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    Oder so: es wird konkret ->Zitat ----------------------- https://www.elektro-skateboard.de/forums/topic/6740-ekf-demo/ 'Da die Demo noch in Planung ist werden die Inhalte noch weiter aktualisiert. Aktueller Stand ist 22.11.2018   Die erste Demo findet am 13.12.2018 um 12:00 Uhr in Berlin statt. BMVI Invalidenstraße 44 10115 Berlin Dialog mit BMVI: Vor der Demo sind wir zu einen thematischen Dialog im BMVI. Der Termin ist auf 10:00 Uhr angesetzt und ist auf ~90min angelegt. Wer zu dem Dialog etwas konstruktives Beitragen möchte muss sich bis zum 05.12. mit Vorname Name und Geburtsdatum anmelden und für den Einlass den Perso bereit halten. Wir treffen uns ab ca. 9:30 Uhr vor dem Ministerium. Die eigentliche Demo beginnt dann um 12:00 Uhr vor dem BMVI. Die Tour: Um 12:00 Uhr starten wir mit unseren Elektro-Skateboards sowie viele weitere EKF-Fahrer eine 10km lange Tour, begleitet von der Polizei! Start und Ziel ist das Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digital Infrastruktur in der Invalidenstraße 44. Start am BMVI, Invalidenstraße 44, links Luisenstraße, weiter auf Wilhelmstraße, rechts in die B2 Möglichkeit 01:, weiter auf Scheidemannstraße, links Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße Möglichkeit 02:, weiter B2 bis Brandenburger Tor, rechts Str. des 17.Juni, bis Großer Stern plus 1x komplett umrunden, abbiegen Altonaer Str., rechts Lessingstraße über Stromstraße, rechts Alt-Moabit, links Invalidenstraße, links Scharnhorststraße, rechts Habersaathstraße, rechts Chausseestraße, rechts Invalidenstraße bis Nr.44, Ende am BMVI Verhaltensregeln während der Demo / Fahrt Helm tragen. Mit gemäßigtem Tempo fahren. Es geht nicht darum zu demonstrieren wie schnell die Teile sein können. Außerdem wollen wir die Strecke so lange es geht ausnutzen um auf uns Aufmerksamkeit zu machen. Da nutzt es uns nicht wenn wir daraus ein Race machen. Mit entspanntem und sicherem Fahren hinterlassen wir vernünftigen Eindruck. Keine gefährlichen schnellen Überholmanöver links und rechts an anderen vorbei. Genug Abstand zum Vordermann. Links verbreiten: https://www.elektro-skateboard.de/forums/topic/6740-ekf-demo/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/360931367800561/ Hashtag #ekfd ----------------------- Zitat Ende. Nordlicht
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    Hello! New user here. Got my V10f and V5f about three weeks ago and i’m Now very disappointed that “winter has come”...;) Here are my two stands for the wheels.
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    Some months ago I had a driver run a red on right; this happens so often that I ghosted the wheel and let the MSuper slam into the driver side door. At night, I take a powerful flashlight with a variable focus, and hang it downward so I'm essentially floating on a circle of light. My guess is the downward flashlight works better than anything else at night.
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    You're really lucky about the Uber driver. I can really sympathize with your situation being a city rider. When I first got an EUC, I figured learning how to ride it would be the big learning curve. Nope. It was learning how to avoid getting hit by a car every-single-day. The stuff I've seen in my first year riding is utterly insane. I still struggle to believe how consistently every driver seems to do every wrong (illegal) thing at all times. I've spent time trying to deconstruct why I didn't notice how bad it is when I was exclusively driving a vehicle because it surprised me so much. I've lived in Tampa and doubt if I'd feel confident riding there. My current city isn't much better, just less populated.
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    I want to briefly share my experiance from last night on my Z10. I was riding in Tampa, FL and a car ran a red light and accelerated into me while turning into the far lane. I was moving to avoid him, but he accelerated to about 20-30mph directly at me. Long story short, I fell to the road and my Z10 became lodged under his car until the local PD recovered it. I just want to stress the importance of riding gear during these situations. I was wearing adequate lifesaving protection, but not enough to shield me completely. This was at night and I was wearing multiple visibility devices and had all the Z10 lights on. I was wearing a full face helm with reflective rear (not chin gaurd, but soft muzzle), padded gloves, full leather jacket, reflective LED wrist bands, and a reflective backpack. I can tell you now that all the gear I was wearing helped keep me safer than otherwise. I did impact on helmet, jacket, and hands. Unfortunately, my legs sustained injuries. See picture for the gear I was wearing (what I always wear on the Z10). Please do not ask for additional details, as I will likely be filing a claim for damages.
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    What's there to explain? Electronics, high power batteries, software, imperfect riders, imperfect terrain. You're not exactly getting into a capsule on top of a rocket, but in the same way, all systems have to function to keep you safe. Your safety gear is your backup, but it won't help you if you're thrown into traffic, over a bridge, or decide not to wear it. As for the skateboard, well people have been killed on those, even without power. The powered ones... well if the electronics fail you might be able to stay on it, but if one of those small wheels hits something you didn't see or failed to avoid, well... there was a nice example of a rider coming off some sort of boosted board a week or two ago... he was quite lucky... a little different timing and he would not be smiling, as it is he had on full safety gear, which may have been the only smart-thing he had done on that ride. It might be hard to say which fails more, the safety systems or the riders, but rest assured you need to be prepared for a failure. That's pretty much the way it is in life, EUC or not.
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    If you want absolute certainty, get an ebike or something else that doesn't fall over without working electronics. Otherwise, the residual risk is about the same that you fly in a plane and a wing breaks off. Or that you ride a bike and the spokes pierce the wheel and the tire breaks mid-ride. Can happen, did at some time happen, but won't happen to you. It's good that you immediately understand EUCs and their "weakness", unlike other people who think it's a good idea to test the top speed and ignore warnings or whatever. You can do two things: understand the possibility and act accordingly (wear gear), and then don't worry about it. If that's too much for you, EUCs are not for you. That being said, don't put too much weight on some horror story. Was he really going 15mph, or the 18mph top speed (it's not like you have a speed gauge in sight when riding), and didn't hear the beeps? Does he weight 80kg, or 150kg and grossly overstressed the wheel? Uphill? Weak battery from some seller with old stock? Maybe it was a real hardware failure, maybe it wasn't. Either way, it is not representative of any brand wheel. Not from the forum here, or any other place I know of. Current brand wheels, especially the ones with bigger batteries, don't just cut out without a good explanation (=something you did, no hardware failure on its own). In my opinion, the biggest technical safety risk is smaller batteries (like on the V8) that can be overpowered too easily (mostly by heavier riders, so not exactly your problem). Get the V10F and enjoy it
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    200% In agreement. I can hear those FETs in the power section screaming for help!!!! My GF fried one of those in 5 mins flat, while I was looking away doing my thing and her: Pendulums! 24hr Part from Digico and a soldering iron later and she was back in business. Told her she was lucky she had a EUC surgeon as a a BF!
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    La asociacion es de patinetes electricos comvocó hoy una manifestacion por el uso del VMP y los monociclos fuimos mayoría. Aquí podeis verlo:
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    Hi Steve454, thank you very much for your input. I already tried that, but that button only makes a soft reset. I also tried pressing that button before pluging the battery and following 30,30,30 sequences but nothing... it looks like the memory is full and there is no way out, so I have no sound at all. I also tried removing the internal battery and checking the can ports but i see nothing abnormal there. The unit has less than 20km so I am really stuck..
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    Indeed. It may be the greatest threat to the future of the community.
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    As I said up above, I bought an extra MSX tube when I bought my wheel from EWheels. Another benefit from buying from a good dealer. So, EWheels sells them, but probably only to their customers. I'll modify the title to this post.
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    If you replaced the dashboard with a new one, you must do this process with it apart (not in the tube) timing plays a role in getting this to reset correctly. you will have the new dashboard connect to the controller and battery (exposed) turn on your Segway app now and have it scanning turn on your dashboard as soon as you see it appear in the app window , click the button to activate the connection and it will ask to do a firmware update... say yes.. and it may restart the display and if it ask again to update, say yes and do it until its says its all updated. if you miss the window to do this process, you will have to disconnect the Controller from the battery... yes the controller, not the the dashboard. then try this all again.
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    There are downhill/MTB/BMX helmets with a chin guard, some even removable like on my summer helmet Cratoni C-Maniac (400g). Although the chin guard on the affordable Cratoni has already saved my face once, it only works as scratch protection, not for high velocity impact. Paragliding helmets are light in weight, comparable to heavier bicycle helmets. I’m waiting for my Icaro Skyrunner (700g) to arrive, as I needed more wind shield during the cold. (The visor is optional.) TSG Pass (900-1000g) is a common full-face here at the forum, though a bit pricey for me. I understand it’s made mainly for longboarding. (Not my photo.)
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    The DCESK8 crew hosted members of the NYC Eboarding Collective here in DC the weekend of November 3. At one point we had 80+ riders on the street at the same time comprised mostly of electric skateboarders but several EUCers were present as well as some escooters and OneWheelers. @Tishawn Fahie, a maniac on his Monster 100v, managed to capture some of the weekend's activities (while at the same time out-riding every single one of us) and produced one of his always-entertaining vids which was just released:
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    Hope you heal up fast. Is there a specific reason people faceplant as opposed to landing on their knees? So far, the several times I have fallen off, I go straight forward and my knees or hands catch my fall. That is very bad news for my knees, but good news for the rest of my body. I am still healing from my last fall 2 weeks ago (not wearing knee pads!!) , but it was relatively minor. However I have now landed on my knees enough to have several scars and downtime. Luckily, knee injuries enable one to get back on the EUC fairly quickly while healing. My last dismount at ~15 mph had me flying through the air, but both my knees hit the ground and my body remained upright. I don't quite understand the dynamics of the faceplant. From what I can tell, it is when someone is standing perfectly straight up, and tries to keep their feet on the pedals while falling. Is this a correct assessment? I make a conscious effort , especially when I speed up, to bend my knees, specifically for this option. Am I correct in thinking this will help? So far, that has seemed to mean I go down mostly on my knees. Safety 1st!
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    EUCs are not bicycles but we are fooled initially because they handle quite similar to bicycles and so the same level of protection we wear on a bicycle is the same level we wear on an EUC. Again, EUCs are not bicycles. Rather, pretend you have a bicycle that has a metal rod pointed into your front wheel along with a random number generator. Should you be so lucky, the expected number shows up and then the metal rod is rammed through the spokes of your front wheel, thereby tossing you onto your face, except instead of falling for a nubile teenager you're going face first into concrete. (100% of that song's words applies to EUC faceplants)
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    A couple of photos from our ride last weekend. The rest of the photos can be found here... https://www.meetup.com/ewheelgroup/photos/29371512/
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    Short Video From the last Meet up ( Ride the National Mall)
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    Fourtunately there was an Uber driver that was behind me and saw the whole thing to stop and file a report. I am very lucky about that, and glad that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I would also suggest putting reflective tape on the sides of the Z10. Perhaps the black reflective would keep it still stylish. Thank you for all the support. I learned a good lesson of trying to find backroads to avoid traffic, and never forget how unpredicable drivers can be.
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    Has encontrado la tienda donde yo lo pedí online. Me alegro de que sean tan amables en persona como por correo. Yo la aconsejo sobretodo para la v10. La mia es la F si quieres ver como me lleva por la montaña mira este vídeo
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    Las normas que nos convendría tener: MCE a mas de 25km/h: Mismo trato que a ciclomotores electricos. Casco, licencia y seguro obligatorios, ser mayor de 14 años. MCE a menos de 25km/h: mismo trato que a bicicletas eléctricas. MCE a velocidad de peatón: mismo trato que a peatones, casco opcional, licencia y seguro no obligatorios, edad minima de 8 años.
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    Yeah, I have mine wedged in with some foam mounting dots in the upper well above the battery. One on each side does it. Your V8 is the safest of the wheels that I own. I love the portability, and the weight is so well balanced that it feels lighter than a Ninebot 1c1. I totally understand that weight is a great feature of your wheel and if the new battery is only a little bit bigger, please make it changeable, because I would need somewhere near 80 miles for some of my rides if I want to do them round trip instead of taking the Metro transit back home. Also I have tried a friends V8 that was unlocked to 33kph and found it to be a fantastic ride. Perfectly safe and nearly the same amount of range. I always wear safety gear and a helmet so I was not worried. I feel it made me a safer rider in traffic because I had that extra speed in reserve for certain instances when I needed it. I am so excited about what you will come up with, so please think of these statements as encouragements more than a critique in any way. I feel you are on the right track and really cant wait.
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    Espero que tengáis suerte, aunque yo no tengo muchas esperanzas. Para que nos hagan caso ciertos políticos, hace falta un flujo regular de sobres "B". Como los que reciben de la industria automovilística, y conseguir privilegios que les han sido negados a los coches no va ser fácil. Menos cuando desde la DGT ya se han puesto en contra nuestra (y de cualquiera que use vehículos eléctricos no regulados) . La situación perfecta sería contar con un representante de los fabricantes de vehículos eléctricos no regulados, un representante de la agencia general de tráfico y un docente de escuela de tráfico que sean expertos en estos vehículos y estén a favor de su uso como parte de la solución al actual problema de tráfico y contaminación. A continuación deberíamos hacer un laboratorio de tráfico donde poner a prueba las teorías sobre seguridad y circulación. Documentar todo, si es posible con vídeos y hacer un estudio de viabilidad para normalizar el uso de lo vehículos eléctricos no regulados. Parece imposible pero universidades, asociaciones y casas de juventud buscan alojar ese tipo de actividades. Si se da la situación correcta puede que sea una experiencia única y gratificante