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    Face planted hard this afternoon, right on a concrete curb and chiped a tooth as a bonus. I wasn't planning to go fast on the ride today, But decided to stop and setup a camera in an open area to test out the brake assistance feature on the Z10. straight run with a slight curve in the beginning and a straight section where I practice braking. First 5 run went fine but on the 6th run as I lean in to accellerate something went wrong and the z10 went flying and since I was in the curve section I flew face first into the curb. I had fallen plenty snowboarding, rollerblading and mountain biking but the speed of this caught me completely by surprise. Also had no idea what caused the fall. I checked the surface before hand and it was level and clean, the 6th run was no faster than the prior 5. and I was well under the speed limit of the Z10 with an 80% battery. learned my lesson and won't be riding without a full face now.
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    I want them to design a better motor and not this generic BS. the motors can be so much lighter if they use lighter materials. Also if they made the motors to be the size of the wheel instead of reusing the same motor but adding spokes to it. this explains why the 18" wheels feel so sluggish. because it is really the same motor they are using in the 16" wheels but with the spokes added. I want a light 18" wheel at 16" weight. I think they can do better on the axle, make it thicker to put in thicker motor wires. the electronics is good enough, the motor has some catching up to do. Make a 18" with a folding seat, maybe redesign the 18S to be a smaller package with a telescoping seat, magnesium motor. The motor is the heaviest part of the EUC, they can do a lot there if they designed it themselves or had some input into what they wanted from the motor company they are sourcing it from.
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    I love getting objective data like this. Feeling good about my Gotway wheels
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    "only 10-12 MB" is actually huge, IMO. I've seen lots of other livestreams with non-fuzzy members. As an example, take a look at our Episode 7 (I picked a random early episode). We both look sharp and at about the same resolution. That episode looked great. Something changed. And during our testing on Friday, when you disabled something, you said I became sharp again. So it's not a bandwidth issue between our homes. It must be a software issue.
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    The TSG Pass helmet is really good! Light and comfortable. They sometimes go on sale, the colors are not as popular. It isn’t a question of if you will fall, just a question of when. And when you do fall, depending on the severity, you could either jump back on or put you out for months with a huge blow to your confidence. What will bro is if you wear protection. But it doesn’t guarantee that you will not get hurt, just less. Just about everyone I know have fallen even the “pros” with years under their belt. For the first year I wore nothing. Escaped some how a dozen near really bad accidents. One where I went airbourn and came back down with one foot half off and the other foot just the toe. Seen so many accidents and one I our group having a concussion and can’t even remember the accident. Even Ian from speedyfeet has had a recent low speed accident that he is still recovering from. My suggestion is to gear up. Then you go with the speed you are comfortable with. Falling is a given. Just have to be prepared for it. Have fun!
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    Nope just my pride. I were in a way prepared it could happen. I saw the pot hole but a car overtaking a parked in uppersite lane into mine forced me into the pot otherwise I would had gone around it. Pitch dark, pure lighting, started to rain light again, pot hole was a luring trap ? But I were fully geared up and my Flexmeter took some impact and I ki da managed to partly roll/tumble with the fall over on shoulder. I had my bike helmet on a TSG Solid (It has a red led in neck/back). But helmet never took any impact due to my rolling motion. Actually quite pleased I managed to faceplant forward motion into a rolling motion. With a sense, I can fall and my saftygear works ??? But thanks for you comment and asking. Note: this was on my Inmotion V8. I think if had done this on my KS18L I might have managed to keep my balance due to bigger rim and better cushion effect of the2.5" tyre. I so miss my KS18L, as it is still away for trolley and lamp fix service.?
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    Dear Fellow Unicyclists, Soon I may be visiting some of the countries mentioned in the topic and since I am taking my KS along I will be gratefull for general overview of any restrictions/regulations you may know of regarding riding there. I have spotted some information in different parts of this forum but some of it seems outdated and aome dilluted/not very precise or contradictory. I am interested both in cities and smaller towns/rural areas. If and how the police treats/reacts/approaches you. Are there any unwritten EUC rules and practices? Obligatory safety equipment maybe? In return I am glad to share the EUC status quo here in Poland: Although not regulated by law (when you're riding you are actually considered a pedestrian), at the moment the EUCs seem to be accepted both in cities and in the country. Some guidelines have been issued fot the police to act according to the circumstances. So if you do not disrespect and do not pose danger to pedestrians, cyclists, general traffic, etc. the police should ignore you. Of course insurance and safety gear is always advisible but I have never been or witnessed any riders being stopped to check/verify that. Thanks for any information regarding the above in your countries or in the countries you have ridden in. Cheers!
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    That might be something that we should all be practicing more; the good old tuck-n-roll. Glad that you were unhurt. ??
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    I considered that helmet a couple years ago because it was stylish, inexpensive, and has a face shield, but I think it weighs close to 1.8kg/4lbs. From my experience, 1kg is a good weight limit for an EUC helmet.
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    For over 2-years I've been charging all of my wheels to 100-percent, generally overnight, and often I won't get around to unplugging the charger for a day or two. I've never had an issue. My oldest wheel, a Monster, sometimes sits for over a month at 100-percent charge. I'm still getting the same range out of it that I did when it was new. Anecdotal I know. I think people spend too much time worrying about the batteries.
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    Here goes my first encounter with a dog (that's not on a leash or behind a fence) since I got my wheel. Good thing I'd just slowed down after the curve or it could have very well ended in a faceplant. Equally good that the dog was small, old and friendly, 'cause there's no way I could have outrun an angry German Shepherd with the V8's factory 25 km/h "learner limit" 8
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    I'll let you judge that yourself Before you watch the video, a few things: 1) Sorry for the quality...€40 action camera with no image stabilisation... 2) Full-face helmet? (Forget that one) 3) Reckon I'm ready to make the MASSIVE leap from 25 km/h to 30 km/h? (and about ready for an upgrade?) 4) Let me know what you think of how well the V8 is performing on these hills (I won't ask about overloading because I already know hehe) 5) This is a GREAT place for riding, isn't it?
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    I believe the tricky part about whether you get injured or not, once you know how to ride well, is not about skill. Which is the scary part, because it's hard to control or allow for properly. It's about attention. Everyone is vulnerable to being inattentive. Maybe you're tired or got in a fight with your wife, or maybe you're distracted by a loud noise off to your side, or maybe you're so confident that you don't even realize you're not paying as much attention as you should. And so you miss noticing that weird thing in the road up ahead ... In short, I wouldn't assume even a high level of skill is reliable insurance against injury.
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    Yeah, it's not easy to put oneself into someone else's position, though it would be strange that you feel as free to move around with a 20kg suitcase to drag along than without. In the underground, nobody uses elevators unless they have to, just unnecessary waiting time. I tend to skip all elevators and use stairs if it's less than 6 floors. People may not work at the ground floor and not live at the ground floor and have friends that don't live at the ground floor... Apart from that, I hate when my wheel hits me and it makes quite a difference being hit by 14kg or by 22kg. Even though this gets less and less frequent, unexpected dismounts are sometimes difficult to manage and wheel weight doesn't make it any easier. If I want something with a strong motor that goes fast --- I use a motorbike Even then, weight is an important factor, in particular (but not only) off road.
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    Yeah, Thats all a matter of opinion. I cant see the weight Arguments as contra Point on a commuting Wheel, as Long as this wheel has a nice and usefull trolley. I for example use my Wheel all day on all Kind of Transports. Daily commuting, last mile, fun with the dog, short rides to Supermarket....The 20plus kg never ever have bothered me and i never pick up the Wheel other than Lifting it 3 stears up to my house. I can understand the weight factor when you live in a arpartment above 2nd or 3rd Floor and have no Elevator :-) But that's fortunatly not the case for me Unfortunatly, as Long as you want a real powerfull, fast wheel, you just need a lot of battery cells and a strong Motor. Both are heavy...Pretty much no way around that. oioioi...i am Pretty interested how you will like that! Especially as this is not the fastest Wheel on the planet! Keep us updated :-) I also would buy a half dozen for that Price :-)
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    The first reaction to so called clipless pedals is "what happens when you fall"? Well, it's like the safety you get when you attach your alpine skiing boots to your skis. As long as the force comes from a correct angle you remain locked on to your skis. But if the force comes from an incorrect angle you're released. When you fall off a bike with clipless pedals or fall off your skis it usually detach you. At least if you do so in higher than walking speed. Most accidents with clipless pedals happens at slower than walking speed since riders forget about being attached and rather than twisting your shoe out your trying to lift it off the pedal. In which way there's no chance off detaching. But in cycling it's more about the power in your pedaling that's the reason you want to be attached. In skiing it's more the same as in EUC'riding, but not quite. But if EUC pedal manufacturers are gonna steel ideas from another market I still think that the technology from bike pedals are more similar to what's needed. But I think we're gonna see someone make their own shoe to pedal attachment before we see any big manufacturers doing it. But when we do see it, we're gonna see some crazy off-road madness. =)
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    Ouch. Glad you survived with only minor injuries. but I think you were lucky. I had a faceplant/cut-out almost the same time of day today, but walked away without a scratch, thanks to a full-face helmet and full gear. I probably would look like you (or worse) right now without it.
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    Some months ago I had a driver run a red on right; this happens so often that I ghosted the wheel and let the MSuper slam into the driver side door. At night, I take a powerful flashlight with a variable focus, and hang it downward so I'm essentially floating on a circle of light. My guess is the downward flashlight works better than anything else at night.
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    I ride the Beltline in Atlanta most days on my commute. I've had a few occasions where cyclists or runners are rude but nothing violent. I usually ignore them. If someone happens to tell me that I'm not supposed to be riding that 'thing' on the path, then I take time to educate them if possible. Fortunately most people are very polite and treat me with the same respect I treat them. Hopefully that continues.
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    Doesn't anyone feel sympathy? Look at me! Here I am on my extravagant super carbon beast of a bicycle with more gears than you have on your combined fingers and toes. This baby cost me six months of salary, not to mention all the accessories. Out of the way ye lowly pedestrians, here I come. Look at me! Don't you think that my carefully selected, expensive Spandex outfit suits me? I just love to impress all my colleagues with the mileage I covered in the previous weekend and how I keep beating those commuters-losers who insist on taking the car or bus and have to stop at every red light. Look at me! Here I am on a Saturday morning and I've already cranked 20 miles. My face is all red, I am sweating like a fountain and this hill is starting to get on my nerves and... whoa! There's that guy again on his gearless one-wheel thing, just rolling along effortlessly WITH A SMILE ON HOS FACE! How does he do that? Why is everyone looking at him? Darn it, he's going to turn into my bike lane. MY BIKE LANE! That does it! I summon every cell in my body for the outerworldly thrust that will get me on his tail so I can tell him off: - MAYBE YOU SHOULD LOOK BEFORE YOU TURN INTO THE LANE, ASSHOLE! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET ANY EXERCISE ON THAT THING! Ha! My day is made.
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    Speaking of spandex, over the past few years there has been a backlash in New Zealand against cyclists who wear it in public places. IIRC, a few pubs, cafes and a hotel made the national news (not hard to do in a small country) by banning the attire in their establishments.
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    They're are a lot of pro/recreational cyclists around here. Lycra clad and on obscenely expensive carbon fibre road bikes. Good for them if they enjoy it. But many are very elitist. As I cycle to work I normally acknowledge cyclists going the other direction but they often refuse to return the gesture. Maybe something about my 16" wheel folding bike offends them. You'd think they'd be pleased to see another person on two wheels. Based on this I can't even imagine the animosity I will get on one wheel, especially a motorized one.
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    "It's not for exercising; it's for picking up chicks." I think trying to persuade other people, or justifying your behavior to other people is difficult. I would, instead, recommend simply dressing well which in turn conveys status (even if faked) and therefore a sort of justification.
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    @Colestien Well, most politicians focus on politics, anything else they are not really interested in. Don't expect them to wrap their heads around something as technical as EUC's BMS, LiPo vs LiIion batts, overcharge vs undercharge, etc. Riders of these devices are (still) a minority, so generalising the problem is the quick fix to keep the larger part of their constituency happy. This usually means it will get a lot worse before it starts to get any better (when the majority literaly buys into these devices).