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    Inmotion is big. And I mean BIG! Comparing to them almost any other of the current EUC manufacturers (that includes GW and KS) are basically mum's & pop's garage shop. They're really big in China for several years and they have a big range of self balancing devices (apart of well knows V3, V5 and V8) as well as other electric mobility devices like scooters and so on. Just few days ago in the "social section" of the Inmotion mobile app (which you can download and use even without having any product registered with them) there was a picture from distribution with boxes and boxes of one of the new electric scooters and just at first glance you can see the difference to pictures or videos from visits to GW, KS and other "factories" (basically some old warehouse with couple of shelves and two three guys assembling wheel from E-bike parts) - it's such massive difference. And they're indeed backed by R&D which is shared / used across all their products. While their main market is still in China / Asia they've been expanding quite rapidly to the rest of the world in past 2 years and become more known brad worldwide.
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    In fact, I get burned every trip mosfets immediately if I do not watch out for it to do. I have installed the fuse for it that I do not need to change the circuit board after each run. EUC is really tedious to carry home. This is an unfortunate fact that none of the EUC can not stand my drive for 15 minutes longer. I have never smoked EUC overvoltage, and I do not because of my own tunings. Vice versa. None of the EUC would not survive my disposal if I do not make their own changes.
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    I got a news yesterday that that 84V/1600Wh version begin to sell in Chinese market(that originally targeted to oversea market only). The charger comes with the EUC is still 1.5A. The friend of mine who bought the 84V slim version has just bought a 84V 10A charger, of which I've strongly opposed. He said the wires and the connector can be modified to suit 10A, and the 2.5A-per-cell charge current is Ok for occasional use although the temperature rise for batteries is high. Also, it is switchable between 5A/10A. However, he found out when the charger arrived it is too large and too heavy to carry.
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    I don't think it's only about the range. It's also about reducing the likelihood of unintended motor cut off (or is it just loss of torque?). Voltage drops from partially depleted batteries as well as the voltage drop from sudden current spikes (when high torque is demanded). As I understand, having multiple battery packs wired up in parallel helps reduce the voltage drop during current spikes. Of course I could be wrong entirely with my understanding. Someone please correct me if so. That said, I'm still probably going to sell my 820 Wh ACM because I like riding my 480 Wh V8 much more.
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    For top speed, we will need further testing to finalize, we may make it at 30km/h, will post in forum when confirmed :-)
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    I agree with @Jason McNeil's points, but i can also see a parallel line of argument here. yes, they are downgrading the battery specs from the KS14c, but they are gaining a lot instead. 1. They create a good looking wheel definitely aesthetically more appealing and visually consistent with the 16" look ( i am going to make a prediction here that next Kingsong will change its 18" to also look along the same lines") 2. They are catching up with the market that looks in the direction of a lighter smaller wheel for those who dont need a long ranger 3. They are sorting out their own product line, which makes more sense to me now. Each product compliments the other and doesnt cannibalize the profits from the same product line. Each (14' 16' 18) now has its own purpose and application. Also pricewise this makes more sense - reduce the cost of the light, lower end wheel and diversify the cost range. I can see a repeat customer, who likes kingsong to go for 14d after owning ks16 as these now have different purpose/ application. yes, if i own a ks14c, iam not going to replace it with 14d , if this is going to be my only wheel. But if i own a k16, like kingsong And want something smaller and lighter and more agile for shorter trips, i could pull the trigger on ks14 this is why i believe, that even though they may need to do some work with the battery, they are on the very right track to perfect their product line
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    Here's a video that shows the instrumentation used during my rides. I discuss the Runtastic log & map application and the great WheelLog app (by @JumpMaster) paired with the Pebble smart watch. As noted elsewhere, I forgot to mention the available WheelLog settings when swiped from the left. One particularly nice feature associated with the Kingsong is that you can configure the Pebble watch to play a 'horn' sound (it's actually a bicycle bell) through the the Kingsong speakers, when you press the Select button on the watch. Very cool.
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    Never put the EUC ring liquid. It becomes impossible to control. Gyroscopic and moving the liquid is really a bad thing.
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    At least in the USA, the states and localities set the rules as several people have pointed out above. I agree that an EUC is rarely considered a motor vehicle by most state or local codes, and instead is classified as an EPAMD, PMD, or "pedestrian device". That means you might be able to ride on paths or trails where there is a "No Motor Vehicles" sign. However, there may be additional rules. Near me there is Baltimore and Annapolis Trail that allows pedestrians and bicycles. When I rode there I was told it is maintained by Anne Arundel County and they do not allow any type of electric vehicle. No Segways, EUCs, electric bikes, e-skates, or e-scooters. It's their trail, not a public sidewalk along a public road. The state laws that allows EPAMDs don't have to be followed by the county for their own trails.
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    Now that the story is out, I think KS are somewhat misguided in the direction of the 14D: just by going from the raw specifications, it's going to be let down by the limited number of battery cells, presumably 32x in top-end 420Wh & just 24x in the 340Wh version. One would think that with their two years experience with making Wheels, one the principle lessons that should have been hammered home, is that it takes at least 40x (7-10A) cells to make a decent modern high-performing Wheel. The 14D is going be retailing at around a similar price point as the V5F+ but in just about every important area, it's going to likely struggle to make an inroad in the 14" market, which has already has two heavy-weights dominating this space with S2 & V5F. The design—like in gun manufacturing for the military, which builds around a specific caliber shell—ought to have been designed around the battery pack requirement of 64x cells. People who buy a King Song are invariably not first-time buyers, but were attracted to massive >680Wh packs, >800W motors & reasonably good ride safety. I'm pretty certain there was no Market Research done to ascertain what features the Experienced Rider Community or Distributors wanted, or even the evidence of their Direct Sales. In my experience, when presenting two different sized batteries packs for the same Wheel, 90% of buyers will choose the one with the bigger pack. I'm also skeptical about the 100-150kg weight limit, really KS? How many kms of testing have you conducted with 150kg riders with this Wheel?
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    It breaks my heart to see people faceplant and get hurt from time to time so I'd like to share an exercise / riding safety notes that I've come up with having ridden about 6 - 7 thousand kms and having faceplanted quite a few times due to various reasons. The exercise is very simple and it is based on the simple premise that ( due to the current state of technology) one should assume that his wheel can cut out unexpectedly at any given time. 1. As you ride ( especially on sidewalk) , mentally extend your path / direction of travel and per the current speed imagine the distance / corridor required ahead of you for your body to propell forward if the wheel cuts out at the current moment 2. Make sure there are no objects that would intersect this corridor. So if you fall right now you will not hit things like sidewalk benches with sharp corners, light poles, fences, etc 3. Learn to predict that other moving objects can intersect your "fall corridor" by the time you reach them. For example there may be nothing if your path now but 1 second away from now a store door may open and someone will come out that you will collide with by the time your body reaches them. Also leave some wiggle room for unaware pedestrians to move into your path of travel unexpectedly 4. Practice this trick while riding for a little while and then you will start doing this subconciously and this will become your 2nd nature. You can still ride actively, accelerate, brake, twist and turn and still stay within the confines of this criteria/ exercise. 5. Also remember to not keep hands in your pockets while riding. You will need your hands and arms in front of your body when falling. If you need to reach for your phone in your pocket - get in the habbit of slowing down to the speed at which you can run off and then reach for the phone. Holidng a cup of coffee and a donut in your hand is probably ok, but if your hands are in the pockets while going fast, you will not have time to take them out to protect your body/ head 6. Another simple trick which increases pedestrian awareness is this : when you have pedestrians walking towards you, before you reach them, ride a bit from side to side in a wavy kind of motion sort of like when skiing, to exxagerate the path width you need. This will make them step aside a bit and expect a wide range of movement from you. This is very effective. However when you reach the pedestrian stop waving from side to side and ride a straight line some distance away and slower than a few seconds earlier. This is the safest way to avoid collisions. 7. All many people already know a simple $1 bicycle bell placed on your finger can go a long way in informing the pedestrians that are walking in the same direction in front of you that you are approaching. Its better to use specifically the bicycle bell sound as subconciously people are used to that sound and will perceive you as the bicycle behind them and will be aware and/ or step aside. Dont use other sounds as their brains will be confused as to what it is and they may have an unpredictable reaction to it
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    Nice points, and even generically applicable to any way of moving around faster than usually. I don't quite get what you mean by "this trick", is it to predict the path of other subjects? Thumbs up for this one, I was always wondering... I wouldn't be surprised if keeping the hands out of the pockets is more effective to reduce head injuries than wearing a helmet. At least it feels that way to me, which admittedly doesn't mean much. I disagree. Riding wavy to increase the projected path and make pedestrians step aside I find unacceptably aggressive. If I find pedestrians to be scared or on the defense (changing their desired trajectory) I should have had either slowed down or kept more distance beforehand, or both. It might depend on the local "culture", but I am pretty sure that when riding in Paris almost nobody is worried to be hit, as long as I go straight and my path does not point directly into their (projected) path (and I don't go crazy fast). The feeling to be insecure about this would be pure projection: I still have this feeling when I ride backwards, where I am much less sure where I will end up precisely, but pedestrians around me are not worried a little bit, just as I am not worried when I ride forward now. If using bicycles on the side walk is not allowed or at least commonly accepted practice, I would abstain from using a bicycle bell or any other noisy device.
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    i can give you just an example for a KS16... Ks16 680wh bought brandnew in Thailand = 800dollar(and even the Thai seller made a good profit, so price in china even lower!) Ks16 680wh bought brandnew in Europe(france or germany) = 1550dollar so you can not see the producer margin, but you can see the EUCs are very cheap in Asia, even more in china!
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    Not yet / regularly but I've had a friend visiting over the weekend with another V8 so we’ve played “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine” … As we’ve wanted to ride my usual leisure trail which is over 50 Km and with some inclines as well we’ve decide to take my KS-16 instead and dig up battery from my V8 to use it for a swap half way. As I’ve pulled my battery already twice from my V8 I know how major PITA is it, both with removing the outer shell cover as well as pulling out the actual battery as there is nothing to grip it by when wheel lies on its side we’ve decided to make it easier to swap “in field”. We’ve removed all the screws (from cover and battery) and squeezed the battery in the V8 compartment with two Velcro strips looped around it which then acted as both “hold in place” layer as well as “removal” help. The side cover was then put back on but not fully twisted back and secured by tape on sides. As that was preventing the small flap below pedals to clip back in the flap was removed for this ride. We’ve took also a sheet of foam to which we can put V8 on ground during battery swap. With this preparation despite the cold weather we’ve managed to swap the battery in about 45 seconds. I was carrying the “spare” battery (wrapped in the foam sheet) in my backpack and it’s not the weight but its odd shape and dangling leads with 4 small triangular tips (used to secure the battery into the shell sticking out) making this unpleasant venture. It would probably benefit from some “batman” utility belt designed specifically for this pack to carry around. One BIG surprise was that both packs were not exactly same! While mine had 4 small fixing “wings” my friend’s had only two! Wheels are identical (both have 4 fixing points) but one battery have four and one only two fixing points. Both have 2 + 2 + 5 cabling. I’m preparing (well overdue) longer write-up in the main V8 thread about this adventure as well as “”swappable”” (single quotes are simply not enough here :P) of V8 in general.
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    Well - 32 Km is IMO plenty for large / tall / heavy "westerner". At "safe" cruising speeds with some slowdowns and stops at crossing or light it takes about 1.5h to drive such distance and anything beyond that would become soon uncomfortable for a regular commuting I'd say. So worst case scenario if your one way trip is over the half of the max distance just purchase second charger and keep in the office (if you allowed to keep and charge the EUC there indeed). For my commute I can make both trips on once charge even with occasional "detour" via grocery shop. If you need to commute anything more than that maybe EUC is not the best option? You can indeed get KS-16 or some of the GW wheels but frankly standing on EUC several hours twice a day (leaving aside the weather - which most likely is not concern for you ) is quite a strain. I do enjoy my morning and afternoon / evening "strolls" on EUC from / to work despite changeable weather and I can now ride (for leisure) for 2 or 3 hours without suffering foot pain (maybe with one short break) but I can't imagine myself making regular long rides like this. But I do agree that for leisure rides I DO miss the range as I'm "spoiled" by almost the double (or at least extra 70 - 75%) of range with KS-16 and I'm now unable to make my "regular" weekend ride without swapping battery.
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    Either way has its positives and negatives. Fans will run the charger cooler and more effectively but with less moving parts, fanless is more reliable. Quite frankly, I'll just be happy if the charger doesn't go up in smoke like my last one. Just lucky I noticed that burning electrical smell coming from the next room before it took my house with it. Lesson: NEVER leave your wheel charging unattended. It is one thing to come home to a burnt down house. It is another if you are asleep inside when it goes up.
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    What you really need is a smart-mirror on your helmet - with the WheelLog data showing on it "heads-up" style...
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    Mountain Bike http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Mountain+Bike City Bike http://lmgtfy.com/?q=City+Bike Your welcome
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    We all started with baby steps! He advanced to giant leaps (literally!).
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    I still dont get Gotways logic is not only not increasing the charging speed but actually lowering the current. the only possible logic I see is ok, we have 84v now, so to keep the connectors and wires exposed to the same , proven safe, power (IxV) and same temperature rise, lets lower the current............ well, if you are worried that the connectors/ wires wont hold up, just replace them with more robust ones, how difficult can this be?
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    I've just been chatting with Tina.... She sent me some more info on it, & yes, it's not as bad as all that: evidently there's the possibility of making a 48 cell version of it in the near future (now we're talking ): Pedals look awesome, grippy & large surface area There's a USB port & flap to access to the fuse without needing to tear the Wheel apart if it blows Handle has been replaced with a magnesium alloy, looks top notch Dooh, missed one of the most important things! Speed still not settled, but might be rated to 30kph.
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    I'm at the Formula One Grand Prix in Austin now and riding my Msuper V3 everywhere. And it got me free VIP passes to the event by a couple of awesome guys on motorcycles seeing me and inviting me back to their VIP camp. This is the video of me keeping up with them.
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    Because I crossed the 1000 km border recently with my KS16, I was thinking about why I like it so much to ride around with it, and what would be enhancements, which would steer me to buy a new wheel ? I must say before, I'm more the long range cruiser than the trick rider, but I'm also riding offroad a lot, so a 16"-wheel is optimal for me as a reasonable compromise (18ers are to heavy and bulky, and 14ers are more difficult to ride on gravelroads, meadows and the like, and usually have less speed). So my enhancement points for a 100% optimal 16er wheel would be: 1) it should be easily possible to change the batteries in the field, although the wheel-body should be waterproof (I know, wire connector plugs must be designed which are proven against losing contact even on bumpy terrain, but I think this is possible), 2) the wheel should have a 100% waterproof body, so that it's possible to ride it in heavy rain or through puddles (I would not need the speakers, if they make this difficult), 3) everything should be made redundant, so that it is not possible to have a crash because of a burning fuse, sudden death of an electronic board or something, 4) it should have a range of (real) 60 km, and a safe maxspeed of 35 km/h (the latter is not that important, 30 would be also fine, and the first would be not that important, if batteries are changeable in the field), 5) It should be as lightweight as possible (I know this is difficult, but would be possible e.g. with smaller, but fieldchangeable batteries). Just wanted to share my dreams.
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    What kind of clothes you want to take your wheels GotWay MSuper C3? What clothes would you like on your wheel GotWay MSuper s3? Adding interesting ideas and shops. https://m.facebook.com/groups/819824711409186?view=permalink&id=1229950573729929
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    I I kinda like the plus membership benefits. You haven't seen the petting zoo so you don't know how good it is. Not all of us live in warmer climes where we can go riding as often as we want plus by the time work is finished it's dark already, and it's illegal so one cannot go riding all over the place. This photo was from last week. I made a snowman co-pilot while waiting at A&W. I don't like riding when it's super cold outside with slippery snow and ice on the ground. Anyways fame is over-rated. I'm in it for the hot chicks which painfully brings up another disappointing revelation on this forum...
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    "spokeless" wheels are sort-of standard technology, on motorcycles they have become quite frequent, on bicycles it is, I guess, the price tag which is rather prohibitive for a light and robust version of them.
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    "Pretty lights - Finally moving" - Sounds like it could be a name for a new thread about Ninebot One "light rings"
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    Here is the manual. It is most likely usefull for testesting the motor only not the controller since our controller use a gyro and not a throtle. However for the controller it may work by simulating a throtle by inclining the board. On the motor it will test the phase wires and hall sensors, and also report the hall angle of the motor. It uses 9 volts, it does not sit in between the control board and motor. It should work on 84v motors if the motor is spinned slowly by hand so that it does not generate a huge voltage. It does not test the speed of the motor. I ordered one recently from ebay only $1 more then aliexpress. UsingTheLyenEbikeTester.pdf
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    It has nothing to do with the hate. I actually love the integrated trolley handle in V8. The idea was though that spaced used by internal trolley handle could have been used for extra 20 cells and handle will be then external instead (like on V5). Even with it's current design there is plenty of free / hollow space in V8 so maybe if IM would drop the "swappable" battery design entirely they might be able to squeeze in 60 cells and still keep internal trolley handle.
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    well.... not USUALLY but.... the good thing is.... at my "SIZE" at least THAT part wouldn't get hurt if i fell....
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    Please tell me you don't go riding around at 85kg exactly.
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    that makes me VERY happy i hope they listen to jason the wheel can be a bit wider and HOUSE that extra battery capacity crazy the V8 wasn't ALREADY THIS WHEEL let the V5 (in whatever iteration they want) be their lower-battery capacity and therefore lighter wheel
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    at least folks like me (LEFT HANDED) can use it as well as opposed to the KS16 diagonally-placed handle which might be more sturdy but UNUSABLE by someone of my HANDEDNESS (when LIFTING the wheel up a flight of stairs, etc) WHAT were they thinking?
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    I don't think you need the hardware. I'm just running this generic demo on the arduino https://github.com/jrowberg/i2cdevlib/tree/master/Arduino/MPU6050 all that would need to be done is port it across to c code and add controls for balancing The VESC firmware has little self contained control applications https://github.com/vedderb/bldc/tree/master/applications If you look at app_nunchuk it's already a simple program that uses I2C for control. A few things would need to be done, init the mpu6050 and tell it to use it's internal sensor fusion DSP. Then run either a PID or active disturbance rejection algo to control motor current based on pitch. Alternatively it can be ran on an arduino or other MCU and sent to the vesc via its UART app. Someone made something similar but it's quite basic, doesn't seem to leverage the IMU DSP and uses a kalman filter + PID loop https://github.com/Pixid-Design/VESC-OneWheel
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    GW France gives the real/realistic speed to be 35km/h for the MSuper 3.
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    i'd still like to know WHEN and IF they will ever put a larger battery in a wheel to give users more range? they should have done that already..... otherwise wheels like the V8 seem to be more for tricks than travel (they should make a "BETTER MSuper," etc) IMHO, of course
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    And this is what our personal transport robots hums to us... ...or just a funny song
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    Hi, This is Tina from King Song. Could you pls send me an email? tina@szkingsong,com. Pls kindly advise where you get the sample and the issues details, if any videos, would appreciate. Cheers Tina
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    Yes - I've mentioned this a couple of times here in forums that from version 2.03 it's possible to set cut-off by voltage and even in two directions - going up (when charging) or going down (when discharging / testing the battery capacity). The only problem is that the maximum voltage is (I think) 80 so can't use this option to charge 20s wheels like V5, V8 or MS3 84V ... I was about to ask Fred to increase the top voltage limit to 100 (for future versions) and also to include "double" cut-off - e.g. voltage and current (whichever come first).
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    Yes sell 2 KS14 (or 3 and buy ks14d ) and 2 ACM ( if you dont need a long ranger 16" in Shenzhen) . You will still have 1 ks14c for the long range, so if it has new pedals on it ( which are a MUCH softer ride), then you will be ok keeping it and selling the 2nd ACM. Anyway you get the idea - keep 1 comfortable long ranger, whether its the ACM or KS14c with new pedals Ive ordered Msuper 3 1600wh 84v
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    They should devise some sort of customer height adjustable pedal system so people can set them where ever they want. They should also provide small, medium, large, godzilla-size pedals as options that can be easily swapped by resellers to tailor a wheel to a customer's preference. Or maybe create an adjustable sized pedal or top template that can be bolted on easily.
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    What I don't understand is why they haven't hired @EUC Extreme as their lead improvement engineer. That guy has got some crazy skills and obviously seems to know what he is doing. If anyone has stress tested these EUCs it's gotta be him. I mean who here has melted the friggin' solder off their motor connector leads on the control board by just riding their wheel? If I was the head of Gotway I'd be keenly interested in @EUC Extreme's custom mods and maybe incorporate them from the start on my wheels. Do you ever see him mentioning "Oh oh I've burned out a MOSFET?"
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    Crikey, that's one bad a** charger! Yeah, you're right, these high-capacity cells shouldn't be charged above 2A, it's definitely going put them under some stress.
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    To me, making the wheel super thin is already enough. No need to be hubless. A super thin 18 inch that weight less than 5 kg with 1kW continuous power for steep hills and 50km milage with ultra capacitor redundant protection will be near perfect.
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    I told them all this when I was in Shenzhen in June. There's not going to be many 14C owners on this forum who going to think 'oh goodie! This is a compelling upgrade for me', because it simply isn't.
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    I dont think its the opposite. What i meant was yes you slow down when approaching and close to them, but when. You are some ways away and they can see you, show the you need more width of the path than you actually do, so they allow more clearance. You are just overstating your actual requirements to allow more safety margin. As you approach, taper off the amplitude of swinging from side to side and eventually come to a straight line when close. Also, its good to be respectful and ride slowly by them is a straight line, but remember that you should at the same time project confidence in the euc riding skills. When they see you are not scared of hitting them, and you are not worried they stop worrying too. Sometimes i dont look at them straight , and just cruise by ( still at safe distance) so they can sense my confidence. This usually makes them relax and just continue going while being aware of my presense ultimately different situations require slightly different approaches
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