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    What's happening y'all? Hello to the millions of new forum members...hope your ENJOYing yer riding! It's been quite a while since I posted a video here, I been busy producing my new album (it's sounding killer! New music video at the bottom of post). So, here's a playlist of some more of my original tricks. All clips are short single trick videos running under 30seconds. (Simply keep watching for next video...or click the link in the upper left by the title to see the playlist of tricks. Enjoy.) I got lots of new tricks to film, just need to find a better camera sometime soon. BTW Here's a new demo song video from the new album. Enjoy.
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    I received my KS14D Parts a couple weeks back and thought I would post a couple before and after Pictures. And a couple explanations. My poor baby...everything's gonna be ok! New Parts.....F yeah! I was pretty damn amped to get this shiny new body on that sexy frame. Fenders, lights, electronics, pedals, pads, screws and more plastic. So I took her apart like this...in the kitchen. Lol. Ok, maybe not to the girlfriend. Quick test to check the batteries...make sure all is in order. Had to take a skeleton ride real quick for fun. Then back to assembly. And....presto change-o, good as new....minus a few fingerprints. If you are curious as to how it got like that...here is a video of some damage being done. Failing (however rare that may be. Lol) while inventing original tricks like these is what does the damage, mostly! A big reason why my wheel looks the way it does is because I am persistent and finding new things and new places to do them is the driving force behind my riding. Thanx for watching. Subscribe to My EUC Youtube Channel My Music and EUC Youtube Channel
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    First ride of 2018 on my V8 enjoying the view on Countryside Beach road. Hope you guys like it!
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    Riding my girlfriend on my back while going uphill at night on a shitty wheel. The wheel shall not be named...but its name starts with ....a mixture of invisible odorless tasteless gases (such as nitrogen and oxygen) and ends with a circular component that is intended to rotate on an axle bearing. 3 or 4 stitches. I screamed like a baby when I hit the ground, never even got my hands in front of me. From what she says "we fell as you scooted me up higher" either way the wheel simply gave out. Thank god she didn't get hurt...at all.
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    I was on the fence for a while between the Gotway Tesla and King Song 16S. When it came down to it, reliability was more important than having a bit more speed, power and battery capacity. I can ride a little slower (not that 22MPH is slow at all) and for less distance whenever I want. But I can't ever ride a broken EUC.
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    Are you a DIY person? Otherwise there is some chance that it may not replace as many Uber rides as you may hope for.
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    Thanks @dbfrese ! Both for stalking me (I think) and appreciating my world. I'm not sure if It's a bit off topic (like that has ever stopped me before), but there are photos, so... A few years back we bumped into a "metalwork artist" (who ended up in Wellington for some work on Lord of the Rings) and his passion is to work with recycled material. So he scavenged around and got a whole lot of crap for free, welded it together and charged a fortune for it all - and we love them - worth every penny! Here is a picture for all of you without such significant stalking skills... They are both (deliberately) much more rusted now - the one on the left was the first gate we "commissioned," made from a number of "slices" from several gas bottles, as well as some brake shoes, motorcycle sprokets, clutch plates, pallet strapping, and even a pair of fabric shears (Mrs. TFU used to be a seamstress) - which is actually the latching mechanism, which has confounded the local Jehovah Witnesses since then (forcing them to bypass us completely). Once that was installed, we started looking at the second one (on the right). My one requirement... I wanted it free-standing - not touching the house, and not touching the fence post... A year later we had a working solution. Pivoted on a pipe (below the clutch plates on the left), this thing just "hangs" in space - and what we had to put below the decking to make it work is almost as impressive! There has been a lot of feedback about them too - we hadn't even finished installing the first one when we had to stop to discuss this thing with a passerby - actually it is a bit like riding an EUC in that sense - random photos of them have even turned up in the media on occasion, and they have even received a "love letter" from an admirer. Moving on... Yes, the suburb is beautiful to live in, surrounded by lots of natural and green year-round. And if you do work out how to open my gate and find your way inside the view is something like this (at sunset anyway)... And that is why I love living in New Zealand every single day! I'm glad you'd love to visit us... And while the flight may be 11½ hours (from LA), try to remember that is only two glasses of wine and a sleeping pill away! Even better, let me know you are coming and I will try to plan the best (EUC and otherwise) visit possible... Since we're all family now!
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    Odd injury for sure. The piggy back ride means ya hands are interlocked behind the back plus the hill puts my face 30 degrees closer to the ground then add the 100lbs of my girl on my back and....yep my hands were useless.
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    Which direction? 3 in one block distance around me. There’s lots of better coffee places though in that same radius and even two pot shops.
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    Those look suspiciously like push-ups to me and should be disqualified because they appear to be exercise. As you know, riding an EUC is "cheating" and should require no physical effort.
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    Yes, he does. Does Marty have guns? We'll have to get him in a wife beater........and those white shoes, and take a look. "Some say his sweat tastes like bubble gum, and that the inside of his helmet is a mirror ball. All we know is he's called the California STIG"
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    This is from the official facebook page. Vicky posted it when she was looking for presales. A little upsetting because it seems like Kingsong is in love with 840 battery.
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    I'm not in Seattle but I do own all three models. I did a demonstration this past summer ascending a 20% grade. Here are some shorts clips I threw together for your review. The ACM 1600 definitely has more power than the KS16S and V8 but you would be fine climbing hills in SW with any of these wheels.
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    Hi guys, here is a little group ride with 3 GT16, 1 dualtron ultra, 1 ACM & 1 KS14C Enjoy !
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    For me an EUC is more practical than an ebike but only because the city I live in is only 7 miles wide with heavy congestion and high incidence of bike theft. There are not always places to lock up a bike in the immediate vicinity so the ability to bring the wheel in unobtrusively is a big benefit. I am also able to easily bring the wheel with me into an uber, bus, or train if I have a few too many drinks or need to go across a bridge which doesn't allow electric unicycles (also no ebikes). This specific use case fits EUCs very well but the majority of people do not live with this exact set of contraints.
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    The tire looks like an oval in that one pic towards the lower right.
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    That knee... Looks like someone have experimented with adding screws to a baseball bat before "discussing mortgage terms" with a late payer...
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    http://www.nexeon.co.uk/technology-2/ QUOTES: "Nexeon has patented a unique way of structuring silicon so that it delivers extended cycle life and significantly increases battery capacity." "Nexeon’s patented silicon structures overcome the previous problems of poor cycle life encountered when using silicon by mitigating the volume expansion issue. These uniquely structured silicon anode materials deliver extended cycle life without degradation of capacity:" end quote its right there at the top of the article. Still, it's an English company, so it won't work unless they can figure out a way of making them leak motor oil all over the driveway.
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    Hey...I ended up a huge bruised ego. It should count for something.
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    Another update, posts per month in the brand topics of this forum for four time periods between 2016/09/05 and 2018/01/01. Only KingSong and Ninebot had lately an increase in posts, where for Ninebot the single Z6-Z8-Z10 thread with 510 posts accounts for almost half of all posts (107 posts per month alone) and all of the increase: AirW FW GW IM IPS KS NB RoW SW UniW sum General 6 1 712 231 57 319 159 7 8 3 1503 (2016/09/05-2016/12/24) 8 0 349 177 37 192 130 27 2 9 930 (2016/12/24-2017/04/11) 11 16 1164 336 82 377 161 151 19 1 2316 1956 (2017/04/11-2017/08/07) 0 2 808 163 29 464 218 84 25 13 1806 2156 (2017/08/07-2018/01/01)
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    Both are good choices. I'm not from Seattle, but some thoughts: V8 is over a year old and there will be a bigger battery V8 successor (we don't know more, just confirmed rumors of its existence, something like 840Wh like the 16S, no idea about motor power) in 2 months or so. Meanwhile, the 16S is only a few months old. Both wheels should fare well in rain. I've literally ridden the V8 for one hour in the rain and it was no problem at all. 16S will be the same. Even Gotways are quite rain resistant, rain is not such a big issue for electric unicycles as one might think. Same for riding in snow/cold temperatures (just never store one at cold temperatures). I'd go for the 16S or wait for the V8's upcoming bigger brother (You won't want to wait, so just get that 16S). $1000 V8 vs $1300 16S for basically doubled battery size and a newer, stronger wheel. The bigger battery gives you more range and safety (think emergency braking while downhill in cold temperatures while on low battery), and the 16S's more powerful motor will be more enjoyable and safer on hills. Same for speeds, the 30km/h limit of the V8 is ok, but there's a big difference to the 35km/h the 16S can easily do. The V8 is borderline too weak (30km/h speed limit, 800W motor for a 16 incher) nowadays, especially if hills are involved.
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    Today there are several norms in the automotive business that are more or less all derivation of the ISO13849, at least regarding the base principles https://www.iso.org/standard/69883.html starting with a risk analysis an EUC that goes over 30 km/h requires a performance level D in my opinion In the business a PLD is achieved with a good reliability of components (nothing too high to be honest but it has to be calculated) a decent diagnostic coverage (so the ability of the system to diagnose and find out failures) and an architecture in category 3, so redundant! On top of it it would be required to avoid causes of common failure etc... Nothing of it is rocket science, but you need some engineers that are aware of all this, in my business (tractors, cranes, forklifts and any special vehicle) all this is a standard way of building machines, an EUC with a decent speed should definitely be built with the same concepts. I'd love if Ninebot would like to share their opinion on this
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    Asking if a particular item is in stock so I can order it is hardly something that is none of my business. Please don't assume it was something else.
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    That's awesome, too far for my wussy feet
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    Haha, yeah. I'm psycho like that. I figured I might max some of it. But, yeah. When it warms up I plan on making the trip a one to two times a week.
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    Are you planning on clocking 76 miles a day on a uni? That's intense, outcast
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    Indeed. Even though the temps are above freezing today, there are patches that are very slippery. The ground is very close to the freezing point, so just adding warmer air doesn't guarantee that there's no ice. I put on a blue kenda "winter/mud" tire, but it seems I misaligned the puncture protection bands I added to it, because it vibrates a little sideways. I'll have to take it apart again this weekend to see if I can get it to work right, if so I can probably add the studs and be safer.
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    Nice work! Does new electronics mean new board? If yes, why? Was it broken and the incentive to refresh your wheel, or just replaced preemptively?
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    The tire is boxed up for return. Not sure why tire salesman are having a difficult time understanding the tire I need is a 70/65- 6.5 configuration not 10 x 3.
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    Glad your back. Neoprene should work well to protect it. At least your KS does not go into a spasmodic dance when dropped like the GW does. Be safe buddy.
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    That's exactly what I was thinking...
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    From their most recent press released six days ago: Nexeon Leads Major Project Aimed at Doubling Range of Next Generation EVs The research money they have received is part of the ISCF Faraday Challenge: Batteries for Britain. Page 11 of the details of the requirements for the challenge state under the heading of Importance: National importance of this research on a 10-50 year timescale So maybe they have the theory down. And maybe they produced a sample in the lab. But the biggest hurdle is to scale it up for mass production which is what kills many new promising technologies. I hope they are successful but consumers aren't likely to see anything for many years. Press release: http://www.nexeon.co.uk/news/nexeon-leads-major-project-aimed-at-doubling-range-of-next-generation-evs/ Faraday Challenge details: https://www.epsrc.ac.uk/files/funding/calls/2017/iscffaradaychallengebatteries/
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    My opinion is still the same and so much have already been said. Not V8 for sure, wobbly at higher speed and not enough juice. I'll just keep it at that. My kids love the V8 but since I got ACM16 I hate the V8.
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    @Sidestreet Reny how the hell did you fall on your face, no time to deploy hands, and the only injury on your face is on the bridge of your nose? It defies understanding. By all rights, your whole nose should be smeared all over your face. oh, I see some bruising on your forehead too. That knee looks nasty.
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    I guess the BT module got bad, and if it uses the same board with LHOTZ probably its integrated into the main board. If you're comfortable to open it, you can verify that the BT antenna is still attached to the board though before concluding it's faulty. The mainboard is enclosed in a rubber sealed casing so without the antenna, the BT signal might be too weak to connect to the phone.
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    Oh yeah? Well then, where's the nearest Starbucks from your house?
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    Inmotion makes One-wheel skateboards too, and their hoverboards are available on the Brookstone catalog and their mall stores as well, so there is some sort of American National distribution pipeline that SoloWheel would get access to. It is much easier to innovate product lines in a chinese factory right now. Solowheel may have a winning formula if Inmotion is properly positioned to start pushing more EUCs off the drawing boards and onto the product line. I was also teased by their Customer service agent for Inmotion that I would really like what they have in store for 2018 with regards to a new EUC. Solowheel is moving out of Seattle and to San Diego, which I think is terrific! Seattle's skyline is way too low and cloudy for positive outlooks. It would be like Disney opening an outdoor theme park in Glasgow and calling it the cheeriest place on earth. Disney needs California and Florida sunshine to operate, and so do EUC outlets in America. I hope they get the point that we like a lot of range on our vehicles too. It is "where the deer and the antelope play" ya know?
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    Link to the interview? Well, guess now we know what is (was?) wrong with Solowheel: Oh God Translation: "Every bullshit matters except the actual product". Which is the exact opposite of reality, only the product matters. Everyone here would exclusively buy from "The Adolf Hitler and his Child Molesting Advocates Wheel Manufacturing Co." if they had the clearly best wheels. This sounds like typical startup bullshit that people use (and worse, apparently really believe) when they're missing an actual reason why people would make them successful.
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    I appreciate Solowheel making a presence here on the forum. Knowing you are here listening a reading what we discuss is great and can only help advance EUC design. I also want to say that I agree with @meepmeepmayer that any negativity towards Solowheel is to the company and not to its representatives on here who are just as enthusiastic about EUCs as we all are. Please don't take any negative comments or criticism personally. I don't think anyone on here would ordinarily wish ill upon any EUC company out there, however to this point Solowheel had demonstrated itself to have gone from an innovator who advanced the industry to one that is trying to cripple it. Continue to head down that route and any EUC enthusiast, who ultimately is the one who pays the price for all the corporate bullshit, will badmouth Solowheel and never send a $ of their money or new customers your way. Bad for everyone. From the consumers perspective the timeline appears to be this. Solowheel was an innovator. Hooray! Solowheel stopped innovating and sold overpriced out of date wheels. Booo, but whatever. Solowheel appears to be legally strong arming other companies out the market so it can monopolize it. Totally not cool! Solowheel has already denied the US market of a well priced low-mid range high quality manufacturer by rebranding it as their own and bumping the price. Dick move. Yes manufacturer support on these forums had been crap. KingSong does make a little effort which is appreciated. However, you can't justify the price bump of the V8/Glide 3 from Jason's $999 to $1299 on the premise of a small firmware tweak and improved support for a year as I know that while support from Inmotion was generally poor, the support from @Jason McNeil was/is exemplary. Anything you can offer above and beyond what I could get from him right now if my 6 Month old V8 broke wouldn't be worth $300 extra. For $1300 from Jason I could get a KS16S with nearly double the battery, a 1200W motor and similar build quality to the Glide 3. At $999 the V8 made sense. At $1299 the Glide 3 does not. If Solowheel wants to move forward it needs to compete on the grounds of making a better wheel than the competition that is worth the price charged, not by forcing them out the market or stealing their hardware and price gouging. I'm mad at you for taking Inmotion from the US market. I'm mad at Inmotion for screwing their US distributor who contributed so much to their growth. Make me like you both again by playing nice, innovating, and improving the EUCs market going forward rather than harming it. Good luck. Happy Holidays. Peace.
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    @Jeffrey Scott Will& @Bobwheel it's understandable you may not want to engage with specific topics, but this isn't China, Western Capitalist societies were built on the principles fair competition, free-speech & open debate. I believe that the enthusiast community has a right to be informed & make their own moral judgements based on the facts. It was Solowheel's express intention to create a US Monopoly by excluding the importation of other brands: That the central pillar of the Solowheel joint-venture strategy, in order to artificially command a high price ceiling, was to block all competition from the US marketplace—this was directly conveyed to me by Shane Chen (February 8th). That Shane's Electric Unicycle 'Inventorship'/Patent claims are based on dubious foundations: I've given a brief history of the highly questionable way that Shane had acquired his 'leg pads' patent elsewhere. Does this give him the moral authority to command subservience from an entire industry, which has had a profound negative effect of stifling growth & innovation? Licensing from Solowheel was never a viable option: I know of several parties who had attempted to conduct licensing negotiations with Shane for the Electric Unicycle, & to my knowledge, all broke down for a variety of reasons, principally on account of the the enormous multi-million dollar upfront payment demands for his license. Even the much publicised Hoverboard agreement with Mark Cuban didn't last more than three months. https://www.greyb.com/first-patent-hoverboard-shane-chen-can-get-invalidated/ Solowheel seems to be a litigation Company first & Wheel maker second: there have been at least 7 cases, that I'm aware of, that have made it to the judiciary, probably double this number that have not. One can imagine what Solowheel might have done in the intervening 6 years since the Solowheel was first unveiled, if they would have devoted a fraction of the resources spent on lawyers, on employing top Engineers to produce a world-class product. If the recent Solowheel court action against Segway would have been successful, it would have hard blow for US Consumers, who would have been forced to choose between only two different model Wheels at vastly inflated prices. Yes, they have lowered their prices now, but is this not the direct result of being forced to compete? When Bob Inmotion unilaterally decided that our Distribution Agreement, signed only a few months earlier, was of no account—they didn't even have the courtesy to inform me that it was voided—in fact, Shane told me firsthand (on February 8th) that they lied overlooked this inconvenient fact, in telling him that they had 'no US Distribution'. I sought legal advice if it was worthwhile to seek remedy through the court system, I was given encouragement, but as I'm not funded by the Chinese Government, my resources are not infinite, so I resolved that my efforts would be better employed to look towards the future at forming stronger ties with King Song, who at that stage had a stronger Wheel line-up.
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    I'm glad you brought that up! The Iota is actually staying with Inventist, so our Solowheel team isn't running that project. By that I mean, it's not a result of our partnership with InMotion. While I'm not affiliated with Iota, I can tell you that just like many other crowdfunded projects, the unfortunate delay is due to developing a new product that is breaking ground in a few different areas. I've seen the earlier prototype with my own eyes, and it's a tiny little sight to behold. They will get it all ironed out! If there are any Iota backers reading this, you can reach out to Inventist if you have any questions or concerns, but I am happy to relay a message "Unfortunatly" the Iota is not called the inventist Iota...it is called the Solowheel iota, so it is funny to say that Solowheel isnt running that project. As it was announced to release in September 2017 and Solowheel is not even able to provide a ETA at the moment, just something like "we are getting closer to announce the ETA", it is hard to believe to that the happy speach we see here is anything different to that on the kickstarter and indigogo page. Sorry for beeing sceptical...
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    Ninebot Girls(friends) approved! Alternatively you could get them Mini Pros to ride on. They ain't too bad either.
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    That douch bag gets a $900 anonymous gift in the mail and THAT'S the video he produces!!. 7.4 million idiot followers following an idiot. Seriously, he couldn't even spend 10 minutes on you tube to see what he had been sent, and how to use it!? What a prat ! Take off that hat, and all you have is a goofy nerd, with a big mouth.
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