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    The first production XL pedals have been made, KS are shipping out the pedals & the first 20x 18XLs by air-freight early next week.
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    I am pleased to bring to your attention the WheelLog's log visualizer. This is a third-party service that is created by a member of the Russian community @wellsky. You can see how it works on my log with Z10. You can click on some point on the track to see details at that moment. Example: https://electro.club/map/3000 You can visualize your own logs, but make sure that you use "Log Location" and "Use GPS for location" WheelLog's options. If your track is displayed incorrectly - keep in mind that some phones have power saving settings that turn off GPS after a while after turning off the screen. Link: https://electro.club/wheellog Now active work is underway on the functional, so various changes may occur.
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    Contact the seller, the wheel is too new for you to accept self-repair.
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    Face planted hard this afternoon, right on a concrete curb and chiped a tooth as a bonus. I wasn't planning to go fast on the ride today, But decided to stop and setup a camera in an open area to test out the brake assistance feature on the Z10. straight run with a slight curve in the beginning and a straight section where I practice braking. First 5 run went fine but on the 6th run as I lean in to accellerate something went wrong and the z10 went flying and since I was in the curve section I flew face first into the curb. I had fallen plenty snowboarding, rollerblading and mountain biking but the speed of this caught me completely by surprise. Also had no idea what caused the fall. I checked the surface before hand and it was level and clean, the 6th run was no faster than the prior 5. and I was well under the speed limit of the Z10 with an 80% battery. learned my lesson and won't be riding without a full face now.
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    Thanks for the great update here so far. I went straight on and got a KS-18L NOB from eBay for around $1600 delivered, learned to run, it took me about 35 km, and by 50 km I was kinda good. Felt twice, nothing bad, the wheel fell maybe 6 times total, now I have 100 km and I do feel much comfortable with it. What I learned. The Ks-18L is very heavy, not a bit, it is very, almost to a point of me having to get an elevator to whenever getting out of train, I cannot drag it up the stairs, now the handle is awesome, until breaks, and mine just broke after 90 km, I took the thingy apart and notice that the construction of the handle is as Sh*tty as it gets for a Chinese product, it really sucks, but some reverse engineering and I was able to fix it. Another problem that annoys me since the beginning was that I found a wobble on the wheel, but reading here and there everybody says was my experience, well, guess what, I check the wheels with a dial indicator and found a 5 mm wobble on the wheel itself from deep to raised. I could not fix that, the best I could do was to re-bead the tire, reinstall and hope that it may wear off. Maybe I will buy that 18x2.5 wheel and tire from eBay, and hope for the best Plus, I am able to control the wobble a bit better at high speeds 30km +, with XP. Pros Very Fast Head Turning The battery will to go to LA and back to Boston You can turn everything, ride half day and still have battery Sturdy You can use two silent chargers to recharge the thing Cons Heavy Heavy hard to learn (huge curve) need good shoes, or it will slip out of your feet Mine came with an off-center bad tire takes a very long time to recharge with one charger You will need to pocket out $$$ for another charger Expensive
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    Progress update: My chip arrived from MRN76. As we were warned, it was protected from reading, so I can no longer JTAG flash a 'normal' version to help debug the MiniPRO-360, nor can I make a backup copy in case the MiniPRO gets stolen (etc). I removed the 'old' CPU by using Methylene Chloride solvent to dissolve and remove the waterproof coating on the MiniPRO circuit board. This is a dangerous solvent, maybe something less toxic will work, but I used the best solvent I had available. I work with these CPU chips quite a lot, so I used a pre-heater to 100C under the board, with a 420C hot-air gun to quickly remove the old CPU. My Hakko Vacuum-suction thingy safely lifted the CPU after only a few seconds, and I saw there was no damage to the circuit board. I carefully soldered the 'new' CPU in place, connected all the wiring and turned on the MiniPRO. First I placed it upside down to recalibrate the unit. That procedure went as expected. But when I turned the MiniPRO right way up it was apparent that something was very wrong. The platform would fail to level, beeping all the while, and a string of warnings from the app such as "motor is stalling, please drive more carefully." I heard an assortment of beeps, most frequent were one long followed by 3 short and one long followed by 8 short beeps. Figuring a CPU pin must not have connected properly, I stripped the circuit board out again and carefully checked the CPU leads, heating them to reflow the solder. They all looked OK. When reassembled it is still the same. So I guess I need to put the old CPU (actually I will use a new part and JTAG program it) and see if I can figure out what is wrong. Maybe then I will put in the modified firmware again, maybe not. I am not sure that I want to have a MiniPRO whose CPU is fully 'locked down'. Normally, at this point I could just flash in the old firmware and trace the possible hardware problem, but if I do that I can never go back to MRN76's modified firmware. So I change the CPU again, I guess...
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    Looking forward to receiving those puppies
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    Shortening motor is necessary for regeneration to work. If there is no battery, then the voltage will rise to 100+ volts and the main board will be burnt. It works always when braking or downhill, extremely hard braking is not required.
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    Or with some good luck just the hall sensor wires/connectors
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    Thats exactly why we have a BMS with our batteries. These BMSs check for overcharging, undercharging and they do the balancing and what not safety measures. And yes, balancing is important.....but your BMS does balancing only when it is charging from About 97%-100%. So i dont see the Point in charging only to 90%! It is in contrary not good for balancing, only for longer cell life. Yes, charging only to 80/90 percent doubles longevity of the cells. But at least all 10/20 charges you should charge to 100% as only then your cells will get balanced by the BMS. And btw a unbalanced cell can not lead to over or undercharge in Operation (and so fire) in General. The highest and weakest cell in a complet pack always triggers the safety mechanisms of over and undercharging when in Operation.....
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    Is there any visible board damage? This behavior has been seen before, but I'm not sure what it is and can't find a thread where it happened. @Marty Backe @Shad0z
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    Maybe the new video drivers may have hijacked some audio controls or rerouted them somehow? Even with the early first episode things looked pretty good in terms of video quality. It might be a good idea to do a trial run of settings ahead of time on a private livestream so Cindy can check in to see how things sound and look before going live? Or maybe Marty can try hosting it from his side to be broadcast on his Youtube channel? It looks like there's an advanced NDI setting that must be enabled, and there are a few different software options to help with streaming? https://www.skype.com/en/content-creators/
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    I want them to design a better motor and not this generic BS. the motors can be so much lighter if they use lighter materials. Also if they made the motors to be the size of the wheel instead of reusing the same motor but adding spokes to it. this explains why the 18" wheels feel so sluggish. because it is really the same motor they are using in the 16" wheels but with the spokes added. I want a light 18" wheel at 16" weight. I think they can do better on the axle, make it thicker to put in thicker motor wires. the electronics is good enough, the motor has some catching up to do. Make a 18" with a folding seat, maybe redesign the 18S to be a smaller package with a telescoping seat, magnesium motor. The motor is the heaviest part of the EUC, they can do a lot there if they designed it themselves or had some input into what they wanted from the motor company they are sourcing it from.
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    I love getting objective data like this. Feeling good about my Gotway wheels
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    "only 10-12 MB" is actually huge, IMO. I've seen lots of other livestreams with non-fuzzy members. As an example, take a look at our Episode 7 (I picked a random early episode). We both look sharp and at about the same resolution. That episode looked great. Something changed. And during our testing on Friday, when you disabled something, you said I became sharp again. So it's not a bandwidth issue between our homes. It must be a software issue.
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    The TSG Pass helmet is really good! Light and comfortable. They sometimes go on sale, the colors are not as popular. It isn’t a question of if you will fall, just a question of when. And when you do fall, depending on the severity, you could either jump back on or put you out for months with a huge blow to your confidence. What will bro is if you wear protection. But it doesn’t guarantee that you will not get hurt, just less. Just about everyone I know have fallen even the “pros” with years under their belt. For the first year I wore nothing. Escaped some how a dozen near really bad accidents. One where I went airbourn and came back down with one foot half off and the other foot just the toe. Seen so many accidents and one I our group having a concussion and can’t even remember the accident. Even Ian from speedyfeet has had a recent low speed accident that he is still recovering from. My suggestion is to gear up. Then you go with the speed you are comfortable with. Falling is a given. Just have to be prepared for it. Have fun!
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    Nope just my pride. I were in a way prepared it could happen. I saw the pot hole but a car overtaking a parked in uppersite lane into mine forced me into the pot otherwise I would had gone around it. Pitch dark, pure lighting, started to rain light again, pot hole was a luring trap ? But I were fully geared up and my Flexmeter took some impact and I ki da managed to partly roll/tumble with the fall over on shoulder. I had my bike helmet on a TSG Solid (It has a red led in neck/back). But helmet never took any impact due to my rolling motion. Actually quite pleased I managed to faceplant forward motion into a rolling motion. With a sense, I can fall and my saftygear works ??? But thanks for you comment and asking. Note: this was on my Inmotion V8. I think if had done this on my KS18L I might have managed to keep my balance due to bigger rim and better cushion effect of the2.5" tyre. I so miss my KS18L, as it is still away for trolley and lamp fix service.?
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    You became sharp when I was no longer broadcasting my video feed. Video on episode 7 was definitely much better though. We both have undergone Skype "upgrades" since then
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    Oh that. Montgomery thinks it has a lot of crime but it's actually 1/3 to 1/2 the rate of St Louis, and in my opinion it feels very safe. Everyone here is polite and chatty. Whereas St Louis is just awful. While I was there, the public transportation went from ok to "devoted to hauling human scum from ghettos to downtown and back". St Louis had to put just a crazy number of armed security on just about every car, and around five (!) cops at each station. Any less and there was assaults and muggings of the most stupid sort. My office actually stopped putting out our yearly crime report for a couple years, we just made it harder to get too, because things got that bad.
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    i think you have to try it attached to your wheel to get what i mean.
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    I would say the risk is higher with driving a car and it exploding. lol. when you crash in a car, you don't really get a chance to run away. fire in your house you can still get away out the window. not a bang and dead engulfed in flames.
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    The beeping is a little erratic, but it sounds like the Hall Sensor Failure diagnostic code. Check the Hall Sensor connection to the control board (maybe even disconnect and reconnect). If nothing found there and no shorts, etc. discovered along the Hall Sensor cables, it's probably an actual Hall Sensor failure in the motor. If that's the case, unless you are very adept at motor repair you'll have to buy a new motor
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    My brother has a tendency to get tiny twigs and dried leaves inside the 16S tire cavity. The noise they make is surprisingly loud, and he gets so annoyed that everything else stops until the culprit is removed. My guess is there is nothing (else) wrong with your wheel. One method of removal is to wrap a disposable scarf or a long rag around the tire from axle to axle, keep it slightly tensioned against the tire, and start rolling the tire until it brings the rag through the cavity to the other side. Hopefully the debris will follow.
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    I couldn't tell the difference between .8kg of weight in anything personally. I just know this helmet worked extremely well when my head hit the concrete.
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    Yeah, definitely a grey area here in Spain. But a few changes have taken place since 2016 (for the worse...) Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs, which is the legal category EUCs are in here) are mostly unregulated on a national level. The Directorate General of Traffic can't quite figure out what to do with us, as EUCs don't fit the description of motorised vehicles, but aren't considered pedestrians either, so the only things that are applicable nation-wide (theoretically; more on that later) are the prohibition of riding on the sidewalk (although Murcia appears to disagree, and Barcelona and Madrid have a few nuances of their own on that subject too) and of wearing headphones/earbuds or using your phone while riding. No insurance is required, and theoretically, no helmet either (although Madrid seems to disagree and using a helmet is mandatory). I stress the theoretical component because in theory, local regulations can't contradict nation-wide ones, but as you'll see below, they do anyway in many cases Beyond that, the law says that we can ride on the road in any town that has passed legislation allowing us to do so (which is a royal pain in the ass because EVERY TOWN can have a different set of regulations...). But then of course, most towns don't have any PMV regulations in place, so it's a grey area, and for the most part, the police ignore you. In larger cities, regulations are being rolled out, and for the most part, EUC limitations are becoming pretty crippling (The laws seem to have been drafted considering them as recreational vehicles and not as a valid means of transportation). In Barcelona & Madrid we can only ride in bike lanes (roadside or sidewalk) or roads where the max. speed is 30 km/h; not on sidewalks, not on any other roads (ironic considering that both cities have left-leaning, environmentalist mayors). Then, beyond that, more specifically, in these two cities: In Madrid you can't go over 20 km/h (ever), and if you ride on the road (only on the roads mentioned before), a bell and lights are mandatory. Minimum age to ride an EUC is 15. In Barcelona the max. speed is 30 km/h for bike lanes that are on the road, and 10 km/h for bike lanes on the sidewalk; you can also ride in parks and on pedestrian-only streets at a max. speed of 10 km/h. No lights or bells required. Fines for infringing the regulations go from 100-500€ (in the case of speeding, unless your speed is measured with a radar, which is highly unlikely, it'll depend on the cop who stops you and the mood they're in...). Minimum age is 16. Helmets aren't mandatory unless the EUCs are used for commercial purposes (a lot of Segway rentals in Barcelona). It's even tougher in Valencia and Murcia: In Valencia we're only allowed on bike lanes and max. speed is 15 km/h (fines go from 90€ for riding on the sidewalk to 500€ for riding on the road). Also on sidewalks (as long as they're at least 3m wide) if accompanying a child who's also riding an EUC. Helmets are mandatory for minors. In Murcia you're only allowed to ride on the sidewalk and can't go over 5 km/h. Other cities: Zaragoza: Same laws applicable to bicycles: Only bike lanes and sidewalks (funny because nation-wide, bikes aren't aloud on the sidewalk...) Santander: Grey area, no regulations Pamplona: They're working on regulations based on potential danger, but they haven't been approved yet so...still grey. Vigo: Not on sidewalks. No further mention of where... A Coruña: Not on roads. Only on sidewalks where signs specifically allow bicycles and only at walking speed. Granada: Not near the Alhambra (I'm not kidding), and not on hills steeper than 15%. No further details have been provided. Málaga: Only on the sidewalk, max. speed 10 km/h. Basically, it's a mess (you have to know the specific rules for each city). Outside big cities though...as long as you don't ride on the sidewalk, ride recklessly or put anyone in danger, you should be OK (and I have my doubts on whether you'd get pulled over for riding on the sidewalk anywhere outside of big cities) and the police will either ignore you or find you amusing. Most cops don't know law on PMVs anyway, and in the absence of local regulations, it's easier for them to ignore the issue than do their homework, ask the town/city council or burden the department (or their boss) with fines whose validity no one is too sure about... So in a nutshell, it's good old Spanish chaos, with one perk: Good old Spanish lack of giving a ***
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    It needs torque whenever the wheel changes speed Real answer: I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not a comparable problem. You brake, current goes in the battery, not out. EUC BMSes are designed to not switch off on too high current draw, and I hope the same applies for the reverse direction. So the batteries would just get a very high charging current for a second or two. I don't think that is a problem similar to the voltage drop from a very high current draw where the batteries can't give more (a sudden bump also happens much faster than braking, so it's a more extreme situation). Also, from what @palachzzz said somewhere, extremely hard braking would simply be the wheel electronics shorting the motor for tiny amounts of times, so that might theoretically even work with no battery connected(?). But don't hold me to that, it's just conjecture, how the electric stuff works exactly is a mystery to me. Practically, one barely hears about any buttplants. My guess is, before a decent wheel can't brake no more, the tire has already slipped. But maybe your one mystery fall was the wheel disliking the too high current? @Chriull Maybe you know. If you feel like it, can't hurt.
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    I've seen something similar with loose axle nuts ... I think it was on an InMotion V8.
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    I agree that attention is very important, but I am also almost certain that there are riding skills that have a huge influence on riding safety. My anecdotal evidence is that today I can ride through situations I would have face-planted two years ago. I even thought it is impossible to save or run off a clipped pedal situation, but by now I have (that doesn't mean I recommend clipping the pedal, I highly recommend to stay safely away from this kind of scenario). Bending the knees is the single advice I have. The more critical the situation, the more bent the knees should be and an acquired immediate bending reflex is a life saver. One reason is that bent knees allow to move the wheel "freely" around under the body. Moving the wheel in front of the body is the prerequisite for hard braking. Further bending the knees also releases weight (for a very short time) and allows the wheel to recover from being displaced (behind when caught by a bump or pothole, sideways in a slippery curve...). Of course knowing (consciously or unconsciously) and hence avoiding what is dangerous is another very important skill to be acquired.
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    If you're already considering the bigger battery now, do it! Nobody ever regretted choosing the bigger battery (except maybe people who really care about weight, but then you don't get an 18 inch wheel anyways). Sweet, sweet 50 mile range!
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    Then again, thete's this story, which shows all it takes is one ignorant, self important fool... https://medium.com/@treyharris/united-airlines-made-me-abandon-my-mobility-device-at-the-gate-before-my-honeymoon-8d74eee04038
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    Give them time to get the telescoping trolley right first Good point. It makes sense that they are using the same casings and pimping out some internal components to get the higher wattage. The motor recycling strategy is similar to how automobile manufacturers slap forced induction components on to a base engine as a cost saving measure to create higher performance versions of their model lines; Corvette Stingray - ZR1 comes to mind here.
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    That might be something that we should all be practicing more; the good old tuck-n-roll. Glad that you were unhurt. ??
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    I considered that helmet a couple years ago because it was stylish, inexpensive, and has a face shield, but I think it weighs close to 1.8kg/4lbs. From my experience, 1kg is a good weight limit for an EUC helmet.
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    For over 2-years I've been charging all of my wheels to 100-percent, generally overnight, and often I won't get around to unplugging the charger for a day or two. I've never had an issue. My oldest wheel, a Monster, sometimes sits for over a month at 100-percent charge. I'm still getting the same range out of it that I did when it was new. Anecdotal I know. I think people spend too much time worrying about the batteries.
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    Yip, and when i call it up now, it annouces prices from 1500-1680dollar....but as you said none of the wheels is available anymore. So yes, perhaps it was a 11.11. offer...but i can say that a price of 1275 bucks normally is not possible....not even for ali sellers....
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    Here goes my first encounter with a dog (that's not on a leash or behind a fence) since I got my wheel. Good thing I'd just slowed down after the curve or it could have very well ended in a faceplant. Equally good that the dog was small, old and friendly, 'cause there's no way I could have outrun an angry German Shepherd with the V8's factory 25 km/h "learner limit" 8
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    Yeah, it's not easy to put oneself into someone else's position, though it would be strange that you feel as free to move around with a 20kg suitcase to drag along than without. In the underground, nobody uses elevators unless they have to, just unnecessary waiting time. I tend to skip all elevators and use stairs if it's less than 6 floors. People may not work at the ground floor and not live at the ground floor and have friends that don't live at the ground floor... Apart from that, I hate when my wheel hits me and it makes quite a difference being hit by 14kg or by 22kg. Even though this gets less and less frequent, unexpected dismounts are sometimes difficult to manage and wheel weight doesn't make it any easier. If I want something with a strong motor that goes fast --- I use a motorbike Even then, weight is an important factor, in particular (but not only) off road.
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    Yeah, Thats all a matter of opinion. I cant see the weight Arguments as contra Point on a commuting Wheel, as Long as this wheel has a nice and usefull trolley. I for example use my Wheel all day on all Kind of Transports. Daily commuting, last mile, fun with the dog, short rides to Supermarket....The 20plus kg never ever have bothered me and i never pick up the Wheel other than Lifting it 3 stears up to my house. I can understand the weight factor when you live in a arpartment above 2nd or 3rd Floor and have no Elevator :-) But that's fortunatly not the case for me Unfortunatly, as Long as you want a real powerfull, fast wheel, you just need a lot of battery cells and a strong Motor. Both are heavy...Pretty much no way around that. oioioi...i am Pretty interested how you will like that! Especially as this is not the fastest Wheel on the planet! Keep us updated :-) I also would buy a half dozen for that Price :-)
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    Ouch. Glad you survived with only minor injuries. but I think you were lucky. I had a faceplant/cut-out almost the same time of day today, but walked away without a scratch, thanks to a full-face helmet and full gear. I probably would look like you (or worse) right now without it.
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    Piece of beveled perspex does it also via defraction photos will follow
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    @ir_fuel i wouldn't ride a bicycle on a road in FL. The speed differential is to great. Maybe europe drivers are more accustomed to seeing bicyclists but the way our brains are wired, some unusal vehicle without mass on the road becomes invisible.i'd be scared, that's all i'm saying.
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    Speaking of spandex, over the past few years there has been a backlash in New Zealand against cyclists who wear it in public places. IIRC, a few pubs, cafes and a hotel made the national news (not hard to do in a small country) by banning the attire in their establishments.
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    They're are a lot of pro/recreational cyclists around here. Lycra clad and on obscenely expensive carbon fibre road bikes. Good for them if they enjoy it. But many are very elitist. As I cycle to work I normally acknowledge cyclists going the other direction but they often refuse to return the gesture. Maybe something about my 16" wheel folding bike offends them. You'd think they'd be pleased to see another person on two wheels. Based on this I can't even imagine the animosity I will get on one wheel, especially a motorized one.
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    "It's not for exercising; it's for picking up chicks." I think trying to persuade other people, or justifying your behavior to other people is difficult. I would, instead, recommend simply dressing well which in turn conveys status (even if faked) and therefore a sort of justification.
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    @Colestien Well, most politicians focus on politics, anything else they are not really interested in. Don't expect them to wrap their heads around something as technical as EUC's BMS, LiPo vs LiIion batts, overcharge vs undercharge, etc. Riders of these devices are (still) a minority, so generalising the problem is the quick fix to keep the larger part of their constituency happy. This usually means it will get a lot worse before it starts to get any better (when the majority literaly buys into these devices).
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