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    Here is another one: Battery level at the beginning of the ride: 93%Km range: 52 kmAverage speed: 22,3 Km/hSteepest incline: 17%Altitude difference: 316 meterRiders weight: 73 KgBattery level at the end of the ride: 30% I think this is impressive. And I don't have ambitions for longer rides - so the 680Wh version is the correct one ... FOR ME.
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    It is dangerous to wear hard objects on your finger when faceplanting. I propose to use a soft thing such as a small rubber duck for babies, glued to the under side of your glove. Press it to make quack sound. It also protects your hands when falling.
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    Hello everyone. After MCM4 I bought a Kingsong KS 18 with 1360wh battery. I am very disappointed. When I tried to charge it for the first time, it burns in flames. I have a video to explain: I wrote to the supplier and I wait for his answer. Did anyone experienced anything like this? What can I do? Thank you very much.
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    I got tired of yelling (from inside the helmet ), so I got a bell last summer too. Just a basic bicycle-bell, pretty much similar as dmethvin's favorite. Never thought it could fracture my finger in a crash though, but that's not going to stop me from keep on using it.
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    That looks like a similar model but smaller case. If you search you can find 4A models as well as the 5A. The 5A is 180x90x63mm, that 3A is 170x90x50mm.
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    No but there have been software bugs in the past where it did but they have been fixed as soon as it was discovered due to how dangerous that would be.
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    Upon further reading of the thread history I think I understand what you are saying. You think that the "tilt-forward" was actually the "tilt-back" protection mechanism but due to riding in the "wrong direction". Any properly designed euc tilt-back function will tilt backwards properly (never tilt-forward unless a bug) regardless of which direction you are traveling (ie. negative speed on the app). I think what you experienced is that simply that the wheel could no longer accelerate when you lean forward. That is why you experienced "tilt-forward". You are very lucky the motor didn't cut and you were able to slow down.
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    I ride with my wife and kids, Money well spent.
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    Probably should add that EUCs "lured" me into learning electronics, that's another grand or so there with all the components & tools I've gotten. I don't even want to count how much all those "small" Aliexpress orders add up to, 10€ here, 20€ there, 30€ to something... 400€ for oscilloscope. I'm scared to just look at the number of orders anymore All orders: 310 Total reward points: 1382 A3 level member Your level is higher than 98% of other users. 310 orders? How the **** did that happen?
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    Hy Guys, perhaps some of You Know The Facebook Group "KingSong Thailand".... take a Look at their Page....there Are also some Videos of me joining The Group! Nice Guys ...i felt warmly welcome :-) example(me the fat One ;-)) First Impression of KS16: stable As hell....MUCH stiffer than KS 14....needed about 30 minutes to feel real comftable, but After that it's a winner in all terms!!!! And to get used to was because of generell 14 to 16 difference, nothing Special KS thing....What i want to Point out Is that in 35 degrees Celsius and hard pushing i Never got a Heat Warning! Me:95kg so now i take this KS 16 for 4 Weeks to "the Rock"- an Island named KohTao mostly famous for Diving... as the knickname "Rock" implyfies: it has steep hills....and also Bad roads....so me (95kg) riding there in unbelievable Heat will be a good Test of it's capabilities :-) i will Report.....As i just arrived:-)
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    It's on the news elsewhere too. https://www.hoodriderz.com/blogs/news/101180161-ninebot-obtains-the-worlds-first-us-ul2272-safety-certification-authorization-certificate-for-self-balancing-vehicles
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    Ps: since i am now already with the topic of manufacturers announcements , definite statements about thermal managment (how long can sustained power be delivered and how long peak power at which ambient temperatures...) would be very nice from ALL manufacturers, too. Pps.: ... I am already excited to see how much nice manufacterers are around here...
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    Ok, I got the motor and hooked it up into the oscilloscope (probe on one phase, ground on another): Nevermind all the mess on the table. A couple of spins and screenshots later: So, the signal certainly looks sinusoidal. But, does this actually prove that it is (or isn't) a PMSM-motor? I'd expect the signal to be sinusoidal, as the coils move across the magnets (getting closer and then further away) either way...
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    That changed inbetween with others offering 1100 and 1500W sustained power rated motors ... The different battery technology used by uniwheel could be able to deliver this, also with quite "low" capacity values. Definite manufacturer statements in regard to motor power measurement methods and battery "possibilities" over the whole capacity range would be very nice from ALL the manufacturers... but there is just quite much silence... There where already some efforts to get motor power rating in a normed replicable way - without any response. So it is quite unfair to ask this from one distinct manufacturer, on the other side it could be quite a marketing advantage if one starts to publish "sturdy/proofed" figures. Imho no customer knows by now if the watts announced are (maximum per design thought/maximum possible) dissipated power, power at the axle *), effective power which drives one forward or just any fictive "house number" from the motor manufacturer... *) could be quite no difference between power at the axle and what the wheel can "bring on the road" with EUCs- but this was/is imho quite some point (in the past?) with motorcycles, where some companies announced high power figures (from the motor axle) while some motorcycles whith much lower numbers (from the rear wheel) where much more performant...
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    This was already mentioned in my question. There is often stated that the motor types differ in their BEMF. True or not? Are our motors of the sinusoidal type? Again, my point is that the battery brakes the motor via the freewheeling diodes. Has anyone ever seen something else?
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    If the charger is not in the wall outlet when you plug it in the wheel, I don't think it could be reverse/wrong polarity of the charger. If the wheel otherwise works fine, it's likely the charger, or a problem with the BMS. What I'd suspect right now off the top of my head (but could be wrong): the charger is faulty, and the output-side is in short circuit, DO NOT TRY TO PLUG IT IN ANYMORE The sparks are caused by very high current running through the short-circuited charger EDIT: Safest route to verify this is probably either measure (with the charger unplugged from mains!) the resistance between the "holes" in charger output-plug (the one that goes to the wheel), if there's very low or 0-resistance, it's certainly in short-circuit (there are probably filter caps there, which might affect the reading, but I don't think it should show short circuit on a working charger), or borrow a certainly working charger from somewhere and try with that to see if it starts to charge normally.
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    The charger is not in the wall outlet when I try to connect it with the device. And is only one way the charger fits the device. I cannot fit it in in a wrong way because it has a certain shape. I do not have any other charger to test with. All dry. No wet. Yes. The wheel still works well. Is not fully discharged yet. Was the first time when I tried to plug the charger. Mostly to verify it. Because I bought the wheel recently and I want to test it.
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    Exactly, @Andrei, this is not normal, is there another charger you can test with?
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    Holy crap... I know that the connectors can sometimes spark if there's a large voltage difference, but that looks nasty. Do you have a multimeter so you could measure the voltage of the charger, and possibly (carefully!) from the charge port (in case there's no reverse protection diode)? How are you plugging the charger in, is the plug in the wall outlet before you plug it into the port? If there ISN'T a reverse protection diode in the BMS, you can get a spark (well, not that big, I'd think?) if you plug the charger without it first being powered from a wall-outlet. If there IS a reverse protection diode, you could get a spark if you plug in the charger WITH it being in the wall-outlet. But even so, that sparking looks pretty excessive... Does the wheel otherwise work ok?
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    I did read some information but still seams that current hardware is limited to a simple way to control. You know, all the control code for the motor is already done on the firmware. There is code for fast direction charging and code for the high speed!! I think now the firmware needs tunning and more experiment.
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    For what it's worth I ordered from there a while back and got my kingsong 14" in about a month, and when I'm ready to upgrade I'll likely use them again. I understand getting frustrated with shipping taking 4+ months, but I think that's just how it goes with importing from China.
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    A common ground for isolated supplies is no problem - by the insulation there is no electric connection between the input and the output. So you are free to to put all the output grounds together. Of course you have to pay attention with the "main use" of the different output voltages, that there are no connections established which in combination with a common ground could cause a short circuit.
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    Is there a way to tie multiple isolated supplies to a common ground though? Like adding a wire with a resistor between the battery ground and the isolated dc supplies? All the small power supplies I have are isolated since they plug into mains power and have small transformers.
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    After reading this I don't think ESBU means "tilt-back" as in the protection mechanism. If I understand correctly he means it was at the limit and so any attempted acceleration caused the whole unit to tilt forward as the unit could not accelerate anymore.
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    @Polpus In Euro circa 1400 + 25 di spedizione. Lo stesso tipo in Francia costa 1700. No, non ho avuto modo di provarlo prima perchè è un modello nuovo. Ma è molto probabile che mi soddisferà a pieno, se le caratteristìiche sono quelle indicate. Quando arriva ti faccio sapere come va. Dovendo anche tu fare l'upgrade della ruota ... magari ci fai un pensierino
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    It is 240wh. I suspect that the battery had been changed before.. Well I wonder how will my bot be after I put in the new 320wh batt into a 1E. Wish me luck~~!!!
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    They are BLDC, PMSM are somewhat uncommon but there's not even an actual agreement as to what defines BLDC vs PMSM. You will see the terms interchanged often.
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    Back to topic......today i disconnected the speakers of my KS-16 and i can report that this electric spark sounds are not from the speakers. They are coming from inside of the motor.
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    That is an awesome idea. Then again, maybe I need one of those tubes for my middle .... In the interim, I went ahead and had a local seamstress make a cover for me. It turned out wonderfully, and she was fast. She took a picture and posted it on her etsy store, in case any of you are interested in getting one from her: https://www.etsy.com/listing/279081224/nylon-nondescript-cover-for-electric I also have more pictures if any of you want to see (and so does she).
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    I have a TG F3, available for $285.55 at BangGood.com as I type this. I think it's an excellent value. It has great styling, smooth ride, long battery life. A negative is that it tilts back so early that it can be hard to ride uphill. All things considered, I easily recommend it for a starter or budget wheel. My primary wheel is an IPS 121, which would encourage anyone to consider when looking for a serious wheel.
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    FWIW, I was told by Jane the same thing, but Linnea told me it was not coming out that fast (this was all back around April 1). If this was coming out that soon, wouldn't there have been pictures or video of a prototype at the Gotway France booth of the currently ongoing Foire de Paris? (none displayed in the pics on their FB page https://www.facebook.com/gotwayfrance/?fref=ts; ACM had pics & vids prior to launch) This talk of May just sounds like typical Asian business tactic of keeping the buyer from walking elsewhere. That said, whenever the MSuper3 launches, I'll be first in line!
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    I have some experience with them, though I didn't end up completing an order from them. Like @KaleOsaurusRex says, they're very upfront and honest with the preorder situation. For me, it became apparent that they were unsure about the timeline of delivery, so I spoke with him and he offered a refund on my preorder same day. No hard feelings. Will is an upstanding guy, so I don't think anyone has anything to be concerned with in terms of ordering in stock wheels. I'd have a hard time believing he's done anything malicious. But by his own admission/prediction above, it does seem like he doesn't have the means to reliably import new stock. There is another US based distributor with a presence on this forum with a good record that doesn't have this same prediction of doom and gloom in terms of EUC importing, if you take a look around.
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    I have spend 1240e on Gotway MCM4 680Wh including postage and on safety gear something like 80e. So total is 1320€. The best part is that I haven't even received anything yet.
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    I hear that it's best to keep the battery charge somewhere between 20% and 80-90%? Also I think the range may improve after the batteries have been cycled a few times, or that's what I've heard. I don't worry about it too much and run mine down to the low battery beep on occasion, and I charge it up full. Of course, I have an el cheapo generic so I don't care that much about it. I did order a Charge Doctor which apparently stops charging automatically when it hits 90% or so to maximize battery life. I don't think it hurts to top things up from a mid-charge. You just don't want to deplete it all the time and let it get too low. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries
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    @Polpus Ho visto. Mamma mia che lavoro !!! Complimenti. Per l'upgrade dell'oggetto io ho già risolto, e senza dubbio alcuno, ho preso un Kingsong 16 840w/h da WheelGo in UK, costa meno che prenderlo in Francia. Mi dovrebbe arrivare a breve.
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    @Chriull I agree with you , this Mod has to be performed on a low power cheap EUC , I did not stop myself to analyze which kind of mosfet is mounted , just cuz all in all I do not expect electronics of these industrial poor entry level machines to be so sophisticated to be affected by a bunch of cms of cables . The same copper used for electrical net/pads is a very bad quality one . . . Anyway my EUC actually has the same behaviour BEFORE the mod , so it is functioning GOOOD ! (If something happens I'll post here..)
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    Peeps thanks for your comments. Capacitors wires are pretty large and not so long. I exlude inductive problems. Also MOSFET wires are the biggest could be soldered on PCB avoiding short circuit. Today 10 kms ride with often Speed max reached and no problems...
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    Same here, I like to do it but when aware no bikers trying to overtake me are behind.
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    BNMS working : still not sure if a cell can be charging and bleeding in the same time here some picture of GW and KS BMS. look quite different from Ninebot KS GW
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    I refuse to answer on the grounds that my wife might see this thread.
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    Now I here are some 'Advanced Spectrum' app snapshots of the KS16. I took my mobile into both hands (approximately 40 cm in front of me) and did not bother to bring it closer to the EUC. I can confirm Jason McNeil observation ( 6kHz, 12kHz & 16kHz) on his KS14 also meet the KS16 one. However, I'd like to point out, that the decibel amplitude levels of the KS16 (between -58 and -40 dbFS) are significantly louder than the KS14 (between -80 and -70 dbFS): As I and propably many others cannot hear 16 kHz let's focus on the 6kHz and 12kHz peaks. @OliverH and Jeffrey Scott Will: Do you mind posting a 'Advanced Spectrum' snapshot while riding your Gotway? I know that each EUC whines, but I'd like to discern the differences between them more objectively. My suspicion is that it is a certain combination of frequencies and their decibel amplitude levels. This evening I traveled another 26 Km and now I have a headache and believe it comes from listening to this whining sound for 1,5 h. Nevertheless I'd like to know if there are other 800W wheels out there that produce less noise pollution before returning the KS16 because of this whining sound... In order for everyone to understand where I am coming from: The Ninebot One only emits 7,8 kHz with barely touching -60 dbFS (and from all 4 snapshots taken I uploaded the loudest one!) when riding with the same speed on exactly the same location and no peaks around 12kHz! @esaj: Thank you for looking into this one. @dmethvin: I agree totally. @All: Thank you for all your input. This is a wonderful community of EUC experts. I have the feeling if I delve more into this forum I soon will be one myself...
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    You dont look like a dog, but This means that you might be an alien
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    I agree. I own a 14in non-brand euc (for practicing initially before I got the Kingsong) and an 18in Kingsong. I'm 6 feet 2 inches and when I rode the 14in euc, most people laughed at me because I was this huge, black guy (107kg currently) in South Korea on what looks like a moving toy being that it's so small! However, when I rode the 18in Kingsong, many people stopped me to ask what I was riding, and I get more respect... and people are more or so struck with awe/dread when I buzz by them even at slow speeds.
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    I believe that it is important that the motor and controler are matched and if you bought a controler that wasn't specifically marked as being for a 16" then odds are that it's for a 14" as generic wheels are predominantly 14s and 16 inchers are relatively uncommon.
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    If you run a moderate speed. 18inch size is the safest ride. In fact, the 18 inch is the safest at all speeds compared to smaller ones. I do not think of anything which is in a bigger size would be a hazardous than smaller.
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    Just heard from Jane the new msuper3 will be available May 15th!!
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    90c is 90c with or without ventilation. Ventilation will only effect how fast it gets to 90c.
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