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    Me before a ride I took this past Sat. It was 35F that day so I had some cold weather gear on.
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    The problem with axle is well known. King Song replace all axles with 10 mm narrowing for pillar to 12 mm. All King Song unicycles from begining of 2017 have 12 mm axles. We had two warranty services related to the axle. One in KS14D and one in KS16. We replaced axle to 12 mm together with new pillar (12 mm hole). We can replace axle together with new pillar for 140 Euro (+ around 25 Euro cost of transport in EU).
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    I think that's a JBL clip blutooth speaker.
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    You have a Dodge Viper? Niiiiiice! Is that round disk for a retractable tether, or do you have a hockey puck glued to your pants? BTW that's like summer gear around these parts.
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    You mean buying that Tesla didn't make it decidedly chilly in the @Marty Backehousehold?
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    I haven't read all the posts about this wheel choice, but, having been thrown off a 340Wh wheel more times than I care to remember, I wouldn't recommend a battery that small. never mind the limp mode value. You'll be the one in limp mode, if your power demand at or around 50% battery is temporarily higher than the BMS will allow. "Dirt! let me introduce face" Once my 340Wh is below about 70% I am my own Limp mode; evaluating every slope, every curb ramp, ever need for speed or braking, in order not to be thrown off by the BMS. "rider says yes, BMS says NO! NO! NO! GET OFF ME YOU BE-OTCH! Just my 2cents
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    16S if money is no problem I'd say the 14D (think of it as a small 16S) is better than the V8 (which is outdated in my opinion) and much better than the Ninebot (which is slow). Though maybe the sub-400€ ebay Ninebot might be worth it, if you can get one, less than half the price of the others. Depends really on what you want. Can you imagine upgrading soon, or would you rather buy your forever wheel now (which in the end, saves money)? For offroad, 16 inch will be better than 14, but in the end, both is doable. Would be nice if you detailed yor ideas what you think you'll do with the wheel, how you use it, maybe range ideas, etc. Also, were other models you considered, and if yes what were reasons for ruling them out? Just some more general info.
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    I'd recommend the KS14d (or KS14s) because the other two have lower speeds. Everyone complains at how low the S2 and the V8 feel. The KS14, on the other hands, feels pretty scary at 18-19 mph, so your self-preservation instinct kicks in rather than a software limit. With my wheels, it goes something like this at 90% speed: V5F -- wish I could go faster. KS16s -- wish I could go faster. KS14c -- this is too fast. GW MSuper -- this is waaaay too fast! Be advised 28 kph is about the limit of running off an EUC.
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    Welcome to the forum @e.motion! The S2 is the "oldest" wheel, has imho just something about 500W (did not find the motor power while googling)? But it could have be the smallest and lightest euc of your selection? ( Also not really sure about this). One can also break ones teeth and chin with 20 km/h ?. (1) For safety motor power is important (the 3kw advertised for the ks14d is just wrong). A nice overview of the capabilites can be found at https://airwheel.ru/2017/10/27/test-monokoles-na-dinostende/. The less capable a wheel is, the easier one can overlean it and risk a faceplant! But what i remember from the forum reports, there were not much probs reported from the S2 - just quite recently some battery probs... Reaching just about half the advertised range is quite "normal" for all wheels - with some hills it can get even less. The advertised ranges can eventually be reached by weighing 50 kg and driving slow on a flat road... For off road driving a 16 inch wheel should be the better choice! You did not mention range you'd like to go between recharging - quite an important point! If one likes EUC riding, normally one tends to go longer and faster - so the first wheel will be to weak within a couple of weeks/months... Especially bicycle riders which overtake one all of the time are very annoying ?. To "prevent" this 30-35km/h max speed is very nice. For kingsongs top speed can be reduced (tilt back and alarm speeds can be adjusted freely), imho also the "hello kingsong" message can be turned off for all kingsongs by now... Imho one of the nicest allround wheels by now is the ks16s ... But costs again more than your choices so far... There were also some other "beginners choice" topics here recently to gather some information, and of course many wheel specific reports/discussions... Edit (1): the only real protection here is a safe helmet with chin guard (or maybe get some intense parcour training a couple of years before ?)
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    Please wear a helmet and protective gear, such as knee, elbow and wrist guards. Once you start gliding for more than a few feet, you will fall. Also, the grass hides surface irregularities, so don't be lulled into a false sense of security. My only faceplant (12mph or so) happened in the grass when I was learning, and it took a few months for all the pain to finally go away.
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    Like we didn't see it. Anyway, its a good alternative for music, that some may have not considered. So its all good.
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    of course, because whose 'nads DON'T like to be serenaded? ESL? 'nads; contraction of gonads, slang for testicles.
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    Yes, exactly what it is. JBL clips have Great Bass and are pretty cheap, got mine on sale for $49USD. I play the Pandora Mastodon channel when I ride. Yes, that is my 98 Viper GTS otherwise known as my $ pit.
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    Protect it well if you don't want to get it scratch. You will drop it many many times. After protecting, get over to the other side of that fence and try it on the grass. You will hop on and off endlessly until you finally learn to hang on it and go an inch, then a foot, then more and more. Protect the ankles, the wheel tend to bite there when you're first learning and jumping off.
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    It's time to say goodbye to this ninebot forum. I bought my 9b1 E in June 2015. Two years, and 10400 km after, I have decided to update my EUC to another Brand/model. I have choose the KS-16S which is a beast of another world. Anyway, nothing bad to say about the 9b1, only good words. Never had a bad experience, and I have spent more tan 1000 hours above it, No doubt, rock solid wheel. I think that it is the better wheel I could have to learn. Now I will give this euc to my son, who at this time has an unbranded chinese generic euc (with the ugly 12 or 15km/h limit). So...two happy people for the price of only one euc My activity, since now, will be mostly in the kingsong forum. Thanks to the people of this forum, who help me at the start, and thanks to ninebot... very nice wheel.
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    Hi unicyling Angelinos! I wanted to gauge interest in an electric unicycle meet-up to do a little stunt. In LA we have a huge traffic problem. Worse yet, LA is set to grow a staggering 38% over the coming years (https://la.curbed.com/2014/9/25/10042926/los-angeles-will-probably-be-the-densest-us-city-in-2025). With so many additional people, how bad will our traffic get?? So I wanted to try a little stunt to really get a conversation going about transportation in Los Angeles. If you live in LA, you probably know about the notorious 405. The alternative to the 405 is usually Beverly Glen or Coldwater Canyon. These streets are usually jam packed during rush hour, with cars crawling at a snail's pace trying to get over the hill. So what I was thinking of doing was getting a few folks to zip by the car traffic on our unicycles to make a statement about car traffic in LA! Perhaps we can wear t-shirts that have fun quotes like "Hey, that's cheating!" We could record this stunt and post it on social media and to start a conversation about alternative modes of transportation in Los Angeles. I actually tried a dry run of the Beverly Glen route on a Sunday morning and even with my not-so-capable Segway One S1 was able to easily make it up the hill and down no problem. What do you guys think?? A Bit of Background Behind This Idea I'm the founder of Have A Go, a site that reviews electric bikes, e-scooters, and many other e-wheels like electric unicylces and helps people find the right electric ride for their needs and lifestyle. We just launched our beta a few weeks ago and are looking to continue adding product reviews in the coming weeks. I started Have A Go because I believe in the power of electric wheels to transform the way we move around in our cities. Over the weekend, Have A Go participated in a large mobility event in Downtown LA called LACoMotion (lacomotion.com). There we met someone who had just moved Singapore. He talked about how he and his friends were able to regularly ride their unicycles everywhere in the city since their non-car mobility infrastructure was so well developed. He showed me a little video and I was blow away at the wide pedestrian/bike friendly paths that he said criss-crossed the city. So I wanted to bring a bit of this magic to Los Angeles and make drivers feel a bit ridiculous sitting in their giant cars as a group of us easily zip past them!
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    I'm no rocket surgeon, but when I was paying attention at school, there was something about a certain task taking a defined amount of work. So if two rider of the same overall weight are climbing the same slope at the same speed, and all other things being equal, the same amount of work is being done. Work in this place results in Whrs being consumed. So if 200Wh is demanded temporarily and there's only 180Wh reserve in your 340/325 battery, Survey says NO. Face plant, no matter what brand of wheel. But if you've got 250Wh left Survey says YES, proceed safely. NO? am I looking at it wrong? All I know is Once I was thrown UP a slope at speed (and I was slowing down for it too) , because My battery was lower than 70% and the wheel just tipped forward, Gotway style (gamyun style), which was a new experience for me on my KrackWrong.
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    I never heard of this show? The car morphing is cool. Makes me wish my 98 could morph into a 2017!
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    Awesome job Marty! Like @meepmeepmayer stated this thread (and repair) moved fast! I think you really missed your Mten3!
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    Maybe? As long as i have my KS or GW connected to an app(app doesn’t matter), any other app will not find the wheel and so will not connect. Actually this is also the same for -example- my brahi dash headphones....as long as they are paired to a specific phone, they will not connect to another phone/pad etc... (thats also why i found that fear of „someone else will change my wheel settings“ questionable...as thats not possible on my KS/GW as long as I AM connected) but Sure, perhaps IM has done this different!!
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    Actually I have had both connected to my wheel at the same time without a problem. Maybe this is brand specific???? Anyway, What version of the Inmotion app do you have installed. I have v6.6.5 and it just connected to my V8 perfectly. You can find this in the ME tab, by tapping the settings/cog icon in the top right and then tapping "About". While in that menu try tapping the "Check Update Information" line to see if there are any updates. I think region locking only affects registration of the wheel, which in turn affects setting a BT password, calibrating the gyro, and performing firmware updates.
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    Kinda regretting pointing that out now...
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    yeah, that may be true, but they have the Three Stooges in the axle department, woop! woop! woop!
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    Thanks, but not without injury. I did bruise myself pretty bad 2 days ago when the machine spun around and hit me. It is the Mten3 and I have the iPhone 7. Hopefully I can find a way to run the app in English or get my brother in law to help read it haha
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    A wheel like the i5 should come with its own, specifically designed backpack with an extra compartment for the wheel (dirt, as you said) as the "back plate". Kind of a neat package if it's done fashionable!
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    I have Wednesday off from work. Going to do some Tesla riding. Considering that it's late November it's even warm for us in Southern California. 94 degrees (34 degrees Celsius) is the forecast. Should be great riding weather
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    Nothing could go wrong there Good luck with your axle
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    Yes we do, me too. Unfortunately, I'm about to get very smart about 14C axles. wish me luck. (oh and a timing belt on a Lexus LS430, my first 'ave a go' when it comes to timing belts.)
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    @Philip Yepes you already tried deinstalling and reinstalling the app?
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    Yes - there are for sure many for example ninebot one c/e+ users which are after sone years still satisfied with the wheel! Its just suggestions we can give, the decission has to be made personalky to meet ones requirements/desires. Not beeing the newest and most powerfull wheel the S2 still can be the perfect choice...
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    The doc of my new monster says motor 1800w. Motor code 1703.....
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    Thanks. All's well that ends well as they say I obviously learned something through this whole exercise. I guess the more we use and break these things, the more knowledgeable we get. Now I want to stay dumb for awhile, if you know what I mean
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    If it's purely a firmware modification where the rate of angle correction (?) say is increased to get a harder pedal feel, I wonder if Gotway could theoretically be able to write a new app that would allow their users to flash the new firmware via Bluetooth. Unless maybe they have somehow disabled that capability in the STM32F103? Maybe their board is only set up to do firmware flashes through cables? Or would that place too much strain on some of their boards/components? Is there a reason to choose softer pedals to increase range and put less stress on MOSFETs maybe? It would be much nicer for users to be able to update their wheels themselves especially if new firmware versions are released to improve safety and tweak features. Com'on Gotway! People flash their PCs all the time. Let's get with the 90's already! Or would that be opening up a new can of worms... dun dun dunnnn.... (flashback to Ninebot One users flashing and killing their rides).
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    If you went on a cruise ship would they let you bring your wheel? I can see myself doing laps around deck between ports...
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    Actually, it's not. PID tuning controls how quickly a motor responds to input and with how much force it resists change. Ever done any RC stuff? Quads? Flight controllers like vector or guardian or pixhawk? It's the same thing basically. The controller in the board fixes a preferred orientation based on calibration of the wheel. hard/medium/soft all correspond to PID values preset in the firmware that define how hard and how quickly the controller reacts to changes in that orientation. slower, more moderate responses = softer pedals. harder / quicker responses to change = harder pedals. in a flight controller for a plane like a vector, you tune the PIDs so the controlled flight modes will hold altitude and heading while allowing you to change these through stick input without having to push the sticks all the way over to get a response. with a quad, if your pids are too high, you will get oscillation as the motors fight each other through changes in orientation. if your pids are too low you will get sloppy flight. delayed response to stick input.
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    I got my new I5 --- my first experience with an EUC --- four days ago, so here’s an update on how things are going. First, I did get a sort of rubber washer (plumbing gasket sort of thing) and super-glued it over the power button, and that seems to be staying in place, so far at least. I need to turn on/off the power switch with my pinky now, but that’s fine. Sadly, I couldn’t easily find this gasket in black but rather white, and I can say that using a felt marker over white rubber isn’t the optimal design choice. But I’m more of a “function over fashion” type of person anyway, so no big deal. To learn to ride it, I decided that I would start out just getting a feel for it on the tile floor of my basement. This worked a lot better than I hoped; for one thing, no safety strap, so I could keep both hands free for walls and just for balance. And indoors like that I didn’t bother with helmet, knee pads, or wrist braces (all of which I’ll be wearing for at least a few days as I take the unit outdoors now). Having walls nearby can be a crutch (in a bad way) for this sort of thing, but I pushed myself to use the support as little as possible. I spent perhaps just 5 minutes at a time with it, but multiple times per day. Got to the point fairly quickly where I could zoom through the hall into a sort of “playroom” area of the basement without touching any walls, and then doing tight turns to return. I also worked on instead making a 90 degree turn towards a lateral wall, pausing there, backing up, turning a sharp 90 degrees, and then riding back. At first that latter process required a lot of wall support, but now I’m doing it more often than not without any support. I’ve not ridden the unit backwards father than perhaps 3 feet at a time yet (not enough basement space), but with practice that will come. I really agree with whoever said that if you want to really feel in control of a one-wheeled device, having some ability to ride it backwards is important. The other thing I knew that I needed quickly was to be able to mount without a support, which isn’t nearly as challenging a process to learn on a EUC as it is on a conventional (non-motorized) unicycle (where getting it wrong often means that the pedal whacks you hard in the shin). Really just a push-off and hop up, trying to place the other foot in the right spot on the support. I suspect this will be more of a challenge on hills or rough ground; TBD. So last night (literally just by the light of one lone street lamp and the EUC headlight) I felt ready to go outside, so I just did a quick sprint up and down the very long block that I live on. Without incident, and feeling pretty fine --- I do already see how much fun one of these can be. Got a little beeping from the unit on the way downhill, and not all THAT steep of a hill, so some learning to do there I guess; the battery wasn’t at full charge, so maybe I hit the speed limit, and will just have to slow down a bit in such situations (?). So next I have to get used to rough and uneven surfaces, steeper hills (up and down), curb cuts, and just being constrained by narrow sidewalks and the like. I don’t see a problem, just need a little more work. I think the backpack that I ordered for it arrives tomorrow, after which I hope to soon be confident enough with the i5 to “just use it” as last-mile transportation. When first starting, I really wanted a folded up blanket draped over the top of the unit, as the top of this thin EUC was banging back and forth against my inner upper ankle area, and I was quickly getting pretty sore there. So for anyone else who contemplates an i5 as their first and learner EUC, consider something like that. I’m happy now to do without the blanket, as it’s a bit of a PITA, “one more thing to mess with”, but I found it very helpful to start with, as is my wife now I think. I’m guessing that this isn’t an issue with a more typical EUC that’s wider and has integrated padding. Cool beans overall, so far feeling happy that I bought this.
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    Took my friends and their little siblings out for a ride in the trails
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    Likewise, with my Tesla, I · prefer to set the footrests tilted a little more backwards compared to default, as the default forward pitch make me feel like falling forward · am not surprised the MSuper V3 1600Wh being steadier in the wind coz its 3 kg heavier than Tesla, plus 18 inch being a bigger gyroscopic wheel compared to a 16 incher · miss the power-cut button under the handle of the V8 … so convenient · will be swapping out the stock pedals for MSuper V3s coz I believe with narrower pedals, I won’t scrap the pedals while cornering so often · would prefer an 18-incher for effortless high-speed cruise but with effort, Tesla can get the same job done at the same speed
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    good work @Marty ! I share the info on the french forum. Concerning me, I plan to do what you did in prevention. I'll do it at the end of this week. I can not do it now, so let's keep our fingers together so it does not burn during the week. @jbwheel, Je pense que cette réparation est nécessaire pour sécuriser nos Mten3.
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    Damn this f-ing climate to hell! And tonight this shit will freeze...
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    Friend of the Tesla victim seems to vaguely recall the wheel having 80+% battery at the moment of the crash. If so, then its really strange. Should have the power to overcome that small road undulation. Something may be wrong with his unit. Anyway, wheel was still ride-able after the crash.
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    I just have to remind myself when I look at new shiny EUCs, that the money saved means I'm that much closer to a place in the sun...
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    He does that stuff? Oh wait, he sells Gotways now, he'd have to have that stuff.
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    Hey dalewa*ker - is that a typo in your username??? Sorry, couldn't resit......
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    Try searching stock photo sites... Licensed Image Most stock images cost money, (especially if selling t-shirts), but there are plenty of royalty-free sites out there with free (or free with restriction) licenses. (Be mindful, some images prohibit altering -- if you intend to combine separate silhouettes of a person and a unicycle.)
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    Hard to do so in some locations simply white of salt instead of snow ...
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