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    Buy yourself an Mten3 for fun all day long
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    If Hunka has a crash and lands on his chest, does that count as a faceplant for Marty?
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    Back at uploading after a break. This is part of today's ride. I was looking for new trails and found some. After the fall I went and bought knee pads. This kind of riding is my favourite.
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    At first it did not make any sense as to why it is harder to get a larger wheel up a hill then it hit me!!
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    You don't get it. All of HUNKA HUNKA's post are euc related. The lady is question (not hard on these old eyes ) is contorted because she is riding an euc which has cut-off and she is about to "Face Plant". It is that anticipation HUNKA HUNKA is sharing with us and equating it with the anticipation of the Duf-Marty live stream.
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    well, several things, one, it looks like ian lives in some little bfe town and i’m surrounded by 14 lanes of interstate, six lanes of highway, two lanes with no sidewalks or bike lanes. i wouldn’t leave the ranch here on a wheel by myself, i don’t even ride motorcycles here. most dangerous intersections in the county. two, Bob isn’t the only consideration. Bob’s primary function was suppose to be, scare off coyotes so i didn’t lose calves at 5 to 600 dollars a pop. so traversing the ranch with Bob on the leash does two things. i could check out the land and the cows and Bob could mark the ranch and let the coyotes know there was a big ass funny looking wolf that might get them. plus it seems like i’m running off trespassers on a regular basis, two different sets of them this week. i don’t have to leave the ranch to go to some park, the park is here, i just don’t have those city slicker trails like u ride on, mines untouched. i usually ride everyday but i didn’t today because the heat and humidity has been awful. Bob is not a long distance runner. he’s very fast, but not for long. he’s only like a twelve year old boy in dog years. idk if he’ll ever have the endurance of ian’s husky, they were bred for that. if i just walked Bob around the ranch, like 4 miles, he’d die. i’d be fine, done it a bunch, course i’m not wearing a fur coat. we’ll get there, i’m developing patience in my old age. not easy after grinding my whole life. that’s why i want u to go to the country and find a cow pasture with the owner’s permission to test the z10 out there. and it’s a ranch, not a farm. i’m a cowboy not some sod buster. but yeah, when i first thought about euc’s and walking Bob, ian’s video’s gave me that push. without Bob, i would have never bother with euc’s. i like them, think they are a great idea for boaters and pilots, but i had no use for them. my goal for ground transportation was getting a limo with a chauffeur. kind of a necessity with my medicine, plus i hate driving. pretty sure i have ptsd. seems like it. yup, except for the rocky trails, i have everything in that video and more. someday Bob and i will be able to video a ranch run but neither one of us is up to it yet. i did just get a marty mirror so i can keep track of Bob when he’s lagging. plus that will encourage me to wear my little helmet.
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    Since most of them don't even know a unicycle exists, I really don't think there is a notable difference in the amount of scaryness between 18L and Msuper X...
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    so i ordered a action cam £36 from Amazon , after watching people's videos over the last month which is the time I've had my kingsong ks16s which i really like btw i thought I'd post my very first video I've never done editing or neither held a selfie stick but thought I'd give it a go , it's really nice to watch it back tbh impressed with the little camera which is a crosstour ct9000 anyway thanks to you guys posting videos that made my learning alot easier and thx for opening a new world of fun and travel ... cheers ??
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    I think it greatly depends on the speed. I think that if you went 10 km/h on a flat smooth surface you could get close to 100 km range (10 hours of riding) but the same rider on the same route going the max speed would deplete the battery in less than an hour with range around 40 km. This is caused by several factors: drag - This is highly dependent on your speed as it raises with the square. It is almost negligible at 10 km/h but wastes a lot of your battery at 50 km/h. current - Li-ion batteries are rated for certain capacity but they will give you this capacity only at rated current. The faster you discharge them the less total energy you will get from them. And of course the faster you go the higher current has to flow. motor efficiency - Our motor has different efficiency at different RPM. I don't know what is the most efficient RPM for KS-18L but it might be a factor too. So all in all I think we need to build a testing facility with rated track and ambient conditions and a robot to ride every unicycle at exact same speed to achieve comparable results
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    I test drove it again this evening on my loop around silverlake using my iTouch with ios 11 and noticed some good mixed in with all of the horrible. All of this road test was done with a battery in the > 90% range. GOOD- acceleration feels quicker. You can still move your app/phone device in a counterclockwise direction to incorporate your camera view as the screen so its easy to look out for potholes and speed. BAD- There is much less feeling in the turns. It goes uphills no quicker than before, but has the feeling that you are. The Top speed where the warning occurs is now at 22.5 mph with full power, unless speedo on app is broken. I would like to be able to control the lean of the vehicle with my weight and the new firmware tilts the pedals for you with little pressure in both A and B modes. In B mode it is a little bit heavier and slower feeling, but with the same annoying ride tune up. Conclusion- There is a loss of road feeling that I cant explain yet. For instance it feels faster at 20 than it used to at 24mph. Much in the same way that the Mten3 feels quicker at 20 mph than my V8 or KS 18s at the same speed excluding the feeling for the squirrely 10” wheel. I cant figure out how, if I am to believe the App speedo. I will take it out again if I have time tomorrow before a trip. I am betting that the new pedal leaning or force overcorrection is to blame. The V10F started off feeling very stiff in the pedals and felt like you had to lean on them more to get it to stop and start, but that corrected itself after the first 200 miles. I will post my written review of the V10 before the firmware update later and the accompanying video review after that next week.
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    Guess I'm a pig, wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating a cracker...
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    Heh, no disrespect taken, but I would still like an answer :). I don't think asking questions means you're unqualified to take a task on, but that's just my opinion. At this point, I'm just trying to gather enough data to make an informed decision. Anyway, as mentioned, I have built large battery packs before (half dozen or so 100+ cell battery packs (along w/ many more smaller packs)) and have never had an issue, so I'm not clear on why I'd be so unqualified here... but that is what/why I am asking. I'm mostly looking for confirmation into what is or is not included w/ the batteryless version and if there are any gotchas that are EUC specific... the unknown unknowns for someone with EV, but not EUC building experience. If the biggest hurdle is just building and connecting a pack of batteries, I don't consider that all that complicated. I even have spare nickel strips ready to go. I have to assume that the battery-less option isn't solely for those looking to swap packs, especially w/ what I've seen so far re: people extending or replacing packs after purchase. Thoughts?
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    Sorry, I didn't mean my post to be a downer. I thought it might have been a little inspirational for you (and others)
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    See Marty, I've started a movement. Also, I've maybe sparked a trend! I think it would be hilarious if you guys had a group ride, and everyone showed up wearing a Marty Merch T-shirt. That would be very funny. Another idea is wearing a "Mar-T" and taking selfies in front of various landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, etc. and posting them up here.
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    During out nighttime group ride tonight @1Wheeler's V10F was kicking him off multiple times as we were riding around the hills of Griffith Park. Everyone else (7 riders total) had Gotway's. I was surprised because I didn't experience any of that when I was riding the pre-production unit. His V10F was frustratingly under powered tonight. Worse than any KingSong wheel that I've seen in similar conditions. Maybe Markus can chime in here and let us know if he had upgraded his firmware. Given the strength of the V10F motor and the battery capacity, there is no reason his wheel should have been kicking him off (massive tilt-back) the wheel so often. Inmotion has programmed this wheel to be way too conservative, IMO.
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    Now to answer the question. To be honest, it is your above statement that showed a lack of understanding of EUC’s plus expecting the supplier to supply the BMS. It is absolutely vital that BMS on EUC’s DO NOT HAVE OUTPUT PROTECTION, cheap wheels that have used eBike BMS have been death traps and there is a long thread on disabling output protection on them. Any and all output protection on EUC’s has to come from the main control board just as a warning to the rider to take action. Under no circumstances, even if the battery is on fire, is it acceptable to just cut power. As @Marty Backe explained, the wheel is absolutely not sold without batteries for DIY enthusiasts so no BMS is supplied, nor directly available. You are quite correct that there is nothing stopping you, or anyone else building a pack. Gotway are really good at cramming the batteries in though so you might find that a self build results in lower, not necessarily higher, capacity. What, I cannot tell you, but hopefully someone with that wheel can, is whether the BMS has any additional signalling wires to the main control board to alert on individual cell failures? Some EUC’s such as the IPS brand have a wire from each series cell so that it can manage even a single cell (or cell group) fault. Some others have a BMS alert signal wire, However many do not and only total voltage of the pack can be monitored. This means it is also pretty vital that a matched, single batch set of cells are used in the build as poor cells will not be controlled by the BMS other than by balance charging.
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    Count on me for a "Mar-T" selfie in front of the Space Needle. the Man, the Myth, the Legend,.....the BRAND.
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    One more day!! Don't miss it! Mark your calendars! Souvenir T-shirts and merch available as you walk out the gift store! http://www.youtube.com/dufisthenics
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    This is what you need to work towards @novazeus. Need to break out from the farm Love the sentiment expressed in this short video.
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    I just added up all the mileage from my different wheels, past and present. 5460-miles over a period of 22-months I actually didn't think I had ridden that much. I know some guys burn through a lot more miles than that, but considering that I don't used the wheels for commuting, that's a decent number. I better slow down
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    My gosh some people are hard to convince it's real. Okay, here's proof of life: MARTY AND ME AND TESSIE
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    I plan on getting a set of these angled side pad wedges from EUCGUY to help with the hills.