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    Playing with Olga's Inmotion V8 a little
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    The Uniwheel is scheduled to be released at a simultaneous press conference along with Trump's tax returns.......
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    I Traveled Songshanlake last week, with my friends, it's cool.
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    Don't you love it when it's up to the officers opinion or mood, instead of actual laws.
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    And the next generation of battery tech -- lithium metal batteries double energy density. This is being developed for Drones (to be released in 2017) and next autos. Both are high discharge rate applications, which bodes well for EUCs http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/how-lithium-metal-doubles-the-energy-density-of-rechargeable-batteries/
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    Even better that Musk's batteries ... the battery you don't need to charge and generates above 50% of their maximum power for as long as 5,730 years; glows in the dark so no need for disco lights; warms your legs on a cold day. What's not to like? http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/diamond-batteries-could-use-nuclear-waste-to-generate-electricity-for-mille/?utm_source=All+About+Circuits+Members&utm_campaign=0d0db0240c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_01_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2565529c4b-0d0db0240c-266723477/
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    I'd be wary of submerging the V5F+ past the pedal height, as that is approaching where the control board sits and where the gyro / motor clips attach to the board. While the board is coated to be water-resistant, the clips are not shielded, and the whole control board plastic encasing will not prevent water submersion penetration. Also, I believe you would be subjecting any exposed motor & control board wiring metal elements to eventual water corrosion / rust. Hopefully, the noise is only mechanical, but if I were you, I'd open it up and have a look.
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    Alarms and notifications The switch near the Speed and Battery Alarm fields in the settings dialog allow you to enable sending notifications to the iPhone/Apple Watch. Speed notification is sent just when passing from a normal to a too fast speed (just once every time) Battery notification is sent when going below the set battery level and resent if you recover from regenerating.
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    How to use multiwheel support Everytime you connect to a new wheel it gets recorded with all its preferences. With the My Wheels selector it is read into the preferences screen. Unfortunately a last minute bug doesn't close the selector automatically. Just select your wheel and click back.
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    Now to Ues autocalibration If you have many rides recorded first make a connection to the wheel so it is recorded in the database. Once disconnected your wheel name and serial ni will appear in the settings. If not click My Wheels and select it and back. Then click recalculate calibration, will compute new calibration factors from your stored rides.This values will update automatically with every ride. The scaling is only for presentation. Data is stored natively. The scaling may be turned off disabling the enable corections switch
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    I'm trying to find the article/diagram to shunt 3 year old TG-T3's BMS. Any help? Thanks!
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    Well, that escalated quickly. I go offline for a couple of days and come back to a looong thread. Sorry, when I posted the video I didn't realize how charged that subject was. It makes complete sense in hindsight, but personally I've always been nice to the cops, and the cops have always been nice to me. It was interesting to read all the points of view though. Thanks guys.
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    4.1.2017 EUC Extreme snow trails My snow ride a few days ago: The streets were plowed, but most of the surfaces had some snow or ice. Pavement was visible only in small areas. I rode with great difficulty down one street, the wheel lost grip and fell. Got back on the wheel, rode down a street, around the corner, struggling the whole time, ran into probably 1 inch of snow, the wheel bogged down but at least it did not fall. I went back inside!
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    @Paco Gorina wow! speed, batterie alarm and that all for multiple wheels?.! perfect! one thing: to repeat a speed alarm only all 10 seconds? is a bit to. long time window...my 2 cents....
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    I trolley my big old MS3 around everywhere I go, without problems, wheel in one hand, shopping basket in the other. But I wouldn't let it out of my sight, chained or not. When I am stopped by the lake or river I can usually find a tree to park it against, but if not, it is fine lying on the ground, where it provides a useful flat surface for the serving of hot drinks from a flask or the tripod-steady taking of photos.
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    New version changes name to Gyrometrics
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    Not very sure always works. usually works.
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    Double tap already implemented About the vibration, I had it in the Watch and take it out. Has problems when the application is not in foreground as then it doesn't responds. There are some background posibilities with WatchOS 3 but will see if they are fast enough.
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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Thanks for getting me in trouble again! My wife caught me ordering each one of your crazy new gadgets! Luckily I am prepared
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    It would be interesting to find out how the Microworks 40B board works as they claim that it has no speed limit - only the limiting characteristics of the electric motor determine the maximum speed.
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    This is a bit more trickier than it might look at first. With your RC background you're well aware of the high peak currents device can pull of those batteries and the losses on the length of the cable (even with proper AWG / diameter) as well as on any additional plug on the way and how much they can heat up (not mentioning interferences). So adding about 2m of cable and some Dean or XT plugs might be a bit of trouble here. The other factor to consider is the security. What happens during the accident / unexpected step off or run away wheel? Will you get strangled or grazed / cut by the lead? Will the firmly attached battery rip through your backpack then flying around smashing bystanders on their heads? Will it tangle into your feet prohibiting you from saving yourself from faceplant? I'd say maximum caution should be taken if you're planning to do something like this.