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    Calling it now, in 2019 we’ll see the Gotway Mach 1 E-Scooter. 76mph top speed with a 0-60 time rivaling supercars
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    I'd step the heck out of the path if I saw Robocop coming my way 👍
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    Last news: - in final release will be new handle - new pedal - release will be in March
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    Or you could come to New Zealand while you are waiting... I have a stack of them in need of some good test rides!!!
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    As the Aussie NonStopNeal says "We need more psychopaths." I think he means cycle paths.
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    I think thats pretty cool. People infront of you can see you before you pass them. Just need one wit a unicycle. And for the back
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    After debate in other threads I thought this would be a great topic for people posting suggestions and tip if you come across items of threads title. So again @houseofjob inspired me, to the point I had to ditch out some more money. At 1/3 of the year I risk to ride in dusk or dark hours, so this is why I finnaly found and bought a new reflective backpack. They make jackets too. And it is just a matter of time before I buy one of these too. As for the brand have a look at their website. https://www.provizsports.com/en-gb/new I kinda like this one as it good traffic colour in daytime too. https://www.provizsports.com/en-gb/nightrider-mens-cycling-jacket-2-0.html
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    I need to do some extended night riding with the XL, but my impression is that I would feel comfortable going fairly fast using only the XL light. It's very well done. I rarely ride for long at night and in those situations I carry a 1000-lumen light strapped to my wrist. But sometimes a ride will run long and I have to ride for a little while in the dark. The XL light is perfectly fine by itself in those situations. Like others have said, you can never have too much light.
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    I don't like how GW use silicone on the connectors ... just fit some better quality connectors that can be easily removed!
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    @Seba consider you lucky that boar didn't charge you. I like that text you wrote on that polish site why you use a handheld torchlight. I have had my headlight as handheld at first but found I would like to have my hands free as I use them a lot to indicate in traffic where to go and to reward people how show consideration for other especially cars giving room for me to pass. So now I mounted both lamp on my helmet. The black orange band hold motion point in place. Mounting point is a tube that the lamp unit is fixed on by a rubber band. So I can change tilt once I have the helmet on. Both lamps can be controlled by a short range bt remote or app. One thing I found out, by using headlight handheld, is that I find it is easier to estimate pot holes shape and depth if the are lid up more from above than parallel to the surface. This is main reason I am going to test the helmet mounting lighting. Plus it minimize risk of sending 1600 lumen straight in to eyes on others in traffic.
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    KS-18L/XL light may be the only light to ride in total darkness. However, every EUC headlight has some limitations as we discussed it earlier (an I've discussed it in details on my blog: https://najednymkole.pl/en/headlight-in-unicycle/). This is why I always carry a small flashlight that I can use to augment EUC light or just use it alone, switching EUC headlight off. I can assure you that for now there is no EUC with a headlamp that can be used alone. L/XL is one of the best I've seen. As @Marty Backe wrote light beam is very bright and well shaped. I remember this late autumn that I've been riding a bikepath and was going uphill. My unicycle headlight put just a big spot about a meter or two ahead of me, but anything more distant was completely dark. And suddenly I saw wild boar about three meters ahead. Big, fat, wild boar in the city! I shouted "Go the f*ck away!" and when he saw me he ran away, but my heart was beating like a hammer. After this adventure I bought a hand flashlight.
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    Totally agree about reflective gear. When I first got my V8, and before I bought a clip-on red light for the back (the case covers the rear light, which isn't particularly bright anyway), I went for a ride and it got dark on me; on my way home, my girlfriend just happened to be on her way back from work and ended up driving behind me, and told me how impressed she was with the V8 case's reflective outline; said she could spot me clearly from a fair distance. I still bought the rear light for extra safety, but I think reflective gear is a very important feature that should be present on the rider too (backpack, jacket, helmet). I bought some 3M reflective tape and put strips on the rear of my backpack and rear and sides of my helmet. Yellow is the most visible in my opinion, but the black ones that turn white when light hits them are also a great option, especially if you don't want them to show on black gear except when needed). I think that having several vertically aligned reflecting elements (as in wheel, backpack, head) makes cars much more aware of your presence. Another reason for wearing reflective gear on one's person (whether its a DIY solution or an awesome backpack like @houseofjob's or @Unventor's) is that, should you have to bail, or if you fall, it's important for the RIDER to be seen when NOT on the wheel.
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    One possible scenario: a heavy-ish rider (85kg+) on Z doing max speed at lower battery percentages, then hitting a bump. heavy riders are known to have decreased max speed in general (more power required), when compared to lighter riders on the same wheel. a wheel traveling at max speed / power load is more susceptible to sudden overpower cutting out due to hitting obstacles at said max speed. this is why the non-Gotway manufacturers will artificially set the max speeds even lower than the max power threshold (ala Gotway), and also why IMHO (especially after doing the math) messing with this restriction on the Z is dangerous. Case in point: the latter bullet point happened to me (in a way) plenty back in the sub-1kW nominal motor (weaker) EUC days. On my former 550W nominal InMotion V5 & 800W nominal IM V8, me being a mid-weight rider at ~80kg (with backpack weight) cruising on the edge of max speed / tiltback, I would every now and then hit an unexpected bump, where I would feel the weakening of the motor from the surge in power demand to keep the wheel + me balanced & upright. For that split second, the wheel would technically cutout, then immediately trigger back and re-grab / re-balance. Mind you, this happened from non-aggressive riding. Many of these cutout videos I've seen posted, IMHO the riders have been riding pretty aggressively, pushing and 'testing' the wheel. In short, for non-heavyweight riders, higher speeds on the Z is probably possible, but you better not hit a bump, especially when the battery has been significantly depleted. And you better not gain weight EUC is not like cars in terms of true max speed, the limit is not an absolute number, you must always factor for the rider, conditions.
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    Morning ride - and it's c-c-cold-d !
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    As a fluent Russian speaker, the best part was at the end: I can only associate this wheel with this song
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    GW tiltback max is at 48kmph. Can't set it any faster. So with tiltback on, it is slower than KS. Historically tiltback was unreliable, so instead of making tiltback reliable, they decided to allow the user to turn it off so they can blame the user for the cut out instead of themselves. Tiltback is a safety feature unless it is on GW, then it is a dangerous feature.
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    Just get out and ride already. Most days in winter are perfectly fine to grab a few kms, and it turns out there are quite a few of us doing it.
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    Eww the boards now have smaller mosfets!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. The one thing they got so right... they got wrong again.
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    They might just use the same box for all V5 wheels. 320Wh should give you 16-17km, maybe a little bit less at 90kg, but maybe accurate because you're not going so fast. So your range makes sense. The V5 has 160Wh (or some other very small number, I forgot), you'd never gotten that far with a V5. So you got the right wheel. 30-40km is a dirty lie by the manufacturers. There was the V5F+ (ewheels eclusive, no longer available) with 480Wh, but even that is a 25km wheel, not 30-40.
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    Damn, Winter Madness is real I wasn't on the wheel for 2 weeks now. I didn't ride since October, but do some balcony riding for a minute or two here and there. But I didn't even do that for two weeks (gone for work for a week, Xmas chaos, etc.). Well, yesterday I spent a minute on my balcony again. Just so I don't forget how it feels to stand on the wheel. Short and sweet. Result: a very vivid, very specific dream about riding my ACM. You have to know I barely dream in a way I know it happened after waking up. And if I dream and know it, something I don't immediately forget after waking up is once in a decade or even more rare. The dream: So I was in Tokyo with my ACM. It was all very specific, not just a wheel, but my ACM, in its shape and weight (that you have to carry when not riding, as does a traveller on other transportation). I was at a small train or bus station in the middle of the road between narrow lanes, free for the first time, having just arrived in Japan from whatever fixed, determined route came before. The building was also a small shopping mall. Very old and run down, white stainy tiles everywhere, small shops, a bit dirty, etc. For some reason, it was dripping heavily through the roof despite no rain outside, just cold-ish but dry, overcast, low-contrast nondescript autumn weather. The entire affair was in a low buildings (2 stories), older, secondary Japanese residential area, nothing special or glitzy or shiny or neon-y, just a forgotten neighborhood with little people to be seen. Anyways, I had to get somewhere but didn't know what direction to take. I wanted to take a bus or subway to get to my destination as I didn't know where I'd ride with my ACM and how long it would take, how feasible it would be. Navigation (Google Maps, I said it was very specific) told me it was 3 hours and a few minutes to wheel to my destination to the southeast (very specific, shape of route and alternative routes and all). I was wondering if my battery was enough for that. But there were no buses coming and to be expected, no other option, the situation had unreliable phone reception, not sure. Anyways, so I stepped on my ACM on the narrow, paved lane in front of the mall and began towards the general direction wobbly-ly, going through the residential streets, trying to keep left instead of right, as they drive in Japan. Everything was a bit uncertain, but the general direction was right, and I was going, barely seeing anyone else. Some time later, still no exact route, but I had gained some confidence and was going a bit faster. Still through the typical residential streets. I remember a roundabout I took the wrong (counter-clockwise) way, but nobody was there anyways. Traffic was very light to nonexistent, everything seemed off the beaten track and nearly abandoned since I arrived at the station/mall which had a handful of people at least. A bit later, I was going fast on a straight street, on the right side as I'm used to. A group of a dozen fast Japanese road bike riders (the spandex type) sped towards me in the opposite direction. They were in the middle of the road, but one guy was on the left (my right) and I was in his rightful way. I attempted to change sides but abandoned it with a quick turn to my right as I would have hit the big group, not enough space or time before we would meet. The single rider gave way to me towards the center of the street, with a little raised eyebrow, but they weren't more mad than that, more surprised of the unexpected visitor on the road. From pulling over quickly to the right after aborting crossing to the other side, I hit the bevelled granite curb (again, very specific) with my right pedal and almost fell, but could ride out the wobble due to reflexes. My ACM's behavior in this was so vivid and realistic, it woke me up. - All that from a minute on the wheel again the evening before. The brain is an interesting thing I think I need to speed up getting winter riding clothing, of which I have none, before more stuff happens. So much for this story, for your enjoyment
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    A really good point i had not thought about. But I really want people to see the wheel too so they don't hit it if it settles in the road after a bailout.
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    Hehe just a thought, you need to get one of them new Gotway new mintos wheels, in limited Marty-black. Then set the disco lights to all red shifting from bright to unlit. Then playing Nightrider theme out on speakers 😎😁 with you kit-display on you forearm. And GPS turn by turn readout set to max volume. I promised you will get an reaction that is PRICELESS. 😆
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    Another product I have tested is reflective "clear" spray. I can say though I forgot the tips people give on you type to how to apply this, so my result is kinda mixed but works. The blue and red bag below is save form factor, but I treated the black stripes on the blue. The surface is kinda rubber or t-shirt print in surface. Both bags are hard shells like a travel trolley or suitcase. Photo at entrance to my work/office. Photo in my hallway with no light beside my Magicshine frontlight of 1600 lumen 😁, so much for no lights I guess. The wheel have 2 white reflective stickers on front and same in red on rear direction. I will edit this post as I find a website with the spray coating paint. EDIT: It is called Albedo100, a Swedish company that made it https://www.albedo100.se You can find it on Amazon. They have a new roll on application to textiles. Rain resistant, but when washed with with ehhh soap the glue resolves. They have now 4 different product depending on what glue type they use and what that are there too. One for animal application like dogs, horses and maybe even @Hunka Hunka Burning Love 😉
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    I can add that for reflectors to reach max effect, they need to be on moving parts or able to move. This way they keep catching the brains attention as we are designed by nature to block out static targets from our vision and prioritize moving objects or animals. Now the backpack I ordered yesterday is unlikely to move a lot, but by being 360 degree reflective it will almost have the same effect. But in general glowes, wrists, shoes, caps are the best body parts to have reflectors on. It is easy to no takes this into account as wearet, since you can't see the effect as easy as other people in traffic see you. As of respect of @Marty Backe review thread I created a reflective gear wearable in a new thread in safety gear section. As this seems a good debate topic. Againg I like to thank @Marty Backe to inspire to this due to his new Euc-hero-man superhero outfit and him raising the bright light headlamp in the review. And of course @houseofjob for add fuel to my search words og google 😉😎 Check out the topic here:
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    I was thinking more in the lines of one of the Horsemen ("riders", in this case) of the Apocalypse
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    If they could have an open spot at the top in the handle there could be made a dual carry handle that has half trolley handle / half shell. a narrow part in the handle that would allow some room for fingers to grasp. They might need to redesign the top part of the shell though to change the closed bridge design they have there. Or they could make it narrow and just add a "bump" up to form a small handle that doesn't distract from the circular form of the shell. There could be a latch at the end of the handle to secure it rather than the latch near the hinge. That way when locked down it can be used to lift the wheel as it would be a structural support element. Or even just shape a small carry handle at the top upwards just into the trolley handle itself. They could shape the shell down a bit to form a space for the handle. Let me fire up MS Paint... brb
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    What? Great, now I need to fly down to Australia to check this out. How’s your PSVR setup? Still having fun with it? @Dingfelder there are eGPU setups for laptops with Thunderbird ports. It’s basically an external box that houses powerful video cards, a power supply, and optionally a hard drive. That opens up more video upgrade options for laptop users. https://egpu.io/ https://www.gamingscan.com/best-external-graphics-card/
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    This is a special penguin species, called the yellow-green penguin. It can ride on a wheel whole round year!
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    Well I just got back from a ride on the ol trusty V5F and what an amazing companion it has been. About 1920 miles on it since April. I am so ready to receive the new wheel! 😁 Would love to go to New Zealand some day. I'm afraid I wouldn't want to leave... And yes we're certainly more than spoiled down here with great riding weather! 😎
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    It will be worth the wait. The trade-off will be that being in southern California you will be out riding while we are mostly hibernating with our wheels until May. The exception of course are the riders who live in arctic regions of the world; mainly Canada, Northern Europe. I call them Penguins. I have great respect for them though. They get far too much snow to let it stop the fun. In DC it doesn't snow frequently enough for us to take that attitude toward ice and snow. The weather here is so loopy that we can usually stay inside and lay low until the next 60F winter day that melts all 12" of snow in one day
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    Upper and lower Pencarrow lighthouses from Google photo spheres
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    LOL. I gave up on the MSX seat. It felt so dangerous compared to my KS18s seated riding. Very uncomfortable. The seat is somewhere in a closet collecting dust.
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    Ah, I see, thanks! Totally understand, this was my case for my premptive 84V 2400Wh Monster sale, which I think I sold too early... missing that wheel ever since , and still navigate to the 100V Monster page every so often Better get those hips limber for those squated seated rides! (BTW, @dieterGRAMS was on the same OG MSuperV3 seat hunt you are currently on, apparently some E. Europe country only has them left as new(?))
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    Well said I'm always espousing the benefits of the Pebble watch. One of the big benefits is the feedback you get from the watch as you hits bumps and divots in the road. My watch is set to 90-amps, at which point the watch buzzes on my wrist/hand (I have mine mounted on the Flexmeter wristguard). I can be cruising at 20-mph and hit a small bump and the watch will buzz. It wont buzz when the same bump is hit at 10-mph. So after awhile you get to understand the large instantaneous loads that can be placed on your wheel. If you are riding at the upper end of your wheel's capability and you hit one of these bumps - faceplant!
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    That's a nice thing about your choice to get a desktop rather than laptop -- upgrading is so much easier. I think laptops usually have the graphics chip permanently attached to the motherboard, but putting a new card into a desktop is a simple matter.
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    Good Video upload, towards the end of the video, just after 8 minutes, I noticed that the shell creaks alot when you press your leg against it, that would irritate me alot. The design is starting to grow on me though.
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    I'm not aware of any reliably upcoming wheels other than the Nikola. So I can come up with little here. Pure speculation: Gotway: other than the rumored Monster2 (but maybe that is only the usual Monster with the new TO-247 board as it apparently exists already), the MCM5 is new, the Nikola will be new, the MSX isn't old and a redesign would mean GW has another motor generation after their current 2000W motor, a motor that is quite new. So it might take a while before we see another Gotway. History says they will have more wheels out in 2019, but I have no idea what that would be. mten4 with 1500W motor would be rad! Maybe they'll experiment with new form factors like with the Nikola. KingSong: nothing announced, and until now their wheels were always announced long in advance. Maybe they'll update the 14S and 16S with a stronger motor and 84V... KS14E, KS16E? If the 16E gets a 1600Wh option... I'm hoping the 18XL 1600Wh lit a fire both under their asses in understanding that many people want bigger batteries, and under Gotway's who now have big battery competition. 18S update with 18L electronics would be nice, but I'm not seeing it. Inmotion: I see nothing. They seem content to milk their older wheels at lower prices, and they have the V10(F). A new wheel? End of 2019 at earliest, I'd say. Maybe an 18 incher - but that would have to be a new design, vs. the V10 which is very V8-derivative. An 18 incher with their usual battery pack only on top might or might not work. An update to the V10 would be cool: better electronics (no more overheating), 50kph, some other small improvements. They have the right tire and could make it more of a performance wheel. But no idea if they even entertain this idea. IPS: seems to be dead now, much much more dead than usual. Rockwheel: they won't release their 18 incher in 2019 just like they didn't this year Ninebot: I would be very surprised to see another wheel by them in 2019. They seemed surprised by the Z's success, so if they started another project, it'll take time. I think another manufacturer coming in would be good for the industry. Either broader competition, or expanding the market with specialty models (like an offroad-focused wheel or whatnot).
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    It will be interesting to hear how people respond to that super wide suitcase handle. It looks to me like picking it up is going to really tire out your fingers and wrist, unless there is a really deep well inside the handle that will let you fully curve your fingers?
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    @Marco Domingos So you bought on aliexpress…. What is the Name of the specified shop you bought it? Some are even here in the Forum, and for some sellers i can tell About our (Forum) experiences. As i said before….sending the Wheel back is ridiculous expensive and makes nearly no sense! Name and shame the seller! What i would advise if he absolutly dont give you a new Wheel without sending back: Try to find out a bit more About the Problem, what is for example the voltage of the battery pack? There are two Major Quality Problems with the Z10 at the time: First there is the "battery to low-Firmware does not allow to charge" Problem....but then the other one with over 10% Dead on Arrival is a specific resistor which is dead on the Mainboard! So your Wheel might even Need a new Motherboard... So what i personal would recommend (after dealing more with the seller, getting a partial refund at least!!!): Bite in the apple and instead of blowing over 400pounds in the air for sending back...send your Wheel to 1radwerkstatt.de!!! In Germany.... He can repair all wheels, he offered the Z10 himself and knows what todo ….and he has a fantastic Reputation. Sending your Wheel in Europe Costs just About 20-40Euro. So it is worth it.... So to make it short...squeeze as much Money out of the seller...then contact 1Rad and get it repaired. That would be my strategy And btw: Please Forget calling Ninebot in the UK....they would only lough at you and ask why you buy in China directly...no Chance there!
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    Firmware is altered in a way not intended by the manudacturer and especially alters safety features implemented by the manufacturer. Hello everyone, I create this topic to share with you results of my tests with a Z10 whose top speed has been unlocked at 56 km/h thanks to the superb work of @MRN76 and its magnificent APP NINETOOL ! A big thank you to him for this life-changing performance! First of all i'm not crazy and I ride fully equipped with good motocross protection : A Full face Motocross helmet A motorcycle jacket with integrated protection Shin guards Motorcycle gloves And I also have good accessories : A wrist mirror A blinker on the back That being said, let's begin. After 2 days of testing, I enjoy riding in a Z10 even more, which I didn't think was possible because I love riding with this wheel so much, and coming out of an INMOTION V8 it wasn't easy, though. The wheel behaves extremely well at a constant speed of 45km/h, it is a delight to be able to drive at 40-45 without tiltback and no longer have this big speed limit just dropped to 65% of remaining range. For the moment I have not yet exceeded 50 because between 47 and 49, I feel the loss of the feeling of not being able to fall (I think that those who ride in Z10 must understand what I am talking about, because it is not easy to describe as a feeling) Once the 45km/h is reached, you have to lean much further forward to accelerate and I feel that the wheel tends to lean slightly forward instead of staying straight. That said, it may be because of bad tire pressure. So I'm going to test with some different pressures to see if it improves things. Here, for this first recap, I'll post from time to time when I've done some more tests, on battery consumption etc.... Until then, have a good ride, everyone!
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    Thanks for the info! Will definitely follow this thread to stay updated on your impressions, when you do more night-riding I agree. As @Seba pointed out, there are certain limitations with EUC headlights, particularly when going uphill (I have read your previous comments on the subject, @Seba, and entirely agree. Also...glad you didn't hit that hog!) Am looking for for an additional light for when my 18XL arrives (I apologize for going off-topic here, @Marty Backe), and am not sure what to go for. I'd rather have both hands free, so it needs to be either helmet or wheel-mounted. I've tried mounting the 900 lx light I'm currently using on the V8 onto my helmet, but because of the visor's slightly inverted V-shape, I can't center it and it ends up at an odd angle that doesn't work out too well. For a wheel-mounted option, I was thinking of something like a Lezyne with a swiveling mount that I can attach to the trolley handle and adjust horizontally, to compensate for the handle's diagonal angle, and vertically, to adjust the height of the beam. If I were to mount something to the front of the wheel (glued go-pro mount), which isn't an idea I'm too fond of, it would have to be fairly compact, but with plenty of power. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated. [End of off-topic query]
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    FBI and CDC records. 80% of US homicides are gang related. CDC FBI 96% of US gang members are 15-25 years old. FBI 93% of gang victims are other gangs. FBI The highest % of US gun deaths are 15-25 years old. (Average is 19 years old.) CDC The lowest % of US gun deaths are under 14 years old. CDC Suicide is also a factor. Using poison ( drugs ) is three times higher than gun deaths under the age of 18 years old. CDC
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    Their intention is to mislead people about gun statistics. 1) I am very familiar with the these studies. When people come up with these misleading shock statements they have to get very creative with their numbers. For example these stats do not include children 0-1 years old because the death by cancer is high at that age. They have to include CHILDREN that are 18 and 19 years old because the death by guns are highest among gangs between 15-25 years old. You can look these number up very easily. (FBI and CDC reports) By law 18 and 19 year old's are not children and most people think of 15-19 as teens. 2) Becoming a drug dealer or joining a gang is a choice. Yes it is sad that many YOUNG ADULTS join gangs but it is not as sad as the picture that they try to paint of little 7 year old Timmy getting shot while playing ball. The GANGS are what people should be upset about. If the gangs did not have guns they would just kill each other with knives or bombs or poison or curb stomping or.............or ......... As Archie Bunker said " Would you rather they was thrown out of windows? Huh?" It is simply a very intentionally misleading statement ........ Very socially and emotionally dishonest. What does it say when they have to mislead people to push their agenda?
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    Regardless of how anybody looks, I think it's a great thing for people to be gearing up more. The focus of my photographs will be highlighting protective gear, and maybe that'll have an overall positive effect. We will all fall, badly, eventually. It's best to minimize any subsequent injuries.
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    , thanks! I have no clue why there isn't more multi-function category clothing being made completely out of this stuff, similar to the Proviz Cycling gear! I'm currently contemplating making a DIY fitted Worker cap/hat out of this black 3M reflective fabric because I cannot find one to buy
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    WOW!!! Are you guys giants or is the guy on the bike really small?!
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    This is not an exciting improvement but given that many people are using wheels for commuting, an optional street legal light and reflector scheme would be nice. You could change your settings in the app so that you have proper tail and side lights. Then change back to the fun patterns when not on the road. Maybe people would take us more seriously.
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    Let's just this, I don't blame the wheels. I have a medical challange that none, I repeat none, at work thought I could overcome. I chose to disregard that and all even at hospital are blown backwards on both how far I have come and even more at what timeframe. I am now slowly controlling the KS18L better so I can minute shift my feet. But also what foot I control the speed with, so the other foot is just support. Yes I am still a rookie. But improving, and I am loving every moment.
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