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    After two weeks of being held up at Customs, the long awaited pre-production 18XL turned up yesterday For some context & background: I received one of the original 18L pre-production Wheels back in April; the packaging foam wasn't properly thought out, so that the power button came into contact with the foam, causing it turn on & burn-out the control-board before even taking it out of the box. This time round, KS have really taken this issue seriously, so that the foam is positioned below power button, & if it were to somehow turn on, the Wheel is shipped with the software lock enabled—they've started doing this on all their Wheels. I've now accumulated about 1000 miles on the 18L, switching from an early V10F. While discussions on the V10F are bound to bring on a fierce debate between owners, it was, probably still is, the most ergonomic & comfortable Wheel ever made, with its comparatively narrow body & large pedals, that fat 2.5" wide tire, made for a wonderful ride experience. I switched over to the 18L mainly because of the V10F's throttling on <60% battery became annoying, while of charge remaining, the 18L satiated this need to maintain a >40kph cruising speed, but it was not without some loss. Within a week of making the change, I hit an unmarked speed bump, resulting in an unplanned dismount crash... While I was wearing minimal protection (wrist-guards) it was reminder of the potential hazards of Wheeling, during the couple days of down-time pondered if some larger pedals might have allowed a surer foothold & recover from that second of air-time. I've been lobbying for larger pedals with King Song for four years, but there wasn't much interest on the their end, citing that it would 'ruin the aesthetics' & 'not requested from other Distributors'. After clocking a 1000 miles on the V10F, with the accumulated experience with this Wheel, it was evident, the significant advantages that would accrue from this comparatively small change. Undeterred I proposed that eWheels would fund the larger pedal project, the results of which can be seen below. Although only 20% larger than the original type—25cm vs 20cm—visually the new pedal simply dwarfs the original, Notice how the edges have been tapered, more oval than rectangular. These preproduction set were CNCd, the production version will using the same magnesium alloy as before, the profile does seem to be slightly thicker for greater strength & durability(?). One minor compliant, is that the grip tape pads the same as size as on the smaller 20cm pedal, would prefer that these extend to the outer edge of the pedal. The real substance of the XL is inside, the massive 1550Wh battery pack. To accommodate those extra cells, the cell depth has been raised to two cells in height, 7 cells across columns one & two, & 9 cells in column three—the pack is asymmetrical, with more cells on packed on the right side than the left. Unlike the 18L, where the pack is enclosed in a battery casing, in this sample, the battery structure is comparatively primitive, with a single layer of blue wrapping around the pack. A concern could be that the outer shell body is now in contact with the pack, where if the Wheel receives a sufficient hard side-blow, it might place stresses on the nickel plates weld joints between the cells. Is this simply a characteristics of this prerelease prototype? Will there be silicon injection between cells, as there are in other packs, to transfer the physical stresses from the conductive plates? These questions should be answered next week. Here you can see the reinforcing 18L rib has been ground down to fit the fatter batter pack, presenting a challenge to existing Customers who might be considering upgrading to the 18XL. Another enhancement to the 18L is the new cleaner looking mud-guard, it's also made of a synthetic rubber that is screwed into the shell. I'll be posting an update with some further impressions sometime tomorrow, sorry, I ran out of time on this initial report.
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    More San Francisco electric lifestyle footage. I visit the first physical storefront in San Francisco that sells EUCs, hand out some NoGasAllWatts stickers, and go on a group ride with a mixed-PEV group.
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    Sorry for the overly dramatized title! But may be because it is my first Seriously Fast EUC just getting on and riding the z10 seems solicit fast music and sounds of explosion in my head! I am planning on making a series of videos documenting my experiences learning to ride the Z10, and figure I'll keep them in one thread. Here's my video on my first few days riding the Z10. Hope it is as much fun to watch as it is to make!
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    Fun. Want a safe place to ride find a cemetery. No rear view mirrors needed.
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    Last try for today, just playing around.
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    Some more from Germany in Fall.
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    I have been riding the Z10 for about 2 days now, only went about 10 miles on it so far. Never tried riding a wheel before but I have skateboarded a little bit in the past and I have very good balance. My backyard is very small, maybe 10 yards at its longest and in an L shape. The ground is uneven, and the pavement in the driveway is uneven as well. It took me about an hour and a couple scratches before I was able to get the wheel going on the road. Haven't really fallen yet, just stepped off when needed. I've been able to go in the streets(where a bicycle would go) and along the sidewalks with zero issues at a speed between about 5-17mph. Used it to commute to work today too. Before I got on the train some guy asked me "Hey what is that?" I told him "it's a wheel". He goes "Well what does it go to is it a part of something?" I told him I rode it there, thought it was pretty funny though. Overall feedback has been really positive so far and I am having a ton of fun riding it around. Here's a couple issues you might run into with it: A good number of people do think it looks dangerous and the first thing most people ask is how much I spent on it. As Marty and others have said before, the power button on the Z10 is just too sensitive. I accidentally turned it on while I was on the train walking through the aisle and it started spinning earlier today, luckily I was able to shut it off quick. The manual is written entirely in chinese, so if you don't know chinese you are out of luck as far as that goes. Fortunately we have this great forum where we can all bounce questions off each other! Foot Cramps! It may just be my technique as I am still very beginner, but I'm going to have to buy some gel inserts for my shoes before I can figure that out. Speed wobbles. I'm still figuring out how to get rid of the speed wobbles when I go straight. If you are new at this be very careful turning at high speeds. I was moving along at a good clip, in a steady straight line earlier and made a turn into a parking lot and all of a sudden the wobbles were there. If I had been going faster I might have been tossed off. Bluetooth: For some reason my wheel is requesting a pin password in order to play music from it. I looked through the chinese manual and from what I can see the password is not in there! Aside from that, this has been incredibly fun and I look forward to getting out there on the zed tomorrow.
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    What was disrespectful was not showing what you ordered and ate at the In-N-Out Burger! I LOVE In-N-Out Burger!!!
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    This review is probably bordering on "off topic" since it's a review of a scooter not an EUC, but I'm including a little comparison vs my old KS14 and current KS18 so I figured it might be okay. Anyway I had been wanting something small and light for short distance rides, as carrying my 45# KS18 around can be a chore. At 25# I expected the scooter to be super easy to carry around. The other reason I picked the zoom stryder is its solid rubber wheels: I wanted an electric vehicle that would never have a flat. Unfortunately overall my experience is that the scooter doesn't remotely compare up to the EUCs. I don't want to be all negative, so I'll start with its good features, as there are a number of things it does well: * its rubber tires and suspension are great : at 16-18mph or so the handling is very road worthy even on bad roads -- at this speed I don't see any reason for pneumatic tires, the advantage of never having flats is easily worth having the ride not be as smooth as it could have been with air filled tires. The size and width of the tires, and the way the suspension works are all very well done * at 25# it's decently light for an electric vehicle with 15-20mi range (I haven't carefully tracked what real world range I can get) * the handlebars fold down nicely, some of the smaller scooters don't fold as completely and leave the handlebars sticking out to the sides, I appreciate that this one folds about as small as is possible Aside from the above, I have lots of criticism for virtually everything else about the scooter: * the throttle control is nonexistent, it's basically just on/off : no matter how carefully I press the throttle it just surges forward, the lever has a significant amount of physical range, but none of it is used. Hopefully this isn't too hard to describe, but the first 50% of the throttle does nothing, the next 25% is the only "control" available, and the last 25% is indistinguishable from the "75%" point. That's really just a long winded way of saying in practical terms it might as well be a throttle "on/off" switch. This one giant flaw ruins the riding experience, especially as someone used to the precise speed control of an EUC * the brakes are equally jerky : mo matter how carefully I press the brake it throws me forward * very low power compared to any EUC : the acceleration is puny, the only thing that keeps the jerks and jolts from the throttle/brake from being unbearable is the fact that it's so low in power the jolts aren't that powerful. It struggles up modest hills. I'm really spoiled by the EUCs, vastly vastly vastly more powerful * needs a better latch controlling the fold : there's a weird foot-button you have to step on while simultaneously pushing the handlebars forward to be able to fold the scooter, it's very awkward and error prone * on/off button came loose : this one is hard to describe without a picture, but the way the buttons are constructed is there are holes with a piece of rubber that sticks out of the hole. At some point I must have brushed my hand sideways across the power button, and the rubber piece popped out. I was able to get it back in but I'm now always concerned about how delicate the on/off button is * at 25# it's still not super light : I was really surprised that 25# wasn't as fantastically light as I expected. I'm used to carrying a 45# EUC up and down the stairs, but I think maybe the shape of an EUC makes it more manageable for a given weight. Even though it has a nice fold, I still find its size and bulk a bit unwieldy. I think a 35# KS14 equals or beats it in terms of carrying and stashing it when not riding The conclusion is that I never ever ride the scooter. Now no matter how short the ride is I just carry my heavy KS18 because it's so much better of a ride.
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    Another one with Insta360 One. My One X should arrive tomorrow..
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    thought I'd try a bit of editing for Halloween ??
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    I'm not sure what settings are available for the V8 (for the V10F for instance you have "pedal sensitivity" which affects the riding experience). As far as technique goes it's a matter of how hard you lean into it, lean hard enough and you will push the wheel it to it's maximum, but lean too much and you can push it above its limits.. In contrast to a electrical skateboard you only have one wheel, so if you go above the limits you'll not only get "pedal to the metal" but "nose to the pavement" as well. To drive safely with any wheel you should instead try avoid hard accelerations and hard braking, and at the very least know the limits of your wheel with respect to your weight, etc. The V8 isn't the most powerful wheel either, so I'd try to temper my speed hunger if I were you. As @UniVehje said other wheels might give you a snappier response.
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    I had completed my firmware upgrade, and it just worked smoothly! The 25km/h speed limit combined with hybrid tyres, made the mini run with actual speed 27-28km/h I'm very satisfied with the result. I found the service on Taobao.com and had shipped my motherboard from Taiwan to China, which had costed me 5 days and about 50USD including express shipping fee.
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    I store the wheel inside, it makes it to work (7km, about 20min in winter) just fine in minus 30C. I would never leave it outside for any length of time.
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    Don't leave your wheel inside your car as I did once. Four hours after bringing the wheel inside it was still like a block of ice. Wheels behave extremely drunk when they are below freezing. Some, for example the Segway S1, won't even allow you to ride them.
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    ???? Yeah! I need to talk to that guy. I want Lutalo back. Can't control the rats without the name. Orange is the new Black, and Lutalo is the new Willard.
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    i also use the telesin but what I've found good if you put the original insta selfie stick on the telesin with the telesin not extended ofc it makes a really good length ,,i put some tape on the joint so it doesn't pull apart ,,, I'm using it here on this vid
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    Just got the insta 360 yesterday and made a little first video. Iam fairly new to all this, its my 5th week on the EUC. And what do i have to do to see the YouTube video big window here in the post. (Fixed: post the link as unformatted text and the video will appear - Marty)
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    Gotway MSX and Insta360 One in Hyères (France):
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    Just noticed that my MSX mileage is significantly smaller in the cold temperature compared to warmer weather: A month and half ago, outside temperature = 25-28 degree of Celsius, battery temp = 35-39C, mileage = 15.3wh/km or 0.065km/wh. Today, outside temp = 1-3C, batter temp = 16-21C, mileage = 21.3wh/km (0.047km/wh) . I was not able to reach my destination! Sad.
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    Some friends with electric skateboards, Eden with a Ninebot S2 and me with MSX took part in the bicycle critical mass ride Berlin yesterday, to bring on the legalization of PLEVs in Germany:
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    There are so many electric scooters in Denver now. I love them, but even I'm starting to think they've crossed the point of saturation. In my part of Denver I can travel for a few blocks and count dozens, and maybe spot up to 4 brands (Bird, Lime, Spin, Razor). I'm nowhere near downtown. The law says they can only go on pedestrian paths, but given the narrow sidewalks found in many places this is stupidly dangerous and most riders figure this out and use bike lanes or ride with traffic on slow streets. The city seems content with just kind of letting people figure things out for now and don't seem to be enforcing many rules. This is probably the right approach until we have a better idea how they will fit into the transportation mix. Trying out a Lime scooter and being impressed with how fun it was led me to buy my own (Ninebot ES2). Getting bored with that led me to discovering EUCs and getting one of those (Glide 3). That should buy me at least a couple years before I get bored again and feel compelled to continue my paramotor research :-P
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    French shops always add 200€ or more to the "normal" price, it's how they roll. Wait for prices from other Euro countries, especially when it's on Speedyfeet.
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    Wir fahren bei der nächsten Critical Mass Berlin wieder mit ein paar elektrischen Einrädern (und E-Boards) mit um Präsenz zu zeigen für die Legalisierung. Freue mich, wenn die Berliner hier im Forum auch dazustoßen. Das ist diesen Freitag, Abendfahrt, also ordentlich Beleuchtung. https://www.facebook.com/events/158743571741741/
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    First of I don't use iPhone so I have no access to Daknessbot. I used Inmotion app in the beginning but had connection issues after updating android to8.1. Now it has been a while since I last used my Inmotion V8 due to a crash. But today I got the needed spare part to fix it, I hope? I tend to recall a setting for pedal sensitivity. This is one this that can effect what you are asking. The other is learning how far you can lean or as I do now push with my toes or front of my foot. You don't want to go too far as this can cause a overlean cut out. You will soon get a feel if this once you practice this. The opposite is the case for breaking. Imo it is good to practice this to get a feel of this, and in case of an emergency you know what to do to break or accelerate out of harms way.
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    I don't thinks so. It's just physics. You should try MCM5 or Mten 3 if you want to feel snappier response.
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    Noticed that the Z10 is now available for preorder 1450€ (inc. 131€ shipping to Finland). That's about -300€ what I paid.
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    Bridge crew is awesome but being an introvert I've not had much chance to play others which is really how it should be played. I need to join one of the online groups where people sign up to play seriously rather than get randomly matched with a load of weirdo's. There is too much going on for one person to do all roles and while you are supposed to be able to issue verbal orders to NPC Bridge officers from the captain's chair, the speech recognition (powered by IBM's Watson) isn't accurate enough. I recently got a licence for the wife to play too out of VR but not tried it yet. They recently released an expansion that includes TNG bridge and related missions. I need to try that next as the reboot (Chris Pine) bridge and TOS bridge are not really my thing. Doom VFR got some questionable reviews. Instead I've played Doom 3 BFG edition with the community developed VR patch and that was incredibly good for a community driven port. I spend much of my VR hours in Elite Dangerous. Next up I want to get the wireless adapter and then a Vive Pro. So much money.
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    Wir sind heute in Berlin bei der Critical Mass mitgefahren. 2 Wheeler und 11 E-Boarder.
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    he's another view using the telesin with the insta stick on top?
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    Lookin' like I'm the last Rylo'er left in town. Shouldn't be a problem though... due to my freakishly thick skin and all. I just received a replacement unit from the company today due to a variety of random glitches I've been experiencing in my videos that show only show up post rendering. Here's another test video that was shot w original camera. I must say that I've been really happy with the quality and functionality minus the glitch problem. As far as the lens scratching issue...an anything goes/ 4 year/ $50 insurance policy fixed that problem for me lickety split. ps ... OUTCAST !!! If you're reading this come on back man!! Don't let a couple people's opinion shake you out of such a fantastic resource for euc fanatics. come on!!! We can team up and make cinematic history PNW style... think about it.
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    Will most probably show up on the video. Best way is to record audio separately.
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    We had similar thoughts. I don't use slime on my wheel because of how it seems to behave in my car tires; don't like it. Another thought @Siggy. Did the leaning trouble begin after you remounted the wheel? If so, perhaps there is a possibility that the tire is not properly sealed onto the wheel.
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    @Siggy How much physical inspection have you done my brother. Don't want to sound presumptuous, but with these wheels we have to be willing to open that cover and see what's popping. I am unfamiliar with the lean issue, and I don't think it is widely reported but as others have already stated if you open it up you may be able to at least locate the source of the problem OK, I understand better now. Your dealer has failed you miserably. You deserve to know why. I am saddened for you my brother. In the future, buy from @Jason McNeil, EWheels; much better aftersales service. Not sure why case changes would irk them. There is no warranty involved. It's a cosmetic change. You can contact the manufacturer for this directly. They will send you an invoice and you can order straight from them. I know because I have done it. 1. Perhaps. Pimps and hustlers engage in fast money schemes. A Business person understands that profits are grown like potted plants. Sustainable relationships with customers are the soil that nutures those profit/plants 2. A month is an absurd amount of time for a business to have email trouble; so, this is unlikely in my opinion. Indeed, you speak truth. Cool. Not sure what complaining to the manufacturer would do immediately. They do select dealers, I am sure they will deselect a dealer due to a number of complaints or inactivity (dealer ain't buyin shit from them to sell). Not to sound presumptuous my brother, but These wheels often require that we awaken the innate tinkerer within us all. I understand that you want your warranty honored, but it appears to me that your dealer has failed you. If you have never tried with your other wheel, I encourage you to open this wheel to see whats popping. Many issues can be very easy to DIY. I have never sent a wheel back to a dealer. This is how it usually works for me if there is a failure on any of my wheels. 1. I investigate. If it involves disassembly, I will disassemble it. Recently the hall motor sensor sensor went bad on one of my wheels and I had to do just that. When the handle went bad on my 18L (I have a 1st batch), @Jason McNeil sent another and I replaced it. 2. I have enlisted help from the dealer, manufacturer, and knowledgeable forum members to help to diagnose and troubleshoot. 3. Once the problem is IDd the dealer ships needed parts 4. I install those parts when they arrive. 5. I ride Sadly, your original seller is not a resource for you. So when the new black handles are released, I recommend that you buy one. On the leaning issue, if you haven't at least looked at it yourself, do so, and post photos; it might help another rider.
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    yes, it's costly, i agree, but i understand why, i remember what's happen for M365 custom firmware...i wish too they find another way, cheaper and gratefull for their work because it's really a great solution for us.
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    I messaged Outcast and told him to come back. We need as many PNW EUCers as we can get here
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    360 cameras, Rylo in particular, are prone to lens scratches which unfortunately do impair quality. Rylo does offer a protection program that replaces scratched lenses, but it ain't free. I like to recommend the Garmin Virb 360, not just because of its awesome on-board telemetry, stabilization, and stitching, but because the Virb 360 uses easily replaceable lens covers that cost just $35. A big chopped hand (or "lobster claw") is usually a symptom of holding the camera directly in your hand, or without an appropriate extender. 360 cameras really demand some degree of extension from the capture source. In other words, a pole, or, pejoratively, a "selfie stick." Yes they look silly, and yes they are banned in many places, but the degrees to which they make 360 video (or, 360 capture mastered into "flat" video) watchable and interesting is impossible to overstate. I never got to see the video or @outcast00096's other posts since it seems they have deleted them. I did see the commentary from other users, which was critical, but hardly hateful or vitriolic. Evidently a bit harsh to the OP's ears, which is too bad, especially since the OP seems to acknowledge they are still figuring out how to use the camera. Criticism, actually, is a valuable gift. Be thankful for the person who tells you your fly is open, your breath is bad, or your work could use improvement. You might not know otherwise and, no matter how badly it might make you feel, criticism is something you can act upon and improve yourself. And we should all want to do that in some way. If you think you are perfect, with no room for improvement, and can't accept criticism (even when it is harshly delivered) or use it to your advantage, then you're stuck where you are, mired in your own ego and stubbornness. Mostly electric skateboards depicted here, but camera operator (me) is on an EUC.
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    The final video from Moscow's EUC competition, September 2018. Thanks to @EcoDrift
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    Got the Mavic out of mothballs today hopefully to use on our weekend group ride, and thought I should post this as video evidence that winter has *not* actually started yet up here.
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    Last week training session. My GF hates the song I chose for her. And she is not happy about the video. I think she is doing really well.
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    From what I can tell she was not upset at all.
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    Mine was this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074SGNWY9/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&amp;psc=1 It's twist to tighten (just like the included Fusion stick) so the length is fully adjustable. The attach head isn't swappable from the GoPro style mount unfortunately
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    Had double checked with the 9B rep that the correct chords would be included, sent a picture for illustration, receiving confirmation before shipping that they would be... We had adapters for European outlets from the last shipment but not these Chinese plugs. The choice was to either hold the orders order until Monday, or send, knowing that the average household very likely has many of these. Lesson learned: 1) demand photographic evidence, 2) will be stocking a couple hundred adapters for mistakes of this kind.
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    The real deal would be a real celebrity (there's only one... Marty!) delivering the wheel. Can you imagine that? Door rings, you open it, "Hi guys!" - Marty is there with a big box! 5 minutes of Marty presence included in inflated price, more available for a steep fee
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    Aww... Thanks @fbhb! It was completely worth it... Not only did it mean you got your wheel quicker, but I got to meet another rider, and have a ride, and get a taste for some of the awesome rides that there are in Hawke's Bay! I wish that I had more time, but we did get in ~20 km - and there is always the "next trip")! Yes, I do have a photo to share too... Taken near Te Awanga, looking toward Cape Kidnappers … One thing was a little odd though... @fbhb wore his TSG helmet the whole time - even at the house when I was delivering the Z10! But then (considering what we ride) we must all be a little eccentric...
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