention from serious (if not playful) designers. http://www.yankodesign.com/2018/12/06/the-gentlemans-e-unicycle/ Designs like the Wraithwheel (which is awesome, especially in person) and ESCIS could help to get more recognition from crossover communities like custom car builders and motorcyclists. (The underlying wheel here is pretty underwhelming. I'm guessing based on the specs and dimensions that the ESCIS is an MSuper V2 covered up in some new externals.)
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    It seems that the lifetime of home appliances and entertainment electronics has plummeted over the past couple of decades. Old freezers could work 20-30 years, if not more, same for CRT-televisions. And if not, they could actually be fixed. Nowadays it seems more like the devices are made to break within 5-10 years (but after the warranty period is over, of course), and hard to fix, so everyone will just keep buying new ones.