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    Jason is working on getting one for me to test so we can have some English speaking commentary on this new wheel
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    Dear Santa, I hope you and Mrs. Claus have had a great year so far. Has Rudolph been a good reindeer, and is he getting along with his pals? How are the elves doing? Please send them my regards for last year’s present. The silicone was so realistic! All I want for Christmas this year is to have my favorite “Marty and Duf Livestream” back on the air. I know I’ve been a bit naughty lately, but I’ve also tried to be super nice to compensate for the dark side. It just calls to me ever so often. If you only knew the power of the dark side, Santa! But I digress. Please Santy, bring Marty Backe on the show this weekend so it will be backe to good times just like it used to be! Also help Duf solve his audio issues for good this time. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Plus maybe a new Gotway Nikola wheel under the tree would be so awesome too. Or a KS18XL would also be a pretty good option. You’re the best! Love, Hunka. PS: I’m sure everyone will be watching this Sunday to see if you are able to grant my bestest wish ever this Dec 23 at 5:00 pm Pacific, 8:00 pm Eastern time! So I hope you don’t disappoint me! I’ll be wearing my favoritest Gotway “Mar-T” limited edition #1 T-shirt while watching the show. I just can’t wait!!! I’m so excited already to see the band backe together!
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    It's good)) but our reviews are the best in the world
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    I can quit any time I want! .................. I only have four wheels. One more won’t hurt anyone. Marty has 11. I am still good. Right?! ............ I could quit if I wanted to.
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    We had a short day with this scooter and after a group ride several people purchased it immediately. For the size of this package, this scooter really is amazing. It has absolutely no problems keeping up with my Thunder on city streets, and the 10" hills help it beat my Thunder up most San Francisco hills. It's definitely a nice scooter, check out my short review video here:
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    In an ideal world, maybe. In the same ideal world a skilled driver doesn't fall if the engine fails or the device stalls or the wheel blocks. So also these falls can be avoided by a cautious and skilled driver, in an ideal world. The cruel reality is that the overwhelming majority of accidents are due to road conditions, rider errors, rider overconfidence, and third person involvements, not to engine failures, flat tires, blocked wheels...
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    The more you look at it, the less ugly it becomes, but it's still not pretty. The Tesla is the best looking wheel Gotway has made so far.
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    All the modern eScooters are badly designed because both the front wheel is too small and the rider has too much leverage over the steering of the front wheel. A small wheel gets caught in the smallest of potholes and the over leveraged front wheel allows the rider to create his own pothole. All eScooters, with no exceptions, need a bigger front wheel, and not just a little bit bigger but a lot bigger. I want to see stand-up penny-farthings. That's an exaggeration but your front wheel on a scooter needs to be 20 inches or greater, and be quite hard to turn due to gyroscopic effects. Until this matter is resolved, eScooters will be about as safe as EUCs, which is to say not at all, but I suspect EUC riders make EUCs safer due to their constant anxiety of a face plant whereas eScooter riders are the type to text with completely straight legs. You should be considering an eBike as for any given speed eBikes are far safer than other electrics. No has ever or will ever crash a fatbike going 8 mph.
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    OK, glad that nothing happens, but Sorry I can't understand why the guy who fell Is so unbelievable stupid. Maxing out without protection isn't a good idea...and somebody wrote that he did fell in the past already... I am really pissed by this stupidity-this is bad for all euc riders and our and other euc communities. Even that TV channels in Spain have reported over that crash...in Germany this would have been end in a total Desaster, the German state would have banned everything according to eucs - even a euc helmet would have been forbidden here, because eucs and euc riders are *the pure evil coming from hell* and driving only rude and intolerant. If you wanna Kill yourself, you can do it, but do it with legal stuff like bicycles, motorcycles, your car our a knife - but please not with an euc, because the community and all others will suffer from that.
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    Things (wheels, armour, etc.) are inanimate; they don't get things banned. PEOPLE do. Riding fast on the sidewalk when there are pedestrians is a d*ck move in my book, armour or no armour. As to the rest, it's all about perception. I often have no choice but to ride on the sidewalk; when I do, I ride at a moderate speed, and when I come across pedestrians, I slow down considerably, give them the right of way, stop if necessary...whatever it takes. What I'd call normal, civic behaviour. If a fully armoured guy proves himself a gentleman every time he rides by pedestrians, the armour won't be intimidating (rather, it'll create a positive association where they'll understand it's due to the dangers the RIDER is exposed to...or at least that's my experience); if that person rides like a bat out of hell and shows no respect for pedestrians, of course his armour (and person) will be perceived as that of the Green Goblin to passers-by I truly understand the point you're making, @enaon and @Nic, but I don't think this discussion should be about gear, but about how we conduct ourselves. But as the Dude from the Big Lebowski would put it, "That's just, like, my opinion...."
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    The way my pecs now stick out, thanks to @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, I’d probably leave 2 grooves in the asphalt.
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    THIS JUST IN... The new Android version of the King Song App is now available (I can't comment on the iOS version, as I am not Appleiterate) and it now recognises the new 1554 Wh 18L devices. Download the Android version from the King Song website - https://www.kingsong.com/list-30.html If you have problems from there, I have also made it available here - https://www.roll.nz/content/22-apps
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    I agree with that as well. It's a kind of acknowledgment of the spectacle of someone riding on one of these. I've even had people pass me, slow down and stop in the middle of the road with people behind them, just to look at me. And I've had several people slow down to shout something at me...usually a good comment. And, I am guessing many cars are sitting at green lights watching me while a car is honking at them to move. All of these activities are bad news for whomever is driving and not paying attention to their own ride.
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    This may sound obvious, but have you considered taking it to a place that does clothes alterations and ask them to adjust where the velcro is on the strap? It's a trivial thing to do yourself if you have a sewing machine. I did that with Triple8 elbow pads, where a medium was too small and I had to trim 2" off the large's velcro strap.
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    You failed to read it with you lawyer hat on. What exactly is "averaging less than 1,000 watts"? When I ride along at 12mph on flat terrain my motor is using far less than 1,000W. Lets say its using 200W. Now, if I do that for one minute, then climb a hill for one minute using 1,200W what is my average? 700W ! is the answer. (200 + 1200)/2. So is this in line with the law? and more importantly, who's counting?
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    My biggest problems with clothes are the fit of most jeans. When it comes to shirts I think I am under the magic limit where the cut is still reasonable. I've had a few problems with jackets that constricts around the chest, but nothing major. I still have a paunch though, if not really a big one nowadays, without it I would have to go from 32" waist to less. In my 20s I used 29"-30" waist jeans. I would like to add some muscle in the shoulders, and maybe the lower arms. And I would like to fight my butt turning into mush, capitulating to middle age and gravitation.
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    Thank god. You finally, woke up from that sissy nightmare.
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    Someone around here made an observation that many people can see us as regular pedestrians, unless they are really paying attention to their environment. So they see via a glance that a "pedestrian" is at some distance from the car and they don't understand that the "pedestrian" is moving at 10+mph. Thus they may continue driving not realizing how fast the "pedestrian" is capable of "walking". Kind of makes sense.
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    Took the XL out for its maiden voyage today. It was short. About 5 miles. It's as cold as the seventh circle of hell outside (well, perhaps that's an exaggeration), and the annoying 20kph limiter is obviously still in full effect for the first 50km; sucks! Wish KS would allow experienced riders to remove the annoying firmware limitations when receiving a new wheel. Before riding I pumped 40psi into the tire. The valve stem isn't bent enough so getting the compressor tube's female end connected to the tires male end was a bit of a task. In the end, I suspect that I lost 3-5 pai removing the compressor tube from the valve stem.a I must have ridden with about 35-37 psi. My first impressions: This wheel is Badass; real slick. Deja vu. believe that I said the exact same thing after my maiden voyage upon the 18L. After I became to annoyed with the incessant warnings to decelerate from the KS app during street sprints, I took to the trail. The trails are naturally lower speed so the deceleration warnings were less intrusive. The temperature seemed to drop rapidly which didn't lend itself well to a longer.ride; The larger foot landings made the XL feel really comfortable in the trail. I am sure that once the speed limiter is removed I am going t have a lot of fun. The XL is heavier. The XL's weight penalty is noticeable when lifting or toting the wheel, but less less noticeable when actually riding. I had no trouble with tight maneuvers, and pendulum swinging the wheel once the proper psi was in the tire. I am looking forward to some great times on this wheel.
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    I'd only add to this that most icy conditions are much easier to manage than one would think. The only days that are really challenging is when winter rain falls and leaves your entire journey covered in a sea of smooth, glassy, ice. But those days are difficult for everyone -- cars, pedestrians and crazy electric unicycle riders alike.
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    New riding gear? I just hope Marty doesn't hold Backe when riding 😊
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    NonStopNeal explores Barcelona, on the Inmotion V8.
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    I volunteer to be shot just on general principle!
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    Forum member @houseofjob made this YouTube video showing his teardown of the Z10, including removal of the battery. He stated that it needs to be removed by wedging it out slowly, using it's own weight to help the process.
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    I'll probably order the CST or this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18x2-125-Mountain-Bike-Tyre-VC-5010-03/382177258177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Kenda K050 is another alternative. Thank you for the tip! This looks like a more versatile replacement for the original tire. The rolling resistance would not increase that much and it will have more grip on off-road trails. Interesting! I think the treads are to narrow for winter use and it will clog up with snow.
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    Marty's 18 mph faceplant has nothing to do with Gotway! He overlooked a bump in the path. Would have happened with every wheel. The new Gotways (with the new TO-247 mosfet board) seem to be very very good. MCM5 is the only wheel with no problem reported at all (in ewheels). MSX with the same board pushed a car for 6 minutes before giving up!
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    My finger is hovering over the down vote for that comment. Take it back!!!!
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    I finally bought my new riding gear. They should arrive in a couple of days, just in time for the arrival of the KS18XL. Leatt 5.5 Body Protector (Black, Large/X-Large) Leatt Black Large/X-Large Knee & Shin Guard Dual Axis Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet And a new pair of Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards
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    We Americans do tend to love our guns and the right to own as many as we want. It's in our constitution don't you know
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    My last crash was at about 30kph, I still managed to get my arms up in almost the correct angle, get my padded knees symmetrically down, shins up, get my fingers out of the way to land on the glide-pads. Even so the impact force was enough that I had to scrap the helmet afterwards. But after kind of "counting my fingers and toes" I rose and brushed myself off, swearing enough to add a few years in purgatory. Then I had to carry the bloody 17kg wheel the last 500 meters to my work. Be happy no person heckled me on the way, or I would be in jail right now No broken skin, no scuffed knees, no contusions. But the day after my muscles were really sore, like as if I had tried to benchpress an ox.
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    It's relevant once you realize that most suicide attempts by other means are unsuccessful, and singular attempts, never to be repeated. Meaning the person recovers, and goes on to live a normal life. When a gun is used, the "success" rate goes up by a factor of 6. Meaning the person is unlikely to get a chance to realize that life isn't so bad after all. Sure, suicide is not the same as other gun violence, but once you realize that most people who try to kill themselves aren't incurable depressives, they're people just like you or I who are going through a difficult time, you can start to appreciate that guns in the home in certain ways present a danger to you and your family.
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    That’s not a good analogy, the car being equipped with airbags and a seatbelt is something you don’t even think about, you just take it for granted. Gearing up is a ritual, it’s something you definetly have to think about and take time to do. I most CERTAINLY ride more aggressively with gear on then without. Without gear I feel completely susceptible and naked. I ride the sidewalks or take safer routes that demand slower speeds. Even putting on a regular helmet vs a full face helmet is a noticeable difference in my “risk taking”. Its not perception of invincibility, but rather that i tell my mind I’m prepared as much as I can be for a fall at speed so there’s no point holding back. But then again, I wear full gear all the time, so riding naked scares me more than someone who rides with gear only occasionally.
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    Yeah, in hindsight, come to think of it, I'm still not that wise nor sensible so ha! I defeated my mom's smackucation measures! AND I'm not even blind yet. So there. It was all lies!!!
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    If Usain Bolt was running at top speed over potholes, sidewalk irregularities, and slippery conditions and had legs which gave out on him unexpectedly and completely then maybe? In other pro sports like football and hockey, we see players suited up to the hilt. It's just part of the game and necessary if they want to stay in the game. For fall virgins, most don't realize that some falls can be pretty bad especially off a rolling platform that suddenly gives out at speed. We all think naw it can't happen to us. I'm a safe, smart rider then boom gravity and asphalt suddenly teaches you something different. We wear gear so we can try to keep in the game and not be sidelined, yet it still happens. Odds tend to be in favor of protective gear in saving one's butt. Sometimes though it takes a good smack to knock some wisdom and sense into people. I know my mother whacked me plenty! I wish I had bum protection pads back then, but I didn't have a choice. You on the other hand have a choice. Make the right one!
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    The one time I fell is off my boosted board when I was learning. Two weeks into it I got bold and stop wearing my full gear. That is the day I fell avoiding a car. Worst fall of my life, still hurting from it 9 months later. Looking back it was stupid and I do wish I was wearing my gear. Everytime I don't wear gear, I am taking risk. The other time I fell testing the braking on the new V10F, I didn't feel a thing because I had my moto elbow/forearm guards on, forgot my gloves. Didn't break skin. I popped back up like it was nothing. Huge difference. Those are the only two falls I've had, I don't want to jinx myself... LOL
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    Even if it did, the code says an average of 1,000 Watts. Even my MSX keeps an average below 1,000 watts. I can also set the speed limit to 19 MPH.
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    When I ride with three women, everyone thinks the EUCs are cute. We get a lot of thumbs up. When I ride alone people tend to be a little more concerned. ( female privilege I guess) Perception is a big thing in a world that runs on feelings.
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    Fernardo, it seems that you were really unlucky, it seems you have a faulty unit. If you are sure the wheel was off after the crash, not on blinking red but off, then I would say that you have a bad battery cell, the battery pack failed. There is an fairly easy way to rule the battery out. Assuming you have the white power supplu unit, the one at 61V/120W, you can charge the unit and leave it charging for 8-10 hours after the green light appears. It should go to over 62 volts when looking from the app at this stage. If it not, if the battery still shows bellow 62 volts after 10 hours of charge, one or more cells maybe bad. If you will, make a note of the battery voltage when the psu light turns green, and another note 10 hours later, do a couple of meters on it and break a couple of times, make another note of the voltage, and post it here. ps, 57% of batery life as reported by the app when riding slow on smooth terain, is not plenty of battery for our wheel class. It can turn to 30% the next second if a hill comes next or you start riding hard, and 30% means trouble. When you reach the 60% mark, it is time to head home slowly.
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    Speaking of gun deaths, they reached a new high last year. https://www.foxnews.com/us/gun-related-deaths-reached-40-year-peak-2017-cdc-study-finds Of the 40,000 recorded gun-related deaths in 2017, more than a third were homicides while more than half were suicides, according to the CDC data. At 14 deaths per 100,000 people, white men accounted for the highest percentage of suicide deaths by firearm. Black men accounted for the most firearm homicide deaths. However, suicide by gun is more like a serious way of checking out rather than an actual homicide, so I don't think that should be counted. Maybe have "death booths" so people can suicide with dignity?
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    sure, I misused the term, I am sorry. I thought it was common sense, apparently it is not or I can not express it right, I want to try some more thought, it's been more that 20 years that I had a chat with so many english speaking dudes, it's kind of nice. If an euc is not going to fail with no reason, if a cut-off risk is just in our heads, then ok, I agree, safety gear doesn't make you any more dangerous to pedestrians, although they will feel intimidated I believe. But if an euc cut-off for no apparent reason is a real danger, if one really believes it's going to happen anytime soon and gears up to avoid himself being hurt, then riding on the sidewalk is bordering reckless behavior I think. In that case, one took a machine that is potentially dangerous and out of his controll to begin with, put a helmet on to protect himself, and let others to the mercy of allmighty. I don't believe a cut-off is a real danger, I hope none really does.
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    I like to go out late at night and ride at 45 kph. I let the little guy point the way. ............. Just for the record people look less alarmed when I am all suited up with full body armor.
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    I don't think you realize that all our wheels can stop working at anytime whether you are going fast or slow. The possibility is there and risk isn't as low as you think. None of the components in the wheels are redundant except for maybe the batteries if you look at it being parallel packs. You don't have to be going fast for it to fail. Some of the worst falls I've seen are of people going slow and no protection. Slow means under 15mph. You would think you it is with in reason you can react fast enough to "run it off". Without warning there is no reaction and no possibility of a run off. You just slam to the ground.
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    It could also very easily be, They probably (or certainly) have a gun. Now I have a damn good reason to break into their house. America is full of stolen guns.
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    Hallo @Georg, das passt so nicht ganz. Schau dir §2 (5) KraftStG an, da steht: "Eine widerrechtliche Benutzung im Sinne dieses Gesetzes liegt vor, wenn ein Fahrzeug auf öffentlichen Straßen im Inland ohne die verkehrsrechtlich vorgeschriebene Zulassung benutzt wird. Eine Besteuerung wegen widerrechtlicher Benutzung entfällt, wenn das Halten des Fahrzeugs von der Steuer befreit sein würde oder die Besteuerung bereits nach § 1 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 oder 2 vorgenommen worden ist.". Also wenn du keine Zulassung hast, weil du dir kein Versicherungskennzeichen zugelegt hast, dann kommt für dich §2 (5) KraftStG zu Hilfe. Dadurch wird es weiterhin keine Steuerhinterziehung. Es wird einfach angenommen, dass wenn du eine Zulassung hättest, es ein Elektroauto wäre und damit steuerbefreit ist. Beachte noch, dass Elektrofahrzeuge nur noch bis 31.12.2020 von der Steuer befreit (für dann 10 Jahre, also wenn du zu Weihnachten 24.12.2020 dein Elektrofahrzeug bekommst, bist du noch bis 24.12.2030 von der Steuer befreit) sind. Danach muss du Steuer zahlen. Allerdings wenn du dein Kraftfahrzeug (dazu zählen elektrische Einräder, elektr. Trettroller, elektr. Skateboards) mit dem Zug transportierst (Pendler machen das meistens) kannst du je nach Anzahl der Fahrten, bis zu 100% der Steuer zurückzahlen lassen. Vergleiche dazu § 4 KraftStG - Erstattung der Steuer bei Beförderungen von Fahrzeugen mit der Eisenbahn "Die Steuer ist auf schriftlichen Antrag für einen Zeitraum von zwölf Monaten, gerechnet vom Beginn eines Entrichtungszeitraums, zu erstatten, wenn das Fahrzeug während dieses Zeitraums bei mehr als 124 Fahrten beladen oder leer auf einem Teil der jeweils zurückgelegten Strecke mit der Eisenbahn befördert worden ist. " . Straßenbahnen zählen nicht zu den Eisenbahnen, da dieser Paragraph ursprünglich für die Autohersteller-Branche eingefügt wurde (die haben eine Lobby!), damit diese ihre Fahrzeuge mit dem Zug transportieren und nicht mit dem LKW. Natürlich lässt sich dieser Paragraph dann ab 2021 für die Elektro-Pendler verwenden. Eine Einschränkung auf Gewerblich liegt nicht vor. Solltest du die Anzahl der Fahrten nicht schaffen, gibt es eine Staffelung: bei weniger als 63 aber mehr als 31 Fahrten sind es noch 25%. Gruß, Teran
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    It seems is not exactly intuitive for someone not familiar with electric motors, that the sign you've reached max speed is that you have zero torque. It should be, since it is entirely logical. If it were otherwise, there would be no max speed......... And if you have zero torque in a self balancing vehicle, it should be just as logical that is a Bad Thing™. After all, torque is what keeps you on the wheel, not splattered out on the ground. Torque is also what makes tilt-back possible, so when you ride the final tilt-back, you ride the margin. Another thing the "let's test the max speed" crowd seems to miss, is the geometry of a self balancing vehicle. It means that when you have no more power to compensate for you leaning forward, the fall will not be a slip and slide like a fall off a bike. It will be a sudden jack-knife effect, as the thing that drove you forward just became a dead weight anchor for your feet. If you're bloody fast you may get your feet on the ground and try to run at 50 kph - which of course you can't - then you will fall flat as a fish on hands, elbows, knees and if you're unlucky, your head. Even with protection, there is nothing. REPEAT nothing on the market, that can brace your arms and shoulders well enough to compensate for a stiff impact. The likelihood of a major breakage in your hands, arms or shoulders at 50 kph is pretty close to unity. Good padding with D3O may lessen the impact some, maybe stop the breakage at a fracture level, but don't bet on it. I've fallen at 30 kph because of an electrical fault, and that's no joke. I had an MC-jacket with built in padding, wrist braces, and knee pads. I avoided breaking anything, but even so I had a few days of seriously overstretched and sore muscles. I had to scrap the bloody expensive helmet, and be happy about it, since it did its job. The scratches in the knee pads, shows exactly what would have happened with my knees had I not worn them. The scratches on the skid-plates on my wrist braces likewise. I'm an old skater, and have fallen more times than I care to remember, which is probably why I walked away with no serious injury. My language as I stood up probably earned me some decades in purgatory (if I had been a catholic that is )
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    While everyone is busy reviewing Z10s and MSuperX's, I thought I'd try my hand at short EUC reviews for the few models that I currently own. First up, the Gotway Tesla. I'm saying that the Tesla is the best long distance commuter of 2018, find out why in the short video.
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