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    Minor disaster on the 18L front: Wheel arrived, but during transit, the [poorly designed] foam pressed against power button, causing it to turn on & burn the board out ? Report to following later this evening. Sent the Z10 out to @houseofjob today; after he's had it for a couple days, the Wheel's itinerary is going to be down FL with @Duf,then to Colton in CO, finally to @Marty Backe & back to MIA. Once the 18L has been resuscitated, plan to send it on a similar sightseeing sojourn.
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    If you wanna see Sidestreet Reny fail. Here ya go.... Totally fun day riding at the bike park annoying most of the mountain and BMX riders. My poor little Glide 2 is not meant for this action and it tells me constantly...."Danger, Please slow down". Lol. I think I will keep my wheel on the streets. Keep it real and keep it street (usually)
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    Another great thing about living in LA other than the weather, we are the closest to where ewheels ships from. I got just mine today! For the record, the tire is mounted in reverse, but it doesn't bother me too much as I don't ride in the rain or that fast. Oh, and @noisycarlos, my kid's small bladder is another reason to stay away from the sewers (LA Arroyo Seco Trail along the 110).
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    Hi guys, First ever post, so nice to meet you! The main reason for registering was actually to discuss protective gear. In particular, helmets. I've been looking everywhere to find a suitable full-face helmet. My biggest issue is claustrophobia, then that the take so much of the view away. A buddy of mine gave me a tip to look into paragliding helmets. They feature a much wider field of vision. Also I've noticed that some downhill long-boarders also use these helmets. After some looking into it I've found -what I hope- will be the perfect compromise! As a matter of fact, it's arriving this afternoon. The weather's been kind in the Netherlands these past few days and I'm planning a nice ride of about 50-60kms, give it a go. If interested I could give a review after. Any things I should be looking out for especially?
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    Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are the way to go! I have Aftershokz Trekz Titanium (there's an updated version called Air). Your ears are totally uncovered and you don't annoy anyone else/embarrass yourself with your taste in music. .
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    I want to actually ride the wheel in my real-world conditions before forming an opinion. Looks like I get that chance within a couple of wheels. As of now I'm still buying one.
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    It kind of makes sense why Ninebot wasn't originally planning to distribute these outside of China. It seems like the rest of the world with heavier riders demand higher performing wheels. I still have some hope, but it's starting to get dashed. I recall that early release video of the rider riding up the hill, but the Z gives up before it reaches the top. Oh well, hopefully Gotway or one of the other manufacturers will release a Z-Clone or wide tire version of their own with 84-100V, 1600 Wh battery, and 60 KPH speeds which would blow the Z away. If I were Gotway, I would get my designers on it as it just makes sense to release something to compete directly for this market share since they have a wheel in every other category and more at the moment. Mten3, MsuperX, Telsa, ACMV2, MCM5, Monster, you name it. Maybe call it the "Gotway ViperZ." I know the perfect emblem to slap on it: Give it a nice glossy red and black finish and sell a gazillion of them! Or maybe "Gotway Fatboy" and make it Batman matte black...
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    GRRR im done with the hard mode on my tesla... its so nice powerfull and feels like a granit rock.. but a little too much so... Every little obstacle makes the whole "granit rock" jump. And i usually ride with soft mode. No issues. I tried hard mode for 3 days and also a lot more before hand. I had my first fall in hard mode about 2 weeks after i started riding. Today i decided to try the hardmode on my usual forest track with tree roots and steep hills. making it important to absorb the shocks. I felt off my tesla 3 times trying to go through that track with hard mode. and used double the battery... im done with hard mode... but this is just my opinion... I just wanted to share it to avoid another rehab. i think the hardmode is not for everyone. But i still think it does pose some risks. Even for experienced riders.
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    Most people has some degree of leg length inequality but it’s so marginal that it does not affect us while walking. The only way to test Alcatraz’s theory is for Hunka to wear a shoe built up higher than the other while riding fast. This amount of discrepancy should work. ?
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    According to beta testers' reviews, there are several good and weak points for Z series. However, I am more interested in those reviews with hard data and comparisons. Unfortunately, most of the reviews are just filled with a bunch flattering adjectives expressing opinions, not facts and data. I doubt whether those reviewers know how to write a lab report. That being said, there are a few reports with some data and objectivity. TurboCharged being one of them. TurboCharged's review points some of the problems, such as long braking distance, weak climbing power, overheating. Another reviewer in hilly region GuiZhou province rode Z up and down without mentioning of getting heat warnings. Others report the difficulty of maintaining direction when travelling perpendicular to a slope. Another reviewer gave this data set for speed/braking distance: 时速(km/h) 刹车距离(m) 20 2-3 30 4-8 35 7-10 40 12-15 45 15-20 @Turbocharged, please comment on these numbers. I remember on this forum, there is a video showing ACM's braking distance. It would be interesting to do a comparison. After I read all the reviews, I get the impression that 9b did not do their best before push Z out for beta test. Probably their developers were busy playing wechat in office ( one job interviewer wrote this ). One major promised advantage of Z over others is the shock absorb-ility promised by the fat tire, yet it did not deliver. Is it too hard to test various tires to make it work? Is it so hard to make the trolley handler internal? I can only conclude that 9b did not try hard enough.
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    Glad you hung on! You pretty much need to be on your A game to ride 24mph+. I’ve had days where I’m a little tired or had an injury a few days before and I really notice the difference in how robust I feel upon the wheel. Right now my left foot is sore from slamming it down hard the other day after I hit a dip in the road so I’m riding a lot more easily on the wheel. When I feel a wobble I remind myself that I don’t need to hammer it, just consistently cruise and I’ll get there in plenty of time. That communting on NYC streets of course, hitting trails would be different Right now I think my Tesla has a bit of a tire bump that I need to sort out coz I’m feeling a rhythmic, vertical wobble especially at higher speeds. ?
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    I have the greatest respect for all those that put themselves in harms way or lay down their lives for their country. I don't always trust the politicians who put them in harms way however. The public are often fed a sack of BS to justify the decisions the politicians make - i would happily see GWB and Blair locked up for the ill-conceived mess which is Iraq. One of the most moving things i have ever seen is the ceremony every evening at the Menin Gate where locals gather and the last post is played to remember and pay respect to those that died. Every day should be poppy day. We should never forget the sacrifice of those who bought our liberty with their lives.
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    Today I recorded the GPS Speed of the Gotway Monster 100V with an iOS App...
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    Forward-backwards oscillation, indicating a problem with the wheel staying level, or sideways wobble? Sideways is not wheel-related, it's you(r legs). As far as forwards-backwards is concerned, you can reproducably throw off a Gotway's gyro by going over a cow grate or a similar rapid succession of rattling small bumps. It will progressively tilt forwards until you're on firm ground again, then a simple brake+accelerate will get it level again. So gyros can fail in some situations. But a GW won't oscillate/try to throw you off then. Inmotions, there was an oscillation problem before, maybe one can reproduce an oscillation in the V8 in some situations? Since you know where it happened, you could try if you dare
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    For anyone else that might be considering wrapping the KS 18 shell I have attached a photo of the wrapped shells and pedals. I purchased from Jason @EWheels new headlight covers, Black Speaker covers, and a trolley handle. I have not yet installed these. The basic wrap is finished. This weekend I will begin reassembling the KS. When the trolley handle arrives, I will install and the job will be complete. Finally, my impressions of the install. This was my first time to even touch vinyl wrap. Considering my amateur wrapper status, the project went fairly well. Since I am constrained by time, equipment, and expertise there are imperfections in the shell that I did not/could not completely remove that show through the wrap. I also see some air bubbles have appeared. These, I can probably remove with a heat gun and some additional squeegeeing. The application is somewhat mediocre, but the wrap finish looks good. The finish of course is difficult to screw up because the DIY wrapper does not create it. Thankfully, the vinyl companies spin that particular gold. Overall, I think that it was worth the effort to avoid paying the various quotes I received between $500-$700 by the expert wrappers around the DMV. It is not perfect, but it looks good to my eye and the eye of my son who must ride it. If you are thinking of vinyl wrapping it takes patience, especially with the KS18. The current KS18 has no outer and inner shell. The whole shell must be removed in order to complete the wrap. To remove the entire shell essentially requires disassembly of the entire wheel. Unfortunately, I am limited to 3.1mb and it seems that each photo maxes this limit. Side note: For those whose last trip to DC was the, no doubt, memorable school field trip to the National Mall, DMV does not mean Department of Motor Vehicles; it means DC and it's Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs, a.k.a., the Washington Metropolitan Area)
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    Glad u didn't have to bail, @Hunka Hunka Burning Love! U might've had to perform some hillside Tesla panel re-popping a la @Marty Backe And yes, after only a few days with a speaker I can agree it's addicting.. only thing is now I cant creep up on people, which I found sort of amusing... I just hold the speaker in one hand. I kind of wish it had a strap, but its surprisingly comfortable to hold anyway. My theory on getting all wobbly when crouching down is the lower center of gravity, i.e. it's easier to balance a yardstick in the palm of your hand than a pencil. I think wobbling happens because of unequal compensation.. never tried the foot trick, but I try to shift weight
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    This is my opinion and I don’t know if this is actually the case, but anyway, unlike GotWay, KS or InMotion, Ninebot doesn’t rely on EUCs to make a living... They are aiming at AI and all other sorts of development that easily attracts fundings. As for their current product lines, kick scooters and Mini Pro/Plus are their money cows, EUC remains a niche market that isn’t as important. Z is just Ninebot, being a company that always trys to treat their fans well, trying to answer for fans’ request... Ninebot doesn’t even project a high volume of sales of Z... And, Z is not all bad... it’s a good daily commute wheel, relaxed, medium speed, just cruising, it’s not bad, given you don’t have to transit with subway or bus... it is HEAVY. Not to mention it would win all the beauty contest without mud guard and trolley handle installed.
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    Am I wrong to be a bit alarmed about the fact that pressing or keeping the power button pressed may burn the board?
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    Whatever it is isn't just an isolated incident if others are reporting it. It's not something I've come across before but watching the other videos it does look to be in one particular place? I see one of the vids linked says "weak axle" - that would seriously scare me after what happened with my old ACM. The way the EUC throws you down if the axle goes you've no chance and it's going to hurt even at low speed. I chipped my wrist, fractured my elbow and cracked a rib when my ACM axle broke. Whatever it is I hope you get it sussed and sorted quickly and easily. Keep us posted please and stay safe
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    No need to go all Fatal Attraction on the furball. I ride safely. But interspersed are a few moments of sheer speed and terror! I need to get some better BT earphones. My pair runs out of battery too quickly. At least with the Tronsmart it lasts for a few runs before needing a recharge. Plus there's that cool factor riding with tunes and also the no surprises something loud is coming your way element. Good call on the AC DC! I must add that to the rotation after Rick Astley! Rhythmic tire bump might be a bent rim like @meepmeepmayer?
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    Well, you never know still, and it could very well be perfectly fine for most urban uses. Most people don't buy a Mercedes GLK to go off-roading 100% of the time. They might do some light off-roading with it, but it's more for show and regular road usage. The Ninebot Z may not pass the Marty Mountain TestTM, but really how many people are going to do that? As long as it can handle San Francisco type hills, it might be fine for that 99% of the population out there. Do all wheels need to pass the extreme hill climb test to be a useful wheel or an enjoyable wheel? Can the Mten3 climb a mountain? I think we tend to think "off-road" and instinctively demand Landrover/Jeep/Hummer level of mountain climbing ability whereas maybe most people only need them to go from A to B and sometimes off-road a little to C which isn't 5000 feet up. I say temper your expectations, and it still might be a "good enough" wheel for most people. This ain't like laser eye surgery, ya know!
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    Gotway already competes directly for this market share, and blows Ninebot out of the freaking water. The Ninebot Z looks more and more like a joke, and as the reviews come in their market share of the rugged offroad wheel market will shrivel up among discriminating enthusiast riders. The first MSuper might be comparable to the Ninebot Z10, and the MSuper 3 and up appear to blow it out of the freaking water. There's ultimately no need for a 4 inch fat wheel unless it has clear performance improvements over the 2.5" or 3" wheels. Having said all that, if Gotway or King Song or InMotion experiment with a 4" fat wheel, I hope they don't go tubeless, which seems to defeat the whole purpose because that tubeless Z wheel is said to be rock hard and unforgiving on bumpy terrain. I also hope the next company to try 4" fat goes with extremely high tire height, enabling great clearance and AMAZINGLY sharp turning ability
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    I received my 100v monster. ? I had 4100 klm of travel on Msuper v3 s + 1600 and more than 10000 klm on all my wheels. My impressions : monster 1845 100 volts: comfort, sense of security, stability, INCOMPARABLE And all of it without noise. She is beautiful and silent. Forget the trot and even the roadsides. I drive with cars over 50 klm / h. This 100 volts brings us better. With inclination in curves accelerations and braking that I did not imagine. It is a machine that far surpasses my Msuper s +. The negative points: No application 100 volts and curiously the speeds announced by my different applications sounds very different from the gps values. Example 40 klm / h on WheelLog gives 48 on gps. 20% more on gps. I would have liked a little more acceleration too. And I had to swing the wheel with a lead. Because she vibrated a lot on a vacuum test. Conclusions: the best wheel on or off the road. And at low speed his silence is fantastic. Solid, stable And comfortable. With charger 3 amp x 100 volts / 300 watts I bought on aliexpress Green and fashion I recommend this product. Well done to Gotway
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    When I do my world EUC tour, and stop by at yours... Just remember we are going to try some normal riding, okay?