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    i don’t use a trolley handle but if i did, i think inmotion’s is adequate and i like that i can remove it. i’ve never had a problem with ks trolley handle because i don’t use it, but others have had problems with it not locking in the case. yeah i think it’s a better tire. higher load capacity. 75kg vs 70kg. it just looks and feels meatier. definitely different from ks little tire. the pedals being higher has nothing to do with them being slippery and i think that will improve as they break in. the gas they use for the mold release makes them slippery when new. u can always send ur pedals to @Rehab1 before he’s completely healed up. u can’t make ks pedals higher or bigger. i think the kickstand is for indoor use only. the quiteness of the wheel at idle just denotes a quality build. who wants a wheel that sounds like a frozen margarita machine at idle. see my post on packaging. oh yeah, the batteries can be fully charged using the supplied charger. oh yeah, inmotion is gonna have a cover for the v10f. on the tire, yes, it being the same tire as the 18s, except 16 instead of 18, does make slow turning more deliberate and there is gonna be a learning curve. on my first ride what i was thinking, wow, if 2.5 inch feels like this in 16” what is the z10 gonna feel like?
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    @novazeus @Marty Backe Update on the App situation: Support for V10 is coming as an update to the same app along with the new live data / efficiency readings. It's due for rollout tomorrow (thursday May 10), but we recognize that some of you were going to receive your V10F before the update hit so we emailed all of our customers and gave them early access to the android version. If you didn't order from us, then you haven't heard from me because I don't have your email, but I can get you the app if you private message me here.
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    look, i don’t think the ks16s is a bad wheel. i’m not mad at kingsong. i think the ks16s is a great wheel, @Flora Yuanwas chatting with me trying to help me for three mornings in a row, she says they have the software fix and has instructions for me etc. i’m sure it will be unbricked later today. “primitive” isn’t a negative connotation. Bob is primitive and i love him more than anything else on this planet. primitive: 1. relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something. wait until u get yours. obviously everybody is different and has different tastes. ur right though, it’s not a fair comparison because i guess the ks16s came out last year, like comparing this years apple phone to last years apple phone, maybe both good phones but the newer one is more technologically advanced, lets hope so, going backwards would be stoopid. ya, i know i skipped “13”, it’s a superstition. marty ask me, not u, how i thought the v10f was superior, not inferior to the ks16s. hell, idk if the v10f is gonna win the contest of being my favorite wheel yet. like the 18s, it doesn’t drive the same way as my other wheels. my vw touareg makes my jeep look primitive, but i love my jeep and more importantly, Bob loves the jeep, but to a reviewer, the jeep is the worse vehicle ever made. hasn’t hurt it’s popularity because what the reviewer fails to see is the jeep is very good at what it does. ya, i don’t care about speed but to be objective, in that category, i don’t see how 35kph is better than 40kph, not saying u have to go that fast, it’s just nmbers, like the motor rating. i think the dealers i bought from were authorized at the time, kingsong has just made a shift in the way they run their company. i don’t think they build black market wheels for chinese vendors and one wheel for jason, same wheels, same pluses and minuses. here’s another example since u and marty are hung up on primitive, my jeep wrangler rubicon is a 2015, i think it was $38k, which i think is ridiculous for what u get, but that’s what i wanted. the new jeeps are even more expensive and more refined that make my jeep primitive, guess what, in jeeps, i prefer primitive, but a reviewer isn’t gonna see it that way. i like the disconnect on my 9bots and really like it on the v10f because i use it like a floodlight to find my way in the dark on the ranch. like i said, marty asked, i replied. my opinion, urs may vary, so what. have a nice day.
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    That is true (I used to live in San Diego, so definitely not expecting the same weather as there), but it will still be a massive step up from D.C. area weather! I'll be in Monterey, CA working on my Master's degree.
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    Unfortunately, this comes at a price of no Bluetooth security, no user-upgradable firmware, and no ability to read current settings from wheel (tiltback, beeps settings, etc...).
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    There is a negative connotation with the word primitive. You don't normally use it for things we like. I guess it is a sign of the times, meaning we are supposed to be in an advanced time. I think we both have different opinions of what primitive is supposed to be. airwheel x3 would be primitive. 16S is a pretty advanced wheel. The limited time i had to try the V10F, the only thing i didn't like about it was the pedals. everything else was meh...
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    i like that the v10f has a led battery thing that shows the state of charge while charging.
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    In California the pertinent sections of law are VC 313.5 and 21113, as part of Sec. 3, Article 7, created and amended (respectively) by AB 604 in October 2015. VC 313.5 is interpreted to include EUC in its definition of an "electrically motorized board" as follows: VC 21113 gives local agencies and municipalities the right to enforce additional restrictions on "electrically motorized boards," which many do. Sec. 3, Article 7 (VC 21290-21296) establish restrictions for riding "electrically motorized boards," including speed limits, age restrictions, light requirements, and roadway limitations. It also prohibits their use under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
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    the speaker volume wasn’t even all the way up! i like that i can leave the wheel on with it’s headlight, pick it up, and the motor stops but everything else works so it becomes a boom box with spot light. very handy here at the ranch on these really dark nights. that’s a big plus. it’s a very solid wheel. headlight is great. i wouldn’t go 40kph with it, but 25kph is fine. and trust me, i got a lot of debris i’m looking out for.
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    sounds like i'm gonna need a wheel that goes a LOT faster than 30 mph.
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    Today I did another 35 km ride, mostly on trails and off-road. Holy duck it feels AMAZING! Now that I’ve got a bit more used to it and got a bit stronger, I feel like I can throw anything at it and the wheel just keeps going. I’m also more nimble now, it just required some practice. Can’t wait to find out what it feels with full speed unlock and after adjusting the ride feel.
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    Moro. Liityn tuoreena InMotion V8 -rullan omistajana Suomi EUC -ajajien joukkoon nyt keväällä 2018. Vanhana sähköautoilijana ja Ian Sampsonin edesottamusten seuraajana paikallistin vasta viime syksynä nämä yksipyöräiset laitteet ja varsinkin vasta tiedostin niiden kapasiteetin. Siitä asti kuume on vain noussut. Viime syksyn jälkeen olen toki löytänyt paljon muitakin ajajia/videoita mukaan lukien teidän suomalaisten videoita. Nyt vihdoin hankin pyörän ja yllätyksekseni huomaan, että hiihto/laskettelu/luistelu-harrastuksista on alun harjoittelun pohjana mitä ilmeisimmin hyötyä. Hommasin pyörän pääasiassa vähälumisempien vuodenaikojen työmatkailuun ja rullailen pääasiassa Kangasalan ja Tampereen/Hervannan seudulla. -Sami
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    A couple of pictures from my ride between Venice Beach and Santa Monica, on the ACM2. Here I am with the Santa Monica Pier in the background And me on the Venice Beach Fishing Pier as the evening marine layer was moving in
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    if u read jason’s review, i can tell he really must have been really fishing to find fault to balance his rview. he said the charge port flap was difficult to open. i don’t see that at all. compared to the cheap plastic cover that kingsong uses. mine on my 18s is usually flapping in the breeze because it doesn’t want to stay in place.
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    Return the wheel. It's junk
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    u know, it was a serious question but the responses make me laugh and that’s better than serious answers.
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    Can you imagine someone doing a EUC sharing program? It will fail miserly because there aren't enough people who know how to ride them. I'm torn, I wish it becomes more popular so we have more people to ride with, but I like the ooohh ahhh we get for being unique. I also fear the same thing you fear, getting noticed and banned.
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    Hi, just "check in" with your app 1.47, then connect the wheel and go to the firmware page. Hit the upward arrow once (only once), even if you see only V-.--, then wait a few minutes, even if it looks like nothing would happen, and do not let the screensaver interfere. After a few minutes the new version suddenly will pop up (try it around 22h our time, then the chinese servers have less load because most people sleep). Now when you see the new firmware, tap the upward arrow again: and now do not interfere with the wheel ! The wheel will reboot itself automatically into the upload modus. Wait until the orange circle on the phone reached 100% (see screenshot), and at the same time the LEDs on the wheel will show the same increasing circle. After the update is successfully finished, the wheel reboots again. Now turn off the wheel AND the app, turn on the wheel first and then the app again, and now everything should work as expected. In case you bricked the wheel by interfering with the upgrade process, follow the instructions on the right screenshot, you can at any time resume the upgrade (but try to avoid that and do it cleanly, it's better for the nerves ? ). BTW, thanks @acevalsl for the heads up !
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    1.05 work fine and apparently not different drive
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    Pedals problem can be mode selected. Noise is normal in ks.
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    Updated the look of my site a bit. https://eucguy.com/mudguards Thanks to everyone who have ordered from me. it goes directly to my hobby for future projects
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    That is nice. BTW, I think KingSong shows the charging status via the ring lights, but you have to turn on the wheel to see it. When plugged-in the KingSong wheels don't balance, but the LEDs show the charging status.
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    If they are to sell, they can't be price more than $299. LOL
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    Many Gotway wheels also have the heat-sink exposed to the spinning wheel to facilitate cooling. There's a gasket that prevents water and dirt from entering the wheel.
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    I saw this photo and the first notes of this song played in my head
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    Is a "motorized bicycle" a motorized bicycle in California??? From DMV.org: Mopeds (Motorized Bicycles) 2 - 3 wheels No faster than 30 mph Auto trans A motor (< 4 hp) Electric motor (pedals IF NOT powered solely by motor) California electric bicycles have: Fully operable pedals Electric motors (< 750 W) Additional characteristics that divide into 3 classes (w/different applicable laws) Sooo... A 'motorized bicycle' is a moped, unless it's electric then it becomes an electric bicycle, unless it has over 750W then it becomes a motorized bicycle (which means it's a moped)? Not to be confused with a motor-driven cycle aka motorcycle.
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    i'll check out AB604. for sure. thanks again
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    yep, I spent 3 months in Utah. I liked it there.
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    Well done. I see that you like the working app Just don't depend on that "built-in" kickstand if there's any wind. I think you're really reaching with that trolley handle wording. I really can't see how anyone (except you I guess) would think that the V10F trolley handle is better than the KingSong version. Otherwise, KingSong should be worried, although their offering will be more appealing to the cost conscious buyer.
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    The KS16S is a pretty nice wheel. How exactly is it primitive next to the V10F? I do think the V10F is a nicer wheel (except for the trolley handle) but I don't see the differences so stark as to call the KS16S primitive. Do tell
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    I recently zoomed max out on the DarknessBot app's map. Very interesting concentrations of DB users (just the ones who share their location of course). 44 in US, 23 in France, 3 in Finland () and roughly 700 in total. Half of those in Russia, 150 just in Moscow.
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    If the sign uses the word 'motor' you begin a losing battle if the authorities choose to dissuade your chosen variety of powered transportation.
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    It's called "Marketing"
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    I just purchased monster 1600wh., if I’m gonna like If, I might just get the 100v early next year ?
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    What is lots? 20? 50? 100? I highly doubt 1000...
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    Same problem as with the 100V Monster. The msuper X shell (which seems to be the same as the original 84V msuper V3 shell) has space for 2 battery packs (one on each side). Each battery pack has 3*20=60 cells inside (84V = 4.2V * 20, this means 84V packs must be multiples of 20 cells - 4.2V is the maximal voltage for a 18650 battery cell as used in nearly all EUCs). Each 84V pack fits exactly without space left in the msuper. Now if you have 100V battery packs, each pack must be multiples of 24 cells (4.2V * 24 = 100.8V). 3*24 cells = 72 cells does not physically fit into the space for the battery pack, it's too big, it's 12 more cells than 60, doesn't work. So you can only have 2*24 cells = 48 cells in each pack, with some empty space left (the physically bigger 60 cell pack fits exactly). The maximal capacity for that is: 2 packs * 2*24 cells * 3.7V nominal per cell * 3500mAh max capacity per cell = 1243.2Wh which I made to 1240Wh approximately (for comparison, the biggest 84V capacity is 2*60*3.7V*3.5Ah = 1554Wh = "1600Wh"). For more battery capacity than 1240Wh, you need to cram at least 24 cells more into there, but there's not really any space left. You could probably mod that if you cut out some shell parts, but it does not work with premade, cuboid shaped battery packs like a manufacturer would use, at least not in the current shell. Monster 100V has the exact same problem, but with space exactly for three 84V 60cell packs instead of two, so it's max capacity is lower than the biggest 84V version. They could make wider side panels and use battery packs with 3 layers of cells, but the X is already quite wide compared to how you stand on the pedals, so not sure if that would work very well. I really wish they had designed a new shell for the msuper X. This would have allowed them to go for bigger batteries than 1600Wh, or maybe this 100V idea also with bigger batteries. But I believe the shell molds are very expensive, so they use the existing designs as long as possible.
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    The only way to challenge premature regulations is with data, and we won't have the data if we don't defy those regulations and ride.
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-t6f8WlAfe2FoxqRQ2Lo1hFxfVqbaFNi/view?usp=sharing i haven’t tried it, i don’t have android
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    With the Tesla, overlooking Santa Monica California
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    Remember, it's the journey, not necessarily the destination! Besides, I think it would be fun for Marty to come visit the NYC crew and talk shop, wouldn't it? Not quite sure what sort of link you were wanting, but here's something close? Ya speakin' da English, but I no quite understanda.
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    Nope, it's quite sturdy. I think the biggest reason I'm interested in experimenting with different surfaces is just being able to feel more connected to the wheel. I prefer the feeling of my foot bones being attached to the metal of the pedal. ?‍♂️
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    Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! You're probably very close to kissing the asphalt gravity gods. With all the wind it gets a little difficult to hear the beeps at those speeds. I've got my tiltback set at 48 kph, but I've never noticed it kicking in ever. I still need to set it low to get a feel for what it's like. I think having about a 10-15 kph safety reserve speed can be wise so you know you're still well protected.
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    I suggest to test the wheel first before making any mods.
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    first attempt at no leash wheel walking. so far so good. doesn't come when i call him but does hang around. typical Bob.
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    MAX V1 off a 3 stair 20180506_175919_1.mp4
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    I'm joining the club! Great helmet, nice & light.
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    This 'magazine' is probably more like an online store - they don't want to be drawn into legal discussions - they want to sell their stuff and play it safe. NO RELIABLE SOURCE FOR THE POLICE, I'D SAY.. Nordlicht
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    Hi everyone, I'll keep it in English so Lucian may understand everything and you other German guys seem to get along with it just fine... https://monowheel-info.de/2017/04/21/strassenzulassung/ This is the link they used for your printed pages. Thing is, not every journalist knows exactly what he or she is writing about, they often use copy and paste to get their job done quickly. But in this case, it seems to be a specialised magazine that tests nothing but monowheels, so they probably know quite a lot about the topic. Still: Some people were prosecuted and sanctioned cause they didn't know their rights, in other SIMILAR cases charges have been dropped completely. Keep your head up! I know it's tough to keep cool sometime - I am currently experiencing this first hand in my job - I am right about what I say and do, still I need to struggle and I'm really pissed about it. One thing: Try to keep friendly with policemen, I have witnessed arrests because of hot temper in the past, especially if the guys who were discussing with police forces had trouble expressing themselves in German. You've done nothing bad, so show to the policeman that you are a nice guy! Most policemen are o.k. as well. Good luck to you, feel the support of this forum's members :-) Nordlicht, OneWheeler
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    Which beautifully demonstrates just how stupid you are being! Nobody will bother to discuss (say) the Glide series with you as they are only available in the US and few people know what is available in Japan so will ignore you. (As indeed will I from now on!)
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