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  2. Through the rods going the shell. It's important to do it this way because the screws will insert directly into the mudflap screw holes. What's clever about it is that you are using the existing mudflap screwholes to secure the rod to the shell. Fortunately, KS put those screw holes on both sides of the wheel.
  3. When we get to the E Fork Road we can head East or West. West is OK but that road down from the mountain is more heavily trafficked (by cars). I think going East offers more interesting options. We can connect to Glendora Mountain Road and head back up or continue all the way to Mt Baldy. The Pin seems correct to me. It lands you on Big Dalton Wash which is a road with lots of side parking. On the weekends on not sure of the parking conditions further up the road.
  4. Hahahaaaa You might be right I might get it somewhere around beginning of June...
  5. No worries R2, I'm sure we can sort something out shortly. You may have the turbocharged, fuel injected Z10 by then
  6. Planning to buy a 2400wh 84V purple Monster, but now maybe will wait for this New Black Monster...……. Anyone know when will this be out? Ewheel Jason : can you order one for me?
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  8. Interesting place, so the history
  9. I can't make it guys at Thursday 6th June. We'll be in touch. My holiday starts at 16th June instead - I was wrong, lol
  10. Understanding more how you're such a good rider. You need to be "on" the entire time riding there, wow! I sometimes go on hour long rides without even seeing a car...lmao. Totally different worlds. I was wondering something. Those big pads on the sides of your wheels. Do they help with jumping, maneuverability, stability? I saw you had them on there in your msx vs 18xl video and was curious abotu them ever since. Anyways, amazing video. Always happy to see new content from you
  11. Congratulations to the @Juggler!
  12. WHAAT?! That's crazy talk! You mean ride ... somewhere? Do I need to unlock that with the Kingsong app? (kidding) This is like leaving the nest. Well OK. I know some bike paths near the beach. Hopefully the pedestrians all have up-to-date health insurance.
  13. Thanks for looking more into options. I concur with all your thoughts above. If we took the fire road down to E Fork Road, were you thinking about taking E Fork Road to the bottom of Glendora Mountain Road and then Glendora Mountain Road all the back to starting point? or return back up the fire road? Reminder: You still need to correct the pin in your first post to reflect a valid meeting location.
  14. For me it seems to be a problem with King Song app so it's unable to recover during failed upgrade. I'm not authorized to disclose any information about it However I'm pretty sure that if you ever experience similar problem, your dealer will help you
  15. Since yesterday I'm getting no notifications for some followed threads, or heavily delayed ones, and now multiple notifications for the same thing. Not a big problem, just wanted to mention it. Maybe it helps. Example:
  16. It's actually not a bug When WheelLog was created, it was rather unusual to have a wheel capable of going at 50 km/h I'll increase this limit to 70 km/h in next version. This should be enough... at least for some time
  17. Geez that sounds scary a lot . I didn´t even know which danger I was in when I did the same work on my 18L the last week. Fortunatelly all went straight but it seems an all-or-nothing game more and more to me... But I´m glad to hear your wheel is on the road again. Just for interest: Is there an ..ehem.. "source" for this service application somewhere? Maybe I will need such tool some day too...
  18. Thanks for great updates to the app @Seba! Some nits: V 2.0.28 on Pixel 3 XL On the graph page the left Y axis is marked km/h even though I have my preferences set for mph (and the actual graph data shows mph) I get constant disconnects from my V8, every 10-20 seconds. It typically reconnects within a few seconds so perhaps could add some basic connection retry logic before announcing disconnects (like if connection is dropped due to timeout try again a couple of times within next five seconds), assuming there isn't one already in place (in which case the parameters may need tuning)
  19. Ride to historic DogtownCenter on Cape Ann Massachusetts https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogtown,_Massachusetts It has changed a lot over the centuries https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dogtown1908.jpg
  20. Hi, We know that EUC market is having legal difficulties all around the world. I intend to study it and I need your help. I'm University Professor at one of the European countries and I own and ride EUC myself (Ninebot s2). I want to write first comprehensive research about the origins of EUC and EUC owners and their needs. I want to ask every owner of EUC to fill the ANONYMOUS SURVEY available here: https://forms.gle/eFZv7PgmgAA4AR127 The aim of this survey is to analyze the main areas that deal with legal issues, user habits, safety and popularization of EUC holders (Electric Unicycles / wheels). Survey last 15 minutes. Please fill it only if you're EUC owner, and do it only once. The purpose of the survey is purely scientific. I'm not having any remuneration because of this project. I enjoy very much riding EUC and basically have the same legal, market, psychological problems as others. You can contribute and help me creating discussion boundaries with governments that are currently needed by EUC community. The results will be published in a selected academic journal, later sent to the legislators (Brussels) and made available on the forum with the consent of the 'EUC community forum'. To administrators: Please facilitate sharing the questionnaire. I'd like to contact you directly but I can send 0 messages to others (don't know why). Could you kindly help and promote this survey? I'll be glad to answer any questions or accept any additional help (if you feel that I overlooked important field)
  21. So I joined the "Club of bricked XLs" Today I finally decided to upgrade my XL from 1.11 to 1.12, so downloaded 3.1.1 app from KS website, installed, gave all requested permissions etc. etc. Initially everything was OK. I was able to register without any problem. App connected with the wheel, it was reading all parameters, I was able to change riding mode, enable/disable lif sensors and so on. So I decided to upgrade firmware... Started to upgrade but soon got stuck at 2%. No white LEDs as usual during wheel update. Motor disengaged. I was able to turn the wheel off by long pressing the power button for several seconds. Now I'm able to turn it on and KS app connects to the wheel, but whatever option I try to select I get information about wheel upgrade with "Continue upgrade" or similar blue button. After pressing the button, message just disappears and nothing happens. Fortunately, I was able to restart firmware update using service application so I have wheel working again.
  22. That'd be the @Juggler. It's expected to ship in mid to late June
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