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    Hello all, This is just preliminary information and project in progress.. but our friends from Moscow are already on the final path to create really nice battery for Ninebot Z ... It is made from 112 cells MJ1, 14s8p, 1410 Wh !!! so - real range may be close to 1600Wh Gotways or Kingsong 18XL ..
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    Totally agree. It’s only money. My buddy @Marty Backe is still trying to find the perfect wheel after countless attempts.
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    The poll question is a little bit vague. Best at what? Best looking? Best performing? Best at getting onlookers to say wow that's cool? Best range? Considering that almost all the EUC makers have had some issues with their products it's a little difficult to say which one is "best." It's like someone asking which car is best? How long is a piece of string? Who is the best woman on the planet? My Ninebot One E+ is a looker. Sleek, slim, futuristic looking still to this day. But speed and range? Not so good. Reliability? Top notch! Would I say it's the best wheel? Maybe for the sub 22 kph / 20 km range crowd it's pretty darn good! It served its design purpose as a fun, last mile wheel in style and durability. Ninebot issued some firmware releases which were wheel killers so I never did update mine. It just works so why mess with it? My Gotway Tesla is some kind of weird hybrid child almost as if Gotway had an after hours fling with a Ninebot engineer. It's got a familiar ring light, a roundish oval kind of body but with flare bell bottom pants. It rides speedy quick with the steady pedal feel that Ninebot is well known for. Range is good enough for all except the hardcore long distance riders. Is it the best wheel? I don't think so. Mine dropped me over a few sidewalk bumps for some odd reason. I also remember a video of an Asian rider who had his Tesla faceplant him after hitting a small drop. I'm not sure if there's a firmware flaw that triggers a cutout if a sudden amp spike occurs, but mine only peaked at 80 amps at my fall. Who knows? I'd say pick a wheel that you're personally happy with appearance wise with features that fit your needs. Check into past problems which could point to future issues. Look into dealers you can trust to offer support if and when you need it. Try some different wheels if you get a chance. Buy a few to find out yourself which one is "best."
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    "Wait, you can see me?" Bend down and start tapping the side of your EUC, "My cloaking shield must be playing up again!"
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    The podcast is now on Google Play, Itunes AND Spotify! RSS FEED for Marty & Duf's Podcast! - https://eucarmy.com/feed/podcast/ Google Play Link for podcast - https://goo.gl/qj2KbN Spotify Link for podcast - https://podcasters.spotify.com/podcast/4qnBgzhXw5vJHMrnq49utw Itunes for podcast - https://goo.gl/yVMFQ9
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    It certainly is, and yes I know. She is way out of my league! She was riding the King Song scooter (to the left) that day, but is coming along nicely with her EUC lessons - And I am working on a custom surprise to motivate her to want to finish learning (so watch this space).
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    When I first started out, I was riding a Gotway V2. At that time I heard a lot of comments. Now with the MSX, all I hear is “Whoa...!” as I blaze into the distance
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    Hi Xcitant, Here's the step-by-step: 1. Firstly, I visited here: https://uk.gearbest.com, found the V10 and hit "Add to Favourites". 2. A few days later, I received a Promo e-mail from Gearbest (I'm on the mailing list), with the following offer inside: 3. After clicking "Buy Now", it took me back to the Gearbest website, and displayed the e-mail offer (in my case, in GBP): 4. I had a 6% voucher as a result of a previous Gearbest purchase. I found that you might want to buy a few very cheap items, which may result in a few coupons to apply against your purchase. In my case, 6% off (in this instance would be £42.17 off), with a final sales price of £660.69 (excluding optional insurance). Hope that helps @xcitant! Adam
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    I guess the dumbest thing anyone ever said was " Are you riding that thing right now?" I said, No I was riding it earlier. You are just seeing me now. It stays balanced by warping time. I got a puzzled look as a reply. I know that - Are you riding that thing right now? - translates to- I can't believe my eyes. I tend to take things too literal.
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    How many stories are there of "random" cutoffs? Mine (original version) has been working like a champ. I'm not worried when I ride mine.
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    This is a very interesting project and I am sure many of us Z10 owners will be keen to see how it all turns out when completed. Please DO keep us all updated on progress @Lukasz, as any further info will be very much appreciated.
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    Some already mentioned here: How much is it? (Many times) Do a wheelie! (Many times) Sometimes I just put my hands to the front and lift them as if I had an imaginary front wheel Are you from the future? (Once or twice) Wow, that's so cool! Lazy bastard! There is a bit of everything haha. EDIT: My 100th post! Nice! It took me a long time!
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    The fat wheel and the stability of the MSX makes gliding down [short] stairs really easy.
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    if you go off road it really is a work out tbh I've done many off road and felt it in the morning on legs, calves,core etc??
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    There are no random cut-offs with today's wheels. Tesla included. 2 ways to get a cut-off: Ignore/miss warning beeps and speed up until the wheel just can't keep up. Push a car or do any other ridiculously high stress thing. Maybe the wheel will die before it can warn you. Maybe it will just warn you, in that case 1. applies. Neither of these are random.
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    Unfortunately, just like our wheels, there's no perfect 360 camera. I so much prefer the workflow and feature set of the Insta360 cameras. But wow, I'd love to have the low-light capabilities of the Fusion. I hate grainy, noisy video, and that's what comes out of the Insta360.
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    The "random cut offs" with today's wheels are mostly people pushing things to the limit. Example, riding 25mph with a dead battery and your alarms turned off. If you hit a bump or over lean with a low battery you could have a cut out. .......... or if you push a car with the brakes on for six minutes.
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    I too can back up what @Marty Backe has stated, regarding the reliability of an earlier version Tesla. I have traveled around 3500 kms on mine without a single issue.
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    It should work if its connected correctly. Already tried to delete the connection in your bluetooth settings and pair it again? With my android smartphone it worked directly, with my tab had to pair it a second time till it works.
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    Looks like the DMCA has been removed from the repair of "motorized land vehicles". Unfortunately "It's still illegal for companies in the US to sell DRM-breaking tools commercially," at least according to the article below. Note that it seems Public Domain release would appear to be legal now, and may (eventually) allow widespread repair of MiniPro (so we can make them safer by removing push-back, for example). Interesting... https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/10/26/us-copyright-office-says-circumventing-drm-repair-certain-electronics-including-phones-smart-speakers-now-legal/ Note that the stickers Segway uses to stop you disassembling anything are apparently already illegal... https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/13/17349568/hyundai-nintendo-sony-updated-warranties-ftc-warnings
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    See, you got that farm boy strength. I got that fundamentally sedentary with forced activity at the gym strength. Farm boy strength is live-strong. Gym strength is look-strong.?
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    When a wise man argues with a fool it is impossible to tell them apart - African Proverb So, whatever man. I'm finished and I'm done
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    I'm not advocating the Z10 for you (because of the high price), but here's a little video of me on my Z10 at the beach. Note that this is an 18-inch wheel and is literally the heaviest EUC being made except for the huge 22-inch Monster. It's an amazingly maneuverable wheel. So don't believe what you read. But yes, the ideal first wheel, and potentially only wheel, is the 16-inch form factor. Many of us advocate to buy the best wheel that you can. It future proofs you because if you end up becoming addicted to EUCs, you'll be satiated for a long time. If you go cheap or underpowered for your first wheel, after a month or two you'll be pining for that next wheel. You'll save money in the long run if you buy the great wheel first. $1000 is unfortunately a tough number to work with without going used. The GT16 can be a great wheel, but it's on low end of the quality spectrum. If spending ~$1000 represents a large investment of your time (i.e., hours required to work), I would recommend going with a more quality wheel from a reputable dealer. If you save a bit more, I would seriously consider one of the "S" model KingSong wheels, bought from EWheels. You'll have a warranty that means something and a quality wheel. I'm sure others will chime in here with their own thoughts. Good luck.
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    My combined wristguard, bell and light combo. Saves time when getting ready
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    You'll be fine... The 18L padding is nice and soft, and positioned well!
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    I haven't ridden down to the same temps as some of you, but I've done sub-freezing by bundling up. Feels kind of like skiing and the layers make me feel extra protected. It's a bit of a hassle to put the gear on, but I think I'll be doing it fairly regularly through winter. I will definitely be pulling out a motorcycle helmet if it gets really cold. Luckily, Denver doesn't really get below -15C/5F.
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    I wear wrist guards with a red bike light attached. A finger bell to politely alert pedestrians that I'm there. My helmet also has a rear light on it. I carry a bike front light in case I work late (the V8 front light is too low to be really useful), and my charger and charge doctor. I have a spare power cable at work. I also have a full locker at work so get changed into office clothes there. I carry this in a small messenger bag that also has my lunch and phone. If disaster happens there is always uber... I normally bike (rain, hail or shine) to work, so no $$ or time saving for me. The bike is about 10min quicker than V8, and better at burning beer calories off. But not as much fun. So I only wheel to work once a week.
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    You may want to look at 2nd hand wheels to stay on a budget while getting a good wheel. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/24-private-sales-secondhand/
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    I like the addition of short video clips Duf has been playing during the broadcast as some of these I haven't seen before. Maybe preparing a few excerpts from interesting videos to share could also be a regular part of the program. Think of it as a highlight reel for people who might not be watching a lot of EUC videos online. Ever watch those sports shows where they show a compilation of all the goofs and amazing plays from recent games? Eddie Moy's 10 foot vacation selfie-stick video was fun to watch including his interaction after getting stopped by police. Maybe a Marty and Duf reaction portion of the program watching other people's video would be interesting. People love watching reactions and listening to commentaries. We're all voyeurs deep down inside.
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    Extreme cold doesn't bother me at all, but then my my ride is only about 20 minutes each way. I wear my normal work clothes with the only significant change being to wear an outer nylon shell over my pants on the really cold days. That, along with a neck warmer and toque seems to be enough to handle pretty much anything on my shortish commute.
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    That is not what worries me the most! If 25% is true, then once you have ridden 3000 KM the APP will show 3750 KM, which will make it harder to sell as a second hand wheel.
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    Best technique is to make your knees do as much shock absorption as possible. Thats what keeps your feet on the pedals. Honestly i have no idea else. I see people jumping flying from bumps and while i go down a steep curb im almost falling off. I still havent got a clue other than trying to absorb the shock the most possible
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    Glad to hear it! In that case, I would like to know what the real weight of the 18L (or XL) is, so that I can make a true comparison. I found one place that has specs online for both wheels (18L and 18XL): https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/unicycles/95-ks-18l.html https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/unicycles/126-ks-18xl.html 18L: 18kg (~40 lbs) 18XL: 25kg (~55 lbs) Not sure why such a huge discrepancy. Also, I just weighed my KS16S. You're right: 37.4 lbs (17 kg). If the 18XL is only about 20kg, then I can definitely manage that. :-) As for the commute, although I usually have options for using escalators (unless they are out of service—which they frequently are), it is in almost all cases much more convenient to carry my wheel up and down stairs rather than go the long way around and then stand in line for moving stairs. In my youth, I regularly carried much heavier hay bales and bags of feed on my farm. I'm not a young man any more, but these wheels are still lighter than a bale of alfalfa hay or a couple of bags of molasses corn feed. ;-) (The top-end GotWays, on the other hand... Just, no. )
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    I want to add to the endless amounts of thank you posts in this thread. You all took me from a miserable first day with my Z10 to riding around no problem by the second day. The biggest thing for me was foot placement. Once I read to put my feet further forward it all just clicked after that for me. If you're starting out with a really heavy wheel for the first time like me then you really have go for it with leaning and forward foot placement. I needed a hobby and challenge in my life very desperately. With the purchase of my Z10 and after reading all the posts in this thread I know I have found that. Thanks to you all again so much!!!
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    I got yelled at by a cyclist: "That is not healthy!" while we were driving on a bike path next to the road. I keep wondering what he would scream at the drivers of the cars that were passing by. I don't ride my euc as a workout, neither did I with my bicycle. I just want to get from point A to point B. What's wrong with that?
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    Thank you for valuable information! My intentions for the wheel is to transport me between home-train station-work ( about 3 Km) and to run some errands in city when needed, there is often road uphill. And ofcourse FUN. :-] The thing with price is that wages (also costs) in Czechia are smaller than in most western countries, but the imported electronics are the same price. Imagine me - just graduated from college and working in IT firm, still have wage bellow average just because Czechia. My budget is bellow 1400 euro.
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    It's also good to say - "Ok, let's exchange - try my wheel, I'll try your bike"
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    Sorry, machine translation. Programmer ST-Link V2. We need the programmer itself. You can buy it on AliExpress. For example here: https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/FREE-SHIPPING-ST-Link-V2-stlink-mini-STM8STM32-STLINK-simulator-download-programming-With-Cover/1766455290.html?spm=a2g0v.10010108.1000014.24.416d1350yS9TCq&pvid=89863938-68f5-4833-9396-ba5446814056&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreOtherSeller&scm=1007.13338.115538.0&scm-url=1007.13338.115538.0&scm_id=1007.13338.115538.0 To work with it you need the program STM32 ST-LINK Utility. We download it for free from the official website of the manufacturer’s company controller: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stsw-link004.html Link at the very bottom of the page. You will be asked to provide your first name, last name (any) and your email. A download link will be sent to the mail.. After downloading install the program. At the end of the installation, the program will ask you to install the driver. Be sure to allow the driver to install. Now, if you connect a programmer, Windows will detect it and sign “ST-Link”. This can be viewed by hovering over the USB connection icon next to the clock. Also download the Speed2Increase application at the beginning of this topic. Thanks to GMOne for the work done. Now you need to prepare a lot of space for disassembling your wheel. We look at the online disassembly instructions. Remove from both sides of the sidewall. I could not open them. I had to pry the corner with a thin screwdriver and pull it up. Then push the usual screwdriver into the slot and press upwards from the inside. The sides open with a bang, but everything remains intact. Disconnect the battery. The manufacturer indicates - first disconnect the thin wires, then thick. When you connect the battery - on the contrary. Disconnect the motor wires. Connections are packed with shrink tube, carefully cut it without damaging the wires, and disconnect. Unscrew and remove the parts above the LEDs. Now, on both sides, unscrew the screws connecting the two halves of the case. To remove one of the halves, it is necessary to remove one pedal. Remove the pedal from the side where there is no motor wires. Do not forget to unscrew the small locking screw at the bottom of the pedal in the middle. Unscrew the four screws near the pedal. Raise half of the case and disconnect the wires to the LED strip. Raise the top with a handle and disconnect the LED strip from the other half. We unscrew the metal radiator of the controller on four screws. Raise it and disconnect the wire connectors. Finally, we have a controller in our hands. When assembling, pay attention to the thick wires for the batteries. On the board indicated by arrows, where they should be sent. Now you need to connect the programmer to the controller board. There was no RESET on my programmer, so I connected four wires. The RESET that is on ST-Link v2 is not suitable, it is for another microcontroller. The one that is needed on leg 18 inside ST-Link v2, it is not brought out. The board is covered with a protective layer of lacquer, so before you solder the wires, apply tin to the soldering places, rubbing them slightly with the tip of a soldering iron. You will see when the contacts are cleared. Do not overheat the board, the tracks on it may come off. Do not use force to prevent damage to components. Solder wires no more than 20 cm, otherwise the connection may not be. When everything is connected. Run the program STM32 ST-LINK Utility. Set the values in the circled fields as shown. If you have soldered five wires with RESET, connect the programmer's USB cable to the computer and click the CONNECT icon indicated by the arrow .. If four wires are soldered without RESET, like mine, hold the cable to the USB port of the computer, but do not plug in. Click the CONNECT icon, and immediately plug in the USB cable. The program will display the firmware code of your controller. Do not press the red icon of the eraser ERASE, otherwise you will erase the entire firmware of the controller. Now that the program has read the code, click on the diskette icon and save the file with the name Firmware and the extension bin. Once again, save the file with the name original, in case you want to return the original firmware. Make sure that the path to the file contains only English names, or place it directly on the disk. Do not close the program and do not disconnect the cable in order not to connect again. Run as administrator of the application Speed2Increation, downloaded from this topic. Specify the Firmware.bin file you created. Click Check, select S2 and set the speed. Click Patch. Now the firmware is changed. It remains to download it back to the controller. Close the Speed2Increase application. Return to the STM32 ST-LINK Utility application, which is still open. Click the first open file icon. And specify the Firmware.bin file that you changed. After, click the Program icon, as in the picture. In the window that appears, we change nothing and click Start. We are waiting for the download to finish. If you are connected without a RESET wire, it will give an error at the end. Do not pay attention to her. Now the controller is reprogrammed. Unsolder the wires and collect your Ninebot. Reasonably tighten the screws. Well, go ahead, experience new sensations of freedom!
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    Bumping this Saturday's Halloween ride in San Francisco... Hope EVERYBODY can join us!
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    25% over exaggeration thats downright cheating customers to make them think theyre getting more range. With 80kg it sounds realistic to get 65km. then all the kingsong people can come say. "But its efficient machine" but its not magic. It is what it is. A great wheel. Performs great. So smooth. but. Dont try to make it seem like some magic. it is what it is. No more. No less
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    valve for segway MiniPro and Gotway Mten3 tubeless: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tubeless-Micro-Valve-Tire-Stem-Segway-MiniPro-Gotway-mTen3-Electric-Unicycle-/192610853975?_ul=AR for europe : https://fr.more4mini.eu/products/valve-for-mini-pro-tires
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    I have several wheels including 5 Gotways, none have failed and I have fallen off many times. Gotway have got a reputation of more accidents or failures than other brands because they have been brave enough to give the rider complete freedom in setting up his machine. There have been riders who are risk takers or just plain stupid when setting up their machines and then riding flat out and when they come a cropper they complain. Any rider with half a brain in their heads will understand that an EUC's performance will be governed by it's specification coupled with rider weight/size and they should set the wheels limits accordingly.
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    You have only 5 wheels. Gotway reputation comes from statistics of service from distributors, who deal with hundreds of wheels. That's at least 100x difference with your personal experience. The other part of reputation comes from communication between distributors and GotWay factory, of which you probably don't know - it's about getting new parts, sending back controller boards and motors, percent of broken parts received etc. That's the side you'll know about either if you work in EUC service, or know someone who does, or at least read the published info about servicing the wheels. This year GotWay have improved their quality a bit, while KingSong and InMotion and even Ninebot have huge issues with quality.
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    Mine thinks the walking will do me good.. and is free. Funny thing is though, im an analyst.. so lets do the math.. The first round of math... Not looking good. Petrol is expensive and so is the bus. The second round of math.. Still not looking good, ferry is expensive but better than sitting in traffic.. i can work on the ferry, hrrmmm i should add that to the math.. Thats looking better... now im starting to make money Lets see how much i can save, errr make..... My wife suggested the bus from the ferry to work.... looks a bit better still i suppooosee.. but we can do better. Thats what i was looking for.. Now you will notice i am actually making quite a bit of money owning a wheel, combined with ultimate time savings and optimisation, proper planning and a bit of undeniable math and we get the best result for our family. Math doesn't lie after all. This of course all adds up (in my grand scheme) to what should make this a simple decision for the wife to accept. I love excel. Cheers, Alex (your mileage may vary) p.s - if anyone thinks about bringing up the extra costs i haven't included in owning a wheel, like owning another wheel, and maybe another, oh and the safety gear, the other safety gear, the many cans of tire slime i should apparently own, valve extenders, new suit pants for when i ruin them, the raincoat i will need, the EDC bag that will need to change, the selfie stick and upgraded go-pro, extra bandwidth for my videos and maybe more of a concern, the time out of my day spent on here.... please dont.
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    Out of 4 Gotways that I have owned over many years, I fell on mcm3 and msuper v3s (both times I pushed the wheel over)... Where Gotway could improve is improve the app and create something that will vibrate the phone or speak when certain speeds/ power etc. being reached. Z10 is setting a New bar high, but I would buy another gotway and recommend one anytime.
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    I respectfully would not say the following on a non GotWay thread. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I am currently a GotWay fanboy, but if another brand builds a better wheel I will jump ship in a heartbeat. I have not heard much in the last year about newer GotWay models failing. The boards , mosfits and axles are bigger and better. If you turn off all the safeties and face plant at 42 MPH that is not GotWay's fault. I say "Live Free or Die" or maybe "Live free and Die" ........my choice. KingSong: This is my other favorite brand. I love my KS16s. It is an amazing wheel. It might not be the dream wheel that some are looking for but you get A compact powerful rugged versatile wheel at a good price. With the KS16s as my example I picked the KS18L as the wheel to have in 2018............... How many problems can a wheel have!? And what's worse, You can't point a finger at the actual problem. KingSong can't even figure it out. I still have faith that KingSong will make good but this is very disappointing. InMotion: I try my best to stay off the V10 thread. I see a bunch of adults standing around a kid's toy expecting a software fix to turn it into a one wheeled Harley Davison. It simply does not have the components to do what it claims on the box. InMotion lost my trust with it's outrageous lies and exaggerations. Ninebot: ........................ Still waiting............ They have only made one new wheel in four years? I sure hope they get it right because at this rate it will be 2022 or 2023 before the next one comes out . At first I thought the Z10 was a gimmick but it might just be a wheel to have. I just wish there was a bigger battery version that is about 10 pounds lighter. So Why are we talking about GotWay failures when it seem like everyone but GotWay is failing? If GotWay can figure out what you want they will build it for you!
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    yeah. I thinkthe ninebot one z is basically a good looking wheel eith a pointless 4 inch tire. Euc are supposed to be nimble and not big fat and hard to turn. But im looking foward to my new tire.. But then it will be my 4th time opening my tesla.. and i got it 12 jan
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    Ok. You have to wait a bit... ? 4" is too large (and heavy) for an EUC... 2.5" is a good compromise.
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    So, your experience erases all the experiences of others? "Half a brain" "plain stupid" That'll convince people of your agenda.
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