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    Opening the KS16: removing the outer shell is a bit of a pain in the a.. use a small slot screwdriver and loosen the 2 lashes on the bottom inner side of the led cover, carefully pull the plastic up part for part until the whole part is removed. remove all the small cross screws ...13 per side, remove and unplug the led stips too edit: it's much easier with a thin plastic piece instead of screwdrivers now comes the tricky part. each side has 3 lashes in the front and backside, the upper and lower one come off easy and you can hold them up with 2 small screwdrivers while carefully hinge up the middle one ... then the same on the other side. be carefull to disconnect the speaker ... dont rip out the cable i taped the disconnected cables to the cover/body. the KS16 has an additional beeper for the speed warnings. but you won't get the other audio warnings (Hello KS, BT connected, deccelerate, overheat, overpower) so pls drive carefull !!! The high pitched noise stays the same as does the noise while standing still ... so this should only be a temporary solution until the new iOS App is updated and you can disable the audio like with the Android app. to get access to the motherboard unscrew the 4 screws on the top, pull out the handle and lift the top cover. be carefull with the wires! to change the tire or repair a flat, unscrew the 6 big screws on both sides, very very carefully unplug the motor cable (notice the 2 arrows on the plug to not plug it falsely back together!). then pull apart the lower part of the chasis and raise the whole body up while !!!carefully!!!! pull out the motorcable at the same time. if you go for the motherboard you don't have to unscrew the black light covers, you can bend them while raising and lowering the MB cover btw you don't have to remove the batteries. While changing the tire try to not bend the cable too much and if i haven't mentioned it - be carefull and protect the cable !! the Kenda K817 tire 16x1.95 as the Schwalbe Black Jack are pretty bad to ride ... go for a Schwalbe Mad Max 16x2.125
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    This forum is about electric unicycles. An electric unicycle (EUC, wheel) is a self-balancing personal electric vehicle with one wheel. DISCLOSURE The forum founder and moderators do not sell electric unicycles and are NOT affiliated with any electric unicycle related company nor receive compensation from any electric unicycle companies. We have zero-income from this. We want to keep this forum as neutral and unbiased as possible. RULES Be good to one another. Don’t insult anyone directly, including the staff. Don’t use hate speech of any kind, including (but not limited to) hate speech related to ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, religion, political inclination, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the moderation team. No pornography. Do not type your entire post or the entire topic title in ALL-CAPS. Capitalization of a few words for emphasis is okay (like I just did in the last sentence). ADVERTISING RULES New members are not allowed to advertise until they have been active and established in the community. Only EUC ads and Ninebot Mini (and equivalent) ads are allowed. All ads must go in the corresponding ad section of the forum. In the interest of our members, if you are going to advertise your electric unicycle store, company, or products it should be something that the vast majority of our members are very likely WANTING to see. Do not do this more than once a week and bumping your ads unnecessarily. Also make sure the ad is significantly different from your previous one. As a regular customer, discussing about EUC shops in the non-ad sections is okay as long as you are not deliberately trying to "game the system" by shilling or astroturfing. For example, you should not keep praising and linking a shop in your replies or in topics pretending to be normal customer while you are actually financially associated to the shop. We can spot these things and you will achieve the opposite effect where your business loses reputation, your account is banned, or both. LANGUAGE English (and as "lingua franca") is the language used in this forum. If you cannot express what you want to say in English then use Google Translate first and paste the translated message into your topic or replies. This is better than having the majority of our members having to do it individually to read your message. Non-English language discussions are allowed in the "Local Group Meet Ups" section where there are threads specifically for different native languages of different countries or regions. Some tolerance will be allowed for Chinese EUC manufacturers (if their English is weak) to type in Chinese if it helps facilitate problem solving with EUCs. In these cases, we encourage other members to translate it back to English. NEW MEMBERS Your first few posts may be manually approved by the moderators before others can see them, to ensure they are appropriate. New members are not allowed to advertise until they have been active and established in the community. Posts should be clearly distinguishable from what a spammer, shill, advertiser (outside of the "Commercial Advertisements" forum), or other dishonest person might post. Suspicious posts may have to be removed. As this is a "global" forum we recommend that you include your country in your profile under "Location" ( not in your name ) to facilitate discussions that depend on geography. You're encouraged to add your wheel(s) in your profile under "EUC". POSTING MEDIA This forum is hosted on a server where the total disk space cap is relatively low. Therefore every forum member's account also has a cap on total disk usage (you will eventually run out of space). For this reason it is encouraged that you put your large images on reliable external sites such as imgur.com (or equivalent) and embed it back into your posts. For imgur (you don't have to create an account), if you want to embed the photo into your post, make sure to use the "Direct Link" instead of the "Image Link" given by imgur. Needless to say, videos go to YouTube (or equivalent) and can be embedded back into your posts here. Please see this link for details on how to do it. To "embed" all you have to do is copy and paste the link to the body of your post (wherever you want it) and hit enter. USING THE QUOTE FUNCTION When quoting a post that is very long (especially one with multiple media embeds) please trim away the parts of the quote that are irrelevant to your reply. NOTIFICATION This forum has a helpful notification functionality. You can mention (name-drop) members by using the @-functionality, or quote them, and they will get notified about it. For more information, see Notification - how to get another users attention
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    finally my ks16 arrived first little project - griptape: (doesn't work with the newer V2 Pedals - they don't have screws and no thread is cutted in the pedals - still superglue may work) remove the stand-away rubber with a sidecutter or nail scissor clean the now almost even surface. i used a bit of isopropanol to get rid of grease and dirt cut the griptape in any size/pattern/stripes you like to skip the next step and finish right here ... or if you want it to fit. either remove the rubber (2,5 mm allen) or leave the rubber on and remove the whole pedal (5 mm allen), if you want to cover the rubber+metal all together. the rubber seems to be partly "glued" but with a small screwdriver its easily removable. btw you just need to remove one side and when putting it back inn you can reposition the unused rubbery"glue" parts or put double sided tape inside, but probably not really needed. you can get griptape from the internet or from your local skateboard shop. they have decks with grafics or pattern and the size should be good for appx 8 pedals. or you buy a short piece from the black standard rolls with different roughness. ofc you can also use stair tape or other no slip material use old cheap rusty scissors for the cutting next projects ... vinylwrap, offroadtire, unplugging the speakers ... or i wait for the new iOS app ...
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    Thanks for understanding! As for me, we need VPN to load the facebook, I don't know that I don't need to load the forum without VPN. So I only check the forum when I face to the computer and when I have rest time to browse the forum what people are talking about GW. We are busy at developing new market, collect any helpful feedback for our wheels, and also maintain former customers. EUC is a special products, there maybe many many question for a rider, when they contact you to ask series question, I should reply in details, it will cost much time of me. So I have no time to focus the forum every minutes, it is better to send me email or skype me if you have any question, that would be get a faster respond. Of course, when I saw the question here, I would like try to answer. Thanks!
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    So I have finally received the the speedier version of Freeman - A4H. Now I have both versions. They look the same apart for the color of the LEDs the slower A4 version has RGB LEDs while the faster A4H has only red ones. But appearance is where the similarities end. Here is unpacking video (turn on the subtitules): You can see the package contains, the unicycle, 1.75 A passive cooling charger (with separable cable for electricity plug), trainng wheels, air pump, extended nozzle, belt, shinguards and short manual. SPECS: A4-264 Battery: 264WH (option for 132-348 WH) Motor: 350W Wheel diameter: 14" Weight: 11.0kg Speed: 18 kmph (tiltback from 15 and beeps from 17) no overheating warning speed display visible during ride A4H-264 Battery: 264WH (option for 132-348 WH) Motor: 500W Wheel diameter: 14" Weight: 11.0kg Speed: 25 kmph (tiltback and beeps from 23) no overheating warning speed display visible during ride Few photos: https://goo.gl/photos/GVVrvHezLDD8ba686 Impressions: When I received the first unicycle from Freeman I was so happy about it. It was finally here and first impressions were so good. It looked good and ride was really hard (as hard as Ninebot hardest setting) but when I tried to go a bit faster I discovered that I got the slower 350W version instead of the high-speed 500W version. It was huge disappointment. No one who is used to riding 30 kmph on KS14C can enjoy tiltback and beeping at 16 kmph. So I was disappointed and looking for some solution. In the end I had to pay postage one more time and after another 5 weeks I have received the speedier A4H - 264 while keeping the slower A4-264. In the beginning I was disapointed again, as you can see in the unboxing video I have fallen off the euc because it was unbelievable soft. I have never tried Solowheel but this is how I imagine it. But luckily as you speed up the ride stiffens so riding over cobblestones and other irregularities in the road is ok. Here is a video where I test ride softness of KS14C, Freeman A4H and Freeman A4 in slow speed while idling on a spot. You can see that out of these three the A4 has the hardest ride style, followed by the KS in hard settings and the softest is A4H. A4 is hard only as long as you don't lean enough for it to kind of give up probably because of weaker 350W motor. The stiff A4 seems to be really good for tricks as it is hard and compared to KS quite light. It also has pretty good grip for holding it with your legs for jumps. But this grip is only possible because there is virtually no padding. The black pillow-looking thing on the side are just plastic boxes with bit of silicon over it. This made the unicycle very uncomfortable in the beginning. I understand why they include shinguards in the box. But I got used to this quite soon so in the end it is not worse then my generic unicycle. Actually riding the unicycle normally while commuting is actually quite comfortable thanks to flat grippy pedals. They are about same height as on KS14C but they are smaller so I can make sharper turn without scraping the ground. The handle isn't too comfortable as it isn't rounded like on KS but it has edges. Regarding the range I have only tested the A4H-264 where the 264 stand for 264 Wh battery. I got about 15 km in normal city use. I live in Prague, Czech Republic which isn't exactly flat city and I weigh around 85kg. Under similar conditions I only get just over 30 km range from my 680 Wh KS14C. So I would say it is pretty good result. Downside is that the unicycle still showed 3 out of 8 battery LEDs when it refused to go over 9 kmph and I considered it depleted (no idea about the voltage - might measure next time) This brings me to the warning system. When I say it refused to go over 9 kmph I mean the adaptive alarm. When fully charged the unicycle beeps only when reaching 23 kmph or if I overlean but when the battery level gets low it starts beeping much sooner to prevent you from going faster than the almost depleted battery can handle. I like this kind of settings as I feel safe and at the same time there is no unnecessary beeping. Overall I am really satisfied with the performance of Freeman A4H. And if I didn't feel the need for speed (going 30 with ease on KS is addicting) I might even use it as my daily driver as the battery is enough for what I usually need and it rides well. I think it is perfect for someone that doesn't want to invest the kind of money the available top models from KS or Gotway sell for but still wants to get high quality euc that delivers. PS: I might add more as I do more tests or if you have any questions.
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    I don't give any suggestion. There are two dealers currently official Kingsong partners in europe.; Hightemps/ Kingsong-France (Thomas Lemaire) and 1RadWerkstatt (Chris Hettenhausen), more to follow. I bought my wifes KS16 in Switzerland. Neale Gray is as he said long in business. It depends what kind of service are you looking for. A burned MosFet is easy to detect but other problems could be difficult. Buying on an other continent means you need to do service work with the parts you get and may be you need to send the broken parts back. I bought over a year ago an IPS T340 and later a Ninebot one e direct from China. I had no problem up to now. My MSuper is from 1RadWerkstatt and I had a problem with the internal harness / charger plug and battery. I got parts up on front and fixed it byself. Chris has sent the parts fast there was no discussion how to handle the issue. It's your decision. I can only tell what could happen. It does not mean you need service at all.
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    You can also save money buying local if you compare prices and you have a good service in most cases. I've looked arround the prices starting this year for my MSuper and buying from asia wasn't cheaper than buying local/ on same continent/ over the border.
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    If you need to send the unit in for warranty repair. Who pays for shipping and taxes or do the paper work. I don't like to destroy the business but you should be aware what it means to buy from an other continent. Compare total cost with reseller like kingsong-france or 1RadWerkstatt. Both are european union and you've not problems with taxes if you need to ship the unit.
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    I'm wondering if it's worth. Think about warranty handling in case something breakes..
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    You have mentioned that you try to climb the hills but it make three beeping, 3 beeping is obviously the efficiency alarm. Efficiency alarm happened when the wheel bare the 80% of the max load, and reach the 80% of the max speed. It is design to notice people who try to reach the max speed. Make sure you don't reach the 80% of max speed or exceed 80% of the max load, feel free to send me message to check if there is any problem with the wheel. Oh god, I think I need to learn more knowledge about Electokinetic so I can reply your question well.
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    It make three beeps alarms that means the wheel reach 80% efficiency motor power, it tilt-back and beep to stop you to continue go on, or the main board may burn out.
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    Very cute! makes me wonder if there is an EU with a sidecar!
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    Yes thank you. New motherboard did the trick. Thanks to @Jason McNeil who sent me one right away, even though i bought this wheel directly from kingsong. Since the fuses were on the bms and not easily replaceable, kingsong was very nice by sending me new battery packs. Again Jason helped me out and brought them over with his euc shipment, so i only had to pay for local postage. Everything's working now!!
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    Just bought it from Taobao two days ago. Might be used like a wheelchair for the elderly who gets tired of walking. It can also be used as a walking stick that always stands upright. Pro: It is easy to learn. It is easy to control with seat, but suggest not to go too fast as acceleration and deceleration takes a while. In order to stop fast, I really have to use my legs to stand up so my center of gravity is quicky shifted backward. This car can be easily dragged along when it is off, so it is quite convenient to take it around. It is only 503mm wide, and is more narrow than the Ninebot Mini. It has 8 inch wheels, which is good for all indoor use and most outdoor use with flat surface. There are no headlights which is a good thing for me. Going up and down 10 degree slopes are quite smooth. Con: It can only be turned on with the supplied remote control. It is easy for me to forget to switch off the main switch which could drain out battery. The pressure sensor does not turn on the unit, but it can keep the unit from turning off. Chargning the battery needs to follow some exact complicated steps, which involve disconnecting and reconnecting the wall plug. Seems all these are for safety reasons, but it is actually making it less convenient to use. The user manual is only in Chinese for now. The user manual is lacking a lot of information. The seat is too high for my use, even at the lowest setting. I cannot connect bluetooth when it is at power standby while the motor is off. The bluetooth app has a setting to set the speed limit from 6 to 17 km/h, but I cannot get it to work and it is only fixed at 15km/h. The provided wrench is useless as it will not fit into the narrow area, I have to use my own tool. The screws for the seat become loose after a few ride. Recommend to add screw glue to secure the screws. It cannot be steered without the seat. Removing the seat for storage is not recommended as it involves disconnecting the sensor wire which seems not designed to be plug and unplug many times. If the sensor wire is disconnected, it will treat as if pressure is always applied, which might be considered as less safe since it will start rolling backward all by itself without a rider, as soon as you press the remote. Riding on a standing posture is not as natural as the Ninebot Mini as you do not naturally shift the center of gravity during turns. I think this vehicle is designed mainly to ride in a seating posture. I think Airwheel should give a complete test report for the condition when the battery is about to go out. This really imapct the usefulness of this vehicle. I do not want to be the one to test this as I do not want to hurt my butt, so I always make sure the battery is quite full when I use it. Ideally the battery should go out gracefully in all conditions and give enough warning to the rider.
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    Hello folks. This is my first post. Handwritten. ... one more think. Any explicatioon to the fact of the no iniformation at the kingSong web regard the new ks16" thank you
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    @Cloud Excellent! @Jane Mo sent me a motherboard for my Gotway MCM2, the original was burnt. Then I noticed that the engine was also a problem (sudden shocks). I dismantled the motor today, water had to penetrate through the cable, Inside was dirty (rust + white paste and moisture residues), and bearings: worn. Hall sensor was wet too. I just ordered new bearings (6202-2RS-SKF) I hope that after a good internal cleaning and changing the bearings, it will walk away!
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    Hi and welcome to the forums. I have no personal experience, but my best guess would be that from those two, Lhotz would be more powerful. If you really want a lot of power to move around, the high-torque version of Gotway MSuper (18") would probably be the best bet (again, best guess, I don't have one ). King Songs would probably be otherwise ok, but they do suffer from overheating under lot of stress (uphills & lots of weight), so probably not that suitable.
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    @SlowMo If you look through the ninebot forum you will see that is totally not the case. There are plenty of satisfied ninebot owners posting here.
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    Ask Jason, he's also in the forum. Not sure if he moved his business to the US/ Miami. Wheelgo.com was in the UK. His new page is eWheels.com or so. 1Radwerkstatt is on Facebook or via Mail: 1RadWerkstatt@gmx.de Kingsong France: http://www.kingsong-france.com eWheelz in Switzerland: http://www.ewheelz.ch, I'm sometimes with Patrick on a tour and bought my wifes KS16 at him. I know Chris, I know Patrick and I had some chat with Thomas Lemaire from Hightemps/ Kingsong-France and I give no advise what to do. In general keep in mind which country is in the european union (tax stuff) or if you like to have it as close to you to pick it up byself. No idea if there's also an official KS dealer in Italy.
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    John, Not a problem. If this forum's rules don't allow external links, I will not put them. I am new on this forum and was not aware of it. Alexey
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    SHOW HOW MUCH FUN YOU'RE HAVING WITH YOUR E U ! Have you pimped up your EU or changed it in any way? Can you do any tricks or had any major fails on your EU? Let's start a photo gallery showing how much fun it is to have one of these wonderful inventions at our toe-tips!
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    My rule of thumb is 3 for 2 = GO; if the product without waranty is 1/3 cheaper with waranty, that means I can buy 3 instead of 2. I use this rule for everything, and I've saved a lot of money this way because stuff doesn't break down that often during the waranty period. If it does break down, i only start to loose money when the repair costs more than 1/3 of the price with waranty. Really, this is a no brainer for reputed brands and established product types. For a new model EUC however, it's a bold move to go for it without waranty.
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    I have the ks18a 1100w motor labeled 1200w. Yes the overheating problem does exist and it can be reproduced.I weight 110kg and when going up steep hills over 10 degrees, the EUC begins to overheat and as you go up the hill the temperature keeps increasing after 10 minutes it will be above 60 degrees C. This problem does not occur for light weight riders, or heavy riders on mostly flat surfaces, it is even posible to ride several miles without overheating on flat or small hills, I rode my ks for about 2 hours in city driving mostly flat and it did not overheat. But only 10 minutes on steep hills and overheating occurs quickly, a hill that makes you draw over 50A on the android app is a steep hill. On steep hills the android app registers between 50 to 55 Amps, when you draw that much power overheating does occur. The real Amps are much lower than the Amps reported by the android app, sometime in the near future I will find out how much is 50A on the app to real Amps. After overheating the board got damaged, it works only for a few minutes and then does strange things like spinning the wheel non stop, or stop balancing, I had a nasty face plant when it stopped balancing, it was my fault I should have stopped riding the first time it stopped balancing, but afterwards it seemed to be working only to stop balancing a few minutes later. The board with the heat sinks is my modification to improve the cooling, next part of the plan is to install 1 or 2 fans and have air circulation. King Song were very nice and they replaced the bad board under guarantee. The reason others do not report the overheating is that they are light weight or do not ride on steep hills for more than a few minutes. But with a hill of 10 deegrees or more, and a load of 110kg the overheating does happen, on a warm day. The new board is working great but I have been avoiding steep hills to prevent the overheating.
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    If that is all OK try disconnect the main board to really reset it. Wait a minute or so and connect it again. Heard such a story from a Ninebot which was dead and alive after a reset.
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    Since we all know that gotway overestimates the speed maybe it would be possible to measure the difference few times and estimate function (probably linear - just incorrect circumstance of the wheel) to correct the value? Or is your app already doing that?
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    I had this happen on my bicycle and it turned out there was a sharp bit of metal in the tire, so every time I patched the tube and put it back in it would get another flat. Check the inside of your tire.
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    From my experience, XT60's (the yellow plug in batteries) is very tight, you really have to pull hard to get them apart. I doubt they could release by accident. That being said, I've had some more brown XT60-plugs from Aliexpress, and those were lousy (didn't make a tight fit). Then from another seller I got yellow XT60's which were just fine. The XT60-connectors are rated for 60 amps, which is (probably) enough at least for most wheels (continuous 60A at around 60V would total 3600W ). If you're worried about them coming off, you could always pout zip-tie around them, but I doubt it's necessary. Since I like to do overkill on things, I plan on replacing my current battery discharge plugs (Anderson PowerPoles) either with XT60's (not the crappy brown ones ) or EC3's (per pack) and EC5 (Y-connector connecting all packs togethetr& to mainboard): They are the blue ones, the larger EC5 is rated for >120A, EC3 is said to be 60amps, so same as XT60. The motor connector looks interesting (MT60), never seen those before. Guess they're good for 60 amps too, assuming the naming convention is similar to XT60.
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    Maybe modify your idea with a foil like Sympatex, a membrane working as a water blocker and also allows to "breath".
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    That will not work. High humidity will place water every where. The EUs will need IP certification for dust and water resistancy.
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    Hello CSERNA .. somewhere here in the forum I read noone needs a manual ... so try to ask what is not clear and you'll see people owning a KS 16 " will answer you the soonest ! By the way , where have you bought your brilliant new wheel ?
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    Correct. Heat needs to be transported away from the hot spot. If you can't transport heat and a fan in closed environment makes no sense. A fan needs maybe maintenance or to be replaced by time.
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    Ok.... It's the IAMIPS app and I did get it to connect. Big difference!
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    @Alexey More than half the posts (replies) you made were the spamming of your store link. Some were deleted by members reporting it. We want to discourage replies that are motivated by advertising. Please cooperate. Ads should go here instead: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/18-advertisements-promotions/
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    I like your designs Polpus. I would still be concerned about say water ingress while say riding in the rain just like they did on the Amazing Race. If a rider were going past a puddle, and say a car zooms by sending a wave of water splashing on the EUC, some might make it onto the control board. I think it's better to somehow make the control board area water-tight while air passes by cooling a tunnel of aluminum to help draw the heat away. That way the whole EUC can fall into a puddle of water or be submerged with minimal fear if both the battery and control board (plus buttons/charger port) are weather proofed. For something meant to be used outdoors, it should be ready for all sorts of weather conditions. Or maybe redesign your plan to have an air chamber with an aluminum divider that pipes the air up and over the control board area which is completely separated by the wet side so air / water can get in, air exits up and over, and water drains down by gravity. In the drawing below, the grey area could be all heatsink with fins and the yellow circles exit holes. The grey heat sink areas could be sealed so no water passes to the green area. A tube might be easier to seal up though. One other concern might be mildew buildup inside if water doesn't dry out completely. I think Vee's fin cooler next to the wheel is likely the best option, but maybe a simple tube pass through might provide enough cooling air for most conditions. The tube idea could also work with a liquid coolant and a small radiator as well instead of being just air-cooled for say riding in the desert where it's hot like 40 C outside in places like Abu Dhabi.
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    Sorry, just not to notice that there are so many people asking question here. My fault for the late respond. Our APP speed is calculated by the rolling circle of the wheels, the higher pressure of the wheel, the more accurate the speed is.
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    Yessssss!! Yessssss......yessssss this is my favorite video this year, I love this kind of riding........ whoooooo hoooooo:)
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    ACM It is ACM APP, just testing it now, will share it on the forum once it finished testing. Thanks! Sorry for late respond! I forget to turn on the notice of the forum, so I dont know there is somebody asking me question. I found the question you were asking yesterday, but find that the forum has something wrong, so I can not reply the comment. Sorry! If anybody has some question, you may send me email or skype me, I can reply in time. Thanks!
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    @EUC Extreme Wow, Vee, that was incredible! Beautiful cinematography, and beautiful riding! Glad you have some sun!
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    @EUC Extreme great video, especially the side shots, you are going so fast. Also it's good you show the falls.
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    Wow! That's a serious video production! I love the bloopers too.... and the police "chase". Ha Ha! Now that the weather has gotten better there hope to see more of these. GREAT JOB!!
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    I found someone did pendulum motion to test KS-16. He recorded the max amp =43.8A, wattage = 2629.9W. Voltage drop = 5v. This indicates 5/43.8 = 0.11 ohm internal resistance for battery pack. The cooling fan starts at 50 C. The link is here http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4507596595
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    In the case for Gotway, I'd say an acknowledged delay is actually a good sign. It means they recognized problems and decided to perfect the product instead of just letting their first customers deal with the issues (like mcm4). Lessons learned, and we should applaud them for holding themselves to a higher standard.
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    As a retired Electronics Design/Hardware-Software Integration Engineer, I can tell you that, in equipment that COULD be exposed to high humidity condensation OR rain, we sprayed all circuit boards with multiple coats of 'Krylon Clear' from spray paint cans (sliding connector contacts were covered with Teflon tape) after cleaning the boards with 91% alcohol of any variety, and allowing each coat to completely dry (24 hrs. in our case) before the next coat. We never had a failed board due to moisture, condensation or rain! I plan to do this on my future KS18 regardless of what "water-proofing" techniques KS does.
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    What I think Vee's trying to say here, is that when the motor is really shut down (no power), you just fall (forwards or backwards), as there's no torque (or balancing-effect) at all to keep you up. When the torque is running out (near max speed), you should be able to feel the pedals starting to angle forwards (if riding forwards), because it cannot accelerate anymore to keep them level if you lean forwards, just keeps running at that max speed. If noticed soon enough & dropping your speed, I believe you should be able to avoid a faceplant.
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    Cloud, This type of brushless motor is known as an outrunner. The stationary part is the hub including the coils. The wheel rim including the magnets is what turns, driven by the magnets. The bearings are in the centres of those two outer covers that look a bit like woks. Once they are bolted back on they, and the wheel rim, become the rotating part turning on the fixed central spindle. This YouTube article shows exactly how it works - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCEiOnuODac you motor is exactly the same it just has lots more magnets and coils. From here on I'm guessing, but, noting how small the clearance between magnets and stators is, it is possible that refitting those outer covers has to be very precise to preserve the clearance between the magnets and stators evenly all the way around. It might help if you fitted spacers around the rim in that gap ( thick card, lolly sticks whatever you can find of the right thickness-obviously nothing metal) before fitting the cover on one side, You will have to remove them to fit the other side but it might help keep it all centred. also check for any foreign objects in the gap that may have been picked up since you opened it, the magnets are powerful and will pick up paper clips, small nuts etc. Keith
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