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    True. It's one of the reasons why allowing people to try the Wheel is actually detrimental to sales. Typical initial impression by punters is 'how hard could it be?'—classic case is Richard Hammond on the Grand Tour/TG Christmas special—then their confidence takes a beating, feel disheartened & give up on the idea... For the serious Buyer, they do the research, know that there's going to be a bit of pain involved, but once they pay, they're are committed to making it work.
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    Pain is normal in the beginning. You are right. With the wheel straight up and down, the pressure on your calve will be unbearable. So you must lean the wheel at an angle to relieve that unbearable pressure. For example, if you are placing your right foot on the wheel, and your left foot on the ground, then you need to tilt the wheel to the left. Your right foot is on the foot stand, and the wheel is tilted to the left along your calf. As you mount, you will return the wheel to straight up and down position. I use something - like my car, or a wall - to assist the mount, especially in the beginning. So for this example, place your left hand on a support, while tipping the wheel to the left. With your right foot on the stand, use your left support to help you get your left foot on the left pedal (while returning the wheel to upright). From there you can decide to try to ride off, or in the beginning, you can work your way along the car (or wall) to feel what that feels like. Good luck. Took me forever, so any buyer's remorse you may be feeling should be temporary. The fun is yet to come.
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    Saving Marty and the Monster (part 2) So. After getting lost i almost started to believe that i myself might not make it out of the mountains in time, so i started praying. And it went a little like this.. "Jesus take the wheel".. " God please put me on the right track and help me get out of here. Please God i really dont want to spend the night camping with the bears. etc..." Sure enough.. my prayers got heard and after some time of carrying my 45lbs acm up the hills i finally saw a downhill route that looked like it was going in the right direction. So i hopped back on my dying wheel and started zooming dawn the hill. I knew that i had to get down quickly because i needed to get to the park rangers asap so the'll have enough daylight to go out and find Marty. After maybe an hour and a half of riding i finally came across the stupid dam that we were looking for the whole time! At this point my phone slowly started working again. I checked the maps and the park rangers station was not far away so i got back on the wheel and continued down the road until i got to the main gate where the rangers were supposed to be. Walked up to the door but unfortunately there was no one there. So i called 911. My call got transferred 3 times before someone in the right jurisdiction was able to send out some help. They asked me where i was and told me to stay there till the cops arrive. So i stayed put. Shortly after a whole gang of police cars and fire trucks and ambulances arrived at the gate. I made the 911 call at 5:45. From 6-9 i was with the cops explaining the situation, and answering all sorts of questions. Luckily i had a took a picture of Marty and Jeff from earlier that day so i gave that to the cops for description of our missing peeps. I had took a few more picture of the trail names and numbers on my way down. Those, along with a picture of Martys gps coordinates of his last known position gave the rescue team an idea of where he might be. The gps coordinates Marty had pulled up on his tracker turned out to be the nearest cellphone tower which was no good. So i had to somehow describe where my missing guy was to 6 different groups of teams (including; the police department, the fire fighers, the park rangers, the helicopter operator). They couldnt belive that we had made it all the way up the mountain and back down almost to the 2 frewway on "that thing!?!?" Anyways making the already long story short, being the "informant" i stayed with the rescue team leader answering more question and confirming new information they were getting until they tracked down our missing man. By the way the parking lot was 20 miles away from the point that i came down to on my wheel. Had a friend come pick me up and take me back to my car. End of the say i had probably done 50miles of mountain riding on my awesome ACM2.5 which saved mine and Martys life. ??
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    Your story telling makes me laugh Ando Yes, since I'm tying this, I did make it out, found by a Helicopter and Search & Rescue. 16 hours after leaving home, I got back. I'll post a 'story' tomorrow (Sunday) that explains the madness that happened to me. Jeff has a good story to tell too, and your's sounds great too. I can't wait to hear the full story of what happened to you. This was an EUC ride for the ages that fortunately now we'll all be able to laugh about in the future. I'm never taking my damn Monster on mountain trails like that again. And please, nobody tell me again how a Monster can climb nearly as good as the ACM - give me a break
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    @Joe Holliday I echo much of what @dpong said. The sensation of the calf/shin weight on the leaning EUC's pad counter-balancing the downward gravity of your same foot on the pedal is a key concept to learning/mounting the EUC, one of the hardest concepts at that. You will feel some pain; we all did in the beginning. If it's that excruciating on your calf, maybe there's not enough weight distribution going to the same foot pedal? Calf weight on pad vs. foot weight on pedal should be pretty balanced, helped out by the leaning of the EUC. Also, you might experiment with foot positioning on the pedal. For me, when mounting, my foot tends to sit on the pedal more away from the EUC body, rather than flush with the EUC body (like I had thought when first learning), so that the ankle does not remotely touch the EUC body, and my lower mounting leg forms the hypotenuse of a right triangle, with the EUC pedal and EUC body being the sides of the right triangle.
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    Take your time, and let your brain learn too. Even a day off will make you better. Don't forget to enjoy the learning experience, and take a break if you don't. Even 20 minutes a day is plenty. I also had bruised legs just from a little bit of balancing, this will go away on its own. You could cushion your wheel with foam or something else to give your legs better grip if you think it might help, and to soften the pressure on your legs when mounting. High boots also help with that. Here's what I think is the best learning video.
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    A new french meet up:
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    Wise decision! Ian has fast service! You'll be riding in no time!
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    Me too, but sometimes I make that arm motion that says, no, you go first. That way, they don't get to watch me possibly lock up from stage fright. I don't know if I got that right, but it is the fear of other people watching you, I think. Well,that begs the question, why do you ride a wheel? It's fun, but a little strange to most people. But it is kind of neat to be able to do something most people will never even attempt to do. Which is why I am trying to learn backwards riding. I don't ride near cars if I can help it. They weigh too much for me to live after getting run over by one.
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    If you want to try that: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=IRFB3207 EDIT: Note that IRFB3207 and IRFB3207Z are not the same thing.
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    In one of Speedyfeet's first video test of a Gotway, i think it was the MSuper, Ian said that he fried the board by riding through deep sand. After he replaced the board the wheel worked fine, but he recommended never to ride in deep sand because it will overload the board.
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    @Noillek I have a feeling you will always be constantly thinking about your repair and if it will hold. That will take away some of your fun riding! As @Carlos E Rodriguez mentioned I do not believe the repair will last. EUC electrical connections should be inherently solid to be safe. I don't think you want to solder the hall sensor wires directly to the board as you may occasionally need to disassemble the MSuper, like for a tire change. Hall sensor wires are only 28 awg so any tugging during a disassembly process will not be advisable. If and when you decide to perform another repair any good quality connector will work fine. What you are looking for is a 'pin and socket connector'. There are tons of these on EBay. For an optimal connection I would solder the sensor wires to the pins after crimping them. Good luck!
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    Posted this in another thread. Has more than you're asking.
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    I think Carlos is onto something there. You might want to try wiggling all the cables after your mod to see if that stutter returns. If you cannot reproduce the problem even with semi-aggressive wiggling of the wiring hopefully everything will be 100% sound. These wheels experience tons of vibrations going over bumps and rough roads as well as dropping off curbs and falling to the sides. You definitely want solid solid connections. I think I would prefer silicone sealer to hot glue but whatever works should be fine. There really should be automotive grade connectors being used everywhere. You don't see car makers hot gluing or silicone sealing electrical components usually? I think they use quality grade connectors, not ones meant for desktop computers and cheap toys which don't experience vibrations traveling at 40 kph.
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    KingSong has a public Facebook group. That is where I found this awesome treatment of the KS16S, the rest of the text here is from the proud owner: The Viper wheel with a awesome backdrop!Model: KS16S (Thomas Hoon, Colin Heng - The Wheelies )Modification: Jeffrey Zen (Trimming of the casing and fitting a 16x2.5 inch tire)Vinyl wrap: James Soh ( Design, wrap and profile photo Kazam SG)I would like to thank all of them for making this wheel a reality!
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    Glad you weren't hurt. go down the recycling center and pick up some handle bars from a discarded bicycle, then hold them out infront of you when you ride,p in the bike lane, Monty Python Holy Grail style. Then you will look like a bike rider, because, technically the driver didn't see a bike rider in the bike path, just a guy who was moving faster than he realised. Edit. We are invisible. We look like pedestrians but we move as fast as cyclists. Always be prepared to take avoidance manoeuvres.
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    Since you look very similar to a pedestrian on your wheel (especially at short glance when your speed is not apparent), people don't expect you to change your position so quickly. A driver who sees a bicycle for a short moment will consider it as possibly being in the way, while an apparent "pedestrian" is far away and can be ignored. And then, suddenly, that "pedestrian" is in front of the car unexpectedly. Does not even have to be inattention alone, they're just not used to that. They see nothing noteworthy. Of course, many drivers just don't look (properly), underestimate your speed, or are just plain dumbasses. Ride a bike and the same can happen, probably nothing do do with EUCs.
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    Apparently they come from Gotway with the new MSuper version pedals now. I much prefer them the to ACM ones and the extra I purchased, because I didn't realise my Monster already had them, will be going on my ACM! It's not really the size that makes them better. More the shape and the fact they use rubber grips as well as grip tape. They felt more comfortable and safe even on my first ride. I might not be able to get out on it today, which is a shame because it's nice out, because I'm of somewhere with my brother but yesterday was 13 miles and showing 90%. To put that into perspective - My ACM would have been showing, at the very most, 50% (820wh) and my old Ninebot wouldn't have even made that! I got 11 or 12 miles from that (320wh) I'm not expecting miracles with the Monster due to it's increased weight and greater area of contact with the ground. I get 25 miles max with my ACM so if I can get 75 miles with the Monster that would be great but I'll settle for around 60 (fingers crossed).
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    I feel your sensor connector pin to shell of connector is defective. If moving the wire causes a intermittent issue the the wire to pit to board pin are not mating securely and just touching. I don't believe this repair will last. Be carefull
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    Is there a way to keep this topic uncluttered? I think the forum should come up with some essential topics with minimal content that is considered essential. For example: -Protective Gear. -Learning to ride. -Learning to Fall. https://youtu.be/tUJwUUAiT4o https://youtu.be/gV2xiTodph8 -How to prevent cut-outs.
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    Ha! @Jason McNeil I took things out of order then! As a beginner, I went: 1.) buy $$ with minimal research, NB1E+, ooh pretty lights 2.) "how hard can it be?" 3.) after 15 min trying to ride, severe buyer's remorse 4.) well, I might as well invest the time before this thing becomes an $800 doorstop.
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    miniPro and EUC are different kinds of delight I recon. I find both to be a great pleasure to ride. And sometimes it's even hard to decide if I want to ride miniPro or 9b1 before going out for a ride))
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    @Marty Backe Was this the infamous 3rd fall you jokingly expected? Hope you aren't hurt. Well, looking forward to when the story goes up.
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    There is one useful view point I forgot to mention. When tilt-back is setting in, we can consider a constant angle scenario and a constant pressure scenario. In the constant angle scenario, the rider keeps the pedal horizontal by putting additional pressure to the forefoot. Consequently, the wheel accelerates quickly, because the horizontal angle is now a "push forward" angle (the neutral angle is negative). This is an unstable situation and leads quickly to a bud-plant. In the constant pressure scenario, the rider follows the changing tilt angle of the pedals with the feet while keeping the pressure constant. In this case, speed remains constant and nothing really changes but the angle of the feet and pedals. This is the desired scenario, but if tilt-back sets in quickly and catches the rider by surprise it may be difficult to achieve. I think that most wheels use tilt-back to indicate speed limit, but not to indicate torque limit. The KingSong KS 14C seems to be an exception and there might be others. In case of torque limit, the wheel may get rather soft and seems to tilt-forward (when pushed forward). When both happens at the same time it might become very confusing for the rider.
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    Low speed with 9Bmini is like with 9B1, under 20% battery you can't ride over 12kph
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    I would reiterate what @meepmeepmayer said about practicing 20 mins a day. I started out practicing after work in the hallways using cubicle walls to help me stand up and to keep me from falling too hard. My calf had a bruise too the first day I spent really trying to mount with no wall help. I never used the strap, but if you do make sure you disable the cutoff switch on the handle from the inmotion app. Ideally, you aren't applying much upward pull on the strap while riding. Howver, I would guess is that, because you are new to riding you might rely too heavily on the strap for balance instead of as a way to keep the wheel from running off, after falling. Good luck! It's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it
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    Wow, you guys had quite an adventure! I bet that got picked up by the local news, with the helicopter rescue and all. 16 hrs, whew!
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    That is nice to see. So much feedback i didnt expect. Thank you all very much! How i start now Okay... Yes i buy them this week. That is now 4 days ago and we ride in the last two days 32 km. They are not loked anymore. I like new funsports specialy when it is about driving. And the idea to ride 30 km for only 9cents and to disturb nobody was nice for me. In our contry gas is very expensive and i take the ninebots out so easy that iam use to let our bikes and other stuff inside the garage. So i what i want to say is that i understand that ninebot makes that slowing down for the safty but i think that is not necessary when they have the half energy. (Sorry i think akku is similar in english i mean battery) I think that would make more sense when they slow down with 10% battery. Yesterday when we drive it starts to rain. We was totally wet it was not funny to ride so slow in the rain To the next... And So first I would try to to make that update cause that Seems to be more easy. But know i have 2 questions: 1. What exactly is the main difference between that both firmwares? I mean Is that thing with the battery under 50% in both versions? And in wich one is that better one when is about tiltback? 2. If i try first 1.4 can i downgrade than also? Or just from my actual version? Thanks alot Guys!
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    The firmware wouldn't be to reverse the steering lol. To make it go faster. Forward
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    make sure you look at the specs. There is no such thing as close enough.
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    Not 100% sure, but think it's to stick the "bluetooth speaker" optional case
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    Grass is often recommended so your EUC doesn't get totally scratched up in the beginning. Is this the V5F+ cover with phone / music player attachment?
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    A fallen EUC can be a dangerous object. A useful tip: If it falls down, don't reach for it!
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    That sounds like there was a problem. Hopefully, everyone is okay. My ride on the north side to the dam and back went good. I finished my ride (16 miles total) and pulled out of the parking lot by 11am. Allen
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    Thanks for all the responses everyone! I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it. I can go forward about 8-10 ft before having to either grab onto something or stop. Getting on is still a little rough, but it seems to be getting slightly easier. I'm also trying to train myself to lean back and come to a stop before taking my foot off. I've noticed I have a bad habit of trying to take my foot off to stop while moving, and they causes the mounted foot to keep going, causing either the wheel to take off like a missile or to do a full half circle before crashing into my shin (ouch!). I'll update as I progress.
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    Thanks for the response! I'm glad to hear this is normal at the beginning as I really wanted to move on from my Segway Minipro to something faster and more agile. Unfortunately, I've already had a few bad incidents with this thing that has tainted my wife's view on it. Once during my first few attempts to mount it, I fell off and the wheel slung wildly to the side and veered towards and hit our wall, tearing a big hole in the sheetrock (there are no outdoor areas nearby with a fence to hold onto, so I practice in the house). Another incident had it just inches from hitting our youngest daughter when she came in the room to see what I was doing. I honestly thought this thing would be cake after learning to ride a regular pedal based unicycle, but I was obviously wrong.
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    If you can't see the next 2 seconds of your current route, you might want to sell your wheel and go back to walking. Or get better glasses. I said "see" not "predict". And while our routes may change every day the next two seconds is ALWAYS right there infront of you, even if you've never been that way before. Don't over think what I said.
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    I'd like to give my statement also....just one single one.... i think this discussion is as old as the arche Noah :-) I have seen graphs that tiltback needs power, videos where the tiltback clearly lead to a voltdrop and also a wheel acceleration, there where plenty reports of cutouts on highspeed when tiltback sets in.....and had an own faceplant where the tiltback on highspeed/low batterie has made the wheel weak and mushy..... Sure tiltback needs not as much power as an acceleration, but some it needs, and as all movements/energy can not been produced out of nowhere.... So seams i am an faithful member of the myth/rumour/stories gang then
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    I'm always surprised to hear about king song tiltback. I've never experienced it and I've gone up to 32 kph. I'm only 60kg so it all feels pretty safe, and I have the 840wh model. And I commute every day on my ks14 so I have experience. Speaking of which, I had MY first face plant three days ago. I over inflated the tire and could feel it. I then hit the biggest bump on my route to the office and ate it, with onlookers... Very embarrassing. Tore my jeans and scabbed up my hand and knee. Slight chin scratch but nothing too bad. The crazy part was I was holding my phone in my hand and slammed it face down into the concrete with all of my weight on it and the screen is fine. Very impressed there.
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    As some practical input to the tiltback topic my graph from accelerating to fast and by this hitting the 20 km/h limit quite hard on my 9bot E+. Tiltback set in in two stages. The first at a pitch angle of about 7° and the second at about 10°. The second stage imho set in since i could not balance fast enough after the first stage begun - I could not put my weight "neutral" on the pedal, i stayed more on my toe tips and by this did not decelerate the wheel enough to stop the tiltback. After some endles seconds in the second stage i managed to put enough weight on the heels to brake the wheel enough to stop the tiltback: As seen in the graph the power demand is quite low compared to intense accelerating. The one current spike (almost 10A, ~600W) once the second stage set in could be the power needed to raise me standing on the toe tips from the ~7° to 10° pitch angle. I assume that the "rumours/stories/accidents" from faceplanting after tiltback kicked in are not primarily related to the tiltback it self but to too fast acceleration towards cut-off speed. Or also the (small) acceleration needed to tilt-back could be the last bit "needed" to reach the cut-off speed?
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    I am almost sure the issue is for now on the way I drive the motor - and I need to do it correctly, with or without rotor angle correction that is given by the FOC. I think the issue is about the number of magnets vs number of coils, that don't give a correct number of 360 degrees for each electric rotation. Here a technical review with details about a bicycle motor with the same number of magnets and coils: Hihttps://www.electricbike.com/9c/ Running with hall sensors should be no problem for all speeds, as the FOC algorithm will detect the correct angle correction value and apply it continually. I don't think sensorless algorithm is a must have to get the correct angle, as even with an incorrect angle with increase speed, given by hall sensors, the algorithm find the correct angle by looking at Id current that must be zero, other values means the angle should be corrected with proportion. And this works well with my current code.
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    Just my two cents here, but as a motorcyclist as well as unicyclist, the more gear the better. There's a lot of light and normal looking gear available. My personal top priorities are kevlar jeans, a light full face helmet, proper riding gloves, and of course a jacket with built in armor for at least shoulders, elbows and maybe spine. Emphasis on the full face helmet because I see lots of top-of-head style bicycle helmets which do little for the back of your neck and your face. Even a skate helmet that extends further down the back of the head would be preferable in most situations. Also emphasis on the proper gloves bit because again I see lots of fingerless wrist guards. I'm not sure if there's combo full glove and wrist guard options available, and which protection to prioritise is up to you. I'd personally rather sprang or fracture my wrist than shave off my finger tips, but I guess I'm younger than most here. Knowing how to react to a fall can help prevent a break too, but us humans are kinda bad at making that split second decision.
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    Before Luffy heads to rehab in the next few weeks I decided to give her a makeover with a colorful kid's theme. I vacuum formed a custom plastic shell over a plaster mold I initially made of Luffy. I used transfer paper to impregnate the plastic with a colorful handprints pattern. Luffy will undoubtedly sustain countless knocks and spills as therapists work with a select group of high functioning children. Increasing balance and somatosensory feedback will be the key elements behind the research project. I jump on Luffy today for a short ride after the modifications.
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    Two things. For small scratches and abrasions I use this. Start with the roughest and by the time you finish the plastic looks wet. MICRO MESH SANDING SHEETS INTRODUCTORY WOOD KIT by Peachtree Woodworking https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000H6HIK2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_71p-ybJA5E74J Also, the charge percent seems bizarre. I may start at 80%, go four miles, and end up at 40%. Or I start at 100%, go four miles, and have something like 95%.
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    I know what you mean, riding on the grass one day fell into an unseen hole the Bot threw me off. Luckily only going about 7-8 mph. That looks like a subtle change in the curb you hit, easy to not see how high it had gotten, especially at some speed. If I knew the hole was there I could have taken my weight off the pedals and ridden over it. Kind of goes back to your point about not riding in grass while learning. But I shoulder rolled or judo rolled and was unhurt. It was just a WTF moment.
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    i was riding one day and someone stopped me to talk about the wheel. She asked, "What is that thing?" I replied, "It's a wheelbarrow, see, it only has one wheel." Then she slapped me and walked off in a huff. I said "oww! have a nice day!" back on topic, also the very first joke was about EUCs
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    you are really PEGGING the "FUNNY AS HELL meter" lately, sir
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