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    The last air-freight consignment arrived on Thursday, we shipped a dozen Z10s late last week. The sea-freight shipment is about 10 days away, will be sending out a communication this afternoon with the options. It's a fair criticism, yesterday I've just completed an entirely revamped comparison table with current product line, there's quite a few products that are being phased out in an attempt to streamline & rationalize the line.
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    I made a socket tool to remove the right side axle nut. Time to return the 4 hour rental of the angle grinder. Thanks @Rehab1 for the tool slotting plan!
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    The Tesla is not worse than any other current wheel in the safety department. Not sure where this idea comes from. Maybe because the first batch had a few ones where a (bad) mosfet died right at the beginning? If you wouldn't worry about a 16S or msuper X or V10, you shouldn't worry about the Tesla. And you should wear a helmet anyways as any wheel would crash you if something suddenly fails (or you or bad luck cause a crash).
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    Love the "can do" attitude, and great picture
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    Sorry to hear your still not 100% but 95 % is not bad. Think of the 5% annoying pain as a reminder that your still alive. If you have resumed daily functions and have minimal pain then you probably did not tear your rotator cuff. If you go through basic range of motion shoulder activities and find a certain angle or position that causes excruciating pain along with diminished strength then you should have it looked at. I know my employment position is different than yours as I had employees to assist me for the 2 plus months post op recovery. If you decide to ride again pick a grassy area or smooth parking lot to help build your confidence. Even if you never venture beyond a grassy knoll at least you’ll be riding again. When riding trails through the woods last week I feel off the Z10 but was able to take 2 steps before tumbling. That really slowed my momentum. My bucket of bolts humerus held up well. No I did not tell my wife or employees as my better half has emphasized more than once to find another place to live if I injure myself again. I wish you the best and am so glad you still remain apart of the forum.
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    Have you tried Autozone or other auto parts stores? They loan tools for free, just leave a deposit. Might get lucky and find one with a 24mm socket.
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    so i just wanted to start a thread about the pros and cons of the modes on the tesla. there are three modes Soft, medium and Strong so what are the pros and cons of each mode? how does every mode affect riding over bumps, acceleration, and voltage i personally like strong mode it feels solid and you dont feel like youre getting affected by the bups and stuff as much while soft mode kind of gives this feeling of being "in sync" i dont know how to explain but the wheel gets affected more by your movements and thus feels more like a part of you not that hard mode doesnt respond but soft mode gives you this "feedback" and feels conected while hard mode gives it like this feeling of powering over everything unaffected so what are your thoughts? see it like a survey. im trying to get some input on this, especially tesla owners
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    You don't watch every minute of every EUC video published What's wrong with you man
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    Out of how many hundreds or thousands of wheels. Every wheel made can potentially have a random failure. If the Tesla had a design flaw, then given time, every owner would experience a failure. We don't see that with any wheel currently being sold, including the Tesla.
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    i had a funny remark a few weeks back. just when I bought my MC jacket and MC pullover trousers. It is not notthing I have not had before, it was more like hos it played out. I just bought these MC things, kept them on as I rode out of the shop to the amusement og the shopstaff. The after a few hundres meters or km I am at the town center/walksing streed that they are reconstructing so I had to start trolleying. These two elderly drunken ladies, not far from liquor store, passes me as they do one of them stops and started one-eye eyeballing me, like a pirate (she had 2 eyes, just squinting one of them) and asks: "Are you an alien?” short pause then leaning forward, putting her head close to me and kind of whispering...”you know from outer space?" then she breaks out in laughter and her buddy start half grinning half giggling. I kind of pulled back a little, straiten my back as I do. Then I leaned back in, squinting her back in best pirate style as I can muster...."Nope”.....the magical pause...kind of whispering...”I am from Denmark" then breaking out into my usual big fat grin as I usually have when riding my KS18L. (To those that are not from around here, Swedes view Danes as being oddly at times) The result was priceless...they stopped laughing both of them just a sec, then jaw dropped, then laughing even harder. One of them so hard she had to hit her legs santa laughter style. Now needless to say this kind of spread to like 10-15 people around us due to the pathway on the town centre is so narrow and many people doing after work shopping. This is how I looked (had my visor up), you even slightly see my grin behind the face cover. .
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    I was thinking the "I've" in your sentence seemed the wrong choice of word, thinking it should be "i have" instead in that context. However, i then noticed your location and said it in my attempt at an Irish accent and it completely made sense.
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    Worst: a group of guys watched me riding towards them, but from across the street, for what was easily a block. Clearly curious. Necks craned, all eyes on, the works. But waited until I was half a block passed them to scream "GET THE F**K BACK HERE! I WANNA SEE THAT F***ING THING!!" And some various other expletives after I only gave the barest of glances over my shoulder and speed off at 20 mph. Just COMPLETELY uncalled for. I'd have been happy to stop and talk/show it off if there had been some civility and courtesy in the request.... Best: loads of that's awesome/cool/crazy or any others to the that extent. Just this evening I was called over by about the most polite kid on the last leg of my ride going through the college campus. "Sorry, but what is that thing, sir? (I'm only 35 and get constantly carded at liquor stores, come on! Lol)." "If I could ask what is that? Would you mind if I try it, sorry for asking." I let him try and held him up so he could get a feel for it. Gave him name of the wheel, prices, all that good stuff. Even pointed him towards ewheels.com. Hopefully have another wheeler out there soon!
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    Yep, familiar with YouShop, although your and my definitions of small fee may differ on that point. I find them horrible honestly, used them for a few k of electronics gear from Amazon a year ago and half the stuff came with damage and some not at all. Sorting it out with them was a nightmare i won't go through again. Have ordered them now from Demon United but would have preferred Amazon (without YouShop) if i could. Also, i think the customs limit is now reduced to $240 limit or something like that before tax is added, new rules not sure if in place yet.
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    The podcast is now on Google Play, Itunes AND Spotify! RSS FEED for Marty & Duf's Podcast! - https://eucarmy.com/feed/podcast/ Google Play Link for podcast - https://goo.gl/qj2KbN Spotify Link for podcast - https://podcasters.spotify.com/podcast/4qnBgzhXw5vJHMrnq49utw Itunes for podcast - https://goo.gl/yVMFQ9
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    Oxygen sensor sockets are 22 mm. Vernier caliper says 24 mm axle nut. Probably worth taking the nut to the vendor and try out the fit hoping for some play in the socket. A guy on Canal St in Salem, MA who runs a repair shop for motor cycles said to look at 'Snap On tools'. A 15/16 inch (24 mm) pm - particulate matter sensor socket with a 1/2 inch drive can be purchased. https://store.snapon.com/Sensor-and-Filter-Sockets-1-2-Drive-SAE-15-16-Sensor-Socket-P891694.aspx It looks just about right in terms of slot size. $43.75 I think I'll wait a bit.
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    As a long time reader but not so long time contributor to this forum, please let me introduce myself: the name's Jens, I'm German native, but living (and riding my EUCs) in France, Normandy region. I have been learning on a Ninebot 1s2 and currently upgraded to an Inmotion V10F. Engineering background and studies, currently working in the automotive industry. OK, so when upgrading to the V10F, there were some additional features, the Ninebot did't have, for example the head- and taillights. Not the most important, but the ones this post is about. This of course brings a first night ride on the plan, thing I avoided on the 1s2, I didn't feel secure enough. I might need to add that I'm not riding in the city but countryside, smaller roads which are well shared between cars, bikes and pedestrians but at night completely dark. The headlight on the V10F is bright, and at first sight quite well oriented, you see the road and what's around you. Nevertheless the upcoming traffic let me know quite quickly that the light is blinding them. It is true for my wheel, as well as for most if not all others, the headlight is a more or less bright LED chip with either a reflector or a lens. These lenses/reflectors haven't been given a second thought obviously, as they are projecting a circular light beam which opens equally in all directions including the upper direction just like a handheld flashlight would. The part of the beam directed upside is blinding upcoming traffic, it is like driving your car or motorbike with the high beam permanently on. We could argue that this way at least we are seen which brings security but personally I don't agree. A blinded upcoming driver is disoriented and could steer towards you as he will by instinct fix the light source and automatically go that direction. Only few of us (manly motor bikers) are trained to do the opposite. I was thinking about the solutions that are known to me. How is it done for motor vehicles? Well for the older ones, a combination of reflector and diffuser was used to form the light beam to a certain shape. In modern cars the same is achieved either through ingeniously formed reflectors or lenses, which can even be oriented in some higher-end vehicles. In all cases, the beam is shaped in a way that the upper part is cut off or redirected downwards, the same for the outermost left part for left-hand drive vehicles (right part for right-hand drive). I wanted a simple solution which can be applied by everyone with the least modification to the EUC, especially if you still have warranty on the device. So what do we need? The EUC (obviously), it's software or phone app, some electrician's tape, a wall perpendicular to the ground (ideally a bright color, but not necessarily) and 6-10 meters distance to this wall. Preparation: power up your EUC and your app and make sure that the inclination of the pedals is set to your liking. Step 1: switch on the headlight and move your EUC the closest possible to the wall so that you see the light spot on the wall and have just enough room to tape a chunk (20-30 cm) of electrician's tape to the wall. The tape should form a horizontal line. The lower edge of the tape should be aligned with the upper limit of the light spot. Step 2: reverse from the wall, put a maximum of distance between your EUC and the wall in a way that you can still clearly see the limits of the projected light circle (6-10m should do) as well as the previously installed tape. Step 3 (base version): tape a piece of electrician's tape of 3-4 cm length horizontally over your EUC's headlight in a way that the upper limit of the projected light circle is cut and the limit corresponds to the lower limit of the tape strip on the wall. Step 3 (improved version): tape a piece of electrician's tape of 3-4 cm length over your EUC's headlight inclined to the side where opposing traffic usually comes up, i.e. inclined to the left for countries with LHD cars, right lane traffic and inclined to the right for countries with RHD cars, left lane traffic (in the UK and Commonwealth). Taking the example of the LHD version, the lower cut of the light beam (on the left) corresponds with the lower edge of the tape strip on the wall. I attached a small PDF file to put some images to these steps for your convenience. The improved version has the advantage that you still can see further in front of you, better anticipating your surroundings at night (pedestrians who want to cross the street, ...) as opposed to the base version where you only see what's on the road. I have tested both, I am more at ease with the improved version on our dark countryside roads. No more complaints from upcoming traffic so far. An even further improved version would need to cut the tape to shape, more or less a 'H' shape without the upper left and lower right dash for countries using LHD vehicles, right-lane traffic (without the lower left and upper right dash for countries using RHD vehicles, left lane traffic). I haven't pictured this as the idea came later on. Well, I hope that this first technical post of mine was understandable and will be of use for you. If any questions, comments or further improvement ideas don't hesitate. EUC headlight antiglare mod.pdf
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    The dumbest one I got was, "that's pretty cool but it still looks silly, I'm sorry."
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    Probably a better way to inform where I am in the pre-order queue is to post this info: " Mid Nov shipment expected for those pre-ordered by Oct 10." Feels like having a mail ordered wife somewhere on the way: having seen pictures and videos, just do not know if the chemistry works or not.
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    But the wheel is so light you dont really need a trolley handle. You can just carry the thing.
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    Best viewed on a phone, IMO.
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    You're not selling the Monster anymore? Corrections: Z10 does have included optional side pads Z10 does have BT Speakers You say that the Tesla has no rear light yet you say that the MCM5 does? The Tesla has very effective brake lights and so does the MCM5. Oh, this also applies to the Mten3. The MCM5 has optional side pads, but you don't sell them. The Mten3 absolutely does have side pads The Mten3 absolutely does not have a Quick Motor Disengagement. Many of the range numbers are strange (51-miles) and overly optimistic for the typical Westerner, but that's my opinion.
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    The full picture is still emerging, in all of the cases, the failures have 1) happened nearly out-of-the-box, 2) after charging, i.e not while someone is using it. Getting Engineering involvement from 9B has not been easy, hoping to get some more insights on this problem next week. There's still some gremlins with this V10 series, after all the hassle/expense relating to the recall, not entirely sure what the future holds for this model after the current stock is sold. Wholesale price delta between the 1300Wh & 1600Wh is fairly insubstantial, relative the cost of the Wheel, that it doesn't make sense to stock the smaller pack.
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    Hi all, first post. I has included the question in this thread because I think that it alings perfectly with the topic and It's not necessary open a new one. I was searching information about Gotway Tesla in the forum when I found this thread. I bought one and I'm waiting for it. I didn't do a deep investigation about the product prior to the purchase and now after read through this forum I'm very worried about quality issues. In my opinion a fail when you don't use or push product to his limit (speed or battery) is unacceptable. The ratio of failure in common use conditions must be negligible. Are there new stats from dealers or technical services about Tesla's issues? or same horrible data about quality after 1 year? I apologize if my english is not correct enough. Thanks for share your knowledge and experience.
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    After thousands of km and trying 8 different wheels on different settings, the 16S soft mode feels so much softer than anything else (perhaps the 3 year old MCM soft mode excluded), it feels like a balancing challenge instead of a riding mode. Like ”let’s see if you can hold on to THIS one!”. I don’t think the manufacturer was being funny, but it does feel funny to ride. What their motive was for doing a mode like that is unclear to me. I think a mode halfway between the soft and medium would’ve been a lot more useful instead, for most people.
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    Recently, I have been looking a bit at the Gain Protection gear... Being Australian, it may be less known in Europe or the USA, but as it is designed for "kick-scooter" type activities, it seems to me that it may be practical for our absurd hobby too. So, I'm wondering if anyone has tried this kit, or has any comments about it?
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    @zugu please quote me i have just seen your message now Actually with Gearbest no, but i think with another there's some promo Really you want ? wait next 11-11, big prices fiesta なります !
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    I couldn't find something that looked like 18XL tire there, but perhaps Kingsongs pictures aren't correct. I would probably damage some of the protection, a risk I'm willing to take. With @Xoltri solution I'll only drill 5 mm into the tire, and if it doesn't work I'll buy the tire I linked. I bought the Onewheel+ in late October last year. From December to April I could only ride in our small and damp one car garage, and the joy of the OW made me spend a lot of time in there. That makes me very motivated to put spikes on the XL:)
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    I guess the dumbest thing anyone ever said was " Are you riding that thing right now?" I said, No I was riding it earlier. You are just seeing me now. It stays balanced by warping time. I got a puzzled look as a reply. I know that - Are you riding that thing right now? - translates to- I can't believe my eyes. I tend to take things too literal.
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    Its a shame there are no standard tests that all manufacturers can adhere to so that we can compare like with like. Battery size seems to be the best indication of relative range for now.
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    Listen people. It is frustrating when the wheels that we love so much have chronic quality and safety issues, and inaccurate instrumental readings. However, the manufacturing process is a lot like people in the sense that it involves continuous improvement and growth, and like people they need room, patience, feedback, and support to do this. The goal of the manufacturers is to perpetually sell the wheels that they manufacture. For the following reasons there is no possible way to develop a thriving and sustainable industry ecosystem with fraudulent methods: 1. Fraud is a crime 2. Fraud is a crime of intent. There is no such thing as accidental fraud. If fraud is committed in any circumstance it is intended. 3. Since fraud is a crime of intent, an accuser must demonstrate fraudulent intent. 4. To establish intent, one must demonstrate motive and gather evidence through investigation/research. Suspicion should lead to investigation not accusations. 5. It is fallacious reasoning to claim intent without first establishing motive. 6. It is irresponsible to openly accuse any business of criminal behavior without evidence. Inaccurate reporting of range and speed, quality control, and safety issues are certainly errors that need to be addressed, but they do not necessarily suggest fraud. All good manufacturers pay attention to the needs and demands of their buyer's and seek to address them through a process of continuous improvement. If you suspect fraud please don't take the the suspicion lightly. Do enough some digging to establish patterns and motives, and report them to the police and other stakeholders. A business owner is committing the crime of fraud should be imprisoned, or in the very least not allowed to conduct business. A company that makes considerable efforts to listen to its customer base and continually make product improvements is by my estimation a company that is demonstrating integrity. Again, fraud is a type of lie. The type of lying that fraud represents is a crime. A lie is always intentional and never accidental. Unsupported accusations of criminal behavior helps no one. IMHO, although I see several manufacturer errors and places for improvement, I see these as opportunities for refinement and growth. I think the growth process in any new industry is going to experience some learning through trial and error (hopefully not to the degree that people are maimed or killed). Currently, I fail to see any possible motive for fraud in an new industry where the products are constantly subjected to third party and consumer testing. My two cents.
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    Looks like the DMCA has been removed from the repair of "motorized land vehicles". Unfortunately "It's still illegal for companies in the US to sell DRM-breaking tools commercially," at least according to the article below. Note that it seems Public Domain release would appear to be legal now, and may (eventually) allow widespread repair of MiniPro (so we can make them safer by removing push-back, for example). Interesting... https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/10/26/us-copyright-office-says-circumventing-drm-repair-certain-electronics-including-phones-smart-speakers-now-legal/ Note that the stickers Segway uses to stop you disassembling anything are apparently already illegal... https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/13/17349568/hyundai-nintendo-sony-updated-warranties-ftc-warnings
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    I did send out a feeler to see if they were keen on having an NZ distributor, but didn't hear back. Perhaps I should go with Demon instead? But now that I know they have a sale on, perhaps I will invest in a set for me...
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    I can't help myself. Why are you limiting yourself to those two wheels? They are both rather long in the tooth, as this is late 2018. These wheels were created 2+ years ago. And anyone who proclaims themselves to be "a major speed freak" should not be looking at the slow V8
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    Yes, sure...... Its allways funny to see „range announcements“ on any kind of wheel. Whoever had some experience on driving EUCs knows that the range depends such heavily on weight of rider, speed, driving characteristics, weather, temperature, and what else not, so that any producers range annoucements are on laboratory setups, like 65kg rider, driving 20kmh steadily without any winds at a perfect battery temperature and at best on a belt.... Realistic are consumptions from 10/12 to 20/22wh for one km. So in bad conditions i would say 50km for 18L\ 80km for 18XL.. And in best conditions 80km for 18L and 130 for the XL. So comparisons are nearly not possible as long it is not the same rider on same ride on same day doing the exact same thing. And that does not only go for KS wheels! My 2 cents.....
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    Ah it's been a struggle. After seeing the latest multi-legged metal alien bug implantation surgery (see below), I'm still wary of hopping back onto the one wheeled horse. I can't afford to miss work for 2-3 months plus further recovery time. Fun's fun, but I got bills to pay. I miss riding though. I still have all my wheels, but I might sell them off sometime as they are collecting dust. The Tesla I've lost some trust in because it dropped me for reasons I still haven't quite figured out. My arm is still bugging me a bit, but I can function 95% just fine during the day at work so that's good. I'm still debating whether to have it checked out, but it does feel like it's getting there slowly but surely. Thanks for asking! The accident hasn't stopped my interest in these wacky rides, but it's more the fear of serious injury interfering with work that has me keeping away. That guy above broke his arm at 11 mph (17 kph) so I count myself lucky flying off at 22 kph. This is no hobby for the weak boned.
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    "Wait, you can see me?" Bend down and start tapping the side of your EUC, "My cloaking shield must be playing up again!"
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    I ride sometimes with NMDs and Yeezys. It's up to the rider but I prefer shoes that have flatter, stiffer bottoms like my Jordan 4's or some Vans high-tops.
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    The video of the guy who set up his EUC to play the Jetsons car flying sound as he's rolling is awesome. Might have to figure that out.
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    That said having a momentum helps the wheel to climb a bump/edge/pothole. If you go slow the motor have to carry you, if you go fast the motor might not be able to maintain balance. Somewhat inbetween is most likely to be ideal but every situation is different so this is where rider experience and practice and the different roads/terrain experience will help you. It is easy to go fast, and too fast. Imho anyone riding EUC is bound have an accident sooner or later. The speed you have when happens partly determine the outcome. Trust me, I have had accidents on bicycles and my EUC. Some more painful than others. It is part of living ?
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    starter - after two weeks bounced off speed limiter all the time 11ish v8 - after a few months bounced off speed limiter all the time 19ish Tesla - 25ish happy as can be until I got the Tesla I spent my time bouncing off the speed limiter on my first two wheels which ruined my riding experience. Now when I hit the limit (29) I kind of agree with the fact I might be going to fast and need to slow down.
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    @Bob Eisenman Here is the socket I made for Marty. Once you determine the correct sized socket you can cut a number if slits in the side and then use a powerful Dremel to clean it up. Hunka is correct that leverage is the key.
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    Two on the way. It's been in the forties (F) this week. City Sq. Park - Charlestown
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    You can get Kafuter 704 RTV white silicone sealant on eBay for cheap. Vibration and unsupported/secured wiring can do some wiggly things over the miles. Why risK it over a $3 tube of silicone? They should use some sort of automotive/moped type weatherproof connectors that securely lock in place rather than rely on silicone goop. Oh well, maybe some day...
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    Yes and yes. Shoulder is getting better, but it still isn’t 100% yet. More like 75%. At least range of motion is a lot better! Early snowfall has been melting away so that’s good. I see my Tesla and Ninebot parked in the hallway, but the urge to ride just isn’t there any more. The injury after 2000 km has cooled my jets unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching other people ride! Bunny is being bunny. Still gotta stop it from eating it’s own poo. Yeah I know it’s their nature, but I don’t want to see it happening outside of the cage. Word to the wise - don’t get a bunny for a pet. Good to see the biweekly Youtube EUC show still going strong. Marty was a little on the low res side this week, but at least the ASMR sound effects and echoing are gone!
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    All three of your choices are great wheels, more or less. Ninebot One S2 - sleek, sexy, slow. Not going to last 15 miles on a single charge unless you ride gently. Not great for off-road due to low power and 14" wheel. Too pretty to get dirty. Awesome wheel for what it is, if you can adjust your expectations. Buy only at a (steep) discount. KS 14D - sleek, sexy, snappy. Good power, great design, battle tested. Probably OK for smooth dirt trails; 15 mile range depending on your speed. Kingsong neurotic personality; tiltback speed reduction kicks in too early. Don't pay full retail. Inmotion V8 - sleek, snappy, 16". Not going to last 15 miles either. Better than the 14" for off-road. Reasonable power and battle-tested; great quality and great design. Buy on sale only; new V8s have been discounted many times. You will probably want to upgrade after 1-3 months after buying the S2, and after 3-6 months of buying the 14D or V8. May I suggest the GT16 if you can find one in your price range? It's not quite the same quality as the above three, but it has a lot to offer.
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    I am now having my nice double charger setup I charge with 2 chargers for 57.1V, and then unplug one of the chargers from mains, but after that, voltage in CD display drops to 56.6V, is that behaviour to be expected? @hobby16, any idea what that is? Also the voltage bleed that should be so bad, shouldn't that be much less probably to happen when charging to 58.1V instead of full charge? Yesterday I charged to 100% (CD disengaged, and rode from 100 to 31 according to NB app, so is this 100 to 31 better than 95% (58.1v) to 25%? a do recharge imideately after.
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    I did not steal the idea of rolling back firmware by replacing the server! March 2016 - I began to study the processor and the structure of a ninebot one e+. 06.12.2017 the founder of ninebot.run came to me with ninebot mini with the request to help roll back the firmware from 1.4.0 to 1.1.7 Over time, people came to visit me, and I created a database of all the firmware that came out. I read them from device processors. Then I studied the structure in detail, wrote an application that works with the processor dump. Met with Alexey, we found how to construct the device protection. Then I accidentally found a way to raise the speed. Alexey helped me to make it maximum beautiful. Next, Alexey understood the algorithm for encryption of firmware 1.3.1, 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.9. At the moment, Alexey has written an android application, for firmware devices. But this app is only for his friends. Now Alex has remodeled encryption on his own, and soon will be released version for the whole world, so that the fans of the device could enjoy the work of the device. To what those 3 people did we have nothing to do, we did everything absolutely differently! At full charge, you can safely go 25km and even 26km, but after counting, having done a lot of tests we stopped at SAFE speed. Even riders weighing 110kg drive safely. I apologize for the translation, and it's very insulting that you accuse us of stealing.
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