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    MSuper Pro?

    MSP free spin cut is 50mph / 80km/h :
  3. It's cause they're borrowed front scooter tires, not a big market. Proper size markings would really read XX/YY-ZZ where XX is tire width (mm), YY is tire sidewall ratio (%) v width, and ZZ is rim diameter (in), since overall tire diameter varies by payload v tire PSI.
  4. Things have been pretty hectic and haywire the past couple of months. Sorry I didn't even notice your messages here! We have got more and more euc riders joining the ranks in Brisbane area so we should definitely start posting to coordinate more rides together. Hope to catch up with you soon, Steve
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  6. What happemed to this wheel? 16" tyre on a range wheel, that is also fast = wet dream
  7. RagingGrandpa

    MSuper Pro?

    (2500w motor MSP)
  8. Moikka. Onko tän viikon sunnuntaina miitti Kansalaistorilla? Klo 13.00?
  9. English please Google Translate:
  10. The tesla cells are so cheap that there's no point in trying to make conterfeit ones. They're being sold in china for 1usd each. That's panasonic 4800-5000mAh 21700 with the tesla brand on the negative side. The sellers also provide discharge tests which show ~4900mAh.
  11. The MSX original H-5102 measures about 2.75” in with, but it is called a 3” tire because that’s what it says on the tire. We don’t call the MSX a 19.5” x 2.75” wheel (and my MSX a 19.8” x 2.9” wheel, or 20.3” x 3.15” in the winter) for a few reasons. Using standard size classifications “I need a new 20” tire” can be responded with actual tires that fit, instead of first trying to find out what size tires one actually needs. A taller car tire doesn’t get added to the size classification either. Granted, the car tire diameter is purely the rim diameter. But we live in the world of bicycle standards where the size classification doesn’t represent the actual inner nor the outer diameter of the tire. Calling the MSX a 19” wheel was a uneducated low punch from GW marketing, which messed up the naming conventions for the future EUC generations to come. Disclaimer: I only remember a few of these measures precisely, most of them can be off by up to an inch. The precise numbers are however irrelevant to my point. C-186 is a tall tire, mostly due to the knobs. It still does not change the EUC sizing conventions. An EUC with a 14” rim fits 18” e-bike/bicycle tires, and is called an 18” wheel. “In actuality” as in outer diameter, or what it says on the tire? They always have and always will be a different measure. A 19” wheel that says 18” on the tire itself is not bullshitting? To me it is.
  12. Pierre

    Ks18LH? 2200W?

    Moi j ai acheter nouvelle roue 18xl il mon dit que sais nouveau motor mon numéro serie ks18-l4,,,,, et sur la roue ks18jq.?
  13. I totally understand that. This is a sanity check for us haha.
  14. Yes I would believe that is true, it very slow, 10km/h I think. That is the buzzer, because of the error code it buzzes constantly, so I disconnected it. Which was fine, used it like that for a few weeks. Pictures of the charger that came with the euc. https://ibb.co/VLQrgZ7 https://ibb.co/vjRbgG5 I saw a video about calibrating an euc that had the same body but different circutboard, I can't understand if there is a calibration feature on mine. Saw a video about mosfelts that could be broken, tested mine when they still where on the circutboard, they seemed fine, but I am not 100% sure that I did it correctly.
  15. I have no experience with this ?rebranded? IPS wheel and this "error code". As this seems quite old (?about 1st generation EUC?) this could be true for most other members here? Only thing to say is that on connector is not connected in https://ibb.co/YR733bG - but this is trivial and you should have seen, too? Ps.: You are sure about the 12 cell battery - would be a very uncommon configuration.
  16. In a way I'm glad it's just not me 😁
  17. Here is a video of the problem when I have taken it apart, it is jerking the same when assembled. After jerking a bit the wheel becomes locked and wont rotate freely, jerking if you tilt it back and forward. https://youtu.be/g3W20Iowocg
  18. Depending on the manufacturing date of the board, some of the smaller plugs (led/front light/usb etc) moved positions on the board so you may need to extend one or two of them. I think I had to do one. Not a big deal. Overall battery/charging/motor wiring layout is the same. If you are using MSP battery packs (21700?) you would also need the wider MSP side panels no?
  19. If people are cracking the bolt holes around the hanger areas on their MSX (I'm not btw) I would have thought a 4 or 5mm steel rectangle plate covering the area would do wonders. All edges and corners would ideally need to be rounded to avoid localised stress points and maybe longer hanger bolts to suit but it would massively reinforce the bolt hole areas.
  20. Yeah, I am getting white and doing some red aquaprint, will see who is faster then.
  21. @Unventor Sorry about your 16X bulldog. Do you remember the situation when the board failed? Were you really grinding it uphill? Were you accelerating hard? Was it water problem? What do I need to watch out for? @Mike Sacristan has ridden his hard for a record distance without that kind of trouble. I see you have ridden the 18L a lot. Is that your favorite? While you wait for the 16X, which wheel do you ride in its place? I've seen good reviews on the V10f ... described as buttery smooth. How often, and what kind riding do you use that for? I know you are counting the days until the V11 arrives! This might be an interesting thread all by itself. There are a good number of riders with multiple wheels on the forum. It might be interesting to discuss why and when someone grabs one wheel over another. For me, I'm still in a honeymoon phase with the MSP, but still enjoy the others. The Monster still has the most distance on it. But I always seem to circle back to the 16X, like I don't want to stray too far from it! After the MSP honeymoon, I'm wondering which wheel will I take and when. Yes, I understand. We do need to take good care of our Karma.
  22. Maybe it's just the spotty translation, but sounds like the tire might be wider than 3'' (3.5?). If the MSX is over 19'' real diameter, a wider tire would make this a real 20 incher. As opposed to "20 inches" that end up being 22 in actuality. They might merely not bullshit about the diameter unlike everyone else.
  23. The Z10 isn't a bad wheel. A bit of a specialty wheel, but nothing wrong with it. Just make sure he knows about Gotway, Kingsong and In motion. Some people might only be aware of Ninebot. People in your area might let you test all kinds of models.
  24. Thank you @NunoF, that was very nicely written and formatted. Glad to hear you are happy with the wheel. Also very interesting to see how much wind affected the battery usage.
  25. Out walking the dog today and what do i see but a guy on an EUC whizzing past. YES! Another EUC rider in town and happened to be in my street. I wave him down to come over and he has a shiny new KS16X. Such a nice wheel and gave it a spin, what a beast. Super excited for the 16X I bought from @Gaz Bon that is on its way. No More lone EUC rider in my city. Oh and he knows the guy in town that is doing uber eats on one. The town’s EUC population is now at 300%!
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