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    Agree, It needs a table with speeds, battery calibration, etc. Now added a feature to AppleWatch. I changed from the elaborate trick I used and a double tap in the center field sounds the horn in Kingsong!!!! Hope to put the calibrations for next version. I wanted to be able to manage a library of your wheels (identified by the Bluetooth id, for example) so you may configure speed alerts and other information. Temperature is read from the wheel but has strange number for calibration so it may be this. Need to have a Gotway some time to test it (and a termometer) :). Anyway yhanks for pointing it. will work it soon.
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    As an owner of both wheels, I can confirm that the ips zero motor is significantly less powerful than the v5f+. Although the zero can go up to 29 kph (tested), the conditions need to be ideal (slightly downhill and flat smooth surface). Above 20 kph, you need to be very vigilant of bumps, or you're running. The v5f+ can go near it's top speed of 25 kph, even on bumpy roads. The only advantages the ips zero has is that it is lighter, more compact and cheaper. The v5f+ wins in every other category.
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    You also can try turning your wheel around. If its then tilted backwards its a calibration issue. If its still tilted forward its some fault or mental ?
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    I would check to see if the motherboard is getting wet. Unless you're wearing German ww2 hob nailed boots, you would know if your feet were too far forward on a ks14; those pedals are so short, the balls of your feet would be swinging out there in the breeze, and you'd feel it, I do. Or do you have tiny feet? Don't laugh, I knew a guy who was 6'2" and had size 8 feet. ( for you euro types, someone that tall would be size 10.5 and bigger.) When I replaced my beeper (ks14c) (see post) I observed that the gasket for the side panels is rather thin, and didn't like to stay in its grove. The mother board is RIGHT THERE under the top edge of the side panels. As I said in that post, I wouldn't ride in the rain without putting some tape over that top edge. Ride in the rain! you must be mad man! Oh, commuting, I see. you might want to take your side panels off and have a look for traces of moisture. If so, my post shows an easy, non-destructive way of doing it. Disclaimer, your risk once you go in there, high currents, high voltage, etc. can't discount @Cloud theory about slipping, but you were there and we weren't. @nomad HEAVY RAIN indeed! Maybe it rains heavy water (H2O2 is it?) in New Jersey as for level calibration on ks14c, I stated in my first gremlin thread that I had discovered the correct way. I was surprised no one asked how, then. But since you ask now, I'll create a thread in the Mods, repairs, DIY ( oh look another TLA) section, or what ever it's called. I'll call it something catchy like. KS14c, Level Calibration, the correct way.
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    Dont do that. One should be able to jump off the wheel at any time, when needed
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    Simple - pavement was wet, tyre slipped and the wheel couldnt keep you upright. Yu must have accelerated a bit right before this happened, or went over pavement too smooth/ slippery. One broken screw on the casing is fine, one of mine is broken also in the same location.
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    @Dima Ninebot's people won't give you any relevant answer I'm afraid. They'll just tell you to buy stuffs. Your problem can have several causes, more info is needed to know which is the real cause : - Charger problem. It can powers up the wheel but still be faulty. Can you check it by the test above, yes, no ? - battery problem. Saying the "voltage is normal" means nothing unfortunately. The voltage of all the cells must be the same and in the range 3.3V to 4.2V per cell. What is the voltage of each cell and the total number? Without numbers, hard to tell. - BMS problem. There is a simple solution by shorting the BMS' charge mosfet (see schematics in my thread on BMS http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2015/07/21/bms-how-to-make-your-wheel-safer/ ) but the 2 causes above must be ruled out first.
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    I have added INMOTION to my list of wheels compatibles with the Charge Doctor. A summary of the specifics of Inmotion wheels, especially concerning fast-charging, is on my blog. Cut & paste of the blog's thread below: INMOTION unicycles have 20S batteries (nominal voltage 72V, charger voltage 84V) instead of the 16S classic topology on most other electric unicycles. Models V3 and V5 use the “square Lenovo” connector and model V8 uses the GX12-3 pin connector (same connector and same wiring as hoverboards). Charge Doctors for IMMOTION wheels are now available, in single-input or double-input versions. Warning, IMMOTION battery packs have less capacity than Gotways or King Song’s. So when using the CD-double-input, check that your setup does not charge at more than 1C (see article on “charge currents“). The CD’s usefullness is not only in allowing fast charging, it is mostly in the autocut function to automatically stop charging at 80% or 90% to preserve the the battery and considerably extend its mileage. INMOTION (72V nominal/ 84V charger) Connector Wh Ah Charge* at 1.5A (1 charger) Charge* at 3A (2 chargers in //) V3 Lenovo 144 2 0.7C 1.5C to be avoided!!! V5 Lenovo 288 4 0.4C 0.7C V5+ Lenovo 460 6.4 0.2C 0.4C V8 GX12-3 460 6.4 0.2C 0.4C *For a 2Ah battery, 1C charge corresponds to charging at 2A. On LiIon batteries, a <0.5C charge is considered a soft charge, a >1C charge is not recommended. Charge Doctor double input with Lenovo connectors, for INMOTION V3 & V5 Charge Doctor single input with GX12-3 connector, for INMOTION V8
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    Figures. Thanks. I'll look it up. I was browsing his many mods on a photo sharing site he linked to. I probable saw it, becauseut I can't remember ship these days (CRS) . He is THE person who knows how to built an EUC the right way. I'll go,look at his mod. Photos again. In the mean time it's no more jumping off benches for me, no sir. Gotta make that axle last, even if it is made out of metallic cheese.
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    The app with this feature already exists but it is on beta testing now.
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    @John Eucist I looked at your link. You maybe interested to know that all those words come from the Greek language. English is a Germanic language with Romance language bits and pieces thrown in, and a lot of it is based on Latin and Greek, and another older language that my nephew schooled me on one day, but I forget now, I've slept since then. watch out for eugenics though, in spite of "eu words" being a word category of pleasantness, In the first half of the last century, this and other pseudo (also a Greek word) sciences were used to reinforce the theory of racial superiority, and by default, inferiority, which resulted in millions of deaths. But the mad men behind that black chapter of human history are all gone now.
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    Yes, all the naked people had low hanging fruit. You get it exactly.? I endured and survived EUC training, therefore I have scars. @Snurre You're a frigging philosopher, masquerading as a...a..uh...a cartoon rabbit
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    I can't comment on the technics of the V5F(+) and if it's top-notch or not since it's my first and only EUC...so I can't compare. But I haven't had any sudden cut-outs, strange sounds or unexpected behaviour so far. It does what it's built for and it's a lot of fun riding the wheel Reading about the problems of other brands it makes me feel good to have chosen inmotion, that's for sure
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    I bet the problem is the mode since Ride is the 'soft' setting. Use Play mode and your problem will go away. Good luck. P.s. The soft mode setting is probably not a problem until you push the speed towards max, which it sounds like you do. I bet if you ride at 10 mph the forward tilt is much less noticeable. I ride all my wheels at the 'hard' setting.
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    I think thats what worked for me as well! Focus!!
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    I just rode my gotway Msuper in the rain for about 20 minutes. I covered the top with a plastic bag for part of the time to protect the buttons from water ingress. So far it's holding ok:)
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    Falstaff (based on works of Eduard von Grützner) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eduard_von_Grützner Comment: ".. what else does one need?"
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    Maybe you got some moist/rain on the motherboard which caused some malfunction? I had once a replacement motherboard for my KS16 which unmotivated tilted forward while riding. Especially while turning - there it tilted forward until cut-off. I don't know what the exact reason was, just that the motherboard was faulty and with a new replacement board everything was ok again... Is yours still tilting forward, or was it just at this ride while raining?
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    Hola, la tienda que comentaba antes está en la calle marina 57, allí tienes ruedas nuevas, de segunda mano y ruedas de alquiler tambien, visita la tienda cuando estés en barcelona y seguro que algo encontraras. Hello, the shop I mentioned before is in the street marina 57, there you have new, second hand wheels and rental wheels too, visit the store when you are in Barcelona and surely something you will find.
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    What do you mean by the sentence in bold ? The problem comes more probably from the charger. Connect the charger to a hair dryer (dumb load) then measure the current. If must be 2A, if not, your charger has a problem.
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    A bit of going downhill backwards following your conversation @steve454and @ImpulseZeo9201. The hill was too steep for me to ride my X8 down so Tobe showed me how to do it on his MTen2 ........ backwards!!
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    Build quality could for sure be better but to seriously improve it will probably drive up cost too much for these small companies... I think we won't see any impressive build quality until EUCs get into mainstream, the risk is high to try producing anything too expensive in small quantities.. For mainstream it has to become a common and reliable commuter vehicle like a bicycle to build a large user base, but now there's issues even with cheap pedals mounting methods.. The focus now is still on basic functionality such as better speed, range or portability while construction takes the back seat like a prototype. So you have to buy a new wheel every year if you 'abuse' it.. EUCs are still seen as toys and are relatively expensive because there's no mass production and import taxes plus shipping doubles your price.. I can see buying a lot of wheels would add up over the years... I think for more trick/extreme riders eventually even a Tesla model 3 or something is not a far stretch economically if you split the cost for two people for example, maybe boring but for the masses a car is also easier, more versatile and comfortable that can add a lot of value.. Most fun hobbies and sports do cost you, but if you can afford this it's definitely worth it after all. So I wouldn't hold my breath just get what you can and enjoy
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    This looked like so much fun I wish I could do something like this in my home city. Unfortunately there are not many people who ride EUC's here. So far the biggest group ride I have gone on has had a total of 1 people.
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    @Jonathan Tolhurst sounds like an awesome trick involving a great deal of practice, bumps and bruises to both you and your NB. You should represent NB in Europe and get spare parts for free as I am sure you change parts often. Are there any universities in the UK that have motion gait labs with EMG? We have used this system to evaluate patients with musculoskeletal issues to determine their gait patterns and what muscles are firing at different percentages of their gait cycle. Some universities have motion lab grad students that are always looking for challenges. You and @Hirsutemight check with universities in your country and ask if they are interested in setting up a motion lab session as you perform tricks. It would certainly add a new element to the EUC sport.