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    "Wait, you can see me?" Bend down and start tapping the side of your EUC, "My cloaking shield must be playing up again!"
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    How does someone justify the cost of a diamond ring - such a little, simple, thing? The cost of any product in the world is often more than the cost of its constituent parts. Likewise EUC's. People have to eat Our modern wheels certainly don't feel like early prototypes, IMO. It's kind of funny to me that you pick the GT16 when it's probably the worst constructed wheel of all available wheels right now. And it's a bit of an old design considering we are late 2018. Maybe because it's cheaper? But then you throw in the Z10 which is one of the most expensive wheels? At 184cm, all wheel sizes (10-inches to 22-inches) would be a good fit. I'm about that tall and all wheels fit me just fine. Every wheel being produced in 2018 would be a good wheel IMO. To narrow the choices down we really need to know exactly how you intend on using it and what your budget is. We (or me at any rate) can not offer an opinion on style since that's very personal. If how the wheel looks is most important, than our opinions here won't be of much value. So maybe the only wheels that you will consider are the GT16 and Z10???
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    Hi Xcitant, Here's the step-by-step: 1. Firstly, I visited here: https://uk.gearbest.com, found the V10 and hit "Add to Favourites". 2. A few days later, I received a Promo e-mail from Gearbest (I'm on the mailing list), with the following offer inside: 3. After clicking "Buy Now", it took me back to the Gearbest website, and displayed the e-mail offer (in my case, in GBP): 4. I had a 6% voucher as a result of a previous Gearbest purchase. I found that you might want to buy a few very cheap items, which may result in a few coupons to apply against your purchase. In my case, 6% off (in this instance would be £42.17 off), with a final sales price of £660.69 (excluding optional insurance). Hope that helps @xcitant! Adam
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    for now your knees and a bigger tyre can be suspension look on this forum it covers alot of information my mates used to say don't look at what your riding ? ..it is a personal preference though its probably the best 2000 I've ever spent a good bicycle is well over that and has no motor or battery's , the batteries are about the half of the cost of an euc. plus it's cheap transportation but the most important its fun really good fun ..i could go on but there's no price on some things ?? i think euc have come along way so far,,,, in regards of safety anyway for today's standards,, things will only improve but I'd rather move along with it than wait this is your choice but I'd rather pay a higher price for the wheel i wanted rather than justify the price, you'll end up getting another anyway one day ? you won't regret it there's plenty of info in this forum good luck in your choice we are here to help if we can and also point out negatives in a good way ??
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    Might be a bit nasty in the handling department. I think anything below 2.5” is too skinny for an EUC... As with @Sergej Gerasimenko’s plan about a 2.25-2.35” tire, good luck finding a suitable one. ☹️ Finding a tubeless valve that would have the curve low enough and an otherwise suitable profile proved to be too bothersome so I gave up. Though if you do find one (that ships internationally), do let us know! If the Tesla has close enough tolerances for the tire, not even all 2.125” tires with a rougher profile will fit.
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    The fat wheel and the stability of the MSX makes gliding down [short] stairs really easy.
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    I'm still riding, lowest so far is around -5c. At that temp on my bike I'd wear just athletic pants and tshirt, with a thin wool shirt and thin cycling jacket. On the wheel it's full on winter jacket, windproof insulated pants, winter boots etc. You do have to dress a lot warmer but other than that it's fine. My commute is 12km, about 30 minutes. I think at -20c I'll stick to the bike though, maybe take the wheel when it's -10c or higher.
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    My injury unfortunately finished 6-9 months of great fun and experience on a pinwheel T1F(cheap and cheerful). Had started using it for the 4 mile cycle track commute to work. Protection was knee pad, wrist protectors and cycle helmet. I was normally a very careful middle age rider, but that morning I decided to try for top speed going down a small hill(big mistake). I would guess I was going about 10 miles/hour. My memory of the crash is not totally clear but it felt like the wheel just switched off think maybe I overloaded the batteries. So I did the classic face plant with hands out as soon as I got up, had a lot of pain moving shoulder. So off to doctor's then hospital. End result was 2 months off work 3 months of once a week physio and a rather impressive x-ray. That was 2 years ago shoulder fine, but no more riding as I'm one of the carers for my dad who is in a wheelchair and a one arm carer is pretty useless (well I was anyway). Not been on the forum for quite a while good to see it's still going strong.
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    I am also 58cm and have very short hair like @litewave has posted and feel that the snug fit is just about perfect. The fit needs to be snug (but not tight) and without the helmet being able to move around too easily when the chin strap is done up. I was also initially concerned about waiting for the helmet to turn up from Germany before being able to try it on, but I feel that for my head size and shape the TSG Pass in Large is spot on!
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    Ride values in short slightly changes the acceleration characteristics - 0 - faster reaction, higher speed increase 4 - more sluggish acceleration. Assisted breaking change wheel angle 3 degrees back during breaking - nothing more. Please experiment, but I suggest to keep 0 and switch the assited breaking off.
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    I had’n ridden seated before, and the MSX seat is so low (I’m .193cm / 6’ 4”) that my legs won’t even bend properly so that I could learn riding seated. So not a viable form of travelling for me.
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    @J.T. The video is now posted in "The Video Thread" now people will know how beautiful it is to ride in the DC Area ??
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    If the hill is steep, like <10 mph for a bicyclist, I'll give them a push up the hill. Just tell them not to hit the brakes. I never ask, I just do. 100% of bitchy bicyclists stop complaining when I've done that. 100%. There is no faster way to convert bicyclists than by pushing a bicyclist up a hill 15-20 mph.
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    Bumping this Saturday's Halloween ride in San Francisco... Hope EVERYBODY can join us!
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    valve for segway MiniPro and Gotway Mten3 tubeless: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tubeless-Micro-Valve-Tire-Stem-Segway-MiniPro-Gotway-mTen3-Electric-Unicycle-/192610853975?_ul=AR for europe : https://fr.more4mini.eu/products/valve-for-mini-pro-tires
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    I've had the KS14D for a few months. It is indeed quite capable on on smooth dirt trails and uphill trails as well. It does not inspire much confidence on more moderate bumpy/rocky trails. The best thing about it is its lighter weight and zippiness. You can stop and change directions on a dime. Construction seems very solid as well. However if I had to do it again, i'd probably wouldve saved up for something like a KS16 or a Tesla. Once you've experience the speed warning beeps on the KS14D, you'll immediately think about upgrading to something faster.
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    All three of your choices are great wheels, more or less. Ninebot One S2 - sleek, sexy, slow. Not going to last 15 miles on a single charge unless you ride gently. Not great for off-road due to low power and 14" wheel. Too pretty to get dirty. Awesome wheel for what it is, if you can adjust your expectations. Buy only at a (steep) discount. KS 14D - sleek, sexy, snappy. Good power, great design, battle tested. Probably OK for smooth dirt trails; 15 mile range depending on your speed. Kingsong neurotic personality; tiltback speed reduction kicks in too early. Don't pay full retail. Inmotion V8 - sleek, snappy, 16". Not going to last 15 miles either. Better than the 14" for off-road. Reasonable power and battle-tested; great quality and great design. Buy on sale only; new V8s have been discounted many times. You will probably want to upgrade after 1-3 months after buying the S2, and after 3-6 months of buying the 14D or V8. May I suggest the GT16 if you can find one in your price range? It's not quite the same quality as the above three, but it has a lot to offer.
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    Borderline pointless speculating this as we will soon know the details, but I’m still interested! Isn’t the current configuration one layer of batteries per side? A third layer would have to be spread evenly on both sides. Since the middle section is fatter, seems they were able to fit 20 cells per side. I assume the 15.6mm is what is needed to stack 18mm cylinders between the first layer? Exacto! Ps. The exacto knife might be a bit too light and precise (and dangerous) for tough plastic. I think I would go for a proper sharp woodcraft knife, or even a small planer/shaver.
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    I see. I bought this wheel for the big tire and more comfortable ride, and it is everything I could hope for. I have it set at 36 because I'm not comfortable wiping out going any faster than that, so I can't say how the tiltback behaves at 55. Although the unload speed of my wheel is 79km/h so at 55 it seems like it should have a lot of reserve. The wheel beeps at you if you overdrive it when the battery is low. May be tough to hear at 55. I haven't hit the low battery 'get off me' tiltback yet.
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    The reliability issues with the older wheels is not a myth. They have listen to this forum and addressed most of the issues where they can. Thicker wires, heat wrap, thicker axel, bigger mosfets. The fixed some other design issues like on the new MSX, the access to the air valve have been increased. The V3s+ and older versions were shit. So difficult to access. They’ve done nothing to the trolley handle, it is still as bad. But I guess it is better than a bolt on. The internal layout is still very bad, not professional. They seem to have upgraded the screw holes. The shell is still not water resistant. No effort there. Think the tilt back algo is still unreliable. That is why people turn it off where as I rely on it on the KS side to keep me out of trouble. They have made some notesble improvements, enough for me to dip my toe into the GW again with the MSX. It takes a while to turn their rep around.
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    This is a general guide for beginners. It is pier to pier advice from a fellow enthusiast. Not responsible for results. Post is likely to be edited. Can I learn ? If you have normal movement of your legs and feet. If you can walk a miles (1.6km) in gusts of 20 mph ( 32km/h) winds without assistance. If you are strong enough to withstand falling to the ground and don't mind bumps and bruises then yes you can learn to ride an electric unicycle. Riding an electric unicycle combines the skills of walking and riding a bicycle. When you walk forward you lean forward first then move your feet to catch yourself. It is the same motion on an electric unicycle except you can't just step to the side. Like a bicycle you have to steer the wheel to catch yourself side to side. This takes time and patience to learn. Note: We have several forum members that experience pain when walking more than 100 yards ( 91 meters). In stead of employing a wheel chair or sitting on the couch they have found freedom using EUC's . While this might not be recommended, it seems you will not change there mind on the subject any time soon. I myself respect their decision. Learning to ride is a challenge. Determination in most cases is more important than skill. Don't expect to be able to ride efficiently in a few days or even weeks. Should I learn? Risk is involved. It is like learning to ride a bicycle or skate board. Unlike a bicycle you are depending on an electrical device to keep you from falling. Some people see an electric unicycle and have to have one. If you are not one of those people the electric unicycles may not be for you. How long does it take to learn to ride? While some people can learn to ride around in a few hours or days most of those same people would not be able to ride comfortably with bike and pedestrian traffic. In most cases it takes 15 minutes a day for a month to be able to ride peacefully down a bike path. Unlike learning to ride a bicycle most people learn gradually. In the beginning any wrong movement can upset your balance. As you get better you can move more freely. Example: As a beginner I had to use both hands to adjust my glasses while riding because if I used one it would throw off my balance. I could not turn my head to see behind me and any small bump would almost send me to the ground. Three months later and I could turn my body around and video record my wife as she follows behind me while I blindly hit speed bumps. ( NOT recommended , result may very ) The point is you learn slowly over time. One additional reason that it may take time to improve your skills is that you may need to build up your leg and core muscles. Don't worry, all you have to do is continue riding the unicycle. As a beginner It is a one wheeled leg and core workout center. Once you have learned to ride properly it becomes more of a calf builder. Wich Electric Unicycle should I buy? This topic starts wars that rival the US Ford Vs Chevy war. Several factors come into play: Weight and Aggression. The power of the unicycle is important. The unicycle has to be able to over power your moments. If you are heavy or aggressive you can over power the unicycle and fall on your face. Knowing this helps but having the proper unicycle is better. The unicycle uses beeps and tilt back to warn you that you are getting close to the limits. If you gradually become more aggressive you should hit a beep before you hit a limit. When choosing a unicycle you should pay close attention to the weight limits. Keep in mind that the weight given is for maximum weight of a non aggressive rider on flat ground. Quick maneuvers, rapid changes in speed , bumps at high speed and dropping off curbs with an under powered unicycle can over power the unicycle. Wheel size. The bigger wheels give a smoother ride and tend to be more stable at high speeds. The down side is that they are less maneuverable at low speeds and more difficult for beginners and non weekly riders when riding up hills. The geometry requires more force on your toes to lean the wheel enough to go up a hill. Once you build up the calf muscles the hills disappear but if you go months without riding your calf muscles disappear. Smaller wheels tend to give a rougher ride. They are more maneuverable at slow speeds and less stable at high speeds. They are also easy hill climbers. See hill climbing physics here Battery Size. The bigger the battery the further you can go. Keep in mind that the bigger motors can deplete the battery faster and that it makes the unicycle heavier. Also batteries that are too small for a rider are over worked and do not last as long. Motor Size, A larger motor gives you a larger safety margin. Remember the unicycle has to be able to control your moments without being over powered. A larger motor is also faster and more powerful. Now the bad news. Bigger and more powerful means more expensive. Plus the added weight means that when you crash you are more likely to damage the unicycle. This is why some people choose to get a beginner unicycle. A beginner unicycle is a unicycle that you don't mind damaging and takes damage well. Some of the unicycles that are known for speed do not take damage well. After you have learned to ride you can trade up and sell your beginner Unicycle to the next beginner or keep it as a backup. When people come along and say, " That looks fun! Can I try!?" I tell them, "Sure !" and pull out my beginner unicycle. While learning to ride you can party protect your unicycle from low speed damage with padding and automotive door protector. You can wrap your unicycle with padding or an old towel or blanket and lots of packing tape. Just make sure nothing can get in the wheel. After the padding is removed you can continue to protect the edges of the unicycle from getting scratched with a roll of automotive door protector. Note: 2018 We are still in the beginning days of the electric unicycle. Changes and improvement are happening every day. It is best to research the product you are buying. You might want the " I got one first" people to test the wheels before you get one. There has been surprises, good and bad with all brands. Where do I get one? Beware of old stock. The most expensive part of the unicycle is the battery. The batteries only last so long even if not used. When unused batteries sit on a shelf too long they can loose their charge and fail to ever take a charge again. Older model unicycles tend to lack improvements and updates. Even when you think you are getting a new unicycle you might be getting one that is a year old. Getting an older unicycle is not always a bad thing. Just make sure you are not paying new price for an older model. Places like eWheels.com and Speedyfeet.co.uk are there for you during and after the sale. If you have a problem chances are they can and will help. You can buy from other good electric unicycle shops but you need to research their reputation first. I have always enjoyed buying things on E bay but it is not likely the best bet for an electric unicycle at this time. 2018 Buying from a friend or fellow enthusiast is also a good place to get a deal. Your Protection You should always wear protection. The very minimum protection should include wrist guards and helmet. The most likely part of your body to get hurt is your hands and wrist. Your wrist guards do an amazing job of preventing that. The most important part of your body to protect is you head. That is where we keep our brains and we need those. When looking for a helmet it is best to chose one with extra coverage. The common bicycle helmet leaves a lot to be desired. Better helmets include, Skate board helmets, Snow board helmets, White water helmets, and for full face protection, BMX helmets, and paragliding helmets. Other protection strongly recommended, Knee pads, elbow pads, shin guards, dirt bike body armor, motorcycle jacket. Tips Foot position Most people start out with thier feet too far forward. This will wear out your calf muscles quick. Every unicycle and person is differant. Positions may very. A good starting point is to have the back of your shoe even with the back edge of the pedal or the front of your shin on the center line or the unicycle. For more control on bigger unicycles while going up and down hills you can move one foot forward and one back. What to expect when learning to ride My feet hurt after just five minutes. - This is common in the beginning phase of learning. I am exhausted after 15 minutes. - When you are learning you tend to use every muscle in your body to balance. It gets much easier with time. I can't figure this thing out. - You are over thinking. It is easier when you don't think about it. The longer I practice the worse I get. - Shorter more frequent sessions are better. I forgot everything I learned yesterday. - It takes a few minutes to get back to where you last left off. I would do better in a wide open parking lot. - Not true. After learning basic skills big open spaces can be scary and lack purpose. They make you think about what you are doing instead of naturally responding to surroundings. The Wobbles - Wobble is tricky and never really goes away but we learn to control it. A bump or over correction usually starts the wobble and a repeated over correction keeps it going. Proper foot position can reduce the affect. A change in momentum can stop the wobble. When a wobble accrues you can stop it by: Turning, slow down, shift your weight, favoring one foot, take a deep breath, or even stop trying to stop the wobble. The worse thing you can do is freak out. I like to call it the force feedback loop error. I can't turn right. - No one can. It is a heavily concealed secrete among unicycle riders. Just kidding. Most people are right foot dominate. Turning right requires you to trust the left foot more than you are used to. It will come with time. Doing figure eights around fixed object helps get over the problem. I freak out when I get near people. - And you thought you were above psychology. It is easy to lose confidence when you are not really sure how you are doing what you are doing. While you should always be safe and leave proper space between you and others your comfort zone will likely shrink smaller than the people you are around. People keep staring at me - They have never seen anything so cool before. At college, a student on a nice electric scooter stopped and said under his breath as I passed by " I feel pretty lame right now." Mistakes to avoid Tire pressure - When you receive your unicycle the tire pressure is usually too low. Riding with low tire pressure can damage the expensive hard to find tube and reduce the life of your tire. Filling the tube to the proper pressure can be difficult. The valve is often difficult to access. Once the proper pressure is achieved air that is lost while disconnecting the pump makes a huge difference in your final pressure. Pitfalls - Always watch the ground in front of you for pot holes, bumps, roots, uneven pavement, curbs, slippery surfaces and anything else to trip you up. kids, dogs, angry spouse .. Over confidence - After learning the basics people become too confident and push themselves past their abilities resulting in injury. You might think you have learned everything but you will be surprised how much better you get each month. Lifting the unicycle while turned on. - The unicycle will spin the tire to maximum speed in an attempt to level it'self. If this happens continue holding the unicycle up off the ground while it pitches a fit and eventually turns it'self off. Putting the unicycle back down before it has turned off could result in damage to the floor and tire. Leaving the unicycle turned on while on public transport - Sudden unexpected movements can send the unicycle on a dangerous mission of it's own. Transporting upright without a case. When the electric unicycle is on it’s side I will not turn on. When transporting upright, if something hits the power button it will turn on. If the tire is touching something it will either burn rubber or move forward. Putting your unicycle in a bind - stopping against a curb then trying to climb the curb over amps the power system. Avoid such power binds. EUCGUY damages MSX pushing car. Water - As of today's date electric unicycles are not water proof enough. While some brands are better than others water can still be an issue. Although most models can handle lite rain, wet roads and shallow puddles it is best to keep them dry. The buttons and connections on top have been a problem. Check your model for warnings. Storage - Electric unicycles store an abundance of energy. If punctured the batteries can become a fire hazard. In the case of a home fire the batteries can add fuel to the flame. Charging - Batteries should be charged at least once every six months. It is best to unplug the charger from the power source and the unicycle once the unicycle is charged. Reduces possible hazards and damage. Links to my posts Thoughts as a beginner My progression starting out. This is why it is harder to get a larger wheel up a hill Expiation of how wheel size can affect force needed to climb hills This is my wheelhouse. Stand or storage I made for my unicycle in my work van 2007 E350 Ford van vs. MSuper cost per mile Cost of an EUC versus a one ton van cost per mile Cool Stuff Stands Hansolo and Tbx Nicolas Eugene Sazhin FoamieNinja
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    no. i mean it takes effort to even turn it. so i just installed my previous kenda 2.125 tire. much better than the mad mike tire phew. that was a pile of garbage.
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    yeah. I thinkthe ninebot one z is basically a good looking wheel eith a pointless 4 inch tire. Euc are supposed to be nimble and not big fat and hard to turn. But im looking foward to my new tire.. But then it will be my 4th time opening my tesla.. and i got it 12 jan
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    Ok. You have to wait a bit... ? 4" is too large (and heavy) for an EUC... 2.5" is a good compromise.