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    We've had several cases of attempts to update the firmware from v1.23 (perfect satisfactory & functional) to v1.25 (more problems than fixes) with the board becoming completely unresponsive. Only solution has been to swap out the board. There's now an enough cases to warrant STRONGLY recommending owners to NOT ATTEMPT TO UPDATE to v1.25 on the 1200W KS. Have asked my rep is this is a known problem, but has not been able to confirm—since Tina left getting answers to even the most simple technical question is practically impossible.
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    14c at max speed. Thought maybe there's a little more speed past them beeps. There is not. There is only concrete. Now i I stay home. That shit hurts like a mother. Thoughts: There is no running out a 20 mph failure wear helmet or die, I think I would've been fucked without mine, my noggin skipped across the ground two or three times as I rolled down the street. Roll. Rolling saved me
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    The unexpected upside of getting an EUC for your son; he's now asking if he can take the dog for a walk, even when it's raining!
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    After 5 hours of learning to ride my Ninebot One E+, this is the state my ankles are in: It's so painful to get on and off now that I have made some cheap ankle guards using materials I had at home. These are made from foam sheet that has thin plastic on one side, some Baltic birch plywood and some elastic velcro straps from the dollar store. These are worn on the inner ankles to protect against the constant pressure of the EUC when getting on and off and turning.
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    Thanks! Our three houses are right next to each other and yes we have lots of lawn to cut. I do enjoy cutting grass as it is relaxing to me. They pay $125-150 per cutting so more like $500-$600/month. Their house sites directly next to a church parking lot so they have planted trees to block it. That may be their Achilles heel when it comes to selling the house. The little red rec button is screaming at you! Yes I do place the protective back on the gimbal after each flight. A red ribbon Velcroed to the cover would work.
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    My new One Wheel Build
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    The only info I've been told is that the Inmotion Electric Unicycles will NOT be updated until the fall at the earliest.
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    If the KS App & QC were better I'd unhesitatingly recommend the 14D. But it's completely stupid requiring new (non-technical) Users required to make permission changes to Android because KS are too lazy to add a checkbox during compilation. There's a whole slew of minor niggles I have with this Wheel that's preventing me from investing in an order. Range is going to be less than the V5F+, the 14D only has 32 cells as against Inmotion's 40.
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    Really great job! Something for me to learn. Still forgetting to press "rec" when flying BTW, do you keep the gimbal lock on between the flights? Forgot to take it once already and got "gimbal overload"-message. Will create some "remove before flight" ribbon or something... It just magical to fly! Stunning results even in my amateur hands!
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    Yeah, I meant that as a joke I am using a backpack often when I commute. But like it best to ride without things on my back. Always hated the rucksacks though... So I can understand @Pezman and others playing with the bottle holder idea. minipro have some hidden screws under the "ninebot" plate/logo that could be used to mount either a bottle holder or whatnot.
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    Yep, I'm on Ubuntu. I'm guessing that's the inverse color shortcut? There's one on Mac too but I don't recall the shortcut (used to confuse teachers in computer labs with it!). What I do right now is use a Chrome plugin called deluminate when my heads really acting up. I may try building a Stylish theme since sadly there doesn't seem to be any pre-built for the forum software, or if there are any they're listed under the specific forums URL without mentioning the software. I moderate a few subs on Reddit where I in part manage the CSS, so if the opportunity does come up to add themes and creating them ourselves is the best option (ie, free), then I can give color advice. My subs use colors based partially on flux where the concept is to reduce certain wavelengths which reduces eye strain and helps maintain the circadian rhythm. Basically the same idea behind why newer phones are including a software blue light filter that adjusts throughout the day. edit - Ah! One question answered! You can do multiple user selectable themes, per this support page.
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    Camelbak? Or this one?
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    It's amazing how we trash and praise our Gotway. Love hate relationship. Lol. It amazing what you can get away with when you a have a nich market product. The minute someone makes the same performance with better quality a functional app and an up to date website. They are toast. Disclosure. I ride an MCM4 HS every day.
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    Unless I'm missing something, it looks like Maryland Law officially uses the term “Electric personal assistive mobility device” or “EPAMD," just like most other states, and they are defined as "two nontandem" wheeled like most other states do. It looks like technically electric unicycles are not included in the law. Looks like @dmethvin got lucky! Here's a link to the appropriate section: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2017rs/statute_google/gtr/21-101.pdf
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    Hi guys, Another pic, I wonder how many Kwh we consumed that day (post your guess)
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    There are much more EUC in Paris (250 sometimes) meetings ! The Monster tire is bigger than the gotway mcm2s you see in front This morning, a long trip in the city & forest, 72.7km, 50% battery remaining with my Monster
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    I think you have to turn the wheel off and back on for the changes to take effect. There is no way you would feel that setting 9 is no different than 1, there is a huge difference. Search for the youtube video from Ian at speedyfeet where he tests out the different settings. You can actually see how much the pedals tilt in the softest setting and Ian states that this is barely rideable due to the softness. He calls 9 the "joke mode"...
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    Firmware remains unchanged. Only user settings like bluetooth pairing/password, name and "user behaviour"-settings etc. will be reset. Total milage and battery information will not be touched.
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    I believe the USB port has 5 volts on it. You could wire a voltage regulator using. 7805 chip and one or two resistors. The resistors value is picked so you can change the 5 volts to 3 volts. If i have time i can draw something over the weekend. Otherwise @esaj is pretty good with circuits also. Uouvneed to find the cable that goes to the USB port and splice the 5vdc and ground wires with two wires. I am sure 24 gauge is plenty. The 5v and ground would connect to your 7805 regulator made to put out 3 volts. Mi think you wanted to use the main light to also turn this one. That would be more involved. You would have to build another circuit. There are these mini relays in a chip you could connect the main headlight to the coil part od the DIP chip mini relay that would have a contact on the other side where you would then feed the 3 volts to the led bar. Maybe @esaj will make the drawing.
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    Yes, @dbfrese is right that you could exclude an EUC on technical grounds even though a big fat two-wheeled Segway would be okay. I think most people see that wouldn't make sense, especially because a Segway can go faster and takes up more room on the sidewalk. At this point plenty of local law enforcement have seen me in Maryland, Virginia, and the District and none of them have ever questioned whether it's legal. I think the reason they like the term "pedestrian device" is that it makes things clear that even though the thing has a motor and is a vehicle it's not a "motor vehicle".
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    The wheel will intentionally give wrong voltage information to any app. Afaik, this is because Gotway were too lazy/incapable to change the programming of their app (initially meant for 67V) which reads the battery percentage by looking at the voltage. Instead they changed the firmware or whatever is needed to send wrong voltage information so they need not modify their app For comparison, my ACM 1300 shows around 65,85V in wheellog at 100% battery.
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    Nothing you can do "in software" (how the wheel behaves). Apart from the fact that the 80% is not battery related, if you generalize that to "protect the wheel from self damage rather than the rider", there's literally no better option. Either you crash with an undamaged wheel, or the wheel will even speed you up a bit to keep the balance, then it breaks anyways and you have a damaged wheel, and you still crash (at a slightly higher speed). So the unintuitive but hard truth is, this is the best option you have. If you overpower the wheel, you must crash (unless you can compensate quickly, but nothing the wheel can do) and there's no point in taking the wheel down with you. All safety measures must concern never allowing overpowering the wheel. If it happens, it's too late. -- Good points about the speeds. But the manufacturers lie like there's no tomorrow (see: crazy promised ranges). Also, turns out it is better to think in terms of power output/wheel utilization/percentage of what is maximally possible than in terms of speed. 20 km/h on 10% incline will need more power than 40 on flat pavement (a guess). So speeds really mean nothing. Instead of a speed meter, every wheel should show a "percentage" of how far you are away from where the weakest link can no longer keep up. I found the default speed beeps are a good indication of what should be safe on flat road.
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    For showing off: 00~ 00~ 00~ 00~ 00~ \ | | _| _/ /\ /| /| / / \ \ / / / \ \ \ | / O O O O O For playing it safe: 00~ 00~ 00~ 00~ | | _| 00~ | /| /| | _| /| / / // __| /_ \\ \ \ \ O O O O O
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    Maiden voyage with new/repaired ACM. Just some southern Bavarian random fields etc. with good weather and mountain view (view the panoramas in "full size" for more details).
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    Hi, Took out the Monster in the forest on some trails, a nice 2h tour, very joyful