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    Jason is working on getting one for me to test so we can have some English speaking commentary on this new wheel
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    The birth of a new wheel is always a little controversial. The first sight of it can tend to elicit repulsion, derision, and dislike, but soon it grows on you just like a new born babe freshly breached into this harsh world. Sure it might be a wheel that only a hot young mother giving birth naked in the countryside would love at first sight, but soon some of us learn to appreciate and highlight its strengths over its weaknesses. All hail the Gotway Nikola! We hope you prove to be a reliable, sporty and safe wheel!
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    You were right! Looking at the date of my update this morning, it's the same as yours 😊 hope is back up 😅 19 + 5 = 24, so there's still a chance Edit: the Chinese text means customs clearance completed
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    FYI, one of the Korean Naver EUC café forum admins (think he's a dealer too(?)) is reporting that the Nikola design is not Final yet, and that the ecodrift demo is a 1 month period, which puts the earliest release sometime January 2019, more likely February with the usual shipping timeframes. They're also claiming the unicorn trolley when folded down will doubly serve as a mudguard, but not sure how true that is, considering that the ecodrift pics show it doesn't extend that far down, plus all the Gotway egg shell designs are slightly oversized enough not to need a mudguard.
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    You're blaming the weather when the real problem is that you don't know how to properly gear up. Us Canadians are more culturally adapted to the cold.
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    When Gotway release a new model, there's at least a guaranteed sale of one, I'd be crazy not keep up with the times
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    I can quit any time I want! .................. I only have four wheels. One more won’t hurt anyone. Marty has 11. I am still good. Right?! ............ I could quit if I wanted to.
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    If Marty Backe : Drug Dealer aka Wheel Enabler then this OP's post : futile proclamation attempt at stopping EUC riding cold turkey. Does that make any sense? The addiction of riding a one wheeled physics defying abomination of all that is holy has been recognized by many of my riding peers as very similar to a drug addiction. Even though the habit is dangerous, extremely expensive, very risky and possibly injurious to one's body, the user has a hard time quitting. Just look at some people who have broken bones, had expensive surgery, and who stash away small Mten3's just to maintain their habit. They just try to hide their addiction from loved ones who don't understand it, and they get back on the wagon. <passes ear ointment to a certain someone > Just admit it, @BlackM will be back on the forums proudly showing off his new KS18XL or Z10 some day not too far in the future, or he might end up in a ditch somewhere face down with a wheel beeping at his side never to be seen again... Thus is self-denial. Yep, I swore I wouldn't be riding again, but that itch is coming back, and I gottas scratch it!!! I can try my best to distract myself playing Tomb Raider and buying little remote plastic droids and watching a lot of wheel-porn. But you know if you're still on the forums you'll be back sneaking some rides in, taking a late night roll when others are sleeping, or dreaming about your next hit.
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    I abhorred the idea of a full face helmet at first. I thought it hindered my peripheral sight and hearing, and it felt awkward. It was like it took some of the freedom away. But I had already had my overcharge cutout, so I knew that if something like that happened at more than a walking pace, I would REALLY want something to stop my face from becoming a skid pad. I kind of like my face exactly where it is after all... I have also fallen of bikes more than once in my life, without a trace of gear on, walking away every time with maybe a bruise or two. But the geometry of the falls are utterly different. Even if your front wheel gets dead stuck going downhill and you go over the handlebar, you still have more time to react and prepare to take the fall. In most other cases you have sliding falls, that may be painful enough, but generally hit your butt, thighs or back, and often sideways. If you learn not to get your leg stuck under the bike, it can actually help disperse some of the energy of the fall. With a single wheel to act as a hinge, we mostly fall with the wheel behind us. And we start the fall in a disadvantaged position, with our weight already forward. @enaon, consciously overleaning to see if you can handle a fall is not something I would count on as "experience". When this shit happens at anything more than a light jogging pace, it comes out of the blue with a fraction of a seconds warning and less than a second till you hit the ground. If you have table-tennis reflexes you may manage to take one or two steps, not more. Try going 25kph+ and you will not even know you're falling before you're already half way down on the ground. Take Usain Bolt again as an example. Exactly what would happen if someone suddenly raised a trip wire over the track when he was looking in another direction? He would probably fall badly, like everybody else. And that is the feeling when you get a sudden cutoff. It feels like someone just glued your feet to the ground while the rest of your body continue forwards. I don't lean much either, or rather we all do, or we wouldn't accelerate - but I keep my centre of gravity as low as possible. But that doesn't matter much, you may get a tenth of a second more to say shit before the shit hits the fan. And if you ride with bent knees, you may catapult enough to be able to take two and a half steps rather than one and a half. Or if you have trained a lot of aikido or ju jutsu you may be able to initiate a roll, maybe, don't count on it. If you get stuck on a curb without the wheel giving up, you can actually run off at reasonably slow speeds, but a cutout is a totally different monster. As I said: you're a grown up, you get to make your own decisions. But whistling in the dark to keep the monsters away usually is a rather futile pursuit.
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    Self-balancing devices are inherently instable and will crash in the worst way if the electronics fail for any reason, or crash the rider if the wheel hits something big/problematic enough. If someone can't live with or enjoy riding with this risk, looking for an alternative is the exact right thing to to. Why would anybody shame them for this? Just because we are EUC enthusiasts doesn't mean we should be blindly advocating for EUCs for everyone (hmm... sounds alluring, though ). @LanghamP has it exactly right, though, tire size matters most. These scooters have laughably small and easily-thrown-off-track tires, and let's not even speak of eboards that only work on perfect asphalt at speed. Safety at speed needs a big tire diameter like an ebike has. Not sure if a scooter is actually safer than a EUC if you tried them both on the same obstacles. And I'd rather free-fall forwards than onto a metal steering bar. For safety, get an ebike. And unless you have any delusions about scooter safety, if you prefer one to EUCs, by all means get a scooter instead. Whatever makes you happy
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    32"/44.5" here, you sir seem to have awesome proportions. No I'm not jealous at all... It seems it's time to start that weight training regime that I've been meaning to do for ages...
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    It’s veru difficult to be sure when you work with gotway, but January is it true. I don’t know final release it is or not. But gotway says: it’s final release. But we see few bad decisions in Nikola... we already made report to factory.. but gotway cannot change all in this wheels, so basically view we can understand on our wheel.
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    What’s a ”passing cyclist”? I can’t grasp the concept.
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    I don't know, I'm really tempted to post this to the Gotway Facebook page
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    Title is still a "work in progress." It sounded a little better than "Jason McNeil's Guide on How to Deal Wheels and Create Self-balancing Electric Unicycle Addicts!" Cut me some slack here - we're working out the details! Planting some seeds! Everyone needs an inspirational muse to inspire creative pursuits!
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    Suuure keep telling yourself that. There is no Wheel's Anonymous here, buddy. We're all enablers and addicts. Just own it. Hello, my name is Hunka, and I'm a wheel addict.
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    All the modern eScooters are badly designed because both the front wheel is too small and the rider has too much leverage over the steering of the front wheel. A small wheel gets caught in the smallest of potholes and the over leveraged front wheel allows the rider to create his own pothole. All eScooters, with no exceptions, need a bigger front wheel, and not just a little bit bigger but a lot bigger. I want to see stand-up penny-farthings. That's an exaggeration but your front wheel on a scooter needs to be 20 inches or greater, and be quite hard to turn due to gyroscopic effects. Until this matter is resolved, eScooters will be about as safe as EUCs, which is to say not at all, but I suspect EUC riders make EUCs safer due to their constant anxiety of a face plant whereas eScooter riders are the type to text with completely straight legs. You should be considering an eBike as for any given speed eBikes are far safer than other electrics. No has ever or will ever crash a fatbike going 8 mph.
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    From what you wrote, I only find reasons for buying another EUC: a) You rode 10k km without being hurt. b) You enjoyed EUC very much. c) EUCs fit with your commuting distance of 3.5km perfectly. d) Which mode of transportation is more enjoyable than EUC? e) Today's EUCs are much better than NB1E+: Safer in the sense that they are much less likely to cut-off, have higher pedals, bigger and open wheels, much more powerful motors and batteries to overcome bumps. Z10 even have some redundancy built in.
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    Step 4: This wheel would fill a gap in my fleet. Step 5: Jason is sending me a beta test wheel soon. Step 6: It's a game changer (but there are a few issues)! Step 7: The final release version will fix the major issues. Step 8: My personal wheel will arrive in a month. Step 9: The delivery date has pushed out, but Jason says he's expecting them before next Christmas. Step 10: It arrived this morning. I've already put 300 miles on it. Step 11: You either get it or you don't. Step 12: I face planted at 18 mph
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    Yeah! The KS18Ludicrous and the KS18eXtraLudicrous👍
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    Major point here...he is at a closed race track, no crossing traffic or thing that comes out in front of him behind a parked car or a kid or animal that decided to rush cross the lanes without looking around him first...
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    Things (wheels, armour, etc.) are inanimate; they don't get things banned. PEOPLE do. Riding fast on the sidewalk when there are pedestrians is a d*ck move in my book, armour or no armour. As to the rest, it's all about perception. I often have no choice but to ride on the sidewalk; when I do, I ride at a moderate speed, and when I come across pedestrians, I slow down considerably, give them the right of way, stop if necessary...whatever it takes. What I'd call normal, civic behaviour. If a fully armoured guy proves himself a gentleman every time he rides by pedestrians, the armour won't be intimidating (rather, it'll create a positive association where they'll understand it's due to the dangers the RIDER is exposed to...or at least that's my experience); if that person rides like a bat out of hell and shows no respect for pedestrians, of course his armour (and person) will be perceived as that of the Green Goblin to passers-by I truly understand the point you're making, @enaon and @Nic, but I don't think this discussion should be about gear, but about how we conduct ourselves. But as the Dude from the Big Lebowski would put it, "That's just, like, my opinion...."
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    Wow you guys sure know how to probe a raw nerve. Since I survived two helicopter crashes and one faceplant I’m hoping @Smoother will consider printing me up a special certificate.