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  2. No I'm saying you have him send the shipper to pick it up and handle all the logistics. He should refund you before you cancel your dispute. I figure ones the shipper picks it up he should refund you, and then you can cancel your dispute. Send him this scenario, he handles all the logistics if he wants the wheel back.
  3. I asked Jason and he said the ones that are shipping tomorrow (mine woohoo) are still batch one with only change being the latest firmware being flashed before shipping.
  4. For sale is my Kingsong 18XL with roughly 1200 real world miles on it. My Kingsong 18XL electric unicycle purchased from eWheels.com in April 2019. It is still under total warranty for another 8 months.I am selling this wheel because I'm looking for something faster with more range. It is an excellent wheel for beginner and experienced riders alike. Large pedals are already installed and come with excellent grip tape. I have size 11 feet and they're still quite comfortable. There are some scuffs on the plastic but purely cosmetic, they're low-speed spills of me teaching beginners.31mph50 mile range50 lbs.Optional fast charger and stock charger (total of 7amps charging!) as little as 2 hrs to charge to 80%Includes a mud guard to keep the back of your legs cleanHeadlight is supremely bright and makes night riding entirely feasibleSpeakers are loud and bumpinThe 18inch tire has been Slimed, so it is now puncture-proof! There's tons of tread left--it still looks like newTrolley handle is in superb shape and makes commuting with the wheel, a breeze.
  5. I've got a new 2100WH Nikola for sale. Brand new in the box. $2350 obo.
  6. The problem with sending it back is if i rescind my paypal dispute, and i send the wheel back, he could tell me to kick rocks or ignore me; at which point i’m even more screwed. That along with the logistics of shipping a fire-damaged wheel are ridiculous. I am going to wait for PayPal to do their thing. If Chen doesn’t send my charger this week, the $159 I paid for that will also go into dispute. I did message him asking to do the gentlemanly thing and refund my charger money to save the hassle, but he’s about to lose $2800, I doubt he’s going to go down without a fight.
  7. But it's the 5167 that fits the 16inch as stated on the description.
  8. Give it a couple of days. @RoadRunner has swapped tyres, and I will swap tyres on Wednesday. You'll get some more feedback by then
  9. I just got back from a 14 mile ride. I've got over 200 miles on this wheel now. I'm riding on a very low tire pressure (once I find my Longacre pressure gauge I'll find out what the pressure really is) and not getting any wobbles. But I don't like how soft the tire is. I can really feel it flexing under me. If I can get to the point of no wobbles and a decent tire pressure, this wheel will be absolutely amazing. I'm really enjoying it in its current form, but I know it's not good to ride on such a soft tire. I didn't want to have to switch the tire, but if that's what it takes I'm going to do it. I just need to find out how to get a CYT or CST here in the US.
  10. yes its a good price but dont care the pictures because they mix mini pro tire with mini plus tire, only care to 70/80-6.5 But tire longevity is around 1200km
  11. That one shows 14 x 2.125 on the side of the tire (mentioned in the description too).
  12. Today
  13. I think is this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MD4XR5M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. So whenever you now turn on the wheel it blast out Thunderstruck at full volume? 😂 I can just the the stage 2 to that... @Mrs. Rehab1coming running and you get Wifestruck
  15. Awesome! You’ll be fine with the updates. Jason did a great job explaining the BT update. I messed up by not installing a MP3 on my usb drive along with the file. @Jon Stern got me on track. Thunderstruck worked for me. We’re here if you need us.
  16. No hip straps on mine. It's a backpack to carry my drone stuff around.
  17. Could be about the right pack and settings. It shouldn’t hurt your shoulders if you have a good backpack and weight distributed on you hips correctly. If you carry the weight on your shoulders then it will hurt.
  18. https://www.amazon.com/COMBO-16x3-0-Electric-Scooters-Bikes/dp/B01D8VGG5A This is what you put on your 16X?
  19. @RoCan, the beeps should turn off the same way in the gotway app as they did on the MSX. I turned off the alarms leaving just the 80% beeps.
  20. That is an known error. You can read about that in his official thread for flashing with this tool
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