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    True. It's one of the reasons why allowing people to try the Wheel is actually detrimental to sales. Typical initial impression by punters is 'how hard could it be?'—classic case is Richard Hammond on the Grand Tour/TG Christmas special—then their confidence takes a beating, feel disheartened & give up on the idea... For the serious Buyer, they do the research, know that there's going to be a bit of pain involved, but once they pay, they're are committed to making it work.
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    Los Angeles Country Sherriff's Dept. search and rescue plucked Marty out of the Angelus Nat'l. forrest.He is fine.I went out the opposite way past the stream another 16miles through dozens of landslides and 4500 ft. of elevation and came out on Hwy.2 and then rode that down another 21 miles and ended up in La Canada/flintwood before I got cell reception back.I would have never made it out if it were not for the "world famous ACM2040tm " and it's incredible 100 mile plus range. All is good! P.S. The L.A. County Sheriffs' Dept. search and rescue KICK ASS! Once they got Marty out, they even went back for his wheel.He left it behind and started walking out and thought That the Monster was going to be a $3000 loss.It would have been if not for the great people of the L.A.S.D. P.P.S. It was 2 ACM's and one Monster on the outing today and the Monster sucks at hill climbing compared to ACMs.Case closed.
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    I had a bunch of clips of friends and I juggling and EUCing over the past 6 months, decided to compile them into a video. Mostly juggling, but a few good clips of EUC riding and EUC/juggling tricks thrown in there:
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    Pain is normal in the beginning. You are right. With the wheel straight up and down, the pressure on your calve will be unbearable. So you must lean the wheel at an angle to relieve that unbearable pressure. For example, if you are placing your right foot on the wheel, and your left foot on the ground, then you need to tilt the wheel to the left. Your right foot is on the foot stand, and the wheel is tilted to the left along your calf. As you mount, you will return the wheel to straight up and down position. I use something - like my car, or a wall - to assist the mount, especially in the beginning. So for this example, place your left hand on a support, while tipping the wheel to the left. With your right foot on the stand, use your left support to help you get your left foot on the left pedal (while returning the wheel to upright). From there you can decide to try to ride off, or in the beginning, you can work your way along the car (or wall) to feel what that feels like. Good luck. Took me forever, so any buyer's remorse you may be feeling should be temporary. The fun is yet to come.
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    Saving Marty and the Monster (part 2) So. After getting lost i almost started to believe that i myself might not make it out of the mountains in time, so i started praying. And it went a little like this.. "Jesus take the wheel".. " God please put me on the right track and help me get out of here. Please God i really dont want to spend the night camping with the bears. etc..." Sure enough.. my prayers got heard and after some time of carrying my 45lbs acm up the hills i finally saw a downhill route that looked like it was going in the right direction. So i hopped back on my dying wheel and started zooming dawn the hill. I knew that i had to get down quickly because i needed to get to the park rangers asap so the'll have enough daylight to go out and find Marty. After maybe an hour and a half of riding i finally came across the stupid dam that we were looking for the whole time! At this point my phone slowly started working again. I checked the maps and the park rangers station was not far away so i got back on the wheel and continued down the road until i got to the main gate where the rangers were supposed to be. Walked up to the door but unfortunately there was no one there. So i called 911. My call got transferred 3 times before someone in the right jurisdiction was able to send out some help. They asked me where i was and told me to stay there till the cops arrive. So i stayed put. Shortly after a whole gang of police cars and fire trucks and ambulances arrived at the gate. I made the 911 call at 5:45. From 6-9 i was with the cops explaining the situation, and answering all sorts of questions. Luckily i had a took a picture of Marty and Jeff from earlier that day so i gave that to the cops for description of our missing peeps. I had took a few more picture of the trail names and numbers on my way down. Those, along with a picture of Martys gps coordinates of his last known position gave the rescue team an idea of where he might be. The gps coordinates Marty had pulled up on his tracker turned out to be the nearest cellphone tower which was no good. So i had to somehow describe where my missing guy was to 6 different groups of teams (including; the police department, the fire fighers, the park rangers, the helicopter operator). They couldnt belive that we had made it all the way up the mountain and back down almost to the 2 frewway on "that thing!?!?" Anyways making the already long story short, being the "informant" i stayed with the rescue team leader answering more question and confirming new information they were getting until they tracked down our missing man. By the way the parking lot was 20 miles away from the point that i came down to on my wheel. Had a friend come pick me up and take me back to my car. End of the say i had probably done 50miles of mountain riding on my awesome ACM2.5 which saved mine and Martys life. ??
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    Your story telling makes me laugh Ando Yes, since I'm tying this, I did make it out, found by a Helicopter and Search & Rescue. 16 hours after leaving home, I got back. I'll post a 'story' tomorrow (Sunday) that explains the madness that happened to me. Jeff has a good story to tell too, and your's sounds great too. I can't wait to hear the full story of what happened to you. This was an EUC ride for the ages that fortunately now we'll all be able to laugh about in the future. I'm never taking my damn Monster on mountain trails like that again. And please, nobody tell me again how a Monster can climb nearly as good as the ACM - give me a break
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    @Joe Holliday I echo much of what @dpong said. The sensation of the calf/shin weight on the leaning EUC's pad counter-balancing the downward gravity of your same foot on the pedal is a key concept to learning/mounting the EUC, one of the hardest concepts at that. You will feel some pain; we all did in the beginning. If it's that excruciating on your calf, maybe there's not enough weight distribution going to the same foot pedal? Calf weight on pad vs. foot weight on pedal should be pretty balanced, helped out by the leaning of the EUC. Also, you might experiment with foot positioning on the pedal. For me, when mounting, my foot tends to sit on the pedal more away from the EUC body, rather than flush with the EUC body (like I had thought when first learning), so that the ankle does not remotely touch the EUC body, and my lower mounting leg forms the hypotenuse of a right triangle, with the EUC pedal and EUC body being the sides of the right triangle.
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    Also, in the end, most of us find that we do not need the wheel to touch our calves. Some of us have used shin guards (turned inwards) to keep our calves from getting too sore. However, once you learn to ride, that need quickly goes away. Some people just use some towels tucked in there. You shouldn't need this protection very long.
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    So i had to leave Marty behind to go get some help because after 20 miles of climbing a steep hill on the monster and then going downhill another few miles on a fucked up trail with landslides and trees blocking the way he was too exhausted to get back out of there on his own. This is where my mission began. With %20 battery left i turned back and started heading back up (for about 2-3 miles) to the top where i thought i would have cellphone reception. Somehow i missed the spot and/or my cell didnt pick up the signal so i kept going up hoping that i will soon get a signal. At this point my wheel was beeping at me pretty hard and i was barely moving. Came across two Y crossing. Both times made the wrong turn.. went down for about 10 min, realized that im not heading the right way( looking at a very blurry google maps image i had loaded on my phone) then pushing my wheel back up the hill on foot. So after being lost for over an hour with no map, almost no battery, no water and no cell reception i was starting to think im stuck on this damn mountain for good. To be continued. Stay tuned for part two of operation save Marty and the Monster
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    Take your time, and let your brain learn too. Even a day off will make you better. Don't forget to enjoy the learning experience, and take a break if you don't. Even 20 minutes a day is plenty. I also had bruised legs just from a little bit of balancing, this will go away on its own. You could cushion your wheel with foam or something else to give your legs better grip if you think it might help, and to soften the pressure on your legs when mounting. High boots also help with that. Here's what I think is the best learning video.
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    hey riders, a few hours ago I flew right across a hood going approx 10-15kph on my wheel. A car driver crossed the bicycle lane turning right into a shopping center without giving a second thought to me. Luckily I wore almost full protection (no helmet!) and only my wrist guards got scratched. The wheel came to a halt running into a hedge. did you get in familiar situations? I can only guess some inattentive drivers mistake EUC riders for pedestrians. The accident happened in daylight, though for me this is the final wake up call to always wear my full face downhill helmet from now on. I might even order some extra lights for the helmet as well as one of those ugly high visibility vests. btw I was so stunned by the behaviour that I forgot to swear and claim a new pair of unscratched wrist guards. Guess I got off cheaply today. (the car driver too)
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    As long as the wheel is moving everything id ok...but if The wheel gets stuck in mud/sand or pressed against a wall or something, while still wanting to accelerate -and can not move a bit at all- is the worst case for every board, and makes the board fry on all brands....not only Gotway. Has also nothing to do with 6/12 Mosfets. its just asking for full power when the wheel can not move on...instead that the mosfet "jumps" to the next switch...the amperage in that switch sequence spikes so high that the mosfets fry. Dead for every wheel....... Correction: some wheels have fuses for that situation!
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    A new french meet up:
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    +1. More exactly current is proportional to the torque which is proportional to the force. The forces to overcome are for acceleration (m*a), air drag, rolling resistance and "height changes". As you already stated, tiltback is just some acceleration to establish the different pedal angle. Some current (power) is needed for this depending on the "speed of this change==acceleration". Depending on the "riders reaction" while this tiltback is established (standing on the toe tips or still balancing his weigt evenly on the pedal) additional power could be needed to "lift" the rider. My post cited again for @Mono resoibse: "I assume that the "rumours/stories/accidents" from faceplanting after tiltback kicked in are not primarily related to the tiltback it self but to too fast acceleration towards cut-off speed. Or also the (small) acceleration needed to tilt-back could be the last bit "needed" to reach the cut-off speed?" Instead of cut-off speed i should have used "max torque-speed limit". Imho cut-off speed is not (easily) reachable while driving. Cut-off speed is normally reached with very low load (like lifting the wheel). While driving/accelerating to higher speeds the wheel has to overcome a much higher load (accelerating the drivers mass, air drag and rolling resistance + balancing) so the max torque speed limit _should_ be reached way before cut-off speed *2). Maybe with extrem acceleration one could hit cut-off speed by the build up momemtum while already "going along the max-torque speed limit" - but this "going along the max-torque speed" limit means that the wheel is already in an unstable state (no balancing possible anymore), so a overlean/faceplant/crash is already unavoidable (for non acrobatic riders *1) and the cut-off by firmware just "triggers" the crash at a little bit lower speeds as it would happen anyway. As @KingSong69and @Slaughthammer stated the tilt-back vs accident discussion are old an ongoing, but imho there are still too much false rumours around and no (for me) satisfying resolution accepted in this forum. So for me this discussions will go on, as long as i see an resolution to be found sometimes, somewhere... So starting with normal tilt-back conditions/situations which never should bear any problem: - Tilt-back comes slowly and nice so it is easily to be recognized by the rider and one can distribute ones weight on the pedals and shift the weight to the heels to decelerate and stop the tilt-back situation: No hard accelerations are happening, so no current spikes, voltage drops, overpower situations can happen and tilt-back does together with the rider what it's intention - warning and deceleration. Any overlean/over-power cut-off happening while this "kind of tilt-back" occurs should be imho just in combination with an sudden incline, bump, wind gust, etc and triggered by this "extra" force needed. The tilt-back just happened at the same point in time but has no correleation with the incident. A situation i do not consider or care about: - People driving with the wheel is in tilt-back state. So the are nearer to the "max-torque speed limit" and every additional power needed (incline, bump, wind gust, imbalance) could lead to an overpower/overlean situation - they took their decision so they should also take the accident. There is nothing more the wheel/firmware could to to warn the rider. So "dangerous" tilt-backs are imho the fast ones, which come within fractions of a second. If they do not throw the driver off the wheel the danger comes from the rider regaining balance on his toe tips leaning forward and by this further accelerating the wheel. In my case shown above in the graph the tilt back pushed me back resulting in a deceleration (negative, regenerative current spike) and i recovered my balance on the toe tips forcing the wheel to accelerate to the second tilt-back stage (~10A current spike), followed by some positive negative current spike (de and acelerations) until a regained balance and normaly decelerated to a safe and stable state. If i would not have lost balance and immediately stayed on my toe tips with the sudden tilt-back happening this situation would have ended in a nasty accident. After my already strong but still sane acceleration (~10-15A on a level road) for a 9Bot E+ my balancing on the toe tips would have increased this acceleration to an not (by the 9Bot) managable overpower situation. With whichever of voltage drop, overpower cut-off, overlean by hitting the "max torque speed limit", etc being the final accident trigger. If in the same situation without loosing the balance one does not balance on the toe tips but immediately stay with slightly more weight on the heels one just decelerates and drive on like nothing happened... That's an acceptable situation for test-drive dummies, beta testers, adrenaline junkies and others who like to live on the edge of disaster - and after some spectacular incidents they should imho learn to manage all this situations. But for customers who just want to drive, have fun and willing to pay good money for this wheels this "fast" tilt-backs are just an irresponsible and not acceptable firmware issue! In my above real world example the first tilt-back stage came within one second (from 26m30 to 26m31) - this does not sound to fast in the first moment, but while accelerating it comes quite surprisingly. So something like ~2-3 seconds should be the absolute minimum for a tilt-back warning. So the tilt-back should have started slowly and nicely at 26m28-26m29 quite immediately after i started my acceleration. So by an soft tilt-back (~1-2°) i would have had to lean even more forward to keep up the acceleration and so noticed that the wheel warns me. Keeping the "original" lean forward would have resulted in a slower acceleration and a safe and nice end-speed with absolutly no surprise or danger... So since the wheel constantly measures the speed and by this can easily compute the acceleration it's an very easy calculation if one would reach the tilt-back speed limit within 2-3 seconds and it's time to start tilt-back nicely! Another fast and dangerous "fast tilt-back" situation i presumably encountered on my 9Bot E+ was once i drove and the battery charge went under a certain threshold which lead to a lower speed limit for tilt-back. So since i was actually driving above this speed limit tilt-back kicked in immediately. This situation could also happen with every wheel that has battery charge depended speed limits. Or also with (over)power, temperature, etc triggered tilt-backs. If in this case the tilt-back comes as hard and powerfull as the wheel can manage it's just again an irresponsible and not acceptable firmware issue - that's easily to program to perform the tilt-back nicely so that it's again a warning the driver can recognize and respond to it without being surprised! The "rear-up" condition reported from @LanghamPi fortunately did not encounter till now, but i remember that there where some posts already about this happening. Could this be some kind of warning triggered by to fast deceleration (regenerative "overpowering", overvoltage warning)? Did you confront Inmotion or your reseller with this strange behaviour? Are there any other "fast and/or dangerous" tilt-back conditions already identified? Would be great if they would be resolved with new firmware updates! Would be imho a reason to get the first 2.0 firmwares! Maybe @Jason McNeil @tinawong @Diana@szkingsong.com and other reseller/manufacturer representatives could push the designers to resolve this issues? (Sorry to adress mainly kingsong representatives since i just know their names - and i have no idea how their firmware development state/implementations is in regard to tilt-back's) Attached you find the zip file with the original data in csv format for Current, Speed, Altidute, Pitch, Voltage and Altitude. The graph started at 26 Minutes and 26 Seconds, so the "interesting" data is starting at 26*60+26=1586.00 sec (first column). You have to divide the data for (Current,Speed,Altidute,Pitch,Voltage,Temperature) by (100,1000,100,100,100,10) to get the Values in (A,m/s,m,°,V,C). The 9Bot E+ sends Voltage values unfortunately at much lower sampling intervalls as the other values, so load dependend voltage drops are not really "visible". *1) while reaching/hitting the max torque speed limit one could feel the "softness" of the wheel, brake and balance it to come to a stable state again. But under the above assumption that one accelerated really hard to the limit, so the the generated momememtum takes one up until the cut-off speed that recovery is imho just theory. *2) If cut-off speed is reached before the max torque speed limit of the motor it would be really a very bad and irresponsible controller design! 9B_20160415_105325.zip
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    Wise decision! Ian has fast service! You'll be riding in no time!
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    @Joe Holliday EUC is probably by far the hardest PEV to learn out, which is why Shane Chen of Inventist/SoloWheel fame also invented (after the SoloWheel) the 2-wheeled HoverTrax (which later gained infamy as the misnomered "hoverboard") to be more accessible and easier to learn. IMHO I would get away from the wall as fast as possible. It's fine in the very beginning to get the sensation, but during my learning, all was stunted by the wall. Best suggestion I read in the beginning was to twist at the hips and try like hell to stay on the EUC. All motion and adjustment should come from your lower half. And yes, balance is always the key to EUC. You should remain 'stacked', all limbs, upper, and lower body never straying too far from your center upright body plane. Hence, to stop, lean back until all motion has completely stopped, then dismount, otherwise you get the runaway effect you seem to be having.
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    Getting on unassisted was one of the last things I learned. I would hoist myself onto the wheel using a rail or similar support. Trying to get on without this was very difficult for me. Even leaning against a wall, I wondered if I would ever be able to do it. The only reason I continued trying was YouTube proved it is possible! After countless failures over probably two weeks, suddenly one day I could do it!
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    Me too, but sometimes I make that arm motion that says, no, you go first. That way, they don't get to watch me possibly lock up from stage fright. I don't know if I got that right, but it is the fear of other people watching you, I think. Well,that begs the question, why do you ride a wheel? It's fun, but a little strange to most people. But it is kind of neat to be able to do something most people will never even attempt to do. Which is why I am trying to learn backwards riding. I don't ride near cars if I can help it. They weigh too much for me to live after getting run over by one.
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    My Psychic Summmoner powahs have weakened.... no sign of Cloud or That Fat Unicyclist anywhere! The biking robot is very cool. It even lets go of the handlebars and does a wave. I wonder why the Japanese haven't put out their own EUC design. It would be cool to see a company like Sony, Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki put out a fully re-designed version of a wheel. They probably don't see it as a large enough market to want to get something into production or maybe they face similar challenges like the US or UK face when creating transportation devices.
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    Walking down for 20 miles with a few hours of daylight left was not an option.
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    AMAZING. Glad everyone returned in one piece. we need @Marty Backe 's story. hopefully some video footages to come along.
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    Actually, in the first hour of our 16+ hour adventure, @Marty Backe and me some how managed to clip footpegs while riding along side each other causing us both to faceplant.I think it affected @Marty Backe more than me due to his recent crashes elsewhere,numbers 1 and 2.This one definately makes the third one.
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    If you want to try that: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=IRFB3207 EDIT: Note that IRFB3207 and IRFB3207Z are not the same thing.
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    The never occurred to me (until now). But you are absolutely correct This qualifies for sure. Not hurt, but now that it's the next day every single muscle in my body is in pain. When I weighed myself I had lost 4 pounds since yesterday. More to follow...
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    According to rayna903, Our official website is http://www.iamips.com/ Please contact us if you have any problems: runrui.meng@iamips.com bess@iamips.com yueyue.wang@iamips.com The silence of all of these individuals and the absence of the IPS website seems to indicate IPS is dead.
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    dont worry...until January i had 220pounds=100kg, also (now down to 85 ,yeah)) its no prob to ride a KS18 or a v3 and in real life they brought me up every! hill....Sorry, this hill from the KS factory...thats just science and its more a problem that the tyre does not have contact to the bad road than that the motor would not have that power... for the seat: Seat on the Ks is not that comfortable..that is right...but: At all riding seated is only sometimes for quiet experienced riders and i would not recommend it before you are! only than you have a chance to get used to it!
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    I have tried to switch to FET alone. It does not help. They will burn as soon as you turn on the power. The printed circuit board has been damaged elsewhere.
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    In one of Speedyfeet's first video test of a Gotway, i think it was the MSuper, Ian said that he fried the board by riding through deep sand. After he replaced the board the wheel worked fine, but he recommended never to ride in deep sand because it will overload the board.
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    @Noillek I have a feeling you will always be constantly thinking about your repair and if it will hold. That will take away some of your fun riding! As @Carlos E Rodriguez mentioned I do not believe the repair will last. EUC electrical connections should be inherently solid to be safe. I don't think you want to solder the hall sensor wires directly to the board as you may occasionally need to disassemble the MSuper, like for a tire change. Hall sensor wires are only 28 awg so any tugging during a disassembly process will not be advisable. If and when you decide to perform another repair any good quality connector will work fine. What you are looking for is a 'pin and socket connector'. There are tons of these on EBay. For an optimal connection I would solder the sensor wires to the pins after crimping them. Good luck!
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    Posted this in another thread. Has more than you're asking.
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    Yes: The key is to rotate the shell as shown. Don't try to pry it off without rotating, you risk breaking the tabs and that will be sad.
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    I think Carlos is onto something there. You might want to try wiggling all the cables after your mod to see if that stutter returns. If you cannot reproduce the problem even with semi-aggressive wiggling of the wiring hopefully everything will be 100% sound. These wheels experience tons of vibrations going over bumps and rough roads as well as dropping off curbs and falling to the sides. You definitely want solid solid connections. I think I would prefer silicone sealer to hot glue but whatever works should be fine. There really should be automotive grade connectors being used everywhere. You don't see car makers hot gluing or silicone sealing electrical components usually? I think they use quality grade connectors, not ones meant for desktop computers and cheap toys which don't experience vibrations traveling at 40 kph.
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    At minute 5:30 it tells me you have a broken cable at the pin level in the connector or on the motherboard receptacle soldering. I am leaning towards a bad crimp on the connector with the cable. Glueing is not good in my opinion. try inspecting and try pulling each cable from the connector. Hopefully the bad cable will pull off so you can fix properly.
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    Wow...so glad your not hurt especially not having a helmet on! Being you survived unscathed to tell your story a video of this idiot crossing into your path would have made the EUC highlight reel! Then we all could have cussed at the bastard!
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    @Joe Holliday.just keep practicing. your leg muscles don't understand the left right balance concept and they need training. As a consequence you will be trying 20 times harder putting too much pressure on your ankles. Maybe step back in the process. - Use a wall. - Get balance while being stationary and holding the wall. Feel the left right balance and get the feet such that your ankle bone is not crushed against the wheel. If the wheel gets wobbly is because your muscles still don't understand how to stiffen the correct set of muscles. Stay in position and while holding the wall softly keep feeling the balance and try to keep the wheel in the middle. Crunching the wheel with your calves is not a proper technique. You need to practice these until you feel your muscles understand the method to keep the wheel centered. - When to use the calves. As you learn to turn your knee bends and will touch the left or right calves as you turn and that is proper. Also you might need to squeeze both calves against the wheel to regain control if your wheel gets unstable due to some terrain. Or you are approaching some rough surface and you might squeeze the wheel as a precaution. Otherwise your feet do the controlling. - Think of it as two legs joint at the top by an horizontal bar(pelvic bone). The legs are attached by a screws(left-right-hip). If the screws are loose the legs fall left or right at the hip level. Since your legs are on a pivot at the feet then the shifting occurs at the feet level and until your muscles understand the difference, your wheel will feel lose and tipping left or right while you try to balance your upper body like if you where on solid ground and that wont work. So your hips need to learn to lock that shifting . So tighten those hips so the legs cannot shift up and down and the wheel wont be able to tip because you have a stiff bridge connecting your two legs.
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    Getting on was really hard for me, had serious buyer's remorse the 2nd day. Perhaps should of got the electric skateboard or electric scooter. This video helped. At ~1:20 describes an exercise where you make small arcs with the unicycle. 1000 km later, so happy I pushed through. Note: Initially I used a rope like a strap to help catch unicycle on bail-outs. Getting rid of it made learning to ride much easier. Probably because I was able to use both arms to act as counterbalance? With the strap I was spending too much time falling & less time committing to the ride ('Do or do not. There is no try.' ). Just wrapped my unicycle with more padding.
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    I confess, I wave my arms sometimes when I REALLY need to be seen. I told a friend the other day, and I realized that this is actually true: I am too much of a control freak to place my life in the hands of other people who I do not know. By this, I mean the automobile drivers. I am responsible for my own safety, and do not ever trust them with it.
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    You need to be visible. No questions about that. YOu are not match for a car so you need to make sure they are ready for you otherwise yield to them. I have been many times in pedestrian crossings approaching at walking speed and the stupid car wont stop. I think they are confused and dont know how to react. so I always assume I am going to have to yield and if the car aknkowledge my presence then I would continue. Its on each of us to survive. a car is no match so make sure that they know what you are doing. or Yield.
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    At night I wear a reflective safety vest, a headlamp, two white flashers on my front, a red flashing safety belt (large but not very bright) and a small but very bright red flasher on my rear. When riding in daylight, I wear my safety vest.
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    One thing I do if a car is anywhere near where I am about to cross is slow way down and be sure the driver intends to let me pass. If the driver holds back while I'm holding back, I cross.
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    due to recent events I thought I chime in my (now crash approved) knee guards elbow guards (almost risked an amazon strike in my quest to find the ultimate elbow guards for me) actually when it's not too hot I wear both ergonomic roller blade guards and thin gloves for enhanced skin protection the equip above saved me today. ^^ as for the perfect EUC helmet - I havent found it yet. my MX helmet is waaaay to heavy, so for now I will use a cheap SixSixOne downhill (fullface) which weighs slightly less and is well-ventilated. But I'd prefer an even lighter one. I recently bought a Cratoni C-Maniac which I returned in a matter of seconds. You will loose your teeth doing a face plant with a direct hit on the so called "chin guard". If you know of any ultra light weight helmets with effective chin guard I'm all ears. When it comes to safety, don't let the price decide the purchase!
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    KingSong has a public Facebook group. That is where I found this awesome treatment of the KS16S, the rest of the text here is from the proud owner: The Viper wheel with a awesome backdrop!Model: KS16S (Thomas Hoon, Colin Heng - The Wheelies )Modification: Jeffrey Zen (Trimming of the casing and fitting a 16x2.5 inch tire)Vinyl wrap: James Soh ( Design, wrap and profile photo Kazam SG)I would like to thank all of them for making this wheel a reality!
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    Glad you weren't hurt. go down the recycling center and pick up some handle bars from a discarded bicycle, then hold them out infront of you when you ride,p in the bike lane, Monty Python Holy Grail style. Then you will look like a bike rider, because, technically the driver didn't see a bike rider in the bike path, just a guy who was moving faster than he realised. Edit. We are invisible. We look like pedestrians but we move as fast as cyclists. Always be prepared to take avoidance manoeuvres.
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    Smoother, my best wishes for your recovery, and I hope you can soon ride again ! I'm 58, ride my KS16 now since more than 2100 kilometers, alarm3 and tiltback are set to 30 km/h, and my average speed is mostly between 24 and 27, with peaks around 35 (once even more than 38, I posted the screenshot here somewhere). I never had any problem with the wheel or the tiltback (except once when I overlooked a gully in autumn, my own fault). Generally I think: 1) Regarding streetbumps, holes and offroad: 14" wheels are more dangerous than 16", and 16" are more dangerous than 18". 2) Regarding necessary peak currents: batteries with small capacities are more dangerous than batteries with large capacities. Therefore the most dangerous variant is a 14" wheel with a low capacity battery, where possibly the battery is even already half empty or so. No reason to think that Kingsong wheels have low quality. My experience with the KS16 is the opposite, but I have the 680 Wh variant.
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    Since you look very similar to a pedestrian on your wheel (especially at short glance when your speed is not apparent), people don't expect you to change your position so quickly. A driver who sees a bicycle for a short moment will consider it as possibly being in the way, while an apparent "pedestrian" is far away and can be ignored. And then, suddenly, that "pedestrian" is in front of the car unexpectedly. Does not even have to be inattention alone, they're just not used to that. They see nothing noteworthy. Of course, many drivers just don't look (properly), underestimate your speed, or are just plain dumbasses. Ride a bike and the same can happen, probably nothing do do with EUCs.
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    All this is, as @KingSong69 already stated, an old debate, and there can be only one conclusion: If your wheel has not enough power left to enforce a tiltback, it should have tilted back when it still hat that power.
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    Here's is the video, is a bit big 12m as I left running... speed up some boring parts and normal speed the checks and test ride. Hope it helps others if they have same symptoms on the wheel. Cheers
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    Apparently they come from Gotway with the new MSuper version pedals now. I much prefer them the to ACM ones and the extra I purchased, because I didn't realise my Monster already had them, will be going on my ACM! It's not really the size that makes them better. More the shape and the fact they use rubber grips as well as grip tape. They felt more comfortable and safe even on my first ride. I might not be able to get out on it today, which is a shame because it's nice out, because I'm of somewhere with my brother but yesterday was 13 miles and showing 90%. To put that into perspective - My ACM would have been showing, at the very most, 50% (820wh) and my old Ninebot wouldn't have even made that! I got 11 or 12 miles from that (320wh) I'm not expecting miracles with the Monster due to it's increased weight and greater area of contact with the ground. I get 25 miles max with my ACM so if I can get 75 miles with the Monster that would be great but I'll settle for around 60 (fingers crossed).
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    I say roll. But to be honest, every time that I've crash I had no time to 'think' about how I should fall. Unless you practice rolling all the time and it becomes instinct, I don't think you can necessarily control it.
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    I feel your sensor connector pin to shell of connector is defective. If moving the wire causes a intermittent issue the the wire to pit to board pin are not mating securely and just touching. I don't believe this repair will last. Be carefull
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