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    Someone tell @Marty Backe no naked backwards riding in Canada due to poker hazards,albeit small.
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    What manner of sorcery is this, the blocking Ignored user list? Wh why do I get this sudden odd feeling that I'm on a few people's naughty list already? Those people are missing out on 2273 awesome and interesting posts let me tell ya!! Don't hate the blockee, hate the cold weather and resultant shrinkage!
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    Update: This "incentive program" has ended. As an incentive to "get the ball rolling" on our new Discord channel I will find a random time in the next 24 hours to credit everyone who is online at that moment (easier to idle on desktop of course) in the Discord euc channel (you don't even have to talk) with 10 forum reputation points. Update: I will credit those who have chat more than 5 lines of non-spam meaningful conversation at any point in the 24 hour period as well. In order to receive the reward you must have a username or nickname that matches your forum name. To change your nickname (if it's different from your Discord account name) while in our Discord euc channel type /nick [your-forum-name]. Please note that nicknames are channel-specific and it doesn't affect your name in any other channels you might be on. This reward thing will repeat every day for several days or until "the ball is rolling" (whichever first) and this will stop. Please note that only forum members that already have at least 10 existing reputation points can be rewarded. If you're under 10 points, then points might be given by discretion. Click this link to get started: https://discord.gg/GJTHZ3r What the heck is Discord?
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    Hi. This is my third euc and my first quick review. After a couple of mounts and 669,9 km. think I can show how is riding this euc and gonna try in English, not my native language, pls forgive my bad grammar. The incorrect information from inmotionIberia of max speed and range where it says 40 km/h and 40km but may say 25 km/h and 30km piss me off. But the price was ok for me (700€) I don't want the refound offered and decided to keep it. The advantage of that euc are many, good looking design, useful handle and lift swich. Bright front light, back light blinks when brake. Very comfortable due his curved shapes and hi padded sides. Hi pedals position are damn good for off road. Impressive torque, good autonomy and content weight. Need to improve the pedals and trolley quality, those get loose or comes with it from fabric (trolley). The inmotion app is full of busg. The battery position on top rise the gravity center and makes really hard for boomerang or coin flip tricks. The body shell are quite slim, that not help to keep it straight in hi speed pushing with the legs. They haven't grip at all to pull it up in jumps, foots slide unless you put the extra pads who inmotion gives in for ankles protection. I think is really good for cross due his hi pass pedals and big torque. Not to heavy to do tricks, and enough hard to not break if you don't do it well (unless the trolley bar and the pedals). Sorry but I can't compare it against other in his league, I only have other cheap "oneWheel" Who can't be compared. I want to make an extensive review with my top range, hi slope climb, max turning inclination, better pedal angle and more. Please, make your questions and comments, would be nice gather a great data base for all euc together
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    Sorry for the late reply! Yes it is but progress is much slower than I would like. Finding the time has become a real issue due to all of the spring yard work, repairing an old jeep transmission, painting, repairing broken sprinkler lines and a honey do list that is never ending. I need to start getting into work earlier before seeing patients and get this wrapped up. And now after seeing @Scully's beautiful orange and green wheels I am thinking of painting the ACM as well.
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    Totally norwegian and it is disgusting
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    You might need to register an email and password first. I think that's what I did on my iPhone.
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    I actually decided to buy the V8. Main reasons were that this machine is pretty reliable (strong enough engine for my weight), has the speed that I wanted (30kph), was still portable enough to take on the train. I find cruising that at 30kph in the Netherlands I can still oversee the traffic situations and am in control of the wheel. I actually decided against buying a starter wheel and go straight for the keeper wheel because even if you sell it later on you´re bound to take some losses in money, and if you are careful when learning (protect your machine) you don't get irrevocable damage. Most of my scratches came after I was proficient at driving and actually started pushing the machine. If you care about replacing parts I find that the v8 is really nice, Fineone on aliexpress actually send me a replacement trolley system which arrived within a week, since I was ordering anyways I decided to buy some new side cover plates in case I want to "reset" the wheel to good as new condition. Anyways I'm really content with this wheel as it got me started and I don't feel the need to upgrade yet. Although next week I'll be trying out some different wheels, hope that doesn't change my mind
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    Hi, the main difference between player and e.g. learning mode is the acceleration and braking behaviour. Which means playing mode is the one with the best responsibility. If you lean hard forward you also will accelerate much faster than in cycle or learning mode. Try them out if you really feel comfortable on your wheel. In my opinion i prefer the player mode, maybe it is also the "safer" mode because braking responsibility seems to be better... But it's your choice.
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    My bad... your location stated Canada. Visitor to Canada? Anyways, my statement was purely in response to yours stating that Slaughterhammer doesn't quite understand how these things work. On the contrary it appears that he is quite knowledgeable as far as I can tell from his postings. Certainly there is that possibility that he hasn't a clue and is just making impulsive statements that seem to conflict with other people's opinions on the subject. I will let him defend and explain his statements as they are not necessarily the same as mine. I find that people seem to faceplant at any speed regardless of speed limitations. In addition, one of my main reasons of frequenting this board is to poke fun at people. I poke. It's fun. That is what I do. If you have a tender spot, expect me to be the first to poke it. Now if you're a sexy, non-Canadian female well just be warned. Ima poker.
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    That pack is labelled 132Wh: if there's another one on the other side, that brings the total up to a paltry 264Wh (32 cells)! Come on GW this isn't 2014: 48-64 should be the absolute minimum we'd expect from you. Large packs are one of the main reasons why you have such large fan-base, including this belated member to the club Whatever manufacturer makes a decent 800W, 30kph, >500Wh, sub-12kg class Wheel is going to do very well over the summer sales season. V5F/+ deserves a power/speed uprate; 14D is good, but battery not large enough, attention to detail could be better (like self standing properties) & KS need to do better on the truly terrible App; MCM4 meets performance requirements, but not exactly a beauty & lack of retractable handle is a non-starter for many buyers.
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    MichealSF, I learned on a $225 'cheapo' wheel off ebay. Tiltback starts at 6.1mph, beeps at 9mph, range 7mi (160# rider). Far as I'm concerned it was a great learning machine. I have better wheels now, but I still got out the cheapo when I started learning backwards. And it's perfect for letting kids (and other adults) learn to ride (slow enough it can't much hurt them, inexpensive enough it's OK for the kids to beat it up).
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    Mayor of them are hits on rocks, the down side takes a lot. Some of front are from the mini bmx track. You can get a idea from my videos The worst crash I had was with one cheap OnlyWeel who I throw it accidentally down hill against rocks and trees when he decided to shutdown due overspeed. I think the vf5 don't survive something like that without many serious damges. Lights, handles, chasis border and others probably break if hits a rock over 15km/h
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    why nobody pays attention on new mсm4. judging by a photo, it will have a sliding handle, new pedals and light sideways
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    I owned a Hovertrax 2.0 which is probably the most advanced 6.5" hoverboard on the market. It was fun for an hour but it was a totally useless mode of transport.
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    Now, that would be an incentive to learn Mandarin No, on a more serious note: mere spoken warnings would not be any better - especially with a synthetic voice that always speaks with the same accentuation. After all, there's a reason why we shout or even scream when stuff gets really dangerous. There is a lot more information in a human voice than just words. And a million different tones between a calm announcement and a panicked warning of imminent disaster. In the analog world we are warned by screaming tires and such. With superior digital technology, we got, eehh, BEEPS? Answering machine voice?? Oh, come on. Sorry @Dmitry71, I don't mean to hijack your thread about the new mcm4. I love GotWay wheels and with every new model I appreciate the customary performance improvement and lament about yet another missed opportunity to improve the human interface to the rider. As a performance leader, GotWay needs it the most.
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    I have a silly little technique that I use when riding into a head-wind. Realizing that my arms out to the side broadens my 'sail' of wind resistance, I will sometimes place my hands together in a 'praying' position but with the fingertips facing forward. It makes my body more aerodynamic. It seems that this would not provide much improvement, but instead I can actually feel that it does indeed.
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    Since I began modifying my Gotway ACM 1600 and posting updates in another thread I realized there is a great deal crossover information that applies to all EUCs. I am currently working on installing new hall sensors in the ACM but thought many EUC members may not be entirely familiar with these tiny little sensors and the huge role they play in the design of our wheels. Here is a short video I put together that demonstrates some of the basic principals of hall sensors. Edit: At 3:21 I become dyslexic(north is off)
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    Oh Lawd! Now we're not supposed to chit-chat on a forum? Yikes, bro!
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    Thanks for the advice Allen. I'll look into it
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    The 14D would probably good enough for you, but I always like to get something a little more than what I think. That way, later I'm not apt to say "Gee, I wish I would of gotten something a little better". (But then again, that's me.) @Jason McNeil has his warehouse out here in Southern California, so if you order from him @ ewheels.com, it will be delivered very fast. (He's the one that I got my 3 EUC's from.) I don't know though if he has any instock though, so you'd have to ask him.) Allen