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    Soon all the threads will have these photos in them! Just another few thousand to go!
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    And everytime the same short ride in front of the golden M.... Crazy
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    Hard work and next version near finished. The gnuplot experts would say if the new format for files is more useful for making the graphics. Changes include : Bug correction. Explicitly the "no current" one Faster sampling Possibility of changing the rinding level directly from the application Much better dashboard for when recording Reconstruction of connection process to run independent of User Interface and have better reconnection GPS data is recorded with the workout each 5 m. It is good for long runs, not so good for slaloms etc. (anyway think GPS precision may be about 6 m, sometimes 3m but sometimes 10m). Does not load too much a modern iPhone as uses deferred recording. Tested in a running and skiing application and loads about 6% battery in 1hour for an iPhone 6s. Much better exporting of data Full session data is exported as a .zip There is a file for each variable. I removed the center column with the variable code and changed time to shorter ones as seconds from beginning of recording. First line shows file version, variable and first time date. That way size is much smaller. There is a .gpx file with the track that may be uploaded to different sites or presented with .gpx applications Better graphics and better selection computes statistics of selection between bars. Export option in graphics which allows to export just the selection between the vertical cursors to a .csv file easy to import in excel I enclose a link to a directory with : a .zip file exported with GPS data a longer .zip file exported without GPS data a part of the second file selected from the graphics around a tilt back from excess speed the selection imported to Excel and presented as a Graphic https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t7wgzwf6vt5j19m/AACwQRWyD3oZMoWp8RnKiyY7a?dl=0
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    @edwin_rm I just learned you can disable the robot voice with the new App... But the downside is you loose the horn... To sides of the same story...
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    did a little Nightride on my 9b1 E+ ... just a rough cut, without music. ~230 m height difference, 700/1500 lumen frontlight + 180 lumen headlight, Mad Max 16x1.75 got my 1000th km on the way down.
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    You'd need to use something like the Charge Doctor to see the actual amount of watt hours that are charged into the pack, but 60 minutes does sound a bit low (depending on how high output the charger has). Btw, I saw in another thread that you said the cells are Samsung ICR18650-29E. It seems Samsung doesn't have ICR-models except ending with 28A, 30A or 30B or 32A, the 29E should be INR? Not completely sure of that though. Doing a quick search for ICR18650-29E, all the sellers I found where chinese from Alibaba, so they could still be fake cells, there was actually one chinese company who sold ICR18650-29E as "noname brand", although in the pictures there was "INR" in the sides of the cells, so go figure. If the cells cannot really provide high enough current, you actually get less than the full capacity out of them (if you look at the discharge graphs in dampfakkus' for lower discharge cells, you'll actually see that they don't get the nominal amount of mAh / Wh out of the cells with higher discharge amperages), so it's also totally possible that the cells are 2900mAh (nominal), but under EUC-use (requiring high currents), you don't get as much out of them ("excess" energy is burned of as heat in the internal resistance of the cells during high discharge?)... Another thing you could try is measuring the cell voltages (if you know how and feel safe to do so), to see if there are any single cells that are in different voltage. A single off-balance or faulty cell could cause the whole battery to drop voltage faster and give out less juice in total. Depending on the BMS, it might not start balance charging the cells until at the very end of the charge, I've tried with the original Firewheel packs (authentic Sony-cells), and the low-current charge continued way over an hour after the charger light had turned green (in the original FW-charger, it turns green when the charging current drops to somewhere below 250mA or so) before the charging current really dropped to almost zero.
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    Download the Latest Version 3 app now available from the Milbay Motouni App webpage. http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/App This is a Beta verion and suits Milbay GTS-16 and KS16 and also GTS-14 and KS14 and GTS-18 and KS18. Fixes screen issue of V2 on small screen android phones. More information soon Beta version is Free to download and test. Post any change requests on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KingSongUnicycles/
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    looks great, i spray painted my outer shells but this looks better!
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    Just let it be. It will gradually fade away.
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    Long time lurker first time poster........! Well after following the release of the Uniwheel I got to spend 5mins which was not enough time..! I ride day to day a Ninebot E+ and I bloody love it but with it being a company shrouded by smoke and mist and slight of hand as much as I love the bot I hate not knowing what is coming from these guys... what the bloody firmware is going to do or what is updated with each release... Then you have the fact they release a model 2 months later there is a newer model... Which is faster goes further etc etc... My bugbear is not knowing and not being able to make educated decision on my next purchase..! Which brings me to Uniwheel which I came across on facebook of all places and have followed them with eagerness... I like the fact these guys are in the UK maybe summit to do with project 42? and seem to have a passion for electric unicycles, And after reading a few press releases started to get a little excited.. I signed up to there website for updates signed up to facebook, twitter...blah blah blah. Then I found out they were doing a beta!!!! but alas it got delayed and the next thing i knew it got canceled in fact I am unsure if it did get delayed but it did get canceled and I didn't find out it was canceled until I email one of the team..... To say I was gutted would be a understatement.. I wanted to try this unicycle I wanted to help build the product I wanted to be part of a community of a uk unicycle group.. But the most annoying thing was the lack of communication from them. It felt like Ninebot . Right which brings me to now.. I had a bit of a moan on facebook about the beta being canceled and got invited to the gadget show to have a demo and a chat... I had about 5mins max on the wheel so can't give a proper review what I can say is I liked it alot i liked the weight the safety features the auto off feature is killer and a quick demo of this proves to me this is going to be one of the features on uniwheels that we can't live without but never really notice (apple fingerprint unlock). You ride upto some steps flip the pedals up the wheel goes to sleep get to the top drop the peddles and it's ready to go... brilliant feature!! and I reckon a overlooked one which will be the norm on all wheels soon.. The lights/reversible light (it knows which way your riding) was only seen in daylight! and in fairness from a distance it did catch my eye, Would it work at night I'm yet to try but I think it would, could it guide you home... I don't know. I didn't get to see the app at play I tried to sneak a look but was to slow... Lol... So after spending the smallest amount of time with the guys and asking questions!!! I am filled with more questions. I did ask about the battery size and kilometers out of single charge but was told the batteries are being upgraded or bigger batteries were on the way. I also asked if the battery could be charged out of the unit? yes but we have not fully developed the charger yet..!. I also asked about the motor and yes it may be upgraded.... So what is the the upgrade path? How much are the batteries going to cost? Are we looking to the ninebot way of things? Are these add ons going to be premium?... I wanted to chat to the guys further but they were busy and rushed the gadget show was rammed for a everyday unicyclist maybe they should hold a open day for us because it was not the best area or setting.... great wheel if not perfect YET....
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    Just found this app posted on the Milbay site.Connected to my 14c no problem and fixes the issue with small screens and much better features and layout.Enjoy! http://www.milbay.com.au/SBV/App
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    My review of the new KS16 from KingSong ... I will say it's everything that Ninebot should have done with model P ;-) - I think it's a winner... Summary: I very pleased with the product (based on limited use).. I will say it's everything that Ninebot should have done with model P ;-) - I think it's a winner... Good stuff: It rides really well and offers a nice balance between power, comfort and stability.. Really nice design, very beautiful on the same level as Ninebot.. Material has a good feel and quality seems high.. Riding mode feels a lot stiffer than KS14c Very smart integration of the light (switching direction) Bluetooth seems a lot more intuitive than KS14c Integrated handlebar is a really great idea and it feels solid when it's not extracted.. Anti-slip on the pedal gives a really good contact to the food rest... Pedal height is good for tight turns Side protection cushions are placed perfectly and offers good support.. Rubber plastic cap for the charging port that is attached to the KS16 is really good... Bad/observations: Computer voice is really loud... It's nice at first, but this will annoy me in the long run. can be switched off in the app.. More noisy than expected, high pitch noise is louder than KS14c and the cooling fan inside is notable.. What happens if the fan breaks? Missing a integrated park stand, it would be nice to have a way to park the unit upright and not have to lay it down. Fod pedal does not operate as smooth as I could wish, takes a lot of force to bring the down (minor thing)...
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    Genius! I'm afraid that would have been a animal murder case considering the power of the Ks-14C..
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    Just for fun, I found this page on "Analogies to Assist in Understanding Bodily Injuries Due to Motor Vehicle Collision." To quote the relevant section: A fall off a 3.3 feet desk results in a speed at impact of 10 m.p.h. A 10 m.p.h. change in speed (Delta-V) in a motor vehicle collision is equivalent to falling off a desk. Similarly, a 15 m.p.h. change in speed is equivalent to falling 7.5 feet - off a step ladder. A 20 m.p.h. change in speed is equivalent to falling 13.4 feet - off the roof of a one story building. A 25 m.p.h. change in speed is equivalent to falling 20.5 feet - off a two-story building. A 30 m.p.h. change in speed is equivalent to falling 30 feet - off a three-story building. Suddenly changing speeds from 30 MPH (just under 50 Km/h) to 0 MPH is the equivalent of falling from 30 feet. Not something I want to do without significant padding!
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    I was soooooo waiting for the dog to go one side of a pole/tree and you the other. That would be a faceplant for which the EUC was completely blameless :-)
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    18650's are LiIon, not LiPoly which are soft shelled pouch batteries, I've never seen such a device on a LiPoly, except as part of (say) a laptop battery, I am aware of 18650 cells with protection circuits but never come across them being called PTC's. What I do know is they should absolutely never, ever, be used on an EUC, they would give you 16 times as many chances of faceplanting. I cannot fathom your reasoning for 3S being connected to the Deans plug, If anything needs lower voltages regulators are used; tapping partial battery packs would cause cell imbalance that might exceed the BMS ability to balance out and could overdischarge some cells unless only very low current is required. The standard configuration is for the XT-60 to be the discharge plug and the Deans to be the charge plug, they are, therefore, both connected to all 16 cells. It is the charge and discharge protection circuits on the BMS that necessitate that there are seperate charge and discharge connectors. The BMS should have obvious designations on the board if these plugs are not already fitted, something like P+, P- and C+, C-. BTW, we have talked 16 cells repeatedly above, but not all EUC's use 16, some are 15 cells, too many cells may damage or prevent the control board working
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    @OliverH: deutsche Seite. @Kingsong69: Danke - mein Kennzeichen lag heute in der Post.
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    I don't see why electric cars won't go for several hundreds of thousands of miles, albeit with battery replacements every now and then. My leaf is getting quite ancient and is still going strong on the original battery 36,000 miles since 2011, I would hope it would get to 100,000 on the original battery. I would hope that the battery would then be replaced and it would just keep going. Aside from fuel and tax savings, servicing costs are tiny compared to fossil fuel cars. The one disadvantage is you have to drive like a snail and you need to wrap up in winter, however this means the tyres last forever. Electric cars make sense to me, fossil fuel cars don't As for the model 3 I could see disk brakes in the wheels rather than motors, oh well they will learn from EU technology where to put them. Jer
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    Having the app units switchable from metric to imperial would also be nice for those of us yanks who are used to thinking in miles per hour etc.
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    Hi Keith, Thanks for this comment we really appreciate your help here; I am sure you know how hard it is to launch a good product in a small team... We don't have time to get involved here as much as we would like as we are busy making a product with no mistakes, one which will not let you down and meet our high expectations! All team at Uniwheel have been working 12h days in-order iron out the last issues and deliver the product soon! Thanks for your support I am glad you understand reagrds Eryk on behalf of Uniwheel team
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    Wir arbeiten an Verbesserung der Situation. Wir sind von eWheels.org Association e.V. neu im sog. Spiegelboard der CEN/TC 354/WG 4 "Light Electric Vehicles & Self Balancing Vehicles" vertreten und werden an den technischen Anforderungen mitarbeiten und den selbst balancierten Bereich abdecken. Die CEN/ TC 354/ WG4 wurde von der Europäischen Kommission bei AFNOR (die französische Normungsinstitution) beauftragt. Das DIN in Deutschland arbeitet als nationales Spiegelboard an dem Standard mit. Habe die Tage beim ASTRA, hier in der Schweiz, angefragt ob es Planungen gibt den doch national sehr unterschiedlichen Anforderungslevel in Europa in einer zukünftigen Fassung der Schweizer VTS anzupassen. Antwort liegt noch nicht vor.
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    For quite some time I've been trying to get King Song to improve their quite flatly very badly designed App. Even in this latest release, it's still far from the mark. I've asked Tina if I can post the list of my suggestions & get the opinions from other forum members of what features/changes they would want see in the upcoming release. Owners & distributors, please write in to King Song to demand that this situation is improved. General Information Screen Suggested Changes: Headlight: with the removal of the touch panel in the 16", there should be an option to enable headlight from the main screen without having to go into options Max speed: modify the speedometer from 60 kph to 35kph, otherwise it gives owners the false impression their Wheels can go much faster than they really can Odometer: where's the odometer? Power output: where's the power output reading like every other BT eWheel App has? Most Wheel riders think in Watts & Ninebot/Inmotion use Watts not of Amps for power measurements. Modes: 'Play', 'Ride' & 'Study' modes names bear no meaningful relationship to 'Hard', 'Medium' & 'Soft'. Please keep it comprehensible. Interface Style: compare with how much better the layout is for Inmotion & Ninebot, especially Ninebot. Everything is clearly laid out, it gives both the current information & the maximum possible range. Setting Suggestions: Alert Levels: with the safety of tilt-back, it's unnecessary to have three levels, one is probably sufficient Speed Validation: When defining the speeds, the App should validate (check to see if it's within the permitted range) the moment the user selects 'Sure' button (which should be relabeled to 'Confirm'). Ideally the permitted speeds would be displayed under the limit level box. Firmware updates: with all the problems related to automatic firmware updates, offer a two step download/install system that provides customers with updates if/when they need them
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    Connected to my 18a and 14c no problem.
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    haha the first time i went for a short round ... suddenly some animal (fox or marten) jumpstarted inside the bushes ... pretty scarry
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    I kept watching for Blair Witch out of the corner of the screen. ?
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    @HunkaHunkaBurningLove, Honda are working on a self balancing in both axis EUC see at 5:00 minutes in this video: However this uses a sort of caterpillar track come wheel design that, to me, looks a too complex to be a reliable concept, I certainly cannot envisage it working well after a few dips in mud. If a mechanical gyro could be made to work as well as it appears to in the Lit motorcycle it would make EUC's very easy to ride and I doubt it would consume much additional energy. I can't quite get my head around what the interaction with turning, etc would be though? It looks like it requires two flywheels spinning in opposite directions in which case the net impact of the system on handling should be almost zero except for the increased weight - unless, of course it actually resists all attempts to lean the wheel to turn, which I am fairly sure it would - I wonder if that is why the Lit video does not show the motorcycle doing a turn at speed? If that is the case, slow speed turning on a stabilised EUC would have to be by body twisting (which lots of riders do already at slow speeds) as speed increases the spinning EUC wheel needs to take over balancing and the gyros slow down so they stop preventing leaning. A more complex, but surely quite possible, control mechanism. Hmmm, could certainly be the future ;-)
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    @tjcooper, it's just occurred to me that you need to be looking at this thread: The actual post I have linked to above has a picture (thank you @Tomek) of the bare BMS with 18650 cells ready to be connected together. If you have been building electric bike batteries out of 18650's and tapping partial packs for lower voltages, yet have not come across the need for a BMS, I am really puzzled how you have been keeping the cells balanced? If you have been ignoring the need to balance you have been really lucky if you haven't wrecked the packs within a few months or had them catch fire during charging. I guess that you used the cells that include the protection circuitry in them, that should prevent the individual cells overcharging or over discharging, As I said above, not a safe option on a self balancing vehicle as the safety of the rider, not the battery must be the primary consideration.
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    There is an old joke, "It's not the fall that hurts, it is the sudden stop at the end!" If you "fall" from your EUC you are only falling a few feet. The majority of the energy is forward momentum. As @EUC Extreme says, it is possible to fall at higher speeds, IF you have the right protection and you just slide to a stop eventually. The problem is that most of us do not ride with enough protection to stop 40km/h worth of forward momentum!
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    I think it will be insanely difficult (comparable to standing still on a turned of unicycle - just a bit easier to keep balance because of the wheel's angular momentum conservation when turning, but also more difficult to get on)
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    I am using the information I tested and registered before here: https://github.com/generic-electric-unicycle/documentation/wiki/Motor I added the integral term now and so I have now a PI controller. When the I term is a bit more high, I can see the motor kind of oscillating. I am thinking in doing some more testing and adding the full PID. Finally, setup fixed slow speed a bit more than walking speed and try ride the unicycle like that - do you think will be rideable with a fixed speed?? --- https://github.com/generic-electric-unicycle/firmware/blob/feature/speed_control/src/motor.c // Called at every 1ms void motor_manage_speed (void) { float motor_speed; float error; float kp = 0.1; float p_term = ; float ki = 0.005; float i_term = ; float out = ; /* * speed (meters/hour) = 4032 / (138 * hall_sensor_period) * 4032 is the meters per hour (4.032km) that one rotation per second for wheel of 14'' * 138 is the 46 magnets * 3 hall sensors * hall_sensor_period is measured in seconds * Examples: * 4032 / (138 * 0.000833) = 35075 --> ~35km/h * 4032 / (138 * 0.0059) = 4952 --> ~5km/h (the walking speed) * * speed (meters/hour) = 4032x10^6 / (138 * hall_sensor_period_us) * speed (meters/hour) = 29217391.3 / hall_sensor_period_us * speed (meters/hour) = 2921739.13 / hall_sensor_period_10us */ motor_speed = 2921739.13 / ((float) get_hall_sensors_10us ()); error = (float) (_motor_speed_target - motor_speed); // get the error from the target to current value p_term = error * kp; i_term += error * ki; // out = p_term; out = p_term + i_term; pwm_set_duty_cycle (out); // 0 --> 1000; }
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    You and me both ! I'm fast approaching 700 miles on my generic Chinese baby wheel, so hoping to do some serious distance on the Freeman !
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    Okay Kevin, that DEFINITELY qualifies as crazy, especially on an EUC with no redundant systems. Here's an excerpt from an article on driver safety: The human perception time; is how long the driver takes to see the hazard, and the brain realize it is a hazard requiring an immediate reaction. This perception time can be as long as ¼ to ½ a second. Once the brain realizes danger, the human reaction time is how long the body takes to move the foot from accelerator to brake pedal. Again this reaction time can vary from ¼ - ¾ of a second. These first 2 components of stopping distance are human factors and as such can be effected by tiredness, alcohol, fatigue and concentration levels. A perception and reaction time of 3 or 4 seconds is possible. 4 seconds at 100 km/hr means the car travels 110 metres before the brakes are applied.
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    @HunkaHunkaBurningLove Fascinating concept! I believe that EUCs & EVs are in their infancy and that we will see tremendous advances in personal transport technology within the next few years. Your gyroscopically stabilized EUC that is totally self-balancing will eventually come to pass. Sure there will be technical obstacles, but what we can conceive, we can (eventually) achieve. After all, if someone told you 30 years ago that today you would be carrying around more computer power in your back pocket than was on the Apollo 11 that landed on the moon, you'd think they had lost their mind.
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    Agree honestly, I've begun to get a range of unicycles. The Hoverboard is definitely great to have around the flat though, I've never enjoyed cleaning as much as I do now.
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    The application crashes with an error. Once installed, everything is up and working (all functions not tested). During the next turn on wheel and run the application is crashes. Reloaded smartphone and app normal started and worked. When in later again turned on the wheel, the app exited with an error even after restarting the phone If I run the application without BT module in phone and turn on his later, app starts but pairing the phone with the wheel is not happening
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    Ok, so I really received the slower version I am not yet sure if it is caused by just the board or if I have the 350W motor instead of 500W as well. I should get the answers tomorrow. The ride compared to generic or kingsong is much harder - similar to ninebot set in one of the harder settings. It starts tiltback at around 15kph and beeps at 17kph. At 18 kph it is so tilted I didn't have the guts to push it further. I got the version with 264WH battery. And it seems there is enough power - idling or faster accelerations have so far been managed. The big black plates on the sides that look like padding are in fact just thin layers of silicone so there is zero padding - similar to generic euc. It is not too bad when riding but I understand why their packaging includes shinguards The speed display is cool feature. The LEDs in front and back show battery status when stationary and colorful effect when in motion. So to see the battery status you have to stop. Does anyone speak french here? Because from the http://beeper.fr/371-one-road (rebranded freeman) it seems like you can adjust the height of the pedals but I don't speak french so maybe just bad interpretation. IDK if to write more about this version as I think we are all really much more interested in the high speed version. Riding max 15kph comfortably seems really slugish compared to my KS cruising speed of 30kph. So I hope the high speed version of freeman can get me at least 25 cruising speed then I think it is really good euc for the price.
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    JST SM 2P PS, In my custom battery I chose to swap them for Deans T connectors, used in older unicycle models and having a higher current rating (you should use some hot glue though on them to make sure they don't get loose over time)
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    Kann mir einer ne Versicherung nennen, bei der ich online ein Kennzeichen bestellen kann? Wie geht der von kingsonic69 beschriebene weg? Konnte nix finden :-( THX! Schon geschehen, Danke kingsong69! --> Hat geklappt, Kennzeichen ist da :-)
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    Dude, good job, the pictures look great, but I have seen them in so many different threads on the forums here. You can just post in one place and people will see them. You are overdoing it.
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    WOW! nearly The Same Professional gear As vee(EUC extreme) is having.... not exactly The Same Stunts ;-)
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    My little Saturday adventure, grab some popcorn and relax it's a long fun ride!!
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    Heute Hab ich das KS14 auf 30 kmh freigeschaltet...und auch direkt mal nur den letzten Alarm auf 29 aktiviert.... holla die Waldfee!!! Steckt da Musik drin.... die Fahradfahrer schauen schon reichlich merkwürdig wenn man an Ihnen vorbeizieht :-) schneller kann ich mir eigentlich nur mit einem größeren, stabilerem Rad-18 Zoll vorstellen.... Bin total happy mit meiner Radwahl...super!
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    Well here it is, if you wanted a ball based unicycle... This is it.... http://www.digitaltrends.com/geneva-motor-show/goodyear-spherical-eagle-360-tires/ All I got to say it must be a hell of a heavy ball/wheel, it is loaded with powerful magnets inside to keep you suspended in air...crazy...
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    Many people have probably already seen this, as it has been making rounds around the 'net for the last couple of days, but in case you haven't: That's pretty impressive DIY-instrument
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    finally collected all the battery ingredients, now i just need to find a quiet moment to do all the soldering and testing (which may take a while, busy times) and about the fuse: i figured it may be a double-safe solution to shunt discharge cutoff of the bms via a fuse. in this way if the fuse blows, there's always the secondary protection of the original cutoff in place. also, exposing the fuse will allow me to un-shunt the wheel without unwrapping the battery if i ever change my mind or for testing the bms.
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    I don't think there will be many more cases of burning or exploding batteries for these hoverboards. I mean unless you buy it off a website of some unknown brand or non labelled board, chances are slim this will happen to anyone buying a board in the year 2016 and upwards. Amazon for instance removed all the cheap non-tested knockoff boards in mid December 2015 so now you have a very small variety of boards. All of which (or at least more than half) have a 1 year warranty and trusted battery from Samsung.
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    Depends a lot on the size of the tire. I think the street with 14inch 30kmh is sufficient. 18inch 45kmh probably suffice. But. For Extreme is being driven out of the street, maximum speed 18inch should at least be 80-100kmh. When the time on the town, your speed is approximately 10-15kmh. In fact, I would hope also that other among the people much higher rate of speed no one would use.
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    no battery... That would inevitable.
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    Hi all Im selling my Pinwheel T1 Removable 190wh battery. You can buy more batteries on Amazon if you want spare batteries on the go. Barely used because I had 5 unicycles. London, UK
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