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    i did this in another thread too. for starters: 1. better tire 2. the app works 3. 2000 watt motor vs 1200 watt 4. the app works 5. handle switch disconnect 6. better speakers 7. thinner 8. higher pedals 9. bigger pedals 10. better lighting 11. better headlight 12. the app works 14. built in kick stand 15. better support from inmotion 16. better packaging 17. faster 40 kph vs 35kph 18. quieter at neutral 19. 960 wh 84 volt battery vs 840 wh 67 volt battery 20. easily replaceable or removable trolley handle, no non locking in the case stuff. 21. pads are softer and ergonomics just better for me. the app looks fantastic, u especially would love it because u like to monitor all this stuff when ur torturing ur wheels. it just makes the kingsong ks16s all around from packaging forward, look primitive. compared to the v10f like @US69always says, they are a mom and pop operation like out of a garage. sub contract out their stuff to cheap vendors. that’s why a year later, still have problems with their software. did i mention, mine is no more than a boat anchor now. at jason’s present pricing, i’d definitely pick the v10 over the ks16s if i only had $1299 to spend. and if u pre ordered u coulda got the v10f for only $140 more. plus inmotion’s reputation is worth tons as dangerous as these things are, that’s not a factor with u hotway boys though. no comparison.
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    The mod is complete. I’ll do a write up tonight about the fabrication process. A bit harder than I initially envisioned. The custom silicone protective covers keep the grip tape from scratching the plastic shell when the pedals are in their upright position.
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    @Marty Backe, @eddiemoy - the fan is underneath one of the boards. I'll show you when we finish our tear down. They tried many configurations and ending going with the best performing option that kept ambient temps down.
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    i don’t use a trolley handle but if i did, i think inmotion’s is adequate and i like that i can remove it. i’ve never had a problem with ks trolley handle because i don’t use it, but others have had problems with it not locking in the case. yeah i think it’s a better tire. higher load capacity. 75kg vs 70kg. it just looks and feels meatier. definitely different from ks little tire. the pedals being higher has nothing to do with them being slippery and i think that will improve as they break in. the gas they use for the mold release makes them slippery when new. u can always send ur pedals to @Rehab1 before he’s completely healed up. u can’t make ks pedals higher or bigger. i think the kickstand is for indoor use only. the quiteness of the wheel at idle just denotes a quality build. who wants a wheel that sounds like a frozen margarita machine at idle. see my post on packaging. oh yeah, the batteries can be fully charged using the supplied charger. oh yeah, inmotion is gonna have a cover for the v10f. on the tire, yes, it being the same tire as the 18s, except 16 instead of 18, does make slow turning more deliberate and there is gonna be a learning curve. on my first ride what i was thinking, wow, if 2.5 inch feels like this in 16” what is the z10 gonna feel like?
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    According to California AB604, effective January 2016, EUC's are not motorized vehicles. They fall under the same category as electric skateboards. Generally, anywhere a bicycle is allowed an EUC is allowed. However, as the Bill states, local ordinances can override AB604. My attitude in California is I will ride anywhere unless a sign specifically states no EUCs (I've never seen one). However, if I am confronted by an authority figure, I demure to their request to exit the premises. This has rarely occurred. Fortunately California doesn't yet have enough money to have the thousands of miles of trails patrolled for 'violators'. If you seek out permission, expect to be denied. I follow the axiom that it's better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission.
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    Just brings a whole new meaning to: “Doing a data dump”.
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    @novazeus @Marty Backe Update on the App situation: Support for V10 is coming as an update to the same app along with the new live data / efficiency readings. It's due for rollout tomorrow (thursday May 10), but we recognize that some of you were going to receive your V10F before the update hit so we emailed all of our customers and gave them early access to the android version. If you didn't order from us, then you haven't heard from me because I don't have your email, but I can get you the app if you private message me here.
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    Here’s mine. Well sort of. Since I can’t officially ride my V10F (or Tesla) yet the pedal mods are underway which will be completed tomorrow. The V10F’s silicone based pedals grips are tough as nails. It took 30 minutes just to grind off the traction ridges so I can install my industrial grip tape. The pedals will also have silicone protective covers installed.
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    First video with my new cam ? edit: reuploaded at 60 fps
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    look, i don’t think the ks16s is a bad wheel. i’m not mad at kingsong. i think the ks16s is a great wheel, @Flora Yuanwas chatting with me trying to help me for three mornings in a row, she says they have the software fix and has instructions for me etc. i’m sure it will be unbricked later today. “primitive” isn’t a negative connotation. Bob is primitive and i love him more than anything else on this planet. primitive: 1. relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something. wait until u get yours. obviously everybody is different and has different tastes. ur right though, it’s not a fair comparison because i guess the ks16s came out last year, like comparing this years apple phone to last years apple phone, maybe both good phones but the newer one is more technologically advanced, lets hope so, going backwards would be stoopid. ya, i know i skipped “13”, it’s a superstition. marty ask me, not u, how i thought the v10f was superior, not inferior to the ks16s. hell, idk if the v10f is gonna win the contest of being my favorite wheel yet. like the 18s, it doesn’t drive the same way as my other wheels. my vw touareg makes my jeep look primitive, but i love my jeep and more importantly, Bob loves the jeep, but to a reviewer, the jeep is the worse vehicle ever made. hasn’t hurt it’s popularity because what the reviewer fails to see is the jeep is very good at what it does. ya, i don’t care about speed but to be objective, in that category, i don’t see how 35kph is better than 40kph, not saying u have to go that fast, it’s just nmbers, like the motor rating. i think the dealers i bought from were authorized at the time, kingsong has just made a shift in the way they run their company. i don’t think they build black market wheels for chinese vendors and one wheel for jason, same wheels, same pluses and minuses. here’s another example since u and marty are hung up on primitive, my jeep wrangler rubicon is a 2015, i think it was $38k, which i think is ridiculous for what u get, but that’s what i wanted. the new jeeps are even more expensive and more refined that make my jeep primitive, guess what, in jeeps, i prefer primitive, but a reviewer isn’t gonna see it that way. i like the disconnect on my 9bots and really like it on the v10f because i use it like a floodlight to find my way in the dark on the ranch. like i said, marty asked, i replied. my opinion, urs may vary, so what. have a nice day.
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    That is true (I used to live in San Diego, so definitely not expecting the same weather as there), but it will still be a massive step up from D.C. area weather! I'll be in Monterey, CA working on my Master's degree.
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    So you'll need a BT chip like a cyborg, then a handshake and a pin to connect... THEN you can actually use the bloody loo? Better make sure none of the family members have the keyhole syndrome.
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    This wheel is definitely high quality, more than I was expecting. I have 3 other wheels and none ride as well as the v10, it feels like it’s planted if that makes any sense. I agree, I don’t think I’ll be going for top speed, at least for awhile. One thing I have noticed is that it seems to take some effort to ride, a lot more than my other wheels. I hope that the app will have some different ride settings.
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    Other day at work, I ride my Mten3 during breaks on Public transportation terminal, every minute of my break. the head Transit officer who saw me from my early day said "You're getting pretty good, much faster, we're going to have to set up some cones for you." True story.
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    okay! @Jeffrey Scott Will my man, after all my problems with kingsong, i wasn’t ready for a half english/chinese non working app. good job! nice looking app. might be the best i’ve ever seen.gonna have to play with it tmrw some more. this 16” wheel isn’t even in the same league as a ks16s. makes kingsong look primitive.
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    Don't let the lack of a fan scare you away. In fact, the presence of a non-redundant fan would scare me. Fans are a component that can fail, and when fans fail, the failure often cascades. If a product doesn't have any fans, then the engineers who designed it found another way to dissipate waste heat – and whatever they used is probably more reliable than a fan.
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    Actually there will be 27 wheelers in the US come Friday.
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    Nice! I'll be moving from the east coast to 6 hours north of Santa Monica next month. Looking forward to the nice weather and scenery (and no more snow)!
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    You can ride anywhere you dont get caught. lol
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    V10 Disassembly video by Green Fashion.
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    Unfortunately, this comes at a price of no Bluetooth security, no user-upgradable firmware, and no ability to read current settings from wheel (tiltback, beeps settings, etc...).
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    From a EUC-Onewheel group ride last weekend from Pacifica to Half Moon Bay here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We usually ride with e-skaters too, no way any of their equipment comes close to making this trip...
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    here’s mine. nice double box packaging. in the box for the techies first grounded charger cord ever i think unless ninebot does it lots of protective wrap for some reason i hadn’t noticed the red or maroon accent it will match my new vans sk8 hi’s see more matching accents remind me not to take pictures of this wheel naked it turns on i need to lose about a hundred pounds. it is a kenda tire. this is a pita. the length of the threads is too short to use the handy ninebot extension tube. and people, it came with 20psi, so check the tire before riding. if it was pumped up to 40psi like it wants, it probably would explode on the plane. my e+ valve for comparison so i had to do this. my harley suspension pump works pretty good. lots of strokes but does leak much when disengaging. that should work until i go on a diet came with about a half charge. perfectly normal. for those who think size does matter. my e+ or future 10z pedals for comparison. gonna chill as best i can in this hot weather and hopefully around dusk take black mamba for a spin.
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    Yes, though to a lesser extend as transportation device with speeds of more than 10km/h. I also like this application:
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    I ordered the King Song 16s which finally came in the mail today. I decided to write a little about my experience while my very sore shins are recovering. I knew nothing about this whole idea of electric unicycles until I saw a "Cool Gadgets" type youtube video which showed the Segway S1 and thought, "Cool!". From what I had heard about Segway I thought it would be way expensive and was surprised that it was only $500. Well, I had some left over Christmas cash burning a whole in my pocket so I said, "I'm getting one!". I started to research and saw that there was a cap on the speed which I though was faster than what I needed but was concerned about the battery capacity and power. It seemed that for just a little more, I could get a lot more power, and a lot more battery life with the King Song 14D. I plunked down the cash for the King Song 14D but since it was on backorder, it gave me a chance to think more and thought," I want more power! I want more battery!" so a quick cancel of the 14D and I ended up ordering the 16s from Freemotion. Mind you, from the time I started my unicycle quest and thinking that $500 was about as much as I wanted to spend, I ended up spending $1300 total for the 16S and the 5A charger from ewheels. I ordered the gray 16s version and he put it in the mail the next day but since it was coming from Canada, it took about 6 days to get here. SIX AGONIZING DAYS!! The person I dealt with at freemotion was very quick with return emails. He gave me some hints on updating the firmware with ios while it was enroute. I had a pleasant experience with Freemotion. While it was enroute, I spent time watching youtube instruction videos from all wheel makers as well as riding my inline skates. I had not worn them for about 5 years so I practiced trying to lean forward while moving as well as keeping my ankles together while cruising down hills. I went to the shipping depot the minute it opened and picked it up this morning. I had heard stories of the firmware update not going as expected and was scared I would get this toy, err I mean "electronic personal mobility device" and turn it into a brick immediately so I opted to skip the firmware update for now. I read the provided instructions which mention only using an inflation tube to inflate the wheel but I did not see any such item in the box. Only the wheel, king song charger, and 2- 40A fuses. I fired off an email to Freemotion asking if a "inflation tube" was supposed to be in there and he replied back within 30minutes that he did not think so but had sent the question to King Song. Anyone know what this is referring to? Anyway, I was able to inflate the tire just using a pump and got it to 46PSI. During my trying to do horizontal calibration the lights stopped working and it was beeping twice every 2 seconds which scared me a little bit until I remembered someone on the forum mentioning the lock feature. I quickly unlocked it from the King Song app and it was back working as it should. I also changed the mode to learning mode. I have also installed the Darkness bot app which looks like it may be the app that I use since it is just beautiful in appearance and has all the features that I need. Not sure why its free but will definately buy the add ons since they are just $4 and I want to support all the hard work that went into the app. I had previously purchased the baby corner bumper with double sided tape to protect the wheel but was concerned that the tape would ruin the finish so I put on masking take first and then the double sided tape and bumper on that. Within about 45 minutes the bumper was coming off so obviously there is a better way. I am interested in making a cover but was concerned that it may insulate the motor and cause it to get too hot. I figure once I determine the normal operating temperature that I can try to make a cover and see if the temp increases significantly. I did put some climbing webbing through the handle to act as a retention strap to catch it when I step off which has done very, very well during my learning. I spent about 10 minutes with my right foot on the wheel and my left foot on the ground just pressing forward and backwards to learn the movement. It was during this that I learned how painful it was on my shins. Clearly I have no muscle there since all the pressure, despite the side pads is very uncomfortable. Maybe my position needs to be adjusted? Since my shins hurt so much I elected to pull out my truck and just stand on the wheel and get a feel for it while holding onto the truck. Initially, the truck got too hot in the sun which was kind of a motivator to limit my contact with the truck to prevent my hand from burning. I would go inside to rest my shins and let my hand recover but after about 3 rounds of 15-20min each, I got a glove on my left hand which kept my hand from getting hot. I started to just take laps around the truck and after about 100 laps I started to get some guts and opted to just see how far I could go up the driveway. It ends up with constant trys, I was able to move up the driveway and slowly around the block. Going faster is definitely more stable/easier which is not intuitive when starting out. Basically go as fast as you can run off when you lose your balance. I still have the strap on the handle which is essential for me to get started going. I do better turning to the left which is the same direction that I was doing the laps around the car. I will go back and try taking laps around the car the other way to see if I can get the right turns better. My total time to being able to ride the wheel was probably about 2.5 hours. My next step will be to get my starts a little more refined and to be able to stop without looking like I am having a seizure. Not sure when I will feel comfortable to remove the strap... Well, my shin is doing better now. I think its time for another session. mfvtgtgs Anderson, SC
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    @Jeffrey Scott Will Now I understand exactly what you mean by the footboard sensitivity setting on your review. What a difference it makes! Along with pedal adjustment. It’s like having springs. It also somehow increases sensitivity and stability and reactiveness. I didn’t go all the way to the other side. I felt good at around 2300 and horizontal pedal adjustment at 3.8. So much more comportable and fun now.
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    The bluetooth hardware works fine in your V8. The problem is caused by bluetooth drivers on some phones. Problems with bluetooth connectivity after Android updates are all over the web, unfortunately. Popular solutions are to remove all paired devices from the bluetooth manager, or even make a factory reset of the phone. We've shared the problem details (phone model and system version) with INMOTION. They will see what they can do to improve the connectivity (make the app / firmware compatible with more drivers), but it's possible you would need to wait for a proper system update from your phone manufacturer, or you may just sideload a previous version of the system (before the bluetooth update). There are simply too many Android phone manufacturers, system and driver versions, to support all variants all the time. Remember a mobile app for electric unicycle has to use much more bluetooth profiles than for example - bluetooth headphones. This makes the implementation more complex. INMOTION is doing what they can to test all popular phone models and also add backward-compatibility for older phones with older bluetooth implementations. If you don't want / don't have time to reset your phone or make a potential downgrade, please wait for the new INMOTION app and use another phone in the meantime to set your speed limit and upgrade the V8 firmware (if available). If you need any assistance, please contact our support.
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    Yea, I would not open it without good reason. What are you going to do once it's open? Nothing much. But you may damage the brittle hall sensor wires or something if you open it, and maybe it's hard to close again exactly. So I would keep it closed and just clean it.
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    There is a negative connotation with the word primitive. You don't normally use it for things we like. I guess it is a sign of the times, meaning we are supposed to be in an advanced time. I think we both have different opinions of what primitive is supposed to be. airwheel x3 would be primitive. 16S is a pretty advanced wheel. The limited time i had to try the V10F, the only thing i didn't like about it was the pedals. everything else was meh...
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    We'll be selling them in the US, and I'll followup once we know more.
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    i like that the v10f has a led battery thing that shows the state of charge while charging.
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    That's a fair point. I joined the Lexus forum after buying my latest car - but only because; a) I want to tweak it and, b) because I am now more familiar with forums (thanks to all you nutters). Previously though it would have never occurred to me, and I only "tripped into" this one as I wanted to know more, but had no local support. In fact, one of the (few) local riders I know has been riding for well over a year (and getting more hooked along the way), but only learned of and joined the forum this week after I pointed him to it.
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    Love this logic may change my location to mila kunis's boobs as thats somewhere I always wanted to go and love how they look
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    It’s not every time ?. You choose a password on first connection, then it is remembered by the app. I will dig into that password-protected toilet idea, there may be a niche market there ?.
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    I just don't like the idea of having to enter a password every time I connect to my wheel. Soon I'll have to enter a password to use my toilet
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    So that is what it is?! Can I get some electric frozen margaritas out of it then?
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    In California the pertinent sections of law are VC 313.5 and 21113, as part of Sec. 3, Article 7, created and amended (respectively) by AB 604 in October 2015. VC 313.5 is interpreted to include EUC in its definition of an "electrically motorized board" as follows: VC 21113 gives local agencies and municipalities the right to enforce additional restrictions on "electrically motorized boards," which many do. Sec. 3, Article 7 (VC 21290-21296) establish restrictions for riding "electrically motorized boards," including speed limits, age restrictions, light requirements, and roadway limitations. It also prohibits their use under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
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    Yeah, @novazeus thinks his 16S is making margaritas. I wonder what he would say if he heard the GT16 I know we all like quiet wheels now, but I do think that the GT16 has an awesome sound to it. It's like it has a bunch of bottled up lightning bolts within it, trying to get out.
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    So that is what my GT16 is doing when I'm not riding! Maybe I should call support, since I never seem to actually get any frozen margaritas out of it?
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    the speaker volume wasn’t even all the way up! i like that i can leave the wheel on with it’s headlight, pick it up, and the motor stops but everything else works so it becomes a boom box with spot light. very handy here at the ranch on these really dark nights. that’s a big plus. it’s a very solid wheel. headlight is great. i wouldn’t go 40kph with it, but 25kph is fine. and trust me, i got a lot of debris i’m looking out for.
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    I live half a block from our city Police, Fire Station and Court house, one stop shopping lol... since they have nicest black top, that's where I do all my practice, started with electric skateboads... Local Police just wave or give me thumbs up... pretty free if you ask me...
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    Today, while riding along the Venice Beach bike path, I bumped into the 3rd EUCer that I've ever seen in the wild. Rama, has only been riding for less than two weeks (he was on a VF5 that he said was bought on Amazon), but had good control of the wheel. Certainly better than I was at that stage. His wife and young daughter was with him (scooter and bicycle). It was funny rounding the curve and stopping to chat with him. Of course I didn't know him from Adam, but he knew me almost like an old friend. I guess my videos get around As he gets better and upgrades his wheel I'm sure I'll be seeing him at some group rides. He was very enthusiastic about wheeling. I told him to lookout for the upcoming Los Angeles Z10 event as it seemed he is eyeing that as his next wheel.
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    Riding around the block
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    the headlight is definitely better than the kingsong headlight. idk why my videos are such downgraded quality. must be some data saving thing on my new phone.
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    sounds like i'm gonna need a wheel that goes a LOT faster than 30 mph.
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    Today I did another 35 km ride, mostly on trails and off-road. Holy duck it feels AMAZING! Now that I’ve got a bit more used to it and got a bit stronger, I feel like I can throw anything at it and the wheel just keeps going. I’m also more nimble now, it just required some practice. Can’t wait to find out what it feels with full speed unlock and after adjusting the ride feel.
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