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    Glad you are OK. I never ride when I hear the 5-beeps. You're just asking for trouble. On all of my wheels I disable the 1st and 2nd alarm. Then, if I ever hear beeps I immediately off the 'gas'. If you want to ride really fast (which it sounds like you do) then get a more powerful wheel that can go faster, safely. You really can't say That must be the stupidest feature ever made? You turned off tilt-back and then ignored the safety beeps.
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    This happened because you exceeded the motor's capabilities. It warned you repeatedly not to do that and you ignored it. High speed, face first dumps are what happens when you go beyond the machine's capabilities. There's nothing wrong with the wheel. Highly determined user error will often result in bad outcomes.
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    I think beeps tell you that maybe it is better go slowly or something.......
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    Hiking near Caen (France Normandy) landing beach
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    If you wanna see Sidestreet Reny fail. Here ya go.... Totally fun day riding at the bike park annoying most of the mountain and BMX riders. My poor little Glide 2 is not meant for this action and it tells me constantly...."Danger, Please slow down". Lol. I think I will keep my wheel on the streets. Keep it real and keep it street (usually)
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    The beeps is there for something.. Being a new rider, my adrenaline spikes whenever I heard the first beep. I'm surprised how supportive forum members here. I'm just thinking you are gonna be eaten alive by everyone while reading your original post. But no, they are very tame and understanding. I just got my first wheel one month ago and this forum is one of the reason I bought it. Today I decide to join after being a lurker for a while. Sooo.. hello me! ?
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    Hi guys, First ever post, so nice to meet you! The main reason for registering was actually to discuss protective gear. In particular, helmets. I've been looking everywhere to find a suitable full-face helmet. My biggest issue is claustrophobia, then that the take so much of the view away. A buddy of mine gave me a tip to look into paragliding helmets. They feature a much wider field of vision. Also I've noticed that some downhill long-boarders also use these helmets. After some looking into it I've found -what I hope- will be the perfect compromise! As a matter of fact, it's arriving this afternoon. The weather's been kind in the Netherlands these past few days and I'm planning a nice ride of about 50-60kms, give it a go. If interested I could give a review after. Any things I should be looking out for especially?
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    Oh, the beeps are warnings? I thought they were rewards for reaching a certain speed threshold. Like one beep you're doing good, two for better, three excellent, five wowie you're flying! Maybe I'm playing video games in my parents' basement too much.
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    And again. Thanks for caring! Never ever ride without at least arm pads, gloves and helmet. Knee pads were not really useful in this scenario. But the arm pads and the gloves (thick MC gloves) really saved me from severe injuries. Never do the same misstake as me. I really regret my lack of knowledge but I am really happy it all went well. It is a very good vehicle, but don't do what I did. I thought the beeps was just a warning of the speed, and not actually a warning about the vehicle itself. Please, take care out there and respect thr beeps. I know that there are probably other newbies that will do the same misstake as I did. Just don't!!!
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    Glad your ok! At least you were wearing safety gear so that’s not stupid. In the end consider this a good experience and you will begin listening to the beeps with respect.
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    Lyme's can be avoided if you take it off ASAP, it won't transmit until it is close to full. TBE that we have in Europe and Asia transmits with the bite, doesn't matter if you take it out immediately, the damage is done. And there is no cure, only vaccine. If there's one single insect I could do without, it would be the tic.
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    According to beta testers' reviews, there are several good and weak points for Z series. However, I am more interested in those reviews with hard data and comparisons. Unfortunately, most of the reviews are just filled with a bunch flattering adjectives expressing opinions, not facts and data. I doubt whether those reviewers know how to write a lab report. That being said, there are a few reports with some data and objectivity. TurboCharged being one of them. TurboCharged's review points some of the problems, such as long braking distance, weak climbing power, overheating. Another reviewer in hilly region GuiZhou province rode Z up and down without mentioning of getting heat warnings. Others report the difficulty of maintaining direction when travelling perpendicular to a slope. Another reviewer gave this data set for speed/braking distance: 时速(km/h) 刹车距离(m) 20 2-3 30 4-8 35 7-10 40 12-15 45 15-20 @Turbocharged, please comment on these numbers. I remember on this forum, there is a video showing ACM's braking distance. It would be interesting to do a comparison. After I read all the reviews, I get the impression that 9b did not do their best before push Z out for beta test. Probably their developers were busy playing wechat in office ( one job interviewer wrote this ). One major promised advantage of Z over others is the shock absorb-ility promised by the fat tire, yet it did not deliver. Is it too hard to test various tires to make it work? Is it so hard to make the trolley handler internal? I can only conclude that 9b did not try hard enough.
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    Glad you hung on! You pretty much need to be on your A game to ride 24mph+. I’ve had days where I’m a little tired or had an injury a few days before and I really notice the difference in how robust I feel upon the wheel. Right now my left foot is sore from slamming it down hard the other day after I hit a dip in the road so I’m riding a lot more easily on the wheel. When I feel a wobble I remind myself that I don’t need to hammer it, just consistently cruise and I’ll get there in plenty of time. That communting on NYC streets of course, hitting trails would be different Right now I think my Tesla has a bit of a tire bump that I need to sort out coz I’m feeling a rhythmic, vertical wobble especially at higher speeds. ?
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    Forward-backwards oscillation, indicating a problem with the wheel staying level, or sideways wobble? Sideways is not wheel-related, it's you(r legs). As far as forwards-backwards is concerned, you can reproducably throw off a Gotway's gyro by going over a cow grate or a similar rapid succession of rattling small bumps. It will progressively tilt forwards until you're on firm ground again, then a simple brake+accelerate will get it level again. So gyros can fail in some situations. But a GW won't oscillate/try to throw you off then. Inmotions, there was an oscillation problem before, maybe one can reproduce an oscillation in the V8 in some situations? Since you know where it happened, you could try if you dare
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    For anyone else that might be considering wrapping the KS 18 shell I have attached a photo of the wrapped shells and pedals. I purchased from Jason @EWheels new headlight covers, Black Speaker covers, and a trolley handle. I have not yet installed these. The basic wrap is finished. This weekend I will begin reassembling the KS. When the trolley handle arrives, I will install and the job will be complete. Finally, my impressions of the install. This was my first time to even touch vinyl wrap. Considering my amateur wrapper status, the project went fairly well. Since I am constrained by time, equipment, and expertise there are imperfections in the shell that I did not/could not completely remove that show through the wrap. I also see some air bubbles have appeared. These, I can probably remove with a heat gun and some additional squeegeeing. The application is somewhat mediocre, but the wrap finish looks good. The finish of course is difficult to screw up because the DIY wrapper does not create it. Thankfully, the vinyl companies spin that particular gold. Overall, I think that it was worth the effort to avoid paying the various quotes I received between $500-$700 by the expert wrappers around the DMV. It is not perfect, but it looks good to my eye and the eye of my son who must ride it. If you are thinking of vinyl wrapping it takes patience, especially with the KS18. The current KS18 has no outer and inner shell. The whole shell must be removed in order to complete the wrap. To remove the entire shell essentially requires disassembly of the entire wheel. Unfortunately, I am limited to 3.1mb and it seems that each photo maxes this limit. Side note: For those whose last trip to DC was the, no doubt, memorable school field trip to the National Mall, DMV does not mean Department of Motor Vehicles; it means DC and it's Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs, a.k.a., the Washington Metropolitan Area)
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    It should also be noted that the wheel likely did not cut off on you. You over-leaned it, meaning you leaned beyond the wheels ability to accelerate back under you. It was likely still driving forward as hard as it possibly could but for all the reasons expertly described by @esaj could accelerate no more. If it had been a cut-out where all driving force is lost and the pedals go floppy under you I very much expect you would be writing this from a hospital. There is lots of stupidity to go around here. Gotway gets the bulk of the points for allowing riders who have no clue how the device works to turn off speed limiting features like tiltback but don't worry you get some for knowing you were exceeding the speed limits but keeping going anyway.
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    Awesome explanation!
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    Glad u didn't have to bail, @Hunka Hunka Burning Love! U might've had to perform some hillside Tesla panel re-popping a la @Marty Backe And yes, after only a few days with a speaker I can agree it's addicting.. only thing is now I cant creep up on people, which I found sort of amusing... I just hold the speaker in one hand. I kind of wish it had a strap, but its surprisingly comfortable to hold anyway. My theory on getting all wobbly when crouching down is the lower center of gravity, i.e. it's easier to balance a yardstick in the palm of your hand than a pencil. I think wobbling happens because of unequal compensation.. never tried the foot trick, but I try to shift weight
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    Am I wrong to be a bit alarmed about the fact that pressing or keeping the power button pressed may burn the board?
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    Whatever it is isn't just an isolated incident if others are reporting it. It's not something I've come across before but watching the other videos it does look to be in one particular place? I see one of the vids linked says "weak axle" - that would seriously scare me after what happened with my old ACM. The way the EUC throws you down if the axle goes you've no chance and it's going to hurt even at low speed. I chipped my wrist, fractured my elbow and cracked a rib when my ACM axle broke. Whatever it is I hope you get it sussed and sorted quickly and easily. Keep us posted please and stay safe
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    Gotway already competes directly for this market share, and blows Ninebot out of the freaking water. The Ninebot Z looks more and more like a joke, and as the reviews come in their market share of the rugged offroad wheel market will shrivel up among discriminating enthusiast riders. The first MSuper might be comparable to the Ninebot Z10, and the MSuper 3 and up appear to blow it out of the freaking water. There's ultimately no need for a 4 inch fat wheel unless it has clear performance improvements over the 2.5" or 3" wheels. Having said all that, if Gotway or King Song or InMotion experiment with a 4" fat wheel, I hope they don't go tubeless, which seems to defeat the whole purpose because that tubeless Z wheel is said to be rock hard and unforgiving on bumpy terrain. I also hope the next company to try 4" fat goes with extremely high tire height, enabling great clearance and AMAZINGLY sharp turning ability
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    That aircraft analogy is interesting. It does make sense when you think about it. I wonder though whether these wobbles may be more like how on shopping carts, sometimes one of the wheels in the front ends up fluttering violently about. It sure would be interesting to have more ride data logged about lateral G's, ride angle, and vibration data to figure out what is setting it off. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_wobble I usually place my feet slightly forwards and centred on the pedal with my ankle slightly behind the middle of the pedal support location. Size nine shoes with toes over the front edge. Laterally they are outwards slightly to help clear the case. I've tried riding with feet even more forwards, and at a certain point it gets very difficult to brake as you can't apply pressure on the back half of the pedal. My centre of gravity is likely always in front of the contact point while in forwards motion. If it were directly over or behind I think the wheel would be slowing to a stop or braking. I think foot position relative to the pedal support vertical centre changes the lever forces you can apply to the pedal. Too far forwards, and you can't stop well even if your CoG is behind the contact patch since you can't create that backwards tilt pressure on the case through the pedal supports. Too far back, and the acute foot to leg angle gets uncomfortable while accelerating or at speed. These wobbles I think are likely due to not being able to brace the case well enough to stabilize it so your leg muscles try to do it on an autonomic level. With small wobbles, tilting one foot up and bracing the other leg against the case gets rid of them. Squatting down to try to touch the ground with a hand for example prevents the legs from contacting the side panels of the wheel so wobbles can occur easier. Or that's my theory. I'd be curious to see if anyone else does the heel lift while riding. You may have seen it in my video. I pretend I'm pressing down on the accelerator pedal.
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    I received my 100v monster. ? I had 4100 klm of travel on Msuper v3 s + 1600 and more than 10000 klm on all my wheels. My impressions : monster 1845 100 volts: comfort, sense of security, stability, INCOMPARABLE And all of it without noise. She is beautiful and silent. Forget the trot and even the roadsides. I drive with cars over 50 klm / h. This 100 volts brings us better. With inclination in curves accelerations and braking that I did not imagine. It is a machine that far surpasses my Msuper s +. The negative points: No application 100 volts and curiously the speeds announced by my different applications sounds very different from the gps values. Example 40 klm / h on WheelLog gives 48 on gps. 20% more on gps. I would have liked a little more acceleration too. And I had to swing the wheel with a lead. Because she vibrated a lot on a vacuum test. Conclusions: the best wheel on or off the road. And at low speed his silence is fantastic. Solid, stable And comfortable. With charger 3 amp x 100 volts / 300 watts I bought on aliexpress Green and fashion I recommend this product. Well done to Gotway
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    For those of you who would like to see exactly the kind of crash @Yffisch experienced beautifully demonstrated see the below video (2:18s) in is the good bit for those with a low boredom threshold: P.S. I’m surprised this hasn’t been linked to in this thread by anyone else already as it’s been shown a few times on this forum to demonstrate just how quickly it all goes wrong if you ignore the beeps. Oh and also brilliant explanation by @esaj oh and also by the way @Yffisch this guy managed to Dislocate his arm, even with protective gear - so you were pretty lucky!
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    It took me three hours to read this whole thread. I feel enlightened. I've taken many falls on my wheels throughout the 2 years I've ridden and I never wore any protection. If anything should be gained from reading all these posts is that I should buy some safety gear and that everyone here is really supportive of @Rehab1's recovery. Though I do have a few questions. What happened to the string protruding from your shoulder? Did you pluck it out with some tweezers? The guess of how many time you needed help to rebuild, I didn't see an actual answer. What was the final cost for your out of pocket medical expenses? Will you mod your Tesla or V10F with the same pedal mod you had when you crashed? How is your rehab coming along, are you able to use full range of motion yet? I also think that you are a really tough person. You took your crash really well and even got right back up afterwords. The injuries you sustained and the debt incurred is a relief compared to a loss of life. I'm happy that you are recovering. The video detailing the area you crashed at was pretty astonishing. I would not have made it past that first gravel spot let alone stick on it long enough to hit the pothole after it. Personally I think if there had been a sign on the path saying "sidewalk repair ahead" this would have saved you in the end. Good luck on further recovery! One last thing. I think you should hold off on the tattoo for a while. At least until after your 2 year waiting period.
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    What a wimpy tool! Our ticks are much bigger.
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    Congratulations buddy! I’m sure your glad the procedure is over. Like NASA getting ready for a launch? Wonder if any patients ever aborted at the 10 second mark. ? Your doing excellent! The scary part is over.
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    I can turn pretty good now as long as I have a reason. Doing random turn I a parking lot still feels a litte strange. Safety gear? Yep! Full dirt bike body armor under a loose t shirt, a white water kayak helmet ( much better coverage than a bicycle helmet not as good as a dirt bike helmet) and wrist guards, Thick Carhart pants, No knee pads. Flying through the air 4 feet off the ground at 30 MPH+, waiting for the ground to come up and get me has been a common thing in my life. (I think the time spent could easily be measured in minutes. It is actually quite enjoyable until the inevitable happens.) I seem to land well and never on the knees. Although the ground is getting harder and the laws of gravity are becoming more strict than 40 years ago.
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    nice progress! no need to rush - eventually turning will become easier. you have safety gear?
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    If you want to make some serious $$$$, forget about eyes, it's the plastic surgery where the money's at! Can't be that hard, make a small incision, stick in some saline bags, suture the wound... No, it's not really that bad, didn't bother to take a picture right now, similar to this but not that much goo: Aww, that's one handsome fella... Event Horizon? You probably didn't see my last edit in the last post, so here's it repeated: "Btw, as your medical opinion, what about beer and cigarettes during the recovery? "
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    Is it -SEGWAY i Series, p Series, Segway XT, Segway GT i2 SE, x2 SE . SE‐3 Patroller Segway miniLITE Segway miniPLUS Segway miniPRO320 Segway miniPRO260 PTR E+ i2, x2 (Gen II) ?
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    im not sure its "harder" but maybe but i think he only breifly tried a gt16 its not like 3 days is the only time i have used hard mode. i used it for almost 3 weeks straight in the beginning. and tried it again and again days at a time. and this time i decided to try it out again. but its like it feels nice. but then after riding for a little time fidning out all the reasons i didnt just keep using it but its preference
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    D'accordo ...ma quando uno sconosciuto ti attacca sul personale è un pò piu difficile. Sentirsi dare del venditore da un commerciale di professione è dura. Metti in dubbio la mia esperienza e competenza senza averne di esperienza e competenza ... E tutto per aver detto una cosa ovvia quanto banale : ACM2 > KS16S, basta guardare le specifiche tecniche ( le stesse che avrà il prossimo ks16 che e sarà il top), poteva semplicemente obiettare che non sono nemmeno paragonabili, generazioni diverse. @FULspeed ora che l'esperto ha chiarito che basta rispettare gli allarmi , aggiungo che li hanno la possibilità di confrontare e provare con più facilità in negozi multibrand( magari non per ore/giorni se non lo affitti) ..ma il feeling con una ruota piuttosto che un'altra lo percepisci subito se sai già andarci (se sei francese ..qui dicono di no) !
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    Yeah I'm sure it's just a matter of time until somebody comes out with a 4" fat wheel that is really good at something. Maybe drag racing (setting top speed records "safely") or carrying 500 pound payloads. Having extremely high torque at the expense of top speed would be another interesting approach, for plowing through sand, mud, and snow
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    I had a strong feeling this was going to be the case. See if EWheels will let you switch your pre-order to a KS-18L, V10F, or MSuperX. You could always pick up a Z6 for cheap and get the same form factor as the Z10 as a dink-around wheel with a unique ride experience.
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    A few times on the Firewheel I've experienced the phenomenon @meepmeepmayer mentioned while riding over washboard roads. I was traveling about 20kph at the time. If the bumps are spaced just right (probably some resonant frequency of the control circuit timing) the pedals will tilt forwards. I never lost control from it but it's a very scary feeling because it's the only time the pedals dip forward like that.
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    At this point, I can imagine someone calling the police on a speeding wheelchair going 10 mph.
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    Posted a link that contains more photos of the wrapped Kingsong. Will post more after I reassemble the cycle. Esaj, thank you kindly for the suggestion to use Lmgur. I think that it worked out. http://imgur.com/a/9puPJTN
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    In California, I believe the limit is 1000W. That still doesn't make our 'real-world' EUCs legal. Thankfully, with the density of people here, the police have more to worry about then ticketing EUC riders
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    To me it doesn’t look nimble. The (extremely skillfull) rider has to try a few times to get a tight turn, and overall seems to require a bit of an effort to be handled at low speeds.
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    This worries me slightly. Hopefully more don't start cracking down like this. In my two years of riding I only ever got stopped once and that was by a PCSO. There had been complaints but of cyclists not me. He didn't get back to me on the legality and didn't say anything to me the next 2 times I saw him. I haven't seen him in a while but that doesn't mean he isn't lurking. I had passed and been passed by numerous other PC's both on foot and in vehicles without any problems so it may just be the PCSO flexing his authoritative muscles. I'm coming back to EUC's after a failed e-bike trial (it aggravated my medical condition) so I don't need to be having these issues. I plan to ride carefully, courteously and be as friendly as possible - as I was previously - so as to hopefully negate any complaints.
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    This is the Gotway wheel that most tempts me. I'm a big believer in riding the biggest wheel you can manage because of the safety benefit. It's why I still have high hopes for the wide/tubeless tire of the Z series.
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    No, but she's the one that takes the picture
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    A redo of the previous video but from a complete standstill from the bottom of the ramp. @Kael@meepmeepmayer
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    Got some pre-production samples! I've been playing with these for a few days now, and I gotta say they are way more fun than I imagined. A transportation tool? No.. but fun? Very much so. The two units are completely independent and operate with no communication between them so they're essentially two tiny 3.5" EUCs! I've never really been a fan of the hoverboard form factor, and this completely fixes my issues with them. Two wheels locked together with tank-like independent throttle for steering means too fast of an adjustment causes a sudden severe turn that throws the rider off. Making both feet/legs completely independent means it's a lot more stable and safe, easier to navigate. So now it's a lot more like intuitive powered rollerskating.
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    Yes the 10 very expensive screws and hardware remain intact unless the screws were to protrude through the humerus and start irritating my soft tissues. Usually that only occurs when the humeral head is dying from lack of blood flow. That is called avascular necrosis. I have two years until I am cleared of that happening. Thank you. My wife must have ordered rain because that is the forecast this entire weekend. Don’t get me wrong she is a wonderful woman and is worried about me but I could easily trip over a rug and end up with another fracture so it’s time to head out and ride again without sneaking behind her back. 3 months since surgery. Traditionally the norm. Stimulating the fracture site through physical therapy and light weight lifting actually assisted in increasing my calcification. Having a very adroit trauma surgeon also helped. Additionally the implanted fibular cadaver bone was a biological plus that formed a structural matrix to anchor the screws and plate while the remaiming fracture filled in. Yes I agree that the chances for a repeat are small. I truly believe the spiked pedals prevented my feet from disengagement during the fall and the oscillating ACM then twisted my upper body upon impact. The pedals are now garbage. Thanks! I did try the oil but the taste was horrible. Maybe I’ll bake some cookies with it. That hurts just to look at! ? Better yet Hunka I no longer have to pay for cable. Thanks buddy!
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    i just wont bother anymore with segway cutout machines
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