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    Wtf EUC Ectreme we can see your face! Or have I been so long away that I missed the revelation of your (usually) masked face??
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    Saw that and ok, heh, i now know that everybody can ride one !
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    Today was a boring day at work but good thing the selfie stick was still in my backpack, so I decided to go by the lake for another video (:
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    I did not measure speeds. But most of the time the maximum speed.
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    @SuperSport @Tishawn Fahie Got my YI Action cam on Friday. Was able some sample clips with/without stabilization. Camera is mounted to handlebar on the Ninebot. Excuse the wobble which is pretty noticeable, especially after bumps Didn't realize it was so bad, until I had mounted the camera to the unicycle. The Videos are straight from the camera, unprocessed other than trimming and joining of clips and adding some text. Camera stabilization turns on around 45-50 seconds mark. Overall I am quite pleased with it. Really like the color rendition.
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    I think he was teaching someone to ride a wheel and that person fell and he tore his bicep trying to keep them from falling.
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    Hello everybody! The deadline is coming slowly... are you training or working on a video for the contest? Suspense! For my side, my arm is going better and i hope to be able to record correctly in two weeks... I will be just in time, but i will be part of the game! i can't wait to see your videos guys! @Sidestreet Reny @Jonathan Tolhurst @Adrian Stevens @Damp Rabbit @Rehab1 @Chris West And all the others!!!!
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    Moved this thread to General (instead of Off-Topic) because it's not off-topic and it's amazing!
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    I bought a cheap generic 14" wheel to see if i could actually do it and if i liked it. That was less than a month ago and i have now bought a msuper v3. The cheapo is fine to learn on and i did scratch it up. But after that stage you will want more power and battery. I even take it off road, its only along woodland tracks nothing majour. Tbh its not the 14" thats the issue for me its the poor power and battery meaning im always worried about carrying it back. On the plus side if you get a 14" and like it you can always keep it to get friends to learn on. Im sure i will fall off my msuper v3 and scratch it but id rarther everyone else learn on my cheapo haha
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    @animan - Job well done! You have convinced me to look into that camera. Great Video BTW - I always believed there was a better action camera than the GOPrO
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    I sometimes get insomnia, so I do what any normal people would do: I get up, walk to my study, go through my toybox (yes, every normal thirty-something has a box of toys in their study, don't you? Guess you're not normal then...), and pick a bunch of old Meccanos (metallic "building blocks"). Hmm, now what I could do from these? Well, like any normal person, I of course start building a robotic arm. Couple of hours later: Crude construction of rotation base with stepper, another stepper to turn the arm up and down, a servo to turn the grabber sideways (well, actually it would be more useful to turn it up and down too) and the grabbing part with another servo, a spring and some fishing line. Testing the arm shows quite some problems with the joints... no surprise there, the "motor coupling", and I use the term very broadly here, is just a the axle pinched between two thin blocks and a lot of weight on top. After a couple of iterations, I had to remove the other servo (the plastic arm couldn't handle the weight) and add a counter weight. It's still flimsy and "collapses" easily, but hey, it sort of works: Guess I can go to sleep now, to dream of better constructions & more torquey (is that even a word) steppers and servos...
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    But the kid is not my son. #MJ Actually was fiddling with my phone just before. My gloves don't always with with the touchscreen. Oddly, the back of the finger near the fingernail seems to work better than the fingertip.
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    Neil outdid himself on this awesome drone video from Sunday's ride along the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area! Fun ride thanks everybody!
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    Bought a selfie stick today and did a 10 minute recording
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    If you have an interesting video of you riding, or whatever, post it here. In this video, of medium interest, I spotted some deer along the path. Your videos might be more interesting than mine. Post them here.
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    Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker, I thought, when UPS brought me my new MSuperV3 and I was able to ride it the first time. What a fun factory Gotway has built. The wheel is super fast with high driving dynamics. A comparison with my old Ninebot is similar to compare rocket shoes and slippers. The maximum speed was about 42 km/h up to now.If the V3 would not be so loud, it would become my perfect wheel. Unfortunately, there is a disturbing high-frequency beep. This beep noise is so loud, that animals like horses and dogs are afraid of it. This can be dangerous under certain circumstances. For example, when I drive in our horse stable, the horses become nervous. In the stable I have to take the Ninebot therefor. Hmm … what a crap?I opened the side panel of the wheel, looking fort the PCB. Does one knows what is causing the noise? Cebo
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    @Hirsute Many thanks for the update! Excellent! Looking forward to seeing your video! If you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you break on your arm? Wondering if we should get your wife's permission before you participate
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    Can you do a poll to see if there is consensus on this?
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    I think that is the main reason why both Segways and EUC's etc. are already fully legal in Norway. Because with all that "green politics" it would be completely absurd to not allow electric selfbalancing vehicles and the politicians know that
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    Try checking both the speed limit it's set to and also your pedal adjustment? I think the default is -3 which i use, but '0' for me feels exactly like tiltback, even though it isn't.
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    That's awesome! It's one of my favorite places to visit.
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    Motor is running forward and backward. At some speeds make more noise and I think is noise on the digital pins read for hall sensors signals. I am trying a code to filter digital pins values, making more samples.
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    shipping got delayed by 1 week
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    There could be another factor. At higher speeds your falling trajectory is more parallel to the ground; thus you will kind of bounce on the ground and the energy will not be 100% absorbed by the *first* impact. This is a better situation for the bones. But certainly a worse one for the unprotected skin...
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    So often we get the suggestion here that "it just needs a stronger motor". As Scotty would have said: "Ye canny break the laws of physics captain". Given a fixed maximum voltage: higher power means more current more current means thicker motor windings thicker windings means less turns less turns does at least mean higher maximum speed, but: less turns means less flux less flux means less torque. less torque means an increased risk of faceplant and a lower safe top speed Higher voltage wouldn't necessarily improve things either as that would result in higher current At low RPM/high acceleration - potentially too high. The only way, with current technology, of getting more power AND more torque is with a physically bigger and heavier motor, ideally coupled with a higher voltage.
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    @SuperSport Did the Pacifica ride yesterday on our trip to Half Moon Bay Beautiful ride, thanks for sharing the video. It is a little challenging but nice... my family really enjoyed the hike while I was riding!
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    That is the best thing I've seen in a long time. Dogs never cease to amaze me!!
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    Turn the other cheek? Just kidding... I was looking up regulations in California and it looks like I can get a special license to ride one, like a license plate. Link look at the part where it says that the bike needs to be 1000W or lower. After you pay $18US they don't need anything else. I think as long as you pay the government legally they wont have problems with you riding around in a EU. If you dont have a law in your state or country, you could send a letter to your elected official asking them to come up or make a law. As long as they get paid, like I said, they'll be fine with it.
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    Presumably its a "torque ripple" caused by the motor driver/firmware - i.e. the motor vibrates with the PWM frequency. after searching in different papers quite some time ago (which i maybe posted here?) imho this was the most probable cause for it. so unfortionately there should be absolutely nothing you can do about it.
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    In New Zealand, the insurance companies are working to include it as a named item within a "contents policy." With the increasing costs of personal vehicles (mainly bicycles) there is a demand for this - for theft and liability. Once I am back home (and on my wheel again) I will be working through this for myself...
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    In Belgium the socalled 'family insurance' (or "burgerlijke aansprakelijkheid 'familiale" in Dutch), that covers incidents/accidents in general with your kids, dog, etc if they damage to property or injury of a third person, covers also accidents by vehicles that are not considered motorised vehicles ("voorbewegingstoestellen" in Dutch) like electric wheelchairs. If i remember correctly the max cruising speed that applies in that case is 18Km/h, above that you'll need an other insurance,and above 25Km/h you'll also need a license plate. So I would check how motorised wheelchairs, 3-wheeler for elderly, etc. are insured, probably you'll fit in somewhere if you don't cruise to fast :).
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    I think EUCs should be announced as environmentally friendly zero emission vehicles that is easy to combine with public transport (which is of course also very true!) This will put everybody that argues for their use in a favorable light, and those who want to ban them in an unfavorable light.
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    I run out of battery on a tour with my MSuper V2 680 Wh. Had to carry and roll it the last 2 km First Action was a trolley handle bar and now a 1RadWerkstatt 207 Wh Addon battery. 1640 Wh sounds great but the EUC will get heavy. Maybe we need some more time for better batteries with higher capacity.
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    If money is no obstacle what's the point to buy a cheap wheel, in particular as they are potentially less safe and less fun and more likely to break when you fall (a quality wheel won't)?
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    The app doesn't show the highest speed reached during a ride, but it does show mileage ridden, time turned on, battery percentage left, voltage level, temperature of the wheel, total mileage, total hours on, other Ninebots nearby, world ranking and local ranking by distance traveled, app feedback, black box feedback, change the lights, calibrate the wheel, lock the wheel, change the riding sensitivity, connect with other riders, profile page, and I don't remember what else.
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    @Jonathan Tolhurst there are no rules in the competition that prevent you from transitioning from a bike spinning around a pole then performing a 360 degree flip landing onto a skateboard traveling down a handrail on to a moving EUC. I am sure you can then add to the routine from there?
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    I was amazed by how tough the IPS 121 is constructed. After it was run over DIRECTLY by the rear wheels of a dualie pickup truck, I was able to ride it home! The only damage I could detect was a few small cracks in the shell. I can carry the IPS 191 or 121 about half a block without problems. To carry it for longer distances or to take on a plane, bus, etc. it would be a bit too heavy, in my opinion.
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    Might be late to the party, but negative points, here goes~ (like all, in general, I believe the E+ is a solid wheel, albeit becoming more dated with each competitor's iterations, but good value nowadays that the price has gone down): Poor range / not enough battery for more than short distances Poor Top Speed @ 15MPH (my ideal for a wheel is ~21MPH) Too heavy at 30lbs (esp in relation to the small battery size), especially when carrying with the weird handle implementation. Poor handle design (not the look, but the practicality of lifting the wheel regularly, ie. breaking off) Poor trolley handle design (ie. ugly for such a slick E+ design) & unwieldy implementation (very clumsy to use, particularly with the E+ powered off) Poor stock Inner Tube quality: the E+, of all the wheels I've owned, is the one I've had the most flats with; I'd recommend a non-Ninebot alternative inner tube No stock headlights, but more importantly, no responsive brake light Imbalanced weight distribution, as the battery pack sits heavier in one side / leg pad (other side / leg pad houses the board, which is way lighter) Pedals are too low, prone to pedal scrape LED lights are not very visible from front and back, even with the new colored shells. Poor wheel stand design / no built-in design to allow the wheel to stand up by it's own, ala the V5F+ Questionable firmware updates
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    Congrats! Enjoy your new ride! And yes, they are easy to ride. Every person that have tried my miniPro's were cruising around after 5-10 min. at most.
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    Hello mouseykins wellcome great video helmet is good but please take kneepads, elbow guards, guards your hands , in my first mileage i had many accident i fall on the side, on the hands, on the knees, protect your hands
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    I've fixed stripped screw-threads on Firewheel shells with Lego-blocks (pure ABS) dissolved into acetone and then putting the mix in the stripped hole, screwing in the screw and waiting it to harden... Hardening can take quite a while, depending on how much acetone there is and how "well" it gets to evaporate.
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    I don't thing you as user can affect that. It's a forum feature to avoid users "inflating" their post count by multiply replies. While I understand the "logic" behind this and it's quite useful in some mainly really large forums I believe it's kinda redundant in this particular small community forums as it usually creates more "chaos" / confusion to be really beneficial to it's original purpose. Though as long as you're replying to each post using (at least) partial quote it should be still readable by others. Personally - one downside I see with merging of the posts (both automatically by the forum system as well as the manually later on by admins) is that sometimes you agree / want to up-vote (or down-vote) only one particular post or reply / "part" of the merged post which you're unable to do so in this case. IMO the audience here is extremely mature that I personally would say that automatic feature shall be either turned of or used really carefully and same goes for manual merging of the posts. I actually had multiply replies and posts in one thread merged here by admin (I think it was 4 or 5 in a total) into one and frankly it become a bit of "mess" (Also most of those posts had multiply vote-ups which get lost from the merged post - I'm not sure if that affects the user's total stats as well and frankly I don't even care - but for example posts with 4 or more up-votes highlighted for other users by green frame as "popular" get lost this way.) I'm not sure if this forum if capable of such feature but for example not merging but counting any consequent posts as one would deal with "post inflating" issue for sure.
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    It's sort of true, I have been riding a $280 USD generic for 7 months without issue. It has proper low battery tiltback, reasonable BMS design and battery construction, it doesn't have any significant flaws beyond range and low speed. When I bought it various brands were trying to sell the same thing for $1000 and in some cases they were worse. It should be possible to have a modest EUC that is well made and around 260wh for $399. It's a bad idea not to have low cost entry models, as few people have ridden an EUC and is difficult to learn few people will invest in an expensive model the first time, if there isn't a cheap option they likely just wont buy one.
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    We were celebrating a small ferry, which was in fact a sauna. Of course I had to try to drive a moving a ferry A bit strange it felt
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    Thanks! The location is Gas Works Park in Seattle I have the 500W motor version with 340Wh battery, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I will be writing up a thorough review in the coming weeks, but the major positives are power and speed.. it's just so rock solid. Coming from an Airwheel X8 before this, I also am blown away by the comfort of the ride because of the pedal design. They aren't that much bigger, but you have significantly more usable footspace on them because they aren't as recessed as on Airwheel, Gotway, etc.. also, they are angled upward which encourages a more stable stance with your feet comfortably pushing outwards a little instead of feeling like you're trying to grip the wheel with your feet and legs. It's a big difference, IMO.
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    Here's mine! Just shot this a few days ago:
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