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  2. Wheel Status Update: @Jason McNeil has recently informed me that he will be flying it back to King Song HQ to do forensics. I'll be sure everyone is updated through this thread as more info becomes available.
  3. Thanks much Chris. I actually just got back on the horse a couple days ago. (the horse being a new MSX modded with Nikola superstretch pedals) It's something I think that will take a bit of time but inevitably should be able to regain my original confidence. You've gotta think ...what are the odds my number will come up again? Especially if I use common sense by not ignoring ANY odd behavior or strange sounds coming from my wheel in the future. This rule will be much easier to follow now that I own 2 top end wheels to be able to trade out and keep my wheel addiction fed.
  4. Just chiming in to say that much like @Marty Backe, I've been brainwashed by a Nikola. In my case, the 100 volt Nikola Plus. It's got power, range and comfort - the best wheel I have ridden to date. The 16X looks nice and is probably more portable I'd imagine, but I'm sure I'd be missing the power of the Nikola Plus if I rode it.
  5. Surprised to not see anyone mentioning that several riders in the NYC Hoodriderz group have reported similar issues due specifically to the 1.12 firmware (and which were not resolved in 1.13). I'd definitely recommend the firmware downgrade before swapping out any more parts. Then if that proves to fix it, the next question would be is Lutalo running the latest firmware and, if so, why are some wheels affected and others not? And in that case does that mean the firmware issue still reveals some kind of hardware difference or hardware problem with some wheels over others? (Like perhaps the 1.12/1.13 firmware is just more susceptible to battery inconsistency/battery problems, such that wheels with perfect batteries don't exhibit the problem on 1.12+ but certain battery issues coupled with 1.12+ do exhibit it?) In that case you'd want to resolve the hardware battery problem, although then the firmware still should see a fix to minimize this kind of instability anytime anyone begins to experience a battery problem--if the earlier firmware could then the latest should be able to.
  6. Hey Lunar! Going home today i tried something new. Today it is 91 degrees f in LA so the V10F got up to 150degrees towards the end of the hill, and no problem, although i was concerned that it might stop on my. I then let it rest for 10 minutes and decided to try something new: i switched the riding mode to "classic" went down the hill and back up and this time the temperature went up to only 125degrees! which is awesome. So just remember that on really hot days you might want to try the classic mode - it does not ride as agile but it gets the job done! Have a great week man.
  7. Blueblade

    G3/V8 Upgrade

    It would be nice if there was a "V8F" with a 3P battery, say 640-720 Wh. (Or even such an upgraded battery pack for sale) It would be a noticeable boost in range, and the 3P might provide just enough reserve power to avoid some of those cutouts some heavier or more aggressive V8 riders seem to experience.
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  9. A couple of photos from our ride yesterday below. The rest of the photos can be found here... https://www.meetup.com/ewheelgroup/photos/30192612/
  10. That’s why it’s important to share full details to us otherwise how can we help if you withhold information? Irregardless, the reality is still that you hold too much stock in what other people are saying. Sticks and stones. Unless they are calling the park rangers or police on you, don’t care for the words they say. It does take a confident perspective to achieve this. Headphones is a great way to ignore them. If you see someone scowling at you and trying to talk to you, telling you to take off your headphones, don’t! It gives great satisfaction to ignore people like that and have the power to make them angry without saying a word.
  11. I would suggest you close out all apps on your phone and try again. On my phone if the wheel is connected to darkenessbot it will not connect to the inmotion app until i have closed it.
  12. Hi trevnar, Thank You for your answer! I also have a Mini Pro, tuned it to a Scout Bought the accessoires by M4M...very nice stuff he sells (but very expensive) General purpose for me is riding Off-Road (letting daily my 2 Border Collies out) So I think the Airwheel S5 might be not the best choice for me?? I am in contact with Xinli Technology and must say they do respond very quick, they also made me a good price incl. TAX, VAT and Customs Clearance. They also ship the ES6+ from there Europe warehouse (nice) Only concern is they give 1 year warranty (in europe is 2 years common) Despite I am very pleased with my MiniPro Scout...mostly it takes me through reasonable rough terrain, sometimes I feel that little one has to operate against its limit So to spare the little one I am looking for a more powerfull seg. Do you know if there are oftyen problems with that Segway-style motor/gearbox? or is this just a personel feeling? Best Regards, thommy
  13. Thanks, I've just checked and my tablet still has the bluetooth enabled. I'm not sure if the bluetooth symbol on my wheel needs to be lit up to connect or whether it only comes on once it is connected.
  14. Anyone know of a good supplier of wheel mounted stands for the NB E+? Looks like Speedy Feet dont sell them. Would they be difficult to make if no UK sellers? Thank you
  15. Can definitely speak to the instability found football fields. I thought I was going crazy initially when I used to practice on them but they're highly uneven-- this is the turf and also the pebbly turf (dunno what it's called).
  16. Perfect. I did the same on my old ACM.
  17. You mentioned speed so I asked you what you thought. I’m not really sure how that’s a irrelevant . Had I asked you your favorite food to me that would be a irrelevant . Though I would’ve answered that as well had these questions been asked to me.
  18. I agree with both @tessa25 and @RoCan that relying on knee braces instead of strengthening the quadriceps will only atrophy that muscle group in the long run. There is a plethora of quality quad exercises on Youtube. Just take your time and don’t over exert yourself while performing the exercises. Listen to your body. I myself wear bilateral ACL knee braces but only when I’m planning to ride off road.
  19. I was raised there! The Santa Ana River Trail (Anaheim to Huntington) is a nice place to ride. Just don't fall in the river. Mile Square park (Fountain Valley) is another good place. Orange County Great Park is a fun new place to ride around. Really any flat place will do. Even if it has a couple bumps, you will learn to go over the bumps. Another thing you can do, depending on where you live, is explore your cul de sac. 10-15 mins a day will do wonders. I go to OC often so if you want someone to ride with let me know.
  20. Hi, I had the same experience with my L 3 weeks ago. I bring back the wheel to the shop and unfortunately it has been totally impossible to connect using the « engineer app » these guys are using. Like for you the app was showing V0.00, which basically means there is no more firmware The wheel has been finally repaired by KS Europe, the French KS représentative who, if I understood well, has used a cable connection to the motherboard. I am not totally sure of this « cable » connection as I heard it from the shop tenant as a description of what the workshop will do, not a report of what they have done actually to fix the problem. I got my 18L back in good shape 10 days after. We suspected the cause could be unstability of the Bluetooth connection this wheel had before, now under the v1.13 this BT problem seems resolved. Sorry but you probably need to contact your seller. Paul
  21. You have talent to find the wrong people. Or maybe it is your miles per day increasing the chance.. So how do you find mcm5 compared to mten3, after some days riding?
  22. So I’ve got about 800 miles on my v8. Ad it was my first euc. I learned how to ride on it. And wrecked. A lot. Lol. I have two other wheels now and I just taught my 16 yr old niece how to ride and she’s hooked. I taught her on the v8 and it worked okay. Sometimes. When she’s not on it it’ll start vibrating really violently and shaking back and forth but whe she puts her weight on it It smoothed out. So I want to send her the wheel so she can continue riding but I wanna fix it first. Does this sound like a board issue or a motor issue or something else ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  23. It's known issue with failed firmware update, but usually it's easy to resolve with special service app. Please contact your dealer for support.
  24. JonTheMad

    G3/V8 Upgrade

    @Liamfind will hopefully give us more updates on the upgraded V8 wheel soon
  25. == Day 12 - Sun, 7/22/2019 == Was up at Greenlake doing laps late last night to hit 300 miles. And just when I was finally feeling the groove, had a pretty bad encounter. Group of 4 guys, 2 girls, walking counterclockwise. Me doing laps clockwise. First two laps I pass them, they're taunting me. I ignore them. One guy in particular, is in the right lane (bikes only lane). You see where this is going. Third lap, I slow down to pass as usual, and the lane blocking dude, reaches out and pushes me off path. I wobble off, and the wheel does the spin cycle tumble. The verbal exchange that follows on their end: "you have no control over your machine" "who tf rides a solowheel at night? you should be riding that solowheel during the day (he knows what solowheels are, interesting)" From my previous incident, I knew that calling the police would be useless. Especially in a 6 vs 1, they could make up whatever story and I would be completely in the wrong. My patience is wearing thin with these bullies seeing me as an easy target. There has to be some repercussion I can deal out to them to make re-consider their actions. Otherwise, them getting away is just reinforcing their behavior. On a positive note, yay for 300+ miles on the MCM5 in 12 days.
  26. In SoCal / Orange county basically. I think having riding buddies could be a nice thing to have. I will try to go for empty parking spaces and early morning in the park where no grumpy people are around. Some people were friendly and nice but the majority where not welcoming at all.
  27. Ah no, that's not perception. I did not share full experiences. One old man mumbled to his wife: "We are trying not to get run over by people in the park". Mind you, I was barely at speed and always holding the ramp. While your attitude advise is fine, reality also comes to play.
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