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  2. Obsidian

    Really Ghetto Mod but Highly Effective!

    And when the fans fail..... ?
  3. mrelwood

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    Important point on the riding mode! I have noticed that I can ride for 5km longer on my 16S if I use the medium mode. Your trip to work would likely work out as well.
  4. EZhel

    Few impressions after 200km on KS-18L

    Several owners of production KS18L have reported the same - lift sensor works for 10-15 seconds and then stops and wheel activates while still being held in air. I wonder if it's a feature, or a bug...
  5. Demargon

    Tire worn bald?

    I feel the lost of grip in wet or mud but otherwise I don't have many problems with my bold tire. The v5f 550W engine isn't capable of develop enough torque to overpass the grip in clean surfaces. Is a 3000 km old tire with I take only one puncture, solved with slime
  6. minde16v

    IPS Zero 260 blinking red leds and beeping sound

    Solved. Rewrited the EUC via bluetooth with IPSUtil and that's it.
  7. Henrik Olsen

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    KS18L Range Test of my brand new Kingsong KS18L taking it to work and back. Did I make the trip? This is a real-life range test, with a 200 lbs rider, windy conditions in 20C.
  8. Today
  9. Agree, but these measures where done multiple times and measured at distance from knee as indicated by instructions - I got help from wife on this too. Notice also that calf got 1 cm less when standing. And no, I'm in good health - no blood pressure issues. Only maybe a little overweight (wife wants some of the stomach fat converted to muscle biceps :)
  10. John Eucist

    [POLL] Do we want an e-scooter forum section?

    Results: 19 Yes vs 6 No New section created: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/59-non-self-balancing-pevs/
  11. Marc72

    German Discussion Group

    - Es gibt nur ein Kennzeichen von der Versicherung, nicht zwei. - Zulassungen gibt es bekanntermaßen für EUCs nicht. - "Betriebsber(e)chtigungen" kenne ich von der Begrifflichkeit nicht, schon garnicht von I bis V Generell verstehe ich nicht, in wie weit dein Sarkasmus in dieser Gruppe für irgendwen hilfreich sein soll. @RelaxMore hat gefragt, ich hab geantwortet. Das ist der Sinn dieses Forums.
  12. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Am besten ist es, wenn du dir sowohl beide Kennzeichen für vorn und hinten als auch die Zulassung und den Versicherungsschein sowie die Betriebsberchtigungen I bis V gut sichtbar auf den Rücken schnallst samt Beleuchtung und Blinker.
  13. Scatcat

    My 6-inch Miss From Becoming A Hood Ornament

    I'm happy you're OK. Such shit is SCAAAARY!
  14. Marc72

    German Discussion Group

    Ich habe das Kennzeichen mit Klettband am Ständer befestigt. Wenn ich durch Wald und Feld oder generell Naherholungsgebiete unterwegs bin, nehme ich es schon mal ab um nicht allzusehr als Kraftfahrzeug rüber zu kommen. Den Versicherungsschein hab ich aber immer dabei... und das Kennzeichen in der Hosentaschen 😏 Ein Ausdruck des Kennzeichens zum Aufkleben wäre zwar fein, würde aber im Gespräch mit den Sheriffs das Konfliktprotenzial erhöhen, da - soweit ich weiß - auch das Versicherungskennzeichen im Original vorhanden sein muss. Gruß Marc
  15. houseofjob

    Replacing the Tube & Tire on a Gotway Mten3

    Ah, then comparing me & @Marty Backe's MTen3 tubed PSI numbers is not comparable I think. Also, the Mini/Mini Pro guys are tubeless as well, and FWIW, some of them complain about it holding air too.
  16. houseofjob

    Replacing the Tube & Tire on a Gotway Mten3

    Yes, I was surprised too! But I swap wheels faster than you do I think, like to keep a tight rotation where I can't neglect any of them.... plus, I literally never walk if it's not exercise, like a million small trippers to the store, market, etc, that I just take for granted now! 💩 I guess I might film something vlog-y of that riding, if I can think up a way where it's not boring to me. But, I've also been contemplating a pre-emptive sale of my MTen3 (like I tend to do) just to get ahead of the re-sale market. .... plus, seeing guys like you rave about the MCM5, and trying it here at our NYC demo has got me wheel-lusting ! If only I could shove like a 14" x 2.5" or 14" x 3", I think I would've already bought one!
  17. Barone Cornadure

    Italian Discussion Group

    Io con il Ks 18 L mi trovo bene Ma ho fatto una cazzata a vendere il 16 S Il prossimo Ks 16 che esce me lo compro
  18. mrelwood

    EUC as skiing subtitute - Which model???

    I think this is a great point. Whichever (modern) model you get, you are going to love riding, and you are going to familiarize yourself with what you’ve got. Anything else will feel weird and wrong after a month. Currently your idea is to mimick skiing as much as possible. Once you have experienced actual EUCing, the way you use the wheel will develop to something of it’s own. Usually at that point the distance and speed requirements jump up quite a bit. That said, the acceleration and snappyness in response is diminished in (most) 18” wheels. Then again, carving on a 18” is more stable. Like skis that are a bit too long, vs 3/4 length skis, I’d imagine. 14” wheel being short mogul skis. I do feel that carving was slightly more fun with the narrower 2.125” tire. On wider tires you must lean slightly over, like on a motorcycle. On 2.125” I could carve sharply both feet straight as sticks. That is the only thing I sometimes miss from the narrow tire, everything else is so much better with a 2.5” tire! 16S and Gotway Tesla are the first models that come to mind. Rockwheel GT16 would as well if it was built better. Gotway has only recently made upgrades that should lower the failure rate, so while Tesla is newer and much more powerful and faster, 16S is a safer bet.
  19. "3. Shortcut For Horn ... And if you like the idea of giving heads up to unsuspecting pedestrians ahead of your path, you can swipe down for a friendly little beep beep." A lot of guys would be inclined to spend the few remaining seconds before impact making an evasive maneuver than fishing the phone out of its case, unlocking it, finding the app, and swiping the honk. But all is not lost. You should license this feature to Uber. How great it would be, if, ensconced on the rear seat, being chauffeured through a traffic jam, I could whip out my phone and make the nearby unicycles honk!
  20. UniVehje

    EUC as skiing subtitute - Which model???

    You are definitely in the right place. For a while now I've been comparing the feeling to downhill skiing. It's pretty similar action but much more fun. Plus the slope lasts for 40+ kilometres! Even going uphill on an EUC feels like going downhill on skis. What you will need is high pedals for carving and preferably thicker 2.5 inch tire for traction. You think you won't be doing long distances at high speeds but you are wrong. 😎 Pretty quickly you will start liking more speed and you don't want to stop. 30 kilometres is nothing on an EUC. KingSong 16S is a good wheel especially for the money if you get it for 1000€. But for your need it might have too low pedals and narrow tire. If you mod it with 2.5" tire you have more traction and a bit higher pedals. 16S has also good acceleration and torque. I have V10F and can recommend it for your use. It has highest pedals, 2.5" tire, 16" diameter for agility, great for carving and for that skiing feel. Enough power, speed and battery. At the moment it's not great at acceleration from 0 but at speeds it's good. There will be firmware update making the acceleration better in just a few days. After that it might be even better for your use. KingSong 18L might be good for you also. Pretty similar to the V10, about the same pedal height, power, battery etc. I have not tried it. Probably the same acceleration but no promise of updating that. If you have low budget, 16S would be good. Inmotion V8 after unlocking it to 35 km/h might work also very well. If you dare to go Gotway, the Tesla comes to mind as one alternative for what you are looking for. Maybe the new MCM5 in the 14" category. Just get something, you will love it anyway.
  21. One

    German Discussion Group

    Genau darum ging es mir. Und welche Beschränkungen denn da überhaupt zulässig sind. Wenn man da alles `reinschreiben dürfte, könnte ja ein Versicherungsunternehmen einfach festlegen zum Beispiel keine roten Autos zu versichern, da die Fahrer damit laut Statistik aggressiver fahren und somit ein höheres Risiko darstellen. Das würde dann aber den Kontrahierungszwang unterlaufen...
  22. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Kafuter 704 silicone.
  23. Obsidian

    German Discussion Group

    Per Kennzeichenhalter aus dem 3D-Drucker passend für meinen Ninebot S2 :)
  24. RelaxMore

    German Discussion Group

    Frage an alle unter euch, die ein Versicherungskennzeichen haben: Hab ihr es angebracht? Wenn ja, wie? (evtl Klettverschlussklebeband...) Ist es erlaubt, sich eine Kopie des Kennzeichens z.B. auf Klebefolie auszudrucken und anzubringen? Oder führt Ihr einfach nur die Versicherungspolice mit? Gruss Ralph
  25. Hello fellow wheelers! I am looking to see if anyone has a Gotway 16" or 18" wheel that is not working properly that they are looking to sell. Bucking wheel or whatnot.
  26. Obsidian

    German Discussion Group

    Na schau doch einfach selbst mal kurz rein: Hier (4) Der Antrag darf nur abgelehnt werden, wenn sachliche oder örtliche Beschränkungen im Geschäftsplan des Versicherungsunternehmens dem Abschluß des Vertrags entgegenstehen oder wenn der Antragsteller bereits bei dem Versicherungsunternehmen versichert war und das Versicherungsunternehmen Spannender wäre es, den Geschäftsplan wegen dieser Beschränkungen einzusehen. Die Mühe habe ich mir allerdings nicht gemacht.
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