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Wheellog to GPX 1.0.0

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About This File

This ZIP contains the wheellog.jar file and the source code (wheellog.java).

Wheellog.jar extracts the GPS Data from the wheellog logfiles to an .gpx file.

Usage: java -jar wheellog.jar [Options] [Input-Filename(s) (with wildcards)]


-y .... Overwrite Output File

The output filename will be the first input filename with the extension changed to .gpx

GPS Data from each input file will be put in an own track of the GPX file named as the input file.

The wheellog file has to have a header column ( imho older versions did not write this columnheaders). The columns "longitude" and "latidute" are used to create the gpx file. Date is assumed to be the first column, time the second.

Here an example of daily gpx files created and shown in google earth. For one of these days i changed the color to different shades of red:

(google maps does not support gpx files with more the 5MB!)


if one has  the data files in different subdirectories (by day) starting with 201?_ one can use a batch file like:


@echo off
for /D %%i in ("201?_*") do (
 cd %%i
 java -jar ..\wheellog.jar -y *.csv
 cd ..

to get the gpx files from all the logs.




wheelog multiplies the gps entries, since the wheel data has a higher sampling frequency. Found out that gpx size can be reduced to ~1/5 by eleminating the unnecessary entries. (Until i changed this gpstrackeditor.com is a nice tool for this...)

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